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Well, this is their dream
Good thing it's not Connor

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It will probably be bad

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cunnor is the secret guest

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Fucking cope.

Looking for it tho

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Ironmouse is the most bearable Vshojo. Folowed by melody who ironically is a literal whore.
Everyone else is a drama seeking/creating E-thot.

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Ironmouse is my little latin lover. Abuela approves.
As long as it's not Nyanners. we're muy bien.

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Ironmouse is legitimately worth following, just the right amount of fucked to be worth saviorfagging over.

She defo could've made it into hololive if she hadn't been pulled in the whore-vortex (whoretex) of vshojo shit of talking about 'I GOT AN INFECTION CAUSE MY BOYFRIEND CUMMED IN MY EYE' like shut the fuck up ho nobody wants to know that.

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lol that's it? Faggots in here were shitting themselves about Ollie's original tweet. What a bunch of nothing.

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If he shows up, you know he's gonna try and monkey branch over to Ollie.

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>>Folowed by melody who ironically is a literal whore.

Strange, isn't it?

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Good for them

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by searching "Vshojo cum" I got this:

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It will probably be good.

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I will take anything thats not apex

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>React streamer collabing with yab central
Oh boy

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That's fine. Cannur can fuck off tho

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Pretty much yeah haha

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They're going to fake orgasm live on stream, right?

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If it was a boyfriend I would forgive it, is it confirmed one of her boyfriends in the past instead of a random guy, because that’s forgivable if it’s not some random.

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To be honest, I don't think there's anything to worry about
Ironmouse collabs with everyone and is chill with her guests as far as I know, and VShojo has been able to behave themselves with Hololive and before that Kizuna Ai
Knowing from experience, the worst thing to happen is that it's going to be quite boring, and you can compare that with the Niji x VSJ collabs who most agree were a disaster
I don't like VShojo and quite despise Ollie, so I'll not watch this but I'll guess it's going to be alright. If anything, I would be more worried about Ollie fucking up, but maybe she'll control herself this time
You have the idea of how it's going to be >>9367058
Faggot here, gotta admit I should've waited before the actual announcement but I got worked up about the idea of e-celebs around Hololive. It may take me time to trust Ollie again, but I think I'll be patient next time

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No. I want more.

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Another hololive/vshitshow collab...

When will cover fucking learn?!

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The past ones were well-received... once they actually happened. Before they happened, it was the end of the world.

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i don't want that collab but not because i hate vshojo but because i hate Ollie and don't want her to touch/talk to my ironmouse

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At least they cockblocked veibae. But the entire group should have been blacklisted after that bullshit.

Same with nijiEN and the GMod collab. Should have been the end of the whores but then TTS got invited to play Apex.

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That Mousey Pikamee collab was incredible though

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People liked them. Your outcry on an anonymous message board means jack shit.

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>that Selen

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This isn't the dream. Ollie will announce it during this collab.

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Metalrat is alright, she's just too chummy with Gigguk's prop. It's really sad actually how she lets herself be taken advantage of.

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Undead vtuber and soon to be dead vtuber, they should have good chemistry.

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Are they gonna fight over connors faggot ass live on stream

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i hope so

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I don't really give a shit about the both of them either way, but calling this "their dream" is pretty dumb

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Ironmouse has been hanging out with mainstream twitch streamers recently. I'm pretty sure she's going to dump Connor very soon.

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Ollie hypes everything up.

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I don't like the guy either because of his shit takes. But i don't see what is wrong with his collabs with mouse. They are pretty enjoyable.

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>People liked them.
Twitter users aren't human.

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Connor will weasel his way into the chat. Count on it.
I would be following Mouse if she never started up Vshojo. The fact that Mouse brings the TTS dragonboy, the adulterer and coomer bait along with her makes me avoid her.

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And what of the people from twitch and youtube? do they not matter? fuck off. 4chan is not the center of the world. /vt/ is considered a literal laughing stock to outsiders.

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Have you seen previous episodes? Holotalk should be aired in prime-time tv in comparison. It's not like I hate her but Ironmouse is absolutely shit as a host, makes 0 preperation and it ends up being glorified conversation without any purpose or structure at least with Ollie it should be relatively smooth but it's still a waste of time.

Actually I wonder if management would want to see the questions in advance to approve them, meaning Mouse would actually have to prepare some questions for this one, that would be interesting.

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Then why aren't you going back, you fucking faggot?

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Twitch is a rape nest and everybody on the platform is an enabler unless you're sufficiently isolated from the rest of the dregs like Migo is.

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it was a boyfriend and since she's got some fucked immune system disorder and is a literal bubblegirl it could have killed her.

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I don't care about the girls collabing
as long it's not that crowd of males, usually I don't mind, but that specific crowd is giving me mad bad vibes

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Why aren't you getting this through your fucking head that your opinion will only matter when it's shared on a platform Cover cares about? You want them to "learn"? Then take your complaints to social media.

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What happened in that collab anyways? I just remember NijiEN fans being mad, Pikamee fans being mad, and the video getting taken down.

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that and she's also streaming on twitch meaning half of the streams is Vtuber reacts to tik tok and/or youtube clips simps pay them hard money to see well in case of Ironmouse it's often other Vtubers so at least you can say she likes chuubas probably more into the culture than any other Vshojo member.

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they're literally all groomers

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Go back.

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info about connur collab supposedly came from a member stream and that's the YABE she's also dragging Mori into it

>> No.9370770

Mori can't be "dragged" into anything since she already willingly chose to be groomed by another one.

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Go fuck yourself.

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I hope Connor has Olliie initiate the final tab while interviewing with mouse.

>> No.9370849

Remove Selen and i'd actually watch that maybe a random EN inde could take her spot

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>/vt/ is considered a literal laughing stock to outsiders
Sure. It's not like most EN vtuber companies are unironically /here/ and the JP ones monitor the elevenese original equivalents, right?

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It's entertaining bro

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They're not going to listen to you or pay attention to people on a board who openly consider doxxing as "roommate posting" as some sort of joke.

>> No.9371030

>Ironmouse’s Talkshow
Impeccable naming sense

>> No.9371059

Finger Finger

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>doxxing as "roommate posting" as some sort of joke

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And yet they keep doing things that make /vt/ schizo seethe, either they are doing doing it on purpose to spite /vt/ or they actually dont care what it thinks. Both makes /vt/ look like a laughing stock

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The only thing to worry about is Ollie saying something about hololive that outsiders might interpret in the wrong way and there are many people that would gladly jump on any rrat to dunk on hololive, especially in the indie scene remember their anituber buddies like Lost Pause or his side-kick cringe Taku had some terrible takes in the past.

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This man makes /vt/ seethe without even trying.

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>they keep doing things that make /vt/ schizo seethe
You mean the /qa/ tourists? You know that the retards are still mad they didn't get a full e-celeb board, right?

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they're all groomers

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Connor rn

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Ollie and Mousey’s dream is the end of Hololive

>> No.9371262

Ollie is literally carrying ID though.

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the cope is real

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Both of their audiences like these collabs, along with ironmouse and her collab partners themselves, so I don't know why you seem to think your opinion is very representative here.

>> No.9371280

Poor organization skills from the TTSDT combined with poor chemistry, utter lack of preparation etc. even redditors thought it was bad because some mistakes were objective like copyright stuff in the maps that was a problem to JP participants.

>> No.9371302

they're in the same crowd as arc

>> No.9371346

He's kinda tolerable in Trash Taste but when he's making content he's SO insufferable, I don't get it.

>> No.9371357

>/vt/ is considered a literal laughing stock to outsiders.
Anyone who knows about /vt/ most likely browses it. Who are these outsiders?

>> No.9371381

woohoolad for one.

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lol whatever you need to tell yourself bro

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Straight to the grave

>> No.9371427

yeah and that's why she has 800K.

>> No.9371428

Why are we being raided by americans?

>> No.9371437

Did they really? Ironmouse + Cali was nothing special actually it was pretty boring and awkward. Kiara + pink skunk on the other hand we ended up liking because she dominated the bitch but I don't think Vshojo fans were impressed for a change, it's telling that collab begging kind of stopped after this one.

>> No.9371470

do you really want to know? that's my question. It's best you don't.
yes. kiara's collab with nyanners was comedy gold to them.

>> No.9371487

isn't he pretty mainstream though? I doubt otv people would be as aveilable to her anyway.

>> No.9371520

Why are you scapegoating it, are you saying /vt/ doesnt mind the e-celeb collab or any of the ollie's yab?

>> No.9371563

a laughing stock

>> No.9371664

People really enjoyed the compliment loop they got stuck in, which was funny. The Kiara + Nyanners collab was also really funny because of their dynamic, and I don't see why her audience wouldn't have enjoyed it.

>> No.9371748

In all honesty, it kinda makes me want a Kiara + Silvervale collab now. I've seen how Silver acts with her mom and she gives off big sis energy. I like her.

>> No.9371776

it sounds like you are really rooting for your anime e-girl team, and Im wondering why you are so attached to them instead of just wanting to have fun watching them? You dont have to like vshojo, but hating them never made any sense to me.

>> No.9371791

Imaging how loud they are if they laugh together

>> No.9371832

>the choir of tea kettles going off at the same time

>> No.9371912

The mouse is cool. She's relatively harmless and kinda entertaining. Her chat though, like most bigger western vtubers, is absolute dogshit. I just watch short video of her singing. Damn, those pipes.

I'm still laughing Melody took DnD seriously while everyone was screwing around.

>> No.9372040

But why?

>> No.9372064

Twitch doesn’t have Vtubers. Twitch has E-thots, 3D generated prostitutes, and desperate hoes that will make jokes about how wet they are so you will donate money to them.

Vtubers can be found on YouTube.

>> No.9372132

Wow, 790k dead subs. Impressive

>> No.9372158

Please name me a few EN indies that stream on YouTube. Without looking it up.

>> No.9372161

Some YT vtubers moved to twitch because it's a less hostile platform. You'd just get buried in YT if you're not Japanese. And yes, you can train your chat to be less shit.

>> No.9372227

The word your looking for is tact. EN manages to keep their chats in line with a cleaner, less raunchy humor with occasionally over-the-top comments or subtle sexual jokes. The ability to tard-wrangle and keep chat somewhat in line and create an atmosphere somewhat different from the typical Twitch chat chatter is what makes me like Holo's. There was a thread a few days back talking about raids and that's a perfect example of something that has good intentions but ruins a chat easily.

>> No.9372242

I mean, didn't people watch her collab with Mori? It was all fluff and completely harmless.

>> No.9372297

How is it less hostile if you can't call nigger a nigger?

>> No.9372308

A well trained Twitch chat can elevate the experience of watching a streamer. See: Vinny, Simpleflips...

>> No.9372310

>without trying
Try again.

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Still more alive than Anya's

>> No.9372357

So this is your brain on /pol/...

>> No.9372360

Algorithm and discoverability. YT isn't a mainly streaming platform and there's little growth in there without external promotion or a literal large company financing you.

>> No.9372370

Mori's way more appreciative of hololive than she lets on, meanwhile Ollie's looking for any chance she can to change hololive into what she thinks it should be. This ironmouse collab is just another lever in her plan.

>> No.9372451

Man with the smallest baaaaaalls.

>> No.9372461

More than half of the hololive would have been permabanned by this point if they were streaming on Twitch.

>> No.9372465

Like Gura's 3.3 mil dead subs, amirite

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>> No.9372708

August avg live viewers
>4317 :: ollie (id2, 27 streams)
>3759 :: moona (id1, 21 streams)

Its not like any other ID doing better than her

>> No.9372996

You need to take your meds. You really do.

>> No.9373127

oh look
americans are here to ruin another thing, amazing

>> No.9373162

He is voicing her sidekick so I don’t know where you get this idea from.

>> No.9373193

He is going to be in chat during this collab and majority of the question is going to be about him. Someone here should try asking Ollie about her being a part of his 93% fanbase.

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>> No.9373309

Who are they grooming?

>> No.9373332

discord users

>> No.9373341

Are they even friend with that dude? Never seen them interact with him at all.

>> No.9373379

>no reply

>> No.9373443

Because these corporations know far better than you do what is a meaningful fuckup and what is a completely inconsequential one.
They want to grow their market and these collab attempts are a low-cost way to do that.

>> No.9373559

I don't know about outsiders, but I was checking the threads after the collabs happened and the VShofags got bored because their girls weren't able to unleash their "power level"
Their streaming natures kinda clash, that's what I'll say for now

>> No.9373759

As a Vshofag I will state the opposite. It's fun to see the girls trying so hard to control themselves, and usually failing at some point.
The tiny portion of the audience on /vt/ are not representative of the whole.

>> No.9373821

Pretty much this. This is very similar to how people on twitter believe they represent a significant part of the general public, only on a smaller scale.

>> No.9375544

this desu. Its fun watching how they interact with new people, because it is usually different than what they do on their own. I certainly didnt see Nyanners rating toilets during her kiara collab.

>> No.9376751

Vshojofag here. Most of us liked Nyan's collab with Kiara because Nyan getting bullied is great content.

>> No.9377407

Did seanigs really count those 500ish avg numbers different? Its the fucking same, people jumping around and made those 500ish

>> No.9378177

The warhammer guy?

>> No.9378260

Oldfag here. I have no beef with Nyanners and I miss the olden age of /a/ and /v/. I'm going against the grain here but I'd love to see Mori and Nyanners talk about old chan memes. Those who were raised by this website, unlike (as far as I know) Kiara and Ironmouse. And please give Duke a call, I miss him.

>> No.9380397

Connor will find a way to barge in, I guarantee

>> No.9380698

The show is called Speak of the Devil.

>> No.9380848

Mori doesn't talk to any of the other vshojo members outside of IronMouse and really doesn't seem to have any interest in them.

>> No.9380943

I could say Anya does lines of coke in her member streams and people would believe me.

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>'I GOT AN INFECTION CAUSE MY BOYFRIEND CUMMED IN MY EYE' like shut the fuck up ho nobody wants to know that.
Anon delete this, there are unironically dozen of retards on here who send mouse money because they think she's a virgin who can't touch men due to her super special purity disease

>> No.9381282


Oh, that's why I have ear infection. Thanks Anon

>> No.9381324

This one is the best because they actually believe it

>> No.9381513

She should change it to a game show format where Mousey finds crazy products online and one made up one and the guest has to describe them and guess the prices before picking the fake. It would give it more structure.

Call it Deal with the Devil.

>> No.9385072

I want to know that. The story itself was pretty good.

>> No.9385371

You wouldn’t know good taste if it fucked you in the ass on Chaturbate.

>> No.9385414

>When will cover fucking learn?!

>> No.9385449

>The fact that Mouse brings the TTS dragonboy, the adulterer and coomer bait along with her makes me avoid her.
I’m sure she pines over your lack of support.

>> No.9385463 [DELETED] 
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>Another hololive/vshitshow collab...
>When will cover fucking learn?!

>> No.9386544

Are you fucking dumb? I was arguing that ollie has the best performance out of ID in term of numbers so of course 500 difference matters and its fucking ID we are talking about, 500 difference is huge when half of them are below 2k avg in live viewers.

>> No.9388433

He's on vacation if i remember correctly , so i don't think it will happen

>> No.9388492

Por que no los dos?

>> No.9389351

I wish Melody would fuck me in the ass...

>> No.9389588

Normalfags would also support Gura x Pokimane collabs or Ame x forsen

>> No.9389683

His YouTube content is kinda meh, and his twitch content is alright.

>> No.9390153

He'll be fingering them both.

>> No.9390218

The absolute state of Holofags...

>> No.9390241

It's obvious that Mouse legitimately kind of resents Connor now. Her jabs have felt less and less playful recently and her patience for him constantly crossing lines he should know better than to cross has clearly worn really thin.

>> No.9390338

Ogey Twitchtard, why don’t you type a giant penis using emotes?

>> No.9390494

do you mean from their latest stream? I think she was just medicated

>> No.9390656 [DELETED] 

Add Kiara and you'll have the loudest clusterfuck imaginable.

>> No.9390669

Medicated Mouse is too loopy to be angry. She just kind of babbles about nothing. Sober Mouse has been getting increasingly legitimately annoyed/angry at Connor because he doesn't know when to keep his fucking mouth shut.

>> No.9390871

Are you talking that about that one clip where he talks about Hololive?

>> No.9390881

Mousey literally said that there is no format. She just made it as an excuse to chat with interesting people.

>> No.9391140

I only watched Finana's POV and I honestly enjoyed it a lot. I didn't see a lot of the awkward interactions on her side. Unfortunately, a lot of the VODs are now privated/deleted, which sucks because there were a lot of awesome moments there that you wouldn't be able to revisit.
However, I have heard that Haruka and Pomu's interactions were pretty awkward because Haruka kept asking Pomu about her surgery and whatnot. Ironmouse was having issues with her audio and the first 30 minutes of the streams were just them trying to get everyone to join and get the game running (I could be wrong, I was also 30 minutes late but they were just getting to introductions by then).

>> No.9391181

>Sober Mouse has been getting increasingly legitimately annoyed/angry at Connor because he doesn't know when to keep his fucking mouth shut
Can't blame her. She is friends with Mori and probably wants to keep doing collabs with her so him talking shit about Hololive while she is streaming isn't probably the best look.

>> No.9391184

Holy shit, that's based

>> No.9391301

I'm still in awe of how bad that question was. It's like an artistic masterpiece of asking the worst possible question.
>Can't blame her. She is friends with Mori and probably wants to keep doing collabs with her so him talking shit about Hololive while she is streaming isn't probably the best look
Mori should hurry the fuck up and invite Mouse over to her channel before Connor somehow creates a second Vae Yab.

>> No.9391303

I kind of find it hard to comprehend that there are actual human beings on /vt/ that want mouse dead because of her sense of humor or some other retarded unjustifiable nonsense.

>> No.9391336

what? I just want her dead so she stops appearing on Hololive channels.

>> No.9391375

Finally I get to watch Connor fuck two Vtubers on stream.

>> No.9391396

All the twitch VODs should still be up if you want to see them
Vienna, Bao, Zen, Froot, Haruka and Scarra

>> No.9391415

i don't even care if you're shitposting. wishing death on someone just because she's alone and wants to make friends with people is fucked, dude.

>> No.9391451

she can be friends with connor all she wants

>> No.9391480

You're not allowed to be mean to Mousey because she's sick. Feel free to bully the other VShojos though.

>> No.9391542

>Connor somehow creates a second Vae Yab
That is gonna affect TT more than Ironmouse.
I just don't understand that if he wants into Hololive so much why is he shit talking about them on streams?

>> No.9391545

Doesn't he openly endorse her trying to make more friends with other vtubers? Ollie included?

>> No.9391564

>However, I have heard that Haruka and Pomu's interactions were pretty awkward because Haruka kept asking Pomu about her surgery and whatnot
At the end she just highlighted that Pomu was going on a break for surgery and wished her well, a topic Pomu herself had mentioned numerous times before, although not in that stream. It was awkward, but people will lead you to believe she spat in Pomu's mouth.

>> No.9391566

How fucking new?
If you don’t like it go back to your hugbox thread

>> No.9391572

why would I give one iota of a fuck what connor thinks ironmouse can do? are you retarded?

>> No.9391677

i dunno, you're the one that brought him up.

>> No.9391678
File: 222 KB, 600x598, rediddidididi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i don't even care if you're shitposting. wishing death on someone just because she's alone and wants to make friends with people is fucked, dude.

>> No.9391724


>> No.9391727

>I just don't understand that if he wants into Hololive so much why is he shit talking about them on streams?
Literally the only reason I can think of is that one of his friends didn't make it into council. Why he'd vent about this shit on stream, with a Vshojo member is a mystery to me though.

>> No.9391741

Or you could just take a break from being an edgelord shitter for an hour or two

>> No.9391826

wow literally a nothing burguer thread, Mori already collabed with Mouse and everything is alright. unless connor somehow forces himself into that collab

>> No.9391984
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>> No.9392010

He wasn't really ranting about Hololive. They were on the topic of applications and job interviews, and it just came up. If you watch the whole thing, i think he was trying to say "Fake it 'til you make it"

>> No.9392025

Get used to it or get the fuck out
No one fucking cares if your fee fees got hurt because of Anonymous No.9391336
I don’t even shitpost that much but I don’t go to whiteknight my oshi every time someone wishes she graduated
I mean anon, almost no one in this thread gives a fuck about the collab happening

>> No.9392089

Lol people can't pay for Mouse to watch clips, she's never done it and has said several times she is against that. People have to use channel points to submit a video to watch, which are earned by watching the stream.

>> No.9392215

you are mentality ill

>> No.9392227

>I don’t even shitpost that much but I don’t go to whiteknight my oshi every time someone wishes she graduated
There's a difference between wanting a vtuber to graduate and wanting them to fucking DIE.

>> No.9392407

americans need to be executed

>> No.9392441

Retardchama, why do you fucking care that some random anon typed about wishing Ironmouse’s death in a mongolian basket weaving forum?

>> No.9392463

Dude just admit you want to kill a sick puerto rican girl because you're salty she's interacting with your oshis and your schizo ass is scared she'll taint hololive.

>> No.9392518

NTA, I think he was talking about OP because burger hours

>> No.9392523

i have admitted that TWICE you absolute nincompoop

>> No.9392578

Then seek help. Would Gura want this? Would Ame want this? Would any of your oshis want you doing this?

>> No.9392605

yes, it's based to do that

>> No.9392648

That's bullshit and you know it anon. Even if Ame hates Gigguk by some chance, she is not the type to wish death on people.

>> No.9392663

You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.
All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.
Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.
You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.
This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

>> No.9392689

The secondhand embarrassment i get from seeing people taking this bait

>> No.9392702

baba booey

>> No.9392715

NYPA faggot

>> No.9392716

howard stern's penis lmao

>> No.9392719

This isn't really a thing that happens outside of unmoderated chats. The whole bit about training a chat is easy. Just make it clear what you do and don't allow and people who don't like those rules will get filtered out while people willing to play by them will stay. Most Twitch streamers have chats that are relevant to who they are. A lot of people here like to ask what the appeal of Zentreya's streams are and the answer is an exceptionally well trained chat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRflBuszEmk

>> No.9392744

what are you talking about? i wasn't even in that thread.

>> No.9392748

enjoy! i hope you have a good time there, on twitch.tv!

>> No.9392769

>>9392744 ;)

>> No.9392812

fuck me it took me a second. i guess i'm still to tired to focus correctly.

>> No.9392813

I hope this turns into the final yab. I fucking hate Ollie, but I love the drama she causes.

>> No.9392848

>I hope this turns into the final yab
ID management is far different from JP and EN management. Ollie has a lot more freedom than the other girls. What's considered a yab to EN is a literal Wednesday to ID.

>> No.9392875

As expected from uncultured indog savages. I hope they get annexed by China.

>> No.9393149

We had a conversation about this and Cover seemingly can't do much about ID's government if something were to happen. They legit don't care. Ollie quite literally cannot be forced to graduate unless she did something super serious. Like doxxing one of her genmates on stream, or getting political. Talking about Vshojo or Nijisanji is nothing. Plus she values her Hololive career like it's her own child so she'll never go that far.

tl;dr Ollie can't be contained.

>> No.9393375

You're wrong. A girl like Ollie can't exist without validation, why do you think she's such a number fag trying to appeal to e-celebs? I'd even go as far as to say she's the biggest number fag that has ever graced Hololive the way she chases that e-celeb and vhooker dick.

Right now it's just a small minority on a niche mongolian basketweaving forum that hate her. Don't think for a second that the backlash and normies wouldn't drop her like a sack of potatoes the second she brings e-celeb drama shit into Hololive. Just think of the Vaebea shitstorm, that was a relatively minor thing that Cover probably wanted to sweep under the rug, but couldn't when half the fucking threads on 4chan and leddit were talking about it.

You're right, cover won't do shit. But these girls will cave if fans are vocal enough.

>> No.9393434

When you're such an unpredictable boundary pusher breaking all the rules that everyone knows what you're going to do next.

>> No.9393586

Imagine if it was shibuya Kaho. Kaho could had been one of the council.

>> No.9393645

Ironmouse is the most breedable Vshojo

>> No.9393691

well she's definitely the most bred so far lol

>> No.9393760

yeah, warhammer 5e, a tau player even

>> No.9393927

You mean this? https://clips.twitch.tv/WealthySuccessfulPeafowlCmonBruh-BUqXwdethhH0qMMN

He is not wrong and Mousey's reaction is pretty natural.

>> No.9394385

which clip?

>> No.9394678

Okay, understandable

>> No.9394711

Sounds good, I'll look up the other VODs then

>> No.9394991

Add Kiara and you'll have the loudest clusterfuck imaginable.

>> No.9395154

I thought it was some kind of rant just by how people were talking about it, it’s not as bad as I thought
Well, technically not a lie, he makes sound himself as incredibly greedy

>> No.9395358

It's not really that he's wrong for believing that, it's just weird for him to feel the need to say it on stream to someone who collabs with multiple people from hololive unless he's trying to start shit on purpose.

>> No.9395565

I mean, I get it. Making it into Hololive means a big boost for your new vtuber career, but the way he says it makes it sound like applying for it means put effort into clout chasing

>> No.9397066

I think the original context was that he was saying that if you want to get a job it's normal and expected that you oversell yourself and mousey was saying that you should remain honest at all costs.
So he brought up the example of someone auditioning for hololive, i.e. the dream job (with admittedly poor phrasing), and mousey obviously found herself in a tight spot because she didn't want to throw anyone under the bus. Look at chat at the start of the clip and you can kind of get to gist of what the discussion was actually about.

>> No.9397665

It's still funny to imagine Cali, a irl friend of his, probably shooting the shit with him later "so you don't have to be a good streamer uh, you bitch".

>> No.9398707

In the context of Mori hes completely right

>> No.9399215

It was an amazingly bad question. There was no way to answer it without coming off as an asshole to either hololive or vshojo.

>> No.9402841

> Sober Mouse has been getting increasingly legitimately annoyed/angry at Connor
I'm looking forward to the day when she snaps and goes full boriqua on the guy for one of his dumb comments.
It's always a fun time to be in the stream when Mouse explodes on someone.

>> No.9403828

How do oyu groom someone when theyre all over 18?

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