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This thread is dedicated to Nina Saotome.

Stream link: http://twitch.tv/ninaninin
Her Twitter: https://twitter.com/ninanininvt
Her Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZYetJ72XDX0sn5GQLx-rBA

Interested how Nina sings? Check her last karaoke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg30_40RNdo

>who is Nina?
Nina is a Dutch indie vtuber who is a variety streamer playing a variety of games from typical kusoge, retro, rpgs to touhou and sings karaoke once a month.
She is well known for her hard work, wonderful singing and her support for other indies.

Also known as the CEO of Seiso.

Friendly threads: /koopa/ ; /africat/

Pastebin of VOD timestamps for clippers (if you make one and post it ITT I'll add it): https://pastebin.com/sbMyTDne
Megafolder with art and reaction images (contains NSFW): https://mega.nz/folder/UoBCiZiY#1zKK0X4nUG9KmEB1Ty-pAg

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Collab with Soya, Little_S, and Moriko at 10pm CEST/1pm PST/4pm EST or 30 minutes from now in Snek's channel.

>> No.7920591

Also I hope S will temper coomer humor this time around.. oh well

>> No.7920666

Me too!

>> No.7920731

I don't the he will go that hard, but what are they doing on stream?

>> No.7920744

No clue..

>> No.7920746

looooooooonnnnnnnnng neck

>> No.7920774

>thread active
>uiposter mogged

>> No.7920974

Not like this bro, what is Ui poster gonna do now?!

>> No.7921005


>> No.7921088

This "sub for x months" option on Twitch is kinda useful, I won't have to remember to resub for a long time now

>> No.7921110

based and dubs i am also subbed for longer. thinking of upping to t2.

>> No.7921124

It's live

>> No.7921245

W-what's with that look, Nina?

>> No.7921292

Daily reminder to not reply to bait in the trashbin.


>> No.7921308

She has already won the game.

>> No.7921342

>using old png
little nigga...

>> No.7921400

little shit...

>> No.7921478

I'm not going to watch collab with a fucking m*le

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>> No.7921523


>> No.7921610

>literal laugh track on S's soundboard
Based, but also cringe

>> No.7921631

Expected nothing less from him
But the music is a tad too loud

>> No.7921681

Males need to do more than be cute and laugh if they want to incline

>> No.7921687

Last collab with s/yozo/stalker had audio levels all over the place. Bit spoiled with production value after the collab with Alice.

>> No.7921798

>implying m*les can be cute in the first place

>> No.7921834

Why is Moriko t posing?

>> No.7921882

>haha funny meme shitposting bat

>> No.7921934

>Nina twerking already
Jesus Nina you have a reputation to uphold!

>> No.7921940

>Nina is shitposting already
Oh, this collab is going to be good

>> No.7921970

>nina was the coomer shitposter all along

>> No.7921971

Its super funny because Nina is just having fun with Bat and Soya, S kinda in the bg atm. I expected him to be more overbearing as he usually is.

>> No.7922031

He's trying to run the collab so he's probably a bit distracted. Also, he's in the presence of three mega cuties, I'd be nervous as fuck.

>> No.7922151

>"Remove m*les from stream." - Nina

>> No.7922159

thats ma girl!

>> No.7922239

>ganged 3 to 1 to be put in the trashcan
>kills everyone

>> No.7922280

>Moriko puts a 1 in chat

>> No.7922288


>> No.7922329

Everyone knows what team she's on.

>> No.7922345

I ship this.

>> No.7922348

I wish that was me

>> No.7922442

It's just too hard to get used to all the sound effects

>> No.7922469

It's just too hard to get used to Little's constant "uuugghh" at the end of every sentence

>> No.7922471

Its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overdone, im so fucking used to Ninas comfy streams, this is massive zoomer energy. Anyway S is a bit in the way.

>> No.7922505

>Where are you from
>bullying a random into leaving

>> No.7922512

deal with it

>> No.7922527

I am! I´m enjoying the girls too much.

>> No.7922546

I will for the sake of Nina, Moriko, and S o y a.

>> No.7922582

Your Miko larp is kinda overdone already friend.

>> No.7922618

I'm enjoying it, what are you on about, I'm just making a comment about the sound effects

>> No.7922711

I hate fags like you who pressure nina against branching out

>> No.7922722

eh wasnt mikolarping, s is a bit overbearing - I dont care for nina streaming with a male. BUT what this collab shows is that Mori/Soya/Nina collab would be amazing.

>> No.7922728

No need to be so salty, m*le defender. He's already receiving affirmative action by hosting this collab.

>> No.7922805

its ok migoposter calm down now. enjoy the girls.

>> No.7922847

>Nina defending Moriko live on stream

>> No.7922851

Kinda weird to see the og model

>> No.7922883

Bat is straight as an arrow I feel bad if Nina is developing lesbian feelings

>> No.7922895

She spoke about it on stream/discord?

>> No.7922915

it amuses me how a little shitposting about a collab partner makes people so defensive, when Nina literally made the same joke on stream

>> No.7922941

>Snek confirmed trans

>> No.7922965

you have it backwards, it's Nina that's straight and Moriko that's going to try to crash the wedding if Nina ever gets married

>> No.7923168

>"Friday Night Funkin'? Hello, child. Are you lost?"

>> No.7923176

god what an absolute shitshow, that's great

>> No.7923219

>nice blog CODY

>> No.7923258

Bat admitted being Bi a on stream a couple of weeks ago though

>> No.7923340

Nina you fucking dork i love you

>> No.7923413

oh shit

>> No.7923427

The lobby being public just made this so much better

>> No.7923443

Once again >our CEO makes things better

>> No.7923685

I'm pretty sure most there weren't even viewers

>> No.7923763

at least pygmy was in chat as youve seen

>> No.7923842

>Team coomeshi

>> No.7923934

I thought you misheard her, but she just said it again, kek

>> No.7924029

Jesas, is that the power of designers?

>> No.7924059

CEO of building

>> No.7924111

Nina literally had a moment where she felt she is mogging everyone too hard so she threw a round lmao

>> No.7924121


>> No.7924131


>> No.7924189

I think Nina is literally the best gamer out of the four of them. Bat maybe has an edge in certain games.

>> No.7924210

>"I know you love being edged"

>> No.7924233

I want Nina to edge me.

>> No.7924258

That's easy, just listen to her speak.

>> No.7924264


>> No.7924395

Nina you dont have to debuff yourself for entertainment...

>> No.7924584

hey I have no idea why this chuuba is but the OP image really pisses me off give me back my fucking glasses I need those to see you fucking digital anime woman

>> No.7924662


Check her out then!

>> No.7924664

Alright little buddy, have your glasses back

>> No.7924667

I just realized Soya has a genuine ojou laugh.

>> No.7924740

She is a queen, after all.

>> No.7924776

>Moriko has a German accent
>can't speak German

>> No.7924791

She is japanese bro.

>> No.7924795


>> No.7924848

what the fuck

>> No.7924866

>Neko raids
>Total chaos ensues

>> No.7924879

A literal shitshow

>> No.7924908

I didn't think Nina would lose her seiso card like this

>> No.7924941

#past3hours for her...

>> No.7924943

>have to spend more money on bribes
it ain't easy...

>> No.7924961

Imagine Bat and Nina double footjob

>> No.7924994

Lil_Coomer focus on the stream

>> No.7925000

>gorilla grip toes on one side
>tiny stockinged soles on the other

>> No.7925018

anon pls

>> No.7925038

someone fucking skeb it

>> No.7925083

>S and Bat banters about Coomeshi
>Soya/Nina: ???

>> No.7925124

Reminder that Nina never portrayed herself as seiso. That was all you propping her up and putting her on a pedestal, like you always have. Every single time you do this you eat shit for it and try to blame someone else for your disappointment when the problem has always been you.

>> No.7925140

hey alright

>> No.7925146


>> No.7925164

None is doing that in this thread. #Past3Hours is a thing for a reason.

>> No.7925177

the other thread is melting down about nina going full vshojo

>> No.7925200

They must have never watched her before, then.

>> No.7925201

Stop multi-thread drifting faggot.

>> No.7925217

>the other thread is melting down
what else is new? though that explains why this faggot >>7925124 is coming here with this shit like we give a fuck

>> No.7925223

That's some bad bait, might want to go back and bait people about Shirara
Literally people trying to bait

>> No.7925229

Nina doing vshojo tier humour? I think im watching the wrong collab.

>> No.7925272

Stop replying to bait

>> No.7925337

I think whats happening is literally trashbin wvt replying to ninabait right now, I dont think its ninabros atm.

>> No.7925391

Ninabros are chumbud tier when it comes to biting bait

>> No.7925420

to be fair, it started like that, dont think so nowadays.

Also if Nina is going to again mog everyone and then starts to throw...

>> No.7925464

As much as it hurts to admit it, you're right. Only the fact that Nina herself has literally never done anything wrong prevents my fellow ninabros from going mental over a perceived yab. They're far too sensitive.

>> No.7925483

wvt bites bait since day 1

>> No.7925486

>the other thread
You mean the schizo containment room? That other thread?

>> No.7925524

Yes, a few are spilling over here unfortunately

>> No.7925656

Such is growth. Its ok. This stream has no real coomer humor from Nina besides pandering to S once in a million years, rest is just bait. Nothing past her character. There is nothing new here.

>> No.7925755

Honestly the only notable thing about this collab at all is poor Little is floundering like a goldfish out of its bowl while the girls try their best to have fun. I'm sympathetically embarrassed. But it's not a disaster or anything, just a typical slightly awkward collab.

>> No.7925797

Ah so I am not the only one who thinks S sticks out with the weird chemistry.

>> No.7925855

What happened??

>> No.7925857

His schtick doesn't do so well in a group. It's better when he has full control over the stream and is one-on-one with chat. What you're seeing is him out of his element. But hopefully he learns from this.

>> No.7925894

Literally nothing, it's just some schizo trying to drag their baitposting from the trashbin over here.

>> No.7925909

Nothing, you have tagged bait posts.
Nina made fun of Coomeshis tho.

>> No.7926169


>> No.7926208

>Nina mogs everyone despite playing the first time
>Next match she is last/second to last

Every time.

>> No.7926393

Golf is hard

>> No.7926404


>> No.7926558


>> No.7926652

Reminder to send questions and messages here for next week

>> No.7926687


>> No.7926823

>> No.7926972

>Moriko does well on the second run
>Loses everything on the last hole

>> No.7927153


>> No.7927201

Snake spilling an entire ocean of spaghetti / 10

>> No.7927203

It was fun
Danish Vtuber...

>> No.7927301

And dropped his deck

>> No.7927341

S literally spilling spaghetti, Girls at times ignoring him to do their thing, in general great collab, didnt like the forced Yokomeshi shilling and references

So collab, 9/10.

>> No.7927384

CEO of GAMING / 10
Absolutely love the chaos, and Nina mogging on scrubs.

>> No.7927505


>> No.7927577


>> No.7927623

lel wtf

>> No.7927646


>> No.7927683


>> No.7927891

Sounds like a Lyrebird.

>> No.7927915

You could slip this sound into some nature documentary footage and nobody would notice

>> No.7928014 [SPOILER] 

I'm just sorry at this point

>> No.7928050

Ninaphone would be a decent and funny pic for this

>> No.7928080

I kind of want to use this as my phone alarm now

>> No.7928093


>> No.7928169

No stream tomorrow, probably, so an early o7 to you bros, post any interesting clips you might have

>> No.7928886

>nina stops streaming
>bait posting stops immediately
Anyway looking forward to next week. More collabs?

>> No.7929182

Hoping for another gorls collab in the near future

>> No.7929905

Unlikely, Kwap posted she is busy irl

>> No.7930129


>> No.7930140

I'm good on collabs for now

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