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To put it in a nutshell, english fans need the consideration and forethought that japanese fans has.
An example is that japanese fans don't force into conversations between vtubers themselves. Ayame has already reminded you not to do this but you still do it, why?

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Who the fuck cares what that whore said.

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The Japanese are people just like you and they do their own share of horrible shit.

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Remember to follow Ayame-chan's rules!
1. Don't reply to conversations between holos on social media
2. Don't use fanart of holos as your profile picture
3. Don't use holos names as your own username in games
4. Don't request things of holos unless specifically asked
5. Don't comment unless you have something nice to say
6. Don't create clips that show me in a bad light
7. Don't comment in a language other than Japanese

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I want to rape this whore

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its a public tweet retard. you want to have private convo you can do it in dm dumbfuck

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the most apparent difference when you scroll through twitter replies, japanese are basically 99% text only, EN is close to 100% reaction images with no text at all, it's always really shitty images too.

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The fact that people like this whore; and they really really do, amazes me to no end

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Japs can't meme

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Obviously, but the relative magnitude matters between fanbases. This occurs rarely in the jp side while on the en side every single conversation has at least 10 people trying to get the vtuber's attention.

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The Japanese post images too depending on the chuuba. Kenmochi gets a ton of reaction images

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twitterfags definitely can't either
*bonk* XD

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They like her cute noises. The fact they're made by an awful shitty person doesn't affect them.

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Nigga the JP has more stock reaction image than you think. But ofc it depends of what kind of tweets you replied to

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>2. Don't use fanart of holos as your profile picture
>7. Don't comment in a language other than Japanese
The audacity of this bitch
>6. Don't create clips that show me in a bad light
She better not put herself in a situation that makes look bad then, she really thinks she can control people

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It's not like anyone watching her other than as background cutesy noice

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yeah but it will not happen. that's it.

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Kenmochi encourages his fans to shit on him, and OP is about randoms butting into conversation chains which even his cult fanbase doesn't do.

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She should try streaming before trying to lecture other people

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Why not lol? They shouldn't converse in a public setting then. Go DM retards.

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Those public Twitter conversations are a performance for the benefit of the fans. If they actually wanted to privately converse they'd use Line or Discord.

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Ayame is a cunt

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I really dislike when this happens
but I also dislike Ayame

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You will never be Japanese.

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>consideration and forethought that japanese fans has
You do need a lot of them to stalk somone, send death threats, shit up their chats and more after all.

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So ayame is a based sigma female

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why won't they respect our vibrant western culture, comrades?

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If she wants western simpbux she has to deal with western simp faggotry.

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Ayame doesn't give a shit and I can respect that

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Western mentality in action: If you can't get banned/imprisoned for something then it's always right.

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No retard. They are literally posting this shit in public. Heck, twitter have features that can allow only people that were mentioned to reply and they don't use it. Not anybody's fault besides themselves.

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but i will learn japanese, enjoy their culture and their media

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it's etiquette where you don't have to follow but you will look like a fucking idiot caveman to everyone who did

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Forgot the most important one from the list

>8. Don't watch or support Holos in any way

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too much freedom I guess

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Don't care, I'm not a nip and I do not respect their society

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Honestly if you're not cringe you shouldn't be doing any of these.

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If I'm talking to my friend in public, it'll be totally fine and not rude AF for a stranger to jump into the conversation?

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>1. Don't reply to conversations between holos on social media
You're on a public platform which you use to promote yourself. Use DMs or ignore it. But your posting on what is a public forum, so better fucking deal with it.
>2. Don't use fanart of holos as your profile picture
That's always been a part of fandom, seriously fuck off.
>3. Don't use holos names as your own username in
This one's reasonable.
>4. Don't request things of holos unless specifically asked
Again reasonable
>5. Don't comment unless you have something nice to say
>6. Don't create clips that show me in a bad light
Editing clips out of context is shitty.
>7. Don't comment in a language other than Japanese

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Who is Ayame?

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Someone who doesn't understand how Twitter works.

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Hardcore Nationalist. That's why so many Japs like her.

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>Ayame has already reminded you not to do this but you still do it, why?
sorry but oshi actually likes her fans and replies to a lot comments instead of treating them solely like piggybanks that need to sit on the shelf quietly until she wants money.

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8. Don't talk about my boyfriend
9. Don't question why I can play LoL whilst being too ill stream or even send Miko a welcome back greeting

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Are there people autistic enough to actually do this?

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you will never be japanese, indog.
also its always the nips who commented on vtuber conversations who always get that image.

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yes, civilized people, and most of them are not American

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>also its always the nips who commented on vtuber conversations who always get that image.

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check most holo's tweets indog. they even used a rushia/yu-gi-oh versions of that whore tweet

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You're going to need graphical evidence to convince me that neanderthals still exist.

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a good example of nips breaking the whore rule 3 hours ago

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I always wondered what that yugioh card was that nips reply with all the time was

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When you use a western platform you need to accept that things are done differently. Twitter is an open public forum and as such it's expected that anyone may interact with your tweets at anytime. Western users understand this and so generally keep their private convos to DMs. The quicker she learns this, the quicker she will stop coming across as a stuck up bitch.

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And a brave warrior battling against this scourge replying to both of them to call them idiots.

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It's been over a year and this bait is still such a reeler

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she wont know that after all she is busy whoring herself to some corporate old men on fc2

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The JPs also reply with reaction images, it's just that theirs are usually cropped manga panels

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more like brave chink

>> No.8751551

He's an antichink

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burger hours
they can't fucking stand it when you call them out on acting like niggers

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This image is too cruel. I never wanted this.

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Always FPBP

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all women are whores

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That would be equivalent to you two dming, so it's impossible to happen. Following your example, it would be like you and your friend standing in a park like 20 meters apart and using megaphones to communicate. If another autist grabs a megaphone and butts in, don't blame him

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So overseas Ayame fans are just /jp/ autists with a stick up their ass?

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EN fans are retarded degenerates. Anglo countries are currently undergoing behavioral sink, so they are all mean-spirited and incapable of enjoying anything. Case in point >>8748386

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Because it never stopped being true.

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Have sex

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You will never be Japanese

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>The Japanese are people just like you
Japanese are bugs, how dare you.

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It was Japanese fans that made Aloe graduate. So, I'm not sure sure if you can say that they have more "consideration".

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Japs are a bunch of cucks and insufferable faggots

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>consideration and forethought that japanese fans
>Japanese fans
>consideration and forethought

>> No.8762154

>Jap fans
Nicest people you may know
>Jap antis
Worst pieces of shit you can imagine

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which is a hundred times better than whatever distorted 3dpd images western twitter posts

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And an example of idiots who shit things up even more by autistically trying to chastise them instead of just fucking ignoring it.

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>The Japanese are people just like you
Nope, lurking Japanese fanbase hubs is always shocking because of how they pay attention to completely different aspects of streams and streamers most of the time. Be it when they're judging them positively or negatively.
>they do their own share of horrible shit
They probably do worse shit, they're just more behaved in some aspects and more serious about rules and politeness (in the open).

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It's funny because whenever japs discuss this rule, they always note how holofags are the worst offenders.

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I can understanding simping over nippon pussy, but what's the use in sucking rice dick?

>> No.8764002

To be a better listener for vtuber as a new culture

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nah kiara is the true sigma female

>> No.8764079

English fan need to consideRATe

>> No.8764152

She cares a lot though, get your head checked

>> No.8764175

/jp/ autsists always have a stick up their ass, it's their defining characteristic.

>> No.8764183

this entire place is just /r/eddit containment
what you expect?

>> No.8764206

>I can understanding simping over nippon pussy, but what's the use in sucking rice dick?

t. american coomer retard.

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mutts can't stop thinking about bbc,

at this point they are mimicking their actions

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>You're on a public platform which you use to promote yourself. Use DMs or ignore it. But your posting on what is a public forum, so better fucking deal with it.
It's called having tact retard. I bet you're the kind of guy who replies to erotic images on twitter going "I'm jerking off to this" and shit too. You clearly have no fucking clue why they talk publically like this and not in DM's because of your sub 50 IQ brain that can't go beyond "I can reply that means I MUST reply"
>That's always been a part of fandom, seriously fuck off.
It's fine but if you're replying to the person themselves it's cringe as fuck. You wouldn't reply to some hollywood moviestar on twitter using one of his photos as your picture, right? It's the same shit.

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this disguting whore should mind your own business

>> No.8765127

Nigger is our word as Americans but you can say nigga.

>> No.8765189

Seethe yankee

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roru roru rumao im SEAnigger you low iq monkey

cope, this whore antis are global

>> No.8765824

Why yes you are indeed a global EOP

>> No.8765960

>Admitting he's a SEAmonkey
>calls him EOP
The fuck is wrong with you

>> No.8766029

Implying i read posts before replying lmao

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jops on full force today

>> No.8766536

No, they're larper

>> No.8766640

>Using Ayame as an example of anything
She's extremely manipulative and wants the world to bend her way, she can't take negativity/banter at all which is why she only reads messages from her members and has many other practices, to the point that instead of growing thicker skin she just made the wall between her audience thicker, it's the worst of the two options.

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>Makes her headcanon about Twitter
>Gets angry when not everybody is following her made up headcanon
Are nakirigumis dumb?

>> No.8768066

The entire japanese (the origin of this fad) vtuber scene looks down upon people replying to conversations between vtubers.
It's not just an Ayame thing, but I guess this just illustrates how oblivious your average ENfan is to basic fan etiquette.

>> No.8768666

you faggots will never be japanese. EOP's are under no obligation to pay attention to or mimick how a bunch of beta pussy ass nips act.

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I'm pretty sure japanese twitter actually has like a list of rules on things not to do, and getting between conversations is actually one of those I believe. It's actually not that different how english twitter has unspoken rules of what's good etiquette.

>> No.8769305

>Are nakirigumis dumb?
I mean, they stan a streamer who streams like once every 2 months in between binging on LoL, what do you think?

>> No.8769313

Twitter allows you to block people from replying to your comments. If they can't use that, it's their own fault.

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do~chi dochi
do~chi dochi
do~chi dochi

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I made peace with that fact.

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Send a tweet in Japanese saying their rules are retarded then, I didn't come up with them.

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Fuck Ayame. I'd be a contrarian with anything she says to do just to spite her. Bitch.

>> No.8769978

they don't need clips anymore, why do you think lyger slowed down on producing clips? only the bottom of the barrel are making clips now

>> No.8770020

The whore plays League, what did you expect? It's second nature to her already.

>> No.8770044

Twitter is an open platform besides DMs. Japs need to get off their high horse. This reminds me of the nip etiquette of not checking a player's stats and inventory in an MMO unless they give permission. The game is designed for you to check people's stats and abilities so you can team up yet Japs decided it was rude.

>> No.8770127

So funny how the chinks have given her Unite, a game to play monetized on stream that's a League clone. It's the only reason she has streamed more than 3 times this month.

>> No.8770437

>broken ass japanese
rather unlikely

>> No.8770681

No Fun Allowed because I'm a cunt. Literally I've never seen a Holo complain about 2, 3, or 7 especially. She definitely hates the EOP fans but she wants your $$$.

>> No.8770961

Is this ruleset real?
Holy shit, holowatchers are litereally keked to the point beyond getting pity.
Vtuber idol industry is cancer.

>> No.8771957

>ayame refuses to wallow in mud; pigs upset

>> No.8772562

>X told you not to do Y, why are you doing it
never understood why people say this, are they mentally ill and such rabid fans that what some personality order them is like words of god?
I do what I want if I want to do it, simple as.

>> No.8779308

No, but it is very believable

>> No.8779461

This board will believe ANYTHING anyway.

>> No.8784508

this isn't just something ayame wants you knuckle dragger. It's something the JP community has had as common etiquette since before hololive or nijisanji even existed as companies.

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Twitterfags would be less annoying if they could stick to JOP rules that have existed before Kizuna Ai even hopped on a computer. Even JOPs themselves don't stick to it all the time and they're retarded for it. I don't care how totalitarian it is I want to see less faggots screaming about ship shit in replies or butting into conversations

>> No.8785092

>This board will believe ANYTHING anyway.

>> No.8785261

She's at least bitched about some of those points in the passed

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Alpha Ayame laying down the fucking law and not giving a give fuck what you think

>> No.8785336

ok whatever I can do this
why the fuck not? that stupid shit about "it makes the fanbase look bad when you say bad shit while having it on your profile pic?"

it's just fanart. better yet, what if I'm the artist / I commissioned for the piece? displaying it on my profile pic is my RIGHT and this whore is not gonna stop me from doing so.
ok sure
fans have wishes. wow. get over it. you can simply ignore requests if you don't want to do it.
ok sure I can do this. not like I watch your streams anyways, but when do you stream again? every 3 months?
any publicity is good publicity. Which I won't do for you. If you're too lazy to stream, you don't deserve 1 million subs.
same as >5. not like you really stream for this to matter.

>> No.8785405

Nobody cares. Use the functions Twitter gives to you to avoid it or stop being bitching about something that in the end literally doesn't matter at all.

>> No.8785564

Yes i BELIEVE it

>> No.8786229

imagine walking into someone's house, shitting on their carpet and than telling them to just ignore the behavior and to clean up after your guest. you're a genuine retard, learn the etiquette of other communities/cultures before you expose yourself as a Neanderthal.

>> No.8786268

Disgusting roastie

>> No.8786370

Tell me what function Twitter has to block all fans from replying to your tweets, and don't say mutual follows only because not every vtuber follows every vtuber

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>> No.8786870 [DELETED] 

There's a guy in /jp/ who posts about what Ayame says in her zatsudans and apparently she actually says stuff like this
what a bitch

>> No.8786991

How is "dont involve me or other chuubas in flame wars" a bitch move

>> No.8787781

>Fuck Ayame
You need ¥50k for that

>> No.8787831


>> No.8787900

Yes a public post in a social media platform is equivalent to private property. Incredible analogy.

>> No.8787935

You also need her boyfriends permission, and God help you if she's play LoL.

>> No.8787973

You're retarded so I will restate my post
How do you allow people who don't follow you who may be a vtuber senpai or musician or something to reply to you if you select those two other functions?

>> No.8787989

Why would you need a nip mans permission for anything

>> No.8788031

Reminder that on Christmas, Ayame said she was recording voice lines when her roommate's twitter showed she was actually on a date with her boyfriend.

>> No.8788059


>> No.8788116

You will never be Japanese

>> No.8788128

In the end this thread angered me how people are so dumb to use the features of an web site/app whatever.

Someone is insulting you, you can block that person but instead you cry and whine but not block. Tap or click "more options" is rocket science? And expecting everyone is going to be nice is super naive, are you 5 years old? Of course you treat with respect other persons because you expect the same treatment, but there is always be that one asshole, in that moment use the features of the platform, if the platform doesn't have the tools you can bitch about it but if the platform has the tools just use it that's why they were created in the first place

>> No.8788130

>There's a guy in /jp/ who
lol that guy's a joke and a schizo falseflagger to boot

>> No.8788261

Here, I'll change it for you

imagine walking into someone's elementary school, shitting on the floor and than telling them to just ignore the behavior and to clean up after them if you don't want to smell shit. you're a genuine retard, learn the etiquette of other communities/cultures before you expose yourself as a Neanderthal.

>> No.8788306

Yeah being on the subway back home after cover studio closure time surely is a christmas date and absolutely not work

>> No.8788386


>> No.8788388

why are you retarded? do you reading comprehension reps.

>> No.8788446

Did you even read the thread you flaming faggot, this isn't about criticism

>> No.8788709

I don't watch or care about ayame at all but whenever I look in these threads the impression I get of her is that she's the second coming of tojo ready to retake manchuria for the glory of the yamato people. That must mean she's a turbo nip autist or this board is deranged beyond belief. Really a toss up.

>> No.8788830

>That must mean she's a turbo nip autist
>This board is deranged beyond belief.

More the latter than the former though t.watches her seriously

>> No.8788901

NTA >>8760708 but:
An elementary school can still be considered a private property, not everyone is allowed to enter
Shitting on the ground at any place outside of your home is illegal, interjection in a conversarion (replying to posts on twitter) isn't
If you put outside your elementary school a sign that says "Open for everyone!", don't be surprised if some random person appears and starts meandering about the school ggrounds. You could very well have put on the sign "Only students and school personnel" (people you follow) or "Entry only with a permit" (person you @)

>> No.8789586

anon, it's a metaphorical shit. please read any book, your stembrain is showing.

>> No.8792676

I couldn't care less about the jp community, or any community for that matter. so I don't see how that is relevant in the slightest
>d-don't do X
is it against the law?
shut up then.

>> No.8794063

>It's not against the law so I should do it and look like a retard
go wear a diaper with a leash and collar at your local park, I'm sure you'd have more fun there instead of acting like a socially inept retard online.

>> No.8794403

awww, little kid is afraid of looking bad online? oh nyooo, are your jp peers going to bully you? aaw.

>> No.8794520

>An example is that japanese fans don't force into conversations between vtubers themselves. Ayame has already reminded you not to do this but you still do it, why?
What kind of faggot goes on twitter?

>> No.8794769

Don't forget about
>Don't include my covers of any songs in a mashup with any other Holomem or anyone else.
>Clippers be sure to remove any negative comments about me from your channel.
She has outright demanded this in public streams. JP Karen.

>> No.8795222

>watches her seriously
8 hours a month is not to tough to do.

>> No.8795428

Yet no one else here can do it

>> No.8795590

A Japanese bugman will literally stalk, rape, and murder your oshi but at least he had good tweet etiquette!

>> No.8795781

This. Fuck their retarded social ladder and braindead cultural behavior.

>> No.8795835

Why would I diligently watch a vtuber I dislike? I'm not a masochist. I've watched a bit of her in stream VODs and some clips. She talks a lot with chat but her zatsudan skills are quite mid.

>> No.8795917

>A Japanese bugman will literally stalk, rape, and murder your oshi

We're not so different after all

most of us here would also do the same if we have the opportunity to do so, more so if those vtubers live in the same area as us

>> No.8795939

Yes. Ayame has complained about all of them and asked people not to do those things at various times on stream. They're not official rules but she is annoyed by them.

>> No.8796060

Shi literally needs to be beaten and raped to come to her senses.

>> No.8796191

united statesians SWAT livestreamers and other ecelebs in the hopes that the police murders them.

>> No.8796439

There isn't any. These anons don't get that public conversations are meant for everyone to see, and that they need to be spontaneous enough that even non-mutuals can reply. Obviously shit like >>8786624 doesn't help

>> No.8796526

Whataboutism is a low IQ argument.

>> No.8799353

Japanese beta pussies are ALWAYS wrong. Any right minded vtuber loves EN fans because they are actually respectful and not murderous psychos like their shitty jap fans (all of them are psychos btw). If you get called a whore by westerners then you are probably a whore.

>> No.8799397

They do what's right.

>> No.8799626

>Ayame has already reminded you not to do this but you still do it, why?
She doesn't care what eops do. If you are an enjoyer of jp vtubers neither should you. Block and ignore.

>> No.8799651

Who the fuck would put up with so much bullshit or an attitude like this, JUST to be a fan? She makes it seems like it's such a a privilege to be a fan.

>> No.8799680 [DELETED] 
File: 471 KB, 988x1000, 1626245096485.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>To put it in a nutshell, english fans need the consideration and forethought that japanese fans has.
>An example is that japanese fans don't force into conversations between vtubers themselves. Ayame has already reminded you not to do this but you still do it, why?

>> No.8799718
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>> No.8804196

where did this rrat even come from ?

>> No.8804321 [DELETED] 

Her member streams are fun. She rants about everything and anything.

>> No.8804385

what kind of rants?

>> No.8804860 [DELETED] 

she's usually not one to talk about her own content that much like other vtubers
usually she just rants and goes on tangents about the vtubing business and real life stuff.
if there's a narrative about her, she's probably mentioned it at some point.

>> No.8805099

Holy based

>> No.8805505

it's Twitter's fault for being a shitty forum/social-network. It can't decide whether it wants to be a completely open platform like this place where anyone can respond to anyone or a place like Facebook where it's limited to friends, so Twitter basically lets the community decide, which is a horrible fucking idea because then different circles develop different etiquette (i.e. Japanese twitter in general is much different from western twitter) leading to confusion and complete dumbfuckery.
Twitter is like if you took the worst aspects of 4chan, Reddit, and Facebook and combined them all into one big cesspit. It's best to just ignore it.

>> No.8805757

>I need to act like a civilised human being!??!?!?!?
america was a mistake

>> No.8806312

No, it's the public's fault for not knowing how to act. Twitter already has a feature to only allow certain accounts to reply but it's
Why does everything need to be ONLY private or ONLY public?

>> No.8809823

You are actually fucking retarded. Anyone can comment on any post because its actively encouraged to boost visibility. The only reasons talents talk publicly on Twitter is for publicity and advertising each other. Who fucking cares if you comment on it?

>> No.8810045

Japanese do horrible things for the sake of being horrible.
But western fans do horrible things without knowing what they did is horrible and not considerate

>> No.8810889

Then shut the fuck up

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