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Not in Hololive EN, not in Hololive JP and not in Hololive ID. HoloMyth was THE genius generation and this is not me saying, but Lamy: https://youtu.be/soY4OYrcfO8

Ina, the genius artist.
Kiara, the genius communicator.
Calli, the genius rapper.
Gura, the genius singer.
Ame, the genius entertainer.

No other gen comes even closer. It's kinda sad that we'll never see a gen like this ever again.

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OP the genius schizo faggot

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>There will never be another gen like HoloMyth
Thank god for that.

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they are not geniuses, they are average
in reality it's the jp branch that is too mediocre by getting members through nepotism

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Sana, the genius nigger.
Fauna, the genius sleeping aid.
Kronii, the genius mommy.
Mumei, the genius autist.
Ballz, the genius dissapointment.

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and thats a good thing!

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>getting members through nepotism
Give me the rundown on that rrat, bro

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Swap Mumei and Ballz tho

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that's a good thing! We don't need two Kiaras. One Kiara is already too much

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>We don't need another hard working chuuba in Hololive
Yes, we do!

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entire 'gamer' gen is literally whobuki pulling her weight to hire them
they did it once, why not do it again?

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Hololive is a big family.

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>Gura, the genius singer.
Lmao. Gura's strength are memes and zoomers humor, not singing.

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>Ame, the genius entertainer
OP, no one actually believes this. That is a cope teamcucks use since she has not actual skills or talents. She is literally Gura's +1

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Overall, EN gen 1 is god tier. I would pay for a Holomyth anime.

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Marine and many others said Gura has the best voice in Hololive: https://youtu.be/ujIZ7xvZq3o


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>What is sankisei

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keep seething, 2view retardo

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She's Gura's sidekick, but she has the best taste in games in HoloMyth. You could say Ame is the genius gamer.

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>the genius gamer.
>is terrible at games

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Who's better than her in Apex at Hololive?

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based quads of savagery, I kneel
you're throwing the whole rod anonchama...

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Aqua, Botan and Astel

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>There will never be another gen like HoloMyth
Not with that attitude there wont. Just don't hire shit recruiters that prioritize numbers over entertainment.

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Botan doesn't even play and Astel is Holostars, not Hololive. Aqua is on the same level as Ame, they even played togethet off stream.

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Ayame, Matuli, Towa, Botan, Aqua

I still love Ame though

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From Myth alone: Gura, Ina, and Mori. Kiara won't play

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Loserbait that you? Did Watson say no more sex this week because she is too stupid to not eat bread?

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>muh talent
After you milk your 5-10 weekly hours that showing your talent on stream gives you, you still have to stream like everyone else. Even someone that is really good at a game can't play it 24/7 in the beeg companies, you are hired to be a variety streamer. Hololive should focus more on likeable personalities than impressive resumes.

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>shoehorning Ame in

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astel, roboco, choco, aqua, towa, matsuri, hell even rikka is better

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I do agree that Holo Myth is an impressively high spec gen and that cover is unlikely to put out another gen at the same level again.
But that doesn't really make me sad. I'm just glad it happened.

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>she has the best taste in games in HoloMyth
That would be Ina

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Ina plays indie shit. Myth's taste in games is really boring and predictible. Apex, Minecraft, FOTM,

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>There will never be another gen like HoloMyth
and thank god for that shit gen with no synergy

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Apple is posting on /vt/?

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Apex and Valorant..ok

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Indie games are the only games worth playing in the modern era of videogames.

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little Mori
little Gura
little Ina
little Kusotori
...and the rest


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I have seen this exact thread with the same picture at least 12 times since EN2 debuted. Please stop.

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Are we in the Bronze Age of vtubing yet

>> No.9060834

no, we are back to being a bunch of monkeys flinging shit at each other

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This is the first time I made a thread like this, stop trying to shut down discussions you don't like.

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Izuru is also better if we are chucking in Holostars.

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Yes, waiting for the SEA people to invade.

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Unironically this

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Sorry I don't listen women's opinion seriously. Especially the clown kind of woman.

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But Okakoro is great.

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They just play videogames, they literally have no other talent.

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I love chicken

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Noel, the genius lesbian
Flare, the genius builder
Pekora, the genius comedian
Rushia, the genius numberfag
Marine, the genius pervert

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Actually go die

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Ame is talented I swear.

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Pomu, the genius oldfag
Finana, the genius zoomer pervert
Elira, the genius cool onee-san

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>doesn't pay attention to controls or objectives
>can't do a long jump in Mario 64
>blames the game, not herself
>refuses to learn from mistakes and blames chat
Yeah she's a genius in the same way she's a detective. Ame couldn't solve her way out of wet paper bag.

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Looking at the JP’s some of the most successful gens were later on. I’m still hopeful for my golden gen.

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Are these characters from new danganronpa game?

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Fubuki and a couple other jp members have flexed their position to get their old friends hired. Korone, okayu, mio, oga, etc we're all hired just because fubuki was an old friend

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>Stable Attracting Customers God Painter Octopus Destination
cracks me up every fucking time

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>No skill or talents
>Still ahead of Kiara and Ina in every metric

Really makes you cope

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Also Hope.

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They're all talented anyways

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Why do you fags always talk about what certain "talent" a vtuber has? Korone, Coco, Pekora etc. are not some hyper talented singers or artists. They are just entertaining. The same goes for Gura and Ame.

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If numbers are all that matter then Justin Bieber is a better musician than Mozart according to your logic.

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Korone has a huge knowledge about retro games, that's her gimmick.
Pekora is a genius comedian.
Coco is super creative to the point where some of her creations still live with other vtubers to this day.
Gura has one of the best voices in Hololive (Marine herself and others said this).
Ame has... She has... Uuuum... Well... Yeah...

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HoloMyth is too powerful. It's not just their respective talents, it's their extremely abnormal personalities. Viewers can easily form a strong impression from each of them.

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Ame is creative. Not in Japan so can't use the mocap room? Just rig a piece of fanart and do a 3D stream in a VR game.

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Also the nature reviews were great and a welcome change of pace.

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“There will never be another boring, white beard, basic, synergless Gen”
Thank god.

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>Only ahead of both in subs, but both are inclining as Ame is declining.
>Kiara gets crazy super chat money, Ina is also ahead of Ame in super chats for the past few months.
>Ina is miles ahead of Ame in average CCV, but Kiara is behind.
>Same as previous statement, but with VODs as well
>Ina and Kiara were made ambassadors for major projects, Ame has had no major endorsements, only doing the bare minimum shill stream.
>A lot of JP and ID holomems froth at the mouth for a chance to collab with Ina and quite a few like to or want to collab with Kiara. Only: Miko, Haachama, Roboco, Mel, and Ollie ever actually try to collab with Ame outside of EN.

I only see one Ame is ahead of both on, and it split for the rest. Anon, number reps.

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>There will never be another gen like HoloMyth
>1 person who legitimately had no interest in joining other than to make money in between her gigs
>1 person who failed as an idol and is trying to reignite it through vtubing
>1 who went from a day-away from being an alcohol based statistic to the most pretentious and -allegedly- aggressive and condescending #1, "VTuber talent" in the world
Thank fucking God, but good for Ame and Ina who actually care and try

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>1 who went from a day-away from being an alcohol based statistic to the most pretentious and -allegedly- aggressive and condescending #1, "VTuber talent" in the world
what the rrat on this? you never hear anything about this.

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-SHE- was a huge drunk before, and apparently now she's a huge bully and full of herself when the camera isn't rolling

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No other gen screams SOVL other than en gen 1. They have a sense of novelty to them. Sure, they have major flaws, but thats the reason why their respective fanbases watch them. Those new gen 2 nepotistard shills cant compete EVER

>> No.9082420

I knew about -Her-, but after holo, you don't really hear rrats like these anymore, just whatever her genmates say since she sounds like a total hiki now

>> No.9085712

Alongside the more obvious Gamers network, Mel had worked previously over the past decade with Marine and IRyS. I don't think it was as heavy-handed but wouldn't be surprised if she put in a good word for her friends during their auditions.

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>genius generation
>not Gen 3
Pekora > Gura
Marine > Calli
Rushia > Ame
Noel > Ina
Flare > Kiara

>> No.9086378

>full of herself when the camera isn't rolling
You're just making shit up.

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Gen 3 has absolutely no talents. Marine appeals to sexual stuff for views, Noel is pretty boring, Rushia is a bitch honestly, Flare is nice but she needs to diversify her gaming choices and play stuff other than Minecraft of FOTM shit, Pekora is a good entertainer and that's it.

>> No.9086687

i hate this board and its faggots

>> No.9086772

Don't like it, don't come here.

>> No.9086818

>now she's a huge bully and full of herself when the camera isn't rolling
she must be an amazing actress in front of the camera then because she still gets so nervous she cries during karaoke

>> No.9086819

do you have something more on the bully thing or is it just random /vt/ schizo ramblings?

>> No.9086857

>now she's a huge bully and full of herself when the camera isn't rolling
You can't say something like this and expect us to believe you without a source.

>> No.9086880

Hate the board, not the posters

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Annoying narcissist
Rap is shit, tries way too fucking hard to be the "cool one"
The only good one
Typical neurotic cunt, seems incapable of not bitching for at least one week about anything since her debut

>> No.9087007

on her channel

>> No.9087059

Chumscums get the rope

>> No.9087384

She has shitty zoomer humor and cries over anything even slightly positive happening around her, but none of those are on the same level as the rest.

>> No.9087462

What video and give me the timestamp as well.

>> No.9088155

no, fuck you. You'd find it just as fast as me.

>> No.9088222

well, fuck you too bitch

>> No.9088526

I'm not one of her members that has a timestamped catalog of every time she does X thing.

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I busted out laughing after reading this, so thank you, OP.

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Agreed OP. It was fucking magical.

There will never be another Holomyth, nor should you want there to be. Each gen is unique and should do their own thing.

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Whos going to bite the dust first?

>> No.9088952

>Gura: Ho. You're approaching my subs? Instead of running away you're coming right at my numbers?
>Pekora: I can't beat the shit out of your numbers without getting closer

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If we're going by the photo, it'll be Ina and then Kiara with Gura never fully recovering from an incident and Watson losing all her steam. Only Mori will remain and interact with the next generation.

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Don't underestimate the detective, Amelia can get mad super chat money if she focused on it. She raised $235,000 for Best Friends Animal Society in one stream.

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Amelia, that bitch is political. Never forget that she told a fan to shut up and stop watching her after he rightfully pointed out that Hololive should remain apolitical.

>> No.9089455

>Ame is jotaro because of time powers
>Ina is kakyoin because of her tentacles and being an artist
>Kiara is avdol because of the fire chicken schtick
>Mori is joseph for being the leader of the group and he went to japan because he had the bad case of the yellow fever
>Gura is ponareff because hes the funny one of the group

>> No.9089684

Honestly don't see whatever you're seeing in Kiara. To me she's completely awful, a huge stain on the gen. Ame is like a normal twitch streamer. Gura and Ina have talent. Mori is another one I wish wasn't included. White girl into rap music is cringe as fuck.

>> No.9089866

Kiara knows three different languages and is the link between HoloEN and HoloJP.
Calli is the only one in the entirety of Hololive who is playing solo competitive games like Guilty Gear and Shadowverse.
Ame is the only one bringing actual new stuff to her channel outside of gaming/drawing/karaoke streams.

>> No.9089927

When did this happen?

>> No.9090007

Type "Ame answers cringe superchat" on Youtube.

>> No.9090013

you really had to think hard for that Kiara "communicator"| shit didn't you lol. Tf does that even mean

>> No.9090138

>Kiara acted as a translator like once. It is safe to say Roboco has been a better bridge between EN and JP than Kiara. (see Ame and Roboco friendship)

>> No.9090466

>EN 1 unity thread turns into an egghead breeding shithole
Really makes you think huh?

>> No.9090913

It really didn't seem as bad as you made it out to be.

>> No.9091088

>Kiara acted as a translator like once
Holotalk exists you absolute retard

>> No.9091297

No need to call other fellow vtuber's appreciators retards.

>> No.9091433

Hololive 'gamers' you dimwit

>> No.9091529

Thanks for admitting they have no talent.

>> No.9091532

NTA but yes, yes there is. Constantly.

>> No.9091556

As much as I love Gura singing, it's not the biggest reason why people tune in to her. It's a nice extra, but Gura's real strengt are her meme-ability, and appeal to zoomers.

captcha: hrrat

>> No.9091783

>Kiara the great communicator
>Ame the great entertainer
Sure anon.

>> No.9091940

They should put coco back into hr department before opening the audition for gen 3.

>> No.9091969

Let the woman get her deserved rest. She already had to endure too much shit from management.

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