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Your centipede is bigger than 13 cm, right /vt/?

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Why yes

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big for a centipede you doofus
if i saw a 13cm ant i'd also call it big
the approval of a 28 year old woman from japan you will never meet doesn't matter anyway

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so its pretty small, huh?

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>he doesn't meet matuli's standards (5.9 inches)

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God I hate it when women voice their preference for dick sizes. You never see a guy demanding a woman’s cunt to be so and so inches deep. It’s basically discrimination, no one chooses to have a below average dick, and yet they mock you relentlessly for having one. I hate women. I hope they all die childless and miserable.

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Dicklet cope

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I'm actually 20 cm with 15 cm girth. And 2 of the 3 girls I got with complained about pain and didn't want to get penetrated anymore. It would probably be way worse with a tiny Japanese woman. Feels bad.

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where the fuck did start measuring from? my hand isn't that big

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measuring from wrist to middle-finger, my hand is about 18cm long.

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Haha rushia pettan

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>not asking women their precise inside measurements when you first meet them
anonchama please.

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>he's never written off a girl for her ugly flabbby titties

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I thought Matsuri's preferences was for her partner to have an innie.

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Anon, you have my sympathy. Technique is more important though, just remember that.

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these 2 made me feel good but
this anon here made me feel huge, women have issues taking 20cms? I'm going to have a problem

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How do yo measure your dick size anyway?

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big dick problems are real.
allegedly, i do not have these problems as a very averagely endowed man. my sympathies, but at least you can impress people in the locker room. i am certainly not going to be doing that.

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the way they do it in the studies is "bone-pressed." i.e. pushing your measuring device into your above-dick region and starting from that point.

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Anon it's not like a woman is ever going to see any of our cocks so I'm not sure what the problem is

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Cloth tape.
Lazy method. Google your smartphone dimensions and just put it beside your wee wee. It gives you a real rough idea. Like my phones about 6 inches tall and I clear it by like another half inch. Another inch if you press it into your skin hard. Girth you definitely need a cloth tape though.

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Now I'm starting to feel genuinely worried, is it really that bad? I'm an euro, not an asian of that helps, I've heard that asian women are smaller

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Chill anon, it's ok. I have a small penis too. It'll work out in the end.

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>tfw she doesn't let me use my patented vagina ruler on our first date
Fucking WHORES

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I didn't even know I was huge until the first girl told me, I didn't know the average dick in porn was way above average. I undressed and she just stared at my dick and I thought I had some weird disease or deformity until she told me. Also the last girl I was with actually liked it so I don't think you should be worried.

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you'll be fine. guys with monster hogs like dirk diggler have genuine problems. if you're just bigger than average you'll field the occasional complaint and move on with your life.
at the end of the day, even if you're a bad fuck, it's impossible to make fun of a man because his dick is too big.

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Makes sense

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Thanks anons

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I'm a fatass so it's like 6.25in but bone pressed I'm over 7. Doesn't seem that big since I'm tall. I'd look enormous if I were a manlet.

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16.5 cm, can't complain, nice girth too

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14,5 cm, just barely fucking made it

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>Doesn't seem that big since I'm tall.
>tfw my dick used to peek when I used both of my hands
>Now it feels small
>Doesn't help the fact that my hands are quite big too.

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Different tastes in women, some of them like big some of them like them smaller or medium.

Take advantage of your penis size for maximum comfort of different sex positions.

Also if she tells you it hurts, stop and lube better.

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You probably have ogre hands (same deal here lmao) my hand is gigantic next to a girl one for example.

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can't complain, it's not that important anyway

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Never got around sizing my dick. What size is a minimum to not feel like a dicklet?

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>somewhere between 15.5 and 16cm depending on the material I'm working with
Kneel before me, summer color festival.

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This actually surprised me as well. When a girl held my dick for the first time I was like: "Holy shit it looks huge compared to when I hold it."

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The last time I touched and compared the size of my hands with a girl's was on middleschool, before getting ogre hands. I was quite big compared to her even then.

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Reminded me of a story a read about a tall guy that had an average sized dick so it seemed small by comparison, so he got an enlargement surgery done. Long story short; half of his dick rotted off and now he has to inject testosterone into his balls just to get a boner.

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Yep, tall(6'3 in my case) + ogre hands (small dick syndrome)

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was not expecting something this exhaustive

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18cm, but it's thin
I have a cervix piercer

>> No.911263

>18cm and thick
Life is good

>> No.911332

> implying you'll ever find a use for it

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This site reeks of cope
I wonder how big the author is

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Do women have similar conversations about breast sizes? Because It'll make me feel less pathetic if that was the case

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Anybody who's claiming the average to be a certain length is either that length or exactly 1cm more so they can call themselves above average.

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half the hololive jokes are just
> pettan ha ha boing boing ha ha funni

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women get super insecure about their breast size, but it's pretty stupid because guys like small tits too, do girls like small dicks?

>> No.911554

Only if you find yourself a big mommy dominating gf that likes reverse cowgirl.

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I'm cut, so she wouldn't love me in any case

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are you ok dude?

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Same, it’s like a sabot shell

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>he doesn't forcibly perform a hymen inspection on every female he meets

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given that matsuri, marine, fubuki, and suisei all like little boys, i'd be surprised if there aren't girls who are into small men with small dicks

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lol i look like that

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What if they like boys with monster cocks?

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>He doesn't know about the shotas with huge dicks

>> No.911795

why don't you search for the sources yourself and see how true it is, coomer

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>22cm but No U Turn dong
Not like I'd be using it anyway I guess.

>> No.911841

>into small dicks
See here, anon

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small-dicked shotas are the norm in doujins and you know it

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I'm not disputing the facts, I'm saying if a guy needs to make a big website telling people exactly what the average penis size is he's probably feeling pretty insecure about something

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Everyone knows girls love shotas with cum exploding from penis the size of a caterpillar's fingernail.

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>6 foot penis
>Meet chick
>Go back to my place, pants off
>She laughs and walks out
>Forced to fuck kitchen drain instead and weep with loneliness
>Go to turn off lights to hide my shame
>Accidentally garbage disposal

Feels bad, man. Cost me 2 months and $2000 to have them fix the garbage disposal.

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women with large breasts often want to be seen as pretty or cute not constantly seen as sexy or provocative. in addition, many have back pain if they are too big.
on the other hand, women with small breasts often dislike being considered cute and almost childlike and want to be seen as sexy and mature. in addition, many may struggle to breastfeed if they are too small.
and then besides that, you have firmness/saggyness, nipple size, nipple color, which direction the nipples point in, how much space is between the breasts, etc.
many women are insecure and complain about their breasts for these reasons
source: just trust me bro

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It's huge on what?

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idk but for me atleast small breast + small girl = winner

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Aki probably fucks like a tiger.

>> No.911971

Centipedes? In her Vagina?

>> No.911983

found the jelly dicklet

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Would a woman that doesn't know how to awake a primal urge to breed into every man by just moving her legs.

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anon, >>908891 is only what matsuri thinks is big, not what she's into

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i think he sensed the massive dick size insecurity on the internet and wanted to help fix it

>> No.912066

guys, is it over for me?
my centipede is only 2 inches

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fool, you need to get it hard first
stare into this hag's booba and report back after

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my germanic cockl length is 16,2. my bone pressed is almost 19.
>average is 14
jesus chinks and mutts really do drag this down huh?

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mine is 4.5 inches what should I do

>> No.912219

Just jelq, bro. You'll get results after 5 years of jelqing everyday.

>> No.912258

have sex and realise it's good enough

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It's okay, if your relationship depends on your dick size, then it's not worth.

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It's 15cm but I'm not using it so I don't care much. I'm comfortable with my size desu

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i have the same problem

>> No.912464

Oh, its bone pressed? I thought most studies didn't do bone pressed.

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Yes, that's exactly the point. Saying the dude is insecure is not insightful. The site is attempting to address widespread insecurity with dick size. I'm sure you've had anxieties about this too unless you're packing an absolute monster.

>> No.912536

it's 2 inches when it's hard

>> No.912596

it's the only reliable form of measurement, considering that being obese can lose you up to 2 inches of length

>> No.913285

It's not great being big, you need to foreplay a lot and even then it can just be one big show of "s-s-s-slow down not so d-d-deep" etc etc.

>> No.913602

Thanks sensei

>> No.913649

Don't worry anon, a little bit of money can fix that

>> No.913731

Yeah I think that was pretty obvious. Great job.

>> No.913776

Fuck no, most of its hidden in my fupa so it's only like 10cm. Maybe 11cm.

>> No.913967

>enough to hurt girls
>femanons of varied ages complimented

>> No.914115

You have to be 18 to post here anon

>> No.914155

>real big ones
>13 cm

Nice to know I can easily satisfy her and more.

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>> No.914214

Damn, now i'm happy if this measurement is real

>> No.914225

milk my nuts, queen

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I want to satisfy marine's fertile womb with the anons from this thread.

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>> No.914739

I swear that years ago I measured myself and it said 18cm, but recently I tried measuring myself multiple times and its 15cm max.
Either my dick got smaller or I dont get fully erected as I did back then. Still it makes me happy to know its enough for asian women.

>> No.914841

u got fat bro

>> No.915094

I weight 55kg actually.
But that could be it. Maybe I lost weight over the years and that somehow affected my dick.

>> No.915170

> gaining/losing dick fat


>> No.915223

i am going to destroy festival

>> No.915293

You forget that small dick asians make up a massive portion of the male populace on the planet.

>> No.915331

>tfw 17.5cm/7" x 13cm/5.5"
I feel like I'm in the perfect comfy zone of noticeably above average but not impossibly big for girls who have shallow vaginas. I don't want to imagine the blueballing of never being able to hilt your cock in the girl you want to settle with.

>> No.916084

im pretty sure im going through the same thing, my theory is that blood isnt fully filling the dick like its supposed to be, in my case i had a problem with porn addiction for many years so i might have overworked or damaged my dick

>> No.916131

meant to tag >>914739 first

>> No.916215

If you did during puberty then definitely, sexual organs get one of the highest priorities during development, but if you are really 55kg as a man then you are definitely fucked (unless you are a manlet but that's arguably worse)

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/vt/ - dicklet support group

I love this thread.

>> No.916458

Why is everyone here pretending 13 cm is big? Yikes

>> No.916516

I had a massive increase in girth when I was 19, which confused me because I was certain my puberty had ended. Did anyone else experience this? I've always wondered about this.

>> No.916527

thats the joke, goofy

>> No.916585


>> No.916600

Since this is the centipede thread, I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out that basically every time when I'm watching centipede videos or looking at pictures of centipedes, the centipede is almost always depicted as being ー-shaped or ノ-shaped.
What is with that? Surely people know ヘ-shaped centipedes exist as well? Is there some kind of centipede cartel keeping knowledge of the ヘ-shaped centipedes from reaching the public? For a long time I thought my own centipede was broken because he's ヘ-shaped.

>> No.916649

>You never see a guy demanding a woman’s cunt to be so and so inches deep.
I am deminding of breast and ass sizes. I'll let them be picky about dick.

>> No.917230

I wouldnt be surprised if I also damaged mine with the shit I tried over the years, but as far as erections goes it still works so I dunno.
Granted I didnt look too much into it but theres times I really feel like my dick isnt trying its best.
Heres hoping its a case of it not being fully erect during masturbation but once I fuck someone it goes as big as it can get.

>> No.919478

Your women are probably tiny, my friend is 182cm but his wife is 164cm and he said one time his gf is doing some vagina excercises because it hurts to have sex. I don't know his real dick size but the flacid form I've observed in sauna must be 15-17cm when erect.

>> No.919604
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>> No.919648

They can be picky about my dick if I can be picky about their ass and tits, which I am

>> No.919664

>fix the garbage disposal

>> No.919666

I'm 191 cm so any woman is tiny compared to me. I suspect that if I ever tried doing it with an average sized Japanese woman I'd probably end up legit hurting her. But like I said later in the thread, the last girl I had sex with I could actually enter balls deep without her telling me to stop and she wasn't taller than the other 2 girls.
>admitting to checking out your friend's dick

>> No.919845

>be asian grill
>have extra long torso
>have extra shallow vagina
Is this your doing, Satan?

>> No.919871

>hymen inspection
I do the vaginal mucus acidity tests, the only measurment that matters

>> No.919964

what's life like with a small pp?

>> No.919995

>admitting to checking out your friend's dick
Why yes, I keep in my memory every one of my friends penises just so when I decide to fap to shota doujins/pics I avoid the ones that look like theirs.

>> No.920007

How small is small?
How small is too small?
How small is not big but ok?

>> No.920029

Anything below 5” is small
Anything below 3” is too small
6” is not big but ok

>> No.920048

Yes. Women are notoriously insecure about their breast size. There's a reason that breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery in America.

Source: trust me bro jk https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2019/plastic-surgery-statistics-full-report-2019.pdf

>> No.920115

I love when 4chan talk about dick size, is one of the only instance when anons show support for one another

>> No.920168

Size, shape and nipples are the core dynamics. For me, a good enough set of nipples is enough to redeem any titty.

>> No.920187

Are women fucking retarded?
Breasts are not a sex organ, it's an accessory, women can have sex regardless of tits. Penis on the other hand is the only thing a man has, it not only has to be the right size but also hard for certain period of time.

>> No.920275

I'm tall as fuck with big ass hands and normal meat size so I feel small, but I know I'm fine overall. That aside, different women can handle different sizes, for some people an average dick might be hard to satisfy with, while for others it might still be a tight fit. Not that sex is just "oooaaah put dick in pussy" anyways

>> No.920374

insecurity is not rational. women with small tits are likely to feel unsexy or like they can't attract attention from men. i know there are certain blackpilled narratives floating around this site that like to claim that women are constantly inundated with male attention but it just isn't true, especially if you're plain looking in the face or have a mediocre body.

of course, us men seem more likely to care about shape and aesthetics than size absolutely. but that's not the impression women get from mainstream media and porn. in a similar fashion, women do not worry about penis size nearly as much as men.
there are lots of markets to capitalize on any insecurity you might have. this is the whole impetus for the incredibly lucrative hair loss industry and plastic surgery in general. none of that shit is strictly necessary, none of it has a direct impact on intercourse, but it feels like it might help shore up all those negative feelings you have regarding the opposite sex, so naturally people will spend money on it.

>> No.920383

>oooaaah put dick in pussy
What is it then?

>> No.920495

The vast majority of men who are insecure about their small dick size are still large enough to functionally have sex and procreate. Unless you're literally under 3 inches, any complaining is just men being insecure about quality of sex or being able to pleasure a partner. I'd say that women are not significantly more retarded than men when it comes to body confidence.

>> No.920741
File: 18 KB, 678x472, through dick, unity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.921008

Maybe for you. Mine is objectively small and have never seen any action. Of course I'd be insecure.

>> No.921427

You have a micropenis, that is a legit medical condition. If you have insurance, you should get coverage for a penis enlargement surgery. If you don't plan on ever using it for sex though, there's no real need to do it. It's risky and could damage stuff and you won't be able to fap for a long time.

>> No.921676

Why is everyone talking about their penis in this thread? Was Marine not actually talking about centipedes?
This shit is gay, bro.

>> No.923250

Anons are probably the only people who will ever discuss my dick.

>> No.923443

How about millipedes instead? I used to let them walk all over my fingers as a kid. They're really cute!

>> No.923513

are you retarded? That's the joke. "Wow 13cm is big" "haha im big guys!"

>> No.923791


>> No.924235
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>tfw you see the occasional retard who thinks 8 or 9 inches is the average

>> No.924620

thats just coco's meme review

>> No.928984

If you take away micropenises, it is

>> No.930725
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>> No.930815

Its more likely than you'd think!

>> No.931660

16cm only but very, very thick.

>> No.931930

>the occasional retard
You mean 90+% of women

>> No.932228

Thank you.

>> No.932269

That requires surgery, anon.

>> No.933923

Festival literally thinks 15cm(5.7 inches) is huge.

>> No.934859

Shotacons are like that

>> No.934982

thats too specific to be a joke...

>> No.935531

I wasn't joking. Take a look at this image for example
I can't fap to it because it looks exactly as my friends dick that I saw at the undressing room during summer beach trip.

>> No.935564

It happened 14 years ago btw

>> No.936751

It is if you're chasing grade schoolers.

>> No.936779


>> No.936949

It is if you're Japanese. I'm bigger than some Jap porn actors i've seen when flaccid.

>> No.937003

17cm reporting in

>> No.937042

>the one article I read about a guy whose wife left him for being too much to handle
Ouch. That said, he could've handled matters better.

>> No.937157

Short answer: yes. If you're ever with a girl like that, in both gentle and intense ways, fast and slow ways, just show her how much you like them and remind her basing her views on the size alone is ignoring a lot of other things that make boobs cute. Oh and let her know she can speak her mind about it and she should just show them off to you instead of thinking she's being annoying or spending time thinking about you looking at other girls.

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File: 1.55 MB, 1280x720, Fubuki by by ふうすけ.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blood isnt fully filling the dick
That was a problem the guy encountered in Super-Size Me. I'd love to see Fubuki's reaction to that burger documentary. The rest of them as well, of course, but her especially.

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File: 224 KB, 375x426, 1613413107831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that even considered a penis?

>> No.943961

18cm and pretty thick, too bad I doubt I'll ever get to use it

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