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Who the hell is narrating the new HoloEN trailers?

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IRyS you thick cunt.

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IRyS pronounces the word tyranny like that? Is she ESL or something?

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Hitomi Chris

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I am

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Then Chris stood up, exclaimed "I'm back motherfuckers", and then her head immediately exploded again.

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You don't like Tie-ranny? It almost sounds like tranny. Very progressive of her.

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And stay there.

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>Is she ESL or something?

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I'm surprised by IRyS. I thought she was gonna be like AZKi, just a lot of music, hardly any game streams because she's a VSinger. But in reality she streams games just as often as any other Hololive member. If not for the VSinger label I wouldn't have even noticed. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with it. I'm just not sure why they made a big deal about the VSinger thing when she games plenty.

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Tag your HoloFightzDark spoilers

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AZKi can do that too. She just would rather spend the time she has setting up music related events.
She's not that much of a game person.

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Imagine having a roster of 3 EFL, one natural bilingual, an overachieving Australian ESL, redneck mickey mouse, diligent A-chan, and 6 indos with varying levels of eigo expertise...but you still have the trailers narrated by an ESL who pronounces despotism like irony with a t.

Did nobody with passable English actually proofwatch the trailer beforehand? Does cover not believe in proofreading? Is everything done in one take and shoved out the door? Don't give me that small tech company garbage. This is a "running your online bookstore out of a cardboard box" tier mistake.

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I'm fairly certain Irys has spent most of her life in Japan, most likely half-Japanese. She pronounces some English words strangely and uses some Japanese descriptions like "ear of the bread" instead of the crust.

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The whole trailer had a bunch of lines that sounded like they were straight up run through Google Translate. It was weird.

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Small company please udnerstand.

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