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Lets get a Koopa thread going. Kam on, Troopas!

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should I concern?

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Its just the old Koopa breaking out. Nothing to worry ab

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Cute hag

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Koopa mowing the lawn like the boomer she is!

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How many streams will RE8 and Do Sex take to complete? Not sure how close she is to the end of either game.

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Koopa please, just one stream earlier, Eurotroopas....

>> No.7998912

Resi 8 isnt a long game. Only took me like 8 hours and i went for almost everything.

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Are we gonna enter the /vt/ league, Troopas?

>> No.8000471

Do we even have enough memes for that?

>> No.8000584

The different Koopa variants alone would fill the majority of a team

>> No.8000921

Also, combined generals are fair game, so if there's interest we could probably team up with the Nina and Africat threads and have a /gorls/ team

>> No.8001420

That could work, we can also use the different troopas

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Eurotroopa, it's 12am, time for streams!

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Imagine not being an americhad!

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Good morning, thread! I will be mowing today. How's your mornings going?

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At work, its HOT AND HUMID!

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hello, hands up don't move

>> No.8012259

The recoil is gonna break your arms!

>> No.8012399

it already does so there is no problem

>> No.8012883

Dubs dont lie

>> No.8013471

I did chores for my grandparents, it was a very comfy morning. Hope your day's going well, Kwappi.

>> No.8013797

>mfw koopa thinks she can just get rid of her old persona

>> No.8015308

>Be American
>Settle down to watch afternoon Koopa stream
>Get shot

>> No.8015504

I think you're confusing Terumi for Koopa.

>> No.8015709

i know my cute hags well anon, koopa can't kill vroid koopa because we can just will her back into existence again

>> No.8015794

My guns and i get along very well thank you very much!

>> No.8017211

I WILL take my place as the dominant mother!

>> No.8018190

Troopas are truly the most powerful race

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>haven't watched any of her streams in ages since she switched to twitch because everyone else I watch is on youtube
Is she doing alright? I really like her as a chuuba but I simply haven't had the chance to catch her live in ages....

>> No.8018444

she's been through some ups and downs but i'd say things are good now, come watch her tonight and see how you like the stream

>> No.8018500

>everyone else I watch is on youtube
You must watch a very specific set of chuubas, most western indies jumped ship to Twitch at around the same time Koopa did. Not even the Africats prioritise Youtube anymore.

>> No.8018565

The trips demand it!

>> No.8019831

Why is /koopa/ up but koopa still posts in trash instead of here?

>> No.8019996

Here is the devil trigger edit used in the simulator thumbnail for any interested!

But I have posted here >>8011932

>> No.8020017

Trash is the vtuber chatroom, viewers away!

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Can I be on the /koopa/ 4 c c team?

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That is some shitty looking grass

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god damn the loading screen reminds me of the atmosphere from an escort that i've been to

>> No.8021899

Wanna tell us about it, troopa?

>> No.8021902

Koopa's got some explaining to do

>> No.8021967

she was a really cute milf and gave amazing head but it's a 1 hour trip so fuck that
she was slimmer than koopa, sorry troopas

>> No.8022005

>We're back to Koopa starting every stream muted
Just like old times

>> No.8022091

Is it me or has Koopa been getting lewder?

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>> No.8022278

i can see the green peering behind the eyes, it's a fake pink

>> No.8022294

Look, its hard to get every single pixel alright!? I wanted to do it quick anyway

>> No.8022315

>New Koop bonks old Koopa
>Starts becoming more like old Koopa
Deep lore

>> No.8022341

I wonder what happened to make her bring out the old koop

>> No.8022623

I love them

>> No.8022808

great idea with the boomer songs

>> No.8022811

I unsubscribed from Koopa today.

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>> No.8023028

As expected of hag (25)

>> No.8023100

>Thin Lizzy
Good taste Troopas

>> No.8023280

is it only me or are the songs a bit loud?

>> No.8023297

i think that's intended

>> No.8023300

this stream its intended I think

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>> No.8023923

Eurofrens why did Kwappi forsake us

>> No.8023967

Maybe she wanted to stream at a time where she could actually interact with her streaming group?

>> No.8024010

ehh yokoomeshi..

>> No.8024195

I actually like the Yokomeshi people. Even though I don't watch all of them, they're not bad

>> No.8024380

I still think Koopa doesn't belong there but it's not up to me to decide

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>> No.8024481

it's 2:30 but i endure for my oshi

>> No.8024500

We need to get Koopa a better a/c!

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>> No.8024699

Koopa has died, rate the stream

>> No.8024785

the best things don't last long/10
it was a great stream, should've added born to be wild earlier. i hope koopa does better in the fall and winter when there's no heat

>> No.8024802

Thank you all for coming! Sorry about the early ending. I'm gonna rest some!

I hope y'all have a great evening!

>> No.8024804

tuned in late but pretty good/10

>> No.8024828

Stay cool, Kwappi

>> No.8024829

i hate to say it but for me it was kinda meh/10

>> No.8024859

Go for a swim Kooper! And the new loading screen is wanna impregnate /10

>> No.8025387

Maybe we should get her an AC/DC

>> No.8025459

You sly fuck

>> No.8025958

Wtf, same

>> No.8026022

fake koopa

>> No.8026647

Please understand, Koopa was southern fried today

>> No.8030533

Guess we're in for another period of slower threads getting pushed off of the board in no time flat for the foreseeable future

>> No.8030858

kneel to your overlords indie

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>> No.8031383

Ah yes, the 5 fundamental cosmic forces
>Chaos and Order (or nature vs society, whatever)
>Space and Time

>> No.8031896

We can really blame the discord for that...

>> No.8035065

Is the discord actually the reason these threads slowed down so much? That's really depressing if so.

>> No.8035222

discords tend to be general killers
i think kamiko kana's general manages to be active out of sheer hornyposting but that's about it

>> No.8035501

Life's good.

>> No.8036018

>All that talk early on about the possibility of Koopa leaving 4chan behind one day
>It was actually the Troopas who ended up leaving
A sad fate for these threads

>> No.8038871

Why is she so baby crazy

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