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Imagine mindfucking Nijitrannies this hard.

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This is some bitter seethe OP

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>Imagine mindfucking Nijitrannies this hard.

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Is your anus on fire, OP?

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Nijitrannies seething again...

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Do they ever stop?

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Is there a reason why Holofans and Nijifans are supposed to hate each other ? It just seems really childish.

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>NijiEN inspired HoloEN management to be more open about collabs
Whoever wrote this just convenient forgot about a certain dragon, huh.

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>Nijitrannies seething again...
>Do they ever stop?

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There are a lot of kids ib this board

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Is childish, everything here is childish.

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/jp/sies retardedly imitated 5ch's Holo/Niji console war and it stuck with this board's retards

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the mentally ill need something to fixate their delusions on

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We hate each other beacuse Niji always acts like in OPs image.

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I'm not reading all that but OP is a faggot anyway.

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>We hate each other beacuse Niji always acts like in OPs image.

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Is this one of those things where Holos can’t think of a sound argument so they immediately go to numbers?

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Niji's are hipsters, i hate l of those miserable faggots

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you mean the dragon that quit because they wouldn't let her collab?

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Naturally, said dragon would have a much bigger effect on management than NijiEN, no?

>> No.8151738

after all, they're favorite past time is to be statistics.

>> No.8151771

There isn't, is just a bunck of YWNBJ wizards trying to copy jap antis

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Seems unlikely since she explicitly left over management's unwillingness to budge on this singular issue. Why would they have a change of heart over her leaving when they could've kept her around by changing their minds sooner? Maybe Mori threatened to leave unless they let her do her collabs since their contract renewals are coming up I guess.

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How does it feel to see your girls get absolutely mogged by hololive girls day in and day out nijifags?

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It's exciting to see brand new streams from the talented members of Lazulight & Obsydia every single day! I'm really happy that Pomu-san is back from her hiatus as well!!

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Nijisisters are seething again

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>His anus was so devastated that he took a post from an active thread and made a whole new thread with it.

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>one of the biggest moneymakers of our decides to leave company because she was unsatisified
>"maybe we should lighten up a little with our tight-ass management so we don't have a repeat of this"
It's not a hard of a conclusion to make retardchama.

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Sell me on Pomu
Make it good
I swear to God if she's just another twitch whores...

>> No.8152065

I'm not directing a schizo that thinks in terms like "twitch whores" to my precious fairy.

>> No.8152080

She is just another twitch whore

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"I hate Nijiniggers because they made fun of Hololive on /vt before i started browsing 4chan"

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That just makes management look worse if all it took for them to change their minds was Coco leaving when they could've kept her around by just giving her what she wanted. Like if they aren't even willing to stick to their guns why were they being so strict in the first place?

She's currently talking about Mika Pikazo following her on Twitter and how excited she is to watch the new HoloEN debuts. Really disrespectful to all of us tribalfags fighting the good fight on her behalf bros...

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drama baiters & underage posters who think that liking only 1 thing is a personality trait

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fuck off holobrony, just watch your funny rabbit clips

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>management changing their minds is a bad thing
You are retarded.

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gen2 soon baby! finally a breath of fresh air
nijiwhores, nijichinks, nijitrannies can go back to collab with vshoujo now

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tribalism cause they want to have their side "win" as they've never experienced any type of win in their life

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Good management can see opportunities when they arise instead of relying on hindsight for all their decisions. What are they gonna do when The Final Yab actually happens, just quietly change company policy again instead of being proactive to prevent it in the first place?

>> No.8152536

Why do Niji fans cope so much anyway?
Niji got into the western market too late and now Hololive and even Vshojo already have a very strong hold of it with no signs of ever letting go, the fact that Gen 2 in a single day completely eclipsed them in attention and numbers clearly show that.
Just accept it and move on, you can still enjoy your favorite chubas, so whats the issue?

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Despite being the minority of /vt/
Nijiniggers make more seething posts than HoloCHADs

>> No.8152860

You are the first person on this godforsaken board who is seriously trying to frame cover management trying to fix one of their biggest issues as a bad thing. I don't even want to defend them yet you are bending over backwards just for the sake of being right.

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