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This is the writing thread, for all of your fanfiction needs and desires. Check the archives below for everything the thread has put out so far, ranging from SFW to NSFW, fluff to tragedy, small literary works and shitposts alike!

Collective works so far are available in the archive:

>Isn't this just you fuckers writing fanfiction, eh?
Previous thread:>>8724546

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>Do you have a story like you'd like to see written? Reply to this post with it! Try to be as clear and concise as possible; the better you describe your idea, the more likely it is to be picked up!

Consider forwarding your prompt to the prompt archive to keep your idea safe and alive forever! No information is gathered - it's all completely anonymous. Use the form below:

Curious to see the prompt archive? Check it out here if you need a little more inspiration!

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Mumei's plight continues. But next, an interlude of sorts?

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(You) are a titular JRPG protag who has reached max level. You are finally ready to complete your mission of killing a god, the only problem is you weren't planning on her being this cute/hot. (Holocouncil)

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I'mma post it again just in case weirdanon doesn't pick it up, also because this image is hot as fuck

Korone has to deal with her fear of maggots in the most straightforward way possible, being thrown in a pit full of them, having them run all over her, inside her, raping her in every orifice for many days until her fear is fixed... or she is broken.

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I genuinely do want to ask anon, but how the hell do you find a woman being penetrated by hundreds of giant maggots arousing in any way shape or form? Further is this purely a fantasy fetish or would you actually get off to it if it happened in real life?

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>but how the hell do you find a woman being penetrated by hundreds of giant maggots arousing in any way shape or form
NTA but for me it's the idea of being completely overwhelmed and having pleasure forced on every inch of your body
Like imagine if instead of fighting the gross, disgusting maggots you just let them writhe and enjoyed it
that's hot as fuck

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Going to the sexy nurse Yuzuki Choco for a routine blood draw. Since you're a manly man and totally not a pussy who's afraid of needles instead you choose to not look over at your arm at all and instead focus entirely of the bombshell nurse. After a few minutes you start getting very queasy and suspicious from the amount of blood taken from you. So you finally look over at your arm only to find another sexy blonde girl lapping up blood from two puncture wounds on your arm.

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I imagine it's similar to how we find tentacles hot. Tentacles really aren't any different from slugs/maggots, and I'm pretty sure the only reason we find them repulsive is because we associate them with dirt/corpses/infection. Tkae that away, make the maggots clean, and it isn't nearly as bad

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I don't know man I can't find tentacles hot either. Honestly I'm probably the weird one but I can't find any sort of multi-penetration hot at all. Guess I'm just some weird dude who only really enjoys 1 male 1 female stuff.

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I feel like there is a saying that fits your predicament, but I can't remember it. Something about the normal man being the weird one in a town of weirdos

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The way I see it, it's rape. In my head I picture hundreds of tiny little cocks penetrating her, filling her with maggot cum, she cries and screams in pain and agony while the pleasure slowly sinks in. She doesn't want to feel pleasure, but she can't help it. This makes her mind start breaking apart. Why am I feeling like this when I'm being raped by filthy creatures? Someone please help me... but no one came for her. I enjoy this aspect of the prompt, in particular. Also, I like that there's no real sense of consciousness in these beings, no matter how much she begs or screams they won't stop, they won't slow down, they will just keep on doing what they are doing until they are fully satisfied. Then, their offspring will take their job for them, and the cycle continues. In the end, you get a completely broken woman, with insect cum pouring out of every orifice, not to mention her body itself also being covered in it. You also get rape in every hole, which I'm sure you can see how it's just sex at the end of the day and why I can find it hot. Not much else to explain I suppose.

Holy shit, well that was bad. I just searched "do maggots have penis" and apparently google thought I wanted maggot infested cock. That's an image in my head now...

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That didn't help

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Ok, let me simplify. Sex is hot. From that, we get, forced sex is hot, then, we also have a variant, insect doing the sex is hot. Forced insect sex is hot.

Now for change of gear. Woman in pleasure is hot. Woman moaning in pleasure is hot. Woman crying out in pleasure is hot. Woman crying is hot. Woman crying out in pain is hot. Woman crying out in pain and pleasure is hot. Woman crying out in pain and pleasure from forced insect sex is double hot.

I think I can't simplify it further, unless you want to ask me why I find it hot? Sure, I could string up a few sentenced if you really want me to, but chances are you still won't get it. What if I told you I don't find man on woman sex hot? That'd be pretty weird to you right? Can you explain WHY you find it hot? Or can you explain why you prefer blond hair over black? Or why you like blue eyes over green? I could keep going. It's all just... preference, but if you ask me why in an interesting manner worth my time, maybe I'll try and give you a why. Doesn't mean it will make sense but I can try.

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Okay, but WHAT IF it was a hornet laying its parasitic brood inside your stomach by jabbing its ovipositor through your navel, and you're promptly wriggling around in discomfort until they hatch and eat you from the inside out? Is that hot? NTA btw.

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The prompts get weirder every thread

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Sitting on Lamy's head and wriggling around until you force her up your ass and she wears you like a suit so she can deal with your shitty life instead.

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The prompts just keep getting better and better.

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That's just guro. It's not rape nor sex anymore. It's the equivalent of someone being stabbed. The eating part? It's hard vore, a sub category of guro, also not sex. So to answer your question, no, not hot.

I have jerked off to someone stabbing a girl's belly and fucking the stab wound, and I have jerked off to a rhyno beetle tearing a girl apart in half and humping her stomach, but these cases have actual sex.

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It was just hentai, right?

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Pretty sure they will only get weirder, or atleast more niche. The archive has already been filled with normal, lovey-dovey, vanilla stories, and the demand for them has been satiated. Writefags and promptfags alike are going to move towards more specific scenarios and stories. Isa good thing as far as I'm concerned, we end up with more unique and creative stories

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I personally like all of the weirder stories posted here as long as there's a constant flow of vanilla gosling material

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He isn't me, don't worry. I'll say leaving it up to your imagination is more fun. Pretty sure if my answer were to be a yes I'd theoretically be admitting to what may be a crime or extreme sexual deviancy.

Last time I admitted to a crime here, I got banned so I'm keeping my mouth shut this time.

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I'm uncomfortable.

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You could probably find stab wound sex if you looked hard enough. You'll end up a little less human by the time you find it, but it's there

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A story of Korone getting raped by maggots is certainly unique

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Sometimes I wonder what the price of participating in this thread is

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So I pretty much just watch Niji clips if they happen to show up and the most I've seen is with Kanae in some way and a few Akina clips when he's gushing about him.
Anyway Kuzuha and Kanae are dating but Kuzuha is going off on a trip, seeing his vampire family or he's going with the Dokuzuhonsha family leaving Kanae for some days. Kanae calls Akina to chill and they hang out for a while then Kanae asks him "Hey remember that night you were drunk and said 'If you could just stay by Kanae's side I'm happy' what did you mean by that? Do you really like me that much?"
Akina ends up telling Kanae yes he really really likes him, like bordering on love, he feels that strongly for him.
Kanae is pleased to hear it and tries to kiss him. Akina very nearly crawls out his skin at this yelling "You're dating Kuzuha why are you trying to kiss me!"
Kanae says "It's okay Kuzuha doesn't mind. He knows how you feel too, that's why I called you after all."
Akina is trying to to process and Kanae is sliding onto his lap coaxing him to touch him do whatever he wants to Kanae he'll face no consequences. Akina fucks Kanae feeling weird but happy???
Then days later Kuzuha is back and he and Akina talk. Akina asks is he okay with knowing what Kanae and he have been doing together. Kuzuha says he is fine with it, but only when he isn't around, like out of the city or whatever. Kanae when he's by himself gets lonely and horny and sex over the phone isn't all that fun.
Akina is bemused by this but pleased in the end.

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If you're here you're already not normal, just like the rest of us. The thing is, there's a spectrum. Sometimes you have people like you, still kind of innocent, then you have people like me who in a world of no consequences would make the worst of genocides seem like jokes. But then you have true psychopaths, extremely deranged people. I thought they didn't exist in here but they do. People like this person >>8814685 making whole ass stories in prompts that have a beginning, middle and end, even with questions in between apparently. These people instill true fear in me.

To answer your question, no, I did not jerk off to a IRL video of a girl getting stabbed and her wound raped until she died. I'm not smart enough to find that, I'm just a fucking pervert. Those two usually don't go together.

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W-what about the other one anon? Did you masturbate to a real video of a girl getting torn in half by a rhino beetle?

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The thing about this prompt is, lad, that it's already a completely developed story in short-form. What you're looking for is for someone else to just bloat the whole thing with extra words.

Imagine a story as a sponge left out in the hot summer sun for several days, and by the end of the torture it's a tiny, shrivelled, brittle little brick. That's your story, and you want someone else to pour water on it.

It's just not gonna happen

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>Akina fucks Kanae

you're wrong Kanae does the fucking in this part of town.

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You ain't gonna force me to tripfag. We have an impostor among us. Beware. Imma sleep.

No, they'd never do that... Coconut crabs tho... they would, and it would be hot. Weirdanon, another prompt idea for ya~

I'mma sleep now, trust no impostors.

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Going alcohol sampling with Lamy and hearing her just start dorking out about booze and various flavors and that.

>> No.8815244

I have a question for weirdanon, if he's still here. Do you have any limits? Is there anything so vile that even you wouldn't touch it?

>> No.8815279

Alcoholism isn't a joke, anon.

>> No.8815297

the amerilards won't understand this

>> No.8815394

Neither is rape

>> No.8815467

Both are funny though

>> No.8815488

rape is only good if it's done to someone I don't like

>> No.8815497

rape is good regardless, come on dude

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It's taking a while to get sexy, anon

>> No.8815568

Normally I would agree but I am a man of virtue. I only want to see harm done to people I don't like, even if it's for petty reasons. Like Okayu, she was mean to my oshi once so I hope she gets raped.

>> No.8815589

you know what, fair enough. i can't argue with a man who holds opinions as based as that

>> No.8815623

If she leans back onto the guy he's fucking DEAD though. No man can handle the weight of the world on their chest

>> No.8815624

What did the fatto catto do to your oshi anon

>> No.8815653

I think she tickled her a lot or some shit, I don't really remember. Still, fuck that bitch, I hope she gets raped in an alleyway and has to go through decades of therapy to get over it.

>> No.8815695

Who is your oshi Anon?

>> No.8815705

Don't worry anon, I'm on my way to deliver the punishment. Just for curiosity, is Baqua your oshi?

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I bet you'd like to see Pekora raped as well huh?

>> No.8815794

Yeah why not

>> No.8815812

Miko's done enough to her, I think

>> No.8815841

>Post 58
>IP 16
Good to know /wg/ is officially dead.

>> No.8815843

No. Anyone that touches even one hair on her head will have to answer to god

>> No.8815861

Sad to see it derailed.

>> No.8815917

Patience, Anon. Good things come to those who wait

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when is sex?

>> No.8815980

i see. it's a very interesting read but i was afeared there'd be naught for a payoff. i'm enjoying her slow descent into depravity, otherwise. thanks for the read, looking forward to the next chapter!

>> No.8815997

Eh, more for me

>> No.8816070

I'm not the author, was just saying in general. I'm fine with Mumie taking her time, makes it hotter

>> No.8816091

ah. in that case, fuck off, then

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>> No.8816215

that's very rude anon. In this general, we treat others with kindness.

>> No.8817145

Seconding this.

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/wg/ lives, /wg/ dies , there are days where fuck all gets posted, there are days when a shitload gets posted.
If you don't think this is normal you haven't been here long enough.

>> No.8817642

Here's the first chapter of the story I posted a preview to yesterday. I'm not very confident in its quality, but fuck it whatever. The main Chuuba is Ameila, but many Chuubas are involved. The first chapter is a bit slow with worldbuilding and stuff, hopefully, it's not totally boring? Let me know what you retards think.

>> No.8818072

Yep, and we can even clearly see the reason why it's slowed down these last few threads.
1. New gen released, people moved to their threads and are catching up with their streams
2. A significant portion of the last two threads was spent complaining about trolls, scaring away the newfags
3. We were just now talking about insect sex and guro
4. Dude, seriously, the 5th post on this thread has a drawing of Korone getting raped by maggots, why are you surprised by the smaller IP count?

>> No.8818307

That was an interesting read. I like the dialogue and the writing, it's well done. As for the story I think it has potential, but I hope you don't expect the readers to remember everything mentioned in this chapter, because it could just be me being retarded but that was A LOT of information and references to things that I assume are going to be explained later. It seems like you have a lot planned but yeah like I said easy on the information dump.
It also feels too similar to Holocalypse in some ways, but I'm sure that it's just because the story is starting out and you've yet to add your own flair. Looking forward to what this rapture stuff is about, keep at it!

>> No.8818374

This is really good. Like no joke the flashforward snippet you gave out last thread kind of does this a disservice since it makes it seem like something else entirely.
Because the stuff with ame and the world building, dialogue, etc. It's really fucking good.
I hope you can make more anon because this is some good shit.

>> No.8818406

Thanks anon. I think you're right about having too many plot elements going on, maybe this is a bit too ambitious of a project. I'll try to be more concise when the worldbuilding and cut out some of the less important parts later. Hopefully once I finish it people can binge the series and still remember most of the stuff that matters.

>> No.8818442

Very interesting, monkey brain feel good and want more

>> No.8819406

This is pretty good anon, really interesting premise you've put forth and I'm curious as to where you go with this.
Also like >>8818374 said, the snippet you gave previously really didn't do this a service cause I didn't expect for this story to go full SCP and Control with the paranormal stuff which is pretty cool dude, though I don't know the whole sector 7 reference but ehh

Only criticism I could give is that you might wanna dial back on the whole 'commando' aspect of the character cause the line "Naturally, you reload your assault rifle. Even more logically, you retain the half-spent mag instead of throwing it away, because that’s what makes you a professional." Sounds a little too much. But other than that it's still pretty enjoyable.

>> No.8820030

Holy shit I blocked recalling that line before this post reminded me of it.
That line does not fucking fit in the context of Anon is a late 30 something returned to being in his twenties hardened badass that the next section presents and makes him seem more like a trying to be cool in his head first time around 20 year old.

>> No.8820285

liking it so far anon, my question is if this will lead to a full on corruption that will turn her into a town bike or something more wholesome
either way i enjoy your way of writing and know that these kinds of stories take a while to get really spicy

>> No.8820460

We all make mistakes in the heat of passion jimbo so don't worry. Though yeah, you should probably edit that out cause that line almost took me out of the whole story the first time around lmao.
Also care to fill me in on the sector 7 reference?

>> No.8820475

You anons are right, I gotta change that. It's hard to recognize cringe when I'm the one who wrote it. I wanted that line to have a more humourous feel, but it's not doing that. I don't want to change too much stuff post upload since that kinda breaks the intrigity of my story, but small edits I'll do.
thanks anons, I'll keep working on it. The story won't have too big of an SCP focus though, since that's not really what I'm driving for. It'll mostly be about (you) and Ameila's experience in this world where paranormal shit is literally real.

>> No.8820575

you might be disappointed, sector 7 is the organization in the Bay-verse Transformers movie that contains Megatron. I couldn't think of another organization that closely fits the Foundation feel, so I went for that.
Also, >>8820030 isn't me, I just saw your post after posting mine

>> No.8820904


In theory no. I believe there is no such thing as right or wrong, instead there are only things which make me feel things. In that respect there are some stories I will not take up because they make me feel unhappy. Now there is distinction between that reason I just mentioned and 'passing a limit', that being that a limit implies a boundary of which I project moral value onto, personal or otherwise. What those types of stories may entail, (or even if they exist), I cannot know until I happen upon them.

In less schizo terms, yes there are some things I will not touch but not because they are vile necessarily, but because they make me feel unhappy and I cannot know what that is until the moment I experience it.

Had a really cool piece of art to upload with this reply but range banned, great; this certainly makes me feel unhappy!

>> No.8820966

Damn, kinda wished it would be cooler. Also if you're thinking of another organization close to the foundation then might I suggest the Lobotomy Corporation? It's like the foundation but instead of just containing stuff you exploit the "abnormalities" for energy. Ina did a stream of it once but I think she dropped it cause it's notoriously hard for beginners.

>> No.8821054

A kind anon told me to switch browser yesterday and it worked. Maybe you should try it out.

>> No.8821227

I'll put that in my notes and watch the stream, maybe I'll get a chance to reference it somewhere later, thanks.

>> No.8821266

>she dropped it cause it's notoriously hard for beginners.
i thought she dropped it because there was too much backseatting

>> No.8821818

Did she? I must've been misremembering things then. But I mean that's the problem with streaming difficult games, people backseat cause they don't want to see someone make the same mistakes they did especially for games that are as unforgiving as that game. The ideal way to play Lobotomy Corporation is to just watch the cutscenes on YouTube and to maybe buy the game to support the devs

>> No.8821973

Yesssssss, keep it going, my fine man

>> No.8822316

You know, this could be an interesting prompt actually

>> No.8822354

finally. Someone writing in this thread. Good read, writeanon. The dialogue is flowing naturally enough and the narration is fitting for a dystopian future setting. I really liked the paranormal item theme i. e., dunno if you stole it from somewhere, don’t really care if you did. Just watch out that it doesn’t turn too edgy and corny and you should be fine.
I also wonder if you have the entire story mapped out already. I do like the premise, but it seems like it could easily be one of those projects too ambitious to ever get finished.
Don’t let me discourage you, though. Keep up the good work.
Lastly, I’m seconding >>8819406 - I‘m a gun guy myself, but gun faggery in stories makes me cringe. Nobody needs to know she pulls out a Mateba Model 6 Unica in .357 Mag with custom Bubba Cerakote finish and mahagony grips or some shit. Most people don’t care and those that do, will make up their own headcanon if you leave the description vague enough. That's just my take though.

>> No.8822705

If you're a gun guy I've got a small question to ask. If you were to fire a revolver in an environment such as a snowy mountain, would it be louder or quieter than usual?

>> No.8823047

NTA but I don't see why the sound would be different in the snow than in open ground; the sound source will still be from the gun firing the bullet and not from the sound waves getting reflected... unless your point of reference is like shooting a gun in tight enclosed space.

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File: 1.29 MB, 1416x864, 1630139767368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cover High/Pekora Chapter 5


This chapter was easily the most challenging to write thus far. I had only a few scenes planned, and no clue how to bridge them together, so something like 95% of the chapter ended up being improvised. And boy did that 95% take ages. Turns out one of the downsides of a 'make it up as you go' approach is that if you can't consistently come up with good ideas on the fly, you're shit out of luck. Another thing I've learned from this: actual intimacy and emotional moments are a hell of a lot harder to write than playful banter with the occasional ship tease. Fingers crossed that I managed to pull it off at least semi-competently.

You'll know when it's time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0et_hDtfxY

>> No.8823238

Ah thanks I was just wondering if deep snow would absorb or reflect sound better.

>> No.8823508

depends, I‘d say. A lot of snow could eat up some of the sound, but I’d wager the amount would be negligible, especially with larger calibers. Cliffs, valleys and mountainsides could amplify the sound or throw it back as echo, on the other hand. The biggest factor in those circumstances is not hearing the shot, but locating it. You won‘t be able to pinpoint a single shot in a mountainous region, due to the distortions from echoes and co.

>> No.8823742

I'm pretty sure the question was from the point of view of the shooter. In which case it'd still be loud as fuck no matter where you are shooting.

>> No.8824065

Looks like this story is going places. Am excited to see where it goes and what characters will be introduced

>> No.8825619


>> No.8827750


>> No.8828162

God the eventual confession and smut is going to be so worth it with all this build up. Keep up the great work Anon!

>> No.8828458

If that's the case then no - shooting a gun out in the open, the shooter is going to be subject to the same level of noise irrespective of his surroundings. Thick snow might absorb sound better, whereas a rocky terrain will serve to amplify it, but if you're standing at most 3 feet away there's nothing that can really affect the sound in a significant way to be noticeable.

Use ear protection kids.

>> No.8828728

anon, I’m impressed by your dedication. A truly great read, as always! Can‘t wait to see how the story goes on! I‘m not into Pekora, but you make me root for her. Really love the synergy between the characters and the way you write dialogue, as well.
Keep up the good work!
The only thing that I‘d point out is that you might want to keep an eye on how many new characters you introduce each chapter. Don’t lose sight of further developing the characters of the main cast, it’s what makes the story charming. Otherwise, stories like this easily turn into a cheap catwalk for cameos.
I‘m honored that you mentioned Exposure Therapy as part of the deep lore btw.

>> No.8828825

Fuckin hell dude that was definitely worth the wait, this chapter was fantastic. As always this was a joy to read and the pacing makes it really hard to put down once you start, there's not really a dull moment here and every scene felt meaningful as well– like everything had a point to being written. I also noticed that while it's not very noticeable, your writing has definitely improved since chapter one. That's not to say that your first chapter was bad but something about your more recent chapters makes it better to read if that makes any sense. Don't know if that's because of the plot ramping up or if it's because it's just plain better but I hope you continue to improve.

Why the fuck would Menhera Wrangler be in a school library? I could only imagine the shitshow that would happen if parents found out about THAT being in school.
Really loved the Miko scene in this story as well as Gen 3, I could only imagine the headache of trying to write multiple character's interacting with each other while making it sound natural.
Coco coming in to give the transfer student some encouragement was REALLY fucking good, the entire thing felt great to read and really felt in character as well.
"even ASTEL'S doing his part."
Man, why you gotta do Holostars dirty like that.
And don't worry, the emotional and intimate moments definitely hit their mark. Also, any tips you've learned in writing emotion and intimacy? I might need some of that for my own.

also almost 19k words? you really came here and just dropped a buffet on us just like that huh?

>> No.8829661

Luna trying to get you to have sex with her in her baby voice, and getting increasingly flustered until she breaks character and ask directly.

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This seems to match a prompt I submitted to the google doc. Thank you for picking it up and writing a short and sweet piece around it. The bag was an unexpected twist but made the end so much more heartwarming.

>> No.8830327

Jesus fuck some of those prompts above and I thought I was weird for asking for a chuuba to lay an egg

>> No.8830585
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Remember when yesterday someone put up a prompt about chuubas, bad breath, and teeth cleaning? Well...

A Good Onion is a Clean Onion

Do tell me what you think about it, since I don't know what to think. probably because I was looping Aqua's bgm for the last couple hours

>> No.8831093

Hey, this is pretty interesting. Excited for the continuation. How long do you think it will take tou to finnish the next chapter tho ?

>> No.8832271

>chuubas, bad breath, and teeth cleaning?
I did not expect anyone to take interest in that, kek. That was funny as fuck and you absolutely nailed Aqua.

>> No.8833349

It was good.

Mouth stuff is one of my fetishes so it was pretty UOOOH for yours truly.

>> No.8833663

Wait did someone write the IRyS bag over head prompt? Why did they delete?

>> No.8834055

Yeah, don't know why it's deleted. Even the story anchor was deleted? The hell is going? Here's the link to the ugly Irys story:


>> No.8834084


>> No.8834119

Arigatou anon

>> No.8834156

have it backed up in case the author randomly decides to private it

sorry anon, but we like it and it's going to stay open to all

>> No.8834157

Oh wait, just realized what's going on. Two story anchors were accidentally posted at the start of the thread. So one of the anchor anons deleted their post. The writeanon accidentally linked his story to the deleted anchor, so he deleted his post. Not sure why he didn't post it again with the correct link though

>> No.8834357
File: 923 KB, 1601x382, IRySExpressions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think he may have reposted it on accident, and deleted it cause it's already in the archive.

>> No.8834397

No, wait he's linking a really old post from a week ago. That's why it looks weird.

>> No.8834705

Another banger entry into the series, and I am also truly honored to have my Menhera Wrangler mentioned in the story, albeit one that isn't the best suited for it as you have shown. Genuinely appreciate your work, and glad to have been able to see this come so far! To the next chapter, whenever it may be!

>> No.8834931

Yeah, that seems like it. It's an old story anchor from a previous thread... But... Why? How? How the fuck did he manage to fuck it up that badly? I'm so confused.

??? How? I don't understand. Did he ctrl+v and paste his old post? Why? How? How did he still have his old post from a week ago copied? It's not even that he wrote down whatever post he was going to make, and then pressed ctrl+v, posting his old post at the end. He opened up the reply box, pasted his old post, filled a captcha and hit submit. What the fuck?

>> No.8835068

No, the post >>8829804 linked is the story he's talking about, it's deleted cause it was old and long since archived.

>> No.8835132

OH. ogey

>> No.8837231

It's not your time yet. You can't give up like this, Anon! Get up!

>> No.8837367

I-I don't think I can.
I'm just not...strong enough.

>> No.8837844
File: 28 KB, 852x480, continue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon, everyone needs you! Please, wake up! Anon!!
Really fucking hate needing to open Chrome to post pictures.

>> No.8837881

Just one more season of House, M.D and I swear I'll write...

>> No.8838771
File: 746 KB, 500x207, snow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They deserve someone better...someone who writes. Someone not so...


I have to use Microsoft Edge I wanna die

>> No.8839014

fuck off im sleeping

>> No.8839046


>> No.8839329

Where does he think he is?

>> No.8840735
File: 1.06 MB, 1920x1080, 5f19966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So... Archiveanon, have you raised your standards or what? Why wasn't >>8797759 archived? I don't see the BR breastmilk thing either.

>> No.8840810

Agreed, I HATE vtubers. I channel my hate to jack off to them, degrading them, reducing them to nothing more than an object to satisfy my lust

>> No.8840909
File: 8 KB, 191x175, 1623956010563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because while someone else was kind enough to throw all the Pekoanon shit into a G. Doc and link it to the story anchor, I completely forgot about it at 3am before I went to bed.

>> No.8841040

I'm the author and It's already mostly resolved but I figured I should just tell you that >>8835068 is right, I didn't delete it or anything, it's just archived

>> No.8841542

Why are you always so miserable, oh Archiveanon? *Kisses you upon thine brow*

>> No.8841889

Stupid question, want to take a crack at making a story. How do you generally share them with Google Docs?

>> No.8841950

File>Publish>Copy the URL within>Post here.

>> No.8841994

Bubbling, boiling, simmering away. Can you feel it? It's anger. Pure, primordial fury, threatening to tear the scant threads of civility and camaraderie left to pieces.

Don't bottle it up, Anon. Let it out. Unleash it. Destroy that which you love.

>> No.8842072

Don't archive the breastmilk shit, it was a shitpost.
>t. I wrote it.

You can share it anonymously through the File > Publish to Web option. It'll give you a link, instead of having to share the document itself and potentially letting people see your account.

>> No.8842149

>Don't archive the breastmilk shit, it was a shitpost.
A bit late for that. Want me to undo it?

>> No.8842219

No point, was just trying to save you the trouble of doing something useless. You're a beast, archiveanon, I hope you know that.

>> No.8843091

Gotcha. Just a small bit of something I had in mind. Haven't wrote any sort of fan fiction or a complete work before, but the idea's there. Will be working on it over time (maybe).
Anon is a summer camp counselor who runs into Mumei, and the two become friends. Anon learns to live with Mumei's odd habits, like buying dozens of random books and the constant note-taking. Without a home to call her own, unbeknownst to Anon, he's now taking care of the centuries-old curator of the Library of Alexandria, and the most dangerous anachronism to the entire Council.

>> No.8843852

I recommend single-spacing your lines over double... it looks pretty sparse otherwise.
Other than that, that was a good start. I'm interested in reading more. There's not enough there to give any critique further than 'yeah, that got me interested.'

>> No.8844749

Hey, dude, are you here? Odd question - could you give me a quick blurb describing your series? Like a quick 'back of the book' kind of thing, you know? This question is also posed for Holocalypse Anon and any other Series writers.

>> No.8844977

very cute, thank you anon. Short, but it put a smile to my face. Serious Monogatari vibes.
Bit confused about the relationship tho; are (you) her boyfriend? manager? I assume its the former or both, in which case I have to state as a flufffag that there was a clear lack of checking the cleanliness of her tongue with your own
Besides that, I‘d love to read more from you!

>> No.8845400

nta, just read the first chapters you fucking nonce

>> No.8845682

Then I'm not talking to you, faggot. I don't want to make assumptions nor write something in a 'description' area that they don't want.

>> No.8845967

Hope you're proud of yourself anon, I got an erection. Take responsability

>> No.8846175

>write something in a 'description" area
Are you planning on making a summary compilation of all the series works in the archive?

>> No.8846419

Maybe eventually, if I ever truly lose my fucking mind. I'm working on a series section. Trying to get every series in a different grouping to differentiate them from the stand alone stories and make them easier to access for those interested in them, rather than leaving them buried at the bottom/needing to go to the middle of the archive to post a link because it's part of a series rather than just moving them all down to the bottom with the new entries as I would normally. I could, of course, write my own brief descriptions; that's not an issue. I'm just extending the chance for the authors - the actual people who sat down and typed all of these out - the chance to give their own take on what they would ideally describe their series as. This may or may not be pointless in the near future, but it's something I want to do either way.

>> No.8849548

This was cute and I hope the prologue at the start is a sign you'll continue this because this does sound interesting.

>> No.8852376
File: 431 KB, 873x1200, 1628545338822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have an insatiable need to have Mel suck my blood until I have nothing left. Any suggestions on a story setting I could write to fulfil that need?

>> No.8852548

Working on it bit by bit. Development might be pretty disorderly and fragmented, but I think I've got something good to work with. The original prologue's gonna be moved up and expanded upon so that it makes up the first few chapters, and a new one will take its place. Old one will be tucked under everything for now.
Yeah, I get you. Used to working with LibreOffice so moving it over to Docs will take a bit to get used to, especially with double spacing. It's a hard habit to kill.

>> No.8852589

early 1940's Germany

>> No.8852592

You're a peasant captured and taken to Bathory who is Mel under a pseudonym and she tortures you then drinks your blood

>> No.8852774

>Anon is bored out of his mind, all his hobbies no longer do anything for him
>Start going through the classified ads in the paper just for the hell of it
>"I am a banpire, I would like to cook with you!"
>Cooking classes? Sounds fun.

>Anon arrives at Mel's house after dark
>Is very eager to participate
>Mel bares her fangs and Anon gets weirded out
>Lost in translation, Mel wanted to make a dish with his blood, not make a dish in his company
>Hijinks ensues

>> No.8854427
File: 49 KB, 465x659, images (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want Polka to honk her horn on my balls and nothing else and then break down laughing when I cum from her doing only that over and over.

>> No.8854538

I want Polka to step on >>8854427's balls with stiletto heels.

>> No.8854795

making Polka have degrading sex with you

>> No.8855372
File: 54 KB, 360x331, IMG_20210828_223746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>8854795 !!! Did you just say... DEGRADING POLKA?

Polka had somehow convinced you to go on a date with her. A romantic and expensive restaurant for the two of you to go together. The date goes like shit, Polka just can't seem to stop messing up. After you two leave the restaurant, through tears she looks at her notes:

w̶h̶e̶n̶ if we get intimate, do this for a fun night:
>Let him hold my hand
>Its fake
>Let him Grope my Breasts
>Honk noises
>Lift up my skirt
>Paper snakes fly out
>let him try to take off my pantsu
>More keep appearing
>Finally cum
>Confetti instead
Unfortunately, what actually ended happening was:
>she agrees to rough anal due to low self esteem
>you plow her asshole and she starts crying
>feel sorry for her and switch to cowgirl vaginal
>she's out of breath after 30 seconds
>you jerk yourself off and finish on her face
>you can see her die inside when you degrade her by covering her face in cum
>you feel like shit
>night ends, you leave while she is sleeping and never talk to her again

>> No.8855671

I remember that bottom half. The end is new.

>> No.8855939

That's the copypasta I was thinking of. I hope someone writes it eventually.

>> No.8856004

I'm terribly sad no one ever picked up despite me doing my best to sell it. This time around I gave it some more context instead of just leaving it as a joke. Maybe this time... please... I really wanna see an extremely self deprecating Polka feeling like shit for messing up all night WITHOUT the fluff stuff.

>> No.8857776

Anon this was really fucking cute. Weird but still cute as fuck.

>> No.8857870

Why do I have this boner...?

>> No.8858506

I'd like to see the one where you go to nurse Chocos and zone out for a little bit getting your blood drawn only to look to the side and find Mel lapping up blood from your arm.

>> No.8860091
File: 1.07 MB, 3000x3000, 1630183991389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad you guys liked it. I think I'm gonna take a break before I start the next chapter. That rabbit's been eating up my attention for over a month, and my brain needs a rest. I might try and write the prologue of Cover Squadron while I recuperate.
(You) are a second-year transfer student at Cover High, a strange school where the bizarre is commonplace, the insane is mundane, and the rules and common sense of the outside world are null and void. Further complicating your already-eventful daily life are the antics of the school's resident troublemaker, a certain meddlesome rabbit who, for some reason, has chosen you as a target for her many acts of mischief. To your ever-increasing annoyance, you find yourself having to contend with an unending succession of traps, pranks and japes courtesy of your irksome foe. But nothing in this outlandish academy is ever as simple as it first appears. A series of events begin to unfold that will throw the antagonistic nature of you and your rival's relationship into question, and in the process shift your rancorous feelings into something far more intimate.
Welcome to Cover High. Class is now in session.

>> No.8860417

I respect you as a writer but I could NOT write that last line without cringing tremendously at myself.

>> No.8860523

Thanks, man. I appreciate that little blurb.
This is a heavy WIP of what it would look like, above the standalone section; any criticism would be appreciated. Eventually, when I manage to get together what qualifies as a series and what's not just a two parter (something I'm guilty of, especially with regards to the Omelas-related stuff or even the two-parter Ina thing I did), I plan on having it available. Hopefully it helps.

>> No.8860593

Was it that bad?

>> No.8860597
File: 38 KB, 543x620, 1442924842198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Welcome to Cover High. Class is now in session.
Couldn't possibly be more cringe if you tried. I'm not putting that in the archive.

>> No.8860714

Oi, fuck off.

>> No.8860764

People are really falseflagging as archiveanon now?

>> No.8860953
File: 38 KB, 606x506, images (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The impostor is back!

It's a good summary but it's cringy by default, like you know, selling you own work to the public kind of cringe. It's normal. You don't need to change it.

>> No.8861054

Now I wanna write a series just so I can have my own cool summary!

>> No.8861068

yeah, I'm not gonna lie it was pretty bad

>> No.8861472

Jesus, okay.
If you could remove the cringe ending that'd be great.
Now pardon me while I go find a rock to hide under.

>> No.8862449

It's okay, Anon. I still love you.

>> No.8862538

It's ok ,anon. We're all cringe here.

>> No.8862773

This is really well formatted and for lack of a better phrase, does the big series that came from here justice
In regards to what should qualify as a series ang thus get the blurb and move to format it as such; I say it needs at least 3 chapters so that sequels don't auto gain the extra formatting..

>> No.8862800

I liked it writeanon.

>> No.8863003

Oh I'm surprised you put my bullydere series there. I completely forgot about it so I need to read through it again before I give a short summery.

>> No.8863948

Gura being so enthralled by playing dmc on your lap that she doesn't notice you've slipped your dick in her ass

>> No.8864147

Shit man, your writing is as brilliant as ever, and the banter is still super fun. Always enjoy reading your works.

>> No.8866567

Shit, I'm scared of being called cringe now, but I'll try write something. Don't worry Cover high anon, it made me smile.

The world has ended as a consequence of World War Three. Nuclear fire rained down upon the Earth, causing mass destruction to the world as we know it today. Few people survived, one such person being you; a dangerous and stoic man with a dark, hidden past. Who will you meet in the wasteland, and what is the truth behind you and your actions? This is Holocalypse, a shameless harem with elements of mystery, as well as action and fights that can only be solved by one man and his machete.

Also if it's not too much trouble archive anon, could you please change the title of chapter one of Holocalypse to
"Holocalypse - Part 1: The End Of The World"
And chapter two to
"Holocalypse - Part 2: The Creation Of Bonds"
Just so their titles can fit with the other chapters.

>> No.8866723

Please don't actually type out numbers. Nobody calls it World War two. It's World War 2, WW2, WWII, nothing else. It does not look cooler at all. >>8844749 change it up I give permission in his stead.

>> No.8867129

If anyone's still making a CYOA, I'd like to hear about the thought processes involved after it's done.
I intend to do a thing for an anniversary, having it be CYOA structure will probably make more sense than whatever other format I was thinking to use.

>> No.8867246

Sure thing. I gotta change the Cover High titles too, at least for one or two of them. Thanks for the submission.
Suck my cock. If it's what he wants, it's what he wants. Don't talk for others.

>> No.8867313

>I gotta change the Cover High titles too
Was just about to ask. Thanks in advance.

>> No.8867598

I fall asleep thinking about Hanabi yesterday
It was such a pleasant dream,we traveled around Jakarta together on a Honda Cub
woke up crying for a solid 5 mins

>> No.8867685

I'd cry too if I had to drive that shitty thing.

>> No.8867832

Don't be rude to Hanabi

>> No.8868119

Bro supercub is kino
t.Vario owner

>> No.8868675

I guess you have a point. I always type out numbers if they're one word like "seven" or "hundred" but keep it to digits if it's something complicated like "492". I've never really noticed a difference, nor have I thought it was "cool", it's just what I've always done. I would change it but since you're going around trying to give permission in my stead or some shit I'll be keeping it as is.
You're a legend anon, thank you.

>> No.8868803

Archive Anon I fixed up the bullydere story so if you could please replace it with these links please and thank you. Reading this old story almost made me die of cringe

Noel Bullydere pt.1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQaDIHRUA2qu8RDnjOW1SWbfrBu_sonk4kuRiKVeYXt6XXfep8hq4qCotEsbofkHR4Owi1Nys7Ckx2n/pub

Noel Bullydere pt.2:

Noel Bullydere pt.3:

Noel Bullydere pt.4:

As for a blurb: Noel Is pretty rude to you but that's nothing out of the blue, that's how you've always known her to be. However, she's somehow feels meaner recently, maybe some time apart might fix everything, right?

>> No.8869114

"might" and ending the sentence in a ", right?" isn't proper grammar. It should be "will fix everything, right?"

>> No.8869176

Done and done.

>> No.8869223

Noel is strong and it's so it rhymes dipshit

>> No.8869371

Please, you're leaking more and more ESL, stop talking and start studying.

>> No.8869479

Holy fuck who cares

>> No.8869636

Short, almost shitposty prompts are usually easier for me to work with. Probably since there are less expectation attached to them.
I was going to ask if mouth fetishes are that common but there are way more ...interesting ones upstairs, so i guess it is.
I was thinking that (You) are a long distance boyfriend who visits every week. Should've probably established it earlier on but I wanted to cut the chase and put several mentions of her being your girlfriend in the middle instead. t-think of all the bacteria you could've transferred to her, anon.
>take responsibility
sorry, but you gotta brush your teeth yourself, anon.
Was aiming somewhere between lewd and cute, with plenty innuendos but no actual explicit acts. Good to know it landed well.
Probably because i have the 'The Ultimate Guide to Writing Smut Fic' open in another tab. Very handy.

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

>> No.8870126

Watamate hands typed this. They weren't kidding when saying that they wrote stories a bunch of people loved without ever realizing it was him huh?

>> No.8870177
File: 590 KB, 1000x1502, 1629065192054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An invitation to work closely with Hololive's idols is one (You) couldn't decline, but the line of work is to... wrangle them? Sure, some of the girls tend to be a little mercurial when it comes to their psyche, but that's something you're prepared for, you tell yourself. You love the girls, and you're willing to give your heart, body and soul for them. With your resolve, you should be able to bring these menheras round, right?

>> No.8870336

Damn, those are cool summaries. Surely some similar and extremely cliche text at the end of them wouldn't invalidate that, right?

>> No.8870372

Dude holy shit fuck off

>> No.8870385
File: 620 KB, 480x570, half light.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

HALF-LIGHT [Medium: Success] - You've got them now. You've been patient, you've been careful. Every post, every style, every possible quirk of language you could possibly pick up on, you've paid attention. You've got your target. This is them, without a doubt. The wolf in sheep's clothing, both literally and figuratively. The one ruining your home, masquerading as someone who cares. Slit their throat before them all. Let them see the blood of a predator leak from the throat of an herbivore.

>> No.8870621
File: 982 KB, 696x720, 1622406120764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am the judge of your summaries. I will pester you to the end of YOUR FUCKING DAYS and THERE'S NOTHING you can do about it. My word is the criticism the others are too cowardly to give. Speaking for the weak blooded masses where they otherwise wouldn't is my talent. Being brunt is a curse? No, IT'S A FUCKING GIFT, AND I WILL NOT BE ASHAMED OF IT. But I digress. You people love to defend your cringe, and your flaws, and your mistakes. After all, it's not like improving is important, right? Pic related semi colon closing parenthesis.

>> No.8870654

I can't... This level of based...
My knees are kneeling by themselves...

>> No.8870657


>> No.8870693

based, never let them forget their mistakes

>> No.8870732

>My cock and balls

>> No.8870784
File: 130 KB, 286x242, mama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek, i'm not that watamate, though. try not to let him live rent free up there.

>> No.8870875
File: 1.85 MB, 365x274, f528c05f032eaf64eaa3636eff14b885.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>With your resolve, you should be able to bring these menheras round, right?

>> No.8870950


>> No.8871014

Too late. The paranoia has taken over, and this thread's schizophrenia is at an all-time high.

>> No.8871034
File: 528 KB, 664x665, 1605526313418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad breath on cute girls is my fetish, anon.

>> No.8871069

Gross, even moreso than dogmaggots.

>> No.8871080

>Litschizo never left

>> No.8871106

It's not that. It's her being a connoisseur. An expert on alcohol you see. She really doesn't drunk that fast on things which aren't wine so she'd probably leave the event buzzed instead of plastered you see.
And you're the nerd who's her designated driver in that case

>> No.8871117

It's actually the HoloEN abuse guy.

>> No.8871144

I wouldn't be surprised, but at the same time that guy was upfront about being a pained prick. He'd own up to it.

>> No.8871176
File: 292 KB, 796x982, 1613187358269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you people will whack off to literally anything

>> No.8871182

What if the wataschizo is actually one of the big name authors here that has split personality disorder?

>> No.8871208

What if it's the earlyfag OP samefagging over and over again on his 3 smart fridges?

>> No.8871237

that's more likely to be true but less fun

>> No.8871290

I did hint at that, yes. Unfortunate that you had to come to that conclusion entirely as a joke.

The earlyfag still alludes me. I've tried pinning them down but to no avail. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I'm a lot of people, but not quite that one.

>> No.8871329

Go back to the stories. Read them. See how they write. Cross-reference it to their posts. Find who it is. Have their stories deleted from the archive. Simple as.

>> No.8871331

I think at this point we can be sure it's a small group of discordtrannies instead of just one dude. Unless it's legitimately some schizo who watches the thread 24/7 to make sure that he posts a new thread the moment it hits 310. But yeah OP samefagging or posting obvious bait (asking what stories anons are looking forward to when we get to the mid 200's) israel.

>> No.8871354

Well, one thing's for certain: you're a fucking chuuni faggot who stopped aging mentally at 13

>> No.8871378

No. Just add to the archive that their writer is a massive fag. Erasing the evidence of his faggotry would only give him closure and freedom.

>> No.8871392

no one will believe you until you tell us what you wrote

>> No.8871425

I think we both already know the answer to that one, anon. He's written nothing.

>> No.8871469

As if that's going to happen. We already know the HoloEN abuse guy is a spamming cunt who shits up the thread literally every time he comes to post some writing, but his stories are still there, unblemished.

>> No.8871505

It's the contrast to her cute and tidy appearance that makes it hot. No matter how angelic she might look or sound, when she wakes up in the morning her breath will smell like shit just like the rest of us.

>> No.8871522

it's not archive anon's job to pass judgement

>> No.8871531

I'm sure if we asked archiveanon really nicely he'd do it.

>> No.8871544

That's definitely a cute contrast - called gapmoe - but a fetish? Really? You get insanely horny over this concept? It's too hard for me to believe

>> No.8871572

You can try. I'm good at covering my tracks. I don't write stories like this, I don't even comment like this. I switch between 4 writing styles, [ERASED]

I had written a hint to what my writing style was but I've now deleted it. You can't just make you baiting me into revealing myself this obvious. It ruins the fun.

Ohoho, perhaps I should dial up my cringe speak even further if it matters to you so much.

You're all so quick to get riled up. What would your oshi think of this? Can't a person just accept some criticism where it's due?

>> No.8871574

You guys are mistaken. I'm not advocating for this and I think you're a faggot if you want writing deleted because the author's an asshole. The words did nothing wrong.

>> No.8871634

I never said to delete it retard. Literally just said to put something by the link to their stories that said they're a massive fag.

>> No.8871659

Still a stupid idea, and you're a faggot for putting it forth.

>> No.8871685
File: 1.99 MB, 448x252, 1442569262396.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread right now

>> No.8871716

This thread makes me a little sad now.

>> No.8871766

Hey now, don't blame me. I was giving honest and fair criticism to these people because I love them. You know who I don't love? People who can't take criticism. They got pissed off for the others, and they are the ones shitting the thread. Criticism is nothing new, but getting mad over it? It's pathetic.

>> No.8871784

Goes to show how much one dedicated faggot can ruin a thread

>> No.8871792

You should leave. Stop contributing. Let the thread die. It needs to die. Died long ago, even.

>> No.8871810

It's the watamate fault

>> No.8871822

Sorry Anon, there's people who are going out of their way to kill a thread for fun, and enjoy derailing things astronomically.

>> No.8871833

It's the pekofag's fault

>> No.8871853

It's the discord trannies! We're being raided!

>> No.8871868

That's the best thing we had in a while anon

>> No.8871910

Shut up and die, pekofag

>> No.8871943

what if.. the pekofag was the watamate?

>> No.8871970

Reminder that by actively writing and publishing works in this thread, you're extending its lifespan, therefore indirectly causing the proliferation of shitposting.

>> No.8871978

I would reinsert the load I wasted then

>> No.8871979

Never bring up the possibility that the Watamate made me cum. Not even in a hatefucking sense.

>> No.8871996

Sins cannot be retroactively paid for. He would have to repent in some way or form.

>> No.8872033

Man, coming here, I see no difference between /vt/'s /wg/ and /lit/'s /wg/.

>> No.8872044

Fuck off, retard. No one wants your disgusting ERP.

>> No.8872045

What if we all raped watamate?

>> No.8872072

/lit/'s /wg/ is actually a hundred times better than this sodden mess could ever hope to be.

>> No.8872086

>t. /lit/schizo

>> No.8872109

Yeah, but /vt/‘s /wg/ actually writes.

>> No.8872112

>t. earlyfag

>> No.8872132

Only acceptable if it ends in snuff. With a pyre.

>> No.8872171

It really sucks that every time the thread reaches around 250 posts everyone starts doomposting. It's like we've all collectively given up on it just because of a few schizos.

>> No.8872220

Well other than ignoring them (which I'll admit we're probably too retarded to do) there isn't really anything we can do about it.

>> No.8872256
File: 58 KB, 500x375, 1628808490129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last part of the summary is cringe and cliche on purpose. I'm writing fucking fanfiction on a bloody vtuber circlejerking image board for fuck's sake. I know it's cringe, and I ain't no fucking Time Best Seller author, so I do as I please. Let my stories do their own talking, and the readers be their own judges. I'll improve my works at my own rate, and you're just another schizo who hasn't taken his meds. You can take your so called "gift" and improve your own fermenting mush you call a brain. I'll keep writing and doing what I want, how I want it.

>> No.8872261

Here's my theory: Everyone here is a shitposter in some shape or form, we just restrain it in order to keep this community alive. But similar to dogs howling at night, one shitposter sets off a chain reaction and everyone goes wild.

Except me, of course. I'm not a shitposter. The rest of you are.

>> No.8872276


>> No.8872293

>wah wah wah don't insult me
Just admit it's shit, dude. And no, I'm not the anon you're replying to.

>> No.8872323


>> No.8872327

Sure, you intended it to be bad. I'll believe that. You just bent the knee. Next up, join Watame and start sucking.

>> No.8872400
File: 71 KB, 540x960, 1442568379057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cringe and cliche on purpose
You sure it's not because you're just a hack, anon?

>> No.8872453

suck my cock anon, nta but i've made shit cringey shit on purpose before too. Its honestly kinda fun.

>> No.8872502

Cuck coping logic.

>> No.8872508

Well, you're right that it's shit, but it's only fun for you. You're no better than the watamate schizo or earlyfag OP. You should kill yourself.

>> No.8872561

It's actually fun for others if you stop taking it so goddamn serious. Jesus fucking christ dude it's vtuber fanfiction. If you step back and look at it from the view of a normal person it's gonna look cringe no matter what. Remove the metal pipe from your anus.

>> No.8872604

>It's actually fun for others if you blah blah blah blah blah
No one cares. Get the fuck lost, shitposter.

>> No.8872625

Hey now, too far. Ok, I'll leave you all alone this thread. If people will start insulting it's just bad bait. I want to give criticism not... this. Do me a favor and don't reply to bait. Do keep in mind that I may be a little crazy but I am not rude.

Anddd you fell for it. Sad.

>> No.8872659

Holy fuck, it actually is the /lit/ schizo. Everything they did was in the name of 'criticism' too. They actually never fucking left.

>> No.8872673

Don't come back until you've actually written something. Give us an advance notice so I know not to stock up on toilet paper.

>> No.8872697

>People are admitting to posting bait
Please jesus christ I beg of you faggots to leave this thread and never come back

>> No.8872756

No. Move over, schizo, I rule this shitty thread now and am having copious amounts of sex with your oshi as I type this. Bow to me.

>> No.8872757

Sorry, not him.

By leaving I mean I'll be switching back to my other faces. You know I love this place.

You should probably read the last threads in case you missed me saying how much I hate bait and that I only speak when it can spark good discussion. The guy insulting is bait. I am NOT bait.

>> No.8872804

Biggest load of horseshit I've heard all week. You're just >>8872756 using a computer and a phone.

>> No.8872849

Dude no one wants you here. Unironically either learn to assimilate into the thread or fuck off forever. Even if you don't have malicious intent you derail the thread because others start posting in your style to further derail and bait. You're actively harming the thread.

>> No.8872855

Take your meds, anon. You can't use your computer and phone to dual posts.

>> No.8872904

You're actively harming the thread by replying to him. Join him and fuck off.

>> No.8872912
File: 30 KB, 626x256, 1601313516157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure you can. ISP internet on your PC and phone carrier internet on your phone. You probably shouldn't though.

>> No.8872918

Yes you can.

>> No.8872921

Are you baiting or just retarded?

>> No.8872927

Can you guys stop? He left already.

>> No.8872941

I thought you said you were leaving.

>> No.8872982

Why can't everyone just ignore him?

>> No.8873002

Haven't you realized it, yet? We like this. We revel in it.

>> No.8873008

Because anons are using him to vent and to shitposts as well.

>> No.8873019

Thread's dead, Ned. It's time to put it to bed.

>> No.8873021

Read stories, talk about stories, ignore the derailments. Simple as. We have a new series starting, THE Cover High new chapter, and and some Aqua teeth brushing shenanigans. You don't want to disappoint the writeanons, do you?

>> No.8873038


>implying they aren't joining in

>> No.8873044

What new series is starting?

>> No.8873060

>You don't want to disappoint the writeanons
This entire debate started with writeanons

>> No.8873069

Girl-boss Watson and her paramilitary death squad

>> No.8873091

No it started with some faggot with an overblown sense of self importance giving empty criticism to the writeanons retard

>> No.8873110

That Amelia story is pretty good, hope for a part 2

>> No.8873130

new thread

>> No.8873159

Nice. Before bump limit,too.

>> No.8873164

this one is still on page 1, what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.8873165

>It's archiveanon all along.

>> No.8873170

it has to be multiple people. There is no way there's just one schizo awake and monitoring the thread every time it hits 310 posts

>> No.8873182

>Didn't even wait for bump limit

>> No.8873197

Tomorrow's another day. Don't lose heart.
You fucking faggot vulture.
Don't lump me in with this shit. God fucking damnit.

>> No.8873229

Unironically I follow your orders archiveanon. Say and I shall do.

>> No.8873239

erase this

>> No.8873254

It's over. We know it's you shitposting.

>> No.8873272


>> No.8873293

>Thread actually had a chance of dying
>Someone makes a post and saves it.
Why are you fags like this?

>> No.8873329

Probably the one anon that keeps defending early threads.

>> No.8873336

Do you really think it's any of us?

>> No.8873356

Don't reply to obvious bait.

>> No.8873361

Hey, it's the author of peaceful day! Haven't seen you in a while. Had hoped you died of stomach cancer.

>> No.8873399

Damn, you're a schizophrenic. Take your meds, anon.

>> No.8873406

It was literally either the OP and some dude working in tandem. The first three posts only had 2 posters. And the first and second were within seconds of each other. Two people working together. Then the third was one of those two as well. Finally we have 100% solid proof its a fucking group of people, most likely discordtrannies, that are orchestrating all this earlythread faggotry.

>> No.8873486

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it was just me this time. Not the same guy as usual, either. He's having a fit because he didn't get to post his literally who thread.

>> No.8873502

>It was literally either the OP and some dude working in tandem. The first three posts only had 2 posters
Nope, I was actually there when it happened. The Archive post and anchor post only had 1 IP. It was only when this >>8873224 was posted did it change to two IP.

>> No.8873522

iirc, the OP post doesn't contribute to the cooldown. So earlyfag probably did the first two and someone else did the third.

>> No.8873529

You're the retard who thinks OP doesn't count as an IP, aren't you?

>> No.8873572

Not him, but I was seeing the thread, the IP didn’t change. It only bumped up after the third post.

>> No.8873653

Lmao we got defe-detectives over here. "Hmm yes this thread is made of thread". Good job.

>> No.8873679

I do so love it when the thread is in flames and everyone is fighting. This chaos... it feeds me.

How many regulars do you think will leave this time? Ready for this general to get even slower?

>> No.8873704

Guys we are a family we shouldn't fight like this, except for watamate. He deserves to suffer

>> No.8873781

I want a nice, long nap.

>> No.8873794

What else do you want? A pony?

>> No.8873795

No more replying. I like this. It's cozy.

>> No.8873796

I really miss the way the threads used to be

>> No.8873832

Reminder to r*port the early thread for being posted before this one hit bump limit

>> No.8873864

Rose-tinted glasses. It's the exact same, except all the post-bump-limit crap has moved to business hours.

>> No.8873877

I'm sure this won't end up in a mass ban of retards thinking that shit actually means a damn.

>> No.8873902

Ah, yes, because the people who bumped the other thread will surely follow through.

>> No.8873926

Well, maybe if we sit here whining about something we can't change, it'll change?

>> No.8873931

If the jannies and mods won't do anything about reports you really think they'll go out of the way to bonk every individual who made said reports?

>> No.8873942

Everyone does, man. I knew from the moment the /lit/ fucker arrived that bait was going to be a problem. It's only gotten worse with time. Hook biting has become a national sport. It's draining. I'm here every day and the more I see, the louder the voice whispering to leave it all behind grows. I don't blame the ones who have. The stories I've come to love have become soured somewhat. Developed an off-taste. Why stay someplace if it makes you miserable? Despite this, I'm going to endure. I have to. There's still good here, beneath it all. Those rays of sunshine to bring comfort and respite from the fucking torrential downpour of garbage. I just need to wait for the clouds to part again.

>> No.8873965

This. This is our first chance to collectively actually do something about the early threads.

>> No.8873980

You lost the chance along time ago.

>> No.8874015

Retard this is literally a chance. Don't doompost and roll around in your own shit and piss saying that it's helpless.

>> No.8874031

I feel the same way. I'll stick around for as long as I possibly can and I hope that most of the other people who actually care about the thread do the same thing but I wouldn't blame them for leaving.

>> No.8874037

We're gonna make it archive anon. Just believe. I will always respect you.

>> No.8874045

Leave. Get out. Go. You're not valuable. All you do is complain. Just leave. The thread doesn't want you.

>> No.8874067

You're right. But I'll be fucking damned if it isn't tempting to just leave and only come back every week or so to check for new stories.

>> No.8874132

Quit bitching. You know you'll never actually leave - you'll end up coming back after only a few hours.

>> No.8874164

nta but stop calling me out like that

>> No.8874171

If the thread ever became bad enough then I'd leave

>> No.8874221

Yeah, breaks are good. Instead of shitposting to counteract the shitposting, just close the thread and come back when it's passed. That's good advice, Anon. See? You can stop sucking dick at anytime, it's easy!

>> No.8874238

Yes, "bad enough". Some far-off lofty condition that you can hold up to assure yourself you still have a choice in the matter. You can't leave - you're a slave to your own whims. You're stuck here with the rest of us.

>> No.8874271

You're really trying hard to convince yourself this isn't bad huh? That the nightmare thread wasn't peak "bad". The thread is already hell. You won't leave because you're addicted. Now shut up and go write like a good little obedient bitch.

>> No.8874283

Who the fuck do you think you are to decide what is and isn't for other anons?

>> No.8874305

The thread where even past the bump limit, you're replying to fucking bait like an idiot. Shut the fuck up.

>> No.8874306

This. Write about Korone getting raped by maggots, Matsuri cucking (You), and wriggling up Lamy's ass. Get to it.

I'm right, that's who I am.

>> No.8874721

Sometimes I understand that urge. To burn down something so carefully built.

>> No.8874792

For those of us who have been in general threads for long enough, we understand very well one thing.
>To burn down something so carefully built.
This doesn't happen. It never does. As the two anons above pointed out, few people actually leave despite their complaints. The only way people will stop coming is if a general stops entertaining them.

>> No.8874922

All writers and those who want to write have autism so I'm not surprise these threads turned to shit

>> No.8875166

Just wipe it all clean. Start over, start fresh.

>> No.8875202

Delete all the stories in the archive? This isn't a bad idea.

>> No.8875239

I feel like the people in this thread are vunerable to bait simply because the old rule of "Only discuss chuuba writing, and ignore anything off-topic" has broken down. No one follows it anymore, which is why we get banter that leads to shit posting

>> No.8875280
File: 279 KB, 775x560, 1434487839630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8875295

What would the effects of that be, you wonder? Pandemonium? Resurgence?

>> No.8875321

Pandemonium unless the thread's serfs aren't primed for rebirth by their overlord.

>> No.8875347
File: 122 KB, 412x412, Suisnug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just know that I love you guys, especially those who keep it on topic while ignoring derail attempts, and will probably stay in these threads until it dies.

>> No.8875363

I love you too, anon

>> No.8875387

At least that would hopefully never happen.
Thanks, man.

>> No.8875393

Love you too, no homo. Also you too, Watamate Anon and Earlyfag. I love you all unconditionally

>> No.8875416

Yeah, talk tough. I know you're feeling the squeeze. And as soon as the idiot handling the archive leaves, it's over for good.

>> No.8875579

I love jerking off to you guys. Thank you all.

>> No.8875675

Archive's stayed up past worse than this. Doubt it'd just be nuked.

>> No.8875717

If I ever get angry enough to leave the thread, I will nuke it. But not until then.

>> No.8875748

I will be nuking it now out of spite.

>> No.8875760

And there you have it. A clear goal.

>> No.8876228


Bad Hakos Baelz fanfic I wrote when I got bored. NSFW

>> No.8876353


>> No.8876657

oh did I need to title it? Just put whatever you want haha

>> No.8876713

>You summoned me with your blood. You really think we don't have some sort of link? I've been tuning into what you were doing this entire time, you pervert.
this is hot as fuck anon. wanted to comment BEFORE taking half an hour to jerk off

>> No.8876829

is it your first story here?

>> No.8876901

yeah sorry, I’m a newfag and I’m just here to post fanfics whenever one of my friends gets me to write one

>> No.8876992

you're all good, mate. if you don't really care about the title, fair enough, it's mostly just for giving the anons a name to speak of when they talk about how thick the ropes they shot to it are

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