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Unpopular opinion, but i think nijiniggers should be banned from this board

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Popular opinion: I think SEAniggers like OP should be rangebanned

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Last time I checked this board wasn't named /hlv/

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Unpopular opinion, but I think EOPs should be banned from this board

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Popular opinion, I think my dick should be in your ass.

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underrated opinion: generals should get their own board. they clog up the catalog bigly

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Fuck yes. Ban all the SAEniggers.

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I run a translation channel and there's a shit ton of Filipino viewers no matter if I translate Holo or Niji. We are all SEA here

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Personal opinion, Suisei should piss into my ass.

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Would be a fun experiment to see how much thread quality would go up if SEAniggers got banned for a day.

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