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Towa Thread
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Upcoming events:
[Thursdays] at 20 JST Maruyama Game Shop
[08/22] Vtuber Saikyou Ketteisen w/ Noah, Ars, Uruca (Coach)

Radio program/Twitcasting/Spaces/Videos archive: https://pastebin.com/9tt48x5E
Gifting FAQ: https://en.hololive.tv/contact

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(Pacific League 6 Team collab) https://spaceage.work/hololive_p-league/
(Birthday 2021) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/3118698
(1st Anniversary) https://hololive.booth.pm/items/2885961
(Overseas) https://shop.geekjack.net/collections/tokoyami-towa
[Until 08/31] Summer Festival Voice Pack

Solo Original:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud73fm4Uoq0

Group Originals:
(MV) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7cpjmkc1Rw


>> No.8052726

Towa beautiful...

>> No.8052753

Towa’s doing her reps...

>> No.8052777

For those who bought Towa's limited birthday goods on Geekjack, you need to pay the shipping fee separately now. You should have gotten an e-mail about the details, but basically you just need to order https://shop.geekjack.net/products/shipping-fee-for-towa-202108 using the same account you bought the goods on.
You only need to do this if you bought the limited set, if you bought the normal one, shipping was already calculated when you ordered.

>> No.8052873

She's maintaining herself pretty well and not pushing too hard so I'm not concernfagging as much anymore.

>> No.8052910

>towa! do longer streams
>no, not like this

>> No.8052961

This girl sure is cute again today.

>> No.8052968

I mean, last time she did 25 minutes and it put her out of commission for the next couple days. She could do longer streams in something else...

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>> No.8053042

*plays apex for 12 hours straight*

>> No.8053076

And I would watch every second of it.

>> No.8053093


>> No.8053139

Towa Sweat...
I would drink all of that...

>> No.8053173

I wonder if we could get Nenene to sell it...

>> No.8053207

Hot, sweaty and out of breath Twap...

>> No.8053335

1/3 left...

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>> No.8053856

>> No.8053897

If Bibi could run he wouldn't be a fat fuck...

>> No.8054027


>> No.8054165

We're gonna lose the thigh jiggle at this rate

>> No.8054201


>> No.8054251

Check your emails anons, I got hit with the shipping fee

>> No.8054256

Twap is so attractive hey Bora?

Don't worry, muscular thighs jiggle just as much as meaty ones.

>> No.8054456

Powerful Twap.

>> No.8054552

Towa doko...?

>> No.8054608

Bathing with Twap...

>> No.8054614

It's always fun to watch FiTowa do her RFA reps.

>> No.8054658

We need more of this technology

>> No.8054685

Working out with Towa!
Showering with Towa!
Making after workout meal with Towa!

>> No.8054771

I'm proud of our fit debiru for making her goal!

>> No.8054905

I'm proud of Towa!
But I'm also anticipating the inevitable tweet where she complains that her thighs hurt too much!
And I'll call her cute for it!

>> No.8054953

She's cute and maybe just a little bit dumb but that's why we love her!

>> No.8054959

i want to enter towa bush too..

>> No.8055198


>> No.8055242

Towa's Jib is a carpet muncher.

>> No.8055262

>> No.8055333

Roboco has a frame at 20, actually. I wonder if she's going to stream through it. Maybe Towa will too.

>> No.8055545

Towa might set it to men-only at the beginning like before.

>> No.8055600

Shion's live is at 21. She would have to have it members only for 2 hours. I don't know if she would be willing to do that.

>> No.8055881

Bibi has his own little tub.

>> No.8056191

Massaging Towa's sore legs and thighs...

>> No.8056275

>retweeting usable thumbnail material as not part of her regular TOWART reps
I know what that means!

>> No.8056314

She'll use that image for tomorrow!

>> No.8056565

There it is!

>> No.8056738

I'm glad there's a POV but I wonder what she'll do during Shion's live...

>> No.8056838

she might end the stream where the match end around the shionlive and tell us to watch noah or ars pov

>> No.8056858

Watch this devil do just that

>> No.8056906

If RBC's doing it too then it's probably fine. I imagine if they both stream over it they talked to Shion about it already and she was fine with it. Plus Matsuri would just do it anyway.

>> No.8056935

Twap isn't the type of girl to stream over big events.

>> No.8057154

Twap streamed over Towa's birthday...

>> No.8057246

Towapi is her own worst enemy after all.

>> No.8057407

She trys not to but it's unreasonable to expect her to do it every time when there's no policy in place that requires it. People stream over her big events too.

>> No.8057537

It took Towa over a week to notice Reine...

>> No.8057587

It was a real busy day for her when that was posted, so it ended up relegated to her normal TOWART reps.

>> No.8057868

It's not hard to avoid streaming over 3D lives or other events since they're pretty rare. It's impossible to avoid overlapping normal streams but those are fine since people are going to watch their favorites anyway.

>> No.8057891

Makes sense she only noticed it doing her Towart reps. Would have been hard to notice it on the day. Check out the classy indogs in the replies though. No respect.

>> No.8057960

I want to watch Towa, I don't care who she streams over.

>> No.8057976

One of them having an Ayame image while calling someone out for replying to art late is pretty funny though, you gotta admit.

>> No.8058635

Links for today.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FQiJImiqNo Towa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXCaZTX39q0 Ars
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDE2KUzgHxI Noah

>> No.8058912

Twappi starting!

>> No.8058922

This is stupid but I wish towa would use icecream truck intro more

>> No.8058946

It didn't survive the PC move and she never remembered/bothered to get it back.

>> No.8059056

Spamming ready for good luck!

>> No.8059059

>Ready spam
Now that's the Twap I know and love.

>> No.8059222

>Ars and Noah talking about accidentally joining random voice channels while Towa's in the bathroom

>> No.8059234

They seem more talkative today, that's a good sign.

>> No.8059255

I was also reminded of that when I saw Ui-mama's clip when she was playing Fall Guys...

>> No.8059283

noah seems to be more active today, even without towa

>> No.8059308

I don't know what it is, but I think New Year Twap may have the cutest facial expressions, just by a little bit.

>> No.8059687


>> No.8059707

Anyone have the Towababy tweet?

>> No.8059725


>> No.8059734


>> No.8059795

This is more fun than yesterday.

>> No.8059945

fuck they really should have valk ult out of there

>> No.8060048

So many things would have been better than what they did. Valk out like you said, not literally push into a sandwich, actually push around the corner with Towa's dome, they basically just ended up doing nothing.

>> No.8060218

if they want to rely on valk ult and play like this they're very doom but guess we'll see when the normal roster are in since they're facing yufuna which is pred and reid in that fight while being fuck in the ass too.

>> No.8060344

Personally I don't think they should be using valk at all but that's what Uruca is insistent on so we just have to see how they go.

>> No.8060459

yeah i dont like its too, imo with oct gib bh would work better since ars seem to be useful more when plah bh and their protal push with valk ult as backup didn't work out so far.

>> No.8060581

Just about every damn ring has them running a fucking marathon these scrims.

>> No.8060946

They're playing well, I really want them to win.

>> No.8060955

fuckk just when they were good towa choke again

>> No.8060962


>> No.8060985

Every time Towa chokes a domefight I'm gonna be mad that she keeps picking the Mastiff over the EVA.

>> No.8061008


>> No.8061042

but im not going to blame towa much since she did really good just one bad domefight but man.. ars is really useless as a valk.

>> No.8061057

Seemed to me that she got thrown off by the double dome, bit slow to adjust. Good portal play earlier though. Once again the valk pick adds nothing to the outcome of the game.

>> No.8061222

hope tehy give a try to bh or seer eventually

>> No.8061306

i fookin 'ate apecks

>> No.8061354

Apparently Superchats might be fixed
TenQ time will return!

>> No.8061372

I hope so.

>> No.8061493


>> No.8061521

Peacekeeper city

>> No.8061767

and she takes mastif again...

>> No.8061806

Why does she prefer that thing over the EVA anyway?I'd rather take even the peacekeeper with my crap aim than the Mastiff

>> No.8061872

I guess because that's what she learned back when it was good and she never wanted to switch. Really wish she would though.

>> No.8061968

Don't know about her, but it's better for flick aiming. With the EVA you have to constantly track your target, unless you know the fire rate perfectly

>> No.8062070

Towa consistently does better every time she's forced to take the EVA. Maybe it's just confirmation bias on my part because it's so rare, but I swear all her best plays in every tournament have been with the EVA.

>> No.8062083

Man that was a shitshow of a round.

>> No.8062121

With mastiff, it will always win a 1v1 dps wise if snap ADS on headshots, granted if you can land those headshots. PK is unreliable RNG and require you to stay in ADS full charge (even if your strafing speed is fast). EVA is much safer option and better hipfire.

>> No.8062421

Towa almost passed her original 800k goal for this year.

>> No.8062924

The birth of Bowa.

>> No.8063207


>> No.8063208

why did she go out the dome fucking why towaaaaa

>> No.8063215

Ahhh they were doing so well...

>> No.8063425

There wasn't really much to do from that position, the portal was in a rough place. They couldn't get cover from either of the teams around them when it would have run out, best chance would be an ult push. I think Towa was trying to ult the behind team and then portal back to clean them up and come in with the ring but the team up the hill was zoned in on her.

>> No.8063472

Gib's dome should be a bubble.

>> No.8063652

yeah i just go back to watch that was tough place, but im glad the team doing much better than yesterday.

>> No.8063916

The landmark lottery might be a little too effective at preventing early fighting.

>> No.8064000

That's the whole point, isn't it?

>> No.8064071

The point is to prevent early fighting where there's lot of RNG, but I think it's "working" more effectively than they envisioned, with pretty much all the teams staying alive until the very end, and then it just becomes another clusterfuck of RNG because 20 teams are pushed into the final ring together.

>> No.8064079

A lot of Twap today!
Today was a really good day.

>> No.8064117

Towa's still almost won a few times so it's okay.

>> No.8064433


>> No.8064678

That was a good game, just bad spot at the end.
and she did a good play with the EVA.

>> No.8064707

good play with ars somehow fuck up the team again but ars is cute i love ars

>> No.8064771


>> No.8064833

Holy shit look at their damage.

>> No.8065023

They're getting better at fights. Every team is camping and playing slow except maybe pakael, I think they'll do well if they start roaming around and commit to going after teams. Unfortunately the tourney has a kill point cap so placement is just as, if not more important.

>> No.8065162


>> No.8065191

pakael running around chasing nose ass for a while and nobody shooting at them except towa party which doesn't have ammo for it

>> No.8065223

I wish i was chasing Nose's ass...

>> No.8065290

Imagine the smell of that Stinky NEET ass...

>> No.8065607

Nose ass...

>> No.8065795

you guys are fucking disgusting

I will be the one to chase nose's ass

>> No.8065845

its nice for noah to choke sometimes not twap

>> No.8066051

I have already laid claim to this stinky NEET.

>> No.8066318

Towa's feeling good after that hour of ring fit.

>> No.8066382

Is this Towa Uruca てえてえ?

>> No.8066475

This is bullying!

>> No.8067406

Pushing into that was overambitious without mass grenading.

>> No.8067660

Big Towa...!

>> No.8067794

Improving little-by-little.

>> No.8067801

I miss Towa...

>> No.8067811

Getting cuter little-by-little!

>> No.8067834

she seem kinda out of it too, sitting in gas chamber for like 3-4secs and not able to see gasoji in front of her probably too tired after that rfa and 4 hours of gib mental weight.

>> No.8067928

and she'll still probably stay up until 6AM...

>> No.8068023

She was definitely super tired that last game, just listen to her.

>> No.8068309

They could have survived the gas if they committed , but it was a pretty bad idea on the face of it. The real problem was the Bloodhound that she totally missed while she was waiting for oji to peek and her being their on her own in that fight.

>> No.8068518

Towa go to bed

>> No.8068565


>> No.8068569


>> No.8068572

Luckily Towa has a lot of nocturnal friends now.

>> No.8068606


>> No.8068627

You can practice tomorrow Towa.

>> No.8068673

But it's tomorrow already

>> No.8068737

Oh no, she got me!

>> No.8069649


>> No.8069666


>> No.8069668

ah geez
no sleep for me either

>> No.8069699

Purple women (+ Reid) love!

>> No.8069701

Half my day is going to be spent watching towa

>> No.8069740

towa i want to play my game too..

>> No.8069769

This is good

>> No.8069777

I love this dumb devil

>> No.8069823

i just though that would be nice to see reid again
towa truly can read minds

>> No.8069974

Reid's almost a purple woman. Close enough.

>> No.8069979

Hope Reid survives this one.

>> No.8070041

2 and a half hours of ringfit, then 4 hours of apex, then even more apex with the korean wife. What tournaments do to a woman.

>> No.8070065

This dummy has played Apex the whole day.

>> No.8070070

Maybe Twap was the one that sent food to Reid's house. How devilish.

>> No.8070085

I'll be impressed if she gets out of bed tomorrow.

>> No.8070124

Twitterspace with Towa lying in bed tomorrow...

>> No.8070142

I would love that.

>> No.8070148

I wish.

>> No.8070302

I'm glad that lately she is willing to just play apex on stream more often. We know you play it all day. We just want to spend time with you.

>> No.8070638

GFE with Towa...

>> No.8070686


>> No.8070928

Towa is the one with the deepest voice...

>> No.8070941

Listen, I swear I'm not horny or anything, but imagine the ways you could handle Towa's body if she is legitimately that light?

On an unrelated note, whenever I see Reid's icon in my favourites bar on Holodex I always see it as Pekora for some reason.

>> No.8070986

God I love Towa and Bora

>> No.8070993

Imagine helping Towa get the out of reach bits she can't reach from the shelf...

>> No.8071039

This is the atmosphere Towa likes playing in.

>> No.8071059

bora's stream looks so good in comparison to towa's...

>> No.8071077


>> No.8071094

The level is lower than what she was playing in during the tournament.
The first game together with the team before scrims was great fun.

>> No.8071106

if only the audio...

>> No.8071114

She'll set up 2PC someday...

>> No.8071149

I find the fact that even Aqua has 2PC setup while Towa can't work it out hilarious.

>> No.8071166

Towa is technologically disabled.

>> No.8071211

I think it's less that she can't work it out and more that she just has no motivation to do it. I'm sure if she just dedicated a full day to it, she could work it out, she just doesn't really want to.

>> No.8071295

It would legitimately be a good idea purely for Apex streams, which is also the same reason Aqua eventually got hers set up as well.

>> No.8071306

I mean more the team dynamic, yelling and bantering, things like that.

>> No.8071361

No wonder Bora is so loud if this is her usual in-game volume,christ she'll get tinnitus by her mid 20s if she keeps it that high

>> No.8071418

I've turned my volume right down and it's still too loud...

>> No.8071471

I think it's just because she set up 2PC recently, I don't think it used to be that loud.

>> No.8071508

Towa battering that guy had me jumping out my chair!

>> No.8071642

No Bora don't delete the archive...

>> No.8071768

I haven't been able to do anything but watch Towa today...

>> No.8071779

I wish every day was like this

>> No.8071783

Today was a really great day!

>> No.8071852

I came home from work planning to watch archives only to see Towa, Bora, Reid going. Truly devilish to make me have to wait to watch archives even longer.

>> No.8072075

Towaday is always a great day!

>> No.8072177

I'm glad Towa found Bora.

>> No.8072281

She can't fill the hole left by disappearance of the mahjong master.

>> No.8072301

I miss when Towa could play with Sio...

>> No.8072693

I just tuned in, but are the discord sounds coming from Bora's stream? It's super distracting.

>> No.8072727

Seems like it, I switched to Reid and haven't heard any since.

>> No.8072758

Bora please...

>> No.8072809

Sometimes I forget Bora is in NijiKR. Does she get any shit for streaming pretty much exclusively in Japanese? I can imagine if any of the ENs did that they would never hear the end of it.

>> No.8072837


>> No.8073017

Bridecarry for hours

>> No.8073072

I don't know about any hate she might get for it, but I'd say it's probably well worth it considering catering to the JP audience has her being a hell of a lot more successful than any other KR member.

>> No.8073175

wtf, bora can speak korean?

>> No.8073193

HoloID doesn't stream in ID and gets mad if they're asked to speak ID.

>> No.8073238

That is what I was alluding to, yes.

>> No.8073331

Not even indogs like other indogs.

>> No.8073341

bora is destroying my ears..

>> No.8073415

It's not so bad ending with Towa and Bora.

>> No.8073446

Why do all ID women sound like they have a few dozen screws loose?

>> No.8073535

She'll use a lot more korean when she isn't collabing, and she's pretty responsive to korean listeners too. I remember her getting some shit for it before, but haven't seen any recently.

>> No.8073604

This kinda made me like Ollie.

>> No.8073880

As I recall, Risu has had to put similar people on blast.
The way I remember it is that it was a bunch of clipwatchers on a Facebook page who were upset about the ID girls' choice of language. As in not enough streams purely in Indonesian. Some of them ran Youtube polls to get feedback from their fans and while the response was overwhelmingly "we mostly understand English," it was also "stream in whatever language you want." I think even the Japanese respondents outnumbered the "stream more Indonesian only" crowd.

>> No.8074069

Privated... Did Bora say the reason? I came in late.

>> No.8074096

Her audio was fucked up so she just decided to private it. She also showed her Discord earlier, but she said that wasn't a big deal, so I think it's just because she didn't want to keep the archive up with the bad audio quality.

>> No.8074113

Reid still streaming here

>> No.8074116

Towa's international friends really are very cute.

>> No.8074392

I want to be groomed by Towa...

>> No.8074481

We're already being groomed by Towa...

>> No.8074517

Being privately interrogated by Towa...

>> No.8074631

Towa screwing up the bad cop roleplay and actually being the good cop...

>> No.8075214

I don't think Towa took a shower after the Ringfit stream and just played apex all stinky and sweaty

>> No.8075288


>> No.8075298

>ywn get to inhale the exquisite stench of sweaty twap

>> No.8075583

Just like her wife!

>> No.8075874


>> No.8076277

Towa is having so much fun.

>> No.8076319

You'd have too if you had to live there.

>> No.8076403

I wish I could have fun with Twap like this, too...

>> No.8076568

I wish Towa would stream her Apex sessions every day like this...

>> No.8076781

This dork.

>> No.8076789

i really love this girl

>> No.8077099

Stinky NEET!

>> No.8077266

She isn't climbing but she is having fun in tough dia lobbies.

>> No.8077311

I wonder if she's like this when she's playing off stream too, or if it's because Reid and Bora are just fun.

>> No.8077334

It has been a whole day filled with dumb Twap laughs!

>> No.8077415

Bora's POV is up again, she apparently fixed her audio issues.

>> No.8077440

Bora just opened a new frame so it seems like we're still in this for a while yet
I've already come to terms with the fact that I'm not sleeping today

>> No.8077475

Bora asked when they planned to end (because she was wondering if she should put up a new frame), and Towa said she would keep going until one of the other two wanted to end it.

>> No.8077544

Endless Twap...

>> No.8077669

>Twap's number is 8
Oh no...

>> No.8077720

ending the loop by grinding to Diamond before summer ends...

>> No.8077770

Bora trying to get Towa into a healthy schedule...

>> No.8077838

Stuck in a loop with Towa over summer vacation, doesn't sound too bad honestly...

>> No.8077844

Twap pretty proud of her ringfitness

>> No.8077848

>Eternal Darkness
makes sense

>> No.8077894

Bikini Towa every day...

>> No.8077920

Imagine what rurudo would make her wear...

>> No.8078752

Maybe it's both

>> No.8078796

She wouldn't play apex so much if she didnt like it

>> No.8078826

Tell that to LoL addicts

>> No.8078840


>> No.8078942

Would Towa be willing to do a scat stream? It doesn't have to be real scat. It can be warm play dough she plays with close to the mic and drops into a bowl of water

>> No.8078998

Towa has been very cute all day.

>> No.8079018


>> No.8079304

I don't want today to end...

>> No.8079451

Pray for the end of the day, for there will always be a better Towamorrow

>> No.8080519

I wonder when they'll stop

>> No.8080610

they'll at least have to stop when scrims start later today

>> No.8080640

I wish it never stopped.

>> No.8080654

Eternal Dorkness.

>> No.8080666


>> No.8081354

I'm becoming ojisan because I'm getting tired before Eternal Endurance...

>> No.8081404

Towa is becoming too powerful, this is after extended RFA time too.

>> No.8081410

I was about to go to bed when this went up
I was woefully unprepared for this

>> No.8081486

They're still playing...

>> No.8081580

She ranked down...

>> No.8081746

>Towa is the one who ends it after saying she'll play until the other two are done
Dumb tired dork...

>> No.8081802

I wouldn't expect it or have it any other way.

>> No.8081856

I've been there. You try your best but then you realize that no one else is going to be the one to call it.

>> No.8082026

Honestly I kind of wish they would have just played 6 hours of casual instead, it's way more fun

>> No.8082059

Dumb would be to keep going when you are exhausted

>> No.8082107

It's still a lot of fun even if this is above Towa's skill level.

>> No.8082143

How the fuck do I become like reid that I have cute girls to play with all the time?

>> No.8082296

Lots of fun Towa noises today.

>> No.8082657

git gud
move to japan
become an apex vtuber

>> No.8082736

Speak Japanese, be good at APEX, have a cute shota avatar.

>> No.8083251

Sanity levels below zero right now

>> No.8083255

Bora dragging Reid into her and Towa's suicide pact...

>> No.8083271

we have now entered silly exhausted

>> No.8083447

I love Towa.

>> No.8083488

She's so perfect.

>> No.8083557

Just be yourself bro

>> No.8084389

Eternal Apex...

>> No.8084414

Last game (for real (actually (2)))

>> No.8084486

I think this stream is definitive proof, as if any more was needed, of who is grooming who in this relationship.

>> No.8084646


>> No.8085306


>> No.8085334

I miss Towa...

>> No.8085367

Now I can sleep right

>> No.8085378

13 hours of Twap...
Truly we have been blessed this day...

>> No.8085437

Bora's still going...Towa could join again any second...

>> No.8085442

If she starts streaming her late night Apex sessions more often it'll be an ultimate win.

>> No.8085471

Thx towa because of the endless apex in the background I was finally able to clean my room that was full of garbage for the past 5 months

>> No.8085507

Do you think Towa pooped today

>> No.8085523

Idols don't do that.

>> No.8085528

She's said that about a lot of things that never end up going anywhere, I wouldn't put much weight behind it. Though if she really has no desire to fix her sleep schedule, I'd much rather she play on stream than off stream, so I hope it does become a regular thing.

>> No.8085662

I think streaming 12 hours of APEX every other day might not be very healthy for her channel...

>> No.8085692

That's why she's doing it on other people's channels

>> No.8085716


>> No.8086275

At this point she's already clinging to the "I'll stream twice on scrim days for the people that don't want to watch Apex" by a thread. It's probably better than streaming nothing.

>> No.8086377

You say that after a two hour RFA session...

>> No.8086538

That's the thread I mean. I didn't mean to make it sound as negative as it did, I really enjoyed everything that happened today. But the past couple tournaments have barely had her do the second stream at all. All I'm saying is that if Apex is the game she really wants to play, she should be able to stream it when she wants to.
I'm also less than coherent because I stayed up watching Apex instead of going to sleep, though.

>> No.8086587

Maimaipeisu debiru... sometimes the pace is slow, and sometimes its the roller coaster like we have today

>> No.8086610

As much as I would like to watch her play APEX all day I just think it would push people away.

>> No.8086662

To be fair the reason she didn't do double streams last tournament was because of her own schedule kinda being messed up, it seemed like she still wanted to.

>> No.8086869

I hope Towa gets a good rest before scrims...!

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