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the final yab is here. there is no question this time. no crazy rrats, no speculating, no guessing or predicting or debating.... no hope for recovery.
this is it.
look at this place.... look at the fighting. every single thread... do you think this is normal? that it's all just going to go away?
last week, when you thought about the debuts of 5 new hololive talents did you expect this? of course not. nobody would have been that pessimistic.
not even I could predict hololive would fall like this. brought down by... cuckolds.
not because of china, not because of fukishima 2.0... but because of cucks.

the thing about cucks... they enjoy it. a cuck's entire existence and their end goal that would bring them the ultimate orgasm, is to truly lose everything.
there is no greater feeling to a cuck than losing everything. their wife, their children, their money, their dignity, their self respect....
....their oshi.

the cucks wanted this. they always wanted this. they masturbated to the thought every night. and now, cover gave it to them on a silver platter.
the cucks have won tonight. and they will cum. and they will keep cumming. until the day cover corp closes its doors, they will cum then too, saying "im glad my oshi can live with her husband in peace, now".
Hololive is dead.
it was fun while it lasted, everybody. and im sorry.
Maybe next time... it could be different.


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It's finally monday, go get your prescription meds

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>nobody would have been that pessimistic
I am

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no tldr? fuck off i ain't reading that

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if they're not cringe and no talent,
cuckfag can't beat them

ignore cuckolds for a while, can you really treat this five indie level vtuber as your oshi?
for me, no

I can't believe I've waited for these things for so long.
every generation of hololive has some spot
this generation has nothing but cringe lore only

Yes take you med
stop watching holoEN but holoJP instead

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JP are also terrible, only EN1 is any good, miracle gen.

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At least post a better song.

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You wanna explain what you're on about? I don't watch EN garbage.

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I told everyone EN2 was gonna be snarky e-thots who's just in it for money. I remember someone giving assurance that we could trust the cover talent scouting team. It's just not the same anymore..

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I 100% expected this. /vt/ has repeatedly done this.

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Lmao chumcuck cope

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OP hypothesizes that cucks are the target audience Hololive is aiming for and given recent roommate revelations, cucks will like it even more now, making everyone else disgusted and leave vtubing for good. KEK

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Not gonna read. Take your meds

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Can I get a run down on the roommate thing? What happened exactly?

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NTRchads.. We won!

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Sextapes leaked, she is a blacked regular.

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what is this post even

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4chinz was always about raging and arguing with people very vehemently even if you agreed with them

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fauna, mumei, and sana have previously had boyfriends.
keyword: previously, as in, probably not with them now. but schizos are already quivering

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They all seem to be in the range of 30 so no fucking surprise there.

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Didn't half of EN1 have boyfriends anyway? White women just fuck anything that moves why is this even surprising

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maybe say this when a holo actually dies

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Checked, but can I get a real run down?

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Cringy and gay
Kiara still the best. Subaru still the best. Ceres is cute and she doesnt sound like the time clown.

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Ah, did their old content get found already or something?

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Half? Try all. Wouldn't be surprised if they still date since EN culture is different than JP.

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I'm happy for you or sorry you feel that way, but I'm not reading your retarded schizo wall of text.

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The overwhelming majority of Holos has or had boyfriends. Sorry if the rest of us are not delusional retards actually believing the pure untouched chuuba nonsense.

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Wasn't Sana's one an edit? The tumblr one?

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Oh the horror.
Who gives a fuck? The roommates can fuck and get married as long as it doesn't leak into the character and it isn't scummy shit like the Vshojo corpse whore.

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the absolute state

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Touch grass, anon.

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Luna is only 0 she can't have had sex before.

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this is what gfe fags deserve
i'm not the one so obsessed with cuckoldry i see it in every shadow
i'd say get fucked, but i doubt you could manage that if you tried

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>assuming tweet mentioning bf is the last one mentioning him, shachi hasnt mentioned her boyfriend in almost a fucking year
yea bro youre totally being cucked by this non-existent man

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The freshly deleted tweet about her bf was 6months ago i think. But yeah she did post a cryptic tweet with broken hearts a month later...

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>t. falseflagging niji

>> No.8460499

meant for >>8460019 rumao

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All but rrat

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I am more suprises to see if EN1 have bf already
Although mori seems the likely candidate that actually have one

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Silly anon. (You) are the final yab.

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OP said everyone who likes holoEN 2 are filthy cucks because they the girls have boyfriends.

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Have fun killing yourself I guess

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who are time and space then?

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i love mitomito

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don't use elegia in such a shit thread, faggot

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thats because the rrat is ollies alter ego. silly anon.

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I'm interested to see what happens when we get homostars EN and some of them turn out to have girlfriends

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we turn the tables and cuck THEM

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Nice music taste but please don't be a faggot and take your meds

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The real question is do we know its her? She locked her twitter. Could be proof, but if a bunch of people suddenly appeared on my old tweets I'd private as well.

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Anon the sana one is a fake pic, just go to webarchive and search a bit, you will find that :
It has a link to her previous trip report from 2014, she went with a GIRL at that time and in 2016 there is no mention of a boyfriend.
Her tumblr is well archived, if that boyfriend claim was legit we'd have it already but anon only gave us that google search screenshot.

Btw rrat is anya and ollie's love child.

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jannies seething right now so good night everyone, and sorry jannies for being unicorn but I just want you to know chuubas shouldn’t have boyfriends. It has no benefits but a whole shit ton of downsides. And also I want it to be known I will never stop.

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I hope you kill yourself.

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Thank you for sharing it with us. I nearly considered watching those whores

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I tried searching for it, and couldn't find anything. Sana's seem to be fake
Fauna is probably still in a relationship while selling GFE and ASMR stuff
Mumei had a bf

>> No.8466654

kek based

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That's why I stopped thinking that the government going after incels and NEETs isn't a bad idea at all.

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The posts may be fake but if you think she didn't have a single boyfriend in the past 7 years you're delusional

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The face of this thread

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Oh i didnt say that, i'm just pointing out the truth about that "Sana bf" yab. Anon is full of shit, she may be in a relationship with a fucking furry for all we know, but there is no proofs as of now.

>> No.8466976

yeah, its definitely not because preying on lonely people's wallets while fucking someone else at night is wrong, go fuck yourself cuck, just because you get off on the idea doesn't mean other people will

>> No.8467010

The face of their oblivious fans when sending their hard earned money

>> No.8467100

>she may be in a relationship with a fucking furry for all we know
yeah she is fubukis gf

>> No.8467130

>preying on lonely people's wallets while fucking someone else at night is wrong
it's not wrong,
have sex, go outside or just kill yourself already

>> No.8467132

imagine wanting your oshi to tank her career and be miserable 24/7, potentially domestically abused too for “cheating” by talking to chat too much. I want holocouncil to succeed, they could reach gura numbers if they remove the bf debuff…. But it will never happen because spineless yesmen cucks don’t have the brain or the courage to help their oshi’s. Pathetic!

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cut your dick off with a fruit mixer incel

imagine being this pathetic and sad non of the Holos are fucking virgins gtfo or simply kill yourself

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No matter what happens, always remember that Ayame will be THE whore of Hololive.

>> No.8467254

seething NTR fan

>> No.8467258

>being a disgusting golddigger that plays with weak people's hearts while having sex with other people at night isn't wrong
let me guess, you use twitter and watch vshojo? try not being a fucking cuck for once, it might change your opinion on the matter

>> No.8467263 [DELETED] 

Honestly, this kind of people and (you) should just kill your miserable selves. Your existence is an hindrance to society.

>> No.8467285

again, incel cucks bring it back to sex when nobody mentions it. Projection much? Perhaps you’re unironically a virgin?
I don’t want them to fail, but if they can’t ditch their little cuck bf’s when given the opportunity of a lifetime then they should never auditioned in the first place.

>> No.8467312

>they could reach gura numbers if they remove the bf debuff
kill yourself Cumbud. where's 50% of that sub number now huh? get it that's why no one should appeal to you underaged swines go outside and have sex

>> No.8467313 [DELETED] 

All of the girls in Hololive had boyfriends and have took dick at some points of their lives ;)

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I feel for you anon, I would have been on the same position as you 2 months ago but after I managed to make love with my girlfriend(virgin) of 3 years, things started to change for me... I was freed from the incel mindset and a new me was born.
The first thing that I noticed was everything's seemed a little bit brighter it's like the snyder filter in me disappeared and replaced by disney's.
I also tend to be a bit more forgiving towards kikes, sodomites, women, sand niggers, sea niggers, zhang niggers, spic niggers and regular niggers.
The new me is affectionate, empathetic and diverse.
I don't regret having sex, this is what I wanted, my salvation, the sex haver.

>> No.8467324

>cucks can't even reply to posts
go back, i fucking knew you faggots had to be tourists, only reddit users have these garbage fucking takes

>> No.8467330

And that is why we love her!

>> No.8467366

>telling underaged kids to have sex
not a good look cucklord….. ohnonononono

>> No.8467382

>it's not wrong
it is

>> No.8467399 [DELETED] 

You should stop bringing up your inner cuckholding fetish, incel. These girls aren't and never will be your girlfriend. And I'm replying to these posts, is just that you guys don't even deserve an (you).

>> No.8467420

go back

>> No.8467443

woah, imagine their pussy getting pounded after they stream for 3-4 hours, imagine the smell. I really envy that dude

>> No.8467456

You’re watching an anime bitch play Minecraft for 4 hours, not taking them to your apartment faggot. Do the world a favor and kill yourself.

>> No.8467479 [DELETED] 

No, I'm here to stay. But you should just ragequit the game of life and then all your anger will go alway. Also, send a message to this evil society with a mass shooting.

>> No.8467480

Boyfriend is the ultimate retard filter for chuubas. I wouldn't be surprised if they start creating fake boyfriends to keep the incels out.

>> No.8467498

excuse me cuck but we respect vtubers on this board, if you want to go tell your little stories about watching them have sex and touch grass and suck their bf’s dicks, please go elsewhere. This is the vtuber board!!

>> No.8467508

>how much did you earn today honey?
>streamer : i got 1.5k today darling
>sweet, we gonna have a vacation soon, i'm gonna make you a mommy to our cute children

pretty sweet isnt it?

>> No.8467509

Being a vtuber isnt about pleasing lonely entitled cunts like you OP
>ditch their little cuck bf’s when given the opportunity of a lifetime
So in summary you want them to be like those twitch thot gold diggers? Unironically have sex this is what does to a man who never talked to a woman before

>> No.8467539 [DELETED] 

None of the girls in Hololive are talking about their sex life, your schizophrenic incel. You're comparing roommates having girlfriend with sluts at Vshoujo.

>> No.8467563

would be a good trend, haachama finally can retire

>> No.8467579

VTubers are women pretending to be anime girls. It's all built on deception and cuckery, what difference does it make if one of them has a bf?

>> No.8467594

listen cuck, these vtubers you’re defending actually hate cucks like you…. Sorry to say…. I write letters back and forth with some big vtubers, and by the way, they hate weird reddit white knights. Watch sex, touch grass cuck lord.

>> No.8467598

Imagine kson eating kanata's cunny after they both just had a 5hours rfa stream.
Imagine Suisei coming in just to witness them going at it and then she joins them...
Imagine Shion's favorite oji-san plowing her asshole after she ate a can of beans.
Imagine anon, imagine.

>> No.8467614 [DELETED] 

I hope they do that. Idolfaggotry destroyed vtubers and attracted the worst kind of trash to the fanbase.

>> No.8467645

>an incel telling the others to have sex
the irony

>> No.8467664

Tbh this is why I like Gundou Mirei
Openly has dated women and talks about lesbian clubs and bars

>> No.8467667

Another case of someone who doesn’t watch/enjoy/care about vtubers wishing for their demise just so they can feel glee at winning a 4chan argument….
Meds now!!!

>> No.8467677 [DELETED] 

No one here is white knighting, just being normal rational human beings and calling out (you) for your schizophrenia.

>> No.8467681

yeah, i really like to watch them doing that anon

I will clean that oji-san sperm from shion cunny

>> No.8467702

Can you read or did you misplace your spectacles, cuck? Perhaps the bull broke them if you left them on the bedside table….
I said WATCH sex. Not do sex. Because you are a cuck!!!

>> No.8467736


>> No.8467787

well i just hope they had a good dicking though
cant beat that Alpha Male dominancy

>> No.8467794

how come you get so upset at the mere mention that people won't watch a chuba that has a bf
why do you go into an uncontrollable rage at the mere mention of that?
why are you trying to showe your cuck fetish onto others?

>> No.8467795 [DELETED] 

Dude, you fuckers bring up their roommate having boyfriends, they don't talk about them on stream, because that's not part of their character. You losers are the ones digging about their private life and associating it to their character, (you) people are the ones bringing demise to vtubing. You guys are mentally ill and a prime example of what lack of human interaction outside of the internet does to a motherfucker.

>> No.8467844

Wow so cute i'm so glad i supported my oshi and her bf like the good cuck that i am.

>> No.8467863

upset? no, instead i'm happy that someone is taking care of her after she stream

>> No.8467869

who are you replying to schizo? The meds not working?? Guess we should bump you up a dose cuck……

>> No.8467900

i know right? I'm a loser though

>> No.8467917

>recent roommate revelations
Just call them rrats.

>> No.8467927

literal cuck with a side of misogyny.
no female wants a man who thinks women are helpless creatures who can’t take care of themselves…. It’s gross….
Why are incel cucks like this? man up!

>> No.8467976

>if you're preying on lonely people's wallet you have to be miserable yourself
christ you are pathethic

>> No.8467992

holy shiit have sex you're far too gone
this is the kind of mentally ill faggots who keep ruining the fandom
>they could reach gura numbers
and it just happens to be a cumbud color me surprised

>> No.8468008

This entire board would see a massive improvement if SEAniggers and ESLs were banned on sight. They make up the vast majority of NTRfaggotry.

>> No.8468015

I just don't like (you)

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File: 5 KB, 230x122, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the irony

>> No.8468030

go back

>> No.8468044

Here's some advice for you.
Stop developing parasocial relationships.
They're not a substitute for actual interaction, and they will ultimately just drive you insane.

Or better yet, just kill yourself because you're a worthless NEET faggot.

>> No.8468045

nothing in his reply-chain is mentioning gura at all you schizo nigger

>> No.8468091

No i dont develop parasocial realtionship, I'm glad that they have a romantic relationship like a healthy human being. If my money can make them happy i will support these couples

>> No.8468094

Because you are a Nijifag starting drama as your kind always do, and the only one of these that is real is the green one.

>> No.8468124

But anon those are two different things.
Rrat are bullshit theories.
Roommate stuff (for owl and deer at least) is factual.

>> No.8468125 [SPOILER] 

ok, but I won't watch a chuuba that has a bg

>> No.8468133

All of your oshis have taken dick, and they will never take yours.

>> No.8468135

Sorry, I don’t read anything from a wagie. But thank you for the (you)

>> No.8468156

>they could reach gura numbers
forgot to>>8467132
i lost brain cells trying to understand why is OP this mentally deranged

>> No.8468175

?? i dont though, they are having a life-changing revenue from vtubing is making me happy. You should too anon, be happy that she had a man beside her

>> No.8468181

>If my money can make them happy i will support these couples
Who's the cuck now?

>> No.8468209

My oshi is Astel and your post makes me mad.

>> No.8468217

i just dont understand why this people getting angry at a woman who had a romantic relationship

>> No.8468234

Cover? Life changing revenue? Sorry but they need gura numbers to even make the pay worth it sweaty, and they aren’t getting those numbers if they have a bf.

>> No.8468258

keep on seething, faggot.

>> No.8468262

i will try my best even if it just to pay for their condom

>> No.8468320

If the owl rommate shit was true (it ain't) she would have the big numbers already.

>> No.8468344


>> No.8468380

>the sheer amount of fucking cucks itt
it really is over, holoEN must have attracted all the pathetic trash taste twitchfags to this website, i can't believe people are seriously on the side of bitches that are sucking cock while taking other people's money by lying through their teeth

>> No.8468393

This might help.
It's OP in a nutshell.

>> No.8468431

i prefer 2019 guy, my favourite song


>> No.8468439

What kind of salary is "worth it" in your eyes?

>> No.8468448

>when you thought about the debuts of 5 new hololive talents did you expect this?
Yeah anon,I've been on this board long enough to know every major hololive event turns it into an even bigger shithole.

>> No.8468452

Didn’t watch, I’m not a cuck so I don’t watch YouTube cartoons. Sorry

>> No.8468511

I will NOT watch Nijisanji anon.
I never will, not after what was done to Korone.

>> No.8468606

You're not even trying anymore.
Keep crying, faggot.

>> No.8468630

anything that moves except you baka

>> No.8468638

Not to mention Mumei's roommate still isn't confirmed, so even then the bf rrat may not be true. Could still be true regardless because more than 1 girl can get a BF, but its whatever.

>> No.8468676

purityfags lost. sorry but people can't be forced to stay virgin for the rest of their lives just because japanese media told them to.

>> No.8468692

What the fuck did you expect holobronies are majority redditors/twitterfaggots

>> No.8468698

Have sex faggot

>> No.8468744

Don't make it too obvious or you won't get your paycheck

>> No.8468820

I'm glad my oshi was smart enough to private all her accounts before her debut. What I don't know can't hurt me

>> No.8468843
File: 183 KB, 459x544, p1p74r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so to summarize it up if you:

>Agree and supportive of this you are a cuck
>if you disagree and are upset about this you are an incel
>everything in between or "don't care" opinion is a cuck-in-denial

>> No.8468868

Seems about right.

>> No.8468870

>he thinks this is about purity
its about them currently having a boyfriend you faggot

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