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>> No.7961926

Why are we still letting the whores in AG leach off of Teru? Misaki and Ash are okay, but the rest shouldn’t be in the OP.

>> No.7962559

I fucking love Terumi so much bros...

>> No.7962646

Stream in 2 minutes

>> No.7962990

She's laaaaate.

>> No.7963052

>15 watching on collab
>20 watching on chatsudan

>> No.7963270

Collab was all JP, I almost checked out myself.

>> No.7963872

Post AG/Teru or stfu nigger

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The viewer number seems a little wonky, doesn't line up with chat activity

>> No.7964102

Playing Apex ironically is still playing Apex.

>> No.7964150

Teru you're lucky i really like you and you do more Zatsu than gaming

>> No.7964422

>12 viewers on a Sunday and with a buff game
Bros what happened?

>> No.7964521

Jesus dude no one told me there's a 5-way Minecraft Collab.
Xiulan, Shura, Misaki, Nunki, and Chelsea Minecraft collab

>> No.7964953

Apex is a buff game? i could have sworn it was a debuff with how many people hate apex streams.

>> No.7965003

I mean most people here hate it, but i thought randos liked it.

>> No.7965227

That's a good point, probably she hasn't reached enough randos while we make up a good chunk of her audience (well outside of the obvious ones)

>> No.7965389

Tell me anons, how can she appeal to randos while staying on YouTube?
Is she doomed as long as she is on YouTube or does she have any chance?

>> No.7965659

Welp, i tried, but Apex is still fucking Apex

>> No.7965813

She has some high profile Twitter artists as part of Tangent now. You'd think they'd make an attempt at promoting her but I've seen no real support so far.
I don't know why people have the idea she'd find instant success on Twitch, too. There's plenty of forever low view chuubas there too.

>> No.7966027

I just want her to be happy bro

>> No.7966183

Nah, i hate twitch, but the platform is just better to promote the smallest chuubas. I think even in the worst case scenario she would double her viewership in like a month.

>> No.7966679

>Mal just killed Chelsea
Mal hate!

>> No.7967060

>viewer number seems a little wonky, doesn't line up with chat activity
>only 5 people are actively chatting
>5 is less than 7
how does that not line up?

>> No.7967079

Post the other perspectives.

>> No.7967778

You right

>> No.7968660

Can someone wake me up when Teru stops playing Apex? Thanks in advance

>> No.7968696

You gotta take the bad with the good

>> No.7968794

It's still fun man.

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>> No.7969114

she's so adorable, bros. but what is a model remaster? just touch ups and re-rigging?

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>> No.7969378

Probably close to a 2.0 but not exactly. So some touch ups on the rigging and more facial expressions minimum.

>> No.7969454

Probably. Risu just got one of those not long ago so you can go see the differences.

>> No.7970437

Risu may as well have gotten a completely new model with that compared to her squirrel face original

>> No.7970845

>terumi's stream is just all members
>no fresh blood contributing to growth

>> No.7971081

You can help her by making clips or sharing her social media posts!

>> No.7971124

Is there any point retweeting if you have no followers?

>> No.7971162

she doesnt have good clippable moments. 2 hours of just losing at Apex? there was an opportunity to pull an "i'm an old office lady" with that "my girlfriend is younger than evangelion" but she had zero reaction to it other than "seems sus" people don't like to watch lukewarm clips and you're only hurting your own channel's algorithm by spamming dozens of low impact clips. nothing terumi does hits. you need to have content that hits fast for good clips.

>> No.7971318

Any engagement helps anon!

>> No.7971359

Her art stream maybe? Or her last goodbye to AG

>> No.7971475

She's got some funny stuff, her vitamins story is good, or the part about ball swelling could be funny with some edits and focus on comments. But she's not a quick hit chuuba. Like her YandereDev response is really funny.

>> No.7971486

What about the Temako collab? HEr attempts at nihongo could make for a good laugh to someone.

>> No.7971533

Or her discussing with chat about what "a couple" means.

>> No.7971608

>Or her last goodbye to AG
wasn't that privated?
good content that hits well is supposed to showcase what the viewers can expect when they tune in. not to make fun of terumi at her own expense.

she's just not a clippable streamer.

>> No.7971634

Got unprivated.
Why did it get privated in the first place anyways?

>> No.7971669

>good content that hits well is supposed to showcase what the viewers can expect when they tune in. not to make fun of terumi at her own expense.
But i always expect to make fun of Terumi at her own expense.

>> No.7971798

Oh yeah, good content doesn't necessarily show what the vtuber's usually does, but just a snippet of something notorious to make the vtuber more known to other audiences.

>> No.7971902

Terumi doesn't even have enough good content to put something like this together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzLoNtvNIE4

the "chill streamer just plays some games mediocre and talks" shtick has reached its limit. 30-40 tops, zero further potential growth. that's not a bad thing because that's basically just a big friend group. but to keep doing that and expecting to grow more isn't going to work.

beyond 50, you're going to lose all community as chat starts to become too fast to properly interact with, so viewers who originally watched terumi when she was small are going to leave because they won't get that community feeling anymore.

>> No.7971944

R8 the stream.

>> No.7971945

>so viewers who originally watched terumi when she was small are going to leave because they won't get that community feeling anymore
Fake and gay my broski

>> No.7971969

>implying groomers will stick around when they can't groom terumi anymore
you just make yourselves too obvious

>> No.7971976

I hate Apex x1000/10

>> No.7971979

That almost already happens when she focuses on the same 3-4 names every time.

>> No.7972032

Apex is fine, but the best part is her talking/10.

>> No.7972134

if that's what she wants, then that's fine. plenty of indies start streaming just to find a couple of friends and play games with. don't know if she's ever talked about her goals as an indie, but if she wants to get bigger than hololive, she's not going to get there with this gimmick.

>> No.7972230

>wants to get bigger than hololive
All my keks

>> No.7972261

shit, you're right. that was Amber Glow's goal as an agency. not Terumi's

>> No.7972295

She just wants to get big enough to live off of this.

>> No.7972471

I think she's sort of at that goal, with the Streamlabs donos. She just needs to get the YouTube PIN or whatever it is.

>> No.7972715

That's even funnier, especially with the fact that racoon fag aint doing shit to get to that goal.

>> No.7972796

Thoughts of Teru getting discouraged by the decreasing viewership and quitting vtubing are beginning to creep into my mind.

>> No.7972860

I think about that sometimes too, especially with the way she kinda bounces when the viewership is so low. But I hope she keeps at it, maybe she'll be happy with the 15-25 people.

>> No.7972874

Same, watching Teru just hasn't been the same since the jab.

>> No.7972894

i need to sell a couple anime figs so i can buy a pc to play apex with teru omg.

>> No.7972932

She doesn't want to play with you unless you can get into the Tangent inner circle.

>> No.7972946

>not selling allyour possesions to donate to your oshi

>> No.7972983

Can't she just collab with more vtubers in her circle? Like, corpse was in chat towards the end, can't she collab with Corpse, Bodega, calico or someone else? Hell, we didn't even know she was in contact with Temako and she still got a collab with her.

>> No.7973029

She told Corpse to check Discord at the end, maybe that's part of it?

Really, going indie has only made it so she keeps her money I think. Tangent doesn't seem to do much other than advise her on shit and groom.

>> No.7973050

I keep eyeing the numbers in the waiting room and as soon as the stream starts hoping they suddenly grow and Teru could start the stream in high spirits.
I notice the bouncing and mood drops too and it's breaking my heart every time.

>> No.7973159

I'm pretty sure Teru voiced her own aspirations to be as big as Hololive and Nijisanji with grand plans "a year from now". This makes the stagnation hurt a little more.

>> No.7973173

Some of that is the Pre-Zatsu, there's multiple times people come in and go "Hey, is this an X stream?" while she's looking at cups or whatever. I think if she hit the ground on the gameplay and then put the Zatsudans on member streams or labeled it'd be better.

Today was rough though, same 8 people talking in chat and all were members.

>> No.7973230

I think it doesn't help her that her ex-mates at AG had a big 5-way collab (With Mal getting in midway trough) at the same time as her stream.
Lots of people did get into AG thanks ot her.

>> No.7973237

Corpses fans are mostly /wvt/, and /wvt/ almost universally hates Terumi outside of a few corner cases. Don't expect many /asp/ collabs either, after the discord drama involving leaking private screenshots to servers full of /asp/ alumni most of them have distanced themselves from her out of a combination of feeling burned by her spergout and not wanting to threaten their own reputations via association anymore. Her discord groomer circle will plug their fingers in their ears and scream at the top of their lungs that none of this is true but it absolutely is, her rep is in absolute tatters with most of the other vtubers who use 4chan/channel and she will probably only be able to collab mostly with non/here/ vtubers that she coldcalls in DMs that don't know much about her history at this point.

>> No.7973308

>and /wvt/ almost universally hates Terumi outside of a few corner cases
Only because of the yab? Didn't she have a good chunk of people happy for having theri founder finally making it?
>her rep is in absolute tatters with most of the other vtubers who use 4chan/channel
I mean she just collabed with Temako so...
Bea collab when?

>> No.7973338

Terumi didn't "found" /wvt/..

>> No.7973344

/wvt/ will froth at the mouth at the very mention of Teru so I see little benefit other than Teru hanging out with someone she's still on good terms with.
I see no more opportunity for growth /here/.

>> No.7973356

/wvt/ was not founded by terumi, /auds/ was and the new queen of /asp/ is odette

>> No.7973374

I meant the founder of /asp/, whoops

>> No.7973446

Regardless there are plenty more /asp/ies to look up to and collab with instead of Terumi, especially when all the /asp/ies that actually managed to stream make twice the amount of viewers as Terumi does. Shes kind of old news now, Odette reigns supreme

>> No.7973529

Terumi needs a clipper to bring in some new fans

>> No.7973550

/asp/ is a bunch of chuubas backstabbing and badmouthing each other at every opportunity, I think they were happy seeing her sinking. /wvt/ is also a lost cause after one of their prominent chuubas had bad experiences with Terumi in private and the drama didn't help either alongside her past being well known there souring views even more. /yah/ Bea will only collab with vtubers she likes and befriends, she didn't had any collab until now after six months of streaming. She needs to look outside of /here/.

>> No.7973558

I don't care anymore, i got bored of her traumaposting and nerd talks

>> No.7973644

You are mixing up lore, she founded /auds/ which became /asp/, and one of the many reasons /wvt/ hate her is that her "advice" to the /asp/ies was almost in every possible regard some of the stupidest most ignorant shit you can tell an aspiring vtuber. It was stuff that they had figured out was wrong back in February/March, and she was still preaching things like "YouTube is the only streaming platform for good growth, focus completely on joining a corp, Twitch bad, don't stream until you have a big debut, ETC" months latter, with no actual experience herself to back up any of the horrid advice she gave. She nearly led an entire generation of vtubers to complete ruin and stagnation, and that pissed a lot of people off. There were other things pre-yab as well, like the disasterous Koopa collab where she clearly had never watched a single Koopa stream before and was asking her questions that made no sense to ask if she had literally watched a single stream of hers, or the chatter of how she acts in private which was always rumor but was pretty much confirmed via all those screenshot dumps, but the Black Company stream was the tipping point that sent most of the /asp/ies and /wvt/ people over the edge from "friendly to tolerate" to "avoid or actively dislike". >>7973344 is right, there is no chance of further growth for her through the chans, she needs to go elsewhere and try to create a viewerbase in different circles, because the well is poisoned beyond use now here.

>> No.7973655

>/wvt/ is also a lost cause after one of their prominent chuubas had bad experiences with Terumi in private
Name of the chuuba?

>> No.7973741

I'm sticking it out. I still believe in the dream and will support Teru until the bitter end.

>> No.7973777

Not going to blame you, since Teru herself falls into this line of thinking as well, but Teru is actually growing really well for a new streamer. Keep in mind, outside of the Hypebeast Vtuber sphere, almost every big streamer spent at least a year or two streaming to barely anyone. Teru has, in only a few months, gotten a pretty consistent viewer base (20-30 isn’t bad by any means), and amongst that is a pretty hardcore group of fans (with like ~4-5 tier 3 subs, and ~15-20 tier 1/2s). Once google finally stops being a Baka, that’s roughly 200$ a month minimum on top of regular donations. And a big problem she has right now is just being stuck at her grandparents; now that her income is pretty stable, she’ll probably be able to get her own place soon, and she’ll be able to stream and do more, not to mention being able to get into a better headspace. But even now, all things considered she’s doing really well.

>> No.7973805

Even if you're a groomer she's tough to stick with, you gotta get past her 3K Tangent sugar daddies and the legion of Flipland dudes to get in with her. It's almost not worth it.

>> No.7973813

The chuuba was anonposting but the later leaks pretty much confirmed what he/she was saying, I can understand if others wants to stay away sadly.

>> No.7973818

I agree with you but it hurts all the same.

>> No.7973824

Correction to this that I forgot to mention, "The black Company stream *and everything that came after it*". The feelings on the stream itself were generally that it was a very stupid idea to burn bridges mere hours after you get out of your contract, but everything that followed the stream between leaks and the unironic discord managers raiding threads to do damage control was the true tipping point.

>> No.7973923

If she could get out of the house I think that would help, streaming at 10AM EST is a shitty time slot. If she could do even 3-4PM US time it may help a lot.

>> No.7973936

Time zones and her limited ability to stream are big inhibitors right now, unfortunately. Teru can’t really stream at much other times than what she does for now.

Honestly, I’ve said it before, but Teru finally ditching the losers from here is the best possible outcome. There’s no growth directly appealing to retards from /vt/ or the sycophantic choobas that are spawned here. This kick in the back that finally forced Teru to cut ties with most of them is only good for her. Her remaining friends from here all are the low rankers on the autism spectrum, so while I don’t like them they won’t tank her career so it’s all good.

>> No.7973964

Honestly speaking, even if i do support her lots i gotta admit she's starting to go a bit stale, and i can't blame her too hard because if your gimmick is talking then sooner or later you'll run out of things to talk about, and hearing certain stories being repeated 2 or 3 times gets a bit grating.
Also many of the sex jokes don't have that as much of an impact now that she's an indie and it isn't really risque for her to make those jokes. I guess having someone ready to bonk her did add a bit of charm to those jokes and references.
How do we know it wasn't just a larper?

>> No.7974047

The shopping shit is the worst part, I'm a TeruNEET and even I think it's a dud. She needs to excise to member content or something.

>> No.7974064

I mean, as someone whose neither of those (don’t think about it too hard) I think my experience is pretty good.

>> No.7974073

Know the chuuba but don't want to say names, the things said were too accurate in the light of later happenings for a larp.

>> No.7974118

What was said?

>> No.7974223

I shitpost on /trash/ all the time and I will tell you that you do _not_ want anyone from the /wvt/ scene anywhere close to Teru.

>> No.7974259

>it was a very stupid idea to burn bridges mere hours after you get out of your contract,
and mocking her former corp mates on stream as they send her discord messages

>> No.7974289

Tbf, she only ever mocked Mal as far as I recall, and he’s a loser so who cares.

>> No.7974304

>"Losers from here"
You mean all those "losers" who are doing way better than her at every possible level? The ones that are infested with dozens of 100+ viewership chuubas? The ones that started months after her and have already surpassed her average stream viewership in a fraction of the time? The ones who are constantly collabing and networking while Terumi cant get more than a few super awkward collabs with people she barely knows? The ones where even some of the MALES are doing better than her for god sakes? Your post bleeds with cope and you need to re-evaluate your biases if you are disregarding the reality of the situation in that Teru is a teeny tiny player in a sea of fish much bigger than her.

>> No.7974323

if she's willing to make fun of one of her corpmates, she's willing to make fun of every corpmate. you think anyone is gonna want to partner up with her knowing that a single bad mood swing can put you on the wrong side of terumi's emotional outbreak?

>> No.7974341

Dislikes her fanbase (well she dislikes her fans from /vt/ but that's basically all her viewers). Cares about collabs for number purposes only don't give a shit about her collab partners. Gets "too close and personal" with other vtubers, asks for private personal information even if they never talked before.

>> No.7974349

This post reeks of Nunkope. Perhaps trash panda.

>> No.7974382

Doubt. She’s only ever been nice to the people in AG who deserved it (Misaki and Ash). The rest are awful so who cares.

>> No.7974414

NTA but do your reps he's right

>> No.7974428

cool, so if i were some indie chuuba, i better roll the dice on potentially collabing with a schizo who might spin on a dime and decide to hate me because i tweeted something three weeks ago that she didn't like.
once a backstabber, always a backstabber.
once a leaker, always a leaker.

>> No.7974434

I forgot, she also didn't liked her (former)genmates very much.

>> No.7974458

I hope you get help someday, from a professional preferably, before you hero yourself.

>> No.7974517

This is depressing

>> No.7974548

Even if you buy into the Nunki rrat Xiu and Shura didn't do nothing at all tho?

>> No.7974550

Damn, fits the pattern I suppose. Shame to hear about the fanbase stuff since she's so dependent on them, and the genmate stuff stings too since they all seem pretty sweet.

The weird oversharing is her just being a nutcase I bet, not much malicious there. She just needs meds and therapy.

>> No.7974570

cope. terumi poisoned her own well. you'll have to accept it sooner or later.

>> No.7974583

Might as well stop making the thread, it's gonna be rrats and doomposting forever. She poisoned this well and hates >You anyway so don't even bother.

>> No.7974619

But she at least tolerates me tho?

>> No.7974623

>Yan shitposting here again
Forgive me anons, I overestimated how much Xiu trusted my advice. If I had actually sent the complete yab we might be free of him.

>> No.7974651

fuck off with your larp

>> No.7974684


>> No.7974716

She loathes us for being from this shithole. She thinks you're a creep and a loser and only wants your money and views.

>> No.7974720

They sat back and did nothing, which while not as bad as actively doing evil still makes them irrelevant to me.

I don’t need to cope lmao, I’m genuinely happy she isn’t associated with the insane asylum that is /here/choobas to the degree she used to. Keep in mind, I’ve never disagreed that being /here/ is a quick path to power. It’s just the dark side, the sacrifices aren’t worth it.

>> No.7974771

See, it’s funny, because Teru never likes it when I ask her to be more mean and dommy. I (and probably a lot of others) would like it if she insulted us and hated us.

>> No.7974779

Are you the anon who was talking about erping with his oshi back in /trash/?

>> No.7974812

How do you know they knew what Terumi was doing? Even the leaker said they just said hi and never did a thing.

>> No.7974849

It would be a welcomed change of pace

>> No.7974933

If it is I need to know how he pulled it off and if I can get in on it.

>> No.7974956

>i want to be treated like shit
hundreds of twitch chuubas will do it without chat prompts, go find one you like and get your jollies there. don't try to change a person, especially when they have irl issues that they probably are trying to use as a cope.

>> No.7974994

pardon, i meant to say they use their streams as an outlet and coping mechanism for.

>> No.7975031

Hey, Teru said herself she’s a switch that appeals to both sides. And I don’t dislike that she’s really nice to me, I could just do with a bit more Dommy mommy.

Keep in mind I don’t just want the full femdom experience. I need a walk on the greener side too. That’s hard to find.

>> No.7975096

If things stay on this course, wait a couple months and after she graduates all her remaining members will get an invite to her private discord.

>> No.7975156

Sounds good to me. I'd settle for just being able to talk to her all the time too.

>> No.7975223

teru as GFE? i don't habeeb.

>> No.7975241

This is the huge problem with terufags. None of you are ready to accept that your oshi isn't doing well. Like >>7974304 wrote, theres a huge chunk of indies that terucucks will call literal whos despite the fact that they are way bigger than Terumi. They'll blame AG for the loss of viewers despite the fact that she was the one who started this whole shitshow. They were actually believing that Nunki was wasting her time posting rrats because that's what their Oshi would do. You'll blame anyone, including discord nobodies, just to cope with the truth, some of you going as far to dox one of them and posting DMs /here/. Nobody is stopping you from enjoying your oshi, but stop pretending she's the second coming of christ already by shoving your head in your ass and pointing your finger at the scapegoat of the week. Terumi will sink in obscurity and will probably graduate in a year, maybe even less, because you teruniggers wanna play the saviorfag instead of telling her that her gimmick is fucking stale.

You can all eat shit, but considering you're all teruneets, im sure you already do.

>> No.7975264

Based, i would personally like a more assertive and confident Teru

>> No.7975288

Ogey Nunki

>> No.7975331

Holy projection, go to bed Nunki your drunk. I’ll watch Teru whether she has 10 viewers or 10,000, I just like her streams and shitposting here.

>> No.7975389

Not all NEETs do this, there was a dude upthread worrying about it. It's clear she is stagnating and the blame is A) Her content, B) Her schedule, and C) Her legacy. You can fix one easily, just stream games when it says that on the tin and don't spend 45 minutes looking at fucking alcohol. The second needs to get fixed when she moves out. The third you can't do anything about other than tell her to not be nuts and keep up with meds but the damage is done. People saying she's being avoided are right, why would I do a stream with a 15-viewer menhera who's damaged goods? It's not good business.

I think if she could split her time between YT and Twitch it would help her, but she needs to keep gameplay on Twitch going. Maybe put the game shit there and the Zatsudans on YT? That's what I'd suggest if I was one of the 3K Tangent LARPers.

>> No.7975412

You can be a Teru fan and still want her to succeed. You don't hear her being deflated when it's the same 13 fucks in chat every stream?

>> No.7975444

At this point I'm willing to accept some Twitch time if it means the stagnation stops.

>> No.7975476

NTA but no i don't.
Might be the 'tism but she sounds normal most of the time.

>> No.7975487

I don’t know, she always seems happy to see me and talk with me and I don’t really pay attention to anyone else in chat. It’s not like I haven’t been critical of her, pretty much all of the critical shitposts of Teru made before the drama were all unironically me. I just don’t want Teru or this thread to be doom and gloom all the time.

>> No.7975495

>"D-duuuh, seethe more n-nunki duuuh"
Typical Teruneets

>> No.7975503

Wouldn't she just do the same over there too?

>> No.7975531

Ogey Nunki

>> No.7975556

Thanks for your service man

>> No.7975571

If anything, it’s hard to not succeed on Twitch. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to be super mean or anything, but Nunki streams on Twitch and can easily pull 50 viewers despite being essentially a German accent with a fox girl png and no personality. Nunki is bad at games, plays boring games, and still rakes in decent numbers for an Indie on twitch. Teru could easily do the same.

>> No.7975572

I dunno, man. I'm grasping for anything that could increase morale.
No one will be happy when Teru hits single digit views.

>> No.7975588

It might be doom and gloom for a while buddy, sorry bout all this

>> No.7975593

I'm the same but you can't plug your ears and say nothing's wrong when something clearly is. I criticize because I love her and want her to do well, and if she's doing poorly I know she'll get more depressed about it.

>> No.7975642

Hell, Teru got like 40 on her first Twitch stream. But I think she's real stubborn about being right and just dislikes Twitch culture that much. Even if the core of her audience is the YT crowd who hopped over.

>> No.7975701

"Twitch culture" is a cope bogyman, the chat reflects the streamer no matter what platform you are on and if you don't like what chat says you just chastise them or ban them till the behavior stops

>> No.7975748

You're right, I'm just repeating what she's said on stream. I can't believe the Tangent crew just threw 3 thousand bucks away to make a hugbox for her.

>> No.7975783

How would Teru react to someone sending a big dono with a "Sorry but i won't be able to follow you anymore due to life happenings" kinda message?

>> No.7975799

Do terugroomer really?

>> No.7975807

But if she gets a ver rápido growth wouldn't that mean her new viewers won't really reflect Teru's character?

>> No.7975810

Losing people is probably the last thing she wants to hear about

>> No.7975813

She'd get depressed, probably. She did mention her thinking got changed by others where she's not slavishly devoted to "friends" anymore but it would bum her out.

>> No.7975853

Nah, just remembered that old Kiara clip with an employee "Quitting his job at KFP" and wondered how would Teru react in that situation.

>> No.7975861

It’s kind of weird, it’s like Tangent/Teru have never watched Ironmouse. Her average format isn’t much different from Teru, including forgetting to actually play games and just chatting for hours. Admittedly Mouse has evolved it a little and is more proficient at it, but she’s also been streaming for like three years. So there’s easily an audience for that kind of content. I don’t think Teru would suffer at all on Twitch.

>> No.7975928

Yeah I'm also one that prefers youtube but even I understand that YouTube won't take you anywhere as a indie, unless you get super lucky with the algorithm. Twitch is the better choice unfortunately, chat also has more tools to moderate compared to YouTube for now.
YouTube needs to dedicate a whole update to make the lives of streamers on their platform easier, these small updates ever few months don't help anyone

>> No.7975934

It would be the exact same shit, she just is either afraid of Twitch or has a misguided idea of what's on there.

>> No.7976003

she is way too fond of the validation she gets from memberships

>> No.7976033

That and a majority of Teruneets don't like twitch, even if the ones that don't like it still see it as a necessary evil.
I kinda hope she doesn't because I won't be able to watch her there, so I'm quietly awaiting for her to break her promise for the sake of growth and for me to begrudgingly leave her for good.
If that happens i want to tell you guys that it has been really fucking fun, and i hope you guys do everything you can to help this dumb girl grow.

>> No.7976063

I have to say I don't hate the idea of moving the gaming stuff to Twitch and leaving the Zatsus and more personal stuff on YouTube.

>> No.7976127

How come a random anon here has a better idea and strategy for growth than her actual "team?"

>> No.7976139

Her team was never meant to be advertising experts or whatever lol. They’re just random artists helping another artist out.

>> No.7976212

They are giving her advice, though. So maybe they should be thinking about this shit if she's coming to them.

>> No.7976214

>But if she gets a ver rápido growth wouldn't that mean her new viewers won't really reflect Teru's character?
Twitch has millions of live viewers, anon. the zoomer brains who like loud over exaggerated screaming aren't going to stick around on terumi's streams. there are plenty of chill zatsudan-style Just Chatting streams with tame chats. stop trying to play the "twitch culture" boogeyman card

>> No.7976269

Imagine. We start the stream on YouTube with a pre-zatsudan, which is what the YT audience likes most, and later move on to Twitch for the pure, uninterrupted gameplay. Once she's done with the game she can invite the Twitch people over to YT for the post-zatsudan.
It may not be the perfect plan but it sure as fuck is better than the bumbling around that's happening now.

>> No.7976591

In no universe would this ever work. why would she set up obs 3 times for a single event? no other streamer asks people to toggle between 2 different sites 3 times in a single broadcast. use your fucking head.

>> No.7976640

>no other streamer asks people to toggle between 2 different sites 3 times in a single broadcast
Fortune favors the bold, anon. There is little to lose at this rate.

>> No.7976692

>pregaming zatsudan wraps
>tells everyone to go to twitch
>90% member chat of 20 or less people says to stay on YT
>she stays
that's how it would go. you follow the money.

>> No.7976834

People tend to leave en masse or bow out of chat when gameplay happens already. Except this time there's a chance to gain some new followers on Twitch and some may even bleed into YT. Enough people will follow to elevate her above the 2 view chuubas so that she's more likely to get noticed by randos.
And this is coming from someone who absolutely despises Twitch.

>> No.7976988

well, you're not streaming for fame, money or friends, and we knew her and her people are in these threads.

>> No.7977123

>that's how it would go. you follow the money.
how much money has she made on youtube aside from the initial monetization stream? there's so much more potential to be made on twitch.

>> No.7977749

More than you kiddo.

>> No.7977929

I like the tism but this is pretty retarded. If she did dual streaming then she’d probably just do game streams on Twitch on weekdays and zatsudans on YT on Friday/Saturday, with perhaps member streams on Sunday.

>> No.7977987

You guys seem very worried about Teru's number, so why don't we, idk, try to set up clips and stuff? If it's something 1 minute long i am willing to do something. Give me a couple timestamps and I'll see what I can do.
If clips aren't your stuff then art or remixes could still help.

>> No.7978019

And what do you hope happens once you have your clips ready?

>> No.7978045

Clips are a big meme, they only matter if you’re already have a big clip channel, and Teru does. Wouldn’t waste anyone’s time to be honest. And if someone has artistic/musical talent, they’d probably already be doing it. Don’t sweat anything Amon, just watch the streams and be a fan.

>> No.7978113

>And if someone has artistic/musical talent, they’d probably already be doing it.
Well, if someone doesn't already have the talent, doesn't this sound like a nice moment to start? I mean she's in this for the long term, so even if it took long to make it may still work.
You could submit them directly to Teru to upload on her channel. After all short and digestible clips are easily more susceptible to be caught by the algorithm.

>> No.7978136

I've definitely thought about it but I don't want to promote clips that would make her feel bad, like the ones where chat makes fun of her.

>> No.7978238

...is this the average mental capacity of a teruneet? where do you think the money she makes comes from?

>> No.7978449

Hey, as long as you don't overuse those clips it should be fine, like a 1/4 ratio of clips could be that, and the rest could be other things like her singing or stories.

>> No.7978654

If you’re going to waste your time picking up a new skill, I’m sure Teru would rather you do something you actually genuinely like or something that’ll be useful to your life, and not dumb things like learning video editing just to make bad clips.

>> No.7978744

But i do wanna learn video editing.
Heck, she inspired me to become. A tuber myself and i started to learn how to OBS. Video editing comes with the gig so might as well start early.
And honestly? It doesn't really matter. Many of us have time to spare that we use for hobbies anyways, so dedicating an hour every day to learn a new skill isn't an extreme demand, specially when it will help someone we care about.

>> No.7978778

That’s the thing, it isn’t going to help Teru out. Learn it if you want it, sure, but don’t be under the delusion that you’re ever going to realistically provide a valuable service to someone unless you’re talking years into the future.

>> No.7978886

Well, more like months into the future, and I'm a hopeless romantic that believes in luck favoring hard work, so I guess it's time for work hard.

>> No.7978925

What if I want to do it to have an excuse to talk to her more?

>> No.7978952

>an excuse to talk to her more?
>he thinks Terumi will ever talk to anyone again after DMs leaking and discord drama earlier

>> No.7978961

Grooming is bad anon

>> No.7978971

Show your membership. And don't forget that this started because you suggested she goes from youtube to twitch, back to youtube in a single 2-3 hour span.

>> No.7978990

Know what? Fuck it, whatever. As
>He doesn't know

>> No.7978995

>you suggested she goes from youtube to twitch, back to youtube in a single 2-3 hour span.
are you fucking retarded? that's a surefire way to lose your entire audience. no one cares about their oshi enough to jump back and forth like that.

>> No.7979016

*As long as you help her grow her channel i don't mind.
I do...

>> No.7979076

I see that we have a good chunk of talk about clips.
So, do i prepare a pastebin to compile timestamps? That way the anons that lack the skill/time or just don't wanna clip things can still help.

>> No.7979164

Only if you freaks do it. I just want to chat with her because I want to be her friend.

>> No.7979196

>You freaks
>Says the anon posting on /vt/ of all places.
Anon i got you some news you might not like

>> No.7979201

>because I want to be her friend.
this is literal groomer talk

>> No.7979266

Teru already has her chosen NEETs that will, in time, fight for the TeruBowl. If you haven’t made it then it’s too late, sorry.

>> No.7979290


No, I'm normal. Probably the most well-adjusted guy here, in fact.

Grooming is with malicious intent. This is a pure relationship I want to build.

>> No.7979341

Well adjusted people don't feel the need to validate that in /vt/ of all places, anonbro...

>> No.7979342

> No, I'm normal. Probably the most well-adjusted guy here, in fact.

>> No.7979358

>This is a pure relationship I want to build.
that's grooming anon go touch grass.

>> No.7979396

Literal groomertalk lmao

>> No.7979475

I mean all grooming jokes aside she was pretty nice to hear during that TF2 match, i wouldn't mind playing with/against her with mic on.

>> No.7979785

I'm not trying to convince you. This is probably someone jealous of my plan anyway.

>> No.7979811

>This is probably someone jealous of my plan anyway.
if all you were looking for really was just a friendship, why would you say anyone would be jealous? your grooming isn't going to work, terumi is already distrustful of everyone around her anyway. you're not special.

>> No.7979815

Teru had a great chance when Koopa/Stalker/Nina interacted with her - she really should've done her homework and put effort into the relations. It's gonna be difficult to keep getting chances if you aren't putting your best leg forward to people.

>> No.7979881

Teru is socially retarded pls andstd

>> No.7979884

Bro I’m already in, you should be jealous of me. I’m saying this for your own good, but you should really set your sights on an actual person and not a random chooba.

>> No.7979893

They're jealous because I'm gonna reach out for the prize and they're seething anons afraid to make contact.

>> No.7980192

>> No.7980220

Is Terumi aware of the fact that 80% of her fanbase is hopeless Goslings?

>> No.7980267

>National Language

>> No.7980323

The latest diary, I won't spoil it but basically
>smile status: unprotected

>> No.7980332

Do we even have any Tier 3 TeruNEETs here?

>> No.7980350

Me and I think Jack is also here

>> No.7980382

Fucking post it

>> No.7980395

post what? You can't access the video if your not a member

>> No.7980438

Me : ) not sharing though.

>> No.7980444

Their money is still green, ain't it?

>> No.7980453

Like the video fag

>> No.7980478


>> No.7980513

It's not related to this shit thread, is it?

>> No.7980528

The video is titled "black aftermath"

>> No.7980564


>> No.7980579

Just give a summary

>> No.7980598

T3 chads
Do we?

>> No.7980638

No lmao. Don’t give Nunki or the Nunkeks the ammo they crave, even if it It’ll be good for the actual NEEts.

>> No.7980650

>Terumi sadposting about the aftermath of her Black Company video
>In the same day i asked her something AG related
I'm sorry bros, it wasn't my intention...

>> No.7980667

baka NEET

>> No.7980687

This is the kind of moment that makes me seethe over not having my credit card yet (Fuck you shitty courier services).

>> No.7980710

I want to be Terumi's friend....
But, being friends with a veiwer is yab isn't it

>> No.7980715

Do we even have any Soft posters still around? Haven't seen them since the yab

>> No.7980754

Most of the time? Yes
In that weird 1% of cases (That you're not a part off)? Meh, it could work.

>> No.7980786

You guys think she'll notice if I upgrade now and realize this is the reason why?

>> No.7980809

She will notice and that's her plan

>> No.7980815

Yeah bro, but that just means you'll be noticed as part of the cool kids club of T3s

>> No.7980819

Not really something to worry though, you're just worried for her.

>> No.7980925

writing a good comment is hard

>> No.7980949

Is it in the diary thingy? Just let her know you'll be around no matter what or something lame like that.

>> No.7981018

Just say you're listening and care, and her struggles matter to you. Something like that.

>> No.7981069

No one has shared any member only content here so far, right?
I respect that of you TeruNEETs, no matter how much I seethe at my lack of membership I respect your resolve.

>> No.7981078

Goddamnit jack that's really good

>> No.7981105

There's only like 3 of them, hardly a WIDE NET. But I'm glad no one posted the text post she did following the yab.

>> No.7981118

Ok anon no need to rub it in for us non T3 chads

>> No.7981146

Hey Jack, what do you do for a living that you can donate so much?

>> No.7981160

Sorry, I'm just trying to suck off my bro over here

>> No.7981161

One person a lot smarter than me said something along the lines that "Vtubers are naturally charming people, so it's not surprising if you're charmed by one, but you have to keep control of yourself, or distance yourself if it gets too much." I wish I had that screenshot right now, my man.

>> No.7981188

Is that guy even here?

>> No.7981217

He might be
he never self posts, at least as far as I've seen

>> No.7981231

Hi. Reminder to keep your fucking mouths shut and respect T3 containment.
Good night, bros.

>> No.7981285

Can you guys please give us a summary beyond "Teru sad"?

>> No.7981288

of course

>> No.7981308

Technically I'm IT in a smallish company but recently doing more management work than anything. Sales are going pretty well and my efforts are well compensated so I tend to have some money I can share. Still makes a dent in my budget but I think it's worth it.

>> No.7981424

teru sad

>> No.7981435

_____________________Teru sad__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

>> No.7981527

Is Teru ever not sad in this things? Or is it just anons feeling like posting about this diaries when she's sad?

>> No.7981539

teru got blacked?

>> No.7981554

Only when she's sad

>> No.7981590

rrat machine go

>> No.7981606

terumi is actually _____just sad___

>> No.7981613

Terumi's boyfriend hasn't fucked her in a while

>> No.7981617

Terumi is actually gonna become an ApexTuber

>> No.7981643

nunki is a spineless twerp and could never hang with teruneet schizos, all of the trashposting during the black company stream arc was from seething /wvt/ back office chuubas that want to take teru down and we fell for it hook line and sinker

>> No.7981674

She only posts when she's feeling down and seeking validation. There were 2 posts sometime, one was normal "I like this song!" and the other was her being sad.

>> No.7981880

Tbh, I don’t think anyone ever really fell for the Nunki rrat. As the primary rrat breeder on that one, I only pushed it because Nunki is really boring and the idea that this whotuber is secretly masterminding an entire hate campaign is really funny to me. The circumstantial evidence all lined up, and her fans are really annoying too so it all kind of worked out. I’m pretty sure everyone who cares to be in the know, knows the actual culprit.

>> No.7981907

>I’m pretty sure everyone who cares to be in the know, knows the actual culprit.
And that would be...

>> No.7981926

Not him, but I assume some literally who chuuba from here.

>> No.7981959

Ash has bad handwriting

>> No.7981969

Maybe it was one of the chuubas that used to comment in Teru's chat? Haven't heard of Calico in a while, and Bodega either but she made Teru's icons so it would be unwise to lose a business partner.
Not to mention that there were not only 1, but 3 posters.

>> No.7982078

Bodega and Callie were never in the thread though
Bodega is my favorite indie and she hasn't streamed in about 2 weeks now, she hasn't really stated anything in regards to Terumi though, and that makes me kinda sad and worried
Callie, I don't remember talking to Teru but Callie is kind and I would hope that she holds no negative feelings towards Terumi

>> No.7982157

Thank you for letting me know that it dropped, just finished it now. I wish you Kings a good evening wherever you are!

>> No.7982504

Sayap has an illicit relationship with either Xiulan or Nunki

>> No.7982742

>Not an entire harem that includes Shura, Misaki, and Chelsea and even the boys when he's feeling spicy
We could never dream of being as much of a gigachad.

>> No.7982812

Ahaha what the fuck

>> No.7982868

absolutely based

>> No.7982876

what the fuck

>> No.7982998

I really want this woman to make it. It puts my own shit into perspective, I'm depressed and sort of lonely but at least I have parents who love me and one real-life friend and a career starting up. Maybe I'm just getting tricked by her menhera ways but no one deserves to live like this.

>> No.7983141

Welp, then you can help her anon.
Make clips, or art, or remixes.
Exercising your artistic abilities can be really helpful for you too.
And even if you can't, you can still help by brainstorming ideas with us and maybe even share timestamps for someone to make a clip of.

>> No.7983158

>two people actually upgraded to T3 just to see the post

>> No.7983186

Oh yeah, leave nice comments on her videos, twitter posts, and share her. It might not be much but Rome wasn't build in a day!
Where worried for Teru anon, i've even thought of doing that myself but i just don't have the money for it.

>> No.7983214

Teru probably made the original post, drumming up business.

>> No.7983250

>Teru being actually smart about business
Weakest rrat so far

>> No.7983270

Am I joke to you?

>> No.7983338

>I'm normal
A fantastical kek from me.

>> No.7983620

Oh yeah i almost forgot:
To anyone that wants to submit Timestamps you can choose any Teru video, but PLEASE avoid choosing moments that involve any AG members, be it collabs or even mentioning them.

>> No.7985657

This would be a good artwork if he ever got a model

Speaking of model is Saya a feminine trap character or macho man?

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