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Now That's Something You Don't See Every Day Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

Not a lot to summarize! As expected, Sunday was a quiet day with not a lot worth discussing, though the streams were alright. Vei played a bit more Zomboid and seems to love the game. Snuffy played more FF9. And... that's all that happened today! For the future we got Mel's schedule which doesn't have any major surprises, but it does have an upcoming collab with Lumi on it. Also Vei will be collabing with OTV's Scarra and Haruka in Apex tomorrow!

That's it. For more general information check the previous thread's OP, and look forward to the schedules that are likely to be coming to us very soon. Until then keep the thread comfy by ignoring all that tasty tasty bait, and being excellent to each other..

VShojo is:
Nyan- https://www.twitch.tv/nyanners
Silver - https://www.twitch.tv/silvervale
Froot - https://www.twitch.tv/apricot
Mouse - https://www.twitch.tv/ironmouse
Zen - https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya
Mel - https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody
Hime - https://www.twitch.tv/hajime
Vei - https://www.twitch.tv/veibae

Previous thread: >>7971942

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Fucking lol someone else did a gameaddict69 fanart. https://twitter.com/BasketLewd/status/1427084623104811009 "Defending the name of his Oshi, the titan of the Science Team, the Art Daddy himself will put the PAIN in painting, watch yourself on his streets. @gameaddict69 Rides for his Oshi "

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Anyway schedule time. Have this super cute fanart of Snuffy. She put a moogle pom pom on her head while streaming FF9 earlier if you missed it and it's cute as fuck. Anyway, currently live:

Bao - Hanging out after making some big announcements. She's still not very VSJ+ but there's not many other people on and she's cool and like Haruka's bestie. https://www.twitch.tv/hikarustation
Nyan - Surprise karaoke stream. She doesn't want huge crowds that going live on Twitch would attract so finding it is up to you.

and since it's late as fuck, tomorrow's schedule:

Nyan - Unknown, but unless something comes up she's a regular on Mondays so expect her.
Mel - Schedule says Twitch at 6 pm. Probably a hangout day but the schedule offers no additional details so who knows.
Vei - Assuming she doesn't just forget to do it or something she said she plans on streaming tomorrow. Zomboid, then Apex to warm up, followed by a raid into Scarra's channel for an Apex collab with him and Haruka.

Mouse is regularly off on Mondays. Froot and Hime are unknowns. Zen's on break and will hopefully be back sometime this week. Silver's on vacation.

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>Nyan - Surprise karaoke stream. She doesn't want huge crowds that going live on Twitch would attract so finding it is up to you.
She also said this isn't a secret or stealth stream, so sharing the link isn't out of bounds:


Like you said, tho, she just doesn't want 7-9k people watching her sing terribly while she practices singing songs.

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Nyan's rendition of Sorairo Days is pretty solid. Great pairing with the upcoming Mouse and Mori Libera me from Hell

Really I just wanted to avoid putting it in the same post as the schedule.

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That last one was fire
Thanks anonymous hero from the last thread

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Nyan says she feels like she's recovering some of her lung strength after getting COVID last year. So that's nice to hear.

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Manga readalong stream coming up apparently.

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Goddamn that was a solid attempt at the DnD ending theme.

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Nyan just called Vei a fucking slut lmao.

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I cannot listen to How Bad Can I Be? thanks to Mousey pointing out that the original villain song for the Onceler was even better and got cut because of "reasons":


As usual, executive meddling ruins a better story for the sake of not being too "dark".

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>all those references to things /vt/ have been bitching about
oh god, she's here isn't she?

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It feels like it was crafted specifically around this post >>7975839 since it was made when Vei was watching videos while eating in-between Zomboid sessions.

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>vei egosearching
just... why?

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Please don't be as delusional as the rest of /vt/

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I hope you're not vei, because this is a stupid way to throw off unwanted attention

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All hope for you is lost

>> No.7993243

How long did you spend in front of the mirror practicing that line?

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Sounds like Nyan wants to play Lawnmower Sim tomorrow. Pretend that's on the schedule. >>7991479

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Nyan is once again talking about how much it bothers her that she's hated by people. Her anxiety over this is through the roof. She doesn't understand that she should stop trying to appease them because they won't ever be sated. Fuck 'em, Nyan. Just ignore them and do what you want to do.

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Why would you even post that here?

>> No.7993941

Definitely. But it probably also doesn't need to be said aloud in case any shitters wander into the thread.

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Lol, good to know its working

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She does that. But she is still a pure soul. Even with all the shit shes done.

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I like how she's having basically this entire conversation with only the top half of her head visible.

>> No.7994181

Its her discord thingy or "secret" youtube?

>> No.7994191

Youtube. Link is at the very end of the last thread.

>> No.7994196

Nvm I'm retarded
Thanks for answering though

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I'm curious who else works in VShojo. We only know Mowtendoo and Gunrun and that one guy whose name I already forgot, but she just mentioned "the staff lady" and unless that's Mel or something then there's at least 1 person we don't know.

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Zen said numerous times there is other stuff behind the scenes, like managers, technicians etc.

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>nyan can't eat bacon
that may be the saddest thing she's ever said.

>> No.7994362

>tfw Nyan calls you a piggy and says she's going to make you into turkey bacon and eat you

>> No.7994375

...something is not right here

>> No.7994408

Slap her.

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lol Nyan talking about maybe taking Wednesday off because she's so hyped for Jerma's stream and doesn't want to miss it.

>> No.7994499

Pink cat is Muslim!?

>> No.7994507

she literally can't eat it, it makes her sick apparently.

>> No.7994509

I love how Nyan is fangirl'ing Jerma, it is really cute. Too bad she cant be open about it because of shipfags and collab begging retards.

>> No.7994569

Allergic to pork or nitrite?

>> No.7994600

Nyan just dropped some knowledge on Lucine as a character. Pic is related.

>> No.7994604

Better than being allergic to paper like Nemu

>> No.7994633

also gay

>> No.7994647

>nyans says having a girlfriend would be cool and its part of her "ideal life"

oh my god. this is unbelievable. im in shock.

>> No.7994678

so gay

>> No.7994698

Is it too late to start HRT now?

>> No.7994744

No need
"Strap-ons are S-tier" -Nyanners 2021

>> No.7994781

To bad real life is not ideal. People often pick their lovers because they are good enough, not because they are ideal.

>> No.7994811

I want more melancholy nyan art.

>> No.7994841

Mouse just appeared

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Is Nyan's liver healthy?
She seems to drink a lot of alcohol

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>sweaty honking

>> No.7994934

Surprisingly, yes. She cant drink alcohol(but does it anyway) so she gets drunk in 1-2 shots, with less hangover and liver damage.

>> No.7994942

The pic Nyan was just looking at the tags for but didn't show.

>> No.7994956

I doubt that's the one.

>> No.7994958

Mouse herself comissioned that one

>> No.7994980

Just finding out how much of a boomer Nyan is as she goes through this folder of funny images. Some of these are like a fucking decade old or older. There's a youtube video of "I has a bucket" from goddamn 2006

>> No.7995108

Much to the surprise of Zoomers, theres boomers who have enjoyed their hobbies for years.

>> No.7995143

I need to stop watching Nyan. My heart will break at this point.

>> No.7995214

You're being gaslit into feeling sorry for her, truth is is that she doesn't give a shit, if she did she would have stopped streaming/fucked off the internet ages ago

>> No.7995218

She's made so much poo poo pee pee jokes she's literally become a toilet for people to shit on her

>> No.7995226

If it’s not this, aversion to the fatty bits on meat isn’t terribly uncommon. I don’t eat bacon anymore either for this reason. Doesn’t make me sick but is very unappetizing. I can only eat it if I burn the hell out of it.

>> No.7995311

Nyanners admitting she's into trashy "romance" novels

>> No.7995335

she's a female, so that's not really a surprise.

>> No.7995342

Do you think we care lol? That's her fault

If Nyanners dies tomorrow nothing changes, I'm not a holobrony and don't have any obsessive attachments to vtuber streamers

>> No.7995404

>You're being "gaslit"
>because a performer is anxious about her audience

watching zoomers mouth off with literally zero life experience outside of social media is so bizarre.

>> No.7995429

more than boomers who think they know how internet personas work?

>> No.7995431

When Vtuber dies, will there be a funeral stream?

>> No.7995448

Yes, it is called graduation.

>> No.7995496

orders of magnitude

>> No.7995503

and that ends that. fun surprise stream. try not to respond to too much bait now that a thread is up overnight.

>> No.7995558

I want this song to play at Nyanners' funeral

Maybe put in a bit of a Crab rave as well

>> No.7995599

>> No.7995819

Watching pseudo-intellectual boomers "mouth off" with zero internet experience outside of dinosaur media is so bizarre.

>> No.7995859

Do you think Jerma will evet get a vtuber model?

>> No.7995910

So you're not objecting to the guy saying you have zero life experience? Way to own it. At least you got dem tiktaks.

>> No.7996121

I have more life experience than you, a diaper wearing old man eating jell-o in a nursing home who forget 99% of his life experiences thanks to alzheimers

>> No.7996341

She will never get over it unless she address it. If she is bothered by /vt/ so much, just record some kind of statement/apology/announcement/whatever. People are mostly mad because she does not address things.

>> No.7996406

if nyanners were honest she would have apologized already, but she isn't, so she won't, because her parents weren't honest, so they didn't teach her
Never ceases to amaze me how many newfags think shes just a poor girl with confidence issues

>> No.7996436

I hope Nyan will forever stay an antichrist of /vt/

>> No.7996458


>> No.7996530

She should apologize to weebs instead of 4chan really. I knew someone who used to support and draw art for Nyanners but after seeing Nyanners (on Discord) have so much contempt for anyone who made her loli art to the point she changed her model, he quickly became an anti. No respect, no appreciation for support.

>> No.7996612

You sound like a Twitter tranny.

>> No.7996631

No, I meant like more personal. Like ama arcadum does or recorded message. She doesnt have to, of course, just thought it could diffuse some obvious frustrations this place have with her.
Though, there are many thoughtless antis that just hate her for the sake of it or because they got used to it. Like >>7996406 .

>> No.7996634

She is a weeb. I don't get what the big deal about the model change is either. Everyone else from VShojo that has been vtubing since before VShojo launched has changed their model too at some point. As have countless indies. It's a pretty regular thing to do.

>> No.7996670

Never apologize on the internet.

>> No.7996685

She literally used an unironic, most definite loli model in Silvers birthday two days ago. She retweets and supports some sfw loli art.
She just hate being called a loli and has a flat chest complex. Its not surprising she acts cold to her nsfw loli fanart.

>> No.7996686

>comments are cancer
as expected, maybe instead of sperging out back then she could have just walked away, changed her identity and be in the position of a top vtuber like a certain shark
The fact that she still has the same identity to this day tells me everything about her ego

>> No.7996703

You just know shes reading this thread right now

>> No.7996779

>Though, there are many thoughtless antis that just hate her for the sake of it or because they got used to it. Like >>7996406 (You) # .
feel free to tell me why I'm wrong you whiteknight nigger

>> No.7996800

I seriously doubt it, it's like 2am for her
Blows my mind how many people think every vtuber comes here
Someone seemed convinced Vei was here earlier when it was 6am her time

>> No.7996862

Nah, most vshojos do not read this board. Only Snuffy I think.
Part of why I am posting in this general and not in pmg because some of the stuff I say is really mean and I dont want girls to see it.

>> No.7996874

Vei actually pays someone on british fiverr to browse this thread for her
t.vei's fiverr assistant

>> No.7996891

you're retarded if you think they arnt here, snuffy, vei, nyanners and mouse and silver have directly mentioned posts from this thread

>> No.7996935

not to mention that vei snuffy and nyanners have posted here

>> No.7997012

They confirmed this?

>> No.7997062

You sure you're not just delusional? There's a lot of that going about /vt/ and it's not like this is the only place that people go to talk the same shit

>> No.7997074

You mean on /vt/ or ITT? Because the only VTuber I've seen posting here is Vienna, who admitted to seek validation from /vt/ for some reason

>> No.7997145

Most of it is delusional or wishful thinking though. Or confused with posts made on other board.
They do not browse /vt/ as much at least. For example, when Nyan model leaked here she didn't react at all, however when it leaked in pmg 3 days later she went all sad in her discord and even commented about it later on stream.
Vei, Nyanners, Mouse referred to /vt/ a couple of times, yes. And because of that I am convinced they do not visit this thread at all. They paint this board as a hellhole and hololive containment board, which is true, however they did not talk about any positives or about how Nijisanji close to being just as dominant. Most of their view are outdated, too.
Only confirmed /vt/ard is Snuffy who did at least two post reviews on stream. And even then she said site is too confusing and shitmade meaning she doesnt live here.

>> No.7997161

Any chance one of the vshojos doing a prime watchalong thing of eva? I want dyarikku to do it but she's pretty much strictly art sadly.

>> No.7997173

> however they did not talk about any positives
jesus the cope

>> No.7997189

Watchalong original evangelion with nyan sounds comfy but too good to be true.

>> No.7997199

>contempt for anyone who made her loli art
She literally retweets loli art of herself all the time and shows it in her fanart showcase on stream. You're making shit up and you're not fooling anyone who actually watches her.

>> No.7997226

Pretty much this. I don't understand /vt/'s obsession with "she's totally /here/!" idea. /vt/ is a containment board for a reason.

>> No.7997329

Hey I'm not the anti, I don't watch Nyanners so I don't know. Maybe link some of them here so I could send it to them

>> No.7997349

>And even then she said site is too confusing and shitmade meaning she doesnt live here
Weird. Snuffy seems like she probably grew up on 4chan.

>> No.7997406

It was knowyourmeme website and deviantart, mostly.
You can tell.

>> No.7997514

Don't bother sending anything to anyone, but if her old model counts as a loli then so do many of the art pieces she retweets. 2 weeks ago she used this for her schedule:
If anything that looks even younger than her old model.

>> No.7997532

Her old model isnt loli.

>> No.7997651

I mean as a lolifag I do agree that her old model is not a loli, but isn't the whole hypocrite shitposting based on people saying her old model looks like a loli?

>> No.7997721

so the Bao announcement was just a new costume??? What a fucking nothingburger huh

>> No.7997730

Let me guess. You think toddlers are adults?

>> No.7997748

you expected something else than a publicity stunt from her?

>> No.7997756

>if I pretend and say it's not a loli then it must be so
hey, works for the arabs

>> No.7997761

I find it equally as funny that there are people here who are like "oh no, we're too badass and edgy for any vtubers to even lurk here"

>> No.7997772

Not *just* a new costume.

>> No.7997775

I can only get erect from lolis and Nyan gives me a rock boner. So yeah, she's a confirmed loli

>> No.7997847

Yes. Apparently short and flatchested means loli.
She is not a traditional Japanese term loli. She does not look like 12 or below. Lily is a loli.
Loli does not just mean underage.

>> No.7997909

>badass and edgy
More like a gathering of autistic no-lifers, and no amount of cope will change it.
Only VTubers who actually post here are indie attentionwhores who do think they are too badass and edgy for Reddit

>> No.7997940

more like do not fucking matter to visit here
This thread is barely 100 anons, maybe. This board couldn't even do 1k dislikes on Mori Gigguk video.
There is no point to visit 4chan because it is a dead site, a husk of it former self.

>> No.7997977

>She does not look like 12 or below
but she does, anon. Just look at her old model and tell me this doesn't look like a 11 year old anime character. Especially winter one.

>> No.7998020

Imagine using that excuse in court. "Your honor she's not a 5 year old she's actually 500. I saved her from the ice cream truck."

>> No.7998032

Other lolifags ruined loli. God damn I hate those lolifags.

>> No.7998038

yet we still got 2 of them to change their models. you underestimate the power this board has

>> No.7998099

Nyan was born in 4chan, she knows Anonymous' validation is worthless and how to hide her powerlevel if she is lurking.

>> No.7998130

considering through her time here she craved validation the most I'm not sure about that statement

>> No.7998145

Only people who actually touch the stove truly know it's hot.

>> No.7998160

She looks like Kanata or Osaka. She obviously was inspired by them.
They are teenage btw.
>being in court for fapping on drawings

>> No.7998175

god i love nyanners take me back to the gray haired girl era

>> No.7998194

Now thats a Lucine one-liner.

>> No.7998366

if you say so Nyanners.

>> No.7998401

>>being in court for fapping on drawings
happened more than once sadly

>> No.7998447

New outfit and subathon ext weekend, ditching school and going full time, range of merch and 2 full albums. Also her ass is still fat and she's taking a couple of weeks off in sept to record/move house. That was all her announcements I think. More than a nothing burger imo

>> No.7998449

never happens again thankfully, we now have protection agencies that prevent that from happening

>> No.7998482

>Fictional child pornography and erotica are protected as artwork under freedom of expression, unless it is considered obscene

>> No.7998487

Who's we? Illegal in multiple countries now.

>> No.7998505

Snuffy is a brony so of course she grew up on 4chan.

>> No.7998572

>unless it is considered obscene
here's your loophole to send you to jail fag

>> No.7998595

>not obscene
ogey rrat good luck in court

>> No.7998616

Everyone who's part of the Interpol

Affirmative defense is a thing retard, bypasses all of that
That's why we can enjoy all the Nyanner lewds all we like

>> No.7998619

>Ditching school
That seems like a poor move

>> No.7998679

>> No.7998685

Generally, yeah. Not sure if she's taking a year out or quitting entirely or even failing. Didn't hear her elaborate if she did.

>> No.7999337

To be fair most vtubers seem to be dropouts and failures at life. Maybe she has got what it takes

>> No.7999706

Is ditching Uni the same as ditching school?

>> No.7999907

I think so

>> No.8000159

Education systems - especially in the US and the UK - are notorious for proving to be near-inconsequential to the success of any individuals attending for the 'lessons'.
The one effective benefit of the modern system is solely in being host to physical locations wherein connections to be made.
With a near-all-digital future for education; it's values drop off the face of the earth.
Rags to riches success stories don't happen anymore and likely never will again.
You're more likely to find success in being an online personality with reach across the world than anything practical right now, so unless you have semblance of charm/charisma or your family's in business already - you'll be constantly fucked forever and always from here on.

>> No.8000235

You're insane if you think an apology of any kind will do anything except rile people up and make things worse. Do you see the nutjobs on this board? There's nothing she can do to win them over, best to leave well enough alone, and hopefully some day she can deal with the fact that some people are just never gonna like her.

Based on how mousey is received she could also try to get a life threatening illness that might make /vt/ like her more

>> No.8000250

Not to mention, it was medical school. I imagine it had to be very difficult trying to keep that and a more and more successful streaming career going. She just decided to stick to what she loved doing more, it seems

>> No.8000380

>Medical school
What a retard, she's nowhere near popular or entertaining enough to have a consistent source of income from streaming.
Bao the prostitute in 2-3 years, mark my words

>> No.8000450

I disagree, I think she had a good chance to do well. She's solidly entertaining, gets along well with lots of other content creators vtuber and non-vtuber, and her model is great.

She can always go back to school if it doesn't go well anyways, don't be such a doomer.

>> No.8000616

Like what he said, why does it have to be this board? Majority of her antis aren't even from this board, it's from outside of this place. I don't think she did anything bad to 4chan, but I think some of her former fans must be really butthurt about her. Even if she doesn't get approval here, the she could do is bury the hatchet like many others who apologised for doing the same thing. It looks like she barely cares about it anyway, she can ignore it but it will keep biting her back in the ass, over and over again, for sure.
I remember back when people said the anti posting about her will die down, but boy were they proven wrong.

>> No.8000746

I mean, before she took off nyanners was just doing crappy possibly temp office Jobs, maybe doing uncredited background character acting gigs.
Being a hooker isn't the first way to go.

>> No.8000803

The only reason why it doesn't die down is because every single troll post, vshojo cross-posting, and antiloli posts are always attributed to Nyanner's fuck ups. She has become the symbol of hatred in this board. Need someone you can easily hate? There's Nyanners. It doesn't matter what they hate her for, she's the punching bag.

>> No.8000815

I still don't get what she should apologize for, and apologizing to people who dislike you on the internet just in the hopes that they'll stop is retarded and doesn't work

>> No.8000822

And who's fault is that?

>> No.8000838

Honestly there is nothing she can do to appease the antis, even becoming a hero won't be good enough.
Ignoring them is literally the only real option.

>> No.8000853

Who is fault?
Couldn't tell you, never heard of him

>> No.8000859

Where did you take your BAR? Hawaii? If you think this has any effect on local and federal level rulings when it comes to drawn cp then god help you.

>> No.8000891

>Majority of her antis aren't even from this board
To be honest I don't seek out her antis so I only see them here, where are her antis if not here or just overflow from here? I rarely see Nyanners hate out in the wild.

I still stand by the point though that an apology will rile up more hate than it gets rid of. No apology will ever be enough, if she apologized for a specific thing like you say she should then everyone else who wants an apology will go apeshit. The hatchet is unburiable without digging up 5 more hatchets along the way.

And anyways any 'ex-fan' who is still mad at her in 2021 about some stupid shit from years ago is the one who needs to get their shit together, not nyan.

>> No.8000959

Nyanners. Who do you think started it all? She's become the punching bag mascot now.

We've been ignoring them for so long, it's actually becoming a lot worse. Not that I care though. If that's what she wants then so be it.

I'm pretty sure there are lots she can do. There have been plenty of ones out there who went on some stupid tirade, but they've now deleted and even apologised for it. (Juni, Kimispice, etc.) And all the anti posting about them have pretty much stopped.

>> No.8000993

Have you taken the BAR anon?
I recently ran into some trouble with the law after keeping 5 fully grown deer in my apartment for a couple weeks.
I thought they might be relatives of my wife who were looking for her, and was planning on making a 2,000 mile cross-country trip to the great land of Canada with them, but I didn't get that far.
Could really use some legal counsel right now.

>> No.8001093

If Nyan's gonna apologize, I want other VShojo girls to confess their sins too. When will Froot publicly announce that she cucked her husband and scammed people? Where will Zen post his dickpics? Mouse whoring herself in nightclubs? Silver riding a BBC? Hime...

>> No.8001127

Never apologize to the internet.

>> No.8001159

>it's actually becoming a lot worse
I don't think it's gotten worse, it's either the same or lessened. I think the Kiara collab actually calmed people down because it happened and the world didn't end and Nyanners didn't fulfill the 'western whore' role they expected her to.

Again, I don't think an apology will help, the roots run too deep, and there's like a bajillion schizo things people think she has to apologise for.

>> No.8001166

tell me what state you're in so I could probably say that I'm not legally allowed to practice or give legal advice in it.

>> No.8001239

are there any gunpla enthusiasts in the western Vtuber community? Been looking for a while.

>> No.8001284

I can see that she has a lot of antis on Discord, Facebook and Twitter. But they aren't really as vocal as the ones here posting here though. They just paint her in a negative light, no threats of wanting to kill Nyanners like what we see here. I can clearly see they are salty but they just follow what someone thinks about her, not what Nyanners actually did. Just like here, but smaller and scattered across different groups.

Hey I'm just trying to help, and from what I've seen, apologies have done a lot of help to some people. And having half the haters is better than having double. I don't think she needs to be completely upfront about it, but I think she comes off as standoffish rather than someone humble, to the people who don't watch her. I don't think the Kiara collab changed anything, people who hate her still do, and the collab is pretty much ignored these days.

>> No.8001350

Lmao only retards would believe Nyanners apologizing would be better
just let her be our punching bag, it's better that way

>> No.8001441

ogey retard, why don't u suck nyanners dick as well faggot

shes designed to be shat on and we're doing our part

>> No.8001475

I personally think Nyanners is one of the best girls in Vshojo. Always enjoyed what she puts out.

>> No.8001523

Char from Tsunderia

>> No.8001580

Sorry, Anon, but you can't like Nyanners here, go back

>> No.8001587

idolfags are cancer.

>> No.8001649

Does anyone else also not shower for days at time to be more immersed in Vei streams?

>> No.8001664

Yet the company these "idolfags" supporting is mogging every single competitor, how can it be...

>> No.8001693


>> No.8001703

Because of the fact that none of the states have legalized having a virtual caribou for a wife, I actually now am a sovereign citizen.
It's a tough life, but love triumphs over all

>> No.8001704

I saw a lot of shitters come out of the woodwork around the collab but apart from that it's rare for me to see proper Nyan hate outside of /vt/ or communities tied to /vt/. The idea of people on facebook being shitters is hilarious though.

while we disagree on the apology side of things I appreciate you not going spastic like people usually do in these discussions

in a regular /vsh+/ thread nyan gets the best reception out of all the girls, the convo is just in a certain divisive direction right now

>> No.8001830

Go to their general and continue mogging us then.

>> No.8001916

>Melody having a collap with Lumi on Wednesday
Yes, time for cute and comfy

>> No.8002241

Comfy shall never return to any Vshojo thread, be sure of that.

>> No.8002279

It will on Wednesday

>> No.8002285

Looks like froot is fighting the brain goblins recently, she needs to grab Haruka or something and have a tipsy stream together

>> No.8002347

>fighting the brain goblins
>solution is alcohol
This is not healthy.

>> No.8002409

yes it is you straight edge motherfucker

>> No.8002455

true, she should eat some edibles instead.

>> No.8002482

Silver and her motherly attitude is the way

Oh and her mother can help as well

>> No.8002714

Froot is a complete lightweight though, a half pint shandy is enough to knock her out

>> No.8002722

Holy Shit https://twitter.com/RottenApple1030/status/1427132621180444675?s=19

>> No.8002838

B-But /vt/ told me no one likes Vei after she said mean things about muh cover corp.

>> No.8002856

>Majority of her antis aren't even from this board
That's wrong, the VAST majority of her antis are from here. Look at the users hating her on twitter, you will almost always find heavy use of 4chanspeak or even a direct link to this place.

>> No.8003141

how are these two things related retard?

>> No.8003142

Take your meds

>> No.8003145


>> No.8003149

>Snuffy grew up so broke that, if she found five dollars, her mom would swindle her out of it
I'm happy for her success and I wish her well.

>> No.8003176


>> No.8003244

I will always love loli snuffy

>> No.8003248

>grew up in the lower middle class family with both parents
the world is upside down and retarded

>> No.8003282

Looks like she had a rough night after stream

>> No.8003301

are you gatekeeping being poor?

>> No.8003310

Just saying that people outside of this place don't care about a bad take she posted 6 years ago. Twitter has enough villains that are still posting bad takes right now. Only the autists here are still mad that their girl betrayed them.

>> No.8003484

anon is saying that this isn't poor which it isn't. Not that I would expect new age city faggots to know what being a poor family actually means.

>> No.8003589

She is jew to?

>> No.8003803

I knew a girl that lives in 3 floors house with her parents that have "only" 2 cars and she went to a nice school and she considered herself poor. So yes a bit of gatekeeping wouldn't hurt.

>> No.8003812

Pink cat is actually christian cat. She has given shoutouts to sister abigail a few times.

>> No.8003886

I still think about how cute it was when she talked about how she likes 'This Little Light of Mine'

>> No.8004039

the only ppl talkin bout gatekeeping being poor are the middle class who aren't actually poor

>> No.8004058

God i wanted to fuck nyanners so bad streaming as Rem before on twitch.

>> No.8004239

Reminder that if you are posting on the internet, you are not poor

>> No.8004413

But what if I'm black?

>> No.8004468

>step 1: get dirt cheap phone
>step 2: go to some place with free wifi
it's that easy
plus alternatively just go to the library and use their computers for easy access to the web

>> No.8004553

>Implying wifi and public libraries infrastructure
Not poor

>> No.8004574

get off the welfare check and go work in the mine or something

>> No.8004662

I fucking love Vei's zomboid streams and I really want to see her character make it back to the trailer park.

>> No.8006250

I guess that's why she's nostalgic for psx games, when other kids had the PS2 (or 3?) Her parents were buying the bargain basement psx games

>> No.8006337

Cancer cells mog normal cells too.

>> No.8006962

>rapidly grow and multiply
>spread throughout and endanger the body
>refuse to elaborate
CancerChads rise up

>> No.8007030

she had all those consoles anon. I hate this new Snuffy was poor narrative.

>> No.8007912

Snuffy was not only poor, but she had to turn tricks to acquire the funding to start her vtubing career.

>> No.8008186

>you're at the end of your lifespan you're supposed to self destruct!

>> No.8008547


Glad to see at least one functional adult in vshojo

>> No.8009551

Did you know her?

I did. She lived in the dumpster behind the Krystal where my mom worked.

>> No.8010114

holy shit this bitch lived in a dumpster??? While most of her raccoon brothers have to camp it outdoors in the cold hoping for some trash scraps. What an entitled bitch.

>> No.8010284

Yknow despite not being participate religious myself there is something nicely grounded about the Christian cat thing.

>> No.8010303

Poor person, raccoon rich.

>> No.8010726

There is no war in Ba Sing Se

>> No.8010792

Which Vshojo hates the gays?

>> No.8010812

Melody hates pride month now

>> No.8010894

Good that it fell through. Trevor Project are grifters.

>> No.8010992

She is now my favorite.

>> No.8011105

It was very cathartic to see someone who used to suck pride month dick do a 180 after talking with a friend and start ranting about how its just a way for corporations to virtue signal

>> No.8011130

Froot going to stream today? I can't imagine she'll actually do a face reveal but that's what it says https://twitter.com/LichVtuber/status/1427293272985194503

>> No.8011224

>melody hates attention whoring month

>> No.8011238

She probably hates the two faced commercial aspect of it

>> No.8011298

Damage control

>> No.8011414

FOr a moment I thought that could actually be it lol. Not the damage control thing but that she could've gotten Gunrun a Froot cosplay and have him appear in her place. But I'd imagine even a janky Froot cosplay would take some time to put together and the BBC thing was so recent it's probably unrealistic.

From what I've heard Froot was / is a cosplayer herself so it's possible she actually could do a face reveal in the same style as Lumi. Pretty sure the background in >>8011130 is the same wall behind Gunrun in the BBC thing though so it's probably a joke.

>> No.8011548

Silver's also a cosplayer and I'd love to see her cosplay herself and stream that way at least once. I'm pretty sure there's long-deleted pics out there of her cosplaying herself that would be against the rules to post now but she's gotten updates to her model since then so that would be interesting to see. Nyan's also done cosplay but probably wouldn't be interested in herself and I'm sure Mouse would love to but it's not realistic for her to do so.

>> No.8011569

Good catch on the background. I'm convinced it's a joke now. Maybe Gunrun will be on her stream

>> No.8011672

It's a meme. A scuffed rigged picture of GunRun with Froots hair. I think she showed the dnd group and Arcadum before the latest session and it's pretty obvious given their reactions.

>> No.8011770

God, that would be especially cursed and uncanny valley

>> No.8011826

Expect it too look like the Baka Mitai meme.

>> No.8011866


>> No.8011901

>I'm glad he's okay with it
lmao I'm fucking ready

>> No.8011925

They're all gay, so...

>> No.8011933

I support it conceptually, but I do hate all the corporate stuff and plastic rainbow crap that places churn out

>> No.8011936

Totally went in one ear and out the other for me, so I didn't remember

>> No.8012014

If they do a charity event, I want them to support a charity that actually does stuff to help people or animals or something, unlike whatever the Trevor Project is.
Like Mousey's anniversary with the Immunodeficiency Foundation

>> No.8012097

When will Gunrun reach the same meme status as Yagoo

>> No.8012979

I hope and pray that at least one person on this board is retarded enough to think it's her actual face and makes a thread about it.

>> No.8013310


>> No.8013871

Vei stream canceled because she's feeling sick. Hey remember during yesterday's stream where she said she might have eaten chicken that wasn't properly cooked. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

>> No.8013962

She also downed a glass of vodka

>> No.8013987

'as she learned nothin from kay?

>> No.8013996

True but this sickness is from a fever + constant shitting. Sounds like she may have given herself a minor case of food poisoning.

>> No.8014024

when did she do that?

>> No.8014212

Yes, the chicken, surely. Not the copious amounts of vodka she has been receiving intravenously.

>> No.8014292

Does vodka give you horrible diarrhea?

>> No.8014317

Next up is Nyanners doing cheesecake eating ASMR

>> No.8014358

It could

>> No.8014391

Man, I want some cheesecake, but 1400 calories a slice doesn't bode too well for my body.

>> No.8014444

Frequent alcohol usage gives you the shits:


>> No.8014628

How many girls in northern England can there be who dresses like this

>> No.8014689


>> No.8014719

Damn I was just about to post this too. Look how fucking pale her hand is goddamn. And if anyone's curious these aren't rule breaking because she just posted it on Twitter herself https://twitter.com/LichVtuber/status/1427321470758293513

>> No.8014761

so the old pics of her were posted by someone else?

>> No.8014837

Better question is, how many girls in northern England who dresses like this will be assaulted until the summer ends?

>> No.8014843

>how fucking pale her hand is
Didn't notice it until you pointed it out, and now I think I'm gonna cum

>> No.8014880

More than you'd expect. Goth/Metal culture is pretty established in the mids+norf. Most of the UK's notable bands came from that direction.

>> No.8014942

Sure her hand is pale but it's also a black and white picture, how much of the paleness is her and how much is the photo

>> No.8014966

>a black and white picture
Anon, look closer

>> No.8014998

Yeah, theres a weird outline around her that looks more natural in terms of colour. Though, is she actually going to go outside in this outfit?
I don't think she ever goes grocery shopping.

>> No.8015039

More of a 00s hipster look than a metal look. Not that /vt/ would know the difference.

>> No.8015149

Of course she's going out, can't you see the hat?

>> No.8015199


>> No.8015206

i cant tell if theres a filter or if her room really is just that black and white. that being said, nothing in this picture surprises me. its all pretty much what i imagined.

>> No.8015211

You do know this photo is in greyscale black and white, right? She’s literally just an average white bitch with britbong teeth.

>> No.8015231

>people literally just hand her money for talking about random shit, singing terribly, watching videos and playing games
>can still visit 4chan anytime she wants
Yeah, let us know how following "The Rules" like they're carved into your chest is treating you ten years down the road.

>> No.8015246

Zoom in. The room is in b&w, but she is not

>> No.8015295

Thanks for posting this, was a cozy 1am stream

>> No.8015355

Not deliberately, but I have noticed that I enjoy her streams more if I happened to have not showered in a few days and only wear a big zip up jacket and panties.

>> No.8015370

Is this a reference to the notable child grooming case?
She's probably too old for them, though maybe she should avoid taking taxis by herself in the early hours.

>> No.8015400

Look closer around the edge of her body. Hat and legs in particular. It's a filter that detects the subject, and greyscales everything that's not the subject.

>> No.8015418

NTA, and I don't know what case you're referring to in particular, but the perpetrator happen to be an 'asian' man?

>> No.8015444

Which means she probably realized how pale she looked contrasted with the colored objects in her room and used greyscale to reduce the effect.

>> No.8015463

2006 called, they want their edge back.

>> No.8015544

true, but it doesnt exactly look like its that colourful in the first place.

>> No.8015557

Anon, you do realize that outside of a few genuine schizos, the only reason people pick on Nyanners and Nyanners fans is because they're an easy target? Most people here hadn't even heard of her until a year ago. Just ignore it.

>> No.8015575

wow, nyanners really seems like a confident person with no self-esteem issues at all and is clearly unaffected by mild criticisms

>> No.8015650

I never said she was confident.

>> No.8015716

Stop reviving a 6 hour old conversation just because you woke up and scrolled the thread

>> No.8015803

This isnt discord

>> No.8015840

It's not like there are any streams to watch right now and the new Vshojo Highlights reel doesn't go live until 3 PM EST.

>> No.8015875

>new Vshojo Highlights reel
I feel like they never do a good job of showing what actually makes the girls likable, or even really their funniest moments

>> No.8015885

Keep the thread interesting then.

>> No.8015903

NTA but Nyanners' fault really

Makes me glad I'm not a Nyanners fan and mostly watch Vei
I don't have to worry about them

>> No.8015904


>> No.8015916

Someone made a thread. aha.

>> No.8016093

id rape her with her consent

>> No.8016372

Looks like Nyanners is finally going to touch grass.

>> No.8016600

She really did take off Wednesday for that Jerma stream.
Sasuga, pink cat

>> No.8016664

shes an adorable lich even with RTX on.

>> No.8016666

Ok seriously what's with all these simulator games

Is this a plan by governments around the world to flood the market with simulator games so young kids can early on decide what they want to do with their adult life?

>> No.8016688

How do people even know that Jerma is doing something special on wednesday? He never posts on twitter and doesn't use the twitch schedule feature. Is he posting announcements in his discord or something like that?

>> No.8016694

she deleted/tried to hide them therefore they violate the rules.

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