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Try to disprove this. You can't.

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I'm not exactly sure WHAT you're trying to prove here.

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This but add Chammers saying pepeloni at the end of the scale

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Don't even start using korone and pikamee for your faggotry

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How do you read this?

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I don't understand this at all but I disagree with it.

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I...I don't get it.

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You imbecile.

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You don't understand this scale retard, so don't use it

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>both retards and geniuses like gura's dumb humour
>only average midwits ask for more "sophisticated" humour

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gonna use this for Vshoujo jokes

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>only average midwits ask for more "sophisticated" humour
Who are you quoting

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>the cope of a retard trying to pose as genius

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If that's what you need to cope, go ahead brainlet.

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Me on the left

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Mate if you're actually trying to make a point, that graph makes it look like 98% of people are average midwits.
You really did a poor job on it.

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this graph is being used by absolute retards who have no clue what the fuck it's trying to portray

normal distribution nigger, google it

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Which vtuber has the norf market?

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What makes the post more retarded than it already is is the choice of Vtubers for the "Average" category

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my german friend said she speaks trailer trash german, so same should apply to bongs

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Her german is perfectly fine, nothing about it comes off as trashy

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Kek. I wonder if we'll get an "English rose' vtuber at some point. One day bongs, one day.

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>calling austrian accent trash
Your friend is based but yeah her German is fine and as sophisticated as I'd expect from someone of her ability.

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Pic in OP is a retarded (read: wrong) take on chuuba popularity or sophistication, but the graph itself is perfectly fine (looks a bit more lorentzian but that's purely because of the scale). 98% pretty much covers 65 to 135. Which really is everything from too challenged to work up to phd graduates, so I don't know what you are trying to say about that percentage.

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Westfallian here, I think it sounds trashy because her choice of words is closer to one of a teen rather than an adult most of the time, but I think that's more of a "hey try saying something retarded on purpose right now" thing. She also sounded like she can talk normally at some points.

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You're spot on.

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i want to suck marine's dick

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why would high iq watch vtubers at all

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Because I'm tired of my life

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these kind of graphs have to be the biggest cope in existence, seems to be the only way you can rationalize having a retarded opinion.

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Midwit was a neat idea when I first heard it but is a horrible meme.

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As with most memes, it starts getting retarded once it's called a meme. You can have a good take with that template, this isn't a good example of it.

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because that's what we do

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>Korone and Fubuki at the left with scatman and ekum bokum with Gura's "a"
>Middle is non-hololive
>End is Korone retro gaming and fubuki friend posting, but no gura

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>both retards and geniuses like gura's dumb humour
This is the same as saying depressed people are intelligent because intelligent people are often depressed

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This. Dumb people and smart people will like the same talented vtubers for different reasons, and both will find Gura cute. But only dumb people and midwits would actually keep watching her content outside of singing streams.

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Estas shitposteando o eres Imbecil?

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In all seriousness if you watch Vtubers at all you probably have some sort of cognitive disability

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In all seriousness if you use 4chan at all you probably have some sort of autism

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if that was true gura would be the most niche holo

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In all seriousness you can be high IQ and still have disorders fucking your life.

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I like all of them, what am i?

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In all seriousness, kill yourselves.

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Can you not use the dog for your terrible posts thanks

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A gaynigger from outer space

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Hi Ollie.

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I mean that is a given

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I'm not. But I do tend to find autists everywhere I go on the internet.

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Stfu. She'd never be a funny.

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Kiara gives off major "Late 2000s Anime Convention" vibes whenever she tries to be tee-hee or act like an idol. It hurts my soul.

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Stage 1: Denial

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I had no idea Image Boy Sminem was a weeb

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who is this anon?

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I doubt. I've seen normalfags use this site before.

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We are only here to screencap your posts and then upload them on reddit for internet points

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Amatsuka Uto

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I'd probably be on right, but I just love this dork shork.
She's also directly responded to my normal chats enough times directly to give me parasocial relationship problems.
the whole german speaking area of europe is smaller than like a couple US states, they aren't big enough to have the same scale difference to what trailer trash is.
not a rrat

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>german speaking area of europe is smaller than like a couple US states, they aren't big enough to have the same scale difference to what trailer trash is.
The combined populations of Germany, Switzerland and Austria is over 100 million

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nigga my country has 3mil people and we have at least 4 distinct dialects

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>It's another Mutt tries to do geography episode

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>TFW I go out of my way to learn German from my Swabian grandmother and every German I speak to makes fun of the way a speak

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I get what you mean. It doesn't sound or feel genuine to me. Sometimes this applies to what she says in English as well. But I can still listen to it for a while and enjoy her.
Also, that guy looks perfectly for cosplaying Shinji. Not a compliment, sadly.
Yeah, I can imagine. Bavarian or Plattdüütsch are not as funny for some reason, at least not to me. But don't treat that as a bad thing. Being able to speak a German dialect makes you special even among Germans. I am sure that there are some foreign or trad girls who find it attractive.
Kano a cutest, but this is still poorly applicable. You cannot put a popular preference at the fringe. If you just want to order from retarded to smart or bad to good, just make it an arrow.
No, vtubers are not so fringe to make that a distinct, strong correlation.
Moreso, but still not quite sure it's a significant correlation.
That I think is actually more significantly correlated. Simply because it makes uncommon behavior patterns more likely, and then you have problems integrating into your family or schoolmates, or become less interested in people than the average. Then again, absolutely everyone has their baggage.

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dummer hurensohn alda

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>some sort of autism
read again

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true 100 iq

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>>912309 (Du)
*Dummer *Hurensohn der einen Pfosten wegen sowas macht und dann nichts relevantes zu sagen hat, *alter. Nächstes Mal pfähle ich neunmal hintereinander und dann beschwerst (Du) dich, dass ich einen peinlichen Faden stoße (würde ich ja noch nichtmal wiedersprechen) und irgendeinen grundierten Faden vom Brett schiebe.

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Yo hun~

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ach autistchama...

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Be careful posting asuka cosplay on this board...

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Ame has the most intelligent fanbase out of the HoloENs, the Ina, Mori, Kiara, and Gura in that order.

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You are a faggot, go back

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The only thing this proves is your taste.
I don't care. No one cares. We just shitpost here.

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She's not from Berlin you dumbass

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