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I love you (You)

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Does anybody here actually watch

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I love Rushia!

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[Terrifying News] Mori is now gamer fueled.

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>I move so fast, you won't even see me!

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This thread's pretty based

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I like Fu-tan

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Me too!

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Transistor songs would actually fit IRyS

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I want Calliope Mori of hololive English to be my girlfriend.

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[your oshi] is pretty cute

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I love you too Mori!

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Jesus christ

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Karriope rabu

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Mori..........Heretical Grinder................................

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my cute wife in her cute idol outfit!

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will we finally see 6%?

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I was out for the weekend, what did i miss?

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What time is Reine's outfit stream?

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Ollie love!

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I love my Mori!

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L-love you too, Mori.

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Gura was cute and tired but mostly cute

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Holy shit that sex voice

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Oh no... she's a fujo...

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7 hours from now

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yeb hehehehe

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did you really take that pause just for that, Moririn?

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eat the tako

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Risu schedule please

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Mori being this cute is making me kind of uncomfortable...

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I'm not actually a chumbud, I just post Oh Nyooos. Anything happened to Ina?

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Who mentioned bayblade?

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Mori will always love me more than she loves you, Deadbeats.

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I love Ina!

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Ina was cute and comfy but mostly cute

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>Short hair
Que puto asco

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>2 seconds apart

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Wait that boss didn't actually have very much health
She was just playing like THE COWARD - MONEY MORI

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>Gura 2 days into Ame's vacation.

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She's already grown past you bench-kun. Now she talks to the faceless chatbox known as "Deadbeats"

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That's cultural appropriation.

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Do you know about gen2? I can't remember when that dropped.

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Ina having fun with W101 and got to Operation 8. Next stream of W101 will be the final one and then she'll move on to outer wilds

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Sex sex sex

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You're not the real Bench-kun you faker

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will hlgg be able to claim >>8000000
or have you all run out of stamina already

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She can talk to her whenever she wants on discord, you are the schizo who will probably off himself because he doesn't his daily dose of fake affection.

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Deez nuts

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Reminder to whoever, you probably want to make sure you've archived this members stream as it might become altered or privated later for reasons

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How long has Irys stream been going on now?

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I'll appropriate my dick into your asshole you fucking whore

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I'm doing excellent thanks for asking. Gura on the other hand.

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Irys still streaming? you guys are slacking with the updates

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2 years

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Oh yeah I forgot Ina confirmed the Nene collab today too

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Wait, Coco's coming back?

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Somewhere on the Cover Discord...

"H-hey, Gura?"
"What'sssss up Kawaii-ope *string of emoji*"
"Uh...yeah, hey listen, when you drink Monster did you notice...um...I'm not sure how to say this..."
"Just spit it out, no secrets between friends, right?"
"Heh yeah, you're right. Anyway, can you t-take a look at this and promise PROMISE you won't tell anyone?"
"You can trust me, pal! Okay give me a sec... Mori, did you really intend to send me a picture of you pissing? ...Mori?"
"Yeah I'm...I'm here. Listen, it just seemed like I'm doing it a lot and...oh God...I just wasn't sure if it was like, *normal* or so--"
"Hahaha you're such a nerd, what a goof. And yeah, it's caffeinated so you gotta go more often."
"Haha okay whew, I was worried. H-hey Gura?"
"...Could you send me a video like that...just to be sure?"

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>might become altered or privated later for reasons
what did she do this time

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Don't forget Iofi.

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I'm gonna use my stamina on you, brat

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Is that just a general precaution or do you have any reason to think it'll get privated?

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I knew this was going to be a definitive soundpost the second she said it

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She said the N word

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Called Umbreon a nigger, quite mean really

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yes but on a hush hush as EN2's manager

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I like how this thread became so much less gayer with teamates gone due to Ame's break. Guess we confirmed they were shitting the thread up with their gayposting.

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Just listened to the Gen 5 song, its so good what the fuck

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promised neverland looking ass

>> No.7993887

he's dead.........

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IRyS member stream going on now

>> No.7993891

Which one? There's a few now.

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*cums on you*

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Still here, still queer.

>> No.7993898

Teamates are either Teakos are Chummates and nobody but Mori is on so I can see why it's pretty dead

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>promised neverland looking ass
fucking hell that caught me off guard. my sides are in orbit

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Falseflagging is boring when teamates actually start being gay and it's not even hot.

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Mori's stream is pretty normal today, nothing too cringe (watching her cause nothing else on)

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Imagine not being a unitychad

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I miss her...

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I love holoEN!

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>beat a boss
>receive a new movement ability
>walk past all the obvious loot-filled areas you just unlocked

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IRyS what the fuck
how do you still have service

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I don't know who help you write this post, Festival, but stop injecting your horrible fetishes into our thread

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So who want to recap her member stream

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I'm sorry i'm not a gay teamate.

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This is the lull between NA hours and SEAmonkey hours, it's usually pretty dead.

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Fucking gura rn, want some proofs?

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I love this lolibaba

>> No.7993942

More like unityFAG.
I'll stick to my oshi and nobody else.

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Maybe the Zain who does Ina and Lamy will also do IRyS?

>> No.7993947

is Irys member ship worth it? or atleast noticeably special treatment like Ame's???

>> No.7993955

Towa is a _____

>> No.7993960

telephone services in asia are piss cheap and doesn't restrict you that much, they just stack you with unpaid penalties (still cheap)

>> No.7993962

Its still called hog tied, when it happens to a sheep right?

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Whatn happened now with the stars?

>> No.7993971

Your oshi supports /u/nity

>> No.7993972

fuck off homobegger, probably doesn't even give them money

>> No.7993974

Being a UNITYchad isn't about watching and enjoying all aspects of the every EN girl though. It's about liking who you like and accepting that the other girls are good additions even if you don't enjoy them personally.
Joseph is a good example. He's not even membered to Ina

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Oh thats a Zain I thought his oshi was Lamy.

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i genuinely can't

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>> No.7993988

I don't give a fuck.
Ame hate, gura hate, ina difference and Mori WHO(because I can never catch her live and don't care to anymore).

>> No.7993990

You said it but I still wasn't prepared

>> No.7993991

I love her!

>> No.7993992

She sucked me off while talking about some cartoon bullshit no one but her cares about or whatever.

>> No.7993996

They had a collab with low views so that might be it.

>> No.7994002

It brings a sparkle to my eye to see something I slapped together still floating around

>> No.7994005

He might be actually. Just assumed he was a Zain since he was the Polka summary anon too

>> No.7994008

who cares? They have more viewers than indies and yagoo treats them like kings

>> No.7994011

the 5%...

>> No.7994014

I love this crazy cat lady

>> No.7994018

Ah must of missed all his Polka ones, I should watch more Polka.

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Which jp holo would enjoy Mass Effect the most?

>> No.7994022

Is Beth's debut really gonna overlap with Anya's outfit reveal? Who the fuck planned this?

>> No.7994025

Hey /hlgg/ guess what. I ran out of meds yesterday and the effects are already starting to show. Haha

>> No.7994028

Wow they really did do the worst art for the ID girls huh

>> No.7994031

I don't see anything. Are you sure?

>> No.7994032

Mori sure is cute.
Too bad she plays such boring games

>> No.7994035

Hey Im just guessing what it could be.

>> No.7994037

Didn't Polka actually get suspended over that? She probably fucking hates IRyS now

>> No.7994044

my love

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>> No.7994051

Yeah. Polka had to do a naked dogeza to Sora and Yagoo. She only likes/mentions Irys just for show

>> No.7994052

My head hurts so much and I can't think straight. No /hlgg/ for me today I'm not good at all. I'm not ogey, no ogeyy.

>> No.7994054

>I don't know who help you write this post
I think I know who gave her a hand

>> No.7994056

remember that fishtank podcast?

>> No.7994057

t. ako

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>> No.7994059

thats good to hear since she got the coof

>> No.7994063

Wait, is there even anything else in the Assrape Chair room? Or is it just there to fuck with you and be a SotN reference?

>> No.7994064

You guys never let it go forgotten so of course

>> No.7994067

Did Sora have 1 month collab ban when she debuted

>> No.7994068

No thanks.
I fucking hate Mori and Kiara.
Ina is meh. Irys is meh.
Fuck off with your shit EN girls. Fuck unity.

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>> No.7994073

I'd rather she enjoy herself playing this than be an APEX or Minecraft bot.

>> No.7994074

Mori booba

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>> No.7994082

Imagine doing comparatively well in the vtuber scene, no 50k streams are not the norm, and fags can only pity you and beg for others to give you attention.

>> No.7994083

I love Gura more than anything!

>> No.7994085

>they dropped it because autists keep bothering them due to being it "hurr durrr its not called a podcast thoughhhh"
i will never forgive normies

>> No.7994087

I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, chummate

>> No.7994088

This is the enemy

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>> No.7994094

Yeah. She had a close call of collabing with Ankimo during her first Minecraft stream

>> No.7994095

>dorky workaholic wigger that can't learn the language of the country she's living in
>shut-in gacha addict hag still living with mommy and daddy
>ex-idol with daddy issues and chronic pain
>trailer trash ex-hobo with a literal hole in the head, living in the worst part of the planet, California
>autistic womanchild lucky enough to not kill herself out of her own retardation every day
They are made of pain, IRyS. What do you have to offer? how are you going to fit in?

>> No.7994097

Oh jeez

>> No.7994107

Gura was so cute tonight!

>> No.7994109

If you had sex with Mori, do you think she would say "Yatta!" once you cum?

>> No.7994110

this is literally the only type of poster I dislike

>> No.7994112

>> No.7994114

Mori please my brain suffered physical pain from that whole ordeal.

>> No.7994115

IRyS is horny

>> No.7994118

Wanted to clip it for myself beforehand, she had a slip as old habits die hard, I'm sure since it's paywalled it should be fine but with Cover even a 2 second slipup could cause a vod to be privated or edited, so that's why if anyone wants to preserve it in its unedited state they should archive it now before that happens.

>> No.7994119

>> No.7994121

damb this is kinda like the one game that gura played a while ago

>> No.7994122

If she didn't give me a big ups during our first time, I'd leave her in the morning.

>> No.7994124

Which homostars are fuckable femboys?

>> No.7994125

Watame shogun...

>> No.7994132


>> No.7994133


>> No.7994134

Yeah Fishtank is probably not happening anymore, especially if Ame manages to turn Ame in the A.M into a weekly thing.

>> No.7994138

ah the P- thing

>> No.7994139

I miss the days when I would watch Aqua play this game with the mod that put her model in game...

>> No.7994141

Ah the patreon thing. She stopped herself quick.

>> No.7994143


>> No.7994146

there's migo, and izuru (he'll call you racial slurs in japanese) then if you loosen up the term to include twinks you can fuck astel and temma

>> No.7994149

I don't know why people keep bringing this up when Ame already said it was, at most, only going to be one more thing with Ina (not Gura. Gura was never going to be back on it unless the stars aligned and Ina and Gura were both available at the same time).

>> No.7994150

there is your debuf

>> No.7994154

Moriam booba

>> No.7994155

No, that's just schizo voices in your head. Ame just didn't invite Ina to the show. My guess is schedule interference, and later Ame just got distracted by her multitude of other projects. Maybe it will happen in the future.

>> No.7994158

the entirety of suntempo

>> No.7994159

Don't hate the game, hate the player

>> No.7994160

Why are people calling Ina a hag now?

>> No.7994161


>> No.7994162


>> No.7994163

Is that the trap looking one? I don't really know them except the more popular ones that get talked about here.

>> No.7994165

Is mori using the worst shards on porpuse? Or did Chat recomended her the best ones and she did the opposit, as usual?

>> No.7994167

I'd like to have sex with a dog

>> No.7994168

>gets a MASSIVE spellcasting damage buff
>"wow look, the defense is a little higher!"
What a fucking female.

>> No.7994171

But she's cute

>> No.7994173


>> No.7994175


>> No.7994179

I want to fuck the cat

>> No.7994184

>> No.7994186

>be future deadbeat
>after months and months of hard work it's finally happened
>you have entered hololive as a male
>you can finally reach your oshi Mori Calliope
>you have sacrificed your life, your family, your savings and even your fellow fans
>all for the purpose of taking Mori's virginity
>you confess to her and, despite what should be logical, she doesn't reject you
>you hit it off really well
>as you develop your relationship together she acquires a taste for the Death Grips discography you've shared with her
>you are now flying to Japan to meet her
>despite being born a 6' blonde caucasian the multiple plastic surgeries allow you to camouflage as a particularly short native
>your reps are finally paying off as no one detects any kind of accent in your Japanese
>you smugly raise your fake glasses, the light reflected hiding the epicanthal folds made from the skin on your back
>you finally meet Mori in person
>after enduring a week of autism she is ready to mate with you
>your penis hasn't been properly recolored like the rest of your body but she doesn't notice because she has never seen one
>you finally manage to put your penis inside her after kissing through her Thomas mask
>she GUHs loudly, sighing something about how only Harold is allowed to go there
>many awkward poses later, you manage to reach climax, following the rhythm of the j-rap she had put on in the background at full volume
>you tell her you're about to cum
>she screams OH SHIT I'M FEELING IT
>you instinctively reply TAKYON
>after the short loss of consciousness a deep sense of regret over your wasted life washes over you as a new existential crisis rears its head
>seeing you remove the condom from your penis Mori screams I GOT BREAD
>the next morning she goes out to buy a pregnancy test

>> No.7994189


>> No.7994190

no he's the emo sadboi

>> No.7994193



>> No.7994195

Mama reaper didn't raise no bitch

>> No.7994197

is Aqua the most NTRable Holo?

>> No.7994203


>> No.7994204

Sak never misses.

>> No.7994205

Do you mean cucking her with another girl or her cucking me

>> No.7994206


>> No.7994207

Maybe not as much as Ame but she was noticeably more open about stuff, and did some fanservice like trying out ASMR and reading SCs in a sexy deep voice.

>> No.7994209


>> No.7994210

>>she screams OH SHIT I'M FEELING IT
>>you instinctively reply TAKYON
remember when death grips fags were the jojofags of music?

>> No.7994211


>> No.7994213

guess she heard you

>> No.7994214

Why is rikka streaming apex? Doesn't he know he has a spiral tones Collab in a few hours?

>> No.7994215

Towa sensei please teach me

>> No.7994216

Cutest dork

>> No.7994217

Oh I don't think I've seen this one since /jp/

>> No.7994219


>> No.7994220

Who NTR'd her?

>> No.7994224

You man Aqua NTRs some random guy unknowinglly? then yes.

>> No.7994230


>> No.7994233

okay sold. thank you anon.

>> No.7994234

all holos would look good in that
prove me wrong

>> No.7994235

We bullied them out last threads, they are all bark but no bite.

>> No.7994237

He's practicing with Temma and Izuru for the Apex scrims. They happen 2 hours after the Mori collab

>> No.7994238


>> No.7994239

I just looked him up and it was who I thought it was, I thought he was female when he was in his cat hood.

>> No.7994240

Why is mori streaming doesn't she have a spiral tones remix contest in a few hours?

>> No.7994241


>> No.7994243


>> No.7994245

>> No.7994246


>> No.7994247

She was de facto EN hag before Irys came around. she's as much of a hag as Marine anyway

>> No.7994248

I love how Roberu isn't even gender changed, hes just in a dress

>> No.7994251

>open twitch
>sort by vtuber tagged streams
>Tenma would literally be top 10 right now
>Rikka top 25 even
I think holostars are doing somewhat okay.

>> No.7994254

Never forget

>> No.7994255

cutest fennec

>> No.7994256

IRyS is the moe clumsy girl with glasses in SOL anime.

>> No.7994260

>she fucking copy pasted polka's morning greeting tweet

>> No.7994263


>> No.7994264

I love Holostars! They're growing well

>> No.7994266

Ame said a bunch of times that the third episode would be both Gura and Ina at the same time. Ame not continuing Fishtank is probably more a mix of it being too much work, and her self-doubt kicking in.

>> No.7994270

She outs her age on the regular. Just like IRyS, she had a Gameboy growing up.

>> No.7994273

Where is the checkbox for "Cute"?

>> No.7994275

I've really enjoyed this playthrough

>> No.7994280

>bring another girl over
>start the dick appointment
>loud slurp resonates in the house
>oh shit is your girlfriend here anon?
>don't worry about it
>aqua walks in
>ah don't worry about it babe this poor woman is unable to solve her sex homework on her own so i'm helping her out
>you can watch if you'd like to learn a bit more

>> No.7994282

My sharkwife called me cute again tonight

>> No.7994283

Towa please give stern handjob

>> No.7994285

Get in line

>> No.7994287

December is gonna be crazy, man

>> No.7994289

She had to move the BBQ but still wanted to spend time with the deadbeats.

>> No.7994291

More like everybody's just busy. It's like you guys hear Ame say "It's still happening and I even got stuff commissioned for it!" but then make up rrats saying it's a canned project less than an hour later.

>> No.7994294

I don't like Mori's Bloodstained playthrough because it's painfully obvious that she'd rather be playing Symphony of the Night instead, but Konami won't pick up the phone.

>> No.7994295

he's a "cutiepie otokonoko" at least thats what he says

>> No.7994296

This is me

>> No.7994297

how bout we go at the same time?

>> No.7994299

This is going into creeper territory m8

>> No.7994305


>> No.7994306

What a cutie

>> No.7994309

why is this library full of dragons, anyway

>> No.7994314

based and same

>> No.7994316

I'd prefer multiple Okayus over multiple anons.

>> No.7994318

It's happening. "Someday". The simple truth is that Ame got her pent up desire to be creative dealt with by doing reviews, 3d VR and now Ame in the AM instead.

>> No.7994322

Tatsunokos are intellectuals.

>> No.7994324

do you not know what dragons are?

>> No.7994325


>> No.7994326

>no vod for proof

>> No.7994327

>Hey Lois, remember that time I did a big yab on stream?

>> No.7994329

dragons are hoarders and these ones hoard knowledge

>> No.7994335

collab when?

>> No.7994336

The first two things arent really creative, and the last one will get dropped after she realizes trying to do it once a week is too much work.

>> No.7994340

>> No.7994350


>> No.7994351

>> No.7994352

>not posting the real one

>> No.7994354

Deadbeats will defend this.


>> No.7994355

>SUDDENLY a girl with an electric guitar
kek, what

>> No.7994356

>The first two things arent really creative,

>> No.7994357

Which CoD has best zombie mode?

>> No.7994360

>SEA hours
>"Nothing Ame does is creative"
It's so tiring.

>> No.7994361

>botan non stop laughing
>choco doing trash at one round, and doing godlike in another. no in-between
>subaru panicking the whole stream

>> No.7994363

I hope her new outfit is sex

>> No.7994364

I never saw anons here calling Ina a hag until fairly recently.
Which gameboy though, I had an SP and I'm 25.

>> No.7994369

mori's seen mad max 4, nice

>> No.7994371

how many more Ame mentions are we going to get out of Gura before she comes back? place your bets!

>> No.7994376

World at War will always hold a special place in my heart

>> No.7994378

Is this...

>> No.7994382

It is weird how Polka is a big fan of EN but has only done two of em and one was shared with Nene.

>> No.7994384

Black ops 3 with zombie chronicles easily

>> No.7994385

Ogey so you never actually wanted to argue in earnest and is just a small dick SEAniggo. Got it.

>> No.7994389

fair enough
it is the most fun

>> No.7994390

Mori should grind until she gets the guitar girl's shard. I bet it's fucking cool.

>> No.7994392

Why did cover nerf Gura by making her play the switch version?

>> No.7994393

Black ops

>> No.7994394

Are you sure about that?

>> No.7994396

Parasocial? Parasocial!

>> No.7994400

When will Aruran have a Murano glass making stream?

>> No.7994401


>> No.7994403

short hair Reine is already pretty sex to me

>> No.7994404

Reviews are not creative, not only that you would be the first one calling Ame creative for it. No one ever called Rushi, Korone or Reine creative for it. There is nothing creative for playing VR games.

Ame asacoco it is a show of her creative skills.

>> No.7994409

Bloodstained might've been underwhelming to a lot but Miram's booba was definitely not

>> No.7994410

i cant fucking believe that we're gonna get EN2 before donda drops

>> No.7994413

I hope I die before I see another fucking Family Guy / Hololive edit or joke

>> No.7994414

Why does she look like a child?

>> No.7994416

I'm with you there

>> No.7994418

You talk like a gossiping housewife

>> No.7994429

>I never saw anons here calling Ina a hag until fairly recently.
Ina still has her mom buy her snackies so she doesn't give off that mommy vibe that Irys does.

>> No.7994432

its a shame she lost the transformation shard after the reload

>> No.7994433

>sound doko?

>> No.7994434

Now that's a classic one.

>> No.7994440

Just give up and forget about it. When it actually comes out it'll be a nice surprise.

>> No.7994441

no way........

>> No.7994442

Holy fuck

>> No.7994445

Polka love!
Anniversary area!

>> No.7994449

What did Polka do? Her anniversary?

>> No.7994450

I'm gonna get flak for this, but the Holostars really need more lewd art

>> No.7994454

The second episode of Ame fish tank don't start to after Ina finish her art contract

>> No.7994460

It's been like a month since she said that though, and with all her other projects I just expect Fishtank to get silently dropped. I'm not mad about it though, Ame is allowed to do as she pleases, and they could always collab on something else.

>> No.7994461

We can just call it "cool shit" or something -- not-regular content. Either way, even when she isn't working on projects outside of her regular content (like during the first few months of this year), she's looking to flex those muscles in some way to keep things fun. Goofy OBS shit (I am not singling her out as a pioneer or anything for that) or actual projects like the morning show are an outlet of sorts in this regard.

>> No.7994463

I just wholly believe that Ina's been busy with Holoprojects.
>Drops official Flare and Noel merch
>Draws a "secret illustration we'll get to see next month" back in July
>Drops Violet
>Goes on break for a week
>As Ina arrives, Ame prepares to go on break
>Has to be on the weekend but can't be on Sunday so that just leaves Saturday
>Saturday is backlogged with a bunch of other girls so it takes a while to set anything up unless Ina takes a vacation day (that she doesn't have since she admitted to using them all up immediately for collabs asap)
Will probably happen in September since with EN2 arriving, Ina's going to be busy again then too.

>> No.7994467


>> No.7994468

What the fuck is a doko I don't speak jap I'm not on /jp/ anymore Japanese is useless

>> No.7994471

That was fucking clutch Moririn

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