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Its because I'm already nothing to my oshi, having a boyfriend makes me less of a nothing... That's literally the lowest a man can get, which is sad

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God damn man come on you'll make it don't be like that

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my oshi have a boyfriend?? then she is not my oshi
simple as, if it that meaningless then I can just find new oshi who doesnt have bf. whats the ploblem??

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how fucking recent

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Because it hurts

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>reddit meme
>also a newfag

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Why are cucks so invested in turning everyone else into cucks?

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Just The reason, you say is meaningless but it's for a reason, why the boyfriend is something that will make you don't watch someone that's what I cannot understand

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Why? Maybe I'm being a cunt or an idiot for not understanding but I still want answers

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it just does okay
you can't rationalize it away

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The only question is why do you force people to superchat vtubers if they have boyfriends?
You call people who don't superchat vtubers SEAniggers while being so uppty about giving money to "muh oshi while she is fucking someone behind your back.
No one cares if you are a cuck, just don't make fun of people who don't want to join you on your delusions in your hugbox echo chamber.

Get out, make REAL friends, you are pathetic. Or just kill yourself.

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>she will never be real
>you will never have someone like her in your life
That is why it hurts. Whether she has a boyfriend or not won't affect that, though.

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Well I guess that i take that answer, thank you and hope that you'll be happy

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Anyone who complains about bf roommates and cuckoldry is a /v/tard and needs to go back. This is a cuck friendly board. We are all cucks here.

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Well that's another answer, hope you find someone like her someday

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The thing about superchats should only be as a thanks for the entertainment and nothing else, as for the friends thing yeah that's true it's easier that way

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Quick! Throw more money to see if she notices you. Oh wait she just ignored your message. Do it again, but be more desperate this time!

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No I won't. Literally not wanting to be less than nothing is all I have left that I don't want to be though, even if wanting it doesn't changes anything.
If I gave up on wanting to be/remember that it's good to be a person worth noticing, I'd somehow be even worse than what I am now

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a bit unorganised but i wrote a lot listen plz...
hololive target audience is gfe. LIKE IT OR NOT! but it is, they all do it even ina, kiara, mori. not all the time, but even if they themselves deny it they do.
so thats the "incel unicorn" audience which is lots of money.

then you have mediums like "i dont care if they have bf in theory, i like them a lot" - what about this guy? this is me btw
well, if they have bf, i do care even if i say i dont. because its like a big mystery between me and this (fantasy) connection i have with the streamer. why is her life so secret? guess no connection here... SO I MOVE ON to new streamer
see what I mean??

now imagine a fiction land where they have bf and open about it - see wolfychu for example. sure i can watch her sometimes. i know her bf, she talk about him, i dont have gfe enjoyment from her but sometimes i do watch. even if she streams with her bf.
THIS IS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS WATCHING HOLOLIVE FOR ME. but it still works as entertainment. its like watching a normal streamer with LIMITED CONNECTION TO.

get it?? sorry, im esl i do admit just this once.... but do you see???
there is no inbetween - you have to not have bf's!!! its really the only way to work. anything else complicates it too much until you become a different product (average streamer).


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How low is too low for you anon?

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unironically seems too sensible to be posted on /vt/. great points eslchama. from a business perspective it makes total sense, you spin it in a positive light too. write this to congress.... its almost written sensibly enough for the TWITTER people to understand.... almost.

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Oh God imagine, that would put me at the bottom of the barrel... Id question my reason for living if I ever stoop that low

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Misery loves company

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Because I'm a social retard and I use my oshi as a replacement for companionship in my life. I watch her streams when I'm lonely, I listen to her talk while I do other stuff like work, I like her personality, I like to know what she's thinking about. At night, I listen to her voice while I slowly drift away into sleep, hugging a pillow and imagining it's her I'm holding in my arms, to just for a brief moment have at least the illusion of what it might be like to feel loved and having someone to love.
Because interpersonal relationships are literally required for us to function as human beings, there's no amount of therapy or meds that could ever cure the crippling loneliness of having no one. And seeing that one positive thing in your life being taken by someone else, someone who she's closer with than with you, someone she trusts and actually loves, it reminds me of the fakeness of it all, the facade and it evokes envy because he has something I will never have, despite being the only thing I truly want in life.

Tl;dr: I'm not a cuck

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It's because I know she has another way of financial support, or at least should. She's already set, and she doesn't need *my* support.
I'll use my oshis as examples
I still support watame but that's because she's using the money on her music career (plus the member wallpapers are nice). I don't care for her bf because she doesn't treat us like we're her bf, and there's the proper space between viewer and streamer.
Polka being my other oshi, I enjoy her energy and ups and downs. The saviorfag in me is also drawn, and we've seen how deep rooted the menhera is. If she gets a bf, I will be glad because she honestly needs the support, and I'll be glad for her. But then my role as a viewer would be fulfilled, right? If I know that she'll be alright then I'll find someone else.
If it got leaked that rushia had a bf, there WILL be a notable uptick of suicide rates in japan, I promise you.
I will also add I don't superchat, because the money I intend to give to the person will be split between 3 parties, and I want to give my oshi the best cut. I buy the physical merch and member
TLDR: she doesn't *need* for me to be there, therefore I'll be doing something else

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Good explanation, I see your point the only thing is that I don't have that connection that you say, I guess that's why i don't understand this whole thing, thanks for clarifying hope that you find someone you that you can watch happily

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are you arguing in good faith with haachama?

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Full honesty I just lurk here from time to time for news and stuff, but my dumb savior complex kicks in because everyone is going crazy because of recent events and so I wanna understand so I can help in some way

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They've deluded themselves into thinking being a cuck is somehow good for you. In other words, they are just mentally ill.

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>why do you force people to superchat vtubers if they have boyfriends?
Who the fuck's forcing people to donate
AFAIK absolutely nobody
If you're throwing money at an anime girl wannabe expect her to, you know, not being real. Or rather not completely real. This is merely an act. She can be sucking 20 cocks a day and be extremely seiso on her stream. This is what we call the virtual sphere.

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what does "too low" even mean?

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Personally I think people who claim to be fans and have the capacity to give something but do not aren't entitled to be called fans.

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if your your job resolve around funneling money from lonely man, having a boyfriend is counterintuitive, yet vtuber whores still can't comprehend that.
that's the nature of this medium, like it or not it's simmilar to e-thottery, if you want a bf or you are not willing to even erase your past or siply hide it, then bear the consequences.

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Yeah because having a parasocial relationship with a woman you’ll never meet is so much better

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How far you willing to stoop, before you neck yourself.

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It literally is better than 80+% of the 'media' that is presented to the cattle for consoomtion that is actively demoralizing hackery.

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Put in other words, millions of people have started watching vtubers because the alternatives heretofore are all terrible.

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look i don't have a boyfriend and if my oshi does she isn't relatable anymore
simple as

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well said esl friend

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that gif :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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I'll never be strong enough to be able to kill myself

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Good and reasonable post ESLbro. Hololive may not started as an Idol company, but most of the talents clearly leaning towards and displaying GFE behavior for viewership and quick bucks. That is why they need to keep their characters and their real life completely separated.

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First time I’ve seen an anon speak the truth

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Because I’m not a reddit cuck. It’s possible to have a role in your oshi’s life, depending on how menhera they are. Some of them are heavily dependent on their members/chat for external validation or companionship. Once that role has been fulfilled by a significant other, my role has become irrelevant and it’s time to part ways. This is because once you lose the need for companionship with your viewers, you are now using them solely for financial gain and taking advantage of their loneliness. Of course one could argue that someone could both be emotionally reliant on their viewers in addition to being in a relationship, but I’m personally not a fan of two-timing whores. To put it simply, I want my oshi to be as lonely and mentally ill as me. I truly do care for her and her well-being, but the thought of some real life faggot making her happy makes me irrationally angry.

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>To put it simply, I want my oshi to be as lonely and mentally ill as me.
Well, at least you're not delusional about it.

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There are plenty like that though. Hell there are holos that are more mentally ill than the average poster (not the schizos though). Just oshi them and leave the rest alone.

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These idiots actually think they have a chance with any of them. Even if you were a chad that she'd cream over under different circumstances, you are forever barred from her meat curtains once you simp. There's a disconnect there that can't be bridged, and if you want to cite the ones who've gone on record saying they'd fuck their fans, take a look at the graveyard of what that leads to.
Because you've stumbled on the immutable truth of vtuber simps: they don't love the girl, they only love themselves. It isn't about her, it's about them feeling good.
Because it's twisting the failure knife into their heart each time.
They don't think, they feel

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>If she gets a bf, I will be glad because she honestly needs the support, and I'll be glad for her. But then my role as a viewer would be fulfilled, right? If I know that she'll be alright then I'll find someone else.
I would argue that romantic companionship /=/ the support of a viewer. I look at supporting a vtuber the same way you'd support any personality with an online presence, whether they specialize in streaming, music, art etc. You're providing financial support because you enjoy their work and you'd like to see more of it. Like what you said about Watame using the money for her music career.
That said, I do get where your coming from. Even if I really like a tuber, if I know my support isn't needed for them to continue to support themselves, I don't see the need, when there's other vtubers who could use that support instead. I don't like supporting Holo's for that reason. Even though it's most of what I watch and enjoy, I know they're pretty set in terms of income if they're in Hololive, so I'd rather throw that money at an indie or something. I don't think it validates my love for any Holo I watch, though. I just know where my support is needed and where it isn't.

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Because if the company promotes an idol image and then panders to Unicorns restricting their talents from even communicating with the male ones within the same company because of the potential loss in revenue, dont complain when having a relationship results in their fans losing interest.

Relationships arent a problem with other companies that regularly have their talent work with opposite genders and dont offer GFE in an attempt to get more money off unicorns.

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All of this. Fuck idolfags.

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the absolute state of this board

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Rewrite it. It's unreadable.

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>Who the fuck's forcing people to donate
force is a strong word granted but pressure is more appropriate. Ethot comes out to have bf, income slashed in half, twitter seethes about angry incels unsubbing. When someone says you shouldn't care they imply that they should stick around after finding out. And by extension pressure them into donating, after all, they shouldn't care.

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There's a basic issue with your cucklogic here, which is the fact that people 'waifu' completely fictional entities as well. The most important thing is the IDEAL that is projected, and no amount of complaining will change the fact projecting an image of 'roastie' is unattractive.

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Who are the people who keep asking this stupid question ? It's been discussed to death in multiple timeloops and at this point I'm starting to think this board is full of roasties. Do your fucking archive reps then fuck off.

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that's too deep but also true

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>the most important thing is the IDEAL that is projected
You mean, the ideal that can't coexist with a literal human being that possesses a will and sentience? The only reason 2D waifus work in the IDEAL territory is that it's 100% what I already stated, being
>they don't care about the woman, it's about making themselves feel good.
No holes in my perfect logic, sorry. You should look at yourself first.

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idolfags have no idea how hilariously pathetic they are. maybe get a personality that's more than just your cock

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You're not making an argument here, just verbal diarrhea. Some traits are more attractive than others, and some people have different traits compared to others. Simple fact. Sorry you're upset people don't share your shit taste.

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Schizophrenia - A disorder that affects a person's ability to think, feel, and behave clearly. The exact cause of schizophrenia isn't known, but a combination of genetics, environment, and altered brain chemistry and structure may play a role. Schizophrenia is characterized by thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality, disorganized speech or behavior, and decreased participation in daily activities. Difficulty with concentration and memory may also be present. Treatment is usually lifelong and often involves a combination of medications, psychotherapy, and coordinated specialty care services. tl;dr - it is literally schizoprenia

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because i can only relate to women who are as miserable, depressed, and lonely as I am

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I understand your perspective, I just think your connection is not "she is like the GFE I want to have", your connection is "she is lonely just like me". And that makes it your problem to deal with because there is nothing she can do for you, because she tries to be something better. Following your dreams, working on yourself, inspiring others - that's what hololive characters are. These characters are not real people, they are idolized versions of what people are like (i.e. Idols). It is up to you whether you want to live through them or be inspired to improve yourself, but there is no way a GFE performance can connect you to the person performing it. This is "wanting to marry a prostitute because she's there for you when you need her" bullshit. Nothing good comes from following that path once you realise that the real people behind the character have real problems that will cut any connection of yours apart if you learn about them. At worst you learn that they are awful people and at best you learn that you cannot deal with their problems.
If this is just candy-coated "I want to be treated like a relationship-partner", enjoy that but don't pretend you feel connected by getting the same treatment as 100 or 1000000 people. The only connection you're feeling is a convincing ruse of an idol being as lonely as you. You know what is an even better connection? Being inspired by your idol into fixing your loneliness by getting an actual girlfriend.

>> No.8798341

nice points eslchama, you're perspective makes some interesting sense differentiating the average streamer from the hololive streamer

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>buzzword buzzword LEAVE ME ALONE
Being right should make me feel good, but I can't help but pity your kind. Stop while you can, and seek happiness from something you'll actually have rewards from.

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Okay dude give your money to clock girl so she can buy lube for her boyfriend to fuck her with.

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Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which the ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves and attributing them to others. A bully may project their own feelings of vulnerability onto the target, or a person who is confused may project feelings of confusion and inadequacy onto other people. Projection incorporates blame shifting and can manifest as shame dumping.

Like other defense mechanisms, projection is typically unconscious and can distort, transform, or somehow affect reality. A classic example of the defense mechanism is when an individual says “She hates me” instead of expressing what is actually felt, which is “I hate her.”

There are three generally accepted types of projection:
Neurotic projection is the most common variety of projection and most clearly meets the definition of defense mechanism. In this type of projection, people may attribute feelings, motives, or attitudes they find unacceptable in themselves to someone else.

Complementary projection occurs when individuals assume others feel the same way they do. For example, a person with a particular political persuasion might take it for granted that friends and family members share those beliefs.

Complimentary projection is the assumption other people can do the same things as well as oneself. For example, an accomplished pianist might take it for granted that other piano students can play the piano equally well.

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Do you talk like this to your parents and/or employer as well? "Hey btw, thanks for giving me the money to fuck you moronic keks". How is that any different? You should be in no position to sleep with your oshi, your employer of your parents, even if the reasons for that are different.

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My dick is literally inside your ass right now, you can feel me flatten your prostate into a pancake as every thrust pushes another squirt of your useless cum out onto the ground.

Come back when you can actually defend your shit takes.

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On different note
How do you even learn if they have a bf?
From retards with unreal need to dig up shit from the past, and they obviously gonna post it all over this place and elsewhere.
Just like people shouldn't browse internet or places related if they don't want their movie or other shit to be spoiled. The smallest chance of 'ruining the experience' you'll find just by sticking to streams only.
Don't browse this place or deal with doxxniggers

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dont do gfe shit if you have a boyfriend, simple as.

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y'know, the funny thing about this logic is that due to how money works, any money you give to anybody will inevitably end up being spent for someone's condoms and the only way to avoid this is to either become a hermit or a communist.

>> No.8798810

>goes full-on homosexual delusion
I mean, all you had to say was that you didn't have a horse in the race to begin with, and I'd have spared you the psychological trauma bro

>> No.8798904

the difference is this chick is doing gfe shit while fucking a guy on the side. at least if you are single, it's passable.

>> No.8798948

Yeah, who tf would watch someone play boring ass Minecraft 8 hours a day, everyday, if it were not for the possibility of a little GFE sprinkled in? It's all about the GFE. If you're one of those who preaches about how he doesn't mind the talents having boyfriend's, then you're retarded and wasting so much time watching their streams

>> No.8798965

Look at this incel thinking every female interaction is gfe

>> No.8798972

You absolute retard, your money is going to be spent on condoms regardless.

>> No.8799045

then don't pretend you are single to your chat, in their minds you aren't fucking a guy. it's dishonest.

>> No.8799096

There is no (moral) reason outside of hurting the feelings of strangers to not do both. Some ways to manage that are bad, but that's it.

>> No.8799123


You didn't even try to argue against the rebuttal, you just gave up. Which is understandable since we both know it's true.
But since it seems you aren't actually interested in having a conversation (or perhaps simply lack the mental capability), and you can't acknowledge it, i don't have to be interested in it either, so it's just engaging you on the same level you are already at. A poetic description of current events if you will.

>> No.8799143

Hololive loves "idol culture", don't pretend to be an idol while sucking 100 dicks every day then.

>> No.8799156

Then no audience for you

>> No.8799199

Anon you are really not understanding the fact that your money will be used for condoms eventually

>> No.8799333

People are curious, and you can see a successful idol as the conclusion of her/his roomate's efforts and achievements. But you are right, you risk burning your fingers and should be enough of a decent enough person to not ruin it for others in the process. This place is generally pretty anti-doxxshit (and that is a good thing) but it is also so popular that it's one of the most viable places to do some damage by posting doxxshit.

>> No.8799336

If the streamer can keep it separate from their product (the stream), they gain success - and if they can't, they lose success. Simple as.

>> No.8799567

It's better if the girl is someone who doesn't get much male attention in her life, so it's fun for her, too. That increases the connection.

>> No.8799677

reddit tier garbage thread


>> No.8799724

This only makes sense if you think a chuuba does GFE as a substitute to a relationship.
Then you are just asking for both of you to stay out of relationships when a relationship is exactly what you are both replacing (hence a substitute) and locking yourself out of (hence a poor one).

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wait hold up this isn't global

>> No.8800045

Then you cannot partake in idol culture and also be interested in physical intercourse, much less have it, neither as a vtuber nor as a viewer. Why would you lock yourself out of a relationship?
I like Hololive and its ""idol" culture" very much but that doesn't mean I want to fuck any of them.

>> No.8800500

GFE is utterly relevant for a gig at Zepp Tokyo, which is a much better metric of success than doing GF roleplay ASMR.

>> No.8800666

Correct, but why would a girl want to have that kind of connection in the first place? The only possible reason I see is "because she doesn't think she could hit it off any better" and that's in most cases simply not true.

>> No.8800814

you're all a bunch of schizo faggots holy shit

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it is more relatable if she is a lonely loser like me

>> No.8801712

I'll put this in another perspective.
The idea of a vtuber as a character entirely divorced from the 'real' person is ridiculous when most of their stories are their real-life experiences run through a thin veneer of kayfabe. Coincidentally, when the 'real person' is tired because she stayed up late, the 'character' is also tired because she stayed up late? When the 'real person' is angry about disrespectful elements of their audience, the 'character' is also angry about disrespectful elements of their audience? If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck...
In fact, you might not have been around here back then, but do you remember Gura's first zatsudan? She answered everything almost completely in character. "I'm a shark, I don't know anything about your surface world! Huhaha".
/hlgg/ was absolutely pissed off. It was not how 'things are done'.
If a vtuber goes that route, the fallout from being exposed is minimal. Everyone can tell they are "fake". But because the person behind the character needs material to talk about, in most cases they clearly convey their real feelings and experiences, albeit amplified or made more palatable.
Even then, there is nothing wrong with a relationship - yet. The trouble comes when you express thoughts or make up stories directly contradictory with your real life, when everything else was pulled from there - mixing falsehood, implied or not, with truth. It creates inconsistency.
Fred Rogers' show is particularly relatable because he wrote and directed all his own epsiodes. If Rogers had been found to be a heavy alcoholic who made raunchy and borderline offensive comments in public, while telling children on television that civility and self-respect are fundamentally important, do you think he would have been let off by the public with "well, Mr. Rogers is just a character he plays on TV"?
So, if a vtuber tells the audience that she is 'lonely', when in reality, she isn't, this is something that creates gross dissonance in the perception of the character when it is found out. A lesser example would be waxing poetic to the audience on the painfulness of having no friends when you hang out with them every week, and a grossly more damaging example would be, say, a streamer who claims to be paralyzed spontaneously standing up in the middle of his stream. The believability of the character is heavily damaged, and you can argue until you're blue in the face that it shouldn't be, but that's not how reality works.

>> No.8801961

Any male interaction and I'm out, I had to drop Selen cause she collabed with a guy. I've been depressed ever since because I liked her streams

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my oshi bathes with me, speak for yourself

>> No.8802673

They hide behind an avatar and fake backstory and you draw the line of dishonesty at pretending she's single? Absolutely pathetic.

>> No.8802796

That's all in all fair, and I can always appreciate effortposts. This does sound like you are arguing against dishonest chuubas and not against chuubas having relationships, though. I don't think having (had) friends makes you completely unable to convey loneliness authentically - it's common to feel lonely in spite of having had friends. And there are enough menheras out there who are very unrelatable in how they feel about things and yet go over very well. Just having a certain set of life circumstances doesn't mean your feelings about them are utterly unrelatable to someone in different circumstances.
The rest is correct, but you also have to acknowledge that no one is ever going to layout their full life to you. A chuuba's character lives inside your head or the collective set of ideas how a chuuba is like based on the their anecdotes and the sides of them they want to show you. This is a lie by omission and yet I would not consider that deceptive, but pretty much reauired to buy into the idol fantasy. If you destroy that by doubting their character by digging up doxxshit, that's really just the consequences of you expecting the real person to be as idol-izable as the character.

>> No.8804297

that's where you are wrong, she belongs to her fans, everyone gets treated equally, i won't give my precious time to someone who is cheating to her fans, either be open about it or gtfo

>> No.8804402
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I dont want the hololive Idol they represent to have BF whatsoever or talk about it. They can talk about past dates like Choco but I draw a big fat line if my Oshi talks about a date or a bf that shes having rn. It destroys the connection.
If the roomate has a bf (or gf) cool, im happy for her but dont bring that shit up in your vtuber streams or pull a matsuri and show your nigga bf on screen. I rather have them pretend into the Yuriplay or deny men like Miko or Coco.

>> No.8806840

I don't argue against vtubers having relationships. I'm sure there are even some who share their plans for dates, the subsequent outcome, and even drag their boyfriend on stream. That is no problem since everything is above-board. (I had a friend who bowed out of a relationship some years ago because this was a deal-breaker - to be fair, the streamer asked him well in advance before it developed into anything serious.)
But impressions about a vtuber aren't formed over just one stream. The vtuber should be well-aware of what misconceptions their audience develops about them, and they should be aware of the backlash if the discrepancy between those misconceptions and the truth becomes known. It's not just a matter of lone actors "seeking the information out", especially after YT has shown it is more than happy to shove doxx into the faces of everyone who has even clicked on the channel once.
There's no 'right' or 'wrong' in this but there are consequences, and the vtuber should take steps to head those off, even obliquely, instead of having the hubris to believe it won't eventually bite them in the ass.
To put it cynically, it's not just about antis, it's also about developing a 'shield'. One hundred antis against ten thousand core fans who feel very strongly about defending their chuuba, because the chuuba has been careful or even emphatic about not developing that sort of relationship with chat, can make it a nothingburger. On the other hand, one hundred antis and ten thousand fans who are like 'eh, I don't really care but I can sorta see why people are angry' will probably lead to a lot of sleepless nights for the chuuba.

>> No.8807391

Just stop being pathetic. Nothing hard about that.

>> No.8807566

Mine never had. Tough luck for the others though.

>> No.8816273

>everyone gets treated equally
Incredibly unrealistic as soon as there are gachikois or saviorfags. Some people will be there almost every stream or write her letters or address her in ways that make her reciprocate a connection. Others will remain anonymous fans.
If this board is to be believed, there was already a somewhat popular indie who fucked one of her oshis.
>she belongs to her fans
I agree with you here only in the platonic sense (which is barely exclusive, anyway). Cheating doesn't exist in a relationship that doesn't fulfill a mutual desire for physical intimacy. You're just staying single for the purpose of a crush you're mistaking for a real romantic connection.

>> No.8816289

*one of her gachikois.

>> No.8816512

your first point is correct but the second ehh its a bit subjective also thread didn't get bump..

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