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Will any chuuba ever play it?

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More pls

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Prune played it but she deleted all her VODs for some reason

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I play dorf fort religiously with OGtileset and I can't get into factorio. It's like another kind of autism.

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Too much crack for one chuuba.

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Marine played it but not on stream.

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Marine did. According to her she got up to white science but stopped because it was getting too complicated for her. I want to see the sphaghet she made.

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>2 hours to make this
Seems about right...

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>white science
pretty good. It would take a bit of time to get there with automation.

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Isn't this the tutorial stage?

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>she got to cum jar science pack
thank you very much
also excuse me for moving goalposts but i do hope that either a Hololive or Nijisanji member plays it at least

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Shiet you right, i'm literally playing it rn and made that dumb mistake.

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I believe venus angelic play strategic games

and fubuki also play rts games in her old nico nico account

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damn this snow mod makes the game look so comfy

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