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home sweet home

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ccv + sc



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bad ritualpost
good ritualpost

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8k on a watchalong, I kneel nolanchads

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I was just looking at NijiEN's numbers and noticed Finana is quite close to Elira's subcount and it appears the virality of her tweet is paying off.
She gained 3000 subs yesterday, which is 3x what she usually gets. This correlates with how her tweet gained more and more traction over the past few days. 43k likes for a Finana tweet is pretty fucking huge too, as dumb as it is lol.


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she posted it to youtube yesterday and it is already her most watched non-debut clip

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Who would win, an 800k sub Hololive member doing a new outfit reveal and releasing an original song, or a very horny fish? Well okay the Holo won but barely...

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Now that you mention it, it's more likely that her youtube upload of it is what caused her to gain 3000 subs yesterday.

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This tweet got the attention of Nijis and non Nijis in the vtubing world.

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I make a new chart to present Mori's view counts
It should be easier to read than just combining every platform.

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didnt watched the stream

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what'd kagami do

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>imagine losing to a watchalong stream

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>Rosemi got 1.1k
>that's good numbers
Fucking Nijiniggers lowering the bar when it's their talents. If 1k is bad numbers for Holos, 1k is bad numbers period.

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i guess this is it 9k peak

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Gacha I think

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Finana already had a higher subs per day rate than Elira, she's made a good comedy duo with Selene and they've ben growing together.

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Ya rip, people aren't going to join in halfway into a watchalong.

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isn't it called leeching?

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any idea if itunes would count something close to spotify as well?

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Maaru: Graduated
Noel: 2nd anni, SC reading
Marine: MK8
Shachou: Duel Masters (his niche, got lucky pulls)
Nene: Karaoke
Shion yo: MK8
Pekora: Minecraft
Polka: Outfit
Miko: MK8
Finana: Membership open
Aki: Zatsu after a while
Irys: RFA

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damn i bet some extra ppl will stay for "Kronii sounds"

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IRyS was also boosted from having hit 600k subscribers before that stream, but she didn't really make a big deal out of it.

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The numbers for August 26 sure are something. Among the lowest they have been in a while.

Summary notes:
>Nijisanji took 5/10 spots in the top 10, 2/5 on the Niji main channel
>Hololive took 4/10 spots in the top 10
>Only 2 streams made it past 30k CCV
>Pekora in the top 3 with almost 29k CCV
>Polka's outfit stream is in the top 5 with 23,890 CCV (didn't even go past 25k)
>Niji main channel sits at #5 (23,089 CCV) and #4 (22,676 CCV)
>Kronii can probably sell you anything with her voice, even God Sims (20,836 CCV)
>GTAV is still a popular stream game even if it's story mode (20,022 CCV)
>You still need to be a 20k+ streamer to enter the top 10
>Gura somehow got people to watch her play Rimworld (15,629 CCV)
>Ina somehow got both the #21 (11,271 CCV) and #22 (11,177 CCV) spots in the rankings
>Streams with over 10000 CCV: 23
>Streams with 9000-9999 CCV: 3
>Streams with 8000-8999 CCV: 5
>Streams with 7000-7999 CCV: 3
>Streams with 6000-6999 CCV: 6
>Streams with 5000-5999 CCV: 5
>Streams with 4000-4999 CCV: 8
>Streams with 3000-3999 CCV: 10
>Streams with 2000-2999 CCV: 8
>Streams with 1000-1999 CCV: 28
I wonder how easy it would be to track the history for this over the long term to determine if there is a pattern of note for overall CCV in the top 100 over the long term. Is graph anon around?

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>Finana: Membership open
Looks like she made the majority from the Genshin stream though, it's still ongoing so I can't check the VOD to see if it was related to that or the usual gacha superchat buff from insane people

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After 2020, vtuber numbers were normalising. Now they are declining.

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Are the numbers low or just more spread out over different options?

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If anything i think this was peak 'event' fatigue for viewers, after baseball, anniversaries, debuts, etc. This day is in between 2 Apex competitions and with Mario Kart coming tomorrow.
Polka's costume reveal being so low energy didn't generate any hype for the streams to come, also a lot of holos aren't streaming regularly. Even Watame's stream only got about 4k viewers during normal hours.

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>Even Watame's stream only got about 4k viewers during normal hours
It was a superchat reading, that's a perfectly normal number for those

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That's a good number but not excellent
Takamori got 14k with Shrek

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Deadbeat EP is officially available on SoundCloud

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Wow, that's a wayback reference, from simpler times of February
Only spiked to 14k in the first 15 minutes though, after it held around 10k for the first film, not much higher than this.

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she hit 100k on twitter and she has numberfagged about that for a long time so it started a gachi supawar with akas, got 15 akasupas in 10 minutes

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Not leeching, she has been becoming her own person in little over a month. Much better than when she started. Sometimes you need other people to bring you out.

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>Even Watame's stream only got about 4k viewers during normal hours.
Her FFIX streams aren't doing that well (as expected), but last night's was a 6.5 hour long superchat reading lol.

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I heard the japs were calling Nijisanji 'cicada' because they'll be dead after the summer ends. Is that true? Do they still have something up their sleeve or do they have to wait until next year for more baseball?

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The Nijisanji thread is two steps from hell... please go bait there.

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>Is that true?

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Nijisanji always has a big explosion in the summer with Koshien and Minecraft, then in the winter with Tournaments and Christmas. It's always been like this. People saying they'll die are the same types of retards here who think Koshien numbers are normal. i.e. just because it's typed in moonrunes doesn't mean it isn't a shitposter.

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Ame got 10.2k (peak 13.3k) with Shrek too

>> No.8730723

If the cicada thing is to be at all believed, sounds like Nijisanji both
thrives off of events - we knew this
has more normies and tourists, who catch streams during vacation - we also knew this.
good on them for capitalizing.

Well, not always, last year, outside of Maimoto baseball and the one KCK apex tournament, they were blown out of the water by the Holo Gen 4 3Ds and Holo5 debut.
Despite the signs being there that Holo was becoming a competitor That's when Niji fans started doomposting.
Glad Nijisanji got their shit together this year, gave a fun summer and some really good numbers.

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IMO Doing a watchalong this early along is probably too soon. It's Thematically appropriate but its also (From a numbers perspective ONLY) A waste of a debut buff.

Jeez Gura has a high % of exclusive chat users. The only person who comes close is Moona from the looks of it.

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My post has nothing to do with being btfo by Hololive numbers, but everything to do with average Nijisanji numbers. Peaks in Summer and Winter. They are not organizing tournaments in order to beat Hololive.

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About debut buffs, looking over the ones we had, outside of establishing your main game/stream format and capitalizing by getting monetized early, is there anything anyone's used the debut buff for?
Non one's done an Asacoco, where they tried a new format because the debut buff will guarantee success. They just went into normal game and zatsudan streams. It's been just a temp numbers boost.

>> No.8731006

because they only incline during big seasons like Summer and Winter. Hence why people calling Nijisanji here normiefagsden or something

20/07/26 105,636 Maimoto Baseball 2020 draft
20/08/10 132,239 Kagami 3D debut
20/08/15 140,514 Maimoto Baseball 2020 Game B
20/08/14 152,771 Maimoto Baseball 2020 Game A
20/08/16 191,449 Maimoto Baseball 2020 finals
20/08/18 118,828 Debi 3D debut
20/12/26 102,815 Nijisanji 3rd Mario kart tournament
20/12/29 118,113 Mikoto Niji Music Festival
20/12/31 127,803 Nijisanji NYE stream

21/01/10 107,260 Nijisanji NY Mahjong 2021 final
21/06/04 143,270 Fuwa 3D debut
21/06/30 184,653 Lulu Graduation stream
21/07/02 117,475 Ibrahim 3D debut
21/07/17 138,024 Nijisanji Baseball 2021 draft
21/08/06 144,515 Kuzuha VCC apex tournament
21/08/13 147,639 Nijisanji Baseball 2021 Game A
21/08/14 170,896 Nijisanji Baseball 2021 Game B
21/08/15 205,448 Nijisanji Baseball 2021 finals
21/08/25 108,103 Nijisanji Baseball 2021 exhibition

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Now if only those people chatting actually watch her streams rumao.
Nice numbers to look at but she still gets mogged in CCV by Vtubers with 50% less Subs

>> No.8731137

1k would be amazing for someone in Tsunderia, it would be awful for Gura or Pekora. 1k is good for Rosemi because she usually gets lower. It's not good for Niji EN overall, it's below their average.

>> No.8731171

Did anyone disagree with your post?
I just added that it's not always a big explosion and presented examples from last year, otherwise it would have ben a useless addition.

>> No.8731177

What the FUCK happened to Botan's EOP fans and her numbers. HoloJP is literally dying.

>> No.8731202

Niji always gets big spikes for events and fairly low daily watches. It's just how their company works.

>> No.8731312

That's not the way to interpret it ya dummy.
It just means that people chatting in Gura's streams are unlikely to be chatting (and watching) other Holomember streams.
Which bears out on how the numbers flux whenever Gura ends her streams. Those numbers are just not going to end up going to other streams because they're there for Gura and Gura alone, not "entertaining V-tubers" in general.

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File: 948 KB, 940x882, image_2021-08-27_051856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While Botan has had lower numbers outside of collabs lately, most of her EoP fans are from Russia, where it's 5-6am right now.
It's 11 in Jp though, so her main fans should be up.
she used to average 10-12k, but barely passes 9k now.

>> No.8731557

Most people are too cautious to rock the boat with experimental content in their first few weeks. If you do something people don't like or just don't care about it might hurt you. Then again, they have no problem playing shit awful debuff games the first week.

>> No.8731560

Might help to look at the games she's playing first before saying something as retarded as
>HoloJP is literally dying.

>> No.8731582

Didn't she have one of the biggest percentages of EN in her chat? She's literally looking like a Niji right now, I don't see a single one.

>> No.8731727

It's odd since I remember EN1 had lots of streamer bait games early on like Plug & Play unless I'm misremembering

>> No.8731930

Gura: 41.82%
Mori: 26.37%
Ame: 23.78%
IRyS: 20.99%
Ina: 20.6%
Kiara: 18.18%
I'm surprised 1/5 of IRyS chat viewers are unique.
Do even the tiniest bit of research on the game anonchama.
It's a fucking Japanese visual novel type game.

>> No.8731986

No, you don't understand!
The 6th part of a game that hard-filters EOPs and is a crummy stream game in general totally means HoloJP is DYING, didn't you know?!?!?!?!?!
I swear to gods, people that don't double-check context for numbers before spewing bullshit...idiots or baitposters, it's hard to tell sometimes.

>> No.8732056

she can stream with 10k on MC but all the 3d events of this month literally chocked most girls so they overlap. Her trials vods still pull the same numbers. but this is the 4stream about a japonese visual novel so she aint gonna get good numbers.

>> No.8732116

Looking at those charts it's interesting to see that the lowest performing talents always tend to have the lowest % of exclusive chat users, even for ones that stream long hours like Kiara.

>> No.8732143

Repeated Hayarigami streams is pulling down her average by quite a bit.

>> No.8732242

This was true for her Minecraft stream as well though. I saw very little EN comments on it. Plus, we saw Polka getting a very shit number on her outfit reveal, lower than Indogs, and Polka also had a big percentage of EOP in her chat. There's no explanation for this other than people dropping them for EN2.

>> No.8732402

>and Polka also had a big percentage of EOP in her chat
no it wasnt and im mmebered. She only got eops when she did morning streams.

>> No.8732435

Look, your assertions are just that without hard numbers.
IMO, we check these charts for August/September for %nonJP. THAT's where you can then start drawing conclusions.
Until then, please kindly stuff it with your doomposting.

>> No.8732460

could someone give me a QRD on holoEN2's sub counts? the gap between Sana and her genmates keep getting wider and wider. everyone called owl boring but she's the second highest. and rrat isn't as high as i had hoped.

>> No.8732533

mid june is moona meltdown right? dang

>> No.8732625

Polka never had that many EOPs except during her Among Us phase.

>> No.8732734

Susan makes their sub counts a garbage statistic with the constant culling since even if you want to compare them relative to each other we don't know if they're being culled at the same rate. Owl has a design appeal + saviorfag bait thing going on kind of like early Gura but it remains to be seen how stable that ends up being. The rat is streaming at a bad time of day for the majority of English speakers her design+personality combination may not be as appealing to the general audience as some may have thought.

>> No.8732800

Polka's Morning chat and singing streams actually looked to be 50-50.
Great times for NA, good for EU, really bad for JP.

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Sana lost 120k subs, 10-20k more than anyone else and now ALL of the debut sub excitement is gone and people aren't even sure if they should be subbing back anymore to not cause another mass sub deletion.
all because of Susan and her Aug 10 update.

>> No.8732955

her morning chats were also really low views.
So it isnt that much eop to begin with.

>> No.8733042

They were 4-6k, which was pretty much her average at the time.

>> No.8733107

It doesn't help that she hasn't been playing stuff that's going to draw a bigger crowd either, that's going to slow down her sub-growth even more.
Well, at least it looks like they've stopped bleeding subs due to this retarded change though, so fingers crossed.

>> No.8733392

still the last monring chat was last month. Polka slowed down alot on streaming these last 2months becasue of the dentist problems and some health issues.
So she needs to ramp up her shcduele again.

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Korone lost a big chunk of her EOPs (She stopped pandering if I recall)
What happened in December with Towa?
Pekora nosedived
Botan and Polka lost a lot of their EOPs and Lamy never really had any to begin with.
Of course these are just percentages so it could also mean that they gained a lot more Japanese viewers or the EOPs just stopped chatting.

>> No.8733878

They lost the same amount, it seems like Sana had lost more she is growing more slow than others members
Made up example:
>Sana has 120k and Kronii 200k
>They get a 30k cut that day, Sana goes to 90k and Kronii to 170k
>But in that same day Sana gets more 10k and Kronii 20k
>At the end of this day Social Blade will show Sana with -20k and Kronii with -10k

They all have lost the same amount but the net result of that day will be different because they are growing at different rates

>> No.8734091

what's with that pekotowa dec nosedive

>> No.8734244

the drops are onlne with the post decemebr drop for youtube live views.
however take this witha grain of salt since what shows on chat doesnt reflect the actual viewrs. Example being coco wich still said most of her fanbase was 90% japanese.

>> No.8734334

How fucked is Suisei now. She also shows evidence of decline. Last radio show with Toko had only 6.5k and the one before had 9k.

>> No.8734414

what a wonderful words i'll quote it since now

>> No.8734484

where's my sodapopp-chan

>> No.8734496

>guys these show that overlapped with everyone is sign of a recline
man dramafaggots exist even in number threads.

>> No.8734541

Toko ate her viewers before the stream started because she's a fatass.

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Hey guys, i haven't been this thread since Vnuma died, basically the third tipping point that made me lose interest coming here have Cover released their report on their profits earned this year or whatever you call it... Can i get a detailed post?

>> No.8734601

danm 7k ppl keep watchint Sana and Kronii, not bad girl.

>> No.8734678

In other words the numeric gap is the same either way, ~100k, but the relative gap looks much worse if it's 100k vs 200k instead of 400k vs 500k.

>> No.8734822

Both Cover and Anycolour ones were posted like a week ago?
I need to go archive diving to pull them up, or perhaps some anon here has them handy.

>> No.8734893

7K wathcing interestelar is a feat. thats is a 3hr movie.
But makes me wonder, what is the most viewed watchalong for holos? i know some have don FF/Evangelion watchalongs. i think ame gura hardie had 10k viewers.

>> No.8734940

Off the top of my head.
Cover: ~15m profit, ~55m revenue
It was in full Japanese and not even the full report. Just a screenshot of a few pages.

>> No.8735013

now that all these 3d, events and birthdays are done. im interested in see the next numbers so many events just forced girls to overlap on the same timeslots way too much.

>> No.8735269


>> No.8735348

Ms. Furen Nijisanji's 3D debut will be in a little over 24 hrs. Predictions?

>> No.8735355

Yea, 15m USD.
I believe Niji's was actually sub 1 mil in profit if I'm misremembering, but I also don't know what their costs breakdown looked like.

>> No.8735395


>> No.8735507


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1.1 year anniversary for holo EN into
2. announcement of 3D lives for EN girls
3. do not forgot about 3d for ID girls
4.dont forget about JP gen 6
5. dont forget about Watame, Suisei's live concerts
holofags cannt catch any rest

>> No.8735598

That Nijisanji one was from 2019-2020 if I recall correctly. Their 2020-2021 won't come out until next year.

>> No.8735696

25% profit
That makes me think that the members are getting a shitty cut

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In random Nijisanji news...
The top ranking VPs for the last few days are from two people who don't even stream.

>> No.8735918

Ah, 2019-2020. That explains it. Thanks anon.
3d Lives for EN girls not happening this year given the way government responses and the coof are shaping up.
JP Gen 6 is a possibility, maybe by the end of the year though.

>> No.8735919

im ofcusing on the jp girls.
And concerts are padi so they are separated from the ussual viewrship

>> No.8735935

Around 80k. Maybe more if she doing a concert + guest like rion & hakase

>> No.8735951

>members are getting a shitty cu
Why do you think Yagoo always smiles?

>> No.8736049

>3d Lives for EN girls
BUT what is they will be part of winter's BEEG holo live?!?!?

>> No.8736180

heimin, it's normal, that radio show never has more than 10k
And the last collab with miko has 11k median with a boring ass game

>> No.8736245

Youtube (30%), Cover's cut(30-50% speculated) and Taxes (50%+ depending on the country) massively fuck over the members.

>> No.8736278

Hey gilzaren VP is gold tier so isn't much surprise. He have good VP scenarios & does this kind of things in his VP

>> No.8736366

Don't forget boyfriend (50%)

>> No.8736497

This is off topic but when the fuck is she going to do this series again it was kino

>> No.8736584

>Cover's cut
some of them got exclusive contract with cover Coco and Rushia for example

>> No.8736640

i wouldn't take money from my girl

>> No.8736876

But she peaked 5k in one of her recent MC streams

>> No.8736895

Lamy also mentioned she negotiated for higher SC earnings percentage in a zatsudan in December or so.

>> No.8737006

damn Lamy

>> No.8737106

Calliope Mori - Bully MV

>> No.8737700

In that common user heat map, is "percent of A's chat users in B's chat: X" supposed to mean that X% of people who posted in A's chat also posted in B's or is it the other way around? That is, the percentage of people in B's chat who also posted in A's is X%.

>> No.8738321

>he thinks Cover makes most of its money from superchats

>> No.8738831

Generally for a Holo, 300k on the first day is really good, but because Mori is such a monster when it comes to MV views, it needs to be in the 400k-500k range in order for it to be a "good" first 24 hrs for her.
She got Roki to 1 mil in like 48 hrs.

>> No.8738961

>But she peaked 5k in one of her recent MC streams
You got a date for it? Cause I can't find it.

>> No.8739030

75-80k sounds about right. Furen is pretty popular for a Nijifemale.

>> No.8739221

dont forgot she technically already has them on youtube
2.3mil 52k likes btw

>> No.8739224

This is the 6th Botan stream of a Visual Novel that is in Japanese, for starters streaming a Visual Novel definitely won't get your numbers high and she has been doing this almost all Jp mornings so her are definitely lower because of that, it's not like when playing other games since if you're not following up you're definitely going to get lost in this stream, so people don't bother to put her in unless they want background noise.

>> No.8739290

For Botan I think they just stopped chatting, they still leave her RU comments once the stream is over, just check the amount of RU comments in her og songs and they still SC her from time to time, they have just made themselves comfy and silent now.

>> No.8739328

video about niji memberships. is there such a list for hololive?
if i understand correctly the description says it sampled chats from february to august and counted the users who had a membership. how useful do you guys think this method is?
sort of fascinating that at least 12k people have kuzuha's membership despite receiving no benefits whatsoever and that the count for shibuya hajime seems to be higher than what playboard shows his average CCV is.

>> No.8739513

That's the method Vnuma used, but it stopped registering them way before it died. I remember somebody posting charts of those numbers that somebody was posting on 5ch, but that's also not the most reliable source.

>> No.8739549

There's a pic that gets posted here a lot for Holos from Jan 2021 to Apr 2021 (before Coco announced graduation).
It showed Gura had around 17.5k and Pekora was like 11k. Near the bottom 1/3rd was Polka, who had 5k, and that would make her 5th place in all of Nijisanji. So for the most part, Holos had quite a lot of members in those 4 months.
Nothing more recent unfortunately.

>> No.8739573

Sana has 118k. Highest subs NijiEN is Elira with 178k, Highest performer NijiEN is Selen with133k. Sana gets 8k+ on her streams already. Dare I say NijiEN is reclining? Can't beat a black nigger on a watchalong kek

>> No.8739670 [DELETED] 

there subs are fake, just bunch of bots

>> No.8739678

>if i understand correctly the description says it sampled chats from february to august and counted the users who had a membership. how useful do you guys think this method is?
We have been using this method for a while. It's only useful for guesstimating and may not be precise at all beyond setting a baseline for the amount of members a chuuba has.

>is there such a list for hololive?
From time to time, someone will post the membership table that was scraped for Hololive that uses this same method.

>> No.8739740

their subs are fake, just bunch of bots

>> No.8739760
File: 168 KB, 458x879, 96834672893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive earned about ¥2,975,375,158 SC from April 2019 to June 2021. ¥2,082,762,611 if we remove youtube 30% cut.

>2020 01 - 12: ¥1,557,526,434
>2021 01 - 06: ¥1,212,589,249

>> No.8739823

thanks guys, i often miss some posts in these threads since they can be so fast. i'll try to dig in the archives and see if i can find any of what you guys mentioned.
i know that any data about membership can't really be trusted since we don't have a reliable method of counting them. i've just been curious about those lately.

>> No.8739890

Kuzuha members seem to be more of a fan loyalty thing than a content wanting thing considering he stopped doing member stuff regularly.

>> No.8739977

Please understand. NijiEN is using bots.

>> No.8740228

Radio shows always do bad numbers but I don't understand why they do worse than zatsudans.
Korone's stream times changed right?

>> No.8740338

What are you supposed to say during one of those streams? Ask whats going on every 2 minutes, what characters are saying etc?

>> No.8740421

Has anyone before pointed out that Sana is 120K subs behind Kronii but only 35K followers?
Any other explanation than Susan hating tan Aussie?

>> No.8740580
File: 1.95 MB, 772x1068, Screenshot 2021-08-27 134944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's it for Niji noon

>> No.8740615

Pretty solid, makes sense that Kanae guest is the one with the highest live views

>> No.8740794
File: 366 KB, 907x1185, 9687324673746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so whos going to get the big views tonight?

>> No.8740887


>> No.8740900

>>8738831 watch these
3/4 of Your Mori originals don't have new song buff and MV buff at the same time( btw, REFLECT does not have MV buff)

>> No.8741016

Marine is adorable playing MK8

>> No.8741044

A lot of people will follow everyone on twitter but only subscribe to the people they actually watch regularly

t. am one of those people

>> No.8741146

Leos is so obviously the breakout star of this gen, eventho it's unfair that his co-host is also the most popular and he got the most popular guest. Impressed that Oliver managed to still get 20k both times tho.

>> No.8741173

peggerina as alway

>> No.8741263

>makes sense that Kanae guest is the one with the highest live views
I don't know about that. Look at the 8/24 one, it only got 20k despite having Maimoto as a guest. Guest didn't have that much effect over the numbers at all.
The first and last one got high numbers simply because it had two guys in there, not counting Shellin because he doesn't seem to be that much of a buff despite being a guy.

>> No.8741511

Maimoto is not a high number earner via his presence. You're confusing the tourneys he hosts for his actual fans. Kanae is a bigger earner. In that image that shows the highest averages for Nijimales, Kanae is always there.
Maimoto also does a ton more collabs than solo streams and you can go check out how well his solo ones do.

>> No.8741603
File: 767 KB, 515x558, 1620918992612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pekora thinks she can win vs this

>> No.8741655

Everytime I check she's streaming, the only chance of victory is to employ the same tactics

>> No.8741715

who is this (genuinely)

>> No.8741742

If this is Amoranth, why is she brought up on these threads? She isn't even top twitch streamer.

>> No.8741775


>> No.8741808
File: 261 KB, 1661x721, E5x-TB8VgAYc-qz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8741861

Kson really wants to be her.

>> No.8741943

Can't even reach 10k with 2 debut buffed vtubers. It's over.

>> No.8742022

Toko is a debuff for suityan supremacy desu

>> No.8742191

>the way government responses and the coof are shaping up.
Then how did niji held a packed offline concert yesterday?

>> No.8742252

anon said EN

>> No.8742259

Speaking of SC. I think Sora probably has hers at 100% cut.

>> No.8742261

It makes me wonder if it's just the venue that's placed in a ward under lockdown, and not Cover being hesitant, because some places in Japan are 100% open while others are going totalitarian

>> No.8742545

>¥2,082,762,611 if we remove youtube 30% cut.
I am pretty sure YouTube takes their share of revenue before you get paid. So it is likely that the revenue that's reported is after their share is taken.

>> No.8742569

Gura even had to fake sickness and cancel stream but they still couldn't reach 10k.

>> No.8742583

Do anon reall think cover's main income is their talent sc? Dont use the niji standard, cover is an idol agency and they usually took very little from their SC. Think of it as the girls giving them a little bonus for the managers and shit. Heck even the girls think of SC as a nice bonus. Their main income lays totally somewhere else, mostly on merchs for the girls, ads and product collabs for t company

>> No.8742641

Probably just the spread of the vaccines. I think this niji concert is part of their national tour so the region where it held was probably good to go

>> No.8742680
File: 700 KB, 800x1131, Amelia Watson horny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Their main income lays totally somewhere else

>> No.8742805

I'm not talking exclusively about SC but everything that they do, members, ads, sponsorship, merch, etc

>> No.8742971

>Cases - 4.7k, Deaths - 11
Concert was in tokyo, and the cases were at 4.7k on that day. It'd be a problem if one of them had the coof in a packed 8k venue. Not to mention, there weren't any distances between the audience.

>> No.8743075

Reflect is a normal video with an 1:1 aspect ratio, while Your Mori's songs are just a AI auto-generated video and channel

>> No.8743080

SC and memberships is still a drop in the bucket even though most of them are in the top ranks. Ad revenue, sponsorships, Physical CD sales, songs from Spotify/iTunes, merch, concerts etc makes up a lot for their revenue.

>> No.8743241

Coof is no problem for 2434.
Two more Tokyo irl shows to look out for.

>> No.8743353

SCs alone was more than 20% of 2020's revenue

>> No.8743356

Which holo does Cover send out when they have to please investors for seed money?

>> No.8743364

How do they do it?

>> No.8743373

2020 - 2021
Cover's assets grew from $7.6M to $35M
AnyColor's assets grew from $22M to $35M

You can check the reports and previews discussions in the archive: >>8074185
Cover's more detailed report: >>8057855

Alongside these growth, Cover made $17.28M in profits while AnyColor made $0.32M in profits.

According to local JP poll, Hololive is more popular in Japan than Nijisanji. >>8585355

It is safe to say that Cover is bigger than AnyColor in both domestic and overseas markets. Unless there's concrete data to disprove this.

Top Hololive JP talents are negotiating better cuts. No idea about the EN and ID talents, but Cover's 2021 - 2022 profit should be much less than 2020 - 2021 due to this.

>> No.8743388

Source : my ass

>> No.8743421

By not giving a fuck like most of Japan, Nijis are always going out to dinner and stuff

>> No.8743431

We're expecting big investor like sony this year then?

>> No.8743454

Why cover has no balls? They cancelled azki's offline venue and make it all online :(

>> No.8743467

>No idea about the EN and ID talents, but Cover's 2021 - 2022 profit should be much less than 2020 - 2021 due to this.
You should take into account that they are also increasing the size of the roster every year. So far we have +9 new additions, and could be +14 (or more) if JP6 debuts (plus more VSingers).

>> No.8743480

Wanting to keep their talent safe I guess, or maybe some Holos didn't get the jab yet

>> No.8743492

>increasing rooster
>less profis

>> No.8743503

2020 revenue was 55m
Just the holomem in the top 10m have earned almost 5m (after the 30% cut), just this is almost 10% of the revenue


>> No.8743535

That's not how it works anon

>> No.8743540

Sony is launching its own Vtubers

>> No.8743574

Explain it or stfu

>> No.8743613

>Alongside these growth, Cover made $17.28M in profits while AnyColor made $0.32M in profits
BRUHHHHHHHH, they aren't gonna survive with that abysmal numbers

>> No.8743645

I'm not sure if you understand what I am implying so I will go and say it outright: revenue and profit might increase in spite of contract renegotiation due to new additions to the roster increasing the revenue and their profit.

>> No.8743682

i think that's around the time when she had to take a bit of an extended break because she had a broken leg

>> No.8743753

Can any numberfag explain this because Nijisanji is shitting out merch and shows like there's no tomorrow yet they made small (for a company) profits

>> No.8743766

Niji re-invests most of their profit into building their own 3D/streaming tech while Cover outsources their 3D. Whether or not it will pay off for Niji in the long run remains to be seen but their 3D concerts are very impressive tech-wise.

>> No.8743785

Not him, Anon, but there has to be an explicit report on "SC earnings" to know exactly how it is dealt with by YouTube and Japanese tax law to understand how much (if at all) is reported in their income statements. You are also ignoring the elephant in the room that is memberships since I am certain YouTube only makes monthly payments to the accounts instead of paying every time a SC is made because the is both expensive and stupid to do.

>> No.8743907

Cover doesn't need more investors. They earned too much that they can't spend them all.
If anything, Cover should buy back their shares, but I don't think their current investors would be willing to sell them. Sitting money is bad due to inflation, but even with the past spending frenzy (EN lores, HoloError, HoloAlt, etc), their fans empty their wallets faster than Cover can spend them.

Not into gypsy fortune telling. Cover invested a lot in EN with those managers, PVs and MVs. I don't think IRyS' earnings have reached a break-even point. EN2 is not monetized yet, and ID3 won't be ready until next year.

>> No.8743917

But people said their concerts look worse than Holo's. I don't know man, they might as well reinvest in researching a way to cope instead because this tech thing doesn't seem to be working out for them.

>> No.8743955

Maybe you should see it for yourself and form your own opinion instead of relying on what people said.

>> No.8744068

Cover is supposed to be a tech company why the fuck are they investing alot on their multimedia *metaverse project*

>> No.8744095

>tech company
entertainment company*

>> No.8744124

Something something lawsuit

Can't you get sued if you aren't following proper protocols during the coof? I mean, I saw the free concert yesterday and they weren't seated apart with each other. 8k people is cool and all, but you're gonna make abe die of a heart attack.

>> No.8744172

Because if Cover fucks up people will roast them online for not protecting their talents/fans, if Ichikara fucks up people will roast their livers/fans online for being dumb so they have nothing to worry about

>> No.8744313

Because >muh merch is a nijinigger cope which doesn't actually reflect the reality of the situation

>> No.8744358

Just because they are a tech company doesn't mean they are good at all tech, the same way you don't expect a car company to be good at building trains

>> No.8744390
File: 336 KB, 2315x2265, 1626489614407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah excellent response Anon.
>According to local JP poll, Hololive is more popular in Japan than Nijisanji
Looks like they're making rounds on JP huh. I expect JP6 to be really, HYPED.

Very optimistic in the future, excited for events, new wonderful girls. I love Hololive. godbless.

>> No.8744391

A tech company losing in tech department to some zoomer's start-up.

>> No.8744416

Anyone look into estimated finana and elira membership numbers?

>> No.8744448
File: 200 KB, 369x348, naraka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuwa, unknown, Kuzuha collab

Game seems like a ninja-apex battle royale that was released 2 weeks ago

Also, there's a pico park collab between all niji branches tonight

>> No.8744490

How it looks can be up to your taste and I disagree with people shitting on Cover but Nijisanji has augmented reality now. Here's a clip. https://streamable.com/fg3m8t
The 3D model is projected on stage and the mood lighting of the model (like when she changes colors) is controlled back stage as well as the random flashes of light making it look like it's actually hitting the chuuba, causing shadows. Everything on stage is also 3D.
Then there's their 3D tracking that can pick up things as small as pingpong balls
Cover should really invest in AR. Or at least find some in-house workers. They want to do all these shows and 3D lives and it would benefit them rather than outsourcing it.
That's Naraka. You can check the descriptions for the chuubas.

>> No.8744515

Her channel is in a fucking description, newfag.

>> No.8744519
File: 292 KB, 1045x886, 95783468346347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I find it funny because the other one is more of an entertaining company, has really good technology than the tech company, and didn't venture outside (holoalt, their gameshit, and more stuff coming in the future probably online game)

>> No.8744527
File: 142 KB, 1280x720, AE2EEE28-1B96-4E15-B0A8-CB1DC0BE2276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Entertainment company

Get with the times, pops

>> No.8744544

>That's Naraka
Fuck it's mostly apex in her channel

>> No.8744545


>> No.8744580

on 1 channel so maybe 13-18k

>> No.8744616

kek, that’s the price a company pays for being more successful on the tech demo than on the tech itself.
Who would say managing a bunch of comedians and idols to showcase your cheap and accessible tech would outearn the tech itself?
Reminds me of McDonalds, they have more assets on real estate than they have on the burger side of the business

>> No.8744749

>Cover should really invest in AR. Or at least find some in-house workers. They want to do all these shows and 3D lives and it would benefit them rather than outsourcing it
There's no numbers to back that up. As anyone can see in their current numbers, Cover is doing WAY better than Anycolor.

>> No.8744767

I mean the original idea behind cover was to try and replicate Kizuna Ai but with the HTC vive instead of the multi thousand dollar equipment Kizuna Ai used, but then as it turns out there's not a big market that's into that.

>> No.8744784

Benefit them visually because I want to see Holos in AR or play with more items on stage. I guess they're just operating under 'don't fix what ain't broke'

>> No.8744795
File: 1022 KB, 607x1561, E1CCB1CA-DD41-4167-9203-016F14AA0836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Current Piyo Top 10
Two things
1) Puts in perspective how big 5k CCV is, if it allows Polka of all people to comfortably lead the pack by about double the second place
2) Goes to show how packed primetime gets with several streamers getting 15k+

>> No.8744856

Finana had 1000+ members by the end of her member stream.

Naraka is streaming her POV too, Kuzuha is likelt to do the same and just forgot to setup his room

>> No.8744885
File: 2.76 MB, 1280x720, Headpat the sheep.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I guess they're just operating under 'don't fix what ain't broke'
As they should

>I want to see Holos in AR or play with more items on stage
Aren’t they doing even proper VR with VARK (that Cinderella Switch series of events)? I bet they’re using that to see if there is a market for that, given that you can even headpat the talent.

It doesn’t need in house tech for that, just hire the good fellows that do it for Hatsune Miku live shows

>> No.8744963

VR=/=AR but the VR stuff is cool.

>> No.8744999

>Kuzuha is likelt to do the same and just forgot to setup his room
Not sure if he is lazy or helping out collabmates by not instantly sucking up all viewers.

>> No.8745036

He will stream his POV he is just a lazy motherfucker, he woke up 2 hrs ago which is 2:30pm in Japan

>> No.8745037

I know the difference, my point is that both companies are exploring where to go from live streaming into the real world in apparent different paths.
Their ultimate goal, more than the satisfaction of the audience, is to make money and both are scouring the market for the best cost/benefit.

>> No.8745067

Between in-house AR tech or renting the tech from another company, I'd prefer they lean onto renting for the best possible buck they could get and focus on multimedia project like Holoalt, animes or games. These could spread much more faster to newer people than AR skits. Also, maintenance and employee salaries is such a hassle if the projects done in AR can't make up for the investments. They could always rent them to other vtubers though.

>> No.8745128

>They could always rent them to other vtubers though.
I thought that but on the opposite direction. If Anikara goes on the tech path and advance the state of the art of AR one way to make the money back will certainly pass by renting it to other vtuber companies at a competitive price, which may include even Hololive.

>> No.8745180
File: 186 KB, 815x988, E734D271-68B1-426F-B0CE-93493BDCA1C7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ina has a solid grasp at her audience at that slot. Averaging over 10k on a 11k peak is even more impressive than peaking over 10k

>> No.8745238

Helped that no one popular streamed during this window.

>> No.8745244


>> No.8745250

Exactly 0 (zero, null) holos were streaming.

>> No.8745260

They already do that, 774 routinely rents ichikara's studios and 3d equipment for their lives.

>> No.8745315
File: 652 KB, 828x723, 9BD478C1-0B54-4FE9-913D-BA06E68079F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn’t that’s the point of having a good choice of slot and an audience to match?
There were good people in the slot, but none to match Ina (for the most part) which is also quite a feat given the names.

>> No.8745337

That’s not true, see >>8745315, she overlapped with Amelia and Fubuki down the frame.

>> No.8745339

>Not into gypsy fortune telling. Cover invested a lot in EN with those managers, PVs and MVs. I don't think IRyS' earnings have reached a break-even point. EN2 is not monetized yet, and ID3 won't be ready until next year.
If we take into account that Holo5, ID1&2 and I'm not into Gypsy forecasting either. I am simply going by what history has shown. Hololive seems to be a relatively low overhead operation and even with like 20 new additions to the company in fiscal 2020 alone (March is the end of their fiscal year, with HoloID1&2, MaFia, Holo5 and HoloMyth), they still somehow got massive profits. Even if you renegotiate all the contracts to give chuubas more money, just by simply increasing the number of revenue sources, you are more likely to report increased profits anyway unless they somehow go real big on spending.

>> No.8745364

Two VSPOs that aren't Nose or Noah getting 3.5k at 5am is honestly the most impressive part of that image

>> No.8745389

so its true, VSPO is inclining

>> No.8745400

Anon last night mentioned it to need up becoming a 6 chuuba impromptu collab on Micra

>> No.8745410
File: 879 KB, 955x537, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It had 6 VSPO girls

>> No.8745430

I'm pretty sure they are at the point where they are earning more money than they can realistically invest right now, unless they literally start buying solid gold yachts and the like I don't see cash flow being an issue in the foreseeable future.

>> No.8745472

9k for a watchalong is a lot, Obviously might be Kronii buff but that's really good.

>> No.8745504

Which Nijis debuted in 2020?

>> No.8745511
File: 1.89 MB, 1920x1080, DDD87334-32F3-48A2-98E8-09EB1C0D2F24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gotta hand it to Kiara: she’s usually a try hard and sometimes it’s off-putting but she really put her mind and heart on properly organizing this championship.
It was well illustrated, well coordinated and she even solved the timing clash with the JP one.

All in all, about the numbers, I think the one that will benefit the most will be

>> No.8745588

Meifu, VALZ, Kirame (+the menhera), Selejo

Speaking of VSPO, Nazuna, Mimi, Qpi, Beni, Toto getting featured by Valorant (Kuzuha and Kanae too)

>> No.8745593

Ah okay makes more sense but still, it was over 2k with just those two and none of the girls with 200k subs were involved, that's some very good numbers considering that and the timeslot

>> No.8745620

from jp: furen, melissa, ibrahim, vΔlz, selejo, kirame, meiro

>> No.8745656

Honestly wished Cover could put out a competitive gamer branch. Literally 5 people to make a team so that they could get game sponsorships too.

>> No.8745700

>Chumbuds don't watch Gura collabs
>Calli is bad at this
>Irys model debuff
>Ame unusual hours debuff
that leaves Ina with dedicated fanbase and Kiara. Ollie will probably have the highest in ID but I doubt EOPs will watch ID when ENs are available. For highest live viewers my money is on Ina.

>> No.8745726

>>Chumbuds don't watch Gura collabs
You forgot the Japanese/SEA/Taiwanese/Korean fanbase that's alive at this time

>> No.8745750

Gura will get all the tourists, especially the ones dropping off from the HoloJP one

>> No.8745764

>Hololive GAMERS
>don't play competitive games

>> No.8745801

Very few things are as soul sucking as competitive gaming. If much, both on Niji and Holo, former competitive gamers that get tired go relax and make pocket money by becoming streamers

>> No.8745848

Seriously, what's wrong with JPnijiniggers and their authistic love for anykara? Did they let them fuck their chuuba to be that loved by the fanbase?

>> No.8745852

>get a prize if you match with them
>if they're streaming, they're gonna be in ghost mode anyway to prevent snipers and attentionwhores
You're telling me these motherfuckers will be willingly playing Valorant offline? God damn the money must be worth it

>> No.8745860

They could just go ham on tournaments and relax for a week or two streaming. Doesn't need for it to be Predators. Diamond/Masters is fine. Just by being in Hololive, viewers would watch you regardless rather than going for the indie streaming route. Heck, I want Botan to use her connections to get game sponsorships on the gen too.

>> No.8745867

It's less corpo dicksucking and more being way more eager to shit on Niji livers and Nijifags.

>> No.8745903

It's the cliquishness working for them, most nijifans only follow a handful of nijis so if some niji that isn't one of the handful they follow fucks up they are more likely to bash the person they've only heard of in passing for tarnishing the image of the company that supports their favourite liver.

>> No.8745910


>> No.8745944

Is it really bragging rights when that entire survey is just children? Doesn't that hurt the popular side, a bunch of 0 superchatting viewers

>> No.8746014

They look fine. Not whatever company that did snow miku level yet but they progress their in house tech at least. And it's dumb to compared it with cover since they work in making VR related apps and software. I'd say cover is more innovative and promising since they try their hand on new things for a more widespread customer (us). Dont forget that they also into VRgaming

>> No.8746035

>Doesn't that hurt the popular side, a bunch of 0 superchatting viewers
Based on actual superchat amounts it doesn’t seem to hurt much

>> No.8746058

Not saying Hololive isn't getting SC they obviously dominate that but polling a bunch of little kids means nothing to me. Unless you are vouching for childrens opinions and not all of Japan. Children viewers mean nothing.

>> No.8746086

Doesn't really mean anything, so it doesn't deserve any bragging rights. Just that Hololive is more popular than niji among male teenagers in 2020

>> No.8746091

You realize Ichikara has a bunch of VR apps right? Yumenographia is a full on VR host club

>> No.8746093

>children viewers mean nothing
they're literally brainwashing the next gen of working people. Also its HS meaning teens, not kids.

>> No.8746102

1) In 2021
2) By 1 vote (10 for holo vs 9 for niji)

>> No.8746115

Nijisanji has VR though. Yumenographia. Just not for their livers yet.
And on a barely similar note they had some app where if you walked around Japan the livers would narrate landmarks if you wanna venture into IRL shit, obviously it shut down thanks to the coof
Cover paving the way with actual games will be interesting. AFAIK the only game Nijisanji has is a boardgame/cardgame that they just released.

>> No.8746166

Didnt know about that anons but that's really cool and promising. Did they promote this on their channel?

>> No.8746200

Holy mother of tribalfagging! I hope the EN side will not develope as such

>> No.8746227

It isn't Nijisanji, it's Anycolor.
They have collabed with Nijisanji before but that's really it. It's a host club and you pay to chat with a girl but there are rules against being too lewd or crass.

>> No.8746269

How is it going so far? Any number we can rely on? It's kinda a kino and experimental concept that might took off

>> No.8746288

Roboco did VR too, anyone can

Also, the link you posted is for a different service of dating vtubers that Ange was just promoting, Subaru, Ui and Maimoto did that a few months before too

>> No.8746367

Robocco just went on VRChat, Yumenographia is Anykara's own service. Also can that leeching whore get off her high horse and do an Oozora family collab again?

>> No.8746496

It's basically a GFE vtuber who can only get superchat from one viewer at a time.
According to their website they only have 5-8 girls working most days. They obviously can't use the main money-maker of real hostess clubs (extremely overpriced drinks) either.
Interesting concept but it's unlikely to ever be a big money-maker.

>> No.8746519

VRchat isn't a company hosted VR thing, Nijisanji KR liver Roha is always on VR chat too.
Nope because I'm not JSL enough to search that, though it's interesting knowing there are STILL scheduled showings with some of the same girls, they are pretty dedicated. However everyone only gets a single session for something like 3300 yen so it isn't making crazy money even if every girl was booked 24 hrs a day.

>> No.8746547

They can just buy out VSPO and call it a day. It would honestly be the best investment they'd make since it will instantly make the chuubas famous all over the world and they won't really have to deal with gachipandering bullshit (the shizos trying to murderize them over "M*L*S" by keeping them as a separate sister branch to Hololive while still allowing them to collab with the girls freely.

>> No.8746579
File: 89 KB, 650x450, d30865-190-957195-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It took off greatly last year and there are new talents debuting every several months

>> No.8746615

It's a fun concept, seems to be a sort of "live action dating sim" but the one on one nature would make it very limiting compared to, let's say, Rushia or Kuzuha holding the strings to the hearts of thousands of paying members at a time

>> No.8746754

That's why it's an Anycolor thing and not a Ninisanji thing.
And anyways does Kuzuha have more members than Rushia? That would be insane considering he does not do much there.

>> No.8746816

>And anyways does Kuzuha have more members than Rushia?
I doubt anyone would know that for certain, it is better not even try to speculate.

>> No.8746832

They weren't even in the running for the previous year's polls so at the very least it shows that their mindshare in Japan is increasing, and it's not just purely an EOP phenomenon.

>> No.8746847

That's kinda neat. It has lots of potential since hostess business has always been popular since ancient time

>> No.8746863

It's bound to happen as the number of talents grow since Nijisanji doesn't have a common theme.

>> No.8746921

Good idea. They'd be a confirmed invite from most gaming tourney in JP if they're branded toward competitive. If they want to relax, they could just stream normally under Hololive.

Could they even buy VSPO though, I mean they could put out an announcement for a gamer branch, and people all over the world who could speak Japanese would flock to them.

>> No.8746936

We have estimates from the number of different members who posted in chat in Q1 2021 that say Rushia has at least 9000 members, the same as Ame and Ina. Not sure if anyone's numberfagged this for Kuzuha.
(From that same data, Gura has over 17500 members, more than Mori, Kiara, and the entire ID branch combined.)

>> No.8746958

Earlier in the thread the same metrics were used to show he has 12.3k members using data from this year

>> No.8746984

>Sora on Miku Land 2021 Summer Vacation. Opening ceremony

Curious to see what kind of numbers Miku can pull. I can say that for sure: if they EVER made Miku a live streamer (not just create her a channel like they did, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJwGWV914kBlV4dKRn7AEFA, currently at 1.8M subs) it could easily be competitive with the big leagues

The trouble would be finding someone talented enough to be the convincing as the voice of a vocaloid.

>> No.8747003

I still dont get shitposters from here or japan why nijisanji is the "normie" thing when hololive's main bread and butter is even more normalfag playing minecraft like 60% of the time

>> No.8747011

It probably refers to the audience watching it and not to the talent. Nips are better positioned to pass value on that, considering they see it first hand so I would believe them

>> No.8747013

No, having Miku have a real voice destroys the point. Plus, Miku's personality is all over the place in fan interpretation so any official personality would mess things up. Even the officially sanctioned songs portray her differently.
Good for Soda though.

>> No.8747031

>No, having Miku have a real voice destroys the point.
Being a Mikufag I agree 100% but as a thought experiment it is interesting to imagine what it could be

>> No.8747041

seriously? the majority doesnt think they're the norm?

>> No.8747068

>258 watching now

>> No.8747096

The sampling period is different (Feb-Aug for that video, Q1 for the holo chart) so the numbers aren't 1:1 comparable. These scripts will see people who changed their name as two different people + don't account for membership churn, which will make them less accurate over longer periods.
In any case I suspect Kuzuha's members see it like a Twitch membership where you're just paying as a show of support rather than in exchange for exclusive content. Suisei is the same, she has 8500+ members and almost never posts anything.

>> No.8747100

Nips shitposting on 5ch are as useful as fags shitposting here they are literally saying the same things kek

>> No.8747137

Nooooo don't say that about our nipbros, their opinions are very important!!!
for 5chmatometards posting here

>> No.8747144
File: 316 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 10_31_36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the ranking of the 3D models and rigging for this stream
>Best: Megu shinonome
>Runner up: Sora
>Janky as fuck: GEMS company girls

>> No.8747159

It could work tho. They can just use any talented VA or actrees and use voice changer with her usual voice. As for the persona/chara, they can always went with the idol-kusagakki persona that kinda accepted as the default persona. It'll be kinda kino tho like this one https://youtu.be/M2jWJIok1HM

>> No.8747196

The Gems girls might be janky but the twintail one has some fat fucking tits so I can forgive them

>> No.8747207

Apex is way more normie than Minecraft in Japan and Nijisanji plays it 60% of the time.

>> No.8747212

Anon, please look at the name of this thread. 'Numbers', right? Correct. And in a 'Numbers' thread we don't approve numbers that are pulled out of someone's ass, so:
>Cover's assets grew from $7.6M to $35M
Full report screen, please, and a link to the source. (emphasis on "Full")
>AnyColor's assets grew from $22M to $35M
Full report screen, please.
>According to local JP poll
If you are talking about recent report a couple of days ago, it wasn't about popularity, but rather about what people discovered lately. That only means that more people know in JP know about Nijisanji.
>Top Hololive JP talents are negotiating better cuts
Also source for this, please.
Now prove that you are not a moron who pulls numbers out of his ass.

>> No.8747215

>Megu shinonome
She looks like a pokemon trainer.

>> No.8747216

Megu flexing her 2D space moving skills, going back and forward and side to side

>> No.8747226

These are songs that have been out for months and this is basically just a reupload with a music video. Not surprising they aren't growing as fast as the usual Mori original.

>> No.8747240

>emphasis on "Full"
Tall order to fill because it implies you don't accept the partial one shared in this thread a week or so ago.

>> No.8747271

The sources have been discussed before. You can follow the post number in the archive. Do you not know how to do your reps?

>> No.8747279

>If you are talking about recent report a couple of days ago, it wasn't about popularity, but rather about what people discovered lately.
Why do you have to lie?

>> No.8747287

Another vtuber concert with live audience (that one should be much smaller than yesterday's though)

>> No.8747323

the screenshot report posted some weeks ago has a source link. the report link is paywalled however.

>> No.8747325
File: 336 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 10_42_16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice thighs too.

>> No.8747337

Koikatsu models...

>> No.8747342

yeah unless the event is run by hololive/niji with their most popular sociopaths, they dont watch it.

>> No.8747352

If by 'partial' you mean this tiny-ass screen of a line of 4-5 numbers, then I am laughing of those retards who take it as a proof of something.

>> No.8747356

Yep, only up to 900 people in capacity.

>> No.8747378

Anon got defensive, AKA there's no proof AKA, they try to pull numbers off their asses.

>> No.8747382

The numbers had already been posted here before. Where the fuck were you?

>> No.8747432

>paywalled however
Very convenient, anon

>> No.8747450

I don't believe the numbers, anyone can make up a screenshot and pretend it's real.

>> No.8747460

The problem is, I've seen a good and legit Niji's report, but all I've seen from Holo was a scuffed fake-ass screenshot of a couple of numbers. That's why I am asking for a full screen and a link.

>> No.8747477

He has to lie to collect (You)s while not adding anything to the discussion. We already reach the bump limit anyway.

>> No.8747487

the rrat being above rushia minecraft feels wierd

>> No.8747521
File: 1.03 MB, 1246x5197, 1629162570132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know you can just say you're too assed to follow a link

>> No.8747578
File: 233 KB, 1854x721, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 10_54_22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the rrat being above rushia minecraft feels wierd
It is a testament of the strength of the rat with the JP market.
I was already assuming she would angle for this slot, I imagine she could do it 30 minutes early and have the starting slot for herself alone

>> No.8747671

>inb4 wanting translations

>> No.8747702

Where's one for Anycolor's 2020-2021 assets?

>> No.8747797

Kuzuha doing a shill stream collab with Fuwa and Naraka for a game I've never heard of. Could be pretty interesting numbers-wise if he still gets 20k+.

>> No.8747802

Kuzuha and co. started their shill stream, not expecting his usual numbers thanks to shill + sharing POV with Fuwa

>> No.8747810

>cant even use warosu
>timeloop numbers
State of this thread

>> No.8747847

>every Niji report is legit
>every holo report is fraud
Anon shoves data, still blind.

>> No.8747854

>sharing POV with Fuwa
Shouldn't be a problem since he overlaps with Fuwa almost every night, but if he still gets 25k+, that would be hella impressive.
The game doesn't look THAT bad tho honestly, it's a brand new battle royale game.

>> No.8747895

Not him, but as far as I am aware, AniColor's statements released a year after they're filed or something like that. There won't be a 2020-2021 until next year.

>> No.8747915

the game only saving grace is the chaarcter creator

>> No.8747925

Already get and they're still in character making.

>> No.8747964

Wonder where did that anon pulled their numbers from then >>8743373

>> No.8747969
File: 1.83 MB, 1258x1076, image_2021-08-27_131542.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least character creation looks pretty good.
Kuzuha already passed 20k

Hololive also started their Mystery Theater, but it's a text game split in 6 perspectives, not expecting over 10k for anyone.

>> No.8747977

This thread is always bad at predictions.

>> No.8747979
File: 78 KB, 403x702, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 11_15_09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very strong vampire, towers over his peers.

>> No.8748007
File: 118 KB, 1542x718, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 11_16_57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not following the stream, WTF was that drop?

>> No.8748019


>> No.8748031

I think it was a quarterly report from some youtube video - you can find it somewhere in archive, I guess.

>> No.8748032


>> No.8748042

He farted and as you can see not all of his fans are into that

>> No.8748068

>There won't be a 2020-2021 until next year.
your reiwa reps...
the statement posted for anikara that same thread is Reiwa 2-3 anon.

>> No.8748071


>> No.8748115

People realized that he sucks ass as a vtuber and stopped watching.

>> No.8748117

Kamitsubaki talents really are built different huh? No wonder they are way ahead of any other vsingers

>> No.8748135
File: 91 KB, 391x497, 1629217235611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anikara posted a .35 mil USD profit in the same year where cover posted a 15 mil USD profit
nijimerch... doko...

>> No.8748137
File: 430 KB, 881x507, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8748147

Oh man Kuzuha is going to hit 25k any moment now. Fuwa is at 6.5k too which is actually not a bad number for him either. Pretty good for a shill stream.

>> No.8748151

What was the viewership?

>> No.8748174

Not taking away from anything these reports say but you surely know the difference between

Money in the bank for companies expanding is not a good way to spend it, companies usually reinvest it in the main business or in side ventures that could grow big in the future.

With that said both companies posted ABSURDLY GOOD revenue

>> No.8748193
File: 59 KB, 379x134, reps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do them

>> No.8748197
File: 455 KB, 1587x1049, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 11_25_35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still impressed with the rat performance. Is this the strongest showing of an EN member during JP primetime in a regular stream?

>> No.8748200

Live view YT is 3k, dunno abou the main one over at zan. But notted that the crowdfund for this concert was over in 24h with over 80mil yen if im not mistaken

>> No.8748231

left one is 2019-2020 (令和2年)
right one is 2020-2021 (令和3年)

>> No.8748250

Ya, we can argue how much a debut buff she still has seeing as it's her 4th stream, but Ame played this game 4 months ago and peaked at 11k. Baelz has not much competition right now from HoloJP, but this is basically an impossible timeslot for NA.

>> No.8748259


>> No.8748268

>3k viewerships
>they are way ahead of other vsingers
What? Hololive members literally get more than that for karaoke streams and this was a full live concert with only 3k? That is pretty bad.

>> No.8748276

If you still not there - the important date is in brackets. The one without brackets is for the date it was posted.

>> No.8748280

>both companies posted ABSURDLY GOOD revenue
unless you have other sources to share, anikara havent posted their revenue for 2020-2021. the 35 mil USD figure in the image refers to current assets.

>> No.8748282

Hard to say since it's still debut week.
Mori did better, but only at some events, like karaoke or cursed ASMR, otherwise, she doesn't stream during primetime anymore.

>> No.8748290

Hololive and Niji are so far ahead in numbers with the rest of the industry that it's unfair to use their numbers as the standard.

>> No.8748298

>Baelz has not much competition right now from HoloJP
The whole middle string is already at bat. Maybe you mean "Aqua, Pekora, Marine and Miko still didn't show up" but that's why all of these girls start their streams at this slot and not the one next to it

>> No.8748305

>Suisei is the same, she has 8500+ members

>> No.8748308

The fact that she's getting the numbers she is, means at the very least she can survive in the slot and get at least 8-12k...

>> No.8748321

Cover's report is iirc march to march or april to april. Doesn't it mean they earn $15M in profits by march?

>> No.8748356

Notice they both say 令和2年 in the part in brackets. They are both for FY20-21 (although the left one runs April-March and the right May-April).

>> No.8748375

>Kuzuha at 28k
>Fuwa at 7k
>Naruka peaked at 5.5k
All getting their normal numbers/ higher than normal numbers.
Rare instance when the release hype/novelty of a game overcomes the shill stream debuff.
Very good numbers.

>> No.8748402

That's what I was trying to point out for reiwa anon. Cover posts their financials the same year while Anycolor - next year.

>> No.8748428

Profit = Revenue - Expenses. A company with 100M revenue and 99.9M expenses (imagine things like buying the second largest competitor in the market for a quick expansion and removal of competition) would post a 0.01M profit in that market.

Profit in isolation doesn't show anything other than that the company was not able to spend quick enough to grow faster.

>> No.8748466
File: 48 KB, 1152x1080, chat-members.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is based on scraping chat for unique usernames, so it's got some obvious issues (anyone who doesn't chat isn't counted, and anyone who changes their display name is counted more than once). It does roughly line up with engagement on member posts for the ones I've seen though.

>> No.8748524

I would love to see Coco's numbers in June 2021. She got a retarded amount of new memberships the moment she announced her graduation and she was already 3rd place before.

>> No.8748566

Holy crap Gura. I guess that is the power of putting your most in demand content (singing) behind a membership wall. She sings a lot in membership streams.

>> No.8748591

What Cover's report showed is that they exploded and made a shit ton of money compared to the previous year but because of that they weren't able to reinvest their profits back into the company fast enough.
They hired 100~ people last year alone and are still looking to hire more people so they can expand.

>> No.8748722

I'll assume the lack of sales infrastructure hurts Cover quite badly in potential revenue. Imagine if Cover was able to sell merch for HoloEN on day 1 like Anycolor did for Edengumi.
Anycolor is already selling voicepacks for NijiEN a month after their debuts, when the only HoloEN voicepacks available IIRC are in their limited-time only Birthday packs months after their debuts.

>> No.8748809

The limited voice packs and merch is pretty normal for Cover.
Nijisanji will slap their logo on anything and releases voice packs monthly meanwhile Hololive only does it for special occasions and they're generally expensive ($100-$150).
HoloEN2 already launched with merch (the group Tapestry drawn by Sana) so I guess they're learning somewhat. The almost year long delay for actually getting the product is seriously killing them though along with the shipping costs.

>> No.8748854

Yeah, with HoloEN being as big as it is they really need to come up with a distribution solution for getting merch to non-japanese people faster.

>> No.8748859

Their merchandise itself has markedly improved recently, but they really need a better overseas partner than Geekjack.
They're obviously too small to handle the level of overseas interest in Hololive properly - their website broke every time new merch came out until they switched to using Shopify, and they still ship everything straight from Japan and take months to coordinate.

>> No.8748993
File: 116 KB, 1211x830, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 12_01_42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rat holding around 12k people for the duration of the stream.
Chat is mostly in english, rat is mostly speaking english, I have to say I'm impressed specially with it being 7AM in the east coast of the US.

Next slot is about to start so I expect the numbers to drop a bit

>> No.8749041

>they really need to come up with a distribution solution for getting merch to non-japanese people faster.
>they really need a better overseas partner than Geekjack.
It's not just distributing tho. They either need to keep inventory (which nips frown upon, preferring making things to order) or get a better assessment of the market to ensure their starting capacity is big enough to absorb the brunt of the first orders.

>> No.8749091

Yup, but honestly with how much overlap is going to happen soon, if she can hold 9000, that would be pretty good.

>> No.8749117
File: 497 KB, 1583x1047, Screenshot - 2021-08-27 , 12_07_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enters the JP championship
And also some other Hal organized APEX championship, featuring Hikakin

>> No.8749229

Kuzuha is probably streaming again later today, he's in a call with Hal rn since they're on the same team. Hal was like ~6k before Kuzuha ended his stream and logged onto Apex.

>> No.8749295

She's holding 10k+ whilst the MK tourney for JP is going on.
That is legit impressive, especially if these are EOP that wouldn't normally be in the JP chats.

>> No.8749420

Mostly because people are either watching it live at the venue or with better quality at zan. Also this >>8748290
3k is already a good number.

>> No.8749468

Numberbros what happened…

>> No.8749517

Difference between yearly MK Holocup with weeks of build-up and an 4fun tournament Towa announced a week ago.

>> No.8749638

So, why didn't Kiara scheduled a stream on 9AM JST tomorrow instead of 10pm JST today? In terms of availability, EN would be during primetime burgerland and ID & Irys would be in the mornings. I don't get why JP primetime.

>> No.8749751

mori is in america currently as well so the only reason could be to work around ID's schedule

>> No.8749843

She already explained why, today is the only day in a 14 time window they’re all available and only at their current time slot.

>> No.8749916
File: 1.20 MB, 828x1498, BCA7FF6A-C651-4EAB-B942-9C1656958489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aspirant Queen

RatGirl holding 10k, very good

>> No.8749923

Oh damn, seems like today is an MK8 relay race between Hololive. It would've boost numbers though, if she could invite JP members to their post-match.

>> No.8749945

Sorry, “princesses”, skipped Miko in the royalty designations

>> No.8749951

There's like 136k people watching Hololive right now according to Holodex

>> No.8749990

Too low holobros.. the January mario kart cup had 205k views…

>> No.8750016

Not this timeline again. We only have net profit number from niji, we have no number for gross profit & how much money they reinvested.
On the other hand we know in that year covers get a lot of money but some of reason they ain't doing anything significant with that money. Maybe because of covid or because of incompetent management who don't know what they are going to do with that sudden huge amount of money.
I love cover but i'm honestly worried, not the first time that cover have a problem because of we "grow too fast". Let's be real, i feel there something not click with their recent project. Why HoloAlt? What HoloAlt main purpose? Marketing? Selling multimedia stuff like manga or anime? Why Horror game? Isn't gacha game more profitable? Do we need to go that far with VR horror game when we only need it for concert & VR streaming. I'm not going to add about Holo Council.
I know i am a peasant, yet i feel like sometimes cover focusing on wrong thing. Contracting/Hiring in house rigger & illustrator with proper skill always good, considering how many new model & costume that cover will have in future. It'll give you more quantity & quality because they only work for you & you can kick them if they doing shit works. In house studio in JP with high quality audio setup also not bad thing, Holo will have lot of 3D concert in future & those concert always attract people and money (heck if in future they hire HoloEN talent from one place, overseas 3D studio will be great). More ads & event for the girl esp. overseas one, etc.
Cover i'll give you warning, if you think you can carelessly throw money because you have a lot, you dead wrong. I'm petty person, i'll always keeping watch on every penny that i throw to my oshi. You messed up with my & my oshi money, you're dead meat. Thanks for listening my TEDxTalks.

>> No.8750099

blogposter you seem lost

>> No.8750109

Anons, how do we feel about Rat's performance.
>13k peak
>10k now
>overlapped with 2 holo events

>> No.8750139

that's strong af damn

>> No.8750217

Isn't that just mean their audience didn't overlap as much? It would have been interesting if she overlaps with the ENxID MK collab

>> No.8750243

It means me eop no nihongo me watch eop streamer

>> No.8750262

Her chat right now is almost all English.
This number, at this time of day, against two events, one with Marine, Pekora AND Miko?
I'd say that she has the Sea+AUS audience for this timezone if she wants it.

>> No.8750284

not bad at all

>> No.8750458

See >>8749517

>> No.8750534
File: 334 KB, 828x455, 83B67C9F-8649-42CA-95DE-93B7BEDA45A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it’s not the only multiPOV collab going on
>pic related
Mio, Lamy, Botan, Suisei, Luna and Roboco playing some game I don’t recognize

>> No.8750553

>Her chat right now is almost all English.
really impressive since she panders to japanese a lot and her chat was full of them during previous streams.
previous numbers
>20k zatsu
>19k shitty game
>14k Kukuyomi
>13k this stream (10k vs 2 events)
do not forgot that at least 1,3,4 streams was in time slots where she was against "behemoths" of vtubing world and hololive specifically

>> No.8750598

Pekora seems to have hit a cap at 26k tonight due to heavy overlap, with Marine having 20k too.
On the other hand, there's no reason to predict Kuzuha won't get 30k again tonight doing the same thing he did last night (scrim with Hal and Hikakin).

>> No.8750602

I'll summarise it for you anon
>Cover making a lot of money is actually bad
>They should milk their fans with gacha shit instead of trying things that are actually interesting
>Instead of contracting riggers they should hire them full time so they can sit on their ass doing nothing for 8 months a year
>Cover should spend more, but also not
In conclusion, ogey

>> No.8750664

not him but ty for qrd

>> No.8750718

Just spend it on competent writers to build up the lore/story between all the characters in Hololive. Seems like they're progressing on this at least since they have 1 chapter of a manga released. Afterwards, ask ufotable for a 24 episode anime.

>> No.8750743

Nobody cares about story/lore. People come to watch cute female streamers.

>> No.8750782

>Nobody cares about story/lore. People come to watch cute female
reminds me about that thing called Anime

>> No.8750783

It’s a murder mystery with Mio as the DM

>> No.8750822

>ask ufotable for a 24 episode anime.
kek, good way to incinerate a couple of millions. Animes being released in 2022 likely started production in mid 2020 and even the minute long PV for HoloAlt started production in April 2020.

Here is my suggestion for Cover: keep doing whatever you’re doing, except
>hiring *that* rigger

That would be it.

>> No.8750856

That's niji's business model. Hololive is an interconnected anime series built upon stories between the streamers.

>> No.8750871

>Here is my suggestion for Cover
+HoloKR pls

>> No.8750878


>> No.8750897

Just to suck up the gaming sponsorships in JP

>> No.8750898

At this point I think they’re Yagoos niece or something who needs work. Their work is just bad, at least I hope they’re dirt cheap.

>> No.8750947

Are all holofags so delusional?

>> No.8750993

>suck up the gaming sponsorships in JP
they already have got Botan with experience of promoting games for JP audience, should just add 1-2 more ppl in next gen

>> No.8751008

They do have gamers unless your definition of gamer is a 1 game only streamer who play moba or BR. They also get gaming sponsorship.

>> No.8751041

kek, that would be the second worst thing after only
If you think nips have hardcore antis imagine until your antis come from a country that you enslaved not 150 years ago

>> No.8751073

to be honest any genre would work with this formula.
>Kontai collection
...you can continue

>> No.8751093

Didn’t Ame get some shit in Korea for having a peace background during a karaoke that they interpreted as the imperial Japanese flag or some shit.

>> No.8751103

Also the culture for KR, it makes more sense to have KR speaking talents outside of the country, and just make sure that south koreans can akasupa and buy merch.
Actually setting up shop seems like a losing proposal as seen by NijiKr

>> No.8751136


rrats dead again

>> No.8751182

we need to see RushiaXTowa next

>> No.8751220

Nah, they really need a new branch called Competitive Gamers or something, to represent Hololive in big games and receives sponsorships without being restricted to idol-like manner. Valorant, SFV, R6S, Apex, PUBG, CoD, new games etc. Botan would be the one coaching them, and finally she will have friends to play FPS with. Towa seems kinda debuffed just because she's in JP 4 and has to act idol-like. Imagine if there's a branch that isn't restricted and could collab with Holostars in tourneys any time they want.

>> No.8751342

Towa isn’t restricted by being an idol. She just sucks at apex, especially the team aspect of the game. She’s really good at making connections seeing how she gets invited to all the events.

>> No.8751367

First they pivoted into being an idol VTuber group in 2018 and then they pivoted again in 2020 into this metaverse story lore bullshit that's going on right now.

Let's face it, Yagoo and his entire company that he hired has no idea what they're doing. Who knows what they'll pivot into again when the current set of projects falls flat on its face?

>> No.8751500

There's no actual restrictions on male collabs, it's entirely up to the members and they image they want to maintain for their own audience.

>> No.8751501

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the so called idol/lore pivot is completely isolated between the jp and en branch.

>> No.8751502

>Kanaleech's numbers in this collab

lmao. completely worthless when she's not leeching coco.

>> No.8751534

Well originally they went into that route, but then gen 3 became their golden goose and turns out everyone likes lore. They debut a myth related EN branch and suddenly they became the top vtuber company in the world.

>> No.8751618

It gives the talents something to work with and I assume they will somehow integrate it into their Holoalt project whenever the fuck that makes any progress.

>> No.8751672

>Competitive Gamers
>Botan would be the one coaching them
sounds like bullshit anon
but adia of females who are competent gamers is but prefer modern genres and games is good.(feels like breath of fresh air for hololive) still i do not think they MUST create a new gen for it. just hire best people for job.
>Valorant, SFV, R6S, Apex, PUBG, CoD
most of this games a relevant in JP. especially as purely competitive disciplines. i keep hearing that even Apex doesnt do well in term of money for pros and team. +you need fucking infrastruktur for those things wich Cover does NOT have.
there is already exists at least 1 Vtuber who sing up by pro organisation (cloud 9 she plays LOL) i don't remember her name. and this sounds much more reasonable.

>> No.8751719

Anyone can act like whore if they don't like money, like Matsuri and Towa do. I think some girls actually want to do it like those two because they don't care about money that much, but they didn't because they feared that it'll hurt their genmate's image.

>> No.8751785

This is absolute delusion and will never happen.
>Botan would be the one coaching them, and finally she will have friends to play FPS with.
Botan will never coach again and she has friends to play CoD with right now.

>Towa seems kinda debuffed just because she's in JP 4 and has to act idol-like.
This isn't a thing.

>Imagine if there's a branch that isn't restricted and could collab with Holostars in tourneys any time they want.
They can do this whenever they want.

>> No.8751818

Why is it always Pekora topping the chart? It is not fair...

>> No.8751865

She surpassed Kuzuha already? Cool.

>> No.8751877

She isn't beating Kuzuha's shill stream today. Heck, if he keeps losing early, Kuzuha's Apex scrim stream rn might not beat his own shill stream earlier today.
Gura POV for the MK tournament coming up is the last hope for Holos to top the chart today, but it's very unlikely.

>> No.8751920
File: 10 KB, 244x244, Shishiro Botan smol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she will have friends to play FPS with.
im sure those ppl think she doesnt play FPS off stream.
she just does NOT want to be next Selen.

>> No.8751925
File: 17 KB, 815x149, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beni numbers. Not bad at all.

>> No.8751945

What's the lore of gen 5 again?

>> No.8751947

Nope, Pekora peaked at 26k, Kuzuha's shill stream earlier hit 28k and his Apex stream rn hit 26.5k.

>> No.8752028

You wish.

>> No.8752029

>huge event with a lot of ccv per stream
>Gura POV for the MK tournament coming up is the last hope for Holos to top the chart today
nah, holo is fine

>> No.8752036

Cunny shark will beat him, maybe.

>> No.8752047

NTA, but pretty sure that anon just doesn't want Kuzu and the boys to monopolize all the game sponsorships just because they're the only ones available for it. Marine, Peko or Miko wouldn't even glance at those sponsorships (the FPS ones) even if they were given on a silver platter.

>> No.8752080

>What's the lore of gen 5 again?
Botan was bored

>> No.8752125
File: 217 KB, 373x355, asq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lauren-bros... How do we save him?

>> No.8752128

Everyone is just describing VSpo. The branch you want already exists.
Watch them and increase their numbers.

>> No.8752132

>Cunny shark will beat him
isnt it bad time slot?
hope JPs will boost them

>> No.8752138

Gen 4?

>> No.8752156

They're still fine ofc, this wasn't even a hyped event. It's literally a 4fun tournament Towa organized in a week. Just saying it's unlikely to get the top number today, which is Nijinoon with 30k anyways.

Gura almost never does well in these types of big collabs and this is way out of her normal timeslot.

>> No.8752167

It was supposed to be their PLAN B, but their core was killed 1 day after debut.

>> No.8752224

>Gen 4?
Kanata ate grass

>> No.8752228

Kazuha > Hololive. How does he keep doing it, lads? Dabbing over and over on them every day.

>> No.8752238

At least JP 6 is gonna be debut with lore and better designs/rig now that Cover is rich

>> No.8752278

Did his stream die for 1 sec again?

>> No.8752281

At least spell his name right, shitposter

>> No.8752293


>> No.8752325

Or get an IRyS tier model because Cocer cares more about the artist than the model.

>> No.8752356

Enjoy your IRyS clones and R H O M B U S.

>> No.8752378

btw it's friday in JP
>Gura almost never does well in these types of big collabs
..with JP senpais. i bet this time especially if she will be in EN team girl will be fine. i hope Calliope will NOT ruin this event

>> No.8752390

youtube hates gays

>> No.8752436

>How does he keep doing it
another Apex tourny

>> No.8752450

So from the EN 2 5 councils, what is the overall ranks if we see the engagement and subscriber counts?

>> No.8752530
File: 89 KB, 342x283, E9bsSGqWEAIMkaN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8752588

>btw it's friday in JP
Ya it aired on Friday at noon. It's now 10pm in Japan on friday and the EN/ID collab is starting.

>i bet this time especially if she will be in EN team girl will be fine.
The collabs I'm talking about are the full HoloEN ones with split POV, like Gartic Phone. Gura was passed by Ina twice before because of the latter's competence at the game. Probably won't happen tonight, but Gura is literally one of the worst MK players in EN so it wouldn't be too surprising if she lost to one of the better players in CCV.

>> No.8752658

sanig at the bottom

>> No.8752820

5% is stalling everyone

>> No.8752876

Damn, it's actually possible for Kuzuha's Apex stream to not exceed his shill stream's peak today. He keeps getting 18/20 in these scrims before he gets a chance to incline.

>> No.8752917

>EN collab

>Gartic Phone
do not you really know why?
>she lost to one of the better players in CCV
so would ppl watch iRys instead of Gura?

>> No.8753016

b-but if you take off apex from kuzuha...

>> No.8753113

Yeah but is the clock top or the rrat?

>> No.8753123

I'm saying she lost before because another member was more competent, it could happen again.
Not saying it will. We'll see what Gura's peak is in 20 mins.

>> No.8753211

Calliope didnt even start her stream Mori

>> No.8753267

Fuck I just want the race to start so I won't hear Kiara

>> No.8753294

>peak is in 20 mins.
40 min is general rule

>> No.8753326

She's incompetent streamer

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