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>Hololive Indonesia now auditioning
>Hololive sees the need to contain "THEM"
is Yagoo based?

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Damn right after a holostar got 3D Yagoo dees not give a fuck about them

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The Holostars website isn't new.

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that would be based, nobody should care about the homos.

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>Holostars website
Older than this board.
>new site
based, fuck the homos

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Just close the homo branch already, they had a 3D debut less than 9k people, I've seen indies with better numbers than that.

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how are homobeggers feeling about this?

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it's so new it's still under construction

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Good, now there is no excuse to post Homos in /hlgg/. Hopefully the Homo posters leave.

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Homofags can't stop losing

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I just came to laugh at Aloe

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How long until "men and women are equal" crowd jump on this?

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Holostars website has already existed, this is nothing new at all.

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>502 Bad Gateway
>503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
>504 Gateway Time-out
Well at least they're on the right path

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Aloe's graduation is one year tomorrow, this is disrespectful

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In idol culture and porn women are superior to m*n.

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they made Ina look like such a takolet

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they already did

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Check that now, they removed it

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Shitty website it once again it tries to cover up Chris, Aloe and the CN branch. Also JP girls all get poses while ID and EN get weirdly scaled default poses.

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Lol Ame new show is kinda irrelevant now.

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>Holostars has a separate website
No wonder they're doing so poorly, no one knows they even exist

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Typical, "buhuhuuu why can't the stars have their own *thing* also"

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Nice quads

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Got a link?

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Please fix this shitty proportion.

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Anya is canonically the largest Holo, mostly due to something happening with her rigging but we won't mention that.

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i mean how many people are actually going to go to this website regularly.

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ahhhhhh i didn't know they would make streaming experience a requeriment for holostars my plan to make it into holostarsEN only with skills is crumbling AHHHHHHHHHH

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It's responsive, I like it

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>male auditions
male auditions
>male auditions
male auditions

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holostars website isn't new, it is just the hololive female group website

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It is obviously because anya is the superior en member

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It’s been irreverent since it started what dumbass is actually going to go to Ame for fucking Hololive news? When you can find that shit easily on Twitter or Reddit.

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>Segregation in CURRENT year.
Nips are the most racist of all.

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God that’s so ugly. Do they not have graphic designers?

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i miss artia

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we are going back lmaooo

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An entire category to herself...
Coco really was something else. It might just be a lack of knowledge on my part, but I can't think of any other Vtubers that graduated and didn't get un-personed. I know one Niji(?) left and came back, but it wasn't really the same.

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remember when fags told me HoloCN wouldn't come back? LOL JUST HAD TO WAIT FOR COCO TO GO HAHAHAHA

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Who is Aloe?

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Sucking dick isn’t a talent Anon.

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This is a pretty good site, though its hilarious the contrast in description size for the EN2 girls/Irys compared to everyone else

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4.4m fans on youtube? how did the count work?

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pretty sure it is

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i hope the traffic slows down soon

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I hope they add on to the talents section.
Miko and Sora are the only ones with voice function so far. Theres a lot of outfits missing for the girls too.

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Random bullshit, but we can get that number with the Official chanel + Coco/Ame + Marine
1,390,000 + 1,420,000 + 1,590,000

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that's always been there

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I dunno, Aki's is quite good

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Woops I missed her, that makes 3 then.
Surprised some of corporate's favorites didn't get this.

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One (1) debut stream doesn't make you an OG I'm pretty sure.

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I clapped when I saw Miko

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Even ignoring the fact that there's overlap in subs, I checked HoloStats filtering the hologirls channels and the official hololive channel and it's still less than 50 million.

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Homos have the old website, but damn at least it actually works. The hololive website is crashing really fucking bad.

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it is getting high traffic at the moment, it is gonna slow down maybe next week

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You're thinking of Sasaki Saku, though her situation is a bit different. She's a massive nintendofag and left when they revoked streaming permissions across the board, then came back once they regained permissions

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Motherfucking Kiarafanclub did they make this website in 2020 or something?

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HoloStat doesn't include all channels.

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Counting the males you get 50 mil, but this website is supposed to be for the girls, but I'm sure EN2 will make up the difference soon enough

>> No.8929565

It was probably just a backburner project someone made never thinking it would actually go live as is.

>> No.8929590

Yeah it does. What channels do you think it's missing?

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maybe they were just scared of using Kiara fried phoenix since japanese companies are autistic with copyright.

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Based. homos btfo

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god.... she's cuuuute....

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And a few more.

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am i blind? i don't see IRyS

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check EN tab

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>coco gets her own group
>IRyS doesn't

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Even if you threw in the empty secondary channels from AkiRose and Haato, along with the holoID and holoEN main channels, it still totals under 50M.

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that just means there wont be any more vsingers in the future

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You realize "kiarafanclub" if written in initials results in KFC right?

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there has to be chinks in the board of directors

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Don’t stare at her ugly face too hard Anon. I don’t want you to get hurt.

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I never get the whole Cover doesn't help Holostars thing. They get tweets like the girls, they're even getting 3Ds and will have a concert this year. They had events previously. They're just not that appealing as Niji dudes. I would take some of the whining and complaining seriously if those who do that actually were fans or watched streams. I'm still pissed about whiners who complained while saying Roberu was the first Holostar 3D and other dumb shit like the most recent Vtuber cup is Astel's first when he's been in all of them. Even Niji is getting these retards. Saying that Niji pioneered malexfemale vtuber collabs.

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Does the website do anything new? Didn't the old one already have a schedule and shit. I thought Ame's show was trying to be something like AsaCoco? I never watched Ame's shit tho.

>> No.8931362

Try to stand out without streaming experience bro. Its no surprise that standards are higher. They want upper tier Nijimale quality.

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Is that so? Then just add all social media numbers like how Kizuna Ai claims to have over 5M fans.

>> No.8931690

Because you are new, Holostars get better treatment just recently after most of them hitting 100k.

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>> No.8931781

Mel has a voice, too...

>> No.8931797

last 6 months is recent in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.8931805

>Niji pioneered malexfemale vtuber collabs.
This is hilarious because the guy who said it is Shibuya Hajime and everyone just repeats it KEK

>> No.8932033

>last 6 months
They got more costumes than most since the start, holocomi, Bushiroad collab, Special Sake, they're in the holochoco, literally more support than EN and ID for the longest time. I don't know why homofags always act like they're the victim here, glad the indogs never throw tantrum like homofags.

>> No.8932207

Let's be real, i enjoy the stars and i sometimes reccomend them when they are doing something interesting, but the constant fucking whining turns off a lot of people.

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Newsflash actual homofags who watch the homos know about these collabs and faggot hololivewatchers don't yet keep whining.

>> No.8932826

numberfags gotta savior i guess

>> No.8932899

i hope irys gets a voice too...

>> No.8932943

Yeah let's forget when they cancelled astel project and make him break down on stream. Or when they forced Oga to take a break for one week. Or no 3D collab for long ass time while the girs can do it just fine. Or how fucked up 3D Roberu is. Or how Miyabi can't play FFXIV while ID girls can do it. Or how the stars can't play mahjong because of certain reddit dragon. There's lot more but I'm too lazy to type the rest

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If Cover doesn't save the Holostars, I'll do it myself

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>Special Sake, they're in the holochoco
These are only happened just recently, way to prove your point kek

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>Or how Miyabi can't play FFXIV while ID girls can do it.

But he can... they got permissions more than a month ago and he streamed it.

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Holo Alt...

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>Yeah let's forget when they cancelled astel project
Same shit happened to Pekora.
>Or when they forced Oga to take a break for one week.
Same shit with Marine and Miko. Or Mio, for months, if you remember that, fag.
>Or no 3D collab for long ass time while the girs can do it just fine.
Your homos are lazy, first come first serve.
>Or how fucked up 3D Roberu is.
Rikka's was fine, and the girl's got some scuff too.
>Miyabi can't play FFXIV while ID girls can do it.
Blame their nip only manager, IDs literally copy pasted the rules from SE's website.
>how the stars can't play mahjong because of certain reddit dragon
She's gone now, there's no excuse.
Last year isn't recently fag.

Fucking whiner should kill themselves.

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I wish people like you would just die. I think I gave up in thinking you fags should shut up or learn the truth. Just kill yourself already

>> No.8933290

>more than a month ago
Keyword : Recently
Please don't stare at Holopen too much, it's bad for the eyesight

>> No.8933332

I can't even bother to refute your every point so i hope your post stays up so that lurkers with a modicum of insight or just general knowledge learns why homobeggars are awful retards who doesn't even watch the stars or hololive.

>> No.8933363

Anon, the JP girls couldn't play it either. ID could because permissions vary depending on region.

>> No.8933384

btw, I said this as someone who used to watch the homos. I don't have any problem with holostars personally. But I fucking despise their fans.

>> No.8933464

Believe me as a Holostar watcher I am sick of them too, it's fucking everywhere even outside /vt/. Even in the fucking generals are people seething over a lack of Hololive collabs or bringing up old points and not appreciating all the things that happen for them. It's all noticeable thanks to their small ass fanbase compared to other male vtubers and it makes me tired of discussing them sometimes. Like during Oga's 3D they were pissed off at the quality then I go over to global and they're all cheering for him. I don't get it.

>> No.8933499

>Last year isn't recently fag.
December is still recent fag, now compare the abuse they get before holocomi happened
Who the fuck is a beggar? Heck I wish someone bought Holostars from yagoo and treat them better than current Cover incompetence

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I like the Q&A part, seems to be written by the talent themselves.

>> No.8933660

Your stance and opinion on this matter was discarded the moment you showed that you didn't know jackshit about either hololive or holostars, but you are welcome to present your membership badges.

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this also might be written by the talent too

>> No.8933732

Probably true because that part is missing from ever EN talent

>> No.8933743

Listen to the man himself bitch about how hard is being male vtuber and how cover fucked up Holostars beginning

No need to reply this, since bunch of you gladly suck cover corporate dick, you do you

>> No.8933788

So getting rid of Coco was intentional?

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Roberu talks about his growth in this and everyone else was agreeing with him that it's easier to debut in a company because you debut with technological support, even if Holostars didn't have much in the beginning. Being a male indie is hard if you don't have connections. Then there's the appeal of being babi, Meika used to be babi. I know you just picked this link up from the last homobeggar thread a few days ago but at least listen to what you watch.

>> No.8933866

>losing the argument
>n-no need to reply
kys homobeggar

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File: 13 KB, 775x88, Sandy.Howlermonkey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

friend can't stop being cute

>> No.8933922

with 100K+ subs they are better of than pretty much all male Vtubers outside of manjisanji heck they are still comperable to niji EN as it is now and multiple female indies and smaller company chuubas. Could they've been bigger in niji? Probably not actually because of competition and they're gaming skills don't really stand out.

>> No.8933953

>the chinese video link is to nico nico and not bilibili
lol get fucked zheng
you didnt win olympics
you didnt win hololive
your country is shit

>> No.8933966

>they're gaming skills don't really stand out.
You'll trigger astelfags.

>> No.8933987

There's still male(s?) in NijiJP who don't have 100k.

>> No.8933993

that was the official reason but she also ranted about menagement in her member-only stream if I remember right so I guess they weren't too cooperative at the time.

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>3 stooges

>> No.8934071

Astel dealt the most damage in the recent VSaikyou you fucking incel faggot

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File: 2.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1630237296317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh man he shot a bunch of gold shitters? That's based. What rank did his team place in by the way?

>> No.8934230

Are you going to say Pakael is shit too?

>> No.8934235

They have that impression because they almost never appear in collab with girls, so they blame Cover for this, when the ones to blame are the girls themselves who don't want to get involved with them anymore because they want the paypigs money (exceptions with ID, fubuki, matsuri, roboco and Choco), just look how long Subaru and Maimoto didn't collab or Polka never interact with Roberu even when they are close friends already

>> No.8934243

>his team
Two deadweights that he turned down more than 60 invites for because he was thinking bigger about how to change the shitty culture at holopro? It's already amazing he ranked as highly as he did.

>> No.8934249

Homofag here, can confirm beggars are hated over here too. Most of them aren't even fans. If they stopped asking about collabs and Holostars EN everything would be just fine.

>> No.8934295

What is the excuse for the other homo team?

>> No.8934303

For some reason “all-female” ticklea me in the wrong way

>> No.8934325

He was shit in this tournament. Did you watch it?

>> No.8934345

They were playing for fun, not being tryhards and leeching off preds like whoreshikawa

>> No.8934357

>Niji first, second, third
>Matsuri beating homos

>> No.8934416

And they still lose to Matsuri and Towa, a team of only girls, pathetic.

>> No.8934426

Astel doesn't even know 60 vtubers you faggot. There are teams in that image that have lower ranked people in their teams as 'dead weight' that still ranked above him. Any cope for that?

>> No.8934473

As far as I’m concerned JP has the shittiest web design

>> No.8934489

hololive is all-female
holostars is all-male
hololive and holostars is under hololive productions

>> No.8934547

He doesn't need to know them retard, they know him because of his skill.

>> No.8934593

They only care if men are the dominating gender, Anon...

>> No.8934759

>Polka never interact with Roberu even when they are close friends already
Anon, their entire fucking group is autistic about their roommate stuff and interactions
It's why you never see Roberu talk to Hayato and Mashiro or even a Hayato+Mashiro collab (which is fucking retarded when Mashiro has no problem with publicly talking to Fuwa)

>> No.8934801

Have Mashiro and Fuwa even talked publically after Fuwa leaked his name?

>> No.8934874

>holostars left out again
They have no exposure to the english hololive fanbase. Giving them a spot on a new hololive website thats in full english and has tons of features for new fans to be exposed to their content is just what they need but they were just like "nah heres their crappy website we havent updated in like half a year that doesnt have any english". On top of that holostars translated clips are super rare and get no views which is also a main reason why their so forgotten because the majority of hololives fanbases watch clips over streams especially because their translated. The fans give more fucks about them then cover does. Their actively pushing them away from the growing EN fanbase and thats why they dont have any exposure and why their growth is stunted.

>> No.8934929

Show me where Astel said 60 people asked him. You do understand that anyone even asking to play with him would have to be below master and below diamond thanks to how Hal builds teams right? So if 60 shitters did ask to play with him, who cares?
And the conversation about skill not standing out, there is a literal ex FPS pro in Nijisanji right now, surely Astel is better than him and can flex his 13th placement in Vsaikyou in the same company, right?

>> No.8934968

The people on reddit who say “the boys don’t get enough love” 100% just say that shit and then don’t sub or watch any of them.

>> No.8935000

Homos only get translated clips and their viewers are just EOPs, retard, that's their main issue, they can't grow because the nips don't know shit about them, and the few that get curious, come to their streams and see nothing but KPOP stans and literal faggots in their chats and leave.

>> No.8935169

Even fucking redditors understand this at this point, they shit on people for suggesting starsEN beacuse they realize that EOPs are their lifeline, which is saying a lot coming from that hugbox of virtue signalers.

>> No.8935197

Tournament afterparty stream:
>[EN] A: you two did best!
>[EN] A: I can say Choco sensei really improved a lot , you are the MVP in improving
>[EN] A: our team is capable to fight, we can be more fight
>[EN] A: I'm sorry to be mean sometimes, but I'm so glad to team up with you two
>[EN] A: I really had to lead you Choco sensei, it was your first try. sorry guys... I should've advice you more Roboco san

>[EN]A: there was a lot of challenge for me, you see, it was a challenge for me. I thought we can change something in Hololive production, you know our issues right?
>[EN] A: I'm glad you two called me, 60 people asked me to join you know? R: it's all of the team ....
>[EN] A: it was the good experience to me. you see I never had a collab with Hololive

>> No.8935244

how is their main viewers being english fanbase an issue when holoEN girls have 10-100x the amount of viewers, if even half of those knew that holostars existed and watched them they would have far higher growth that's what exposure is about

>> No.8935297

>They have no exposure to the english hololive fanbase.
If anything they have far more exposure to EOPs than anyone else. Anyone that ever opens reddit, /vt/, EN girls twitter or watches ID streams will know them. They just don't care.

>> No.8935340

there are still people who don't know that holostars and hololive belong to the same company even on reddit, they don't have enough exposure because cover refuses to market them side by side

>> No.8935356

Maybe because they're fucking Japanese streamers and EOPs constanly treat on their rules like clipping Shien's utawaku, posting membership clips, spamming, etc
How can they follow rules if they can't even read them?
This, everyone who watches EN and JP knows who Holostars are they just chose not to watch them obviously. This isn't the leper days.

>> No.8935463

>if even half of those knew that holostars existed and watched them they would have far higher growth that's what exposure is about
Knowing that they exist and going out of their way to actually watch their streams are different things.

>> No.8935712

>Arguing about Astel's position in Vsaikyo
You are probably not here when he won Kagayaki Cup against literal pros like Yukio and Mondo. There is a reason why CPT follow him in the first place

>> No.8936297

>cover refuses to market them side by side
Want me to post the Bushiroad and the banner from holosummer? Suck a dick beggar, everyone know, they just don't give a fuck.

>> No.8936479

I don't understand people like that anon.
Holostars streams are doing fine and comfy. And holostar is clearly yagoo pet project.

>> No.8936519

I'm starting to go schizo over them, I almost grudgeposted about 150 posts and made a thread about it but I took my meds. I'm sick of beggars and false or outdated information.

>> No.8936585

beggars are the only reason nobody watch the homos, get rid of the beggars and homostars are gonna grew a lot

>> No.8936826

It's not rocket science, you advertise your male group to female fanbase and you advertise your female group to your male fanbase. That's like selling tickets of Gook BTS faggery to straight men. It wouldn't accomplish much.

>> No.8938069
File: 484 KB, 1920x1080, E97TIgTUcAYnCWT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

literally proving that they don't market them side by side, they're always segregated in promotional material unlike pic related and that is terrible for the stars since they're treated like they're not part of the family

>> No.8938113

They aren't.

>> No.8938368

>They aren't
They are you stupid nigger

>> No.8938373

Maybe if you donate more, choke on dick, fag.

>> No.8938395

>can't outdo the idolfag donation
>keep chimping about segregation

>> No.8938434

>m-muh nijis
watch them then, cover gave their best for holostars even more than some of the girls, and you still seething about it

>> No.8938507

You're the nigger chimping out because you bought into the "Hololive Happy Family" delusion Cover peddles to you.

>> No.8938554 [DELETED] 

The fuck is that clown looking fag on the left?

>> No.8938577

Don't ever post my dads attatched to such a gay post EVER again.

>> No.8938580 [DELETED] 

They are. Holostars is seperate from Hololive. They're different universes. Holostars are not part of the metastory of Hololive.

>> No.8938615 [DELETED] 

Nobody cares about the Homos. They have enough exposure it's just that nobody wants to watch them because they're not cute girls. Simple as that.

>> No.8938645

Disband Holostar JP and create Holostar EN. This will sure will get everyone attention because I will join as one of them and make your oshi suck my dick on air.

>> No.8938798

That's a real man.

>> No.8938954

Joe is one of the most heterosexual men in Nijisanji which apparently is a hard title to have

>> No.8939003
File: 2.61 MB, 1280x720, 1628226978123.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second only to Chaika, who will happily knock your shit out regardless of gender.

>> No.8939051 [DELETED] 
File: 6 KB, 198x254, 1620838079117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Disband Holostar JP and create Holostar EN. This will sure will get everyone attention because I will join as one of them and make your oshi suck my dick on air.

>> No.8939079

go back to /int/ indog-kun

>> No.8939144

Suisei is on https://hololive.hololivepro.com/en/ between Gamers and Gen 3. On https://en.hololive.tv/ she is between Gen 3 and 4...wtf is with the suisei hate.

>> No.8939252

wait umm... where on the site is this kek

>> No.8939277

No one cares about the autistic order tho lol

>> No.8939323

>even on reddit
>thinks redditards have braincells
ooh shit dude didn't expect that one to come here

>> No.8939535 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Do americans really use "SNS"? I thought that was a japanese english slang.
It is totaly in order except for suisei.

>> No.8939627
File: 978 KB, 1200x1696, 1619157046436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's kinda funny how evil Cover can be, first they do everything in their power to get her to leave and once she tells them she wants to graduate they let her collab with EN and give her special treatment on their websites and not nuking her channel.

Just saying, be prepared when your holo oshi becomes the next target, they'll do nothing to protect her and might even join her antis.

>> No.8939632

for some reason it got the wrong url

>> No.8939735

I want to fuck Sasaki while she baby talks to me so badly.

>> No.8939850

>Doing this on Aloe's graduation anniverssary when she already is in hospital with depression
So they are TRYING to get her to kill herself or...

>> No.8939879

Uh anon, she is out and her anni passed.

>> No.8940173
File: 876 KB, 1541x1413, 1609068694521.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For some reason, the art for Watame's outfit isn't transparent, even though an enormous transparent version actually exists on their site.
The one they use: https://hololive.hololivepro.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/unnamed-file-2_2-497x1000.png
The one that exists: https://hololive.hololivepro.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/unnamed-file.png
Also, there's no consistency in the full-sized renders whatsoever. You'd think with MMD models they'd all be rendered at similar sizes, but nope, it can jump from 223x878 (Roboco) to 5000x8000 (Flare). Fucking BLOOP is bigger than some of them.

>> No.8942806

What are you talking about? In the generals that sort of shit tends to either be ignored or gets an instant fuck off response. The only anons shitting on Ogas 3d were numberfags both generals were happy about every 3d, even with Roberus, wheelbarrowing aside.

>> No.8944854

Go watch pizzadad

>> No.8945105

When they say "side by side" or "equal" what they actually mean is that they want them to be advertised in the middle of the girls and promoted at the girls events like Holofes. That's not going to happen.
Holostars have their own events and promotions, of course they get less attention because less people are interested in them. That's just how it is.

>> No.8945205

They did put some banner for them at holofes iirc.

>> No.8945272

Whats og?

>> No.8945750
File: 859 KB, 959x1202, Hitomi_Chris_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I sucked that guy's dick and they didn't even have the decency to put me on their fucking website.

>> No.8945845

Her whole problem was that she didn't suck the dick, man may have just kept his mouth shut if she let him fuck like she promised. Or though I suppose much more likely he would've just held it over her and used her as his personal cock sleeve until he got bored.

>> No.8945908


>> No.8946316

Nah, can't be it, especially when shit like Wacdonalds and Polaystation fly easily in anime and manga. KFP shouldn't require permission

>> No.8946364

>motion blur
The superiority of niji 3d will never not impress me. Yagoo, fix this shit. You have enough money.

>> No.8947025
File: 15 KB, 1103x524, 1624933592472.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's changed now

>> No.8949273

actual autist

>> No.8951099

I like how on the talents page, holoJP all have fancy poses and holoEN are all just mugshots. Definitely no favouritism going on here.

>> No.8951202

based retard

>> No.8951592

She didn't contribute anything to the company other than waste their time, resources and take the spot of someone else who applied to gen 5.
Made it harder for her genmates while they were struggling with EN just starting, morally and emotionally.
Wasted a model and the artist's and the rigger's time and effort. The artist contract got canceled.

Why the fuck would they advertise her or even pretend she exists?

>> No.8951606

I feel real fucking bad for Astel, Roberu, and the others. They deserve more love. When was the last time a new Holostars gen was announced anyway?

>> No.8951733

Coco's caption in Japanese: Graduate
Coco's caption in English: OG

>> No.8951737

The stars don’t want a new gen, they’ve been vocal about it.
She’s pretty much still in the same boat one year later.

>> No.8951798

>They deserve more love
Read the thread, beggar.

>> No.8951877

He would have threatened to tell her family, then made her do drugs, then make her have sex with his friends for money, then get pregnant. Very common Japanese situation.

>> No.8951920

What's the logic in not wanting a new gen, just don't want to split what few views they do that?

>> No.8952131

"Presenting the New Holostar!
Jamal!! 198 cm, very natural tan"
"what a cool guy, he just bought all his holostar senpais a nintendo switch on his debut stream while calling them casually by first name, what a chad!
"all the hololive girls were allowed to be on that stream"

>> No.8952174

Isn't that just Oga?

>> No.8952264

Oga was the warning they needed of the what if scenario they fear
Jamal doesn't even speak japanese, only arabic, french and broken english

>> No.8952817

I've read that doujin.

>> No.8952894

More or less. They're all very close to each other and wanting a new Gen feels like saying that they aren't good enough. And some of the talents are still trying to establish themselves.
Maybe after they all got their 3D models and have their big event at the end of the year, then they can start thinking about hiring new Holostars.
I can imagine it's also it's a pain in the ass trying to find the people nowadays that actually want to be part of Holostars and aren't just trying to get closer to Hololive or something. The auditions for Holostars are actually always open https://www.holostars.tv/bosyu

>> No.8952952

When was the last time a new JP Holo gen was announced? They are both over a year at this point.

>> No.8953049

>When they cancelled astel project
Just like they did a lot of times to the girls
>They forced Oga to take a break
Yeah in the same month they forced Marine to take a break
>No 3d collabs for long ass time
Yeah I wonder why the guys who doesnt have 3D models cant do 3d collabs?
Just admit you dont watch Holostars

>> No.8953290

>I wonder why the guys who doesnt have 3D models cant do 3d collabs?
Not that anon and not agreeing with him
either but RobeRikka 3D collab was planned for long ass time. And both of them always answered it got delayed because of rona meanwhile hololive did 3d karaoke several times

>> No.8953378

fun fact, the .tv domain is owned by the government of tuvalu, a major part of the government's revenue comes from this

>> No.8956294

stop using my baby wife for shitposting

>> No.8956626

someone on reddit complained, or she's reading this thread

>> No.8956836

i'm guessing they don't want another holojp generation

>> No.8957721

gen-0 is now an official term, nice.

>> No.8961123 [DELETED] 
File: 191 KB, 1036x1500, __sakura_miko_hololive_drawn_by_mizuki_ryuu__af6bb24d1b3fa72592b6252a87c95c58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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