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Nani!? Hähnchen dorifto!?

Mario Kart Tourney POV: https://youtu.be/OxdEabuXAig

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1429480983825457153

Art by: https://twitter.com/donna_yui/status/1430933488878821377

Previous thread: >>8637725

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*bam bam*

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tomorrow is serious mode

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I believe in me chimken

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I'm betting for my chikin to win or at least be in the TOP 3!

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I will be so proud of her if she does!
Imagine how adorably smug she'll be!

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Unbelievably smug...

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Top3 is achievable.

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Oh god I want to see that.

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The best thing about this collab is that I'm not even force yo listen to the chicken

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In case you missed it, you have a chance to race her 2 hours before the tournament

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>punch me in my stomach real good
Jesas Kiara kek

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So much hype for tomorrow, I'm so proud of Kiara for all the work she put into setting this up.

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I've been listening to Hinotori a lot lately, this song really holds up

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Kiara PLEASE don't attract the ryonafags

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Hearing FBK call it kakkoii after playing it in Groove Coaster was was nice, I hope Kiara at least heard about it.
My one complaint is how low she’s mixed, she’s too quiet in the song. I wish she’d do a remaster where she really belts it.

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yeah, every live version of Hinotori is great for that reason. I want Risu to teach Kiara to belt the way Risu did in King

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Goodbye Sengen's about to pass it in views, that thing is still chugging along. Hinotori used to be meh to me, but I like it when I throw it on, occasionally.
I can't help but listen to SPARKS and Goodbye Sengen every day, they're both so good.

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Just gave it another listen and I actually felt nostalgic for an anime that doesn't exist. I guess it lends credence to the generic anime OP sentiment, which has it's own outdated charm.

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Isn't uncommon desu, Error and Saga Jihan both have more views than the talents's og songs (Towa and Suisei), also, Yuna fucking sold the MV and Kiara managed to show levels of flexing with the way she sing it. For me is a killer MV, people praise Ayame or Seaweed ones but Ayame is kind off sometimes. Even Nenechi GD is nothing for me.

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To the guy who replied to my comment about her first MK8 stream, damn she went wild during that one. All over the board and I'm starting to hear the commanding(?) sound in her voice directed at KFP. God it's so much fun to watch her grow video by video.

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>God it's so much fun to watch her grow video by video
This has been my exact feeling ever since I started watching her. She's just been improving little by little every single day, every single stream. It's so gratifying. That's why I'll always shake my head at the people who underestimate her or call her dumb unironically. She's a fast learner and has a good attitude towards improvement.

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haha yes, I remember that. "KFP Janitors, clean that shit up" was such a great line. One thing Kiara learned was how to "stay in the bit" more and not laugh at her own jokes as much as she used to.

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if you hover over the thumbnail for her lasagna video, the preview shows that Garfield comic strip, which is kind of funny

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She sure showed off some bottom left shit for a hot minute too. "PUT THIS BANANA IN MY ASS" is pretty strong.
Also this was the one where Artimis showed up and had people rrat posting far into the future.

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lol, the really on-the-nose sex jokes are something she's grown out of, thankfully. It never felt like it really suited her in my opinion

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Agreed. I like the coy stuff way more.

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a good example of Kiara's growth here is her r meme review with Coco where she keeps deflecting Coco's attempts to get her to say something dirty. it's really brilliant.
>hey Kiara, do you have a tight asshole?
>well, I have a tight *ass*

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I'm so glad that Kiara fuck off from Artemis shit quickly after >her shitty debut

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Holy shit, I also am noticing her breaths a lot more in her old mic setup. I don't know why I didn't notice all the inhales prior, but I totally can't not hear them now.

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Didn't expect her to take the practice this seriously. Not that it will amount to anything given how low IQ she is, I think she just wants to make sure she's not last place.

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her performance depends completely on her chat interaction.
100% focus on chat: last place
0% focus on chat: first place
don't text and drive kids

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New crunchy art

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juicy mamaloni

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This should give Kiara a chuckle when she sees it. Maybe a bit too spicy a RT

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I watched Kiara for the first time today, the Minecraft stream with her mom, and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I fell for the /vt/ meme about hating on her. Why do people hate her?

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Old drama with shitty people spun into easy to copy shitposts. Her voice and personality aren't for everyone, but that's always the case with any chuuba.

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/vt/ is full of underage ESLs and ESLs hate nothing more than their own people, especially when they're successful. Also a lot of people don't understand basic human interaction and love misinterpreting or blowing the things she says way out of proportion. She even called them out for doing shit like that and they still seethed lol

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She retweeted the twister art just fine. And Waterring's swimsuit although she took that one back.

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She has a handful very dedicated haters who try to control the conversation about her using dead rrats. There is a reason Kiara's antis get bullied relentlessly in /hlgg/ while Mori hate gets accepted to a certain degree.
Mori gets more hate than she deserves but it is at least partially based on her performance on stream while almost all Kiara hate is either made up or outdated. Admittedly her start was pretty rough. But she has improved a ton since then.
And just to mention it: Yes, Mori is also currently rapidly improving. That last TTRPG session failed but it was still enjoyable nontheless.

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The whole gen is a bunch of intorverts, even Kiara, she just gets the germanic autism gene of just bulldozing ahead and feeling bad later.
I still get a chuckle out of her stacy'ing her way into more stuff.
>Just ask to get your model adjusted, what's the problem, make my tits bouncier too
Calling up the JPs to lock in collabs without the retarded way of needing magement or another holo to introduce you.

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I literally was thinking about this yesterday when I saw some other Jackochallenges on Twitter
"Would it not be amazing to get one of Kiara from mamaloni? "

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File: 215 KB, 360x360, rratte[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Frxrwec.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dead rrats
most slain by the birb herself
>don't understand basic human interaction
more like 'pretending' to be that retarded/autistic
>misinterpreting / blowing the things she says way out of proportion
since the rrats are all easily disproven they try their hardest to find anything remotely twistable and spam this shit in the most annoying manner.
it was so funny when they started making threads for literally every tweet she made. they have that little material.

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God Bless Mamaloni. Ready for this Mario Kart Tourney. Saw her tweets and it looks like she's putting in some good practice.

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What a great thing to awake to

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because people don't like personalities they perceive as obnoxious, self-centred and loud, couple that with her SJW past it is a combination antis can't resist

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ah yes. I forgot baiting for doxx that leads nowhere.

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huke talking about kiara, something about dakimakura and stuff. my kindergarten-level japanese fails

>> No.8748049

He did talk about how he feels about doing Kiara art, there's so many good and fast fanartists around her that he is a bit intimidated or something like that, my nihongou is shitty too. Also he dont/wont do any ecchi art for her sake or something like that, he likes how much Kiara and her fans loves him.

>> No.8748311

>he likes how much her fans loves him.
Except when not and they threw a absolute mega tantrum when he was on the EN Server
But I am glad we saw both of them together in a Stream at least once with the Artist Gartic phone

>> No.8748400

I seriously doubt those that protested were from Kiara's own fanbase.
Huke instantly backed out of collabs despite Kiara and management's reassurance. I don't think it mattered who or how many were complaining, he just didn't want to cause even the slightest drama.

>> No.8748551

> Except when not and they threw a absolute mega tantrum when he was on the EN Server
tbf most people that I saw having a problem with him being on the server weren't even her viewers. Half of them were Minecraft elitists, and cumbuds who watched Gura's stream and saw the crossbow Huke gave her with enchantments for Bows (they don't do anything for the crossbow anyway) which can only be done if he spawned it in.
They went on a rant about how he ruined the natural development of the EN server, and if they let him stay there more he will keep messing up everyone's experience. Minecraftfags always have the most cringe worthy rants I swear to god.

>> No.8748659

It was only a very small amount of people as well (less than 10)
Huke just didn't want to cause any trouble for Kiara (she had it rough early on).

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I really want her to win but whit her entertainer side she might tangent her way into last place like always. But i hope she goes gamer mode and win. I love when she's proud of herself it's so cute.

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Anyone else stuck at work and missing the tournament today?
I fucking hate when those big collabs happen in the morning

>> No.8749302

took a half day off and am leaving in a few minutes. priorities.

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>punch me in the stomach real good
If you insist, chicken

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Original: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/92279815

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Kiara's being a good host!

>> No.8753611

She really is

>> No.8753739

But do we really need everyone to introduce themselves though

>> No.8753859

Yes, for formality.

>> No.8753906

Yes, you ape.

>> No.8753973

It seems a bit silly for a Hololive-only collab - but it may be helpful for the ID girls since they fly a bit under the radar.

>> No.8753980

Kiara power trip pre-graduation

>> No.8754043

It's the first full collab with ID, so it makes sense to do a formal intro.

>> No.8754213

The grim sleeper

>> No.8754636

kiara actually drifting

>> No.8754846

Holy shit, bird love!
I honestly thought Reine had no idea what she was doing when I tuned in for the first half of her training VoD.

>> No.8754854

is it just that the rest is terrible or did she really improve?

>> No.8754927

she trained, she probably did get a lil better

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>> No.8755336

She's actually focusing on the game, almost every time she's played in the past she's been using a lot of her brain to keep from producing dead air. Practicing offstream is better for practice as well

>> No.8756680

Kiara is based

>> No.8756719

This is why everyone hates your oshi KFP
Tell me she's not ruining the stream with her ocd bullshit

>> No.8756849

She's not ruining the stream with her ocd bullshit

>> No.8757422

I do really feel bad for ID...
Obviously there was no way to know they were going to be so disadvantaged beforehand, but being competitive when they're mogging the fuck out of them feels a little like kicking them when they're already down.

>> No.8757463

One thing that's interesting about the solo mode is she was doing consistently decent without a lot of variance, and that got her third.

>> No.8761128

Minus a few DCs here and there, this was great

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Tako here, your oshi is great KFP.
Keep rocking. Ina had a blast with her trainings arc paying off.

>> No.8762124

>trainings arc
was it mem's streams?

>> No.8762165

can't help feeling a little happy for her.

>> No.8762453

I'm so proud of her, she did amazing.

>> No.8762552

Your oshi is also great, she's always ready to help Kiara when she does stuff like this.

>> No.8762604

not bad. not bad

>> No.8762685

Thanks to Kiara for organizing the stream and ignoring miserable antis.

>> No.8762839

>Did good in the race
>Was a good emcee
>Participants had fun
Can't wait until the next one! I hope everyone still gets to participate. Next time there'll be 17 members, which is kind of tricky...

>> No.8762958

Nope, she literally grinded Baby Park to understand drifts, Rainbow Road to learn the shortcuts and Big Blue to get used to constant turns. Her training paid off, otherwise IRyS would have demolished her. Speaking about IRyS, she was a surprise, I didn't know she was that good.

>> No.8763105

They could just do a classificatory tournament and shave off the lowest 5 ranked players.

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>> No.8764695

she didnt even trined properly.
just hag exp

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Golden Yagoos were cute for this one but I hope it's the only time she does this.
She didn't really have much to say for most of them when giving them their participations trophy.
But Kiara is always trying out stuff and learning from it and that's great.

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File: 520 KB, 360x360, [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fjtheai.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Can you blame her? She was racing with them of course she couldn't check what happened on everyones pov, and even then she tried to make everyone included and give them praise at the end for participating.

>> No.8765206

>But Kiara is always trying out stuff

I love that too. She is creative and tries to keep things fresh.

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File: 1.55 MB, 1233x686, Comfy Collab Sleeping Stream [sound=files.catbox.moe%2F71ntqz.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Felt more like a case of "prepared prizes for the top 3 and one optional for noteworthy stuff" and they would have all gone to ENs.
Cant praise Reine too much or it's just bird nepotism again and Iofi...well...

That aside, there wasnt all that much collaboration. First cup everyone was muted, 2nd ENs as a team had some moments and the last cup was just chaos.They did their intro/outro and not much else, without them clowning around first we'd have almost intercations.

>> No.8765439


>> No.8765510

>She didn't really have much to say for most of them
most of them was quiet, at least at her POV

>> No.8765596


>> No.8765631

Kiara probably hasn't seen Mamaloni's untagged Jack-o pose art yet due to focusing on the MK tournament. Might be funny to hear her reaction live on stream.

>> No.8765683

Nope nevermind, she has beheld the masterpiece

>> No.8766003 [DELETED] 

Rats is going to stream durin "Gura's hours"

btw Gura moved her stream

>> No.8766040

Wrong thread?

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File: 2.01 MB, 1200x675, 1628536121000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you lost? This is a KFP anon.

>> No.8766172

>You will never eat Kiara's pussy
why live

>> No.8766512

Don't know if you deneko because you dont like cat ears, but I do appreciate cause we basically get more versions of Kiara art from this.

>> No.8766689

I feel the host blood has taken control of her, and she can't not fill the role, especially being in a collab with EN, and maybe ID Dont know if any of the IDs really assume the "host" role for their group collabs.

Only time she doesn't host is when someone else is clearly in control, usually a JP collab. Though I like when she makes an effort to spotlight other people and have them host / have a say in things.

>> No.8766767

Dedicated translator loafy...

>> No.8766916

>Dont know if any of the IDs really assume the "host" role for their group collabs.
Well Reine did in the Gartic Phone collab, as expected from a fellow Holotori. The rest of them are a lost cause.

>> No.8766956

The birds have host energy, Mumei hasn’t shown that yet I think

>> No.8766961
File: 55 KB, 229x235, 1622107781175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is great

>> No.8767031

Ina was very cute as usual during the stream, thanks for being there!

>> No.8767242

I used to do it for personal use only but I offered to share my edits here since some also like the variations.
Generally speaking though, I don't like cat ears but I like them even less when they get shoehorned on non-neko holos (if I had time and cared enough, I'd also denekofy some Gura and Rushia art but Kiara has priority).

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File: 57 KB, 496x516, 1626172835326.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your oshi was based today. She's always been so based, but today was exceptionally based. She gave the ID the much-needed boost up, especially the criminally underrated tree rrat and Reine.
Peace my niggas.

>> No.8767421

It would be really funny if her usual shy self would completely invert as soon as she has to host a collab on her channel as if she's possessed by the power of bird hosts.
I don't seeit happen, though.

>> No.8767687

Mumei seems shy, but the Journey and Fauna collab showed a lot more playfulness and outbursts of laughing.
Holobirds itself is just a thematic excuse to group and collab, but they'd make a good team to loosen Mumei up. I'd question how Subaru would normally communicate with her.

>> No.8767756

I really do like how Kiara just ran with it and made it a group within Hololive.

>> No.8767797

bird boot camp, she needs to earn her feathers
but stuffed turkey first so we get the Torinity at full power

cant have holo rodents gain any ground, damn food supply is getting uppity

>> No.8768657

From what i read, Mumei's current character is just like Kiara but more in the shy side, expect her to be a proper Holotori in 1 month or 2

>> No.8768942

She's probably still shy so she's still holding back judging from this clip.

>> No.8769140

I can see Kiara doting over her cause she’s a bird. She’s currently doting over Sana cause I think she’s the one who confided in Kiara.

>> No.8769249

Genuinely doubt it's Sana. She's my fave from EN2 and I've watched all her streams so far and there has been nothing about her that suggests she was struggling. Quite the opposite, in fact. Also, if anything she'd likely go to Ina first. It's probably one of the other girls.

>> No.8769538

??? Kiara revealed before that Sana was the one from EN2 who was the least scared/anxious. Chad Sana.

>> No.8769767

Did Kiara say she was confided in in private or was it in general chat on their discord? Because Mori has said some things and pretty much implied that she was also giving a lot of advice and helping behind the scenes. Gura as well.

>> No.8769777


one of the big ball dominant and successful en2 members has rrats about depression - they might not show it on Holo streams, but they might still struggle

>> No.8769833

Mori said she talked a lot about music production with Kronini and was also helping Kyawatori with lyrics.

>> No.8769893

Correct, Sana was mostly ok, Ina said that Kronii was merely pretending, Ceres and Rrat seems be fine too, in the other hand Mumei was off in the collab so maybe that's the key, we might get more content about it in today's member streams

>> No.8769913

I know that and I'm saying it's far more likely to be Kronii or any of the others than Sana. The amount of fun she has on stream and bubbly demeanor can't be faked. She also made it pretty blatantly clear she didn't care about numbers and is just here to have fun in her Celeste stream. It's highly likely she came into this with the same attitude as Ina.

>> No.8770004

I'm more referring to her talking about the struggles EN faces and how she tries to be there for her kouhai so they don't have to go through what the myth girls did. She tends to be a bit more vague than Kiara when she talks about these things but it's there.

>> No.8770062

In Baelz's debut, she was kinda beating herself up in the sort of way where it seemed like she was convincing herself that it wasn't a big deal.
Either way, I hope all the girls get the support they need. And I trust Kiara to give it.
As time goes on, it seems like none of them were KFP after all, which is kind of disappointing. But I guess it remains to be seen

>> No.8770211

I might be misremembering, but I thought Kronii had a really shaky voice during debut and said some negative things about herself during the debut as well.

>> No.8770382

She did have a shaky voice. Plus her whole narcissism thing is obviously a front. She's definitely the fake-it-till-you-make-it type. She's likely the most nervous one among all the new girls or on par with mumei. The amount of attention she's getting likely makes it worse, too.

>> No.8770439

Muimei seems to be a KFPbeat

>> No.8770613


During last streams Rrat unleashed her power, even if she was no chance she's nervous anymore. She even handled tech issues very well.

>> No.8770852

Haven’t really watched her, how did she show this?

>> No.8770876

"I listen a lot to Kiara's and Mori's senpai songs"

>> No.8771127

Mori was pretty cool too, tho muted probably most of the time. I also thought it was funny as fuck that she asked what button she presses to go forward right before the race. I still don't know if that was just her joking, but she did quite well in the races which I could imagine was quite a boost to her gaming insecurities.

>> No.8771240

I really like all the groups she is in and basically created. Except TakaMori. I'd rather them just be friends than force a ship

HoloTori, and O'riends never forget Coco keep on winning.

>> No.8771241

Ok hold up. I just got to the 'I called Marine' part of the super chat. I assume the 'horniness' question was how do you handle having a horny character all the time. If not...

>> No.8771529

Orange woman was something we really missed out on. It was like watching sisters.

>> No.8771732

One race in Cheep Cheep Beach, one of the best looking races in the game, and Kiara jumps onto voice chat to tell everyone never to pick that or Mario Stadium ever again.

Why? I would have picked nothing but those going forward if that was the case.

>> No.8771930

People trained and/or are more used to certain race, it wouldn't be fare if a race were chosen more than once, unless you already played all the other courses. You could argue that it's gacha, but when a full team chose a race that the top-rated concurrent know by heart it's not really random anymore. You can get your favorite race once and only once.

Also, she literally asked pre-chat about tournament rules and ended up doing exactly what the chat suggested.

>> No.8771999

No repeat courses if possible seems to have been her goal.
As we have seen some players were a lot better on some courses compared to others so a nice mix is more interesting for the viewers and the participants.

>> No.8772747
File: 3.35 MB, 1280x720, kiara meow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anybody here going to try and play fall guys with tenchou? I kinda want to but NMH3 finally finished downloading on my switch and I've been looking forward to this for a while.

But I also really want to frustrate tenchou and I never get in fast enough for her amoogus and mario kart streams

>> No.8772809

I would try if I owned it, but I would for sure be the asshole who tries to get people pushed across the finish line early to start the mad rush and make it so she doesn't make it to the next round.

>> No.8773304

Alright shitter, pack it up. It's been confirmed.

>> No.8773372

It is now my mission to unvirginise her

>> No.8773625

What are you talking about

>> No.8773902

didn't an anon recommend that dish?
you think she reads these threads?

>> No.8773904

Oh hell yeah, next week she's gonna make traditional Austrian food.

>> No.8774006

Sorry. Got back to watching the second half of the first MK8 stream, the superchat section. Someone mentioned that she talked to Marine and it cheered her up after her suffering Minecraft stream where she broke down and cried towards the end on stream. She talked about talking to Marine about stuff and then mentioned that she asked her a question about something embarrassing. Chat had to egg it out of her that she asked Marine how she dealt with her horny-ness. Obviously she was talking about an in-character perspective because of the context, but just imagining her talking about her personal horny-ness gets me a little revved up.

>> No.8774058

spätzle isn't austrian tho

>> No.8774097

Sounds like spätzle just got reverse anschlussed then friend.

>> No.8774404

In Austria they have Nockerl that are similiar to Spätzle but are different in shape. You even hear the word Spätzle isn't very Austrian.

>> No.8774416

Kiara doing more cooking streams right away. Could this be the microphone redemption arc?

I feel there will be a point if she does them enough she would want to upgrade or use her current mic setup; and if she talks about that, I could imagine chat or people super chatting saying that she may sound better on the shitty mic then on her main streaming mic. Then if she actually takes it constructively, either fixes her settings or gets a different setup or something.

>> No.8775067

I want to be inside Kiara in any way possible.
Eat me, woman!

>> No.8775577

>fucking Susan!
based chimkin

>> No.8776064

Did Kiara ever win any crowns?

>> No.8776260

I think this is the first time she made it to the final round.

>> No.8776276

Nope, only made it to the final round on her last game.

>> No.8777581

>Kiara hides in the corner waiting for the chicken running in the background to loop back around

I love this huge fucking dork.

>> No.8777845

>playing around with the space chicken
cutest of dorks

>> No.8779149

So Kiara had Covid.
There were a lot of people who got it before it got big because no one knew what it was so doctors just couldn't pinpoint it.

>> No.8779423

She's got asthma, don't fear monger.

>> No.8779568

Covid exacerbates lung/breathing issues. She knows hse has asthma, had a much more server issue when she got really sick a month before the boom. She said the doctor had no idea what exactly it was. Also, how is it fear mongering? She had it, dealt with it, and got over it.

>> No.8779736

>She said the doctor had no idea what exactly it was.
That indicates les covid and more just a general respiratory disease. Likely the flu.
Before people thought about covid, it would inevitably be diagnosed as a cold.

>> No.8779739

I kinda love that Kiara comes to us to just talk about health problems and get encouragement to go to the doctor.
Writing medical issues lists with my Oshi!

>> No.8779861
File: 2.22 MB, 1334x1800, takaKga01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something about this bitch makes me want to make her into a single mother.

>> No.8779945

Anecdotal evidence, but had a friend and me mum get real sick in Jan before covid, both had hardcore issues that the doctors had no idea what they were, just respiratory issues. Later, both got tested for antibodies and they had them. Again, doesn't really matter in the end, just find it funny she may have already had it.

>> No.8780186

Hmmm, yes, bait me more Kiara. This is what I love to hear. FEED MY GOSLING ENERGY

>> No.8780309

/hlgg/ is gonna turn to shit in like 15 minutes, so stay here everyone

>> No.8780393

>actually discussing that with her chat
Only with Kiara. This is why I like this chicken.
Feels a bit weird to be there for that, since she is not my oshi, I just like her a lot.

>> No.8780447

Time to weather the storm bros...

>> No.8780509

Lol nah. Like maybe for a bit but they'll go back to flinging owlrrats. She mentioned all of this before anyway

>> No.8780513

>/hlgg/ is gonna turn to shit in like 15 minutes
Why? Aren't they busy cuckposting about Mumei?

>> No.8780545

hey even if you arent a chicken you can still wear the uniform, were happy to have you pal

>> No.8780734

>Turns on blush
>Starts reading sentimental supa's
It begins...

>> No.8781037

What happened

>> No.8781137

Okay I underestimated Owlrrats, even /jp/ is busting their nuts onto Owl viewers.

>> No.8781432

It was a fun stream. Probably a poor choice of games but she is gaining confidence which will allow her to play up the confusion.

>> No.8781555

She actually get a membership and wait for the vod nigger

>> No.8781563

I think her worries are natural. It's not just with vtubing but it's easy to look at new younger people sometimes getting things on a silver platter or just worrying in general about being forgotten to time.

I'm hitting 30 next year and I'm feeling it.

Also what's going on with owl? People still trying to dox her?

>> No.8781667

She made changes on the contract that alter some certain conditions concerning the final outcome. Instead of heading straight to the last stage of the product, she decided to change the course of development to take on a relatively different form from the rest which would be closer to her vision.
What I'm trying to say is she's thinking about changing the membership badges for 1 year and 2 years from the fried chicken to a phoenix. Absolutely despicable decision.

>> No.8781794

>I think her worries are natural.
Every single person in this industry has these worries.
Gen5 talked about how insecure they got over HoloEN "stealing" their viewership and thats JP.
Lots of others mentioned the "stream or sink" issue, too.
>Also what's going on with owl? People still trying to dox her?
She struggled a lot with this stream, technical issues and a very boring kusoge.

>> No.8781876

Owlbitch is literally the 2nd most popular streamer, she doesn't "struggle" with anything because she gets free views and subs.

>> No.8781954

All of holoEN is struggling right now, gen2's numbers are lower than EN gen1, and gen1's numbers are holoJP mid-tier. The competition from Vshoujo and various indies is very tough. If Cover doesn't introduce 3D models or thinks of other cool events to push holoEN they'll eventually fall behind vshoujo if they haven't already. They're probably all worried right now

>> No.8781960

I'm sad Sana is so far behind her Genmates, but I see no reason to hate Mumei for being popular. Even if I don't see the appeal. I hope she gets her shit together and makes herself worthy of the support, instead.

>> No.8782091

I really haven't watched any vshoujo, but what little I've seen make them seem extremely different from holoEN, so I wonder how much of the market they're cannibalizing really. The humor and whatnot seems very different.

>> No.8782102

She would've done a decent job today on the collab if she just STFU a bit more.

The levels of projector occupancy is just obnoxious.



Just...don't. She'd be 10 times less bad if she was just less in your face.

>> No.8782125

I hate Mumei for being fucking worthless as a streamer, the unjustified popularity just makes it worse.

>> No.8782148

Lamy is the one talking about it the most openly.
Like people who used to have her oshi mark but don't anymore...

Eh, depends.
The girls can live without the coomers watching Vei for example.

>> No.8782167

Gura was worthless initially as well and hard-carried by her design

>> No.8782232

You need to wait at least a month or two to see them settle down to their usual viewerbase. That's typically when we see their stream talent become more refined
The only vshojo stuff I hear about is the anituber shit they attach themselves to. EN really doesn't need to worry since the outside competition is still fucking dismal

>> No.8782285

She could sing and always was pretty decent at humor

>> No.8782311

>EN really doesn't need to worry since the outside competition is still fucking dismal
Vshoujo's numbers are on par with holoEN and have grown much more than holoEN these past few months though.

>> No.8782332

Thread got eggy all of a sudden

>> No.8782335

>I'm sad Sana is so far behind her Genmates
Honestly same, she has such a bubbly "just happy to be here" energy to her that is so precious.
However, considering Kiara's little talk about not having input for their original design, I can't help but think Sana felt down over something along the line because you can literally smell the racism from the community through a screen.

>> No.8782351

Eggs I know /hlgg/ is kinda busy right now but there's no need to be so scared to start posting here of all places

>> No.8782402

>EN really doesn't need to worry since the outside competition is still fucking dismal
Vshojo does pretty well for themselves, EN has reason to worry about future competition.
They benefit from a bigger market, but also having been the only (major) game in town for a while.

>> No.8782443

There's part of me that is happy that they have a low but sustainable viewership. It makes the streams more comfy in general. Obviously it's still a job so it's important not to get too relaxed, but still.

>> No.8782446

Youtube is just trash for streaming. So many issues constantly, the website performs like ass, it's harder for streamers to promote and support one another, a million times fewer features. Youtube itself is the main reason holding hololive back at the moment, honestly.

>> No.8782491

>I can't help but think Sana felt down over something along the line because you can literally smell the racism from the community through a screen.
I think rrats on /vt/ make you think that more than anything else. The reality is simply that delicious brown is a taste that has always been rare outside of /a/ (and with that 4chan). You can tell by how she gets her fairest shake still here, despite the /pol/tards yelling nigger.

>> No.8782586

I guess in the end, all you can really do is enjoy and show up to the streams. In the same way with Kiara, it's not like fighting the front against an invisible enemy is winnable or even reasonable.

>> No.8782605
File: 363 KB, 1440x1269, 1602201791019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More please.

>> No.8782679

If anything you can smell the extreme newfag on all those people acting as if brown genki girls are not 4chans strikezone.

>> No.8782758

What yabai idol manager thing did she hear about? I missed that.

>> No.8782762

I'd be surprised if she had no choice in the skin color, imagine Cover going "yeah you're gonna be our token nigger, deal with it" to some random girl in a gen

I don't think that's necessarily true, a lot of brown girls in anime have been massively popular for years if not decades, the appeal stretches beyond 4chan. It might still be a niche among weebs though, there's a lot of zoomers and normalshits watching hololive after all.
Regardless I definitely think the community at large doesn't like browns, it's not a fucking coincidence it happened to the only two brown characters in Holo.
People say "i-it's her design!" but Kiara's outfit is a literal piece of shit and she still wasn't debuffed nearly as hard as Sana was.

>> No.8782763
File: 437 KB, 1448x2048, E6ROhlXWQAEGmh-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that Kiara liked this picture on Twitter.
Also are we gonna move into denial of Rape of Nanking in Japan?

>> No.8782798

It's a game that recently came out, Idol Manager. It does not pull it's punches when it comes to the idol management aspect of it.

>> No.8782922

>a lot of brown girls in anime have been massively popular for years
Define "massively"? There have been popular brown girls, but they are rare and far overshadowed from the more popular fair skintone. Just like tomboys, brown has always been something more popular here than in the mainstream "weeb" community (insofar it existed back then).
>Regardless I definitely think the community at large doesn't like browns
Yeah as I said, brown skintone is not popular with weebs. Its not really racism so much as aesthetic preferences. Hardly surprising when the fair skin/black (or blonde) hair has been fetishized for so long.

>> No.8782937

One of the scandals that can happen is a vtuber will wear a nazi uniform. To most Germans / Austrians, that's something that shouldn't be joked about.

>> No.8782982

>something that shouldn't be joked about.
we're just over it. it's our bottom left

>> No.8782991
File: 1.30 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8782993

>To most Germans / Austrians, that's something that shouldn't be joked about.
You pretty wrong about that (we have a HUGE amount of jokes about it), but its definitely not something they would want to have to deal with in a public stream thats for sure.

>> No.8783048

oh I assumed it would just be a military uniform but it legit is a Nazi uniform specifically

>> No.8783073

I still think now-a-days it causes some retarded reaction in dipshits who think "YOU CAN'T MAKE A BROWN PERSON WITHOUT JUMPING THROUGH 20 HOOPS". Her being Australian and having that model could easily spark a lot of shit with reactionaries and retards all over the place. Still, Sana is great and I'll keep watching her.

>> No.8783225

Delicious brown, just like tomboys has always been a taste a lot more popular on 4chan (and associated cultures) than literally anywhere else. Its a legacy thing from before most here today knew 4chan existed.
Its just that most of hololives audience are normalfags with the usual vanilla tastes.

>> No.8783325

>Its just that most of hololives audience are normalfags with the usual vanilla tastes.
This. Funnily the people in the normiesphere who would lecture people about racism are a lot less likely to sub a cute brown girl like Sana than the nigger shouting assholes here.

>> No.8783335

Shit, I have things to do Kiara! I want to stay here all day with you, but I can't!

>> No.8783503

>actually won
For a moment my faith in you faltered KFP, but you stood up for what is right.

>> No.8783743

isn't she just tanned? you know the thing that happens when white people lay in the sun too long. what's there to be racist about. or is sun bathing the new blackface?

>> No.8783816

People are brain damaged and very sensitive to skin color all over the place right now. There's nothing rational about it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

>> No.8783911

>isn't she just tanned?
Entirely possible, but I don't think so? Not like it matters much anyway.
>what's there to be racist about. or is sun bathing the new blackface?
Absolutely nothing, its just people's brain being rotten by social media and right-wing tumblr shouting nigger at everything not snow-white.

>> No.8784486

Just wait until Ina hears about this...

>> No.8784924

>is sun bathing the new blackface
I'm positive some retard would argue that it is

>> No.8785244

I'm sure it's some kind of privilege.
that reminds me, we have sjw toilet paper at work now. kinda weird. 'don't be racist' ... *wipes ass*

>> No.8785267

Man, she has so much fun playing around with us and toying with us.

>> No.8785360
File: 92 KB, 600x600, 1617987332456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being Kiara's toy

>> No.8785540

Based Ayamachickenchad

>> No.8785654

Blush is back on the menu bois!

>> No.8786264

>Prepares a huge collab
>Gets the least views in her POV out of holoEN
Never change kiara

>> No.8786600

why are people voting for ghost instead of kotori?

>> No.8786856

Eh, it is what it is, just cause you host a collab doesn't mean you will get more viewers besides a boost to people that know they were the one that organized it and would do the courtesy of watching the hosts POV.

>> No.8787738

Oh man, you know how much fun it would/will be when we watch Kiara's first MC stream with her? She's gonna be down on her past self and embarrassed and we'll be there to comfort (and laugh a little at) her. It'll be fucking magical.

>> No.8787874

I actually wanna do a watchalong of that more than her debut stream.

>> No.8787944

you're in luck

>> No.8787945

For sure. There were a lot more issues with it than there were with her debut. So I'd way more be interested to see how she reacts to her general to her more meek, lower quality self.

>> No.8788038

immediately makes fun of her own voice

>> No.8788105

Ooof. More guarantee it'll take a lot to get her to think about toning it down.

>> No.8788109
File: 473 KB, 1104x1124, stacy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8788190

FUCK! I have to miss THE BEST part of the stream. God damnit!

>> No.8788228

Is this the stream where we got LONG TORCH

>> No.8788229

I love her so much!

>> No.8788502

My voice back then was so soft and calm that you could fall asleep while listening to me. IT SUCKED!


>> No.8788504

>Kiara trashing when she sounded better

>> No.8788575

>Past Kiara: Teehee don't look between my legs
>Present Kiara: Shut up.

>> No.8789010 [DELETED] 

Not that it matters, but she bad more views than Calli and Irys

>> No.8789137

Not that it matters, but she had more views than Calli and Irys

>> No.8789374
File: 484 KB, 588x719, 1628782787137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a specific reason that she sounds different compared to before other than her mic? It still boggles my mind. To me it sounds the same but clearer and sharper.

>> No.8789533

The mixer I believe, most mics are just "you" without any changes, but then you can adjust gain and bass and shit.

>> No.8789921
File: 841 KB, 2669x3000, E9zzCppXsAU-npF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8790003
File: 174 KB, 1600x1100, kiE90EMBBXEAg4Df5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8790033

>when Kiara did better than Ame in the actual race

>> No.8790599

irys was too difficult to draw

>> No.8791067

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn't go with overdesigned characters like her (and to a lesser extent Kiara's original look). Simpler is better, which leads to more fan art being made, which in turn makes more people aware of your product/content.
I can immediately draw doodles of the other girls in Gartic Phone when playing with anons, but even an Irys doodle takes too much time (and usually requires me looking at a reference).

>> No.8791179

Owl started a stream of a damm kuso game, and she got almost 30 minutes of scuff EN Curse, and you know how this works. I'm watching the VOD and a truly sense a deja vu of Kiara during the first month.

If you're a Emiya Shirou, at the end of the month you will get Mumei's as the new Kiara, there's a point where the model can carry you, Mumei has next week to properly do it or she's going to get into Sana territory but with a bit menhara side

>> No.8791327

Her mixer changed her voice a lot, and as she has implied in her member streams she also switched her voice because it was too calming (or not screeching and way more soothing, goddamnit kiara)

>> No.8791447

You can thank many fags for that, from antis, from KFP, from KFP from here, and the end she choose what she liked it and it worked.

>> No.8791997

>and in the end she choose what she liked
I definitely like the more confident sounding Kiara more than the meek sounding one. I would prefer a soft sounding Kiara when singing though.

>> No.8792072
File: 200 KB, 700x550, 1617676233862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it actually amounted to something
bet you feel real stupid now, huh?

>> No.8792224

That's something i can actually get behind
I will pick the bait, but desu, is 1 month, we don't know how actually they will be merged, EN took almost a year to finally realized that Kiara was the real leader and Ame just want to fuck off from that shit.

People forget about Calli getting red AKA sc for fucking nothing during the 1st month

>> No.8792849

soft Kiara is way cuter, but what I honestly prefer is what fucks over her throat the least.

>> No.8792909
File: 105 KB, 1759x671, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It took EN1 many months before they started shining.
And yeah, Owl is fresh out of debut. Right now she can get away with doing anything and clippers will all clip her but she'll need something to set herself apart after the honeymoon period is over.
Pic related are how many clips each girl have at the moment.
Fun fact: Kiara is 2nd place for amount of clips.

>> No.8793135

>Fun fact: Kiara is 2nd place for amount of clips.
in total or first month?

>> No.8793260

>82 clips
Mumei, you will get mogged by Sana soon holy shit

>> No.8793315
File: 100 KB, 657x667, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8793520

She has the best ratio of subscribers to clips by a huge margin

>> No.8793629

Is that you, Cristina? I just want to say you're based. Based on what, I'm not sure.

>> No.8793687

Based on Kiara of course you retard

>> No.8793777

Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding me.

>> No.8793784

unexpected and impressive. Thanks for that info.

>> No.8794043

Actually, this does make intuitive sense. Kiara has by far the most streamed hours and does it while minimizing dead air at the same time. Of course, Gura has the advantage of being a view-gold mine so clippers who want to maximize their leech potential (which is a lot of them) will go for her and won't even look at the others. But in terms of raw material to clip, Kiara has the most.

>> No.8794251

I brought it up last thread, but I feel like her putting on the voice makes it easier to 'be Kiara' which is the forward, heart on her sleeve, sometimes loud, confidant Kiara we have now. She still has her doubts and concerns, but she genuinely is much happier now than she used to be. I fucking love her advancement and her general mental health recovery over the last year and watching it slowly happen through the VoD's is so much fun.

>> No.8794517
File: 186 KB, 263x313, 1629197366429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still impressed by how much she improved in mk, she's actually very capable if she sets her mind to it. I would love to see her into competitive gaming autism.

>> No.8794577

Is Kiara's members stream worth a watch?

>> No.8794794

Same reason why folks dress up, it alters the state of mind and empowers desired performative traits. I agree that her current voice fits what she wants to project. Without slipping back into voice timeloops, I'd just say settings could be adjusted to handle screams and raspiness better.
I'll also join you in agreeing that seeing Kiara's strengthened state of mind is a pleasure, one far beyond the impulses brought about through saviorfagging.

>> No.8794802

Depends. Do you love her or like to hear about how she feels about general changes around her? Do you want to watch a few movies with her? Then yeah.
Honestly, while she's already open during her regular streams, it's 10 fold behind the screen. She gets more personal and talks more in-depth about things that concern her.
As a saviour and gosling-fag, they have for the most part been THE best content I've gotten from her. I know the same thing happens in most of the other girls members streams and I don't member anyone else (until Sana opens up) so I don't really have a comparison, but it feels as personal as a streamer will ever get with their fans.

>> No.8795012

I'm sorry, I should have been specific... I meant the Fall Guys with Members stream.

>> No.8795081

>I'm going to be really quiet
>narrates the whole race

>> No.8795252

For sure. I love saviourfagging, but if there's no real change ever then it just gets tiring. Obviously it's not (you) or me as a single person who made her feel better or cheered her up, but it's nice to be part of the collective that made an impact for her. I feel like the comment about adjustments for peaking issues is for sure what more people want. Kiara is not Kiara without her personality. I also mentioned last thread that I don't know if I would have actually started watching her if I started at the beginning. I joined the KFP about 5 months ago and started watching her 6 months ago. She was going through her moving depression arc at the time and it brought out my saviourfagging, but she seemed open and so genuine during all of her streams and still had some of the spunk at the time that I needed to join.
100%. Fall guys is fall guys. There's some humorous moments. But the SC reading afterwords is full of love and fondly thinking about her KFP and where she is now. Pretty typical for members streams, but watching her watch her first MC stream along with us is great. Not as feels-y/emotional as her watching the fanmade journey to 1m video, but still sweet and fun. 10/10.

>> No.8795310

Members are the best thing, i paid for Suisei and it was glorious to see Suisei more open than ever, and i will pay Mumei's membership because i'm fuckinig Emiya-tier of saviorfag

>> No.8795498

As a 1st day KFP, i will tell you this, you're still far away from what the real saviorfags went through, moving arc was just nothing in comparison from September-October-November moments.

>> No.8795880

I'm the goober who's been talking about VoD's I'm working through. Probably the lowest moment so far was the MC stream where she was at Jenma's place with garbage internet and a failing(?) computer where the last 10 minutes are her both being on the verge of tears and a little bit of crying. That one was so rough to watch and I felt so bad. Currently finishing first MK8 stream where she finally had a little bit of the 'commanding' feeling come out that I'm so used to.

>> No.8796002
File: 303 KB, 700x547, E9zjO_MVIAAQczQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Watching Kiara be, frankly, Kiara, heart on her sleeve and all, is amazing.
Watching her open up, and really reach out to her fanbase is so awesome.
Anyway, here's wonderwall, I mean Tenchou

>> No.8796959

You will see during November/December that change, but desu, isn't until she arrived into Austria when she got the best change, for now, keep watching those VOD, they're a good explanation on why Kiara is like she's today. Also if you have membership, before the first MC stream, check out the FE3H streams. Those are members only for a reason.

>> No.8797283

All FE3H is mem only? I know there was the really bad one where she just quit like 15 min into the stream after getting frustrated.

>> No.8797393

Those ones are under Member barrier, the rest is public.

>> No.8797471

Gotcha. I saw the first one where it's just her getting very frustrated about everything with the tech issues. Maybe I'll go re-watch because I might have forgotten.

>> No.8797729


>> No.8798446

Just finished watching the Mario Kart VOD.
What did Kiara do to organize the tournament, exactly? Because everyone made a point of thanking her but I swear half of them just said "You comissioned the logo" and that was about it. I ended up getting a bit annoyed and how insincere they sounded.

>> No.8798592

She sounds so fucking cute in the lasganananana cooking stream
wish she'd stop doing that fake ass voice

>> No.8798757

Don't know if you watched the members stream yet, but Kiara kinda was playing it down herself saying that she didn't really do much, and she would probably be correct. I mean she pretty much just has to talk to everyone and pick out a time everyone can do it. The only thing you can be truly thankful for is that she is the only one there that bothers to do it besides Reine. Holo birds stand strong!

>> No.8798830

I think it is partially because they didnt really know what to say and just copied what the people before have said. I dont think it was insincere. Pretty sure they appreciate Kiara for being an out reaching person and for making collabs like these happen. It probably isnt that much work organizing, but no one else has the drive to actually make big collabs happen.

>> No.8798857

Currently too much of a broke unemployed student be a member (or in big fucking debt, if we count student loans), so thanks for the info.

>> No.8799348

In addition to what the other anons said, she also created the rules, hosted the lobby, and she emceed the whole thing. That last one is particularly important, because I don't think it's something most of the girls who played today could do, at least as well as she did.

>> No.8799710

People really don't get this, Hololive is full of autistic people, Marine, Reine, Kiara, Flare, Subaru and Fubuki are the real only ones who REALLY put an effort to get people together, the rest? Graduated or really inept socially.

Isn't just that Kiara didn't do enough, because even she knew that, but the fact she managed to bring 12 people from all over the world to pla for 1 hours and half is enough.

>> No.8799893
File: 71 KB, 1200x675, kstare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.8800062

Don't forget Towa and Roboco.
Towa has been organizing almost all of the tournament collabs and also did most of the Among Us ones as well.

>> No.8800477

If adding to the list, then I'd include Mio.
In fact, I'd say it's par for course that each gen usually only has one member that attempts to arrange large collabs.
EN feels particularly poor at this simply due to the lack of members in it's branch and timezones to consider. Hopefully Kiara alongside Council will arrange more events.

>> No.8801932

Mind reposting this on /wsg/?

>> No.8802362

Well yeah but that's the whole point, that's why it wasn't a good idea. Though if she plans to do it again, now that she's probably realized the issue, she could get some people to keep an eye on other players and tell her stuff she can say at the award ceremony.

>> No.8802703

if ame does end up shoutcasting the next one she could handle the awards

>> No.8802924


>> No.8803651

> Mori getting red aka sc for fucking nothing
She released an entire EP for free right out of the gate bro. I think she deserved it.

>> No.8803929

I think he's referring to when she got flustered by some reds and then people started going back and forth trying to out SC each other.

>> No.8804061

This, RIP and Live Again are good, well deserve AKA SC for that shit, but not when people were SC only because there was a simp war on her chat.

>> No.8804891

I guess that the way she debuted invited that kind of simping. But that's fair. Though all of the girls (except Ame) have experienced that kind of ridiculous simping war pretty early on.

>> No.8805102

Now that you mention it, it is true.
Gen 1: Fubuki
Gen 2: Subaru
Gamers: Mio
Gen 3: Marine/Flare
Gen 4: Towa
Gen 5: Botan(?)
ID1: Iofi (?)
ID2: Reine
EN: Kiara

>> No.8808304

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.8809220

New thread up:

>> No.8814796 [SPOILER] 
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