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All of the Holostars have finally reached 100k subs.
They're all getting 3Ds, and Roberu and Astel have been working hard at making connections in the greater vtubing industry.
But what's next for them after the 3Ds, after the hype has died down?
Save for Astel, all of the Holostars still average below 20k views on each of their streams - for some of them, less than 10k.
Roberu, once a light in the darkness for Holostars, streams significantly less than he used to and has reclined massively as a result.
Their big announcements and 3Ds don't get near the same attention as a Hololive girls' might.
There's currently no plans for a new Holostars generation, let alone a Holostars EN.
Where can they go from here? How can they grow as a brand?

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Literally doomed to irrelevancy. Roberu's got 200k subscribers and he's pulling worse views than Shien.

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They have nowhere to go except to try and introduce new blood and see if the new interactions catch on. Honestly the industry is so bloated, there's no space for them.

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Shit thread. Post the boys in 3D

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Holostars is best analyzed as a distinct agency, and when seen as one, I'd say that it is destined to be one of those agencies that just kinda exists in the middle area between being small and big. They pull better numbers than most indies but less than HL and Niji JP guys, and I doubt that'll change. They have stability but I would not expect significant growth.

I know that the whole "Holostars and Hololive can't collab" thing is obviously untrue, but the fact that Holostars is treated as basically a separate entity to Hololive dooms it to this stagnation. Sure, they can have occasional collabs, but they'll never be seen as an equal part of Hololive, because they aren't. They're not a part of the memes or the group dynamic. Astel playing Apex with Roboco and Choco doesn't change that, in the same way Towa playing Apex with Bora on multiple occasions doesn't lead to her fans all becoming NijiKR fans.

Holostars EN could maybe help a bit since there is an obvious lack of male EN agency vtubers. I don't think it'd do a ton, though. Western vtuber fans, more so than JP ones, mostly just want to listen to girls.

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It's been a while since I've laughed this hard 10/10 stream

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Looking forward to Aruran's 3D. The karaoke is fun too.

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well put

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Saneposting? In this thread?

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>Holostars is best analyzed as a distinct agency
wouldn't that make them the third biggest just before Hololive and Nijisanji?

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