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New schedule, fellow IRyStochads and Nephamilymembers. We're starting with comfy Karaoke, followed by a mystery collab later that day. According to yesterday's stream, the collab won't happen if the collab partner doesn't announce, so keep an eye on Twitter, just in case.

>Unarchived Karaoke Archive



>Hololive Originals Cover Series
【IRyS】Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT 【COVER】
【IRyS】GHOST / 星街すいせい【COVER】
【IRyS】Palette / 常闇トワ【COVER】

>Original Music
【Caesura of Despair】 AMV
【Caesura of Despair】 full ver.
【Caesura of Despair】 attaca ver.

Previous thread

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karaoke stream ready in 9 hours. I wonder what is casual karaoke.

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What is it with time zones, IRyS. Pon will pon. EU bros, double check the times if you use GMT to plan your sleeping schedule, because she probably got them wrong.

>> No.7920038

eh, ausfag here. The timing is alright for me. Just need to add one hour after JST time. At least it's more motivation for me to wake up a bit earlier.

>> No.7920090

IRyS booba

>> No.7920165

can't wait for another cool week with IRyS!

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Great soundpost.

>> No.7920343

Saved for future soundposting!

>> No.7920358

That's a weird looking Sora

>> No.7920400

Irys is killing me with all these streams at 3am GMT…

>> No.7920490

You should know better than to shitpost with Soda!

>> No.7920606

Any guesses for mengen slot? Probably can't fill an hour with chat about content she wants to do, so perhaps bonus karaoke?
Which anime do (you) want to see her do for watchalongs? Psycho-Pass S1 personally

>> No.7920656

Nice schedule image, you WHORE

>> No.7920716

I remember she mentioned about wanting to watch the new EVA movie. Not sure if she planned to do a watchalong for that movie though.

>> No.7920740

Yeah that's a given, already downloaded the other rebuild movies so I'm refreshed on that timeline for when the times comes!

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>He hasn't seen Hololive Summer 2019 streams

>> No.7920831

I really didn't, got into holos in summer 2020. Heard the stories though, the stuff of legends...

>> No.7920850

go back to your defunct thread.

>> No.7921072

>Stream in 8h
>"Great, I get a healthy amount of sleep!"
>Enter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOWi6Pclr48
sucks to be a yuro

>> No.7921229

I'll just watch the VOD for that one. I've been let down every premiere with insanely long countdowns from that channel so far that this one will be no different. I need the sleeping hours for the better part of the day which is the karaoke.

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Did she ever say who she was collabing with tomorrow morning? I know she said she wanted her partner to announce it, but has any of the other girls (EN, ID, or JP) actually mentioned they would collabing with her? I could see it being Haachama since that is round the time she does her meme review.

>> No.7921279

Afraid not...! No hints were dropped.

>> No.7921316

Based and sleeppilled

t. Anon, cubic

>> No.7921545

Interesting guess which could be true. Though Haachama hasn't announce anything for meme review yet. Not sure how to feel about the stream though should the collab happen since I was never into meme reviews.

Part of me wants that ID collab to happen later today but the chances are slim. I want that dork to meet up with the other dork.

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>> No.7923808

I wonder who will be the mystery collab partner?

>> No.7923813

With how she's using art that isn't quite in the same style as her model, do you think she'll opt for an AZKi-style makeover in the future?

>> No.7923856

i think it's more that nobody is drawing on-model fanart that's the same quality, she hasn't shown any signs of disliking the official design like anya does

>> No.7923950

it'll will be just lore anyways

>> No.7924008

Most art I see is true to reference, not true to model. Whether she goes for a redesign depends on her discomfort with current L2D, and she hasn't expressed any so far tho who knows, maybe that changes if/when she gets that Supercell collab kek. Her use of fan art is likely down to really liking fan art in general, hence use of it will encourage more.

>> No.7924796

But what if it isn't!? Sorry, I'm drinking the kool-aid.

>> No.7926220

Japan (JST) has no daylight savings retardation.

>> No.7926308

Now this is an actual reason to want to move to Japan.

>> No.7926561

>don't watch IRyS that much
>not particularly attached to model but like voice
>watched RFA yesterday
>hardly ever dream of chuubas
>dreamed of IRyS last night

I don't understand, am I... falling for IRyS?

>> No.7926637

Anon dream diary analysis time, please share with the class!

>> No.7926849

I haven't ever dreamed about chuubas. Im jealous...

>> No.7927043

I've only dreamed with ina. I'm jealous anon

>> No.7927087

ina and marine now that i think about it

>> No.7928409

Listen to the OP sound post while looking at the bikini pic to find out. The answer is yes.

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>> No.7928607

You haven't fallen, anon. You've descended.

>> No.7928893

i like how flustered kiara became when irys said “i’m right next to ya, girl”. looking forward to them collabing and flirting some more

>> No.7929031


>> No.7929061

The closest I've ever had to dreaming of a chuuba was indifferently seeing Korone kick someone's ass in the middle of the street.

>> No.7929619

Oh shi-

>> No.7930935

IRyS mascot soon! I hope, no pressure Ina take your time

>> No.7931756

I have the Melody thread open in another tab and for a second I thought this post >>7810939 was made here from having seen this image.

>> No.7931889

In a different timeline...

>> No.7933216

Man, hlg must be going so fast right now.

>> No.7933310

irys’s new sisters :0

>> No.7933894

cunny kouhai, i'm sure irys will be so happy

>> No.7934122

The middle is basically Milim.

>> No.7934192

I love her voice in the jp video (maybe it helps that I can't understand anything.)


>> No.7934229

>2 lolis

>> No.7934246

Over design like IRyS cool. Fuck Myth

>> No.7934318

4 is Kiara 2.0

>> No.7934500

Makes sense. Gura gave them a lot of money and viewers. Hololive has high expectations for those two.

>> No.7935696

Mystery Collba is here!

>> No.7935795

I kneel

>> No.7935840

>reddit "meme" review
Nice. We get to see her cringe face again.

>> No.7936076

Haato love!

>> No.7936452

That'll be interesting.

>> No.7936904

IRyS is a "Ah, I've seen this maymay" type girl so this will be interesting.

>> No.7938955

I'll be honest, I don't think Irys is a good singer. From the karaoke streams that I've listened to, she is an average singer at best. Is there a karaoke clip that makes you impressed by her singing? I would love to hear it.

>> No.7939191

I love IRyS!

>> No.7939354

based, me too!

>> No.7939658

What's wrong with her 君をのせて, サウダージ or 心に穴が空いた from the last karaoke? Maybe you just don't like her voice.

>> No.7939772

I'd post her singing Odo but considering that you used plural in your post in combination with her selection of Karaoke streams being tiny, I'll post picture related instead.

>> No.7939875

hey! me too!

>> No.7940459

>Maybe you just don't like her voice.
I'm indifferent

>> No.7940726

well I think she is a really good singer and love all she has done so far, so i guess as always is up to personal taste

>> No.7940902

It's ok I guess. At least it's better than Shion's cover. I like this version:


>> No.7941205

Irys is pretty isolated from the last 10 years of western internet culture so this'll be interesting

>> No.7941300

>isolated from the last 10 years of western internet culture
Lucky her.

>> No.7941530

No wonder she's so pleasent

>> No.7941552

>Is there a karaoke clip that makes you impressed by her singing?
>It's ok I guess, I like this version
>it's a cover
Is that meant for me to compare to IRyS' version?
I already soundposted it but in case you're one of the weirdos that wants to talk about music and doesn't soundpost, here's a cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ovydcb-mUc
And while you're there, you can listen to more samples.

>> No.7942184

Hope soon.

>> No.7942252

I anticipate!

>> No.7942423

I feel kinda bad for IRyS that she will be overshadow by the time en 2 debut

>> No.7942514

She'll be daijoubu, my dude.

>> No.7942570

I think she'll have her own niche being the best/only EN singer and having a sizeable JP audience.

>> No.7943731

I see this as an opportunity for her to get to know her kouhais better. If any of them lives in Japan, then off-collabs are more likely.

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>> No.7943870


>> No.7943963

New emotes nice.

>> No.7943997

>it's real
holy, based

>> No.7944098

God I love IRyS so much

>> No.7944143

Would I ever lie to you?

>> No.7944206

I love these radioactive bread sticks so much

>> No.7944220

She switched all the :|| emotes and badges to ||:

>> No.7944243

classic pon

>> No.7944271

i feel like my browser is about to explode any second

>> No.7944299

yea yt chat really needs a rewrite

>> No.7944372

wdym I love when it freezes my browser for a few seconds when I try to open the emote menu because it loads every single emote fresh every time, and also when an active stream uses 4-5GB of RAM in a single tab.

>> No.7944440

I like her JP voice more than her EN voice...

>> No.7944480

rare photo of irystocrats

>> No.7944681

I know she wants us to use the light sticks but the bread ones are just too good

>> No.7944689

>I don't lurk on forums
Bros... she isn't here anymore...

>> No.7944723

but she used "lurk" ?

>> No.7944750

Not like her /a/ days were a secret, but this helps.

I appreciate that she's self-aware when it comes to her meme exposure in the recent past. Probably better that way, too.

>> No.7944815

I know she has to disavow us but I want her to know we love her.

>> No.7944885

Good. This board isn't worth her time.

>> No.7944898

>broke gang rise up

>> No.7944921


>> No.7945036

I love the contrast of the occasional default baguettes against the sea of glowing golden baguettes.

>> No.7945142

she banged her cup

>> No.7945240

probably learned it from IRC back in the early 90s. waht a boomer

>> No.7945264

Become an ARSchad

>> No.7945275

Who is she and why is she a member of HoloEN all of a sudden?

>> No.7945322


>> No.7945372

JPbros PONning her hard right now.
>Kanji Muzukashii

>> No.7945373

Oh, you don't know IRyS? Let me introduce you to this adorable Nephilim! She's got a really sweet and clear singing voice and likes to say dorky things during her long gaming streams. I think she's really funny and watch her all the time.
If you wanna chat about her, feel free to drop by in /HiRyS/ anytime!

>> No.7945551

>rocking my chair too much
This girl sure is cute, isn't she?

>> No.7945604

IRys is now PONRyS for them, similar to Wachama I guess

>> No.7945618

She's fucking adorable.

>> No.7945736

she like Kaito Kid, i stand no chance...
its unfair bros

>> No.7945757


>> No.7945760

What's the name of the artist that made the emotes?

>> No.7945840


>> No.7945878


>> No.7945921

she also likes shinpachi from gintama

>> No.7945926

Her whispers always sound so nice...

>> No.7945971

yeah is Chroneco

>> No.7946010

Roboco collab when? Group collab with Anpontan when?

>> No.7946183

thanks anons

>> No.7946333

>probably learned it from IRC back in the early 90s
She wasn't even around in the early 90's, let alone old enough to be using IRC.

>> No.7946350

>english song
>saw chat mentioning One OK rock
I should really listen to more of their songs.

>> No.7946412

This karaoke will be archived right?

>> No.7946508

She or her schedule didn't say otherwise.

>> No.7946520

Usually they are titled "Unarchived" if they are not staying up, but IRyS is a pon so i honestly don't know.

>> No.7946521

Too bad she put her power limiters on for today due to strained voice, this song is perfect for her. Hearing her ramp up to a powerful note makes my heart beat faster.

>> No.7946538

You know? While listening to this song, I feel that she can cover more songs from One OK Rock or Survive Said the Prophet. Rock is her calling.

>> No.7946825

She really loves red superchat.

>> No.7946895

Most holos read reds right away. It's how the game works.

>> No.7947002

everyone loves akasupas

>> No.7947042

Sooner or later she will need to cut back from long streams

>> No.7947047

>asks for permission to get water
Bros she's doing things to me as a dom.. what a well-trained, good girl.

>> No.7947086


>> No.7947088

that's how you keep the money flowing, is especially important early on, with luck the girls could get a dedicated paypig

>> No.7947153

>Eigo Jouzo'd

>> No.7947173

she already has pepeloni and green tea

>> No.7947197

and pudding

>> No.7947227

She wants me to kiss her aaahhhhhhhhh

>> No.7947237

does santa count?

>> No.7947242

and miguel

>> No.7947250

>open IRyS stream
>hear "Green tea on purple purple" five times in a row
>close IRyS stream

>> No.7947260

ah yeah, pepeloni, green and pudding send 2-3 reds a stream though

>> No.7947340

She is doing pretty well for what she said about her throat.

>> No.7947363

>Puts on show for 12k people
>Asks rhetorical question to announce she'll fetch some water
>as a dom
It's just basic manners, get help

The fact that you faggots even bother to type their names into a post disgusts me. At the very least list people that donate in 1st world currencies.

Dangerously based

>> No.7947372

Should do a drinking game whenever you hear their name called on superchat.

>> No.7947397

I never look at the SCs so I don't know what currency they're using

>> No.7947398

>ever taking such comments literally

>> No.7947422

>basic manners
Your average streamer just grabs the water, maybe states "I'll be back in a second"
She asked for permission and then actually waited until chat said "Yes" before leaving.

>> No.7947460


>> No.7947478


>> No.7947515

be a bishonen to the max!

>> No.7947518

IRyS makes me wish I had watched any anime in the past 20 years...

>> No.7947547

Epic. Epic for the wiiiiin.

>> No.7947577

what have you been doing all this time anon?

>> No.7947580

IRyS... Your age is showing.

>> No.7947587

>The fact that you faggots even bother to type their names into a post disgusts me. At the very least list people that donate in 1st world currencies.
you ok anon(s)? It's not like we're insulting them anyway. We just say what we know which is unopinionated fact.

>> No.7947592

people still use FTW? I haven't saw that term ages ago

>> No.7947619

>the last western meme irys knows about

>> No.7947667

Wasting my time with videogames desu.

>> No.7947691

You'll die if you drink that much.

>> No.7947737

I see. Thank you for the concern, anonchama.

>> No.7947783

Rev up those encores.

>> No.7947833

>actually waited until chat said "Yes" before leaving
Do you think she would've skipped fetching water if chat had said no? That's also a rhetorical question, don't answer.

>>7947460 isn't me.
>It's not like we're insulting them
That's the problem. >>7947250 is the only context in which it's remotely acceptable to mention paypigs by name.

>> No.7947916

>she would've skipped fetching water if chat had said no?

>> No.7947925

go back to your 2views groomers

>> No.7947983

whats the difference ?

>> No.7948044

She has a minecraft villager in her throat.

>> No.7948088

lol I was thinking the same thing.


>> No.7948404

Man the bread outnumbering the light stick really bothered her lmao

>> No.7948479

it bothered me too, the penlights are cute too

>> No.7948525


>> No.7948528

I can't blame them, breadsticks are great, especially the garlic ones.

>> No.7948572

that's what IRyS gets for giving people a meme option, it will stabilize itself in time I guess

>> No.7948582

What is JP obsession with making IRyS Pon?

>> No.7948599

Her debut and because she generally is

>> No.7948638

That's just being tech illiterate.

>> No.7948674

pan dakimakura hoshi

>> No.7948688

> Just learned the songs yesterday
> Proceeds to sing it perfectly
What kind of hack is this?

>> No.7948722

I don't know about "making her an airhead" when she has three weeks of content to showcase it.

>> No.7948751

She does something pon pretty regularly, like spilling water on her mouse.

>> No.7948845

This is the power of VSinger

>> No.7948865

Predict IRyS's next Minecrat mission.

>> No.7948896

Rigging tnt all over KFP.

>> No.7948926

>finish her diamond armor
>spends another 5 hours getting derailed by her quest to eat everything in sight

>> No.7948938

Meme the JOPs latched onto, since they don't understand anything else about her. Happens to pretty much any holo.

>> No.7948958

No matter what it's gonna be she i going to find an excuse to mine before it.

>> No.7948972

probably because she entered the wrong mc server and didn’t realize until 30 minutes later. this was after seeing giant pixel art of jp girls and signs in jp and running into polka.

>> No.7949016

>irys sandwich

>> No.7949052

> "Green tea on purple purple"
> "Green tea on purple purple"
> "Green tea on purple purple"
> "Green tea on purple purple"
> "Green tea on purple purple"
> "Green tea on purple purple"

>> No.7949115

Imagine what could have been if she had proper training.

>> No.7949173

She will probably receive training for now at least, and with some luck we will see her improve live.

>> No.7949246

she does have training, that's why people say she sounds so "boring" because her singing is more technical

>> No.7949319

/m/en can't stop winning

>> No.7949502

Vore and feederfags cannot stop winning.

>> No.7949504

I woke up 2 hours late and missed it. This is archived right?

>> No.7949513

I want to taste an IRyS sandwich.

>> No.7949514

My dick

>> No.7949559


>> No.7949586

Is she in Japan? Whoever is training Watame or Botan has done a great job helping them.

>> No.7949590


>> No.7949607

She can't keep getting away with it!
Yes she is.

>> No.7949635

I'm eating the IRyS sandwich

>> No.7949814

not this time, I get the happy ending today

>> No.7949851

I remember a time where she talked about practicing Giragira for about an hour, right before she started streaming and singing it as her first song.

>> No.7949941

that one last kiss was beautifully sung

>> No.7950184

IRyS' secret endings...

>> No.7950217

tum tum

>> No.7950628

i can't remember the last time I have smiled like this.
what is it about her that makes her so darn lovable?

>> No.7950646

>couldn't make to a karaoke stream because of work
>have 1 hour of free time between her collab with Haachama
>"cool, I will watch karaoke between, how long can she sing"
As aspie with ocd I hate it. Why she enjoys streaming so much. Someone stop her please

>> No.7950710

Her "Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh-oh, oh-woah" in that song were truly blessed.
That's what hope feels like.

>> No.7950748


>> No.7950904

Lucky... I've only ever dreamed of Kiara and I don't even watch her...

>> No.7951199

not even 5% of her power and she's not classically or opera trained, full power IRyS would be ridiculous

>> No.7951551


>> No.7951631


>> No.7951699

How did you rip it?

>> No.7951733

IT magick

>> No.7951813


>> No.7951818

I've dreamt of Sora once, and I was THIS close to seeing her roommate.

>> No.7954114

I think she is gonna slow down in a couple weeks and go at it with producing music.

>> No.7954372

she has 10 years of vidya to catch up on, she could turn into the EN korone once all her album and EN2 hype videos are done

>> No.7954475

She doesn't actually produce any song. She just sings them. Whoever is handling her music projects are the ones that will be busy. She can stream just fine. What can only stop her from streaming are music events but she doesn't have any 3D. That's the only reason why Aqua, Suisei, Subaru and Kanata lessened their streaming times.

>> No.7955842

Speaking of which, they really should fast-track her 3D, there's no geographical problem there. Who cares if she got it over EN/ID, this is where the Vsinger label is useful.

>> No.7956108

Even if it might be beneficial to hurry that up i can't even begin to imagine the amount of drama it would cause.

>> No.7956385

That will create a huge shitstorm and she will get a lot of antis

>> No.7956815

As much as I want to see her 3d model sooner, I really don't want her to suffer from any backlash. It's already bad when people knew about cover backing her music.

>> No.7957012

Why she had any backlash about that?
Her job literally sing for the company right? Ofc the company gonna back her

>> No.7957013

I agree with the anons above, plus that i really enjoy the seniority angle that Cover is going for even though they kinda shoot themselves in the foot at times with missed opportunities, it helps cull retarded comparisons and gives the talents time to integrate themselves into the company before handing out 3Ds.

>> No.7957038

Isn't that one KFP?
Or is it a different one, because if I remember correctly he donates in pound which would make catching the karaoke rather hard

>> No.7957060

I was actually under the impression that fans understand that her 3D should be fast tracked because she's a vsinger and was expected to perform lives (with AZKi) as soon as possible, and EN will unlikely get their 3D yet because of travel restrictions. If IRyS 3D gets keep holding back because of the crab mentality of the HoloEN fans, it's going to be very disappointing.

>> No.7957167

>> No.7957283

Because people compare the money Cover spent on Irys getting a fully animated MV and a debut EP to what they did for EN1.
>Her job literally sing for the company right? Ofc the company gonna back her
If she actually acted more akin to azki i doubt there would be much, but she's currently acting and streaming like completely regular holo only that her songs get funded by Cover. And since we obviously have no clue about potential differences in contract structure that makes it look as if Cover takes their cut from EN1 and solely invests it in Irys.
>I was actually under the impression that fans understand that her 3D should be fast tracked
I doubt even reddit would have positive posts if Irys got fasttracked over Myth.
And let's not even start with this board

>> No.7957452

I think the reason why IRyS streams normally is because Cover doesn't wanna commit the same mistake they did with AZKi, and it also helps her establish her fanbase before she moves on at the job she was hired at the first place.

>> No.7957573

I doubt Cover has much to do with it.
The ENs, particularly Kiara, have talked a lot about their initial expectations and that they are only contracted to provide 3 pieces of content per week, that could be a short video upload, a cover, an original song or a ~1 hour stream.

They were all expecting ID before EN debut numbers, and planned on treating it as a small side-job rather than what it became.
Cover barely interferes in streaming plans

>> No.7957650

Listen to every beginning of supacha reading and you're most likely to hear EdenPudding's name mentioned as one of the first superchats.

>> No.7957678

Ah ok, it's a different one.
I was thinking pudding ch.

>> No.7957926

I really hate how Cover handled IRyS. She shouldn't be solo. It should be at least a 2-man unit. They could focus the lore with Hope and Despair and release the MV/EP for both of them. And let's be honest here, Irys' model filters viewers, Cover should've fixed it before her debut

>> No.7958039

IIRC, she told in one of her streams that she's really not required to stream everyday. She just really like to stream that's why she's doing it.

>> No.7958136

The only reason why I think she is streaming a lot is because she is treating this as her full time job. She just finished an EP so another EP is very unlikely right after so they are letting her stream ad earn money through SCs and Memberships. Azki has a lot of side projects. Azki is really just side project for HER. Irys's other stuff is the side project for her. You know this because when she's not streaming, she's mostly just preparing for her next stream or is doing something for Cover like the EN2 lore. Her voice sounds way better in JP in those lore

>> No.7958201

I don't doubt that she's doing stuff but I don't believe she's as busy as EN1 yet.
>The only reason why I think she is streaming a lot is because she is treating this as her full time job.
All of them are at this point, it is however not a requirement.

>> No.7958324


>> No.7958695

I think at the very least if the loud minority of the EN fans were to complain about this matter, Cover could mitigate it by debuting Calli's 3D first. Hell, it's a guarantee that the model is just sitting in the computer drive collecting dust since Cover is insistent on giving ID their much deserved 3D debuts first.

I'm patient enough to wait for everybody else to get their 3D debuts before IRyS since they've been in the company a lot longer than she has. There's also the whole complaint (depending on your source of complaints) fearing that her current character artwork not meshing well into 3D. Cover at the moment don't have that sort of 3D-rendering capability and technology that Nijisanji has truth be told, so it'd be too optimistic to hope for a miracle that her 3D model will be fast-tracked without any issue that she doesn't end up looking like that one 3D model China made for Suisei. I'm sure that they had a fun time trying to make Roberu's 3D model work fine without it looking like holofightz yagoo.

There are also complaints like >>7957926 though this one is least tame compared to the other comments you'd see on any IRyS-related troll threads. They might do a Nene and have a major redesign except this would be on a different level compared to hers at a much later date. They'll still stick with the same papas, though a lot of negotiation would need to be done considering that both papas have their own work to do and Cover wouldn't want to look like that they were ungrateful for their work.

Ultimately, if Cover could be arsed to do it, they might need to fix some of IRyS' character design and Live2D animations. That is what those who were REALLY vocal about "muh model" would agree on. Which will take time before they could carry on to making her 3D model.

>> No.7958936

There's literally no way she's getting a redesign.
That was very much exclusive to Nene due to the circumstances.
At most you'll get her going the Flare route of always using her alternative outfit once she gets it

>> No.7959050

It is possible for her to get SOME level of redesigning. Not a complete overhaul of her character design like AZKi.

>> No.7959068

I think the best Cover can do is fix her model's rigging

>> No.7959343

I don't really get why cover went for a complex design for her, the hair alone is going to be a nightmare to do in 3D.

>> No.7959374

I think IRyS just needs a bit of whitewashing to at least fix the issues on her face.

>> No.7959598

What's wrong with her rigging? She was rigged by the most popular and arguably best rigger in existence, so much so that he has tens of L2D contact work on backlog, including a long-overdue model for Pekora. Noripro believes in his work to the degree that everything they did in L2D in the last year or so was done by this rigger.

>> No.7959656

Now that the dust has settled, rate IRyS emotes!
Personally, I like them, they are cute and there is good variety

>> No.7959681

people just mix up the rigging vs the entire live2D design, which was busted because that art style just doesn't work no matter how well you rig

>> No.7959708

>and arguably best rigger in existence
I'd still give that to Keffiy but yes Rariemon is more well known

>> No.7959794

>expecting reasonable thinking from retards
There are already narratives that she gets better treatment than rest of EN, like she got good PC and mic from start should be standard and probably will from now on
I kinda understand that. Every time HoloMyth is streaming this TTRPG without her I want to shoot up some school in Minecraft, so if something big like that would happen before rest of senpais it would cause actual explosion

>> No.7960015

Where is her nose?

>> No.7960037

Actually, redjuice provided a good breakdown on how the hair works, it would be of great help
.t 3D artist who wants to make a fan model

>> No.7960297

still looks weird, I rlly hope she gets a new design

>> No.7960351

She got a PC upgrade before debut, but the mic, she's had for a long time, Nami used the same.

>> No.7961027

Don't use the n-word here

>> No.7961322

IRyS EN/JP is very good. She is teaching Haachama.

>> No.7961654

>she mentioned No Nut November

>> No.7961722

>because of Risu's No Nut November video series and also because Ayunda onee-san, hence dark.

>> No.7961757

when will they fix her avatar?
she is nice but I cant bear to watch her 2 viewers in twitch tier vtuber avatar

>> No.7961826

Her face is the cutest, isn't it, Anon? Her features are proportioned and positioned with perfection! Her big glistening eyes, a single glance and my heart begins to flutter. The eyeshadow and eyeliner are just right, with long and beautiful eyelashes to top it off.

And her nose is the most adorable little thing! Her nose and ears... Oh my god, did you take a closer look at her ears? What I wouldn't give to gently caress the tip of her nose with mine and run my index finger over her lovely pointed ears while gazing into her eyes all day long.

Her cheeks fit my palms perfectly and are incredibly soft to the touch, her light tan adding just the right amount of exotic allure. Not to mention her best feature, her mouth! It's so expressive, with moist, sparkly lips that catch the light. They are so incredibly soft, there’s no words to describe the ecstasy I feel when she places hers on mine.

When she smiles, her lips reveal her lovable white fangs that seek to rip into the next cute thing she sees, and when she laughs, all her features soften even more and I feel a sense of relaxation wash over me instantly.

It's her face that I want to fall asleep to every night.

>> No.7961938

yeah but fix the rig already dude

>> No.7962020

I think the fangs ended up being very appropriate for her design given her compulsive carnivore tendencies

>> No.7962065

>Chammers picks a meme that fundamentally misunderstands how music works in Hololive

>> No.7962164

I just want to hug her with all my love and mating press her violently at the same time. What is this feeling?

>> No.7962211


>> No.7965649

I think karaoke streams are nice, but she's gonna try to do it once a week, so I think the member contents should be something else.

>> No.7968989

I want her membership streams to be Fubuki-tier nerding out about things she likes.

>> No.7969161

Just chatting seems fine for now. Singing too much puts a lot of strain on your vocal cords, that and her long stream times might force her to take more breaks. She just sang yesterday anyway.

>> No.7969245

Even if she was fully rested I'd still rather have her nerd out about Kaworu and all the other bishie boys she loves.

>> No.7969651

I really like her English singing but yeah she can save it for later since we already had a great karaoke stream yesterday. As for watchalongs it's better to announce those in advance so people can prepare for it.

>> No.7970706

The pool has been up well over an hour, so she's probably asleep. IRySoCute.

>> No.7971597

Nope, just napRyS or ponRyS sreiking again

>> No.7972475

>check my membership
>0 days

>> No.7973012

she's probably gonna nerd out on shinpachikun on a mengen seeing how shy she was on that utawaku

>> No.7974146

She should put the frame up for public and turn it mengen once it starts like every other Holos

>> No.7975025

Hope... is lost.

>> No.7975153

I don't want to be a Gosling anymore, bros. I went all in on the parasocial shit and have gone too deep. Now I've fallen in love with the Nephilim on my screen and the prospects of likely never meeting a woman like her keep me up at night.

>> No.7976308

IRyS just retweeted Ina stream, is she still awake?

>> No.7976547

holy, when does she sleep

>> No.7976900

Terminal case of Holo sleep schedule.

>> No.7977349

she doesn't sleep, she take naps

>> No.7978884

first member stream, I really look forward to it

>> No.7980938


>> No.7982097

it's been a month, I still hate looking at her model but I've come to love listening to her streams.

Would cover actually have her redesigned? do they recognise how off-putting she looks?
since becoming attached to her personality, I want her to be redesigned now more than ever.

>> No.7982246

Patreon streams.

>> No.7982496

I dreamt that I was a member of holostar en doing an onsite collab with Ame and after the stream was over I appolgised to her roomate for my poor preformance and that doing a collab with me was probberly why her stream did below average numbers.
I then left and went to a bar and drank at a table with Gura and Ame's roomates all the while feeling really guilty that I had already seen their doxs.

>> No.7982687

Thank fuck /vt/ is last place any vtuber should go to. It's worse than being a indie dev browsing their game's thread on /vt/.
If I were Kiara and spent my time on /vt/ I would probably kill myself or lose all motivation to continue being a vtuber.

>> No.7983064

No idea why are the japs keep pushung the pon meme desu. A lot of her moves seems to be really calculated for me.

>> No.7983143

Santa your meds.

>> No.7983500

I like tan/brown IRyS though

>> No.7984097

You might get used to it eventually. I'm curious what you find wrong with her model though. I took a few screenshots from the last stream and aside from the teeth looking a bit weird in the bottom middle one she looks pretty good to me. It's interesting how her two models are so different but they still feel like they fit her personality.

>> No.7984430

Her face look extremely weird when she look straight at the camera and bend back too far

>> No.7984462

what's our flag gonna be

>> No.7984700

I don't want to get used to it.
I want her to stop looking like pic related

>> No.7984814

>she will never give you the top middle face when you show her something cool

>> No.7985001

or this..

>> No.7986402

well if that's what you see not much I can do, too bad, yet don't expect any change soon

>> No.7986575

nah bro I'm not expecting things to move fast, I'm just wondering if it is pointless for me to hold out hope that anything will be done.

>> No.7986858

It can be done eventually with a L2D update, see Flare, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

>> No.7988229

Hope soon.

>> No.7989018

I dunno if she and HoloEN would still get L2D updates though since their rigging already feels 2.0-ish. The reason why others are getting 2.0 is to standardize the rigging among all models.

>> No.7989037

Get in here!

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