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Watame has streamed 950 hours in 7 months.
There are an average of 21 work days in a month.
Assuming 8 hours of sleep(she's a depressed hag so probably) as well as a generous hour for "upkeep" like hygiene, cleaning, cooking, w/e, that leaves us with around 17 hours a workday.
950 means that Watame is doing the equivalent of 6 1/2 hours per workday. Add in stream prep such as frames and game choices and permission confirmations and such and it likely goes up to 7 hours.

The scary part? That 950 isn't the full story. It's missing the trend; her hours per month are increasing. Taken for just the month of July, where Watame streamed for 158 hours, when we add in stream prep time in the same way, Watame is actually up to a typical 8 hour workday JUST in terms of stream time
This misses literally everything else she does off-screen, of course.
This essentially means that Watame spent, and I shit you not, around almost 40% of her available time in life streaming last month. And she's not about to stop or slow down.

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I love Rushia!

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>You're my boyfriend
>You're my kid
I'm so tired of the mixed messages, you can't treat a dude as both a boyfriend and a son, the two are literally completely incompatible.

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Live now


Live in less than one hour

>Iofi and Watame Vampire cover!

Live in one hour

>Miyabi, Temma, Roberu, Shien

Live in two hours

>Flare singing

Live in three hours

>Hololive channel Error
>Mel Vampire cover!

Live in four hours

>Aqua singing
>Okayu ASMR
>Marine, Korone

Live in five hours

>Haachama, IRyS Reddit review

Live in six hours

>Choco, Kotone, Tomari Mari, Mokonene
>Roberu, Haneru

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This. I like IRyS, but she's like a Beatles cover band. You know what you're getting but it lacks a distinction. I really feel that Mori could help her by making English versions of Holo songs

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>he doesn't know about mommyfags

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Please no more anti posts about Towa

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>anons can now post cute webms and pics of Ame

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Coco got caught in the whole Taiwan yab before HoloEN could get their collab ban lifted and also didn't really cared about Minecraft until the sports festival

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Luv' streamin'

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What the FUCK is her problem

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I love Ina!

>> No.7951404

I love Noel

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>you can't treat a dude as both a boyfriend and a son, the two are literally completely incompatible.

>> No.7951407

my wife

>> No.7951408

What does Noel milk taste like?

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Late night gaming seems to turn her into a pottymouth...

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AAAAA I'm gonna watch the VOD!

>> No.7951415

Cloudy sheep...

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I love my Mori!

>> No.7951420

Yeah I agree we don't know how much creative freedom she has and how much cover gets involved

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I used to be a WataKFPmate…

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Realistically, how can we save Kiara?
She plays a game for 7 hours and gets less than 10K views per hour.
Thats right, 66K views in a 7 hour game stream.

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Incorrect, you fool, the distinction is obvious. A mommyfag wants to fuck his mommy, not be his mommy's boyfriend. A mommyfag is basically Chris-chan.
You can't want to baby a dude and then also go out on romantic candle lit dinners with the dude, one is romantic whereas a mommyfag is clearly sexual perversion

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Just take this and leave for this thread, please. Her member's karaoke is about to start and everything.

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I really miss Ame's old theme.

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I'm watching it now since all the EN streams finally ended
as I thought, that guy lied to me, she WAS cute today!

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Sex festival

>> No.7951444

I will be the last deadbeat

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Ogey, I can smell your stench all the way through, Nekko

>> No.7951448

will luna play ghost trick

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Is that a monkey or a rrat?

>> No.7951452

Her angry noises are too cute, glad she made takoyaki out of that boss

>> No.7951453

What the fuck I didn't add that litter link. Chotto matte

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Reminder that SEAniggers don't watch any chuubas so they come here to shitpost about your oshi

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I can't do it, I can't watch IRys. I love to hear her sexy voice but her model makes want to kill myself

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you never learn bitch

>> No.7951465

It took me some time but I finally found the longest and strongest KikkerikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! of all times


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See >>7951398

>> No.7951469

a succubus of cuteness

>> No.7951470

Me too!

>> No.7951471

That guy was silly! Towa is always cute 24/7!

>> No.7951475

I appreciate Teamates' enthusiasm, but I'll resent the number of pictures of Ryan Gosling I've been made to look at forever.

>> No.7951476

Just got out of a one week coma, I need the latest Gurame deets.

>> No.7951478

What the fuck it was at 93k yesterday when it finished? SUUUUUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN

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>> No.7951480

I'm a SEAnig and Kiara is my Oshi

>> No.7951486

Reminder that it’s not limited to SEAniggers, there are fags like this all around the world. Dramaniggers.

>> No.7951487

turn on your monitor

>> No.7951491 [SPOILER] 

Too bad the sand sea is the best part of the game, and it's all downhill from here.

>> No.7951493

I don't care about JP streams. I'm bored. Post Gartic or else.

>> No.7951494

anon has capnolagnia...

>> No.7951496

And I close the thread when my
Oshi streams so it evens out.

>> No.7951498

I shall post amanekanatach and take my leave (to bed)

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>Up until 5am together
Mori absolutely 'got inside' Milky, didn't she?

>> No.7951501

Yeah to me there is no clear distinction between her being a vsinger and any normal holo.

>> No.7951503

>those trips
I actually believe you

>> No.7951504

Towa has such an ugly crying face!

>> No.7951505

Nothing because she doesn't care about that

It wasn't

>> No.7951506

I am now awake, thanks anon

>> No.7951507

Loooooool Ame gremlin xd

>> No.7951508

Her problem is she has sexy hair like that yet I'm not in bed with her

>> No.7951509

One of EN Gen 2 members is my sister, wish her luck!

>> No.7951510

Not on my watch.

>> No.7951512

Damn irys has great emotes.

>> No.7951515

Well, someone's gotta tell Kiara.

>> No.7951518

I am motivated

>> No.7951520

how old is your sister?

>> No.7951521

Considering how Gura has acted after every collab, she 100% would've been at Moona levels in terms of playing Minecraft mostly to interact with others.

>> No.7951522

Well pack it up boys he won

>> No.7951523

You're not a SEAnigger unless you're purposefully shitting up the thread. It's a state of mind

>> No.7951524

What the fuck am I supposed to do for 10 days without her

>> No.7951527

Ame liked this

>> No.7951528

they got drunk and copied marine and shion

>> No.7951530

That sounds like an excellent idea; I'll do the same.

>> No.7951531

Ame finally saw the fully rigged smol Ame

>> No.7951532

And she doesn't look so terrible in this shot

>> No.7951534

filename checks out, you are indeed a deadbeat

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>> No.7951538

she could hire someone who can edit the streams into 25-40 minute "episodes"

>> No.7951540

Spank your monkey.

>> No.7951543

Cute lazy sunday outfit

>> No.7951547

I can handle shitposting about my oshi because I can anti-shitpost them because I actually do my reps and can parry their bullshit.

What hurts is when they switch to shitposting about me because she is my oshi, because I can't do disprove anything they say...I still don't know how to cope with people telling me I'm maladaptive and socially dysfunctional for not having sex...

>> No.7951549

Those numbers... How can I compete with you...

>> No.7951552

>Mori memes Milky into a spot at Omen
>Milky just uses her natural voice

>> No.7951553

Gura and Ame messaging each other everyday and fucking every 2 days

>> No.7951556

The face is so uncanny, it's staring into my soul

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>> No.7951559

Ame already hired her highlighter/clippers according to her, and they'll post videos during her break. Depending on how it goes, Kiara might be interested in doing the same.

>> No.7951562

>cover owns all hololive fanart creations
>this dude basically made a fully working 3d model

>> No.7951567

>he doesn't know about the son-husbands

>> No.7951570

>ame still awake
So she plans to just stay awake for the AM stream?

>> No.7951573

I din't say it looks good

>> No.7951574

Mods shouldn't ban someone, they should global filter the guy, that way he can shitpost alone into a void

>> No.7951575

Ame liked this

>> No.7951578

I think they might be

>> No.7951580

I wish she would use it

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>> No.7951585

Why did I make this?

>> No.7951587

possibly, I'm gonna try to because I know I'd oversleep

>> No.7951590

Yes? Wasn't that obvious?
All investigators came to that conclusion as soon as they saw the time for the stream. She's usually awake at those hours.

>> No.7951593

>how can we save her

>> No.7951594

I'm a Teako.

>> No.7951595

you're cute

>> No.7951597

I mean shitposter/doxxers in general

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>> No.7951605

This is literally me

>> No.7951607

>> No.7951608

>Not right now
MORI?!?! I thought she was 100% straight

>> No.7951609

I'm not as retarded as Ame so I'll be going to bed in a minute but she'll definitely continue to fuck up her sleep schedule.

>> No.7951611

sometimes someone will mass reply to a bunch of posts but my post gets skipped over and i get really paranoid

>> No.7951613

I'm a Tako.

>> No.7951614

damn takos we look like that?

>> No.7951617

Fuck, artifact

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>> No.7951626

Watch the whole karaoke, Mori was very flirty.

>> No.7951627

Ever since she became my oshi I'm unable to comprehend why people don't like her face. She looks pretty cute in motion or in screenshots.

>> No.7951629

>> No.7951630

Stop talking about things that don't exist as if they exist

>> No.7951633

Good shit

>> No.7951634


>> No.7951635

>> No.7951636

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>> No.7951639

Does she hate Ame?

>> No.7951641

Chumcucks, just, >>>/qa/4885982

>> No.7951645

>> No.7951648

Theres nothing to fuck up, its normal sleep hours for her.

>> No.7951651

The cutest sexy most beautiful genius jesus adult princess of the candy kingdom is going to start learning one of the best SF games in a moment here

>> No.7951652

Which fanbase is the most likelt

>> No.7951654

>> No.7951656

For those who couldn't join when it was originally streamed

>> No.7951659

Mittsu is 18 now
There is nothing wrong if i groom her right?

>> No.7951661

Thanks but they're cuter.

>> No.7951662


>> No.7951665

it exists as much as a daughter-wife exists

>> No.7951667

>> No.7951671

>Going to sleep at 10am
Chicken time!

>> No.7951674

Ey, Chumbuds, KFP, Deadbeats, Teamates, and every other fanbase:
You’re like brothers to me.

>> No.7951677

>once I have made all the other holoen members too
Ame pls help my Tenchou to set up the things needed for a 3D stream....

>> No.7951678

Might be the cutest girl in the world if not for Gura

>> No.7951679

JWU, what did I miss

>> No.7951680

Oh it's you again, why don't you kill yourself?

>> No.7951681

>> No.7951683

>ded hours
>old shit
at least fucking try

>> No.7951684

are babies allowed to bare knuckle brawl

>> No.7951688

>> No.7951689

It just throws me off, it's totally different to anything hololive. Something about the face just looks wrong and I don't know what

>> No.7951693

has anyone clipped that interaction because holy shit it was gay.

>> No.7951696

Love ya

>> No.7951698


>> No.7951701

she's a skin suit muppet

>> No.7951702

>> No.7951705

How does your sister feel about developing intense romantic parasocial feelings for the personification of the gestalt consciousness of her chat to the point of stalking her biggest fans and and guilt tripping them when she sees that they're watching girls that aren't her and posting lengthy messages about how she spent the whole night drunk and crying when she finds out that one of her fans got married?

>> No.7951708


>> No.7951711

>Haven't checked bank account for a few weeks
>Open up
>What the fuck that's a lot of money
I guess I got a hundred pound sterling free. Do I supacha Tenchou or buy like...2 or 3 games?

>> No.7951713

Me too!

>> No.7951715

Similar case to how I got used to Risu's flat face I think

>> No.7951716


>> No.7951717

>> No.7951721

im fandead, how do I draw a ghost with bulging muscles

>> No.7951722

Good luck Anon's sister!

>> No.7951723

>Unironically flies to Europe
>Meets Kiara
>Sets everything up
>She manages to get smol Ame and smol Kiara models
>They do a surprise 3D live during anniversary singing together
How would everyone react?

>> No.7951724

>> No.7951727

Superchats are fucked currently I think, hold off for now

>> No.7951728

Thanks for the AKAS, now if you'll excuse me, i gotta play Ringfit with my BF now <3

>> No.7951730

is always a fucker posting on /qa/ that causes everything to go to shit, i still hate the fucker who spammed gura on /qa/ during the /jp/ days because thanks to him the meido war happened, then the splits and finally this board

>> No.7951732

so like, what if there was a devoted deadbeat who died, but rushia revived them with necromancy so they're actually a skeleton servant and shit and in addition rushia wants him to only watch her and everytime she catches him watching Mori she punishes him

>> No.7951734

>the two are literally completely incompatible
Imagine being this much of a casual

>> No.7951735


>> No.7951736

How do you ironically fly to Europe?

>> No.7951742

I would be disappointed with cover once again.

>> No.7951746

>missing the part where ame said it too

>> No.7951749

of course she will, she'll just go to sleep right after it I bet

>> No.7951751

>it's totally different to anything hololive
I felt the same way when Gen 4, 5 and EN debuted, you get used to it

>> No.7951752

Mittsu is a flip. If you marry her, her family is your responsibility.

>> No.7951753

love ya bro, fuck the tribalfags, unity all the way

>> No.7951754

She flies to the middle east instead, it's basically the same.

>> No.7951755

She streams when she has a bad day.

>> No.7951756

buy the plushie you daft cunt

>> No.7951760

I saw like one post in the split apologizing to the thread for changing their oshi to Rushia, but they might have had a gun to their head

>> No.7951761

Fly to the UK instead.

>> No.7951765

Taking a trip to Canada?

>> No.7951766

Ameway baby
6DOF like Ame's setup is annoying because of all the space and equipment you need, I wish Cover helped them with that..

>> No.7951771

You crash the plane with no survivors

>> No.7951773

Ah he likes cock too

>> No.7951774


>> No.7951777

>Luna laid in bed most of her day so far because it was cold and she felt like shit
>I laid in bed most of my day so far because it was cold and I felt like shit

>> No.7951778

>just finished watching new love live ep.3. Kanon's so cute bros

I forgot that idols supposed to kow how to dance.

>> No.7951780

Is Watame okay? Feels like she needs to sit down and have a conversation with somebody.

>> No.7951785

thin skinned

>> No.7951786

Cold and feeling like shit!

>> No.7951790

That was a very cute "Help Me!!!!" from Pekora

>> No.7951792

Chances of Apex tomorrow turning into a collab? Gura's chat keeps pushing for Ollie.

>> No.7951795

I want it so, so bad. Ametori off collab 3D karaoke sounds so amazingly good. Smol Ame+smol Kiara goofing around together, being cute... I need

>> No.7951800


This is the whitest stream EN has had so far

>> No.7951802


>> No.7951803

Why was it changed from Zero 3 to Alpha 3?

>> No.7951804

Who cares about the others? Release it now so Ame can use it.

>> No.7951805

So who's best girl in ERROR so far?

>> No.7951810

These are my favorite genre of image

>> No.7951812

I am flying to Austria soon for vacation, I am gonna flirt with every women in her 20s. I don’t even know what Kiara’s roommate looks like since I never gave a shit about dox stuff. I had a dream where I accidentally dated her. This should be interesting

>> No.7951815


>> No.7951819

>Feels like she needs to sit down and have a conversation with somebody

Better schedule another superchat reading

>> No.7951825


>> No.7951827

Low. Gura will have to take the initiative and she has to really want something to do that.

>> No.7951829

Taiwan mogging EN clippers once again.

>> No.7951830

>raises the hopes of the takamorischizos after months of drought with that collab where they read a yuri manga
>destroys them days later
Mori... why...

>> No.7951832

I would if I could but the link doesn't work for me.

>> No.7951833

Too bad she probably never leaves her apartment

>> No.7951839

Here's hoping he doesn't go full Holobass retard after extensive use of his original model.

>> No.7951840

That'd be nice but I'm expecting mc

>> No.7951843

ogey number rabbit is pretty funny.

>> No.7951849

By saying you're taking a vacation to the outskirts of asia and landing in Zabaikal'sk.

>> No.7951852

Close to 0.

>> No.7951855

Kiara got new member emotes! They look exactly like the current member emotes!

>> No.7951857

There's a deadbeat with Rushia in the HoloAlt full video. They're watching Shion get treated by Choco-sensei

>> No.7951863

How was Gura bros?

>> No.7951865

She talks to us every day, anon

>> No.7951866


>> No.7951867


>> No.7951868

Kiara lives in big ass department, and money is not a problem, the setting up... well, she doesn't have to do it everything in 1 single day....

>> No.7951871


>> No.7951873

Says you.

>> No.7951875

Come on Gura you are making it too obvious now

>> No.7951881

mmmm chicken emotes

>> No.7951884

God dammit why is Tenchou's singing voice so much better on her member's only streams. I like being given special privileges and everything but this voice could be done on her normal streams too.

>> No.7951885

Must watch stream.
You could truly feel her motivation when she was beating bosses first try and not getting disheartened at shitty areas.

>> No.7951887

Wtf I love Marine now

>> No.7951888

Pekora is only a numbers rabbit because she has major abandonment issues, please understand, she is actually very cute

>> No.7951889

Did she mention that she might play Minecraft instead?

>> No.7951893

Ame will be on standby and will drop in to help, especially since Gura mentioned she was thinking of Ollie or her for assistance

>> No.7951894

Man I completely forgot this collab was happening. They sound pretty good together.
Mori would you please stop being a dork for 1 fucking day

>> No.7951896

What a faggot, that's the most cowardly thing you can do in life

>> No.7951898


>> No.7951903

also missed Gura lusting over Ame's feet.

>> No.7951906

Anon...That's not a Deadbeat, that's Fandead's canon/original form. Not even joking. Rushia just thought the ghosts were cuter.

Essentially, Deadbeats are simply the empty vessels left behind when Fandead absconded their corporeal form. It's why they have no soul.

>> No.7951907

>I wish Cover helped them with that..
Cover would need to start doing the basics of making sure someone they hire even has a computer decent enough to stream before moving onto the more complicated stuff.

>> No.7951908

Yes, she said at the end of todays stream she already has a minecraft thumbnail ready to go and she might play that instead.

>> No.7951909

At the end of the stream

>> No.7951910


>> No.7951916

Antis delenda est

>> No.7951921

Iofi's and Watame's cover

>> No.7951924

Doomposters haven't been this wrong since the Usaken Festival

>> No.7951925

>Luna falls for the "confirm button isn't the standard color selection" shenanigans that Capcom used to pull
And now you know why modern fighting games just opt for a menu for colors instead

>> No.7951926

I know.

>> No.7951932

When's the huge watame announcement?

>> No.7951933

think it kinda just comes down to art style. risu has a cute but kinda generic anime art style so the flatness doesnt really stand out too much compared to IRiS's more unique model.

>> No.7951934

Not even joking by the way, watch what she says and how she describes her relationship to streaming.
She's terrified about being abandoned by the people she has

>> No.7951936

Jees Hololive, how come you let EN have SIX members whilst JP or ID are limited to 3-5 per gen?

>> No.7951940


>> No.7951945

Is the original a banger or what?

>> No.7951957

nah blanka is blue

>> No.7951961

Kind of... it's nor for me but it's popular

>> No.7951962

Wtf unsubscribed
I fucking hate lesbian

>> No.7951964

I think I'm really gonna go start dating an older lady.

>> No.7951966

>Wake up

>> No.7951967

Nice, I really like the series now thanks to her so I'm happy she picked it up

>> No.7951968

>new IP
>retard post

>> No.7951970

Then what was the thing happening today ? The one with botan and mori is that what your talking about?

>> No.7951972

Man it was a bit absurd at some points with that rig

>> No.7951973

Eh, it's alright. I mostly only know it from lewd MMDs on Iwara


>> No.7951975

Why are taiwan clippers so much better than ours? They fucking translated Gura's TTRPG stream. Not many JP translators are that based

>> No.7951978

Nothing is happening today, it's all on the 19th. I don't know why anyone was saying the 15th.

>> No.7951980

Cute sheep and alien

>> No.7951981

I hate this because it reminds me of how I talked with a friend.

>> No.7951983

I like Polka's cover of it

>> No.7951985

You’re watching this right???

>> No.7951987

Ah cool cool

>> No.7951990

Reminder that Kiara is in control

>> No.7951991

Invest it to the stock market

>> No.7951992

Is it happening on the 19th? Mori moved doom and bbq to the 19th.

>> No.7951993

>stays still and only spams the one move she knows
is luna worse than a button masher?

>> No.7951994

yeah, not really my thing. enjoy yourselves bros.

>> No.7951995

Yeah, we already have THE Gura killer

>> No.7951998

>Kiara flirts with Ame
>Mori flirts with Milky
Aren't they basically in an open relationship from the perspective of Takamori schizos? Seems like they openly support them flirting with other people

>> No.7951999

>Can't treat your boyfriend like your son
That's where you're wrong

>> No.7952000


>> No.7952005

If it is a stream it'll be jp prime time which is 9 hours after that

>> No.7952007


>> No.7952008

An harpoon Holo?

>> No.7952009

Oh yeah, I suppose the JWU posting is gonna be pretty heavy today. Also check out the latest on that ERROR project and watch vods, Ame and Gura had really good streams if you didn't already watch them.

>> No.7952011

we get two lolis in en gen 2
how are we so blessed?

>> No.7952017


>> No.7952018

That leg thing looks dumb

>> No.7952019

>duet cover
>it’s just the fucking vampire meme song but they made it into a duet
Jesus christ there are plenty of perfectly good duet songs why do they do this.

>> No.7952020

honestly it wasn't that great/10

>> No.7952022


>> No.7952024

Desu I just want them to be announced and active on twitter instead of them doing this beat around the bush shit. I'm already getting annoyed that they're probably gonna do more lore shit leading up to the announcement

>> No.7952025

>> No.7952028

I'm going to sleep, someone wake me up for meme review

>> No.7952030

Can I get a quick rundown on Omen?

>> No.7952031

Time to watch Towa's Holo knight vod

>> No.7952034

I like the original more than any cover

>> No.7952035

This time for sure!

>> No.7952036

They better not fucking debut on the same day

>> No.7952039

Not a Cardassian dick / 10

>> No.7952042

Bless Huke-papa

>> No.7952047

Aren't these just the Autoscorer dolls from Symphogear?

>> No.7952048

I'm already watching Mori's VOD

>> No.7952049

Is that Chowa???

>> No.7952052

another anon beat you to this joke ages ago

>> No.7952054

That was pretty gay, yeah.

>> No.7952056

>2 lolis
we get ZERO lolis.. chaos girl is too tall and I have no clue who else you're talking about

>> No.7952061

nature whore
snake whore
literal rat
clock whore
ina 2

>> No.7952062

Playing into memes is what gets clicks and clicks fuel your career on youtube

>> No.7952067

Oy, tree rrat, collab with Watame when

>> No.7952068

Isn't that the type of socks that gyarus uses?

>> No.7952069

Give some tunes for DJ Cockman to mix up for the party anon

>> No.7952070

What do I have to do to have sex with Uruha Rushia

>> No.7952075


>> No.7952076

Luna finally beat the first stage!

>> No.7952078

Even prerecorded my wife is cute!

>> No.7952079

in that order

>> No.7952082

Just like all the Halo killers!

>> No.7952083


>> No.7952085

why does that face make me just want to see get her raped https://i.imgur.com/bB1j3ad.mp4

>> No.7952086

Become one of her top 10 gachjikoi and wait for her to settle down with one of them

>> No.7952097

Second one looks really weird, especially the hair.
My guess is that she'll be the last popular at debut.

>> No.7952098

I wanna fuck the mystery niggas

>> No.7952101

how much did Gura cum here?

>> No.7952102

Ah... well there goes that Apex stream.
Though to be honest, if it's not a collab then I'd rather watch the block game over Apex

>> No.7952104

Every morning I wake up, and choose to remain a Deadbeat

>> No.7952106

Kiara is as tall as a micstand!

>> No.7952107

It got popular but it's a meh song imo. Its pseudosequel (prequel?) is much better

>> No.7952108

Why are all men rapists?

>> No.7952109

Towa's loading screen is stupidly cute

>> No.7952110


>> No.7952113

Yeah she looks a bit overdesigned.

>> No.7952116

>thinking Gura would push for a collab with anyone outside of EN
0, cause Ame is gone and too early for IRyS

>> No.7952119

>Become one of her top 10 gachjikoi
I am...

>> No.7952120


>> No.7952123

Ame is on vacation after her morning show

>> No.7952124

who doesn't enjoy a good rape?

>> No.7952127 [SPOILER] 

>debut week
>so far EN2 is great
>you're hopeful. youre there to watch the next EN2 debut
>guitar riff plays
>your heart instantly sinks, you remember the tune
>before you can react further, THIS appears on the stream
Initial thoughts?

>> No.7952129

Marine now has just as many gagged art as Fubuki

>> No.7952130

Then get to first place and kill your competition. Only one shall remain

>> No.7952133

Man... What the fuck?

>> No.7952134

Then just wait for Ruu.chan and be lucky enough for her to pick you

>> No.7952136


>> No.7952140

Pretty unremarkable, really
Then again, that goes for all Vampire covers since the song itself is DECO*27's worst song so far

>> No.7952146

>> No.7952147


>> No.7952149

Maybe I'll finally find an oshi, someone to wreck my sleep for etc instead of just sitting here and catching whatever is on.

>> No.7952151 [SPOILER] 


>> No.7952155

God bless anon, good stuff

>> No.7952156

>Gura's chat keeps pushing for Ollie
Well...Gura also said she wanted to play with Ollie

>> No.7952160

I may be sleepy, but I honestly thought the first 5 minutes or so were not from the original broadcast because she was being so cute

>> No.7952164

>space holo
>wont play Stellaris

>civilization holo
>wont play Civ games

>> No.7952165

Gura's DMC3 streams are some of my favorite content from her, the progression has been really satisfying to watch.

>> No.7952166

Really, the biggest yab would be that she's engaged.

>> No.7952168

Would you sex a Towa?

>> No.7952169

Ollie fucking sucks, fucking traitor collabing with the enemy, purple dragon next week

>> No.7952170

There we go, 30 minutes in and finally singing. LET'S GOOOOO

>> No.7952174

>> No.7952175

this in Karaoke when?

>> No.7952176

Doomposters would finally learn what a proper dark timeline looks like.

>> No.7952179

Sometimes when it's quiet I sit on the shower floor (I have a pretty big shower) and pretend I'm Rushia who has been raped (I'm a guy IRL).
I sit and hold my head in my hands, rocking it back and forth and sobbing quietly, then I quickly splash some water over my face and wipe the imaginary mascara off my eyes until it runs down my cheeks. At this point, I'm usually fairly distraught.
Next, I open my mouth and wash the imaginary semen out. I make sure I gag and splutter, sometimes I even put my fingers down my throat to make sure it's all gone. The final stage is the most emotionally draining part of the entire ordeal.
I stand up, put my ass under the shower flow, then lean forward and begin to wash the rapist's imaginary cum out of my asshole and "vagina" (I just pretend). I do this for quite a while, to make sure it's all gone.
Then I collapse on the floor again and just break down hysterically. No girl should ever go through what I just did, all men are animals.

>> No.7952180


>> No.7952184

Good luck anon

>> No.7952186

Do you have someone that is close to an oshi? Or you literally watch based on games or whatever interests you?

>> No.7952188

jesas TWO Inas!??

>> No.7952190

female knights were built for rape, it's in their blood to submit

>> No.7952191

No but i would Towa flip

>> No.7952192


>> No.7952200

error is cringe weeb shit wake me up when the roberu route gets added

>> No.7952201

and pregnant

>> No.7952202

Towa you cute dumb dork stop dying to nothing

>> No.7952203

She sounds really happy, I'm glad

>> No.7952204

Yup exactly this

>> No.7952206

Man, Stellaris has slowly been going to shit with each update. I miss the fucking 5x5 tiles and warp drives.

>> No.7952207

I kneel Hag Prime, once again she managed to drag Ayame from her deep slumber

>> No.7952212

missed the bread bit too

>> No.7952215

Imagine a holo playing tactics games while tangenting like Kiara... It would put Kiara as my oshi in danger.

>> No.7952217

So is every jp that's done collabs with them traitors? Fuckin idiot

>> No.7952218

Thank god this wasn't the soundpost

>> No.7952219

Are you guys actually excited for this one or is it the dumb CHAOS memes
All I'm getting from this is that I hope she's not over-designed.

>> No.7952221

[Good News] Flare karaoke in one and half hours

>> No.7952223

Rats are not that original as a Shark..
Theres plenty of rats vtubers.
Sorry chaos-chan..

>> No.7952226

>I wanna fuck !
Tenchou yab

>> No.7952228

This thread will never be the same if we get an actual fucking rat as a holo

>> No.7952230

Been a while since I've seen this one

>> No.7952233 [SPOILER] 

Your EN2 oshi WILL come to his bar and be charmed by my son. Then they will rescue him from the animare rape gang....

>> No.7952234

Thoughts on snail wife?

>> No.7952236

>Ollie fucking sucks at Apex
so does Gura
i guess you hate holoJP then
>purple dragon
it isn't confirmed yet retard, also Selen is cute

>> No.7952237

>Tummy hurts.
I'm still amazed at how many memes she can create.

>> No.7952239

stop justifying nijiniggers cause of JPs, we can keep the EN side pure as long as idiots like Ollie don't give them gateways through collabs

>> No.7952241

I just watch based on games. Closest ones to it are maybe Astel or Kiara, maybe, since I often pick those 2 over others. It's still not it though..

>> No.7952242

what's the xzv thing

>> No.7952243

Watching all the ads for Towa to give her more ad revenue, I love Towa!

>> No.7952244

>2 vampire covers in 1 day, released months after the others

>> No.7952246

Do Oil Baron DD's count? HicHicHic is the top recently, but he's the top for literally dozens depending on the week. He uses multiple currencies but I stalked him a while back and found an archived comment (now deleted) of him speaking in the type of Chinese most common in Taiwan(as well as predominantly donating in NT) so I think with some effort I could track him down, but I don't know if a slut like him is even worth the effort.

>> No.7952251

She'll be the Kiara of EN2

>> No.7952257

Seriously though, what did they mean by this?

>> No.7952258

It's on her schedule anon

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