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First for Ayamefriend

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needs Ayamefriend in this

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You hate Ayamefriend, you hate Unity. It's quite literally that simple.

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*cums on you*

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>these are Ayanefriend antis

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There doesn't really need to be a holo en 2. Do you think we can get a petition going to stop cover from debuting them? Even Mori doesn't want them.

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I love Ina!

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Ayamefriend waiting room

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What did Pochi mean when she gave Reine her shota hunting outfit?

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>eceleb OC.
off topic garbage

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>Gura liked this on Twitter

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Ollie love!

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Reveal yourself Ayamefriend.

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What did she mean by this?

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*cums inside your dickhole*

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Live in less than one hour

>Fubuki Shin-chan

Live in three hours

>Lamy Minecraft

Live in four hours

>Hololive EN Council

Live in five hours

>Miko Boku no Natsuyasumi 4
>Botan Kokkuri san

Live in six hours

>Matsuri Minecraft
>IRyS Minecraft

Live in seven hours

>Mori Bloodstained

Live in fifteen hours

>Shion's 3D live!

Live in sixeteen hours

>Miko's stream reservation
>Shion's ???
>Lamy talking
>Hololive ID cover!
>Aruran's Knockout city with outside vtubers

Live in seventeen hours

>Mori Idol Manager

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H-Hot I should shitpost more often

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Calli's gonna ruin her shoe's like that

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Somebody was busy shitposting i see. Good job anon!

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i missed the ID reveals today, how good were they?

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Everybody else is wearing their alt outfits but what is Gura wearing? She only has one outfit.

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Matsuri is great and loves the Matsurisu

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thinkin thoughts

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thanks furea

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There's still 30 minutes or so of dead hours left until you can finally be let free from the shackles of these trying times and enjoy the cutest catfox in Hololive as she potentially puts this Shin-chan game to rest.
Do you know what you can do in 30 minutes? Listen to these two incredible covers that Polka put out today due to today being her anniversary. You can choose to listen to the Gen5 unity cover of STAND UP! which was the New Game! OP or you can submit to Polka and get lost in one of the greatest and deepest original Hololive song to date aptly named Po. Or you could listen to them at the same exact time on loop and melt your brain, just go do your reps already.
Let's ぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽぽ

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cry me a fucking river then

>> No.8020879

reine sex
anya rigger
ollie wife

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Pochi got horny during hers >>8020719

>> No.8020892

Quit shitposting and post some fucking birds.

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How was Irys' member stream? Worth going back to?

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Based discord keeping the timeloop going

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which Holo would like Slay the Spire?

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Literally pochi soft self doxx

>> No.8020908

Reine: SEX
Anya: Cute but the rigger botched it
Ollie: Cute and a little unexpected coming from the zoombie

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I love Ina too!

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Popopo is actually ridiculously good song.
Only unfortunate thing is how ugli Polka is drawn, so it won't catch on with people that much, even though the animation is great.

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do you like hearing about pokeymans

>> No.8020918

Yes if you're into anime or like IRyS.

>> No.8020920

Quite a lot of them i bet. The problem is getting them to play it

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I'm in love with Amelia Watson!

>> No.8020927

I hope Amelia is enjoying her break!

>> No.8020930

So Mori is going to get fucked by Dominique, right?

>> No.8020933

wait a minute... Ame wanted to play the Halo beta...
she ask for 10 days off to play the beta because she can't stream it

>> No.8020936

no, i am

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ok rat

>> No.8020943

oh i got birds
i got birds for days

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I don't use glasses but ok!

>> No.8020953

No flights going on right now

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>Gura is the biggest vtuber
>Her rigger is, by association, regarded as one of the best by the corporations
>they ask cover to make a gen full of girls rigged by him
yeah i'm posting again, this thought gave me anxiety 2

>> No.8020957 [SPOILER] 

>implying pic related wont do that

>> No.8020959

[Terrible News] Kiara is being cute

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>> No.8020965

Can't believe how poorly I'm coping with her being gone for a while!

>> No.8020967

*cums on myself*

>> No.8020970

The tech preview ended like last week right? I don't think they have one going on right now.

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Here is my personal rrat:

Ookami Mio, used to be a huge cocksucking slut. I know it may be shocking to Hag enjoyers, but the way she drink the super sour tea in the Russian roulette(with super sour tea) collab with Subaru, Fubuki and Okayu is a sign that she is not uncomfortable drinking CUM. If she can drink that super sour tea, that means she has no problem drinking CUM! Thats right! Semen. She probably was/is a huge cocksucking slut! How do i know? Remember when she drinked that super sour tea? Without fliching? Now imagine if the tea was CUM. She probably still wouldnt flinch because she is used to it. And likes it! That means that she probably likes to drink the CUM right from the penis. How do i know she probably like CUM? she can drink sour drink CUM! Thats right, CUM! She probably likes CUM and penises since she drank the super sea stoup. Like, it was CUM! How do i know it was suoler tea cum? Well since she drank the super rea tea i can be sure to drink CUM? How di o ckow she drank it? Like it was sour CUM and she drank it. Yeah.

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I love Rushia!

>> No.8020982

The worthless sack of shit can barely work on one, you really think he'll be able to do 5 (6 counting Anya)? Nice joke.

>> No.8020988

go back

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Good idea, I think it's gen 5 relay time

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any holo ever played your favorite game?

>> No.8021007

She's on topic, newfag

>> No.8021010

How does she keep getting away with this?

>> No.8021013

Hahahaha me too!

>> No.8021015

Ayamefriend is on EN2.

>> No.8021025

i like it. perfect amount of insanity.

>> No.8021026

Did she draw those hands? Or are those part of the chicken arsenal

>> No.8021027

Right here... Polkafriend?

>> No.8021028

*cums in your hand*

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>> No.8021031

Anon got a stroke

>> No.8021033

Dog, destroyer of NPC's.

>> No.8021035

how is this allowed wtf

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>> No.8021041

I think they should grope and kiss each other lots

>> No.8021042

ぽ > Unison

>> No.8021043

why isn't nene wearing a shirt?

>> No.8021044

I am unaware if any holos have played Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.

>> No.8021046

Gura is flirting with ame in discord right now....

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>> No.8021052

I think I’m developing a weird fetish from this

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>> No.8021055

I only know one thing: I want to FUCK Chaos.
I need to. It's not a hope or a dream. It's like a hunger. A thirst.

>> No.8021057

Have this short, but sweet giggle to help you cope.

>> No.8021060

KFP, explain this shit.
Why is she like this?

>> No.8021062

sure bro
nonstop sex with me

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>> No.8021068

She is so fucking cute, lord knows I love this woman!

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>> No.8021073

Gura loves my favorite series and plans on going back to replay the Vergil DLC

>> No.8021074

It's hot outside

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>> No.8021076

Fucking brat

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>> No.8021078

>Chat shows Okayu a tweet that shows how you see superchats with the bug
>Tweet was made by ks*n

>> No.8021079

Someone really needs to give Irys a tour of the EN server

>> No.8021080

I honestly love that you keep switching up the style, Ayamefriend. Oh and erm.. RIGHT HERE

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>> No.8021085

yeah, me

>> No.8021087

Polka's butt makes me horny.

>> No.8021088

>kiara's image is perfectly sharp
i don't think i need glasses

>> No.8021089

Tell me you are just shitposting

>> No.8021092

yea, him >>8021085

>> No.8021096

It's a turtleneck you blind nigger

>> No.8021098

Based and same

>> No.8021100

Fat Cat.

>> No.8021101

I hope so, would be funny to see the seethe

>> No.8021103

Right here Ayamefriend! So are you back for good now?

>> No.8021105

don't look at the spoiler if you want to be straight

>> No.8021106

literally check the stream ending and the tweet

>> No.8021107

Drink a third, shitbird

>> No.8021108

JWU and saw Anyas outfit and it's very cute and I want to squish her like a big teddy bear

>> No.8021111

Shit like this made my heart skip a beat... I'm I'm too deep and love this bird!

>> No.8021112

If she unironically is and ends her greetings with a "so friends, where we at?" i expect someone to make a big ol' list of fags who claimed ayamefriend wasnt on topic

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>> No.8021119

You had plenty of time to do it before your vacation Ame.

>> No.8021120

let's play a game
i list three random Holo songs (original or covers) and ask you to rank them

>Tsunomaki Watame - Ai-mai Chocolate
>Omaru Polka - Vampire
>GETCHA! / calliope × suisei

have fun

>> No.8021121

looks like she's wearing a scarf and got some big lopsided tiddies lmao

>> No.8021125

I looked; what happens now?

>> No.8021130

Here's your sex news

>> No.8021131

fucking kill yourself faggot

>> No.8021134

Ina played Destiny 2

>> No.8021135

god, i hope one of the en2s are here and does this just to fuck with us.

>> No.8021138

Your oshi called me "eroi" but "erai".

>> No.8021143

>Her rigger is, by association, regarded as one of the best by the corporations
Don't think that's how it works. Only some random fucks in Cover think their work is any good.
That said, I do have a sinking feeling someone in EN2 will be cursed by this rigger and I really hope its not someone I take a shine too. They should get rratmom some more work instead.

>> No.8021146

I love this sheep!

>> No.8021147

>> No.8021148

Currently halfway through it, it's been nothing but anime talk so far. Irys has watched a lot of stuff.
I'm honestly wondering if she'll keep her love for anime as her hololive career progresses. I used to be like her where I would watched like 20 anime every season but now that I have hololive I haven't watched a single show in like 1.5 years.

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>> No.8021155

Thanks, R.Ratman. Slow news day today, huh?

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>> No.8021159

Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.8021161

that ogey rrat was absurdly cute

>> No.8021165

For better or worse this place won’t be the same starting on Saturday. Most of (You) guys have been pretty alright though

>> No.8021166

thread eceleb OC is off topic as fuck
go back

>> No.8021169

Very cool

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>> No.8021181

Truly exquisite

>> No.8021182


>> No.8021183

Didn't Okayu play it?

>> No.8021187

It's great. I want to go on a date with her

>> No.8021188

If there is a homo EN audition i'm sending my resume straight away despite having literally 0 experience with streaming and computers in general simply to fuck with anons here

>> No.8021191

What's happening on sunday

>> No.8021194

This man always delivers.

>> No.8021195

Ayamefriend love!
Nude Version:
Pregnant Nude Version:

>> No.8021197

*cums on you*

>> No.8021200

hopefully she gets the chaosrrat

>> No.8021206

Go nuts.

>> No.8021207

Okayu is now my oshi

>> No.8021209

I used to be like that too but then there was a point where my internet got so bad I couldn't watch a single episode in decent quality. So I started to read manga and anime was never the same again....anime is too slow for my retarded brain

>> No.8021210

>> No.8021212

cute sheep. how much mogged posting was there during her stream?

>> No.8021214

Nice frill with your rrat

>> No.8021215

That Anya isn't wearing her Anya mask

>> No.8021217

N-nobody said anything is happening on Saturday.

>> No.8021219

Mr. Koro played Binding of Isaac. Sadly no one is going to play it ever again.

>> No.8021220

W-why do they have gills?

>> No.8021223

Reminds me of mamaloni's interview

>> No.8021227

Did I miss something? Why is the thread so bad if started not so long ago?

>> No.8021228

how new?

>> No.8021230


>> No.8021232

Not sure why rratmom only got the homos, Ame and one of Ayame's outfits.

>> No.8021233

God I want Ina to grope those titties

>> No.8021234

You will never be a janny. Ayamefriend is confirmed on topic by meidos. Now seethe.

>> No.8021235


>> No.8021237

I wanna do heinous cruel things to Luna

>> No.8021240

R. Ratman, you've done it again!

>> No.8021241

if it is so off topic why arent the jannies on your side then?

>> No.8021242

>> No.8021244

>eceleb OC
off topic garbage

>> No.8021247

Lemon shark Ame

>> No.8021249

>Ame is a sad shark poster
i am outraged

>> No.8021254

>> No.8021255

nice to see ya man

>> No.8021256

Pal are you ogey?

>> No.8021261

*cums in your anus*

>> No.8021263

>doing their job
how new?

>> No.8021264

Good fanart is already coming out

>> No.8021266


>> No.8021267

*cums in your mouth*

>> No.8021269

>Destiny 2
Based I still need to get back into it

>> No.8021273


>> No.8021278

now that the omen trailer is out is it confirmed that mamaloni is going to be an artist for EN2? or is that still a rrat

>> No.8021279

What are the chances all this shitflinging with seize when fubuki starts streaming? zero, that's what

>> No.8021280

This is true

>> No.8021284

Still cool?

>> No.8021285


>> No.8021286

Reine's is pure fucking sex, I love it.

>> No.8021289

>> No.8021290

Mamaloni's artstyle would be bad for live2d.

>> No.8021294

Right Here Polkafriend!

>> No.8021297

>Don't enter the thread this Saturday

>> No.8021299


>> No.8021302

*cums down your thr0at*

>> No.8021304

Knock it off.

>> No.8021306


>> No.8021307

i hope you seize. learn english.

>> No.8021309

It's called visible ribs anon

>> No.8021310

What are they chances we get names, dates, full designs and EN2 active on twitter tonight?

>> No.8021312

as ice

>> No.8021315

giving Reine a firm slap on the ass while her son is watching!

>> No.8021319

Any chance at being noticed by Pochi-sensei will drive most fanartists to Reine.

Plus the whole SEEEEX SEEEEEX outfit

>> No.8021320

Based Rratman hero of dead hours.

>> No.8021326


>> No.8021328

This pic and that one where Rushia has watermelons under her bikini are my favorites from her.

>> No.8021329

yeah yeah trying too hard dude

>> No.8021331

I want to knock Mel up

>> No.8021332

Reine was already hot as fuck but this is something else
it makes me almost uncomfortable

>> No.8021333

>> No.8021334

>is it confirmed that mamaloni is going to be an artist for EN2? or is that still a rrat

>> No.8021335

somewhere between 0 and 100

>> No.8021336

>> No.8021337

*rapes your ass*

>> No.8021341

How does that make you feel?

>> No.8021344


>> No.8021345

Next season starts a week from tomorrow, it and the next expansion will be revealed on the same day so shit is going to go down. Honestly game's in a decent spot right now

>> No.8021347

No offense to this guy and props for actually making art and shit, but I hate the way he draws faces

>> No.8021353

anya is so fucking tiny
god just imagine

>> No.8021354

You already correctly ranked them from best to worst

>> No.8021355

About Anya's rigging

>> No.8021366

>> No.8021368


>> No.8021369

Gura ruined my doughtnut, what the fuck

>> No.8021373

I can only image how much they get spammed

>> No.8021382

T-chan is going to martyr'd

>> No.8021383

I support Ayamefriend but this shit is just stupid. At least keep it to catboxes and save the image slots for something Hololive related.

>> No.8021385

Waiting patiently until someone mods this into a strategy game

>> No.8021387


>> No.8021391

I hate that we've gotten so far that you have to say this, worse that they think you're wrong.

>> No.8021392

>> No.8021394

You're right, listening to both at the exact same time does melt the brain

>> No.8021395

*cums on your hair*

>> No.8021396


>> No.8021399

I like this Anya face

>> No.8021404

For me it's not even that anime is too slow, it's that I'm such a filthy 誰でも大好き that every free moment I have I just go and watch stream archives or translated clips.
Why watch anime when I there's like 10+ archives that I missed during the day.

>> No.8021407

It's all so tiresome

>> No.8021408

T-chan is fired. S-chan appears on reddit to announce that the rigging is fine.

>> No.8021409

t-chan is esl?

>> No.8021411

Anya is legitimately far more expressive than before and that's a good thing.

>> No.8021414

EN2 is going to cause a few of the EN1s to stop streaming entirely. Gura and Ame definitely. Mori barely streams as is so nothing will change there.

>> No.8021415

It's a good kind of brain melt though, the kind you get addicted to after a while.

>> No.8021416

Sorry their bellies would clip into each other and I can't be bothered to rearrange the whole scene to make that not happen

>> No.8021418

now we only need confirmation that Damascus and the Uifag is dead then this will truly be a blessed thread

>> No.8021419

>> No.8021422

i want that map in that online browser risk-style game

>> No.8021423

who is this?

>> No.8021427

You don't fit in here discordfaggot. Now fucking kill yourself.

>> No.8021433


>> No.8021436


>> No.8021438

Monday is the longest week

>> No.8021444

very cool

>> No.8021445


>> No.8021448

>You don't fit in here discordfaggot. Now fucking kill yourself.

>> No.8021450

Forever and ever

>> No.8021451

>over 24 hours since Ame last streamed

I'm ngmi. I'm literally too depressed to vaguepost about upcoming hololive news, pretending to be someone that's HERE for easy (You)s. Like, I don't even have the energy to talk about how Green Hair's midriff is absolutely sex, or how Brown Hair's toenails are painted. It's just all so tiresome.

>> No.8021455

didn't Damascus simply move on to the Nijis?

>> No.8021456

Where the fuck does the lazy brainless shit even come from?

>> No.8021458


>> No.8021460

very cool

>> No.8021461

She is so fucking ugly holy SHIT what were they thinking?

>> No.8021462

I made it 10 minutes into Haachama's GachiEro archive before reaching for my cock.

>> No.8021469


>> No.8021472

I'm cum.

>> No.8021483

I see what you did there mysterious friend. Im still Right Here!

>> No.8021485

eggs going crazy / 10

>> No.8021486

Wonder how long it took for Haachama to reach for hers...

>> No.8021488

this but not because of what you said but because its actually the same 5 girls as EN 1 just with different L2D models

>> No.8021492

Why? how are the permissions for that game?

>> No.8021493

lead by example

>> No.8021494

Ayame sang today.

>> No.8021495

>> No.8021496

Obviously this guy doesn't have a ton of influence on the higher ups, but he should probably emphasize how much everyone hates shin's rigging, and try to convince them to axe her. It's only gonna get worse. I seriously don't see any upside to keeping her around.

>> No.8021498

Don't worry you'll find a new oshi with EN 2 drops

>> No.8021500

Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.8021505


>> No.8021508

? Gura and Ame have been part of Hololive for awhile anon.

>> No.8021510

Why do the comfiest holos get the lewdest outfits?

>> No.8021515

Surely the 35Pcord will talk about Fubuki's stream when she starts right? Since they claim to hate off-topic so much, right??

>> No.8021517


>> No.8021518

I can't believe cum posting is unironically saving /hlgg/

>> No.8021520

Reine was made for breeding even before this new outfit

>> No.8021521

Hololive wants you to breed hags

>> No.8021527

>the only way to fix gura and anya rigging is to fire the rigger and replace him
thats something that cover will never do

>> No.8021528

If it's 6ish AM for him then I guess so.

>> No.8021529

Pochi-mama... your ear reps...

>> No.8021533

>> No.8021535

The sexual tension between Koronesuki and Onigiriya in this thread is too high. They should follow their oshis' lead and just fuck already.

>> No.8021541

If Kiara antis are eggs, Ina antis are Ikas, Mori antis are deadbeats, and Gura antis are barracudas then what are IRyS and Ame antis called?

>> No.8021545

And that means they just won’t stream?

>> No.8021548

So hyped for all three birbs on the garlic phone this weekend.

>> No.8021549

>Discordniggers still seething.
Well, I must admit it's nice to know they're mad.

>> No.8021550

are the 35Pcordians in the room with us right now?

>> No.8021551

ii ne~
Now lift up your arms.

>> No.8021554

Okay, if you're gonna do this, then at least post some Koro feet

>> No.8021555

I'm confused. What's the specific issue with Anya's rig? Is it anything new or just the same subpar issues as always?

>> No.8021556

>Anya doesn't have the money and Gura doesn't have the backbone to hire a new rigger out of pocket

>> No.8021558

5 minutes until Fubuki! Listen to this for 5 minutes while you wait.

>> No.8021561

There is no Holo named Ayamefriend, they aren't a mama/papa, therefore its offtopic.

>> No.8021562

because Pochi really wants someone to marry and fuck her daughter, probably in any order as long as you do both

>> No.8021564 [SPOILER] 


>> No.8021567 [SPOILER] 

You don't know what that might create.

>> No.8021568

Gnomes for Ame, but schizo#1 is used more these days.

>> No.8021569

God I hate Mondays.

>> No.8021570

Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.8021572

is this fag even involved in the company in any capacity? or is he just a translator that started the reddit as a passion project?

>> No.8021573

I'm keeping her all to myself and there's nothing you can do about it

>> No.8021575

I love this adorable bird and I’m going to marry and start a family with her. And no, you are not me nor did you make this post.

>> No.8021580

I refuse. The bed is for sleeping; not degeneracy.

>> No.8021581


>> No.8021582

*cums in your mouth*

>> No.8021586

Despair and a healthy lifestyle, respectively

>> No.8021590

/hlgg/, why are you horny?

>> No.8021591

>the council continent is actually the ice caps

>> No.8021593

kiara please...

>> No.8021594

Her face looks like a mask strapped to her head

>> No.8021597


>> No.8021599

Do you see the koronesuki in this map >>8021385 ?
Literally me. Your fat cat will make these fake okayu voice porn files look like a joke anytime soon.

>> No.8021601

>> No.8021605

Alright I trust, I'll give it another go

>> No.8021606

Oh, I assume they could get perms easily if someone was interested. It's just that the game is a yab machine and a backseating nightmare.

>> No.8021609

Which of the five EN fanbases is going to jump ship the hardest to the new girls? Chumbuds are an easy answer but I think deadbeats are suspect, especially if we get a new deadpan autist.

>> No.8021613

what's better, polka's new song, or unison? they're both good but i wanted to know what other people think

>> No.8021616

berii kyuuto

>> No.8021617

No, I'm hungry right now. I need to go buy groceries.

>> No.8021618

Because I'm being squished up against Shion's flat chest.

>> No.8021627

They have a lot of suppressed lust for their mothers.

>> No.8021630

>Coco announce she will graduate
>everyone has the big sad boohoo
>Iofi announce she will graduate
>Hlgg doesnt even give a flying shit, probably doesnt even know who she is

Rip Iofi, the among us accident was not your fault, hope you can find a better place after you leave!

>> No.8021631

It's not my fault that my oshi became SEX this morning.

>> No.8021633

all me

>> No.8021634

>> No.8021636

This place really reminds of a twitch chat that can't help themselves but reply to the most obvious bait. The thread is about livestreamers after all so its not surprising thats theres a lot of overlap. Probably lots of underage posting as well

>> No.8021637

Thank you for your succinct report on Reine's outfit reveal!

>> No.8021639

Anyone who replies to this is a huge faggot.
t. huge faggot

>> No.8021643

there's no specific mistake like Gura's detached ear or chest hole
it's just really really bad, it distorts with every movement and is rigid as fuck

>> No.8021644

Holy shit!

>> No.8021645

what would be the best starting point in a strategy game?

>> No.8021648

Ya'll act like you never seen an avatarfag before
Jaws all on the floor like Ayamefriend, like Anon just burst in the door
And started whoopin' her ass worse than before
They first were divorced, throwin' her over furniture (Ahh)
It's the return of the, oh wait, no way, you're kidding
He didn't just say what I think he did, did he
And R.Ratman said, nothing you idiots
R.Ratman's dead, he's locked in my basement (ogey)

>> No.8021651

>how Green Hair's midriff is absolutely sex
Now that's something I can agree with!

>> No.8021653

god i wish that was me

>> No.8021657

Onigiryas are warriors, not faggots.
t. koronesuki

>> No.8021660

Fucker now I don't have a good cool response

>> No.8021662

Oh good god. I just saw static images from the right angle. Yeah, ever gonna be able to unsee that.

>> No.8021666


>> No.8021669

Unison might be the best Hololive song for me. Po is…

>> No.8021675

I want to have a romantic Encounter in the City (available on both Geek Jack and Booth) with Reine!

>> No.8021676

>Kanata's stream reservation in 13 hours

>> No.8021677

Right here Ayamefriend! How’s your day going?

>> No.8021678

Discordmates and Twittermates all jumped ship to Niji. I expect even more weak-willed "teamates" to leave. Btw I'm a huge faggot.

>> No.8021682

This is Ayamefriend.

>> No.8021683

I am ready and willing to masturbate to Korone just to get a point back.

>> No.8021687

koronesuki please let the other anons have images too...

>> No.8021688

>good thing hololive is nothing like vshojo sluts...!

>> No.8021689

>> No.8021694

It's a girl

>> No.8021697

i found this video i wanted to do it a soundpost but it was either too heavy or you couldn't even read the letters

>> No.8021698

You don't always have to use your oshi, you know

>> No.8021702

I was expecting CatDog

>> No.8021706

Graduation incoming.

>> No.8021707

This. I'm glad that the same thing happened to the JP girls, with each gen forcing half of the previous one to completely stop streaming. Like, could you imagine 50+ holos streaming on a regular basis?

>> No.8021708

i just noticed this but why did miko get lumped in with gen1 when the rest of gen0 are free floating?

>> No.8021711

I fucking wish.

>> No.8021712

Hey anyafags. How you holding up?

>> No.8021714


>> No.8021715

Kikireich let's fucking goooooooo

>> No.8021719


>> No.8021726

I like Hololive, so they can do literally anything and I will defend them.

>> No.8021729

>Look at thread
>Reine apparently got a new rigger for her 2nd outfit
what the fuck, did cover seriously think just because Anya is a low subbed Holo that hiring this rigger again after the Gura outrage no one would notice? God Cover is so dumb sometimes

>> No.8021731

>hlgg seething
So all I need is to say "Ayamefriend and trannies sneed?

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