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Can you have more than one oshi? Asking for a friend.

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You can't cheat on Ame with Kronii.
I'm serious anon.
You better now.

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How did you know?

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Disgusting DDDs should shower with phosphorus

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No but you can be a no-oshi multiple-chuuba enjoyer like me

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Because I'm also tempted anon.
We all are.

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Its cheating. Ask your oshi that question. she will not like it. If she says she doesnt care, shes lying. DO NOT CHEAT. it hurts oshi

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You can have multiple oshimen, but that makes you a DD.

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There are multiple reasons to enjoy chuubas, so I think it's ok to have more than one oshi. Being gachikoi for more than one makes you a piece of shit who deserves the rope, however.

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oshi literally just means your favorite out of a particular group. you can have a HoloEN oshi, a HoloJP oshi, a Nijisanji oshi, and indie oshi etc. the one you love above all else is your kami-oshi

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「推し」(おし) "Oshi", Noun, Colloquialism: being a fan of; being a supporter of; pushing for.

Nothing here about there being only one. Sure, that's how it's used in slang but I see no contradiction to call multiple people your oshi.

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Can you have a wife and a mistress? Sure why not. I think its ok anonchama

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So as long as I keep my current oshi and still support but don't prioritize other chuuba(s) over my oshi I'm not a whore?

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Tell me 35p, how do I stay 100% committed?

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Live your life, anon. Enjoy what you like. If you only do what faggots on /vt/ or retarded JOPs on 5ch say to do then you'll be miserable.

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Only if you're muslim.

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"How do i stop myself from cheating on my wife"
Handcuff yourself and jump off a bridge, she doesn't need you

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>Handcuff yourself and jump off a bridge, she doesn't need you
thanks for putting in my place, bro

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just be a whore like me

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I don't believe in monogamy in fiction.
If they can have secret boyfriends than I can fantasize about as many of them as I can handle.

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You can have one oshi per branch or company. For example, you can have a HoloEN oshi and a HoloJP oshi, but not two oshis from HoloEN. You can also have a HoloEN oshi and a NijiEN oshi. However, you can only have one kamioshi, because that's your absolute favourite.

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Despite what /vt/ has led you to believe, nobody /actually/ gives a shit whether you're a whore or not. Also, we're talking about anime streamers.

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So I can have multiple oshis as long as they are different branches/companies? BASED. I now have 4 oshis, bahahahahahaha

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DD should kill themselves asap

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You can. Just be sure to maintain dominance over your harem.

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My JP oshi and my EN oshi both have boyfriends
and that boyfriend is me

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Oshimen (推しメン) or comes from "oshiteru member" ("The member you support"). It's the term used to describe a fan's favorite member. Even though oshimen/oshi generally refers to only one member, many fans have more than one oshimen PER group (The favorite member among the oshimen is usually referred as Kami-oshi). Sometimes fans change their oshimen (Oshihen).

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So if I have Ame, Nene, Selen and Ange as my oshi's I'm good since they are different groups?

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Watching and supporting others is ok, but your oshi should always take priority. No matter what Mikochi is doing, she gets my eyes if she's online.
It's not something I have to work at, it's just how I feel. If you find yourself wandering, she's probably not the one anon.

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yes but no one really cares if you like two people from the same group equally

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Yeah, I kind of agree. I don't feel comfortable calling any chuuba other than Marine my oshi, even though I'm membered to a few different ones. The ones I'm membered to are my favorites, and I think I can consider myself, for example, 35p, but I would still not feel comfortable calling her my oshi. Someone asks me who my oshi is, I answer Marine without thinking twice. I know the term technically supports multiple, but I don't feel that way.
Just like how I wouldn't feel comfortable being called "35p" if I cancelled her membership.
Maybe my thoughts are just poisoned by the greyname retards with 8 different fan names and apostle of whatever the fuck as their youtube handle, so I instinctively feel like it would be insincere.

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If you only watch her casually then she is NOT your oshi.
If you have multiple favourites but can't choose who's the best among them then none of them are your oshi. Favorite =/= oshi
If she doesn't provide Girlfriend Experience, doesn't read your superchats, hasn't appeared in your dreams as your girlfriend, and doesn't care about streaming. Then she is not the one. why waste your time?

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I know where we are, but doesn't your favorite stream nearly everyday? How do people find time balance more than 2 and still have time for their other hobbies/interests. Whens nihongo rep time for instance?

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Very interesting perspective and I feel like I'm in the same boat, memes aside. I like many girls and have membered more than one aswell, but I'm unsure if I'm [fan name] when she isn't my oshi compared to my oshi. t. membered to ame, towa and aki at some point over the last few years. Whenever someone says who is your oshi I instinctively answer ame, though prior it was always towa, though the mlg only apex arc kinda killed towa for me.

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A DD is the only noble path.
We are the backbone of this industry. We are those who are open-minded enough to allow new and talented vtubers a chance while the tribalists stick to just the few vtubers in the top 0.1%.
With experience, we also gain taste, and can meaningfully discuss and recommend. Who would you listen to about good singing? Someone who has only listened to hololive? Being a DD means you are willing to venture into the unknown and experience the best the medium has to offer. We also don't need to watch the filler stuff (we can't), and can cut to the best of their content.

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>How do people find time balance more than 2 and still have time for their other hobbies/interests. Whens nihongo rep time for instance?
It's easy when I only have to work 3 days a week to live comfortably

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>why waste your time?
My Saviourfag instincts anon. Plz andastan.

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If you think you have more than one oshi than neither of them are your real oshi. You're just tricking yourself into thinking they are.

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you will never form deep emotional attachment to any vtuber being DD, you will never experience true virtual love. you will always be normalfag

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Having an oshi is beta behavior. Stop trying to be like those nip faggots and support whoever the hell you want. These girls will never know or care about your existence, so who gives a fuck?

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you have to go back

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>forming a "deep emotional attachment" to an anime girl
Please seek help anon

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>If you only watch her casually then she is NOT your oshi.
I watch some of Korone's live streams but mostly watch clips of her. Should I reconsider her being my oshi?

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>not enjoying parasocial relationship with his oshi
sucks to be you anon

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Oshi: one of the girls you support, it can be as many as you want
Kamioshi: if you claim to have one, it's your main girl and the one you are dedicated the most, what many people here say that is "oshi", this is what they mean, but they are using the wrong term

It's not hard to understand, ALSO oshi/kamioshi do not mean waifu, you don't need to have romantic/sexual feelings for them. It's all about supporting the talent and their potential.

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>why waste your time?
I want to feel alive. If having multiple oshi means I have something to sink hours into then why the fuck not. Fuck you Oshi gatekeepers.

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See >>8836873
It is already like what you said, it's just some terms people here are using it wrong, like this >>8836397 retard "gosling" meme monkey.

He should just use a term like "waifu" but no, they prefer to distort and use terms wrong because who the fuck knows why.

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>form deep emotional attachment
KING BEHAVIOR. Anon様これはベースードですよ。素晴らしい!!!!!!!!!

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Oshi and waifu are two different things

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true but some anons make it seem like you can only have one oshi

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I can relate. I'm also really into Aki and membered to her, and sometimes I wonder if she would be my oshi if I didn't hate Ark.

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>you will never form deep emotional attachment to any vtuber being DD
99% of the world will rightly declare you pathetic. You're forming a mostly one-sided relationship with someone who will almost never see your face and more likely than not be fucking someone else after the stream.

Rather, relieve your own sexual frustration that leads to these unrealistic fantasies.

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Go back to Le'leddit where you can 'Pretend' to be a DDS. Oshi is Girlfriend, girlfriend is Wife. Having only one Oshi is more than enough. Every other vtuber you watch is anime filler characters who don't progress the plot. Amelia goslings would agree. Kiara goslings would agree. Lushia goslings would agree. I rest my case.

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99% of the world will rightly declare all of us pathetic just for watching vtubers. There is no moral high ground here, anon. You can stop larping as a normie. You will never be one of them.

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Is she really your oshi if you haven't materialized her as a tulpa?

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Yes you can but i think having different Oshis meant that you would be classified into a different term, "Daremo Daisuki" or DD for short

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>Go back to Le'leddit
how can I go back to a place I've never been to, faggot

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Except many of the goslings got bored which is why they are turning to kronii or finding other vtubers. It is like every person who declared Haruhi as their god when this site was young. We change.

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Are you pretending to be daft? Are you ignoring the people that gave you light on the actual meaning of these terms on purpose?

Reddit is a pool of ignorance so right back at you then, just because it's shit there does not mean people can't correct you when you are wrong, and this is not about your feelings, it's about the specific meaning of the term. If she's really THE ONE, if it's your waifu or some shit, if it's the one that "is more than enough", then she's your kamioshi, not just any girl you oshi for.

For example, Amelia is your kamioshi, but you can still member and SC her friends to support them, because you know she values them too and you still enjoy their streams when she's not around etc, you oshi them but you're not DD because they're not everyone, you're still just supporting few specific girls you find talented and deserving.

See the several posts in this thread about the meaning of these terms, they're pretty objective.

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So you can theoretically have an oshi for each gen in proper etiquette? Well, that was fun to make

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Are the tourists here really seething that a /vt/ schizo is using a term wrong. Touch grass. Get laid. Words have as much meaning as you put into them. That's what language is (You) wankers.

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I will never cheat on ame. She's dumb and whiny and stubborn but all of those things make her adorable, and she is probably also the most deserving girl in hololive. I'm sure she's extremely thankful to cover for the opportunity and to all of her fans for supporting her, so I will never turn my back, even a little, on her.

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You can do whatever you want, but having multiple “oshi” makes it look like you don’t really care about any of them as much as someone with one and only one.

Frankly, if you have multiple oshi, I wouldn’t consider you to even have an oshi.

Think about it, if you see some asshole on Twitter with 12 oshi marks after their name, do you think any of them hold as much value as the guy with just one? Would you even know who their favorite is? How many more are they going to have when the next round of girls comes along? The more you add, the less the word “oshi” means to you. And that’s fine, I guess.

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You're unironically mentally ill. None of these anime girls will ever acknowledge your existence. They're not your girlfriends or wives you faggot.

Thank you for the clarifications anons. Fuck these retards for trashing a term they don't even understand.

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Man, you'd think retards that follow a company that prides itself on their aidorus would at least know the difference between oshi and kami-oshi

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these are correct
however OP and newfriends should keep in mind "oshi" on this board is often a shorthand way of saying kamioshi, and whether you are talking about a per-group oshi or kamioshi is context-sensitive

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The amount of NPCs (using other people's opinion on some Japanese word to fuel their idol schizo tendencies) in these threads is concerning. See >>"some'garbage'take
I'm appalled.

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>caring what normalfags think

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>you're unironically mentally ill
where the fuck do you think you are

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Unironically you DDs are even worse. Touch grass. Get laid.

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Ofc, based polygamyfags

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Of course, my oshi pomu has multiples as well

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>touch grass
>get laid
when did this board go to complete shit? fuck off you tourists

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Nips have multiple oshis, it's only the retarded EOP here who took it to mean kamioshi

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why do you have ID1 and EN1 after eachother? It's not when they were debuted, because ID1 debuted before 5th gen.

>no gen 0 oshi

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I don’t see why not. Pic related, my two oshis.

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>when did this board go to complete shit?
January 29, 2021

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>Favorite =/= oshi
that's literally what it means

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Bc they're the same type of miserable coomers

>> No.8851966

Based. Letting some basket weaving forum full of coomer NEETs or the internet in general sway you couldn't possibly lead to anything but disappointment. Tribal fags only add to the monumental problems in our simple niche community

>> No.8852035

The length of this thread over a simple question is very concerning. Leave it to the faggots and schizos to make enjoying anime girl streamers a fucking chore

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What about FBK?

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My oshi is the one I'll drop all other streams for. Doesn't matter if its a major collab, new gen debut, or record-breaking views event, if Mio has her ukelele or a small chat stream I'm there

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Only if you're muslim

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You can only have two if they have some kind of close relationship. For example; Ame and Haachama.

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