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ccv + sc



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"Daily" stats got from https://piyo.chats.ninja/ranking/daily/2021-08-18

It's an useful snapshot, although the day really only closes at 6AM JST at the request of the good people in this thread, it seems, to catch the carryovers from midnight nip time

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Why hasn't the EN2 girls added to this yet?

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Man, did we choose the wrong rrat? Rosemi's design is clearly better than any of the new Holos and yet her numbers don't reflect it. Is being a female in Nijisanji really cursed?

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This is better

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>So we have piyo now
Goodbye trash Vnuma we don't need you anymore

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Mucho thanks.
Now we don't need to see all those ugly non-vtuber streams every day, though it probably is good to see them once in a while just to keep perspective of v-tubers in relation to the rest of the streaming ecosystem in JP.

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Weird, my page doesn't show the start times of streams.

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There is only one programmer for that. He added IRyS fast enough so I wouldn't doubt he adds it fast too

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What the hell? You guys told me Gura was a failure! Does that make everybody under her a failure too?

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Oh, I needed to Ctrl+F5 it to actually update.

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Men always perform better than women in gender-neutral fields. If you are okay with watching femjisanji, then you are okay with watching manjisanji since they interact a lot, and you'll find out that manjisanji provides better contents than femjisanji. Women can only excel in women only fields, this is why Hololive triumph over femjisanji due to the Hololive bubble.

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Suisei is peaking higher but any heterosexual anon in this thread should be at this stream

One of the most unintentional funny (and trying and failing to be sexy) streams in recent memory.

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Forgotten pic related

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Susan pooped again today.

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Well, they changed something because SC reading is fixed after a couple of days not working so thanks pajeet codemonkeys?

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Reminds me of that note blog someone posted a while ago in these threads. Guy came to a similar conclusion.
The male/female collabs show that the guys are way more entertaining than the girls so they end up watching them instead.

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>Rosemi's design is clearly better than any of the new Holos
If design strength was any indication of future success that scuffed Suisei 1.0 design (which I LOVE but know it was not on the same level of her contemporaries) would have landed her nowhere and she would be a two viewers to this day.

It is no indicator at all. The three ways to succeed in that industry is
1) be part of the "hype machine"
2) do something so big and unique you can't possibly be ignored
3) be well connected enough to be a beacon for your peers

1) is all of Hololive and part of Nijisanji, 2) is Project Melody, 3) is Shibuya Hal

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this new piyo daily total ranks still need a bit of work. It is not including any of the streams that started later at night (no haachama or shion - midnight) and okayu (started 23:30) is way below her real peak. Im guessing they still haven't perfected the code for streams approaching midnight, even though title says its from 6am to 6am.

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Nice Anya!

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Looked up Sabaton songs on Youtube due to Gura and man their music is fun, but was sort of shocked to see The Last Stand has 24M views. RIP is about to overtake it. Given her niche Mori pulls very respectable numbers.

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wheres haachama asmr

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Tomoe made more for her 3D than Anya will make in her entire life, so no.

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>wheres haachama asmr
>It is not including any of the streams that started later at night (no haachama or shion - midnight) and okayu (started 23:30) is way below her real peak. Im guessing they still haven't
I believe it only counts streams that already finished. If that's the case the REAL daily would be the one @ 6AM JST

If you guys chat a little less this thread should last enough time for only two per day
1) one near 6AM JST with the daily
2) one with the daily superchat

So stop taking bait faggots!

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lmao this is ridiculous, and sad.
It is the third day already that Kaida starts his stream alone, already playing with kanae and kuzuha, to get their fans give him a brief peak. Then Kanae stats, they move to there. And then Kuzuha starts, and all his fans move back to his main, leaving that huge dive in his two teammates' graphs.
They are definitely doing it on purpose at this point, but I don't know what for, other than board schizos bragging for dumb tourists.

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You need to be entertaining to maintain a viewership.

>> No.8125955

>I believe it only counts streams that already finished
I dont think so. Okayu didn't finish yet, but it is on the ranks already (but 5k peak instead of 7k). I think their daily cutting point is just not updated yet.

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>needs gimmicky special event karaoke to not look bad in front of Kuzuha and Pekora

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>stop taking numbers

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A good design can definetly help (or hurt) at the beginning. After the beginning however, other factors take over.

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Karaoke is part of Gura’s appeal, sort of like Selene playing Apex. It’s their content.

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A chumbaby cope. If this is the best she can do then she is objectively declining.

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I did predict her decline, but at the same time the release of Gen 2 might boost her a bit. It remains to be seen.

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>special event
Gura you can't do any project like other people!
Stay boring!

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shark was never interesting and rode a bubble despite no talent.

COVID is over, kids are going back to school, the only way to go now is down.

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Nope. She's pretty on par for karaoke streams. Even beat her last karaoke, so that's an incline.

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Are you a schizo?

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the absolute state of chumcucks

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>no talent
Depends on how you’re defining talent? From my observation I would say she sings decently and managed to make entertaining videos in her past, at least for a majority of people. Not everyone has such talents.
>COVID is over
I think you’re confused. Are you assuming Gen 1 required COVID for popularity, therefore declaring the death of Gen 2?

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Kek. You can only cope because you have nothing else.

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Are you okey?
I think you have mental illness anon...

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in a just world, Ina would have the most EN subs as she has the most talent.

>> No.8126523

That guy was a schizo who kept complaining about female male collabs all the time. like just fuck off and watch Hololive already instead of being tsundere to them

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You didn’t define talent.

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It will be early afternoon in the burger east coast so that's debuff #1, piling up on the Kiara debuff which is debuff #2

Novelty of having kusotori haha could be a buff tho

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Can I SC her mom asking why her daughter is so annoying?

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Damn. Didn't know Gura has such based tastes.

>> No.8126769

You don't know HoloEN fanbase well anon
If they are trying new things the numbers won't low

>> No.8126775

/pol/ (and /pol/ like minded frens) are having a field day with the "DEUS VULT" songs

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The internet is for babies and zoomers. Memerap is very popular with zoomers.

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I predict 11-13k.
Her baseline MC numbers are ~7k iirc, but having her mom is going to be a decent novelty buff, and she claims her mom's pretty good.
We'll see, the time's kinda crummy though that's for sure.

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>Didn't know Gura has such based tastes.
Gura sings The Last Stand by SABATON:

>> No.8126892

Must suck for them when she also sang Resist and Bite which must be a very hated /pol/ song.

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You would think so but, despite the fame, unironic nazis are a tiny and mostly shunned fringe at that board. /pol/ is just /b/ grown up, show motto could as well be
>whatever you're in favor, I'm against

Weirdly enough, it ended up turning the board in an unironic
>no drugs, no promiscuity, missionary sex for procreation purpose only, get a loving stay at home wife and be a productive member of society
mindset, which is really the "sign of the times" because it means the opposite of that is what's socially accepted and expected from society

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i still remember when the first video on youtube reach 1b ...

>> No.8127072

>Anya that high, beating Shuba and Rushia
I love her but wtf that's way too high for her

>> No.8127082

Gangnam style?

>> No.8127086

8k, and im being generous lol

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You gotta give the viewers what they want. They want more EN/ID & JP interaction

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>The bardcore stream was a complete failure in terms of quality and live views for Gura standards
>She had to resort to the unoriginal meme-edgy-alter persona to gain viewers again, trying to catch some edgy guys and roommates delusionals. And it not even original, because Kurokami is so much better executed

Chumtards today are a total delusional cult based only on "muh numbers on VOD and subs"

>> No.8127647

Kek nice catch. It is probably to show to their board of boomer directors

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50% cope, 50% seethe, 100% salty

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Why are you so mad about Gura being successful? Just enjoy and support your own oshi. You do have one, right? You're not here just to stir shit and collect (You)s, you do actually watch vtubers, no?

>> No.8127736

Did you forget who is at the top of the chart today, anon? Why does the shark make you seethe?

>> No.8127758

It appears that my superiority has resulted in some controversy

>> No.8127770

stop replying to bait (although I know at least one of those replies is just the anti samefagging)

>> No.8127809

I find that I'm kinda enjoying this bait, it's so over the top and funny, almost like a parody.

>> No.8127842

It clearly beats the unironic
salty anon

>> No.8127885

>The bardcore stream was a complete failure
It was factual a success: big number > small number.
>meme-edgy-alter persona to gain viewers again
That’s her original self, but I disagree insomuch as she didn’t change too much. I wish she would to mix it up more.
>VOD and subs
Yes, and live viewers, SC, member numbers.

>> No.8127919

>Anya beating Rushia and Subaru
>2 streams with +15k in one week
Is she starting to incline or is just an illusion?

>> No.8128003

How many times Susan bashed HoloEN2? Or they are just so slow, compared to Irys?
I only remember 1 time, before they were 100k each.

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>Yes, and live viewers, SC, member numbers
And likes

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>he doesn't rank Matsuri

>> No.8128046

>slow compared to Irys?
IRyS had no other competition for attention.

>> No.8128067

>That's her original self
You have no clue about Gura's "original self", anon. Don't take retarded HERfag larpers' bullshit as fact.

>> No.8128077

And Twitter followers

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>not subscribed

>> No.8128112

I knew that from the beginning, but I expected them be only 20-30% slower, but not that much.

>> No.8128128

Sprich deutsch du Schweinehund!
also wdym? Matsuris team is there on place 7 kind of dumb how the ranking is handled for teams that have the same amount of points

>> No.8128191

>Anya is the 3rd biggest holo
I'm so proud of her

>> No.8128199

>original self
Original as meaning first. Cover likely wouldn’t allow the same thing, but that’s a different matter.
Meaningless label. It only points to a person who prefers prior works. Which is their opinion.

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>26 years old boomer that can't keep up with a 10 years old /sp/ meme

>> No.8128292

>Original as meaning first.
Yeah, and I'm telling you that Gawr stream had nothing to do whatsoever to Gura's previous, original, first self at all, no matter what the fuck you meant with that wording. Are you actually retarded?

>> No.8128398

Maybe disappointment from IRyS manifested in less subs for the next group

>> No.8128407

I was told by anti-HERfags that Gura’s red shark form in the song Reflect was her past self, and that she hates it. There were tons of threads saying this. But then Gura takes the red shark form again in her new streams. Basically the anti-HERfags have been more wrong than anyone else. They honestly waste my time with stupidity

>> No.8128490

Why don't you just watch streams and hear the truth straight from the talent?
Also this is off-topic in the number thread

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You are really fucking retarded. How do you even remember to breathe air?

>> No.8128532

>I have no argument left

>> No.8128556

When there are five unique items in the menu, and the numbers of customers are similar, people will be selective. There are overlap, but not everyone subs to all of them, especially when the art styles are distinctive from one another.
If it would make you feel better, Sana and Baelz have the least overlap, and their number combined already beat IRyS.

>> No.8128558

I don't know, hard to tell.
But I don't exclude that reason too.

>> No.8128572

That’s not addressing my point.

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>Ina gonna stream outside of her usual timezone
If she can get over 10k CCV that means takos are dedicated.

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Make your prediction number experts, who's going to be the big superchat earner(s) of the upcoming gen? Without having looked at any roommate speculation or tweets and going purely off design I'm going to order them Ceres > Hakos > Sana > Mumei > Kronii

>> No.8128645

>not everyone subs to all of them
Haha, funny.

>> No.8128751
File: 107 KB, 651x931, kuro gyaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>who's going to be the big superchat earner(s) of the upcoming gen? Without having looked at any roommate speculation
Gyaru girl. I can't explain, she gives a huge Flare vibe (and it's not only because she's a fellow "kuro gyaru")

>> No.8128790

Ok, here's an obvious answer: a concept such as Gawr can mean a fuck ton of things and be interpreted in multitude of ways. It means Gura's inner doubts and self deprecation, as well as her previous character she is not satisfied with in the song, and outside of it, it's just a fun way to spice up a karaoke stream. Gawr character she dipped in yesterday was nothing like HER streams or even shitpost videos at all, and nothing like Gura portrayed her in the song either.

>> No.8128906


>> No.8129039

10k showed up for the game yesterday though

>> No.8129093

I second this, especially if she has a really soft voice. Can totally see a cult-like following similar to KFP

>> No.8129110

>It means Gura's inner doubts and self deprecation
I said the song Reflect represented her inner demons so to speak, to which she must overcome, and argued it out with them, but got tons of pushback by anti-HERfags that it was her “past VTuber self” who she “hated”. Over time, I’ve come to dislike anti-HERfags and prefer to debate them.

At the same time I like to watch Gura, and don’t really understand why she has so many antis, other than to assume it’s because of her numbers, or fans who gloated over them.

>> No.8129141

nier is already beaten to a pulp, while that game was not

>> No.8129174

oops this reply >>8129141 was for this >>8129039

>> No.8129193

Wonderful 101…

>> No.8129231

Personally I hate HERfags because they clearly never watched HER streams, constructed some distorted image of HER content in their minds based on her Youtube channel and keep perpetuating absolutely retarded rrats about her. Oh, and they chimp out at every fucking opportunity and spam their sekrit knowledge everywhere.

>> No.8129266

100% of jap "antis" if you can even label them like that, are for her numbers. Mostly for her subscribers

>> No.8129353

Debuff game, pulease andastand

>> No.8129364

Takos being retarded and demanding Japanese voices for the first stream doomed that one before it got off the ground

>> No.8129558

Fun fact: Marine gain more views this week than Anya did her whole career

>> No.8129622

well, it's the most powerful holo and the weakest holo. That's not surprising

>> No.8129665
File: 2.72 MB, 1280x720, midgets.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fun fact: Marine gain more views this week than Anya did her whole career
WOW! That surely put that midget down!

>> No.8129713

>the weakest holo
That's Risu now. Anya will surely incline a bit from all this leeching.

>> No.8129760

You mean Iofi?

>> No.8129863

we'll see in 2 weeks if anya will get any buff

>> No.8129865

Just wait until she gets a new outfit and becomes the best ID...

>> No.8129930

Amazingly Risu's numbers are worse somehow. I can't explain it either. The real killer? She still has almost a thousand members and based on that and superchats/streamlabs alone she is comfortably upper middle class in Indonesia, making more than architects and doctors.

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File: 127 KB, 1207x838, kiara mom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kiara 11k from the getgo

>> No.8130664

It's not a surprise for Kiara to get this much given the Pekomama number. She's just copying that.

>> No.8130993

16k now, it appears to have become an impromptu collab with Ina and Gura too?
Okay yea I guess I'll have to catch the vod later.

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File: 264 KB, 1280x720, 7Ueg7HLzvhwhd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know about MaMatsuri
EOP version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWdEBN04tbU

Newfags should lurk moar, some 12 months before posting

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File: 128 KB, 1195x837, Screenshot - 2021-08-18 , 19_38_19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KEK, WTF are drops steep drops? Anyone watching that can shed some light?

Whatever happened caused people to insta-drop

>> No.8132502

If Kiara mama talks she can gain more view

>> No.8132576

3rd day of Apex streams, 3rd day in a row Kuzuha hits a 36k peak. The usual Apex waves are still in effect so he's not maintaining 36k for most of the stream, but impressive regardless. Seems like he'll continue to hit this number for every scrim day unless he dies super early every match. VOD views are ofc insane for a 5 hr VOD that bounces between 27k and 36k multiple times.

I think Hololive has a 3D tonight with Watame announcing something so that will likely win the day, but Holos need to keep coming up with something that can beat 36k everyday if they want to fend him off. Marine pls come back...

>> No.8132673

Guest cameos left. Why don't you actually watch the stream if you care enough to track it?

>> No.8132808

Great bait!

>> No.8132874

>Shibuya Hal
Kronii last? she is made by a fgo artist.
a lot of eyes on her. i think if she plays her cards right she might be number 1

>> No.8132888

the fact that you didn't get any reply mean she probably staying the same, people still not interested in her.

>> No.8132967

What part of the post was bait?

>> No.8133134

Selen is debuffing herself hard with her weird scheduling. She's streaming in Europoor timeslot and not even getting half of the viewers she did yesterday.

>> No.8133571

>Holos need to keep coming up with something that can beat 36k everyday
kek You'd be lucky to see him get 30k+ on his usual solo apex streams let alone any games not-apex for that matter. This is a collab+tourney buff. Even Hal is inclining.

>> No.8133630

Mumei's design screams sad and poor. She'll be drowning in scs I think

>> No.8133640

you're saying 'even hal' like it's not his tournament lol

>> No.8133660

>more apex
she brought this to her self. tought yesterday it was a collab with VS

kuzu gets buffed on tourneys then he does medicrely and recline. Then new tourney start inclines and repeats.

>> No.8133708

My bad, I meant they need to keep beating 36k until the tournament ends, on which he'll probably get 40k like last time. Obviously, non-scrim Kuzuha isn't a daily 36k.

>> No.8133832

>kuzu gets buffed on tourneys then he does medicrely and recline. Then new tourney start inclines and repeats.
Ya, I see it now. I mistyped "3rd day of Apex streams" instead of Apex scrims. I meant to say he's getting buffed by scrims rn and hitting 36k every scrim day. So until the tournament happens, the number for Holos to beat for the top spot of the day is ~36k.

>> No.8136046

>Why don't you actually watch the stream if you care enough to track it?
I do watch my oshi’s, some of the 3D live when they’re entertaining, Choco/Roboci/Astel APEX (on the background tabbing in when there is shooting) and Okayu/Ayame zatsus to climb my Japanese from N99 to N98

But I track all the numbers from both major companies (now that based nip bro birthed piyo) so if I were to watch every stream I give my unsolicited opinion. I would have to have like, 2 eyes or something

>> No.8136277

For how much she said she doesn't want to be known as the Apex vtuber, she plays Apex a lot.

>> No.8136327

You either Apex or you don't. There's no minecraft buff on Niji, likewise there's no Apex buff on Holo.

>> No.8136371

>Then new tourney start inclines and repeats.
>For how much she said she doesn't want to be known as the Apex vtuber, she plays Apex a lot.
Both have the correct and smart take. Why would a streamer renege on their strongest point?

As long as there is an audience they should spam it for the sweet numbers.
Trying otherwise reminds me of when models decide to try writing children books or singing. For fuck sake, just stand still and look pretty for the photographer

>> No.8136392

Anya 17k+ WTF?

>> No.8136457
File: 688 KB, 540x1415, 637405E2-84EC-4B74-8FFC-4D5FC702543E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there's no Apex buff on Holo.
It’s not much but it’s honest living.mp4

>> No.8136581
File: 404 KB, 1935x1290, 2856F5B5-3F83-4C81-80FF-D7111A018E6C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8136802

for Astel it is Apex AND Karaoke

>> No.8137479

He still gets more viewers for unarchived Karaoke then for Apex tournament finals though.

>> No.8137660

That’s true but my point is that a good APEX player can buff his numbers even on Hololive/Stars.
Astel is so buffed right now he likely wouldn’t trail the median CCV list this month, added with Hololive girls

>> No.8137739

Fair point

>> No.8137773
File: 506 KB, 1206x721, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bintroll, watch out
Lamy is coming for you

>> No.8137775

she has no choice, if she wants to grow she needs apex.

>> No.8137796

Kek, Cumbuds are hilarious.

>> No.8137845
File: 31 KB, 920x402, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously this month has been special for Lamy. But how long until she overtakes Kuzuha? It'll happen at some point this year.

>> No.8137886

Bad part is that APEX alone pins a streamer in a bad spot: he can’t possibly leave it without dropping a segment of the audience or, worse, not leave it and dropping your very own initial audience
>looking at you here Matuli

>> No.8137970


>> No.8138082

becasue it IS a boring game to watch specially at high level. It only attracts aped watchers who wont saty ofr the rest of the content.

>> No.8138189

If all he does is APEX there is no “rest of the content” and they always stay
>Eddie Murphy lookalike negroe tapping head and looking suggestively at the camera.jpg

>> No.8138866

Gura's cunny was so powerful today that some of it spilled out into anya

>> No.8138894
File: 1.78 MB, 640x360, Kotori.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If Anya was like this:

but in character all the time making it her salient point she could have inclined hard and from the start.
She passes a HUGE “black ribbon Kotori” energy from both her design and her general demeanor.

>> No.8138986

Don't be a faggot, streaming and video games are male things.

>> No.8138989

>black ribbon Kotori
You mean "deadpan loli" because if yes, totally.
Everyone else pulls out an anime trope every now and then, even the ones who cringe hard at the anime tropes are ironically playing a trope.
Just Anya cuts it down, when she has it in her already.

>> No.8139199
File: 307 KB, 1883x1080, F3D5CEFE-F72B-4C6A-9FBE-1D161AA3210B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kotori Itsuka from Date a Live. Deadpan loli would be more like Kanna from Dragon mais, no?

“Black ribbon Kotori” is more like Tsutsun loli, in the “I want her to step on me and call me kimochiwarui” sense

>> No.8139276

Think this pic, but Anya. She would have a significant incline if she was talented enough to play this part on her stream and her personality already match it.

>> No.8139358
File: 1.23 MB, 2322x3465, 8E955B9B-6553-4E7A-B525-FF26EF737C03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think this pic, but Anya. She would have a significant incline if she was talented enough to play this part on her stream and her personality already match it.

>> No.8142301

Sometimes niji get Minecraft buff too. Ibrahim sky castle & Minecraft summer fest for example

>> No.8142380

She said Apex is her favorite game

>> No.8142670

>made by a fgo artist
While you're technically not wrong I hate you so fucking much

>> No.8142815

Why do the council have more followers on twitter than subs on youtube

>> No.8142982

youtube likes to cull subscribers, especially for accounts who haven't even made any content yet but that are getting thousands of new subs (ai assumes they are bots)

>> No.8143551
File: 828 KB, 1920x1605, 1608194919516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she is made by a fgo artist
she and many others

>> No.8143691
File: 1.05 MB, 828x1488, 1622338880746.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is inclining and the Hololive fanbase isn't prepared for Anya Supremacy..................then she won't be able to control herself, will call all her fans a bunch of fat disgusting greasy virgins, and will recline again.

>> No.8143831


>> No.8143873

Anybody who actually watches Gura will tell you singing isn't even her best talent. Her best talent is her ability to talk and story telling in general. She is a motormouth and despite this her conversations don't get repetitive and she constantly keeps the conversation interesting and naturally flowing. This clip is a great example of her ability to come up with stuff on the fly.


Its also why her TTRPG tutorial stream with Calli went over so well. She was in her element there.

>> No.8143952

her main issue is doubting herself and convincing herself that she will run out of things to talk about. her taco bell shill stream is a good example with how she made up a whole filiming story

>> No.8144068

Also want to point out that the moment she says she gave her life to Hatsune Miku in that clip and the touching music kicks in. This was most likely 100% intentional as she has played this game for years and years and likely knows all the songs by heart. She is really good at this stuff.

>> No.8144153
File: 20 KB, 1019x480, she knows [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fherd6z.mp3] (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it isn't just a meme when people say she knows what shes doing

>> No.8144185

Wow i thought she is the hololive best singer and has siren like voice praised by many someone beat that?!

>> No.8144196

She talks like Norm Macdonald

>> No.8144412

Mostly shit posters and false flaggers since Gura is the best way to farm (you)'s in singing threads. Don't get me wrong, she is very good and has a naturally beautiful voice, but you can tell she is untrained. Actual Gura fans will tell you this.

>> No.8144442


>> No.8144621

Not any of the above, but I do personally believe that Gura has the most talent for singing in Hololive. But what is all that talent worth for if you don't use it to its highest potential? You can say the same about Risu. Wasted potential.

>> No.8144716

Why are retards still pretending that Ina gets views no matter what when Paper Mario, Wonderful101 and a bunch of other older streams exist?

>> No.8144844
File: 139 KB, 986x676, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those sudden drops seem to be new spikes.
You can see something similar on Ina's VoDs
The decrese from the peak is when it moved from Ina and Gura introducing themselves to the actual minecraft gameplay, though Gura stayed around until nearly the end just doing stuff off-stream and chiming in sometimes.

>> No.8145245

Hoy fuck... YouTube just axed 40k subs off each of the HoloEn2 members except rrat.

>> No.8145336

I mean expecting anything of youtube is just kinda stupid

>> No.8145346
File: 122 KB, 869x409, 1612456724714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8145381

Welp, even rrat got the axe too. I wonder if any of them are gonna get those subs back before debut?

>> No.8145429
File: 161 KB, 1788x864, SUSAN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8145431

rrat and kronii got some subs axed yesterday too, but they got them back

>> No.8145527

I got unsubbed from Sana but not the others. I think Susan is racist.

>> No.8145548

Hopefully before debut. Otherwise, my prediction for 200k for the rrat is fucked. Fuck you Susan!

>> No.8145834

just checked, didn't get unsubbed from any of them. Maybe they axed the inactive/low activity accounts? or is Cover bot subbing?

>> No.8145892

niji EN had the same thing happen to them so its likely youtube being youtube

>> No.8145910

Cover sub bots EXPOSED

>> No.8145913


>> No.8145914

Holy shit, they're getting slaughtered out there. Susan have mercy on these girls.

>> No.8145944

Probably just the usual YouTube shenanigans. NijiEn got the axe too despite not even pulling anywhere near the pre debut numbers that HoloEn2 is (not sure if they got theirs back though).

>> No.8145977

Only LazuLight, not Obsydia

>> No.8146001

Susan just hates all vtubers, regardless of agency. We'll only beat her if we unite!

>> No.8146014

to be fair i couldn't remember which one had it, i just knew one of the gens(?) had it

>> No.8146019

Phase connect girls got hit with it too and they were even smaller.

>> No.8146036

You clearly have never been on /pol/ in your life Kek.

>> No.8146074

I got unsubbed from two of them and I have YouTube Premium and go on there every day, YouTube is just retarded and their anti-bot tools can't shoot straight.

>> No.8146075

Obsydia also had, but not as much as LazuLight

>> No.8146121

They didn’t, I witnessed their growth. Only Pomu and Elira’s subs were cut in half.

>> No.8146182

since thats 2/3 would that just mean dragon wasn't affected by it

>> No.8146245

Obsydia uploaded shorts during pre-debut so they didn't get Susan'd

>> No.8146267

I believe Obsydia puts a short video before debut. Is that helping them to avoid subs cut?

>> No.8146377

You would think having at least one piece of actual content before the subs flood in would have an effect, but you're trying to apply logic to the actions of YouTube, so who knows really

>> No.8146441

Lazulight had videos

>> No.8146484

They didn't get cut in half, but couple of times lost like 1k-2k subs.

>> No.8146486

Not before their subs got cut

>> No.8146496

Not before their subs were cut off. Pomu posted like 1-2 days before her debut but Susan cut off her subs on her and Elira’s first day when they only had 15-20k subs

>> No.8146529

There is a pattern for it, but no Youtube actually unsubs active viewers too, same happened during the Song relays, during the previous debuts too.
20k subs 1 day, -10k subs the next, +15 subs the next as people realized they were unsubbed, wrote on twitter and re-subbed.

>> No.8146539

They did actually, Pomu and Elira has like 13-14k subs range but when their subs were cut off their subs went down to 6-8k.

>> No.8146601
File: 216 KB, 875x1235, 0818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's superchats

>> No.8146605

As I said - Pomu and Elira lost a lot, but Finana and each Obsydia member lost 1k-2k.

>> No.8146702

>Then new tourney start inclines and repeats.
so holo with their minecraft and event?

>> No.8146755

>EN 2 all got sub cut
>IRyS who grew quicker never got sub cut


>> No.8146795

Just fucking add their cut numbers to the final number before debut and be done with it. How many day until they debut?

>> No.8146826

>singing isn't even her best talent
It is insomuch as it brings her higher live views, the purpose of a live streamer. People like it most.

>> No.8146994

Again correct me if I'm wrong
Dola: Happy birthday milf
Shion yo: Anniversary review
Rushia: Abuse stream
Kiara: Stream with her mom
Kson: QnA (she was using her vtuber avatar)
Nui: Singing till 330k subs
Subaru: Fireworks game
Yuzuriha Honami: Birthday
Levi: Birthday
Oliver: Superchats trying to tell him how to fix obs?
Irys: ASMR
Watame: Not sure

>> No.8147078

For Watame, she hadn't streamed in 3 days and this was the first one since her Live and new song announcements

>Oliver: Superchats trying to tell him how to fix obs?

>> No.8147094

Honestly the Kiara "event" was barely a factor for SC, that stream got about as much last Saturday's Zelda.

>> No.8147164

I was looking at the wrong stream, he got way more SC for congratulations for 120k subs. Apparently there were technical issues so he had two streams.

>> No.8147482

there aint many compettive or huge collabs with MC. most are self centered projects like ibrahim deatstar or hachama babylon tower.

>> No.8147598

>I got unsubbed from two of them and I have YouTube Premium and go on there every day
It’s because the AI is just making a best guess when it removes a percentage of subs. It does the same for live viewers.

I suspect that Japanese people use mobile more, so YouTube automatically counts all of those views, but after the anti-bot thing, it likely removes many of the PC views. Hence why it seemed to affect the West more than the East from the earlier charts. It’s a rational explanation for it.

>> No.8147670

IRyS is the most powerful HoloEN
>never got sub cut
>got anime mv
>got an album
>275k subs predebut
>highest debut views at 91k

>> No.8147777

seems like youtube still culling those subs
opefully they get back in the enxt day.

>> No.8147802

Also hated on /vt

>> No.8147882

IRyS and HoloEN2 owe their initial success to EN1 for expanding the EN VTuber industry after Coco (and others) helped get it established

>> No.8148068

almost 60k subs culled.

>> No.8148123

Omg, I just checked and their sub counts was cut off by 10k

>> No.8148194

is still decresing so lets see how long youtube will get.

>> No.8148293

What in the bloody hells youtube?
Fucking youtube bots just slaughtering these poor girls.

>> No.8148301
File: 205 KB, 824x1521, 1A676ADA-B3EA-4701-B7F7-B07F5BC83933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8148326
File: 246 KB, 1080x2016, Screenshot_20210819-045019_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holoniggers explain???

>> No.8148341

>bots being removed in real time

>> No.8148347
File: 45 KB, 907x411, submarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8148364
File: 268 KB, 443x501, 1622053563175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao they all gonna get below ankimo ch so much for 150k-200k predebut

>> No.8148372

>Fucking youtube bots just slaughtering these poor girls
Because it’s not a human, and it doesn’t believe the growth can be real since they didn’t upload anything yet. It’s trying to remove them to see if people re-subscribe.

>> No.8148395

This is too funny. They might not even surpass EN 1’s predebut subs. Kek

>> No.8148434

people will just resuscribe

>> No.8148526

Yea, that's ultimately what's going to happen and why this culling is happening. This is the result of letting bots do moderation work with little to no oversight until after the fact.

>> No.8148545

the bleeding has subsided for the moment

>> No.8148589

How come EN2 never got hit? Or IRYS?

>> No.8148602

there is no otherway to be honest youtube is too big to have uman moderation.
It really tells how fucking impressive the growth fo the holo girls is since they reached nijien suscribes in 1 day almost.
Now lets see how many they regain in the enxt day and after debut.
my bet is rrat at 400k and sana at 350k

>> No.8148609

same reason 2 of them got banned on twitter
These websites can't run under human hands.

>> No.8148957

Susan... The numbers... Why are you calling another source of revenue like superchats to yourself...

>> No.8149243

So 57 to 63k subs culled first time i see this quantity for vtubers. Have seen it for some artist only.
How unlucky. but they will still reach 400k after debut so i dont think people will worry too much.

>> No.8149299

Yea, they'll be fine.
It just makes numbers sad since many of us had predicted they'd get 200k+ subs before deubt, and this culling means that's going to be much harder.

>> No.8149302

u just proved my point anon look how many she created compared to others now apologize

>> No.8149365

yeah i think i would change to 130k max, however not used to or rmemeber latest trends for these. So not sure if they will accelerate as debut closes.
Will make sure to archive the numbers for next debuts.

>> No.8149385

It’s an AI, so it doesn’t get everyone. Same for the Twitter AI.

>> No.8149387

thats cause ur a schizoshit

>> No.8149409

IRyS lost around 10k subs max. They got re-added around 24 hours later.

>> No.8150275

> that scuffed Suisei 1.0 design
RIP to that one.
I hope she's able to recover it.

>> No.8151634

Better be a lesson to alwasy make a back up

>> No.8151908

Not just that, also make sure to VERIFY your backups on a seperate machine.
Nothing like backing up all your data to find out that your files were corrupted or that your storage medium has gone kaput.
Also, Suisei's new song for Chunithm (Sega arcade music game) is doing pretty good for something dropped outta nowhere, up to 400k views on 2 days.

>> No.8152382

>pekora reclining
n-nousagi sis... how do we stop the rabbit from hanging herself?

>> No.8153378

Kinda hilarious how you shit on nijien but call this remarkable in any way. Just confirms that nobody here even tried to watch them properly because of muh dem low numbers.

>> No.8153650

Chumkeks only see numbers, this is a numbers thread anyways, Gura being a shit streamer is irrelevant if she starts pulling numbers like yesterday again.

>> No.8153651
File: 212 KB, 420x466, 1628384250489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its time

>> No.8154402

Why are you in the numbers thread if you're going to complain about the numbers? 40k is almost 2x Gura's median views, hence it's a success for her.
If NijiEN gets 2x her median views, you'd be happy too - but you'd still be mad that 5-6k is a drop in a hat compared to the numbers most Chuubas here get

>> No.8154720

I wasn't complaining about numbers per se. Only about "big numbers = big talent" misconception that makes people who believe it skip nijien or even criticize them without ever watching them.

>> No.8154805

>but you'd still be mad that 5-6k is a drop in a hat compared to the numbers most Chuubas here get
At least he can't bitch anymore about us not talking about the smaller chuubas considering we have access to a top100 ranking site now. The onus is on him to make something interesting out of it rather than the rest of us having to give a damn about whatever it is he wants to complain about.

>> No.8154841

There's no way you don't know how pathetic you sound right now. I'm just going to chalk you up as a falseflagger because real NijiEN fans know how to shill their chuubas without sounding like beggars.

Anyways back to numbers, Ina got 7.5k doing a gacha shill game 8 hours past her normal time, which is around 70% of what her good numbers are in her normal time. Unlikely to reach her peak again tho because many left after she stopped pulling.

Also Calli with an almost 40% drop for Doom Eternal since she played it last time many months ago (10k last time, 6.7k now). But then again, apart from Henry Stickmin, it's been a long time since she's gotten 10k+ on a gaming stream.

>> No.8154925

Its very remarkable especially with the way she perfectly timed it with the music. That was just a recent example though. Gura naturally tells stories like this all the time and you would know that if you actually watched her. Fuck off Nijinigger.

>> No.8155014

Elira can do all that and you would know that if you actually watched her. Fuck off holobronie.

>> No.8155058

Numbers? Fuck off tribalniggers

>> No.8155095

I don't want to respond to shitty arguments in a NUMBERS thread but at least provide a clip

>> No.8155101

News flash: People here skip on NijiEN because people here don't like NijiEN. Simple as.
If literal whos like Prism Project, Tsunderia and Phase Connect have fans here than NijiEN, then you sure as hell know that NijiEN is the problem

>> No.8155123

You've made 3 posts in this thread and didn't mention any numbers.
Either post some or get the fuck out. idgaf if you're a nijifag or holobronie, but you're shitting up the thread with your cope.

>> No.8155149

You haven't explained anything in your post.

>> No.8155220

what happened to the fucking numbers? Get the fuck out from this thread and stay in your containment chamber, nigger. Get fucking gassed and hang yourself. We don't need your tribalism faggotry here. Talk about the fucking numbers or get the fuck out.

>> No.8155272

Dunno, tell me how >>8143873 relates to numbers. Numbers in the twitter link?

>> No.8155306

Luto is a more creative streamer than anyone in either HoloEN or NijiEN besides maybe Pomu, stop shitting up this thread though because her or any streamers' QUALITY is entirely irrelevant in a /NUMBERS/ thread you tribalfags

>> No.8155362

Yes, at least that has a number we can look at. The clip posted has been viewed 20.6 thousand times on twitter.

>> No.8155460

That post is off-topic, but at least it's trying to explain a reason for Gura's big numbers. If Elira suddenly inclined like crazy out of the blue, you can make a post like that too. Making a tribal post like you did in response is way more off-topic.

>> No.8155482

Well have a nice clip emphasizing Elira's comedic timing then.

>> No.8155504

>holoEN 2 getting IRyS numbers before debut
Very unlikely. At this point IRyS had 200k subs.

>> No.8155541

You know who would appreciate that better? The NijiGlobal thread. Why don't you post that there instead?

>> No.8155569

Anon, people shit on my oshi all day in here but I still participate in numbersposting, you need to get over yourself and start posting at least any numerical information instead of whiteknighting for her.

>> No.8155583

Not like they would've even if they kept their pace, but they definitely aren't going to get the same number as Irys now after they got half their subs removed.

>> No.8155605

Oh, sorry. 21,677 views.

>> No.8155671

To be fair, Irys debuted alone and had the Vsinger buff

>> No.8155750

This isn't the clipfag thread either. Why not post some insight on her live viewers increasing or decreasing due to whatever she's doing since you watch her?

>> No.8155760

She had all the buffs in the world. 2 weeks after coco graduation, Surprise countdown then instant reveal. Her twitter getting locked out as soon as possible creating attention from reddit and JOPs.

EN 2 is slightly unlucky being in the middle of YT fuckery at the moment

>> No.8155816

Since when is being a Vsinger a buff? Besides maybe Kaf and co, all the major examples like Hachi, YuNi, MiMi, MaiR etc are all extremely low in subcount.

>> No.8155834

>Irys debuted alone
Agree, it's easier to commit to subbing to one person you know nothing about than blanket subbing to 5 you know nothing about.

> Vsinger buff
Don't think this is a thing tho, and from what we know about Irys now, she streams more hours than 3/5ths of HoloMyth lol

>> No.8155884

Irys has a massive avatar debuff.
HoloEN2 is DOA.

>> No.8155888

It's a buff because you have good singers in HoloEN already - anyone who gets chosen for EN Vsinger has this big expectation set upon them because they likely should be better

>> No.8155941

>It's a buff because you have good singers in HoloEN already

>> No.8155969

That anon is either a falseflagger or a really stupid nijifag. Who thinks it's a good idea to shill their chuubas by flinging shit at the most popular chuuba on /vt/?

>> No.8156131
File: 91 KB, 1581x490, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of Hachi, she's on a massive incline lately after having just one clip go viral. The power of clippers seriously can't be understated.

>> No.8156204

>you have good singers in HoloEN already
Gura - sure
Kiara - average at best
Calli - Average to below average if you've heard her karaokes
Ina - karaoke tier
Ame - SOVL
People were just hyped that she's the newest Holomem in a long time. If anything, Irys having a polarizing design nerfed her numbers already.

>HoloEN2 is DOA.
They're all going to get 300k subs by the end of their first week despite Youtube culling half their subs today.

>> No.8156372

It's crazy that a 1-week old, 61k view clip is already considered viral for some of these smaller vtubers. Also crazy that Hachi is one of the more respected Vsingers and she has less subs than many Hololive clip channels. AZKI covered her original song at the start of the month too, which might have given her some attention as well. 100k in a 17 days vs 184k views on Hachi's after 1 year+.


>> No.8156555

I don't think many of these VSingers particularly care about views/subs compared to ticket and CD sales. Like Fuji Aoi "only" has 300k subs yet has had 3 CDs and packed concerts

>> No.8156762

Most of her releases are from 2018-2019 though

>> No.8157749

Damn Noah is doing really good lately. Wonder how much she'll get for her new costume.

>> No.8157768

that's true but views/subs indicate you are growing. Wouldn't want to fall to irrelevancy as years go by.

>> No.8159005
File: 681 KB, 1434x614, F2018571-3F9E-4FDB-84CC-D276A85E0454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Moona overlapping with some 3D Live again
Granted there is no slot forced reservation it doesn’t seem to be an issue and if her lasts longer than the 3D she’ll catch up the outflow from it like last time.

>> No.8159408

I refuse to watch any Niji because their fans fucked over Hololive multiple times.

>> No.8159409

>Big guests buff+important announcement buff+3d live buff+good at singing buff
I say Watame will get 90k+, Nijicucks should prepare some lube right now because they're gonna get fucked soon.

>> No.8159433

>I say Watame will get 90k
Dame anon here, sorry, little typo here. I meant 19k. Sorry for making it look like a false flag.

>> No.8159461

This but with Holo instead

>> No.8159495
File: 666 KB, 578x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah yeah, I remember when Hololive fans harassed a Niji talent till they graduated.

No Wait that was Lulu & other girls within Niji

>> No.8159553

This but with Holofans harassing their girls and outsiders instead

>> No.8159857

No problem, typos happen. But I think she should get similar number to AZKi's concert for having two guests.

>> No.8160329
File: 233 KB, 366x558, 1CA2480E-3F0D-4033-8E90-7F7D27F63BF5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>slashes your subs
Nothing personel, kiddos

>nobody escapes watamage cappricious nature

>> No.8160446

This is a pretty good timeslot for mid-tier Apex vtubers. Last time Ars, Noah and Towa played Apex at this time, Towa got 9k.

>> No.8160458

Niji had same problem nijinigger

>> No.8160587

I think you're giving Watame a bit too little credit lol. She's definitely going to get 40k+ at least, possibly higher because Calli is a guest and that's a rare site + big announcement at the end of the stream.
Judging this from Nene getting 47k on a sololive, Watame being much more popular than Nene and she has at least 2 guests that people are hyped for (Botan and Calli).

>> No.8160692
File: 372 KB, 1224x805, 2Q4UvAn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The rare double peak 3-hours in. Mori inclining hard after transitioning from Doom Eternal to BBQ. Gaming is truly a debuff for her LMAO.

>> No.8160811

seems the girls got culled again
from 70k to 5k

>> No.8160867


>> No.8160937

What’s BBQ in this context?

>> No.8160986

She's literally grilling on stream, you can see her gloved hands

>> No.8161008
File: 474 KB, 1384x1162, 38A05DB2-57D7-412A-9672-71A79A7FCA06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8161095

is being long since a watame 3d so points of refernce are obsolete.
I think 100k is obtainable but depends on the hype

>> No.8161112
File: 2.74 MB, 640x720, Murica.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JEJ, 100% america

>> No.8161126

I'm fine with that in theory, especially since the way they handle it is let the AI do their work and if there are any false positives they can take it up with a human and the issue will be resolved.
The issue is that the human moderation is done by a bunch of poorly paid pajeets who only know how to copy paste canned phrases and Youtube lets their AI have way too broad of a reach and allows them to fuck things up in a way that makes it really hard for their pajeets to verify and unfuck.

>> No.8161488

I know the sub cull has happened before but it just proves how garbage Youtube is.
They've forcefully unsubbed about 70k people for no reason.

>> No.8161571

They don’t even need to change to moderator manual review. They could just implement a “two tracks” system where companies and selected individual creators get a notification before the robot acts
>it was detected a suspicious activity in X account under your management
>please review the data below and click “I vouch for this account”
>if you don’t take any action in X days the account will be demonetized/have subs slashed/shadowbanned/eliminated
>if further evidence is detected that tou vouch for a fraudulent action you’ll may lose your vouching privileges

That would fix it and is very similar to the way strikes are handled (with the possibility to appeal them)

>> No.8161573

is pretty much like twitter. there is just not many channels that sudenly gain in 24hrs 100k+ suscribers or followers.
not even the new leo and lain were this fast. Irys just lucked out she sidnt get a culling day.

>> No.8161600

Irys did, she just got one really early on and it removed like 10k subs unlike this time round where it removed 70k

>> No.8161699

As i said, she lucked out.
This process happens in random days.

>> No.8161717

new nijis had like 10k predebut

>> No.8161785

wait really?
i tought they had 50k

>> No.8162020
File: 207 KB, 1000x2012, 1629346815069.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even /mlb/ chads prefer Hololive

>> No.8162541
File: 289 KB, 1920x1080, botan telling anya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Botan telling Anya
>play Minecraft for that swift incline

Not in these words but that's the truth. If she doesn't interact with JP she will get left behind (and she didn't, so she did)

>> No.8162575

Also, this reverse totsu was genius, caught Botan mid stream (for instance) even and attracted a lot of eyes that way.
Those 17k were well deserved, hopefully she'll be put in an increase path

>> No.8162772
File: 19 KB, 600x204, 864348746937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you mean 5k after Susan cutting their subs.

>> No.8162777

nijien had 30k+ something i think? jp much less
lain at 15k at leos at about 10k, if i remember correctly. then after his debut he gained like 90k in just a day

>> No.8162807

I can understand her Japanese much better than English and she sounds a lot more confident speaking Japanese as well. Might as well convert into full time JP for better numbers.

>> No.8162887
File: 56 KB, 706x545, last day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of Anya
>sorted by last day, excluding "millionaires"
Anya stonks!

>> No.8163107

I mean, Ollie is honarary EN, might as well have Anya be honarary JP since ID2 has basically chosen the international market over the domestic one.

>> No.8163852

I wonder what percent their local audience is? do we have numbers for indo only streams?

>> No.8163893

Probably in the single % digits, the whole branch is propped up by non indos.

>> No.8163947

Pre-coof break Iofi was getting 800-1000 viewers for ID zatsudans and drawing streams. They actually outperformed her collabs with Ollie and Watame.

>> No.8164327
File: 869 KB, 2400x1440, numbers thread posts per hour jst.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here folks, threads is slow so it's time for some meta-numberfaggotry
>pic related

Posts per hour in this thread, counting only the past few threads that were still not purged from the archives.
Time is in JST and the activity seems to crash with JP graveyard time, and for obvious reasons
>not a lot to talk about numbers when there is nobody streaming

>> No.8164395
File: 866 KB, 2400x1440, numbers thread posts per hour edt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the same chart, but for burger East Coast timezone

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