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Post plushies

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How hard is it to clean a plush?

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Figures are better for hot gluing

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Got it in a random thrift store in some no-name suburb in Tokyo back in 2019. Think it came from a claw game originally.

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Very based thread OP, thank you. I hope someone make a merch thread soon since my oshi doesnt have a plushie. Yet.

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just entered the thread to see if this was posted

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I wish I would have bought it.

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Not mine but self made by a Hoshiyomi

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Hold me, I’m scared

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I want it

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Can I fuck it?

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I spent over £100 (when shipping and tax is included) on a Sora version of OP's plushie and it said it was due to arrive in July and still hasn't arrived yet....

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That's Rei.

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Have you try contacting the delivering agency? I use Buyee and the longest they took was five months for limited merchs, I bought a non limited TShirt and it arrive in like two weeks

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Actually because of this thread I had a look into it - turned out I got an e-mail saying that it had been delayed to mid-August. Sora-chan is still on her way.

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She probably got wet and molded

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I have faith in Sora! Even in plush form! She will arrive perfectly!

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Bought for a mate, otherwise I'd open it. Got Rushia and Noel plushies still on their way.

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Did you buy it before or after graduation announcement?

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My two Pekora plushies are on their way

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Reminds me with waffle artstyle

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If that was Rei someone would already put it up their ass

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How much for one?

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Korone plush when. I have been saving my hard earned ARS for one.

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Its weird they didn't sell that when she was one of the more popular Holos. Guess the ones with gachikois or cultish fanbase get the better treatment first

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I love my Flare plush but unfortunately she only has normal human ears.

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lol amazing

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Show more anon. Entertain us with your degeneracy.

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where's the old thread?

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I hope this gets on /vt/ Takes

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