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Today's superchats edition
Previous thread: >>9224067

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ccv + sc
>https://piyo.chats.ninja/ (RIP)



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home sweet home

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Alright so what do you guys think about the numbers for the upcoming EN 2 collab? Normally id say 30k but Gura's currently up in Minecraft. I think it'll be a struggle for 20k.

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Depends. Whose channel is it on and what's the collab game?

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She will stop the stream before the collab.

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>Gura's currently up in Minecraft
> think it'll be a struggle
oh shit you are right!
>20 min till Concil collab and Gura are still streaming

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>Whose channel is it
>what's the collab game

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did she say so? if yes it can boost collab a lot up to 40k+

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Council collab 25k
Gura drop from 28k to 22k

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Gura already sounds like she wants to bail and management might be leaning on her to shut it down before the collab anyway.

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Gura will leave soon. Glasé and peko was declaration left

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Hm, jackbox should make for some pretty kino moments with the variety of games it has
Anyways, I'm assuming they'll get a viewership range of 20k-25k assuming Gura streams over their collab. Can possibly go higher if she stops.

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Don't litter. She specifically said she want to watch

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Gura is closing her stream. Council will definitely get 30k.

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with good jackbox games they can peak 40k

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Alright, update:
Gura is stopping her stream right now and will not read superchats. She's also mentioned the Council collab to her viewers so that should give a boost to their viewership.
New prediction is 25k-32k CCV

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if i'm white, what color are you? brown monkey?

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>She's also mentioned the Council collab to her viewers

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Is it normal that these many chumbuds going to Ina after Gura ending MC

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Council collab is live
Currently at 14.3k and rising

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Takos aren't loyal, nothing new.
Gura being on JP MC server probably enough to make them choose her over Ina's debuff game.

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I'm a tako but I watched Gura instead. I feel bad but JP MC vs Ender Lilies......

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Was it worth it?

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Yeah cuz I was gonna watch the Council collab anyway. Ina just picked a really bad time, understandable since she was playing late into the night with IRyS last night, but she probably should have just done a break day and got some rest.

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>Gura being on JP MC server
>probably enough to make them choose her over Ina
stop be dramatic
this is the only occasion when Gura can get 30k.

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I'm curious if the collab will pass viewers to Sana's superchat stream. Or if they end too early for that effect.

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Karaoke too

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I guess Gura will also get 30k tomorrow

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Jesus that new Niji female is already losing to Selen? I guess it doesn't take them long to kick girls to the curb.

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how new?

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>pic collage

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>le judge number without context meme

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apex stream? is this your "context"

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Baelz, Mumei & Kronii monetizations
Rushia ASMR (jesus I know it's Rushia but 10k just for that?)
Choco & Chima anniversaries
Kanata utawaku
Kirara 50k subs
Lyrica graduation
Kuzuha & Kanae Valorant
Aqua beat Nier Automata

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>Aqua beat Nier Automata
ppl just was happy to be free from it

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30 minutes have passed since the Council collab started
There's only 21.8k viewers as of now

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She could get 30k pretty easily with fotm (Re8, fnf, henry stickmin). Talking about it, is there any fotm going on right now?

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Gura is taking the lead

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Not really, which is why there's so many Minecraft streams right now

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How is Vshojo winning today?

>> No.9256817

is there even anything else coming out this year? i know the new outlast was supposed to be out but got delayed to 2022

>> No.9256840

Really she only started hitting these numbers (outside karaoke) once EN2 debuted and renewed peoples interest.

>> No.9256972

Should have hosted it on Kronii's channel since she has most subs so it could help with the notification. And Ina still holding 4.8k viewers

>> No.9257681

They already did one on the Kronii's channel last week, wait you don't know that? Of course you don't know why do i expect people to actually watch stream

>> No.9257984

kronii's last 3 streams didn't pass 15k. doing this collab on her channel probably would have only just got it to 30k. its just the debut buff fully coming to an end

>> No.9258047

Vsojo is probably getting around 20k viewers this time around

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oh u come back shitter. did you sleep well?

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combined they're only at 13.7k. the collab they are doing totals to about 12k

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I do, that why I said it

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The stream started at 12k and slowly inclined up to 24k. I guess host matters.

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I wonder if they could have nabbed some more if Gura held on to stream until after they started rather than before.

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nah, mb break 25k, but this is it

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Anon...any game you think it could be Buff and should play the girls do not have any unce of interest of playing.
Botan already adressed this on a zatsu when a "viewer" straight up send her a list of games she should play.
Also, take in consideration on the EN branch, the closest one of a gamer is Ame the rest are just very casual weebs rn. Council already teased adding Apex for next week (Sorry owl bros, drop the hopium already).

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i know that i was just on about FOTM games since i can't think of anything that'll take that title coming out this year now that outlast got pushed back a year

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It was a bad day for a lot of them, except for Gura

>> No.9259101

Kiara is a "gamer" but she has very different taste

>> No.9259162

The context is that people don't watch Lain for Apex gameplay especially during a crowded time slot.

>> No.9259205

>bad at every genre of game
>including her favorite


>> No.9259245

>one of a gamer is Ame the rest are just very casual weebs rn
Eh maybe just EN 1, Fauna showed she's a former Dota 2 player, Sana did very well in the games she's picked, Kronii revealed she's done RE games and starcraft and Baelz has been trying some action games. Besides Mumei, this gen is filled with girls seem to be the gamers group.

>> No.9259508

>in consideration on the EN branch, the closest one of a gamer is Ame
Depends. Did you mean gamer as in skill playing games? I know Sana did much better at Celeste than Ame did. Obviously though, in time we will see more comparisons. Kind of early.

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How do we save hololive JP? August was their worst month this year and they are reclining so fast.
>Yellow is Hololive JP
>Blue is Nijisanji Male
>Grey is Nijisanji JP
> Orange is Nijisanji Female

>> No.9260542

Jesus christ, is this due to privating vids or did they really tank that hard?

>> No.9260568

what does it mean

>> No.9260585

Ame isn't even the best gamer in her group, which would be Ina by a lot.

>> No.9260605

2M 2 days 1 hr 6 min / 3M 4 days 51 min avg >500K/day
It probably has more views than REFLECT after the 4th day

>> No.9260615

Looking at the graph, looks like everyone started reclining once July passed. Are vtubers truly reclining now?

>> No.9260648

avg ccv of the whole hololive jp

>> No.9260654

Damn that's a big drop.
I'd like to see the drop split across all Holo channels though, see who's dropped the most and why.

>> No.9260778

Is it by average per hour streamed or stream average?

>> No.9260831

Sana's 1st SC stream in 1 min
4k w8ing


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10k if she's lucky

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>> No.9260924

Well, Reflect is longer

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It might actually grow faster than reflect from now on since covers can feed off the popularity of the original and people searching for any cover of that song. Also i don't think covers get this weird automated split that youtube does.

>> No.9260942

Lowest views, lowest subs, perception she doesn't really need the money, going after the other 4 already went. Perfect storm for low SCs.

>> No.9260977

Covers don't get added to YouTube music, so you're right.

>> No.9260993

+Spotify, iTunes, even digital downloads

>> No.9261204

Wait, the avatar got changed to the remix one ( >>9246912 )? Why?

>> No.9261242

All the EOPs are watching Vshojo and indies on Twitch now, even the Asians are starting to move to Twitch instead. Susan fucking seeths to Jeff Bagoo

>> No.9261450

Why the fuck are they giving money to that tanned bitch? They could've saved it for Zen or Vei or any more popular Twitch vtubers (which consist of like 90% of total Twitch vtubers anyway)

>> No.9261452

Apologize to the nigger now

>> No.9261498

Sana $ 9.2k

>> No.9261527

Will this show Sana?

>> No.9261570

when d you check it?

>> No.9261595

They losing all their EOPs and SEAniggers to EN2 most likely. Anyone has the EN percentages for chats for August?

>> No.9261686

let's goooooo

>> No.9261737

>crying buff

>> No.9261781

It's 12k already. S: Hololyzer

At least wait for september to end. EN 2 only had 2 week.

>> No.9261817

Hey, good job on that man, that's how you do it. Gotta play up the seethe from multiple angles to be more believable. Give it a few days and maybe you'll rope in some newfags to give you (you)s
Gen2 didn't debut until halfway through August. Splitting the drop across all channels and examining which ones dropped the most will give a better understanding to the context.

>> No.9261851

Sana's 1st CH stream
>14 min in
>6k ccv
>~same timeslot
already higher then Rat

>> No.9261856

Even with Hyperchat, this superchat party stream is fucking with my Firefox hard. I wish Chrome wasn't the only non-shit browser.

>> No.9261878

How much did Mumei earnt? I slept through it.

>> No.9261897

Sana: a sexually focused design with the biggest boobs and barefoot (should be a SC maker), a giantess who talks about sitting on people (again SC), who also happens to be good at art and games with an interest in science and astrology.

Should draw SC

>> No.9261941

I think it was somewhere in the archive, but your take is not wrong. EN1 (Oct-2020 number drop) and EN2 (August-2021 number drop) cannibalize a lot of EOPs from the JP pool, but both gens also expand the hololive audience.

>> No.9262011

The trick on getting a lot of SCs is to open them while reading them. Mori, Ame and Gura is a pussy. I don't know about kiara if she opens SCs while reading them.

>> No.9262018

so Sana really is going to be the Flare of EN2

>> No.9262085

Sana $ 14k (18 minutes)

>> No.9262113

Sana is there already

>> No.9262122

I feel the pain, my laptop has turned into a jet engine

>> No.9262143

Welp, whoever predicted that Sana would surprise everybody with the amount of super chats she gets.............hats off to you. She is getting a ton and might finish only behind Kronii.

>> No.9262157

edge is actually pretty good, too

>> No.9262215

>Welp, whoever predicted that Sana would surprise everybody with the amount of super chats she gets.............hats off to you.
That was me. Here was my rationale: >>9261897

>> No.9262230

You can see a similar drop laste year. As the world starts opening up more is gonna be harder for people tonwatch atreams. Hololive has a hugher appeal with youth boys/girls who are entering highscool again.so it is a more pronounced decline than the rest but so was last year.

In ither news saviorfags love sana

>> No.9262250

Looks like Sana is going to have the paypigs of this gen, 6k viewers with 14.6k already.

>> No.9262251

Pity SC? Pity SC

>> No.9262254

Too bad she will never do an art stream.

>> No.9262255


>> No.9262264

People want to support the woman of color having a rough time. It's like white ppl donating to BLM.

>> No.9262272

Opera works fine for me anon

>> No.9262295

Sana's 1st SC stream
>20 min in
>6.5k ccv
>15k $
>same timeslot as Rat
Sana is BEEG

>> No.9262332

Add to that saviorfagging, since youtube fucked her subcounts the hardest for some reason.

>> No.9262390

I'm so happy for Sana, friends

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rratbros not like this...

>> No.9262426

mb for members

>> No.9262451

Drinking stream = bad for SCs

>> No.9262454

Same. I'm a unity fag. I just wanted her to do well.

>> No.9262461


Oh no she only made a ridiculous amount of money

Oh noooooooooooo

By any metric if you compare the EN2 first SC numbers to EN1, they're all a massive success over their senpais.

>> No.9262489

wut? apart from kronii EN1 did better on average.

>> No.9262491

Why the competition between same gen. They are the least numberfags as well. Actually none of them are. Trolling with Kiara's first SC stream sounds more apt

>> No.9262515

I thought Mori read her superchats at that time, which is how she got more than Gura?

>> No.9262519

I love Bae, but Sana needs to motivational bump more. Getting fucked by YT hardest, having the debuff skintone, and having the slowest subgrowth....even if you're not a numberfag, THAT many things is gonna get to you.

>> No.9262527

They all got fucked equally, clock has more subs because she is growing faster since the debut

>> No.9262529

>Drinking stream
this was just regular reading SC stream

>> No.9262561

I'm genuinely glad Sana will come out well ahead of expected when it comes to SCs after just how much she's suffered in every other metric compared to her genmates. She needed it and I'm really happy for her.

>> No.9262583

kronii had twice the amount of subs compared to sana when they debuted

>> No.9262604

Same anon

>> No.9262621

Not really? They all did around the same area, some less.

Even Bae as the worst of her gen is 5k more than Kiara, and the rest are solidly better than a lot of their senpais.

Yeah, Calli and Gura are obvious outliers, but compared to EN2 at this point they're not even that much of outliers, especially now that Kronii is THE outlier.

>> No.9262625

Didn't Mori make the most of EN1 by far and Kronii made 10k more than that. Kiara made 10k with her first superchat stream and I think all of EN2 have exceeded that so far.

>> No.9262640

what the fuck is she doing

>> No.9262656

meant for Ceres and Baelz. The others didn't do a drinking stream.

>> No.9262686

Yeah, and I told people Sana had very hardcore fans, like cult-like levels.

>> No.9262695

Party popper for each superchat.

>> No.9262698

Popping party poppers retard

>> No.9262708

>kronii had twice the amount of subs compared to sana when they debuted
Nah that's just wrong, Kronii had a huge lead but it wasn't that bad until like last week where Kronii has now consistently managed to have more than twice Sana's subs each time.

>> No.9262718

Both are true, Sana was getting outpaced by everyone to start and she also got hit the absolute hardest by the sub removal waves. In the second huge wave of sub removals she lost something like 80k compared to the other members' 30-50k. That was the one that dropped her back under 100k total.

>> No.9262730

She sounded so relieved at first. She probably had doubts since she was trailing behind but now that her efforts has monetary validation, people will back off. Much like how people can't really take anyone coitizing Flare seriosly. Money don't lie

>> No.9262731

popping confetti but noise cancelling is fucking it up

>> No.9262759

I'm banking less on saviorfags, and a hardcore and loyal fanbase who wanted to flex their muscle given they know Sana's gotten totally fucked by youtube and she's falling behind her genmates and while she puts on a brave face, you know it's affecting her.

>> No.9262768

People can see that Baelz is the least genuine on Gen 2

>> No.9262820

Baelz seems to think that talking fast and loud is "chaos". Also she talks more than Kiara and Anya combined.

>> No.9262827


>> No.9262864

Fuck Hololive, I hope it fails. I'm out

>> No.9262865

I think many of us at least felt her fans are hardcore right? There has been many indications of that for a while.

>> No.9262869

She didn't even finished 1 can

>> No.9262874

Sana secured the ones who are into physics and astrology all that. There's probably a NASA engineer as her fan.

>> No.9262884

I dunno I'm not a big Sana fan but I have enjoyed what I've seen of her so I threw in 10 bucks because I knew her low numbers were probably weighing on her mind. I'm sure there were more than a few people who are using this as an opportunity to reassure Sana she's not the black sheep of the gen.

>> No.9262890

Super chats don't always translate to popularity. I mean just look at Gura vs. Kiara or Rushia vs. Miko in the JP branch. Miko is, without question, the more popular Holo between the two but Rushia kills her in super chats (well, Rushia kills everybody but at least Pekora and Marine kind of keep up with her). Like, depending on what metric you use you could make the argument that Miko is the 2nd most popular Holo behind only Pekora but she is way down on the super chat list.

>> No.9262900

I called some anon insane in these threads yesterday for saying Sana can get more SC than Fauna and I'll just like to say, I was wrong and I'm glad.

Good for her.

>> No.9262935

It's the kind of thing that's hard to validate or quantify until something like SCs or memberships becomes available.

>> No.9262936

i guess you didnt watch Rat. she had 1 can of beer, this was just regular SC reading stream.
it was MEME review stream, she had small drinking game,but she did NOT read SCs

>> No.9262966

Rushia earnt $16k today through an asmr. What the fuck man

>> No.9262971

Well I felt that in here, but its also just that /vt/ is often wrong and don't reflect the public. Based on the boards reaction, Mumei should be the worse performing one.

>> No.9262988

Can confirm, have a friend that works in particle physics under government contract who is huge on Sana.

>> No.9263026

Rrat's stream was really fun, she completely fell apart at one point.

I think the whole hololive thing only really becomes 'real' to these girls when the superchats roll in.

>> No.9263043

>I called some anon insane in these threads yesterday for saying Sana can get more SC than Fauna
That was me. I left my rationale here: >>9261897

>> No.9263050

coping rratfags kek

>> No.9263124

I think everyone knew that, however using your example, Kiara didn't do that well at first and only cultivated her cult later. I think most of us didn't expect that much paypigs for her this early.

>> No.9263129

It's such a rare thing having a vtuber in a major comany be into space/science that I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.9263134
File: 79 KB, 768x800, E7r1ttKUcAEgxzF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>19k $

>> No.9263174

People cope but good GFE will pull in the big bucks. Any Holo who wants to get gachikoi money will need to engage in it on some level. Look at the big earners for last month, Rushia, Lamy, Nene. All Holos who do long intimate superchat reading streams with their fans.

>> No.9263223

Wonder how much more people going to audition for EN 3 seeing how it rained $13k+ for their first monetization

>> No.9263242

>I called some anon insane in these threads yesterday

>> No.9263254

If you look back, Clover really just used Sana as experiments that were designed to fail between her character design and time slots for the west. I don't think anyone in Gen 2 but Sana could deal with the cards she was dealt because of her upbeat personality.
I don't even want to imagine if Kronii was put in Sana's sitution.

>> No.9263269

Hololive auditions will continue to be huge

I mean shit, every single one of these girls has made more money in a single SC stream than a lot of toobers could even imagine making from it.

>> No.9263286

You were never in, lost bud?

Upload your sc/memberships for proof

>> No.9263299
File: 130 KB, 1067x478, 95873577346346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9263306

>Rushia earnt $16k today through an asmr.
self explanatory

>> No.9263345

Yeah. This is why getting into HoloLive means a lot if you are a struggling indie. Monetary support plus getting a boost in CCV and possible merch and sponsorship can sustain whatever creative project you would want to pursue. Sure there are restrictions but most of them just makes sense for a corpo to put in place.

>> No.9263366

Im pretty sure almost everyone would try to get in Hololive 1st if they could, isn't one of NijiEN literally a Holo reject?

>> No.9263413

Everyone already knew Hololive EN was a guaranteed path to fame and fortune from last year. This changes nothing. It does show that EN still has wind in its sails a year later despite the viewership numbers slowly declining. The fact the Rat and Sana were both pulling less than 5k viewers in their first month and yet both of them way more than Kiara shows that HoloEN is shedding casual viewers who joined because it was booming but is retaining a loyal fanbase of dedicated hobbyists

>> No.9263436

Part of me has always wondered if/how any NijiEN members would potentially jump ship to Hololive if given the opportunity in future audition waves

>> No.9263511

Sana yes but rrat pulled that during one stream. Rrat has pretty consistently been getting 10k. In fact she just got 10k today as well.

>> No.9263539

They lost the same amount of subs

>> No.9263591
File: 136 KB, 1280x720, 1585816149561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well another thing to remember guys when compared to Baelz, is that Sana probably got a boost from the HoloCouncil collab giving her stream a shoutout. Some of them might have just popped by for a second to send a supa then left afterwards.

>> No.9263626

I'm sure some of them absolutely would if the opportunity was offered Rosemi jumps shit again kek.

In Japan Nijisanji and Hololive are pretty much equal and both of very good choices for a vtuber. For the EN branches though Hololive just crushes Nijisanji.

>> No.9263642

Oh absolutely, post collab buff is going to be big for a stream like this

But once again, none of them did -bad-, everyone did great, and overall numbers are stronger than EN1.

Shows that Hololive is still going strong in the west.

>> No.9263650

Finana admitted to being a Hololive reject on stream when she was an indie.

>> No.9263672
File: 427 KB, 827x729, 1607729374123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jump ship to Hololive if given the opportunity in future audition waves
pic related already has

>> No.9263694

Probably. I mean if you were offered a job that pays 10x what your current one does wouldn't you take the offer? Kind of sad though since I think NijiEN is actually much more entertaining than HoloEN1 but just just don't have the brand recognition because Nijisanji dragged their feet on the EN branch for so fucking long and entirely missed the wave that happened during the lockdowns.

>> No.9263709

Imagine rejecting Finana and accepting Kiara. Yagoo dropped it on this one.

>> No.9263718

btw Sana is lowkey Onee-san.
>big T
there're mature type, but she is the one who always sweet and kind to you.

>> No.9263732

Nah, Bae is probably going to remain pretty dang popular but she is more of the goofy entertainer so she will never be super strong in super chats. I compared her to Miko in an earlier post and looking at it that way makes a lot of sense. Miko is super popular but not strong with super chats.

>> No.9263758

If I could press a button that swapped Finana to Hololive and Kiara to Nijisanji I'd press it in a heartbeat.

>> No.9263781

glad to see bae doing so well, I watched her during her collab with kronii and bae was hilarious, too bad her design and lore screams discount ollie.

>> No.9263801

Would Cover allow this to happen? It's impossible to do that without people noticing it

>> No.9263807

For Luna's case Hololive was still a second rate company so it wasn't guaranteed money. I think she just didn't like the model she had.

>> No.9263835

Doesn't really matter that much anyway since membership revenue is what most of them rely on. Gura gets less superchats than Kiara but earns much more through channel views and memberships.

>> No.9263837

Spacetime should be a good SC earning combo.

>> No.9263847

You keep talking to yourself, is that the "voices in your head"

>> No.9263858

see >>9263672

>> No.9263877

Well they literally accepted Luna so why not? There's also Polka I guess but her company was going to go bankrupt so she was gonna be let off anyway.

>> No.9263889

and she's happier because of it. tons of people were saying Luna was going to graduate within a year due to the environment but I think she genuinely treasures her friendships in hololive. she had to move a singing stream to members-only after a song reminded her of Coco and started crying.

>> No.9263908

sorry, the best we can do is a Finana for an Ame

>> No.9263912
File: 15 KB, 513x179, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure I guess.

>> No.9263913

It worked for Luna.

>> No.9263914

>two people agree in a thread he must be samefagging!

>> No.9263965

Hope they use their cut in SCs to buy assets and better streaming gear. I just want Sana to start her own show explaining the universe in meme review format. Holoscopes is such a bd show.

>> No.9264001
File: 17 KB, 389x389, Takanashi Kiara sips.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>swapped Finana to Hololive and Kiara to Nijisanji
>Kiara is top 8 holo member in term of SCs in 2021
no ty

>> No.9264008

Sana needs a new computer

>> No.9264072

She can be top in Niji instead. Thats great!

>> No.9264130

You win some you lose some. Marine is Nijireject, imagine if she got in and stayed there? She'll stagnate and never grow to her full potential like in Holo

>> No.9264143

i don't think so, hololive fits her perfectly. she IS idol afterall

>> No.9264152

Yeah being number 1 in the number 3 company not sure if numberfag kiara would be good with that one

>> No.9264155

Think again >>9263912

>> No.9264197

2nd was great

>> No.9264262

Sana $18.7k

>> No.9264266

Don't forget sponsors and sponsors. The shark is killing it there as well

>> No.9264314

Bae is more of a Subaru than a Miko. I say this because Bae will be the subject of bullying. Both Chat and other HoloMembers. Happy bullying of course but yeah.

>> No.9264336

Sana is 20k $!*

>> No.9264408

>Bae is more of a Subaru
they are not alike at all

>> No.9264451

Fuck I was sure Sana's not gonna hit 10k now she's at 20k. I guess I need to watch her till she graduates now.

>> No.9264524

Its slowed down a bit so I don't know if she can pass Mumei but still, very impressive performance. Her fans showed the fuck up.

>> No.9264529
File: 291 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20210905-020058_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9264533

looks like shes gonna be abother flare

>> No.9264543

Is the other website really more accurate than playboard? Does it take different currencies into account?

>> No.9264594

So while we're waiting for it to end, anyone wanna discuss about why and how Sana made a lot more than Kiara despite having similar circumstances(arguably even worse for Sana)?

>> No.9264606
File: 486 KB, 1552x331, wut1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone know why hololyzer and playboard aren't aligned? Did the rat make 10k outside of superchats?

>> No.9264641

Hololyzer is faster and more precise
The anon who said 20k is using the $1 = 100 yen conversion

>> No.9264664

Sana's a better streamer.

Rat is more comparable to Kiara because of the dual language shit.

Even then Rat isn't as obnoxious as Kiara's fake ass voice

>> No.9264676

I liked Kiara after debut. I thought she was genki and all was even complaining about design debuff.
Sadly after the debut and succeeding streams and collabs I've noticed the MEMEMEMEMEMEME. It turned me off and lost interest.

>> No.9264704

Playboard is pretty accurate. It was only an issue with Fauna because something happened with the chat getting unarchived so the super chats weren't tracked. She really made 17k which is reflected in holoyzer.

>> No.9264741

People like Sana more. That said Chicken was smart and saw the writing on the wall and quickly moved to create a loyal fanbase of disgusting tumblrfags who will throw money at her no matter what she does.

>> No.9264744

Is there a reason Nijisanji isn't making inroads into the western market? Are they going to jump on the male EN market given Hololive didn't even make an attempt at it?

>> No.9264748

They are quite the same in personality and how chat treats them. They talk different but their perspective are very similar

>> No.9264777

Playboard probably isn't cathing the data right after the SC is turned on

>> No.9264790

>despite having similar circumstances
stop oversimplifying

>> No.9264882

HoloStarsEN can potentially happen but Yagoo needs explicit approval from all HoloStars apparently since the members have expressed that they don't want new members.

>> No.9264884

Brand recognition. Hololive didn't just blow up in the west with EN, it was big in the west before EN was even announced. That is why EN blew up so much and managed to entrench themselves so strongly. Nijisanji never penetrated the west the way Hololive did before debuting their EN branch so only the most hardcore of vtubing fans are going to check them out.

>> No.9264889

You need to think of vtubing as occupying the same entertainment niche as slice of life anime, not actually competing with real streamers. People like Hololive because it's like a series, there are ongoing storylines, sometimes your favorite characters interact, etc. It's that kind of fanbase, lots of fan art, shipping, merchandise, etc, stuff that isn't really part of just sitting down and watching a normal streamer.

When you understand that then Niji having trouble starts making sense because it's not just a case of just switching over and watching a different streamer, people need to get invested in the characters they're playing.

>> No.9264893

I dunno if this is true or false but I saw a post in one of the threads saying Niji had shut down some of the clippers/translators back in the old days.

>> No.9264917

Hell even con appearances got you paid right? Probably not as much as an actual commercial sponsorship but definitely more for something they do every week anyway, from the pics and stories it doesn't seem like they do much more than a regular q&a stream.

>> No.9264918

Vshoujo beat them to it

>> No.9264972

It is interesting to see the top sc earners in holo per stream in average, and the relationship with their fanbase.
*from their debut till the end of this august.

1. Rushia $3980
2. Coco $3477
3. Gura $3229
4. Calli $3064
5. Kiara $2481
6. Lamy $2322
7. Marine $2218
8. Pekora $1920
9. Kanata $1888
10. Nene $1783
11. Irys $1738
12. Ayame $1572
13. Aqua $1491
14. Ina $1477
15. Korone $1437

>> No.9265007

fuckin' susan.... thanks anon!

>> No.9265023

>physics and astrology
She had won me with physics and then completely lost me with astrology. I'm pretty sure Sana has a fanbase despite of it, not because of it

>> No.9265039

Kiara's early streams were scuffed as hell. Shitty mic and had the most technical issues among Myth when they started off, on top of people getting filtered by the voice and self-dubbing.

>> No.9265103

All of myth but Ame is listed

>> No.9265112

>anyone wanna discuss about why and how Sana made a lot more than Kiara despite having similar circumstances
I view Sana as a bit more sexually focused in design, while not being as unlikeable as Kiara personality-wise. A giantess with biggest boobs and barefoot, is also of interest here. Sana is also better at art and games, which helps for some people. An example is that many people got hooked on Sana after her Celeste stream.

What Kiara helps prove, is that high SC can come from lower viewers.

>> No.9265146

That's right anon, also i chum brained and typed sponsor twice. I meant Merch, her nendo especially ran out of stock (and got restocked) as fast as the JP members

>> No.9265160

Well, yea, then you consider that Ame went out of her way to just disable SCs in so many streams and then the numbers make a bit more sense. It's still funny though.

>> No.9265188

It's not that they shut down clippers they give their livers free reign to ask for anything to be striked, Ars was shutting down clips of her sleeping on stream then decided to make her own clip anyway (which was worse than the ones that got striked since it didn't have Belmond's POV)

>> No.9265208

That doesn't mean as much as you might think. It skews a lot towards Holos who don't stream as much because they'll collect their superchats for big milestones and then not stream for the rest of the week (Ayame, Gura). You'd be better off just dividing total amount of money by the number of superchats received to see which one has the most dedicated Gachis and then lining it up with what content they do.

>> No.9265219

As someone who doesn't follow Rushia, why do people throw money at her?

>> No.9265276

Top tier girlfriend experience. She literally stalks her most dedicated fans on twitter and makes membership only posts if she sees them starting to support other Holos.

>> No.9265304

Watch her to find out.

>> No.9265360

Must avoid at all costs. Thank you.
You won't trick me.

>> No.9265371

She is literally the best GFE streamer in the entire world, vtuber or otherwise.

>> No.9265380

There you go~
16. Noel $1369
17. Watame $1227
18. Flare $1209
19. Ame $1167
20. Suisei $1145

>> No.9265390

Went into a meltdown simply from seeing one of her fans say on twitter that the were gonna leave her, and mind you that guy didn't tweet towards her so she wouldn't have known it unless she actively searched for her name.

>> No.9265433

Isn't that the menhera experience?

>> No.9265476

Yandere is an extremely popular fetish for a reason. In any case Rushia's extremely clingy style appeals to a lot of men who are starved of affection, and they'll pay to get more of it. That's basically it in a nutshell.

>> No.9265534

A real GF would kinda stalk her BF's socials.
Specially the jealous types.
She does that but for thousands, making it look menhera.

>> No.9265550

Nigga you need to ubderstand something. Cute anime girls doing cute thigs is more appealing than dumb anime boys acting like dumb in the west.
How people percive male vtubers in the west vs east is a whole different perception.

>> No.9265559

Sana didn’t read any SC. Her reason was that she wasn’t mentally capable of it now.

>> No.9265562

I will never ever understand this. At some point she needs to just get over her imposter's syndrome and let people support her, doubly so when now a second gen has also jumped in and also done similar numbers showing it isn't just a fluke.

>> No.9265591

NijiEN doesn't even have any males

>> No.9265610

Looks like Sana's wrapping up the stream. So she's officially be in 3rd place among EN 2 first monetized stream.
Still pretty damn impressive she got past $20k

>> No.9265622

They played it too safe and their male wave is looking to be the same, some nijifags speculate its going to be Elira's male chuuba friends.

>> No.9265623

She expected a low count.
>I will read SC
>Claims to have plans after reading.
>Repeated saying that thank you for liking me
So she was overwhelmed and was close to crying.

>> No.9265630

Women are showered with attention, men have to earn it

>> No.9265669

Sana, after a hot start, peters out and finishes 3rd just a bit behind Mumei
I always knew Chocoballs were bad with money

>> No.9265674

Mostly psychos who can endure tens of hours reading superchats and member's comments while saying how much they love/like them

>> No.9265678

There's the fujo audience, I heard Holostars while having low views, some have respectable gachis that don't want them collabing with women vtubers.

>> No.9265684

Only two lazy ones (ayame and gura).

>> No.9265700

It makes me wonder how much effort some vtubers they put into stalking their fans.
Does she have a list she checks periodically every day?

Matsuri said in one of her streams that she remembered most comments she got in her chat and the number of times they commented.

>> No.9265711

She did cry earlier tho

>> No.9265726

Would be interested to see this whole list , to see who is at the bottom

>> No.9265751

>they already having membership next week
Wtf it took nijien like 2 months. How long it took endengumi?

>> No.9265773

Rushia keeps tabs on all her gachis.
Kson recently said she knows her gachi's names/faces.

>> No.9265775

I don't follow Coco much, it is hard to imagine her saying "i love you" lol.

>> No.9265788

Uh, no. The only one that doesn't collab much with women is Izuru because he's a touch misogynistic aka based.

>> No.9265817

ID girls, because they use other form of donations outside of SCs +Anya,Iofi..you know

>> No.9265823

Being a menhera is a requirement to be a Hololive vtuber, but going the extra mile takes some serious dedication.
Imagine what she could do if she used all this energy for more positive things.

>> No.9265833

Edengumi were also fast, Nijisanji EN was first waiting on Elira to hurry up with emotes, then everyone waited for Pomu to finish her surgery recovery so it took way longer.

>> No.9265857

Eden had the support of JP fans to get their memberships faster. NijiEN, not so much.

>> No.9265858

>for more positive things.
Money is positive right?

>> No.9265866

Coco's a different kind of GFE compared to Rushia, in that I heard she acts closer to being a bro/friend to her gachis.

>> No.9265877

The fujo audience is highly overstimated they also only like "cool"guys on the west. And most of niji males streamers or holostars are goofballs which the west arent that big fans of.

>> No.9265887

Coco and Rushia were completely different beasts. If you look at their total superchats Coco almost tripled Rushia I think (or at least close) but the dollar amount between them was pretty much equal. Rushia reels in the serious paypigs who drop massive amounts of cash while Coco had a ton of small meme donations (like the going to the bathroom thing).

>> No.9265898

3 weeks

>> No.9265927

I mean it doesn't take much extra effort. The most dedicated gachis will send a superchat every single stream, you'll get to know their user name and link it to their twitter when they reply to your twitter posts. She probably just has a list of her top donators and periodically checks their accounts to see what they're up to. The really menhera ones will go onto their youtube profiles and check their liked videos

>> No.9265945

Nijien girls are retarded, they wanted to do it together and waited for elira to finish getting her emotes finished but then pomu took her break so they pushed it back further.

>> No.9265949


>> No.9265974

Izuru barely interacts outside of Holostars in general.

>> No.9265977

You may not personally want to fuck men, but you cannot reasonably deny that there are people in the world who wish to fuck men. They would have the same reaction to a cute boy vtuber as you do to cute girl vtubers.

>> No.9265986


>> No.9265995

I thought their streamlabs were basically chump change?

>> No.9266002

How can Kson know her gachi's face?
Do they post it on twitter?

>> No.9266044

Masaru does pretty well and his entire gimmick is 'cute boy does cute things and licks the mic ASMR' though he is still played by a woman... kek

>> No.9266081
File: 20 KB, 334x90, Mr. Oga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true!

>> No.9266100

Coco's like one of the few holos who've explicitly said on stream that she would never collab with a male, a lot of the others just don't mention that kind of thing.

>> No.9266112

Not if you become a slave to it.
The only thing of value is control over your time.
Increasing numbers becomes a prison after you reach a certain level.

>> No.9266138

Coco, Miko (even though she did it in the past), anybody else?

>> No.9266187

This lady is crazy for Oga. Literally talking about how horny she is in SC

>> No.9266220

Pekora, Okayu, Rushia said she would ask first.
Korone 'acts' jealous when people mention they watch other girls, would make sense that there's some equality with that keyfabe

>> No.9266251

You can check someone's liked videos?
Can a channel owner go to their subscriber youtube's page easily?

>> No.9266272

She came into it with very low expectations based on how far behind she was with her gen mats in subs. It's not like Kronii where she had self doubts, Sana had actual numbers beating her down for the past 2 weeks.

>> No.9266273

im a holofag, but nijisanji feels extremely hard to get into.
hololive felt like it welcomed me with open arms when i started watching it with all the clips and shit that introduced me to the members.
niji feels foreign.

>> No.9266276

what is Coco's problem? i understand if she hate men irl, but content creator is a different case
>entertaining and talkative
>don't try to sneak into your pants

>> No.9266331

Marine asked her fans before and they don't want her to collab with guys.

>> No.9266345

Dunno if that's true. I would imagine one of the few compatible people for vtubers would be content creators. Is not like they're going to meet doctors or lawyers.

>> No.9266367

>Literally talking about how horny she is in SC
i still remember twitch clip where JP girl ask twitch streamer to "fuck" her

>> No.9266375

You say that but Gura streamed more than every other EN in the past two weeks and still made more money than all of them.

>> No.9266462

Kronii is barely an outlier in her own generation, and not at all for Myth or Hololive as a whole

Especially since debut buff is running out and her numbers are dropping

>> No.9266470

also i should add that niji's gives me a 'streamer with anime girl avatar' feel while hololive gives me a 'anime girl who is a streamer' feel.

>> No.9266498

Niji clippers only returned to the scene after EN, before that it was like pulling teeth trying to get context on streams unless you followed fans who did liveTL on Twitter and even then, sometimes they didn't feel like it, or they'd spam about other unrelated shit
Hololive has a big in-chat live TL culture and Nijisanji does not

>> No.9266515

So I've compared >>9254595 to https://live-ranking.userlocal.jp/archives-ranking/youtube?date=2021-09-04 and it's fairly accurate. The only missing streams are from HoloEN2. Dunno why you were saying that it's "missing a lot of streams".
Oh and keep in mind that anon uses different timing for start/end of streams so some streams listed by him are in https://live-ranking.userlocal.jp/archives-ranking/youtube?date=2021-09-05.

>> No.9266522

They mostly feel like normies...

>> No.9266536

Couldn't have put it better myself. I think that is why I prefer Hololive.

>> No.9266538

EN1 anniversary is coming up in a week. I think the order of SCs would be: Mori, Gura, Ina, Kiara and then Ame.

>> No.9266580


>> No.9266598

A lot of her big gachis probably were Coco's too, and they had meetings with their photos on the Internet back then

>> No.9266617
File: 72 KB, 833x137, Bild_2021-09-05_074444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>10k just for that?
she was close to getting 10k the stream before as well and that was horse gacha
hell here is a chitchat stream that got 11k
10k for ASMR seems a bit low to me in case of Rushia

>> No.9266655

i remember someone said liveT was bullied from Kuzuha's wife chat, few weeks ago, if this is true - nc fucking gatekeeping

>> No.9266666

>Gura streamed more than every other EN in the past two weeks
She's also going onto the HoloJP server and trying to interact with them by leaving messages around and stealing Pekoras gunpowder. I wonder what the fuck happened to suddenly make Gura put the bottle down and actually put in some effort

>> No.9266707

Hm... I wonder what changed over the past couple of weeks...

A true mystery...

>> No.9266752

The red bull juice ran out, she felt sluggish at the end earlier

>> No.9266805

mb new haircut? women like shit like this

>> No.9266875

None of the EN2s seem like an actual threat to her so I dunno why she'd be motivated just because they joined. Maybe she was just worried the new gen seeing behind the scenes would see just how much of a slackass she's been? Gura doesn't seem like a competitive person

>> No.9266886
File: 188 KB, 645x351, 8123hasdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pandora's box prank already clipped
30k views = 149k subs
other one 17.7k subs

>> No.9266893

With the arrival of EN2 she might have realized she needs to step it up.
All the EN1 girls seemed to have gotten a morale and motivation boost when the new gen debut.

>> No.9266896

I bookmarked the old ones before and they are still dead rip


>> No.9266957

Rindou? Yeah she hates EOP. However there are more that like EOP than hate it, some even have that text to speech EN sub thing, Hayama recently added it too
Rin! is another one who generally ignores EOP mostly because they came from Pewdiepie and were annoying children.

>> No.9266978

>None of the EN2s seem like an actual threat to her
She didn’t know that beforehand

>> No.9266992

SC from 8/23 to 9/4
Gura $ 19.5
Kiara $ 18.9k
Mori $14.5k (She's on vocation)

>> No.9267025

Yep, HoloEN killed interest of Nijisanji for overseas viewers aside from purely male clippers.

>> No.9267032

I don't believe it's feeling threatened. The opposite, actually.

I think she was feeling uninspired lately, along with potentially some degree of pressure related to her position as the most subscribed member out there and the expectations that carries, and it was affecting her motivation or drive to really push herself and her content forward.

I wouldn't be surprised if EN2 finally going live and seeing both the successes and struggles they have in these first few weeks wasn't enough to jumpstart her motivation and excitement for Hololive again to a degree. I mean, she's already made two unplanned cameos in EN2 streams, once to make a timely joke and once to just fuck around for fun.

It really can't be understated what kind of shot of adrenaline having new people experiencing what you were a year ago and being invested in them can be.

>> No.9267052

They should just give up. We can't even save holoJP from bleeding viewers to EN. Niji has zero chance of catching their attention now.

>> No.9267099

all of them were dead before HoloEN even existed. Hololive moments, CMT, sushi killed them.

>> No.9267148

How do the numbers of subscribers for the second EN gen look like compared to the first gen?

>> No.9267158

So it boiled down the Hololive cultivating a much stronger ecosystem in the west through live translators and clippers while Nijisanji either didn't have them or shut them down.
This allowed people to connect with hololive characters and invest in watching them, while Nijisanji didn't have that.

That about right?

>> No.9267164

There's been a few instances over the years of people doing liveTL getting bullied out of it. That's why there's the twitter TL people. However as >>9266957 said there's some forward thinking nijis with non-hostile fanbases around.

>> No.9267167

She's started wearing the hood again too, I wonder whats up with that

>> No.9267182

Well just look at the minecraft server situation. It was pretty dead with just EN1, adding EN2 after their collab ban is over along with the linking of servers might be the shot in the arm it needed.

>> No.9267201

HoloJP are bleeding viewers?
How bad is it?

>> No.9267245

oh! i subbed to her. great hardworking girl

>> No.9267261

Yes I think that's bang on. The early clipping scene in the first half of 2020 heavily favored Hololive thanks to the chink clippers, more people got invested in Korone, Pekora and Matsuri and people got pulled into the Hololive ecosystem before Niji even had a chance to establish themselves in the EN sphere. Hololive capitalised on this by releasing Holo EN at the perfect time resulting in an even bigger boom, Niji were still getting their pants on after hopping out of bed and the rest is history.

>> No.9267280

August was by far their worst performing month in who knows how long.

Bad bad.

>> No.9267298

Post a clip or stream

>> No.9267303

I try to watch Nijis occassionally.
I think I feel the same way like this anon said >>9264889
>You need to think of vtubing as occupying the same entertainment niche as slice of life anime

Basically if you watch one holo religiously, one way or another they will collab. You will see a relationship with another one. You feel like friends of friends and then that one will have other friends. Theres also this whole meme that are just about relationships or interaction with one holo to another. So if you don't want to miss out you try to watch others.

NijiEN in fact does this well given how much they try to interact with each other. They have contents and memes that are shared through out their branch.

>> No.9267308

Shion started streaming again.

>> No.9267309

Niji did the retard move by making Niji IN to Niji EN kek

>> No.9267345

Why would Niji be worried? they had millions investment from Sony anyway

>> No.9267446

not him, but im not sure there such clip. JPs just "politely" ignore or throw passive aggression at foreigners until they leave

>> No.9267455

I wonder how this will turn out in the long run. Niji wave 1 and 2 were technically all part of the same wave with just a staggered release. They had months to get along with each other (some were already friends as indies).
Add in waves 3 and 4 with potentially unknowns I wonder if they will interact as well with them as they do their current coworkers. If Nijisanji does what it usually does with international branches, there will be a tipping point where there's too many people and they start becoming strangers to each other. Their main current appeal is that they interact with each other better.

>> No.9267463

Well that won't be there for long now, considering Sony are preparing for their own vtuber group.

>> No.9267506


>> No.9267545

Sony works with Hololive too

>> No.9267569

Wasn't that the result of Coco leaving?
It felt like the end of an era.

>> No.9267601

she streams on twitch with an automatic translation machine.

>> No.9267662

>It felt like the end of an era.
more many ppl it was.

>> No.9267686

>NijiEN in fact does this well given how much they try to interact with each other. They have contents and memes that are shared through out their branch.
Yeah, I wasn't paying much attention to Nijisanji but then saw clips of the Collab between Selen of Nijisanji EN and Bonnivier from Nijisanji ID.
And if you wanted to start a good storyline, those two nailed it. I even went to search how it happened and it was because Selen was put into the match Bonnivier was and just flexed on him, so he spent the rest of the match following her doing play by play commentary. Management then just unilaterally has them collab and we got 6 hours of chaotic fun.
I hope we get more stuff like that in the future. Also it's good to see males and females interacting given Hololive has the whole idol culture while Nijisanji looks like they treat their streamers more as entertainers.

>> No.9267689

Coco's graduation does not singlehandedly dial HoloJP's progress back to their worst average numbers since the first months of HoloEN's debut.

>> No.9267716

NijiEN does feel very holo-ish
I hope that strategy works for them, and I hope they get to collab with holoEN at some point

>> No.9267741

Any numbers to back that claim?

>> No.9267748

I KNEEL to the duck

>> No.9267759

Literally in this exact same thread >>9260511

>> No.9267803

>text to speech EN sub thing
Those tend to be pretty inaccurate, though. I watch Patra who occasionally uses it and the thing only correctly translates what she says half of the time

>> No.9267841

Ayamate to sana you fucks! You all fking wrong!

>> No.9267846

Oh hey, Fauna's chat is back now, can anyone check now her superchats?

>> No.9267856

I blame Pekora and her retarded hours-streamed farming streams

>> No.9267871

because all of them are holo rejects + western vtubing culture was built around hololive's model of functioning. thats why you see holo pandering (sometimes unintentional) from indis and small corp. even Lain did same shit in the start

>> No.9267873

She's fighting sephiroth

>> No.9267880

Are you retarded?
You can check the links posted above for that.

>> No.9267893

The drop matches up with 2020 August when the kiddies went back to school.

>> No.9267903

FF7 final boss buff. I kneel duck.

>> No.9267912

I blame APEX and multi POV collabs that should have been on a single POV

>> No.9267914

I'll never forget the vshojo/nijien/indie prop hunt collab started off by doing old holo memes.

>> No.9267917

>drop followed by a rise afterwards with a new peak for all tracked numbers at the same time last year
seems to just be something seasonal combinied with a few other factors like say Cocos graduation,Aquas inactivity for a long time etc. will be interesting to see if they break their last peak in the next 2-3 months

>> No.9267928

It's good but still nothing compared to Pekora's 70k in FFX.

>> No.9267942

>started off by doing old holo memes.
Can you elaborate? I heard it was scuffed and Finana was carrying it.

>> No.9267948

Hiding the chat doesn't affect this site


>> No.9267966

It was a long intro with everyone doing "ara ara" and "hi honey" memes.

>> No.9267982

While they were trying to get through scuff and awkward introductions, they literally had a "everyone say 'hi honey'" segment

>> No.9268005

Thats pretty cringe.

>> No.9268020

This looks like the start of a crash and the end of a bubble.
Did we enter the phase of anxiety?
It looks like we are a few months away from a capitulation.

The previous month even looks like a dead cat bounce.

>> No.9268040

I'm not even a NijiEN fan, but I genuinely felt so bad for them and Pikamee for being saddled to what may have been one of the worst collabs I've ever seen, top-to-bottom.

The fact that it got significantly worse the second they actually got into playing a game at all says a ton.

>> No.9268059

Americans are going to back to school in August.

>> No.9268074

Or a case of extreme outliers. Plenty of 1k range from Matuli Choco and Roboco

>> No.9268105

And yet HoloEN numbers as a combined group are doing very well? This narrative doesn't hold up for such a significant, substantial and sudden drop over a single month.

I could be proven wrong in September, but I genuinely think we're finally seeing the effects of more and more timeslots/categories of content being covered by HoloEN.

>> No.9268173

Most of HoloEN stream when people are out of school/work.
HoloJP streamed during school/work hours where you could still watch them because of stay-at-home work/schooling. Jobs are starting to require people to go back to the workplace as well.

>> No.9268187

That's one possible catalyst, but Coco's graduation felt like the death of the naive Hololive phase and the start of something much darker.
They could not pretend to be a family and friends anymore after that and showed their true colors as working colleagues.

If I could trade HololiveJP I would have went short the moment the bounce started to go down last month.
It's a bit late now but there is still some money to be made by shorting it back to Njisanji's level.

>> No.9268212


>> No.9268271


>> No.9268279


>> No.9268295

Time will tell.
Traders don't care about being right all the time or seen as normal.
They only want to make money.
This chart is a perfect setup with a high rate of success for making money by shorting.

An interesting thing about trading is that the reality of every news is reflected in the numbers.
The numbers they get is a reflection of their current reality.

It's a true fact that Hololive showed their true colors when they let Coco graduate from excessive suit bullying and the remaining vtubers pretended to be friends despite not doing anything to stop it.
Many were in denial until the announcement.
When someone shows you their true nature it's natural to believe them and this was such a moment for a big number of their fans.

>> No.9268341

Um... anyone tried accessing other piyo pages? Because it looks like outside of main page it's tracking everything as usual.

>> No.9268353
File: 20 KB, 604x134, 957834767346346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these doomposting meanwhile holos playing kusoge

>> No.9268411

That's why doctors prescribe meds, >>9268279

>> No.9268418
File: 1.65 MB, 1298x929, ranking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9268479

kek youre right just add the dates lmao
where date is 2021-09-05 for example

>> No.9268500


OK, Now I got the chat and recalculated the SuperChat amount. hololyzer has updated the information.
1,895,464 yen -> 1,913,399 yen


>> No.9268501

People were surprised and hyped when Pekora got perms to play The Last Guardian, but boy is that game a complete snoozefest to watch.
It's a miracle she's pulling 20k honestly.

>> No.9268509


>> No.9268582

Why do you need that if you can just use menu on the left

>> No.9268622

Noel said that she will never colab with male. So there are quite a lot of them

>> No.9268630
File: 60 KB, 846x680, 8123hasdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somehow, I'd hate it if youtube adopts the raid function. It will be harder to grasp actual growth with these artificial peaks

>> No.9268635 [DELETED] 
File: 245 KB, 1644x928, 95478523457345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can use it tho

>> No.9268681
File: 472 KB, 1239x614, vienna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was surprised she got that much but turns out it's raids as usual.

>> No.9268689

>Last Guardian
I hate zoomers

>> No.9268691

I hope not.

>> No.9268715

That's exactly what I was talking about

>> No.9268760

Is playboard giving up on this already lol.

>> No.9268764
File: 435 KB, 1188x614, jesas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No surprise vshojo numbers end up so inflated

>> No.9268793

I thought Piyo is dead. Where are you seeing this?

>> No.9268797

was speedreading my bad and yeah didnt see that menu. I should stop speedreading lol

>> No.9268798

You can try contacting site admin and telling that the number is wrong. I did that when the site has completely missed numbers on Fuwa's 3D reveal stream. Maybe that's some recent problem with tracking and that will help to fix it.

>> No.9268840


>> No.9268841

It's pretty funny how a lot of these charts just show that their fans are being forced on other channels and then most just leave right away. Few stay and the afks get added to the count as well.

>> No.9268849

To be fair, if that is a raid, that is crazy good viewer retention post raid. Usually those viewers drop off extremely quickly.

>> No.9268904

Do we know who raids her stream?

>> No.9268933

Adding twitch vtubers was a mistake. If Elira streamed on twitch and gets raided to 20k, there'll be no end of people shitposting that she gets more views than Gura.

>> No.9268944

Piyo is going to die in a few days anyway so who cares?

>> No.9268955

Wonder if Hoshikawa got raided as well. That's unusually high number for her stream (and especially Apex).

>> No.9268978

No, that's likely from the Apex tourney leftover. She was on the champ's team

>> No.9269045

Looks like Towa has a competitor for queen of APEX title. Both are mogging the VSPO bitches.

>> No.9269125
File: 381 KB, 937x222, usure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't look like that to me. Her previous solo rank stream just after tournament got much less.

>> No.9269128

Anyone here got the superchat numbers for each of holo council's first monetized streams?

>> No.9269286

Of course they don't want new members, they are barely surviving with those numbers
HoloStarsEN would absolutely mog them

>> No.9269327

I know a guy that would instantly audition when holostarsEN starts auditioning

>> No.9269386

The ultimate result is a bit obvious this time, but top 50 Holo covers of the week


>> No.9269396

Hololive most viewed cover songs this week.

>> No.9269475

I wonder how much will audition just for a chance to get closer and collab with their holo waifus. Actually, how much shit would a holostarsEN member get if he picks a particular hololive girl as his favorite

>> No.9269504
File: 160 KB, 600x675, sadge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9269518


>> No.9269547

Welp nevermind. Even though the pages works they've stopped updating. Maybe admin has temporarily activated it to check something.

>> No.9269700

Aaaaaand confirmed

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