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virtual youtubers owe me sex

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You're going to die alone and a virgin.
Just wanted to remind you. Good day,

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just hang yourself OP.

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Hey man, you should check out Ayame
Something really special may or may not happen if you give her enough money

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I know it was bait I just felt like it was my civic duty to inform OP.

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Uruha Rushia owe me sex

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Unironially and universally true

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redditors MALDING though

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They don't. They owe it to me though.

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It's not particularly difficult to not die a virgin since you can pay for it on your death bed, though

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brave soul dropping t bombs

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Redditors dilating right now

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im here for the yummy shark cunny
who are you going to have sex with?

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Don't flatter yourself. I want to fuck the model, not the person behind it.

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Congrats on getting on vt_takes!!!!!!!!!!

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Booty and chest. Marine owes me sex.

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Holy based, redditors on suicide watch

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virtual youtubers owe me their fat bodies

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nah, I plam on tricking god into thinking I was some kind of celibate saint

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and my spelling errors will prove sister poverty is my waifu

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No, she owes her boyfriend sex while we redditors fund their sex escapades.

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yeah, me

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don't flatter yourself. I want to fuck the person behind it, not the model

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I once gave my oshi 5 bucks, I think she at least should give me a blowjob

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Bend over then

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>virtual youtubers owe me sex
You retard you can't fuck a 2D girl. YEs even if she's on YouTube and even if the actress tells of her real life.
In the end it's still a person on a screen. You wouldn't be fucking the vtuber if you fucked the actress.

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>Why yes I only watch vtubers stream for 5 minutes, leave a comment then leave

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This isn't bait you faggot it's called a fucking joke.

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Yeah, with me.

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everyday i go on the internet im being sexually harassed by horny vtubers. i had to buy a stick to beat them off. im so tired of it.

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Mashiro can do whatever fuck he wants to me.

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Redditors don't understand jokes unless you put /s at the end

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>Suisei's gonna run out of cigarettes before I'm done with you
That's not difficult, she chainsmokes.

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>open stream
>see dog

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Holy based.

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>Marine owes me sex.

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