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We dearly miss her.

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first for green lamy

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We deerly miss her, too.

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Qué paso

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rip midori ramii

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What happened?

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Nothing, it's schizos.

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She died in the hurricane.

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sana had a "Nigga Moment" and shot her in the head, then skullfucked green ramys corpse with her futa cock.

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I found out where she lived and kidnapped her and turned her into my personal baby factory forever.

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wtf I love Sana now

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This Ceres Fauna the Nature Avatar has become Foreverial Tiedup Fauna and she was fully delitized with her organs and inside and literally her whole body changed into a permanent living bologna version with permanent living bologna organs and insides and a permanent bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue. nose is a permanent pastrami nose and has two permanent ham lips and two permanent bologna and ham ears. Fully wrapped like a mummy, tiedup this way to remain and always jumping around with a permanent smile on her face and a wide open permanent bologna mouth speaking constantly ready to lick anyone or anything with her permanent Bologna, ham and cream cheese tongue.

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She got reassimilated back into the master Lamy

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Hey guys
Im at Ceres grave in jew York
Just hanging out.

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Kill yourself Ina

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