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I love Ina!

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and I hate you, ritualposter!

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Please stop posting Sana. That includes Flare as well, thank you.

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Holy shit...
>Chaos is a Rrat

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IRyS is baby crazy today.

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Ogey, all new HoloEN girls have been rrat'd.
I wasn't sure whether or not to keep the collar for Baelz, so I uploaded both.
The hologey and screenshot game gifs have also been updated.
Cya around, /hlgg/.

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>breeding is what is on Iyrs' mind all day

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EN 2 will save /hlgg/

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Sex with IRyS and Sana.

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I love Roboco!

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no way twappers is 40kg even at her height. she looks way too healthy on her photos

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I love Ina too!

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EN1 happened an entire year ago, i cant get used to something that happens this infrequently

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Threadly sub-gap update

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Love my cun cun

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>Drawn by her doxbeat Papa

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So anyway, Im completely convinced that the Rat is orcschizo. It makes too much sense. Also Civ is going to be S*chi. Im basing this on absolutely nothing.

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why is IRyS breeding the villagerys?

>> No.8051041

this is really taking me back to right before EN debuted bros

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Minecraft autists, is it possible to build an iron farm inside phoenixton by making sure all the golems inside would spawn inside a kill box?
The town doesn't really need that much golems right?

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Fuck, these names are making coming up with TICK TOCK insults tough.

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You underestimate the weight of women anon, it's entirely possible, like if I recall correctly Noel is around 44-48kg

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I fucking hate zoomers

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unironically horny

>> No.8051053

Irys’ biological clock is ticking. pls understand.

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It's not as bad as EN1, they stood out too much

>> No.8051059

She's horny

>> No.8051060

I like her already

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> Lowest sub count
How much you want to bet Sana is like the annoying bits of Kiara turned to 11?

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Are their names ordered surname-forename again like EN1?

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I have no clue.

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>She's no longer the EN tiddy Empress

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Oh god

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Sorry bro, but she's allmine.

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What did she mean by this?

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shota sex slaves

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Balechads...I thought she was the Gura killer...

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also civilization brings order to natural chaos, and civilization is an owl, and owls eat rats, and owls are symbols of wisdom, and wisdom is one's greatest tool for dispelling rrats.

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can you post other holos info? I want to see Rushia

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Deadbeats, is your oshi ogey?

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Does time or brown have bigger tits? I can't tell

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IRyS is so comfy bros.

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God dammit I just got the Oh man/Oh deer joke

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I love Mori!

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I dunno, there isn't nearly enough people shitting themselves while doomposting but maybe it's way too early to say this

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Thought tiny kid merchants are cute.

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I feel oddly more pessimistic, and I didn't have much hope for EN1

>> No.8051119

Uh oh

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I knew I chose right when I invested in Civcoin

>> No.8051122

Towa’s doing her RFA reps, trying to put some mass on her stick figure frame!

>> No.8051123

The fuck is up with their wiki pages already being clogged with bullshit fanfiction

>> No.8051124

She hasn't gotten any in a while and is horny as fuck.

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Is the "i will rape amelia watson" anon still around?

>> No.8051127

I love Mori

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only time will tell

>> No.8051133

Just to keep the algorithm going while she's away.
Like Am frog, Am owl, etc

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Feetsex with Ceres.

>> No.8051140

Desperately wants a baby

>> No.8051148

>bread party
Ame not invited

>> No.8051149

I cringed at this post before it even happened

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Almost every Holo has had their last name come first, why would it change now?

>> No.8051153

Go Ame go

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>> No.8051156

IRyS....you can't just throw bread then leave...

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I can't believe pako is a vtuber mama now

>> No.8051163

Time and Civ will be the new TICK TOCK battlefield.

>> No.8051165

Fortunately it's false

>> No.8051166

You can write her name in 2 characters, you know?

>> No.8051167

This is the exact type of observational humor I'm worried about. It's super dated

>> No.8051168

Can you continue to just faceroll this game like Mori has been doing so far?

>> No.8051170

Towa is gonna do some exercise to make her ass bigger! Anon will be btfo!

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>its been two hours since Ame posted

>> No.8051173

I'm a little surprised she threw up a clip of herself not doing anything funny or silly, but just rambling in that way that teamates like to listen to

>> No.8051176

why does she have human feet and not hooves?

>> No.8051178

get banned
>oh man
get banned
get banned

>> No.8051179

quit spreading rumors

>> No.8051180

No vtuber can be a Gura killer she was the perfect storm. It'll never happen she's literally a one in one billionth.

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If this means Pako will regular draw more Holo fanart, it'll be worth it. Love Sana's design anyways.

>> No.8051187

brown does, but it is close.

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what the fuck

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Imagine IRyS trying to force herself on you so you breed her but she's still using her dorky voice trying to use flirty lines so you fuck her AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX

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>I want a baby in my tumtum

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What if Mumei was the 5ch dumpster diver?

>> No.8051201

I miss her

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>Even Sana's dad is a deadbeat

>> No.8051206

Baelz is literally kiara and ollie mixed

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thanks bro

>> No.8051212

my hearts a stereo

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She is ogey

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She still hasn’t done her Eigo reps.

>> No.8051219

IRyS lost 4k viewers so far in trying to make these villagers fuck

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>> No.8051225

Good lord my dick this is great

>> No.8051228

I assumed EN1 was a mistake by some Japanese manager that didn't know better.

>> No.8051231

Dumping industrial waste into the forest so Ceres will step on me as punishment!

>> No.8051233

I'm still going all in on chocolatecoin

>> No.8051234

jesas, what is this loading time

>> No.8051240

She's still my Empress though

>> No.8051241

Sana is made for having liquids poured on her thin white leotard to make it seethrough.

>> No.8051244

...is kakage ogey?

>> No.8051246

The new girls don't deserve my attention (yet).

>> No.8051247

So lads, waking up was a fat moment for me today. Who are you all excited for?

>> No.8051248

*holds her hand*

>> No.8051250

Yeah but it's par for the course this early on. Like EN1 was making boring surface level jokes at the start too.

>> No.8051251

Yes, just build it below the ground level & cover the top part of the zombie chamber with opaque block so the rest of the villagers can't see it. Much easier to bring the villagers to the summoning chambers too since boats can't jump.

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The power of the PS4

>> No.8051257

people are just going to say whats easier for them to pronounce

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>> No.8051259

[Good News] Mori is snacking

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>> No.8051263

What's her name again?

>> No.8051264

Anons I have come to a realization...for context I am the anon who pointed out multiple times that each Hololive gen that debuted with 5 members has had both a blonde and a white haired member...looking at EN2 it is clear that that streak has been broken
Sana - blonde or light pink
Fauna - green
Kronii - blue
Mumei - brown
Baelz - red
Now this neither good or bad news but it is a trend that has been broken. It was kinda fun randomly bringing this up over the last few months, but anyway, HYPE!!!!!!!!

>> No.8051267

is Gura going to be the lonely daisenpai?

>> No.8051270


>> No.8051271

The ultimate salt miner!

>> No.8051272

Baelz is either gonna be the most hyped or most letdown

>> No.8051273

What? Shut the fuck up retard

>> No.8051277


Fan artists. You know what to do.

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>> No.8051281

She kinda looks like summer musashi

>> No.8051283

The meme in pic aside, I keep staring at these models and I genuinely can’t believe EN2 is here. This all still feels fake and like it shouldn’t be happening

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>> No.8051297

>> No.8051301

IRyS really likes Minecraft doesn't she...

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>> No.8051309

i dont like their names

>> No.8051312

excited for Hakos to be a troon

>> No.8051315

She's autistic after all.

>> No.8051316

Ame and Mumei should hold hands

>> No.8051321

I want to lick Towa's sweaty body

>> No.8051322

I can just tell Mumei will be my favourite of the 5 just by seeing her design, I had the same premonition with Ina

>> No.8051323

ID is 4:2 surname first:given name first and some of the EN2s work better in Western order

>> No.8051329

Honestly? Mori seems like the kind of girl who would get a breast reduction.

>> No.8051330

Same reason Kiara makes Am Zoo views. For the algorithm.

>> No.8051331

no that's gay

>> No.8051332

What does giving bread to villagers do?

>> No.8051334

So what's IRyS doing in Phoenixton? She give up on mining for diamonds?

>> No.8051337

I bet you have a jimiko fetish.

>> No.8051340

What the fuck has Irys been doing for like the past hour

>> No.8051341

Sana looks so much better with a darker tone for her skin

>> No.8051342

>forgot pic

>> No.8051343

But this one looks like reine?

>> No.8051345

Well that's rude

>> No.8051346

>Learning their lessons

>> No.8051347

So when are they going to release the high definition art/promo stuff cause all the official pictures are low quality and grainy that it literally hurts my eyes to look at it...

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>> No.8051356

whoever is in charge of their names should commit sudoku

>> No.8051357

Yes, she is the Sora of EN

>> No.8051358


>> No.8051359

This is a RRAT FREE thread!

>> No.8051363

How do I pronounce Baelz?
am ESL

>> No.8051364

>Check debut times
>All centred around EU primetime

>> No.8051366

the fuck. is she a hobbit?

>> No.8051367


>> No.8051368

I want to protect this smile...

>> No.8051369

she’s doing a little breeding.

>> No.8051372


>> No.8051373

Hopefully they come up with easy nicknames

>> No.8051378

Ligma Baelz

>> No.8051379

So, I get the two who are barefoot and are apparently into feet going to be Gura's favorite kohai?

>> No.8051380

I'd say time, you gotta account to their waist sizes as well

>> No.8051382

It funny how this board can't decide if HoloCouncil designs are overdesigned or too simple, too generic or too different, and low-effort hackjobs or trying too hard.
Even in that thread directly comparing them to NijiEN, you got anons calling the other side boring gacha game designs and chink game rejects.
Really reminds you that no one knows what the fuck they're talking about and people here don't matter.

>> No.8051386

She’s like, 5’1”.

>> No.8051387

>Nanashi Mumei is supposed to be civilization
>has bird feathers
>not even something that's associated with industrialization like chickens or something

>> No.8051389

please post the original cosplay image in that soundpost

>> No.8051390

>None may escape the sands of time and, indeed, most men do not even wish to be freed from her captivity.
>She picked up the blades almost as a reflex action of sorts, and seems to be enjoying it. >Her quiet, aloof personality has never changed over the ages, but she has developed a little bit of haughtiness and sadistic tendencies along the way...

>> No.8051391

whos foot is this?

>> No.8051392

I made this post

>> No.8051393

like "bails" rhymes with "fails"

>> No.8051395

I think
Bailz like Beelzubub

>> No.8051397

Very Nice

>> No.8051398

Well we've only been telling her that we love that shit for almost a whole damn year, so it makes sense to me.

>> No.8051400

consider Ollie.

>> No.8051401

cannot resist her disgusting fujo instincts

>> No.8051402

Like Baelzebub, dummy.

>> No.8051404

Like "bales", you illiterate fucktard

>> No.8051411

Yeah, you got it. It's just balls.

>> No.8051413

>> No.8051414

or have easy names to begin with. Why is Cover so utterly incompetent?

>> No.8051416

This webm kills me every time.

>> No.8051419

I've got it.

>> No.8051421

She's an owl, wisdom and shit.

>> No.8051422

Stop anon, I can only get so hard

>> No.8051427

Uh, you just made me realize that if this idea goes anywhere near chat we might end up with some shit like Bae

>> No.8051430

>baels goes by bae instead

>> No.8051433

k cool

>> No.8051437

So big do you guys think the next spike is gonna be? are we ready for it?

>> No.8051439

Alright so what nonsensical fetish do you think each EN2 will end up associated with? Remember, the key is that it shouldn't be something you can reasonably predict from the design. Think like the Lamy transformation fetishists.
Soft Vore

>> No.8051440

She wants real ones

>> No.8051443

You guys think Owl will be able to take off her cloak/cape thing, the same way Ame does with her coat?

>> No.8051444

Holotori must continue anon. Now they have four members, perfect for collabs!

>> No.8051450


>> No.8051454

Irys, why do you have to make sipping water sound lewd too

>> No.8051455


>> No.8051458

3 can shitpost on twitter as much as they want before debut
2 are blocked for god knows how long

>> No.8051459

Man I picked the wrong week to get sucked into prey

>> No.8051460

Spine doko?

>> No.8051462


>> No.8051463

*W* and holy shit they all look super cute. Their designs might be better overrall than any previous gen.

>> No.8051465

IRyS is losing her mind

>> No.8051467

Notice how I said "Most". None of the EN2 girls have their names in western order.

>> No.8051468

>Those replies
Why are chumbuddies like this?

>> No.8051473

gawr karaoke

>> No.8051475

>2 of her close friends graduated within a year
>will never use her natural speaking voice again when streaming
You're not doing too great at protecting that smile kenzoku...

>> No.8051479

>Another takamori forced ship again
It's all so tiresome...

>> No.8051480

I'm guessing someone in the office got a little too excited with his chuuni fantasies and they just rolled with it.

>> No.8051482

So there were others that only saw beelzebub when reading her name

>> No.8051484

Owls, wisdom. Also matches the loneliness motif she's going for

>> No.8051485

Yep, only Sana and Nanashi are ok, what are we supposed to call the others?
Hakos, Chaos, Blaze, Balls?
Uro, Crone-E?

>> No.8051487

I'm gonna visit our brothers in /jp/

>> No.8051492

nigga you on crack

>> No.8051494

rhymes with feels

>> No.8051498

>bird gang l4d
Id watch it

>> No.8051501

Oh shit you're right

>> No.8051502


>> No.8051505

>through countless shitposts and chants, the rrat was given form, willed into the existence via the forces of chaos
What a time to be alive

>> No.8051507

I want to see sana step on gura's face

>> No.8051508 [SPOILER] 


>> No.8051512

God I can't wait for my time mistress

>> No.8051514

I want inside IRyS sex dungeon.

>> No.8051516

>Two of her close friends
Coco and who? It can’t be Sio, duo’s dumbass brought it upon herself.

>> No.8051521

I guess time is popular with the horny artists. I see a lot of her being posted.

>> No.8051522

That's the best part!

>> No.8051523


>> No.8051524

So the rat is going to be a zoomer like Ollie? Meh

>> No.8051525

Irys is making a love dungeon...

>> No.8051527

This is like watching pandas try to save their species.

>> No.8051529

kiara culo...

>> No.8051530


>> No.8051531

Ahh back off with this shit.

>> No.8051532

She has a lot of friends now. She's doing just fine.

>> No.8051534

She can be pretty stubborn but I don't how long trying to brute force everything will work...

>> No.8051536

please don't use my oshi to shitpost

>> No.8051537

Would you buy it?

>> No.8051539

Almost every*
I'm retarded and I reply without thinking.

>> No.8051544

>most of civilization lives in congregated cities
>is supposed to be lonely
I guess if they want to go for some artistic juxtaposition

>> No.8051545

goodness gracious

>> No.8051546

W-what is IRyS doing?

>> No.8051547

Probably. Doesn't look like her tits are as big as Ame's though but who knows.

>> No.8051548

Anon they looks like some niji rejects

>> No.8051549

Brown chick seems to be into all the other girls, since she was talking about marrying the mouse before, don't think its an official ship or anything.

>> No.8051551

It's a reference to this.

Pako works fast.

>> No.8051554

big bottom

>> No.8051556

>*Literal fucking retard headcanon*

Kill yourself you literal dumbass

>> No.8051560

Holy shit they went all in on the cunny

>> No.8051563

Is Nijisenpai gonna try and creep on them or does he know better than to aim too high?

>> No.8051566

Oh god what the fuck happened to her spine

>> No.8051567

oh shit

>> No.8051568

God it's been so long since a wave of debuts that IRyS and EN2 feel so foreign
I think I'll get used to it after some time though I'm already slowly starting to get used to IRyS after a month

>> No.8051569


>> No.8051570

So lame.

>> No.8051572

>Ceres: Dear
>Hakos: Rrat obviously
>Ouro: Copter
>Mumei: 74

>> No.8051574


>> No.8051578

I love Watame

>> No.8051579

>Open Twitter
How do I get rid of this?

>> No.8051581

Jesas IRyS is really into voyeurism

>> No.8051586


>> No.8051595

Astel no archive karaoke in around 7 mins. Don't miss it!

>> No.8051602

Right it feels weird to think that aside from IRyS it's been like 9 months since the last major debut wave

>> No.8051603

Yes I would buy Cover created H magazines if their talents

>> No.8051607


>> No.8051608


>> No.8051616

>Sana is getting the most lewd art so far

>> No.8051617

good, but this is hololive global

>> No.8051618

>went from 38 to 32

>> No.8051620

IRyS, you're starting to scare me..

>> No.8051621


>> No.8051622

>> No.8051625

Can you last longer than 40 seconds inside IRyS?

>> No.8051630

Jesus, literally nobody is watching Mori

>> No.8051631

How likely is it that IRyS watches porn?

>> No.8051632

Seriously though, what is the answer to the Rigger Question?

>> No.8051635

Cum countdown IRyS

>> No.8051641

Ame too!

>> No.8051644

IRyS is doing such subtle things to ruin her breeding chances. Just adding that way in from the outside lets other villagers claim the beds.

>> No.8051645


>> No.8051648

Thanks for the notice

>> No.8051650

From reading her lore it's more that she is separate from the other council members because she was the only not created by the Gods, and being an avatar she is inherently distant from other lifeforms.

>> No.8051656

Bae and Fauna
Kronii is fucking weird tho, I agree

>> No.8051657

>Tsukumo Sana
>As a side note, despite how she may look, she is quite chi... young.

>> No.8051661 [SPOILER] 

Personally I think having "bae" as part of her nickname would be pretty based

>> No.8051666

Damn, threads aren’t nearly as bad as I expected. Very excited for the new Holos!

>> No.8051667


>> No.8051671

I feel like Kronii is cute, am I the only one?

>> No.8051674

I use Adguard ad filters to just get rid of that shit. Super annoying. I think you can look it up how to do it.

>> No.8051676

Kroni is fine. Hell, call her 'Borous.

>> No.8051678


>> No.8051680

I'm gonna miss you EN1 guys...

>> No.8051682


>> No.8051683

Irys is one step away from masturbation machines.

>> No.8051684 [SPOILER] 

What should Danchou do in this situation?

>> No.8051687


>> No.8051689

>Civ wasn't created by the gods
>Ame isn't a myth

>> No.8051693

Mori... .... ....

>> No.8051694

Big sniff.

>> No.8051695


>> No.8051696

How was the Gawraoke?

>> No.8051698


>> No.8051699

She's being bad at a boss fight, what do you want from me?

>> No.8051700

Yeah before IRyS last debut was very early December and prior to that it was debut after debut throughout 2020
I think also the new format they're choosing to announce new talents plays into it as well. I don't mind it however

>> No.8051704

I wonder how IRyS would react to Pekora's villager factory

>> No.8051711

By her own admission it's basically a bridal outfit. You're gonna make an honest zoombie out of your oshi, aren't you, anons?

>> No.8051712

Live now

>Astel singing

Live in one hour

>Roberu Fuuraiki 4

Live in two hours

>Ollie superchat reading

Live in three hours

>Mio singing

Live in four hours

>Roboco, Astel Choco Apex scrims
>Kanata's stream reservation

Live in five hours

>Shion's 3D live!

Live in six hours

>Miko Minecraft
>Shion's ???
>Lamy talking
>Aruran Knockout City with outside vtubers

Live in seven hours

>Noel singing
>Hololive ID cover
>Mori Idol Manager

Live in nine hours

>Kiara Tales Of demo

>> No.8051713

Ganbatte, moririn...

>> No.8051717

Fuck my IP address is blocking the website. Thanks for telling me that though, anon. I want to browse Twitter normally without them taking my data thank you very much

>> No.8051721

Her knightly duties, obviously.

>> No.8051723

that question will answer itself soon enough

>> No.8051729

Please God no. The grey names and sheer amount of begging will be utterly suffocating.

>> No.8051730

It's tomorrow.

>> No.8051736

cute flare

>> No.8051740

Now the real question
Will Teamup include HoloEN2 with HoloEN1 or will they be split?

>> No.8051742


>> No.8051746

The shit is mostly in the split threads outside

>> No.8051747

>Chicken stream today
>Starts as soon as my shift does

>> No.8051751

The better question is can IRyS last 40 seconds of sex?

>> No.8051752


>> No.8051753


>> No.8051754

Gentlemen… BEHOLD!

>> No.8051764

Let her fuck up even more rigs until even normalfags have enough and complain en mass.

>> No.8051769

Are the rrats true? Is Baelz Orcschizo?

>> No.8051771

>craft a staff with massive physical damage and magic resist
>encounter a wizard boss
>"I know, I'll use magic on him!"

>> No.8051775

Of Haachama specifically? Nah she acts like a retarded 4 year old. Of the other talents? Fuck yes.

>> No.8051781

I'm gonna miss the comfy hours since EN2 is bound to bring a ton of newfags and it will be the start of /vt/ all over again

>> No.8051785

ngl i take this over one hour of idling at PPP...

>> No.8051791

Not gonna use the nigger slang for Baelz, sorry.

>> No.8051793

So fanbase names will be

>> No.8051796

Even reddit is already complaining en masse after Anya

>> No.8051797


>> No.8051801

This shit mus be like porn for IRyS right? this the most fujo shit i have a chuuba do

>> No.8051803


>> No.8051805

Wait is Mumei an owl? Doesn't Kiara have a thing for owls?

>> No.8051806


>> No.8051810

RIGGER HATE will never get more exposure than Gura's outfit, and normalfags quashed it.

>> No.8051812

Is she intentionally ruining her chances so she can watch more sex?

>> No.8051813

mori kicking a frogposter...

>> No.8051814

noels and flare did the fusion dance

>> No.8051818

PPP deez nutz

>> No.8051825

Uhhh, matsuri doko? Her stream says she was supposed to play minecraft 4 hours ago

>> No.8051826

Can someone post that catbox of Reine from a few hours ago? I forgot to save it.

>> No.8051828


>> No.8051834

goddamit Mori...

>> No.8051836

Shiragune Floeru

>> No.8051837

>brown girl is brown and is a lesbian

>> No.8051842


>> No.8051845

I wonder how the other en will react when they find IRyS sex dungeon.

>> No.8051849

>> No.8051852


>> No.8051854

>doesn't have a self-cleaning rrat

>> No.8051856

LOL so many accounts i follow in the replies

>> No.8051862

She's not a fujo she just really likes shipping in general. You could tell if you watched her 1st member's stream.

>> No.8051863

>Damn, threads aren’t nearly as bad as I expected.
You simple minded fool. When EN2 finally start streaming, these threads are going to be so much worse.

>> No.8051866

>le sad cat

>> No.8051867

Yes I know, I brought up ID because I wanted to say precedence isn't a guarantee even within a branch. I wouldn't be sure until they say so themselves. Can't even trust them to call each other by first name consider Omarun and Shishiron

>> No.8051868

It's up there, but you haven't seen Kiara play Sims.

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