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>Main links
Debut VOD: https://youtu.be/3Tv5GyebhQo
Last Stream: https://youtu.be/Ff3h_U6PPDU
Next Stream: collab https://youtu.be/0FBq9C52M4Y
Sana's Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsukumosana
Current schedule: https://twitter.com/tsukumosana/status/1434703261844443138

>Where can I find arts?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23galaxillust&src=hashtag_click
Danbooru: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=tsukumo_sana
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/tags/九十九佐命/artworks
Azure-gallery: https://azure-gallery.net/illusts?query=vtuber%3A九十九佐命

LIVE: #SanaLanding
Fanart: #galaxillust
Fan name: Sanallite

Previous Thread: >>9354726

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Good sanaito everyone

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That Celeste stream was really comfy. It was a joy to see her just breeze through so many difficult challenges. Can't wait for her Minecraft stream! Hope she gets through her Superchats in time for Sora's concert.

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Select Sana's bodypart to get smothered by, when she is at giant (not her natural, but around building level) size.

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Between her booba of course.
I will live there forever and survive by sucking milk out of her tits.

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That style is so fucking cute. Who artist??

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Today I dreamed that I was pounding giant Sana pussy somewhere in space.

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Tsukumo "Cinzano Bianco" Sana

Props if you get the reference.

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She drew them based on requests from the last /nasa/ thread

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She is almost breaking again.

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Slug or Crab?

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I like the crab better. Also, Sana confirmed tonight that they live on those planets and have colonies, and that they also hate each other

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Why do I find her "thankyouforthesuperchat!" so adorable?

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Sana is aleays adorable

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Too sexy for a vtuber

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She says it with a certain cadence that's adorable, she rushes the syllables at the end to create almost a beat that's very much in character with her upbeat personality.

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the game is called metal SLUG
for a reason

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Honestly of you told me that unironically I'd believe you, cuz every single aspect of Sana's design has me erect anytime I'm looking at her. Out of all holomems, her fanart is the one I have saved the most of. I find her design more appealing and sexual than Kronii's even. It speaks to me on every level, and if I were to design my own waifu I guarantee she'd look a lot like Sana.

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Crab gang

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does sana play rpg?

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>Likes reading every line of dialo until all options are exhausted
She absolutely does. There is a good chance she's already played either Dragon Quest, Ys or the Trails series.

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Does Pokemon count? She's a big Pokemon need

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this image is cursed

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I do wonder where her off-beat pronunciation comes from.

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File: 1.13 MB, 600x338, 92544602-【アニメ】太陽と同じ大きさぷるん.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I REALY hope she gets to play the remake on stream

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Would you be able to become a vtuber if it meant thanking people for superchats for 3-6 hours without breaks?

>> No.9378321

That's the best part of their work tho? Just counting money that you get during livestream.

>> No.9378510

I would do it for 12 hours like Kiara does, going on tangents and chatting non-stop with the viewers.

But if I was Sana I would also have short thank you term like "bigthanks!" or something like that to go fast with the empty superchats

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I thought that was a pink nousagi

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But thats the easiest art of the already easy job.
I would unironically give my left nut to be in a Holos place. Even the ones with 1~2k viewers.

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On one hand it's pretty easy; it's not really demanding anything from you in terms of presentation beyond staying polite, and it's expected that it's going to be boring so most people aren't going to watch it.
On the other hand my voice starts getting hoarse after about five hours of talking, so that'd be rough.

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I hate when these people with marked name try to be attentionwhores in the chat

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Eh, as someone that was a vtuber for awhile. It depends if entertaining and interacting with a lot of people is something you enjoy. Otherwise is just as "hard" as any other job that doesn't involve physical work, reason why I quit.

Unless of course, you want to rarely stream or stream for very short times.

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>play the remake
I don't wont sana playing that garbage

>> No.9378989

>Unless of course, you want to rarely stream or stream for very short times.
Not everyone can be Ayame and stream once a month for her 40k paycheck. People say it's an easy job but I just know I'd hate it myself.

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did she beat Celeste? also endurance stream let's goooo

>> No.9379399

did she read all supas? I thought there were plenty left still.

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Finally i'm the last...Sanallite

>> No.9379425

I just woke up and she just ended her stream. my wife has so much endurance and stamina !!

>> No.9379438

they make like 10~20k in a day which would normally take months for a normal 9to5 to make. thanking superchats is nothing

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Well I was a streamer for a year.
Eventually gave up only because I couldnt get more than 100 viewers in streams.
I can easily say I would do anything to be a streamer with more than 1k viewers each stream.
Just knowing that I would have at least 10 people giving me superchats everyday would be enough for me to wake up and stream games with a smile on my face.
Believe me, it beats any other job that isnt fun to do, like office work or physical labor.

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Sana deserves it.

>> No.9379810

I forgot Cuphead exists. That would be a good one for her to play. Maybe even in a collab.

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Not like she can record emulators and getting DS futage isn't great either

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cant believe sana mentioned her parents are divorced and she has a step bro and sis. I love vtubers from broken families, she's my oshi

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She is Watame killer, gentleness-wise.

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>Not like she can record emulators
god that sucks.

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>fell asleep during Celeste
>vod is 8 hours
Sana why

>> No.9381254

Anon! The word is footage! I pronounced that very differently in my head!

>> No.9381357

Freudian slip because you want your father's cock

>> No.9381996

Nah I don't think I could. I know its kinda against the "culture" of being a vtuber but I don't wanna sit and thank people like that. I'd either thank the donations/superchats as they come in or make it clear before ever opening them up that I won't thank each one personally. Not sure if I'd do the same for memberships.
Then again I don't think I'd want to be that popular and would be honestly surprised if I could break 3 digit viewership, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.
I'm not really interested in making money I'd just wanna hang with chat and chat about games and shit.
Other than that I'm a lazy fuck!

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You got 2 streams in 1

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How do we feel about the upcoming Fauna collab?

>> No.9382685

Sana and Fauna are my favorites this gen, so pretty hype. I'd probably like bae more if her hours worked better for me and if youtube actually showed me when people were streaming

>> No.9382705

No reason to believe it won't be good.

>> No.9382764

>8 hour stream
Holy shit

>> No.9382832

how big is her cock ?

>> No.9382846

Can’t wait for the collab with the rrat

>> No.9383071

I have the holoschedule extension and only selected the streamers I'm interested in, so it shows me any upcoming streams as long as they have been reserved. Only works on PC though so of course if you're watching on mobile it's a mixed bag whether youtube notifies you.

>> No.9383720

meh I only watch Fauna when she’s doing an ASMR stream, or just to drop a like since I do that for all the girls.

I’d like to be sold on her through this collab like Mumei was in the last collab to me.

I desperately want another Sauna and Kronii collab to happen again

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I feel Sana has the gamer skills to play more niche and/or wackier games out there, Katamari Damacy would be a great start

>> No.9384114

I feel asleep halfway through celeste because it was like 1 AM my time. Did she really stream for 8 hours? Holy shit.

>> No.9384456

I had a dream last night where Sana and Kronii were talking about each other's nipples. Sana talked about how her nips were ten times the size of Earth. Kronii was insecure about her inverted nipples. The two docked topless. Had to polish the morning wood after.

>> No.9384554

I know - and there was no yawning, complaining, exhaustion - she got through it like a champ

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File: 2.97 MB, 2065x1277, 4425775283275923750137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based wet dream anon

>> No.9385073

give me the saose

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>> No.9385675

tits are lacking...

>> No.9386156

Yeah, heads look like they just put em on other girls' bodies

>> No.9386169

Sana wants to build an observatory tower for her house with a spiral staircase, so I'm excited to see her to dive in and start digging. Fauna is just the right person to show her what to do.

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File: 1.54 MB, 3439x2387, 20210903_204526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She finished an act and just wanted to check out the next one to get a feel for it. She ended up having too much fun and completed it, then went on to start sc readings. She's precious.

>> No.9386716

Go watch Fauna's Pokemon Unite, Passpautout and Plug & Play streams. She's really funny.

>> No.9386804

I wonder if Fauna would have fun with Pikmin 3 Deluxe? Tried asking /uuu/ but got no response. Pikmin 3's the most fun when you plan out your tasks as efficiently as possible.

>> No.9387915

Sana should dock with Fauna

>> No.9388067

>waking up to an 8 hour vod from sana

I didn't expect this bros, maybe like a 3-4 hour one at best. My day might be fucking set

>> No.9388329

Congratz on the retweet Hollewdz

>> No.9388359

I hope next week instead of playing a game before reading superchats Sana deticates an entire day to reading them instead. Superchat Sunday is a thing for a reason.

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File: 906 KB, 1102x729, 20210907120321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really satisfied with this edit, but maybe it can tickle someone else's fancy

>> No.9388894

>the loading speed on my computer causing this image to slowly reveal itself from top to bottom

>> No.9389165

Ame does it because she never reads supers post stream. Most girls just read supers in the same stream, but this was the opening of the floodgates so this is probably the most shes gonna get until her bday or anniversary.

>> No.9389364

They're like balloons. lol

>> No.9389800

>not enjoying big balloon tits
no tastes desu

>> No.9389930

Maybe if they're water balloons.

>> No.9390604

>He's never used water balloons to paizuri
Literally my first fap, was pretty surprised it worked

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File: 1.35 MB, 950x1000, ty supa piles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is actually how i found out she retweeted it lol thanks X]

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File: 2.24 MB, 1100x1556, __tsukumo_sana_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_wenz__ae52b8849e2a9e42ce7e032e2626f95a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9391551

If Sana puts her arms between her cleavage and turns around would you see back boob?

>> No.9391674

I'd probably adopt the Ina method. Not like I'd get a lot anyhow

>> No.9392001

Should we make a video game wishlist for Sana to play?

>> No.9392192

So she can never see it and so we can be disappointed it doesn't come true

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File: 389 KB, 2047x1216, 1631012226307.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9392900

this is an upgrade! though I wish the bodies were a bit more proportional (and slightly more plump) to match the volume of chest size. not really your fault though.

do you do preggos?

>> No.9392948

>Earth-sized breasts
I guess fanart is allowed to be inaccurate

>> No.9393029

She is God of Space. Pretty sure she can freely sizeshift around as she pleases.

>> No.9393078

She's speaker of space, they mentioned specifically that they're not gods. I just want Jupiter-sized breasts to crush our planet

>> No.9393106

What's "speaker of space" even?

>> No.9393127

NTA, but I think the point she can sizeshift probably stands.

>> No.9393135

I was hoping for this too. Katamari seems like a good fit. Collecting things to turn into star dust to make galaxies. Sana loves the earth, but keeps destroying it.

>> No.9393177

Sana may as well be a god compared to us.
>Can change sizes from mortal to astronomical.
>Impervious to direct contact with solar plasma.
>Can manipulate her own gravity to fly.
If Sana's not a god then she's at least a goddamn super hero.

>> No.9393188

DUmb lore made up by management. Probably supposed to be a representative of a higher power.
I go by the canon we see, which is her size limiter makes her small and removing it returns her to one size, so unless she mentioned she can change size at will in the one stream I haven't watched, its my belief

>> No.9393190

imagine pregnant Kronii and Sana with their breasts getting even bigger

milk would be a bonus too

>> No.9393221

Stream and timestamp?

>> No.9393233

Well, her height puts her at several times the size of the sun, but her size comparison puts her at sun-sized with Jupiter-sized boobs.
probably an error, but now it's canon.

>> No.9393240

There's a reason the Sun was worshiped by most early civilizations

>> No.9393282


>> No.9393286


It's pretty hard for you to pick up a fly without crushing it. Same for Sana - her power level so high, it's hard for her to keep human-size without limiter. So yeah, it's logical for her to be able to go smaller than natural, but still astronomical compared to us. Hell, she can go bigger than natural, and also resize others, if her power is over space.

>> No.9393325

If we're allowed to go all out on her lore, then she should be able to control time as well.

>> No.9393333

>Stole the watch
>Stole the orb
Someone has to stop this vandal, she has defied all of SpaceTime.

>> No.9393355

I am not physics nerd, how she will be able to control time? I mean safely, without wrecking and spaghettifying shit by compressing/expanding space.

>> No.9393357

Actually they are goddesses. Sana is a goddess who took the form of human in an avatar. Sana's mascot is Yatagarasu, a sun god. Yes, even the worm-like creature is a god too.

>> No.9393359

Does Sana have any other abilities besides BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG? I could see her having gravity manipulation and stellar body control

>> No.9393368

>even the worm-like creature is a god too
He's a crow though

>> No.9393386

Porque no los dos?

>> No.9393410

That’s his true form. My point is he is a god.

>> No.9393411

destroying planets I think.

She's like Sailor Cosmos if she could grow and become huge, so perfect basically

>> No.9393419


I actually aiming to make an animation of her using some of these. Screencap me, nerds.

>> No.9393453

That's because space by itself isn't a thing, it's always spacetime. Time is just a dimension of it.

>> No.9393474
File: 1.29 MB, 1768x992, 1624995023117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OTP confirmed

>> No.9393524

I do not do prego edits no

>> No.9393560

Sana and Kronii are also have a very old age to represent personifications of Space and Time.

>> No.9393567

Maybe Sana and Kronii have the same fundamental powers, but they're specialized to affect certain dimensions more strongly.

>> No.9393591

People think when you simply time travel you'll always arrive on the exact place on Earth but in a different time. This is false. You'll arrive in that exact coordinate of space. Meaning if you time traveled 6 months into the past the Earth is on the opposite side of the solar system. Meaning you'll arrive in the vacuum of space and die.

>> No.9393608

The milky way!

>> No.9393622

i noticed an error so here

>> No.9393677

I have been trying to watch all EN2 streams but turns out following 5 members everyday is hard, Sana is the one I have watched least so far, so which VODs you would recommend?

>> No.9393698

Beat the Beat/Rhythm Heaven.

>> No.9393722

Repelling mosquitos. She needs to do a Gunbuster/Diebuster watch along so we can see her comment on some of the crazy stuff they do

>> No.9393767

Probably, it's magic you ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.9393827

rhythm heaven or her first celeste stream

>> No.9394060

Anon stop that, this is a serious discussion about cute girls super powers

>> No.9394089

ah fuck, meant for >>9393767

>> No.9394099

Fuck you. Watch Universe Sandbox stream.

>> No.9394133

Her first Celeste stream

>> No.9394192

It's because I don't really know if you can simply change one dimension of space like that, maybe you can.
Space stretches all the time and I don't think that affects the passage of time.

>> No.9394243

Let's say one have to battle Sana. How she would use her powers to play with and gently bully her opponent till they concede? Keyword is gently, distorting them into some abomination would be really out of character.

>> No.9394361

Hololive tournament fighter when?

>> No.9394365

Everything? Estradiol for 2-3 years, facial feminzation surgery, breast augmentation, might also require extra vocal coord surgery if you cannot VA. Then you are set. Thank me later anon.

>> No.9394490

I suppose by becoming bigger and bigger, thereby increasing the gravity more and more.

>> No.9394502

Anon, just being a woman isn't enough to get over 100 viewers as a streamer.
Source: my ex was a smalltime GTA5 streamer. Rarely got more than 15-20 viewers.
>still got hundreds of € in donations each month

>> No.9394533

>just being a woman isn't enough to get over 100 viewers as a streamer
It is for Hololive.

>> No.9394618

depends on the opponent, a regular human could be bullied by throwing them in a zero gravity field

>> No.9394667

Hi Orbiters! Are you looking forward to the collab?

>> No.9394690

>Out of character

You're right, Sana would accidentally slingshot you into deep space while trying to show you what a banana the size of Jupiter would look like or incinerate you while carving a cutesy message onto the surface of the planet.

In Hololive fighter Sana doesn't even realise it's a fight, she accidentally destroys her opponent with enthusiasm.

>> No.9394744

Yes, I've basically only been watchin Fauna and Sana outside of council meetings and I'm happy to see them collab together

>> No.9394798

She destroyed my heart, many times.
I am glad she has low numbers - feels more intimate this way~

>> No.9394812
File: 131 KB, 828x828, 1629948454428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's great. The whole stream there was barely any dead air. Whether it be commentary, talking to chat, or cute noises. She's a natural.

>> No.9395259

Today she talked about her gravitational pull.
I guess being space she can do shit like compress or expand anything, so she could flatten the planet if she wants.

>> No.9395407

She is here to protect us.
She is here to protect us from the terrible secret of Space.

>> No.9395418

She can also bully you with warping space so you'll never be able to move from where you standing. You walk and appear to be "moving" but nothing gets closer to you.

>> No.9395495

I was checking your twitter and you got some good giantess stuff.
Heres hoping you draw more Sana in the future.
I intend to as well but I am lazy...

>> No.9395547

Any prediction on which en1 will crash the collab?

>> No.9395555

She's like Ina in that this doesn't feel like it's a job to her but a hobby. Not that it means that she doesn't work hard in streaming but it's a more relaxed vibe compared a lot of other streamers.

>> No.9396613
File: 1.42 MB, 1920x1080, 93323C50-10D0-40A2-91C9-832813D4DD1E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

workin on some lil Celeste scenes now that I’ve woken up and can keep watchin, very comfy way to fall asleep.

>> No.9396635

Hopeful that Ina would, she seems like she'd get along with fauna and mumei and we know she and Sana get along, but I'm honestly expecting no interaction or Kiara

>> No.9396642

She can control my body pretty stellarly.

>> No.9397056 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.18 MB, 5000x5000, Palkia + Sana Final Rough.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have some Space Love with some appropriately themed Pokemon!
Can't color for shit, so this is all I've got. Working on Dialga/Kronii now.

>> No.9397997

During her sc reading she mentioned casually throwing a star, yes a star, at someone for something. She is 100% a galaxy ending threat

>> No.9398081

How big was the star?

>> No.9398129

Big enough.

>> No.9398821

Anyone else just want to just brush Sana's hair while you talk about video games and stuff?

>> No.9399015

Her fucking voice. When she went Ara Ara I felt my dick about to detonate to atoms if it wasn't for my reverence for her to barely stop it. The second she drops her hair down and goes gyaru outfit thousands of cocks will end sudenly.

>> No.9399078

>stream is called sauna

haha imagine sana and fauna together in a sauna haha

>> No.9399141
File: 999 KB, 1240x1754, 90ce346d6deda6d641bb2ca956c71eac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Univers Sandbox is the hotest

>> No.9400521

Hey Anons, I've got a real and serious question.
Does Sana realize that it's a rabbit and not a slug?

>> No.9400552

It's both

>> No.9400614
File: 826 KB, 3600x2456, E952SdNUUAA82fH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder what the next collab is gonna be. I'm hoping for either pummel/mario party or gang beasts. We need some salt thrown in to the mix

>> No.9400900

I think she needs to ask her papa because she didnt even know their names.

>> No.9401054

Not knowing names is fine. It's up to her to come up with that and it builds her character so she can play off of more things when she wants/needs to. That's what I like about the lore stuff. It's used as a crutch for the Holos to have jokes to fall back on. Whether you enjoy the jokes or not is a different story.

>> No.9401162

That's really nice, Anon!
I love the universal association everyone has with Sauna/Kronii and Palkia/Dialga

>> No.9401240

Finally watching the supa stream. Did she really not get that the guy who made the 'Space looking at a special space' until she put it up on the stream? If so, what a fucking innocent woman.

>> No.9401547


>> No.9401648

I was literally about to say I havent seen a sex fanart of Sana yet.

>> No.9401737

Sana was made for BWC !!

>> No.9402052


Cute and comfy pic, anon

>> No.9402210

minecraft time lets go

>> No.9402304

is her lighting set to Fast? good lord we need to get her a new computer

>> No.9402335

Thanks! Looking to also to make Bael with Giratina, Fauna with both Shaymin forms, and Mumei with Regigigas

>> No.9402346
File: 2.34 MB, 1080x1080, 1630520283126.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>top of sana's head

hell ya, lore continuity baby!

>> No.9402355
File: 42 KB, 200x256, ad0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not wearing any panties!

>> No.9402367
File: 425 KB, 2048x2048, 1615415845019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not wearing any panties

>> No.9402419


>> No.9402507

>Mumei with Regigigas
Good shit, anon.

>> No.9402621

sana playing on based potato specs

>> No.9402643

They push this rat being leader thing but I dont feel it at all.

>> No.9402688

Was about to say, am I just a fucking retard and messing something up or is this some 240p shit?

>> No.9402709

honestly either Kronii or Sana feel more like the glue holding the council together if anything...

>> No.9402717

i am going to fucking cry when sana hits f3

rrat prob helps alot behind the scenes

>> No.9402736

Rrat probably does a ton of BTS stuff considering how they talk about her

>> No.9402740

She's not so much a leader but more so the only one that doesn't have spaghetti falling out of their pockets

>> No.9402774

>Know your place you filthy monkey

>> No.9402782

>Know your place you filthy monkey

>> No.9402800

>filthy money

sana pls, you are pouring fuel into the fire at this point

>> No.9402811

>Know your place you filthy monkey

welp I kneel

>> No.9402817

Good lord sana, you just meet a girl and tell her to say that to you.

>> No.9402824

I'm beginning to believe that Sana might be into petplay.

I guess I'm purchasing a leash

>> No.9402837

well who would have thought sana is the yab machine

>> No.9402853

Jesus Christ, I will be happy if Sana can get at least 5k average viewers. Is that too much to ask?

>> No.9402888

>She's been doing a virtual minstrel show this whole time

I told VT she was based, and they would kneel.

>> No.9402899

>not saying inappropriate shit at every chance they get

>> No.9402907

I think she's a genuine M

>> No.9402929
File: 1.62 MB, 795x900, 61b026bdaac4da7c4706a0ea9de82526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta be honest, i'm an oldfag and minecraft doesn't appeal to me at all prob my least favorite content in Hololive, but I gotta support my oshi.

>> No.9402956

>Surprised the Aussie from the shitposting capital of the universe is a shitposting machine

>> No.9403034

Now when do they get to making tools?

>> No.9403049

Same. I never liked this game and hate the fact they all play it all the time, but sometimes I open the streams and just listen to the girls voices.

>> No.9403093

Been playing and watching Minecraft since 2009 and I still fucking love every second. I might just be beyond saving at this point.

>> No.9403094

based king anon

>> No.9403121

Will you visit Fauna's cat cafe?

>> No.9403132

I'm really hoping she says cunt at some point

>> No.9403167

Remember when haachama said cunt and no one cared?

>> No.9403193

>Sana nerding out about being able to play on the hololive minecraft servers

I was pretty depressed all day but now I'm not

>> No.9403205

I wonder how old you might be Anon, because I've always had a hunch that us younger folk are more like this. I don't know anyone my age that 'dislikes' minecraft

>> No.9403227

I used to make fun of Minecraft throught the 2010s but Hololive unironically made me start to appreciate the game a little more.
Not sure if it's all the updates that they added over time but the game has some fun elements, it basically like a theater for the Holos to express themselves and interact.

>> No.9403228

Most of the time Minecraft streams are just glorified zatsudan

>> No.9403244

oh fuck you're right hahaha I forgot about that

>> No.9403289

>Nobody will know Sana wore your pantsu on her head.

>> No.9403295

It's basically a social hub. Even if you aren't interested in building or adventuring it's basically Toonville where the cartoon characters live and go about their day to day lives.

>> No.9403329

Lol, did anybody see that $5 doxx SC?

>> No.9403359

I wonder if someone already made a decent Sana card for Koikatsu.
If not I might try later.

>> No.9403376

checked the logs. bruh

still don't understand the Eddy meme but it's funny as hell

>> No.9403580

>Kiara shows up in Sana's chat
it never ends

>> No.9403608

I am glad Fauna can actually talk.
Nothing makes me cringe more than dead silence in collabs.

>> No.9403725

Fauna is by far the best talker of this gen. She's really good at always having something to talk about.

>> No.9403729

Same. I enjoy it when they're doing something mindless and it devolves into a zatsudan. That aspect is why Minecraft collabs are 1000x better than solo.

>> No.9403755

faufau knows her mc shit

>> No.9403808

She seems the most concious that there's an audience watching and to keep them involved in what's going on.

>> No.9403856

>biggest buff game
it truly is over for Sana

>> No.9403885

Fuck off blackhole.

>> No.9403894
File: 407 KB, 800x796, 1617315211538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9403915

who gives a shit, quality over quantity

>> No.9403938

dont reply to numberfags from global

>> No.9403946

WHy even respond to the most obvious bait?

>> No.9403950

Full on slavery role play happening now, lets goooooo!

>> No.9403960

Minecraft stopped being a buff game for a while now.

>> No.9403961

>who gives a shit
she does
and unfortunately she is going to be the anya of holoen

>> No.9404003

I obviously don't go on global, but I just checked recently and holy fuck they're tasteless degenerates

>> No.9404005

Because I had the perfect reaction image

>> No.9404055

Because I wanted to call him a blackhole.

>> No.9404060


>> No.9404108

the concept of a literal space goddess wanting to be degraded and treated like an m is new and amazing. Truly breaking ground for giantfags.

>> No.9404119

because I wanted to remind them that no one gives a shit

>> No.9404236

>treated as an m
wat mean

>> No.9404237

I wish I was a slave owner so I could own Sana

>> No.9404261

There is something very wrong with this bitrate

>> No.9404285

Better the Anya than the Iofi.
Poor Iofi.

>> No.9404313

my fucking eyes hurt

>> No.9404336


>> No.9404345

what would you do with your own personal sana?

>> No.9404362

I'm hoping she can move for better internet

>> No.9404368

God this game is so ugly it pisses me off just looking at it.

>> No.9404373

I'd drown the underground railroad with all the cum I'd fill her with as I helped her escape your southern faggotry

>> No.9404386

I felt so bad when she got covid too, especially because that was the first time I heard about her in months

>> No.9404394

If she's down under there's nowhere in the entire penal colony with decent internet.

>> No.9404411

It was better when she streamed in 720p

>> No.9404419

chill, snuggle, play videogames, have dirty dirty perverted sex(probably with her armpits)

>> No.9404438

I hope Sana upgrades her PC. She needs a better processor for OBS. Alternatively she could build a second PC for streaming with OBS while keeping gaming PC seperate.

>> No.9404444

Live on her belly button.

>> No.9404455

>tell me off more often!
I nutted

>> No.9404486

Numberfaggotry is bad and all but bad numbers are worrisome, to them and to the fans. Hopefully her fans are passionate enough to carry her regardless.

>> No.9404560

People should tell her to buy a new one to see what she says. Just so she can comment on it.

>> No.9404562

If you watched the first collab you would've seen how she was the only one aside from Sana who was even trying to keep the conversation going.

>> No.9404568


>> No.9404574

she was still 3rd in superchats so she'll be fine likely

also just because her numbers may be low compared to some other holos, she's still miles above other vtubers who are self sufficient.

>> No.9404584

>probably with her armpits
why armpits of all things? armpits are literally 0% sexual

>> No.9404607


I mean there's likely a chunk of people who would be watching her if Fauna wasnt streaming alongside her.

>> No.9404614


>> No.9404654

Done, but I have no money to super chat. So I just commented.

>> No.9404679

shes an unironic masochist. M stands for masochist.

>> No.9404680

>Her Weiner
I guess futafags win?

>> No.9404692

THIS. Too many of you forget that Sana has Cover Corp behind her, and she's surrounded by literally the biggest Vtubers on earth. She's fucking fine, and we need to shut up and just enjoy her - fuck sake

>> No.9404728

Would you nibble Sana's Weiner?

>> No.9404732

That's what Ame said and look at her now

>> No.9404738

what if she wants to stay tho?

>> No.9404747

because I have a fetish for armpits and I want to cum in sana's

>> No.9404748
File: 558 KB, 620x877, 1627831283673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9404759

Keep picturing a little leash leading up from Earth to a collar around max-size Sana's neck and :3'ing

>> No.9404800

no need to out yourself as a homosexual like that anon

>> No.9404801

Yeah she's so fine and not worried at all that she repeatedly apologizes for doing things that some people may not find fun and cried of relief when she got her SC rain.

>> No.9404804

I did watch it, but thats not what I was talking about.
Rat was more appointed as the leader than being the one that took the lead.
Its more like she took it because nobody else did.

>> No.9404823

I'm more of a clavicle guy myself

>> No.9404862

pls dont be sad for professional artist sana who pulled just shy of $20k during her suparty. She's just happy to be a part of hololive given that she went straight to watching sora's 4th after her 8 hour stream

>> No.9404868


>> No.9404888

that's still pretty top tier

>> No.9404898

People pretending she cannot survive on 3-5k viewers need to explain Holo ID. Also explain why the $19.7k on first SC day wasn’t sufficient enough.

>> No.9404909

Aw jeeze sana

>> No.9404915


She's also currently out-earning Fauna on this collab lol

>> No.9404921

Obviously she's in no danger financially but if she isn't comfortable streaming, if she's too worried, things won't be as fun. I hope the party gave her the confidence she was lacking.

>> No.9404939

to what length will you go to help your oshi fulfil her fetish? what will science do to help?

>> No.9404953

What do you think the leader's role is if not to take charge and get everyone going, which is exactly what she's been doing in the group?

>> No.9404977

I swear you fucking blackholes...

>> No.9404989

she literally played celeste for too long last night because 'i was having too much fun, i lost track of time'

shes fine, enjoy her and faufau

>> No.9404990

fanart when?

>> No.9405028

Not that guy but the Rrat feels too much like the youngest sister to fit the leader role.
This doesn't mean she can't be the leader especially since she's obviously proactive, I'm just talking about the feel of it.

>> No.9405063

I keep hearing "vulva" whenever she says that

>> No.9405102

Because you clearly don't have any kind of autism

>> No.9405182

I played Minecraft a while, I see the appeal but it's not enough for me to enjoy as a game.
However as stream fodder it's fantastic because it lets the talents chat for a few hours while doing stuff in the background.

>> No.9405331

I burned myself out of single player Minecraft. And finding multiplayer servers became Discord hell. So I don't really play Minecraft much anymore.

>> No.9405360

Not any of the previous anons but rrat is the only one that gave me leader vibe. Fauna/Mumei are too soft spoken, Kronii doesn't seems like she wants to do it and she's not a great conversationalist, Sana filters out too many viewers and has self esteem issues.

>> No.9405524


My prediction's are a six-core CPU, 16GB ram and GTX 1060

>> No.9405529

yeah, I'm not a fan of rrat, but she fits the 'leader role' fine. Not that it really has that much importance

>> No.9405589

>16GB ram
Oh god...

>> No.9405629

my prediction is she won't hit the f3 key at all this stream

>> No.9405651

I think Bae just needs to be more assertive and guide conversation better. It'll come with experience.

>> No.9405668


You can actually get 1 gigabit internet here in urban area's except the ISP caps upload at 50 megabits and it costs $150 a month.

>> No.9405696

The one I used to play on mostly has people, but most of them focus on the creative mode builds and hardly the survival mode anymore

>> No.9405728

I find it funny how New Zealand next door has faster, cheaper, and easier to access internet. But then again, it's a much smaller country

>> No.9405734

Sure, you can pick someone to be a leader, but it doesnt mean they will feel or act like a leader should.
To be honest as far as leadership qualities goes, their gen is really lacking.
Even when I dont like Kiara, I can tell you she was a good leader and fit the role pretty well, being the voice of the gen during collabs, being able to translate EN and JP talk, etc.

>> No.9405806

every time sana giggles like that I fell just a little more joy

>> No.9405835

I don't watch Fauna, but she's been really fun to listen to during this collab. Her soft voice with the vague jokes is amusing lmao I'm glad Sana vibes with someone so much

>> No.9405837

Very lewd couple
What's next? Walking hand in hand?

>> No.9405864

>It took everything I had to not schedule two minecraft streams this week
lmao don't even bother you'll eventually start streaming it every day

>> No.9405878

Sana's bgm is fucking RELAXING, love this shit

>> No.9405888

what if you nut on her limiter? will it sizzle and cook like the bread?

>> No.9405896

Its hard to find a group to survival build with. Most kids play Minecraft for meme games in adventure mode or shitpost with creative. I don't mind creative for testing builds.

>> No.9406018

its like a mosquito coil - you need to light it on fire first.

>> No.9406122

I play minecraft mostly for making farms, redstone constructs and not for the build theory bullshit that most creative server does, i mean I can do some bit of aesthetics but most of the time spending time on a blockgame just to argue that a tree doesn't look organic or a wall looks bland and needs texture is just plain bullshit for me

>> No.9406147

It might short out and stop working. Are you willing to bear the repercussions of your actions, Anon?

>> No.9406202

yeah I like Sana's bgm, althoughs Fauna's loops are okay.

I usually have to turn on my own music in order to watch Mumei's.

>> No.9406216

cute and comfy stream

>> No.9406239

If it means I get surrounded by her jupiters then yes

>> No.9406262

oh i get it they're building a sauna

>> No.9406291

Uh oh, looks like her stream died for a second

>> No.9406314

I mostly play for the survival. My building skills don't go far past "wood square"

>> No.9406348

cooming on it actually increases her max unlimited size.

>> No.9406353

cute, talkative, creative, resourceful, and most of all...productive!
this has been a good minecraft session

>> No.9406474

I can only take smol ame dance song for a bit, too

>> No.9406650

I have fun with level design games like Mario Maker. Building houses come naturally for me. However I don't feel satisfied with creative alone. I like spending time adventuring for materials to build things. That's also why I like Dragon Quest Builders.

>> No.9406690

miss space i dont feel so good...

>> No.9406702

Fauna suddenly because missingno

>> No.9406967

>5000 hours on Animal Crossing

Genuinely surprised.

>> No.9406995

Sana spending 5000+ hours pleasuring (you)

>> No.9407100

I'm glad for campfires because I can actually make smoking chimneys and braziers. Though I still prefer netherrack for braziers.

>> No.9407216

I think they're wanting to establish early that Sanallites always reply to bait about numbers. Prove them wrong, guys ... please

>> No.9407220

they got a lot done!

>> No.9407257

I dont think I have 5k hours even in my favorite games.

>> No.9407283

Fuck off blackholes.

>> No.9407314
File: 167 KB, 227x316, 1631062331808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sapling here, why your oshi is corrupting mine?

>> No.9407355


>> No.9407435

No panties...

>> No.9407441

Nopan confirmed.

>> No.9407474

Not gonna lie Polluted Fauna looks kinda cute.

>> No.9407483

I'm honestly a bit terrified that Sana's internet is so bad that someone will accidently have their model show their roomates face.

Cover needs to get that shit handled for her right away.

>> No.9407487

are they on peaceful

>> No.9407553


>> No.9407560

who needs panties?

>> No.9407601

The software they're using doesn't allow that. It's on a separate phone that beams the face tracking data to their computer, there's no way for the camera feed to get across.

>> No.9407609

it doesnt work like that on cover's app, if her model fails it just shows the iphone app's menu
it happened to ina today

>> No.9407613
File: 594 KB, 2480x3508, 1629859558850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's facial recognition, not an actual web cam.

>> No.9407671

Thats not how it works, newfag.

>> No.9407694
File: 820 KB, 2867x4096, 20210831_074807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leotards > pantsu

>> No.9407763

Sana gravitational pull is causing Fauna avatar to glitch, like a magnet next to a monitor.

>> No.9407856

God I wish I was Fauna.

>> No.9407911

Baelz doesn't have scuffed internet right

>> No.9407931


>> No.9408005

Peeing on Fauna!

>> No.9408045

I think they made the sauna way too small but whatever.

>> No.9408075

And that's that. Glad to see the Sana end screen. Its excellent for clearing your mind.

>> No.9408106

[Sana news] she might be addicted to minecraft , more streams to come

>> No.9408155

hmmm, i'll need to think hard on that one.

>> No.9408289
File: 206 KB, 815x1300, 1630826846801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was okay. Feels lonely when Sana doesnt interact with us tho..

>> No.9408355

She and Sana probably live in different places though.

>> No.9408462

hey art request anon. need pic of Sana and Fauna sharing omelette bed

>> No.9408633

Wish I could afford fresher eggs. A chicken and veggie omlette with gouda cheese and salsa sounds eggcellent right now.

>> No.9408673

Kronii is getting some retarded superchats.
Maybe its better that Sana only have us true Sanallities sticking with her.

>> No.9408896

I figure Kronii's superchats are a minefield of reddit shitposting to deal with. Sana at least has genuine support.

>> No.9409097
File: 471 KB, 1505x2125, 20210831_074825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think about it every morning

>> No.9409364

fauna and sana need to do more

those voices man

>> No.9409370
File: 552 KB, 2400x3500, E9mcNGrVkAMJl84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9409395

yummy yummy! of course, we'd need to make enough for Sana to share.

>> No.9409614

Wonder if Kiara has enough eggs to make a planet-sized omelet. Dunno about the chicken, cheese, veggies, and salsa.

>> No.9410015

I'm still blown away at how genuinely good she is at games. First just obliterating Celeste, and then saying she's spent more than 5000 hours on Animal Crossing. I wouldn't be surprised if she's secret decent at fps games too. What a queen, I love her

>> No.9410133

Maybe with a controller, she doesn't strike me as a mouse and keyboard kind of gamer

>> No.9410239

Yeah, she refused to use k+m during soma but kept mentioning how easy it was whenever she used the mouse

>But I wanna feel the vibration in my hands!

>> No.9410289

she seems more like a comfy, beanbag gamer more than 'pc masterrace'

>> No.9410353

Blaster Master Zero would be such a fun game for Sana.

>> No.9410653

made an edit from the MC collab:


>> No.9410863

kek, i really enjoyed annhilation

>> No.9410892

>read Sana twitter
>hear it voiced in my mind

I love her accent so much

>> No.9410920

Fuck, my sides. Nice one.
What's the song from?

>> No.9410977

glad you liked it! It's from Annihilation, one of my favourite films. Do watch it!

>> No.9411024

Would this be a good song for Sana to sing?


>> No.9411040

it's fucking great, it's a huge inspiration for my work. I reckon Sana would like it!

>> No.9411074

Oh, it's been on my radar. I'll check it out, thanks anon.

>> No.9411347

Fuck, I was just thinking about how Sana would like that movie.
That fucking song was nightmare inducing.

>> No.9411430

>The earth isn't located at the universal coordinate origin point
>But the sun is

>> No.9411571

Yeah, in that scenario I'm not sure where anon would end up if he's supposed to not have moved. Relativity says that there is no absolute frame of reference. Maybe there is one and it's relative to the CMB?

>> No.9411636

The sun wouldn't be in the same coordinates either. I was using Earth six months as an example.

>> No.9412088

Would be Kino honestly. Let's hope she can get permission to play any Katamari game. It feels like something right up her alley.

>> No.9412158

There is one true origin point in the universe: The source of the big bang. However we still need to find the origin of the big bang. Point is you can't just travel only on the time vector and survive. You also need to calculate the 3D space coordinates along with time travel to arrive near the point in time that you want on Earth or anywhere in space really.

>> No.9412269

The Big Bang didn't have a point in space which was the source, all of space was within a point at the moment of the Big Bang.

>> No.9412412


lmao if Sana had better internet and/or pc gold like this wouldn't happen:

>> No.9412682

Is it me or is Sana kinda awkward and nervous when talking directly to us alone with no game as a buffer?

>> No.9412822

I get that feeling but from when she is talking to other members.

>> No.9412867

Its still a useful reference point for extra-galactic travel. For inter-galactic travel the center of the Milky Way would be our point of reference. If you plan to travel from one solar system to the next, by the time you would get back to where you left the Sol system would have moved. Intergalactic space navigation is a pain.

>> No.9412914

What I'm saying is that this reference point does not exist. All of space is this point from which the Big Bang started.

>> No.9413173

This is probably a dumb ass question. Is it possible if you travel beyond far enough from the known universe you could theoretically encounter another universe created by another big bang?

>> No.9413213


>> No.9413273

How so?

>> No.9413381

The scale on which to think of this question is far beyond the human mind, it's a pointless question. First of all, you would need to travel fast enough for the expansion of the known universe to not 'outrun' you, the speed of which is already faster than the speed of light.

>> No.9413405

creepy and cute

>> No.9413406

Allow a tired analogy: imagine a deflated balloon that you draw dots on. If you inflate the balloon, the dots become more distant from one another; this represents the expansion of the universe. Basically, we're projecting the 3D universe onto a sphere (this kind assumes the universe loops, but even if it doesn't actually the point still stands, bear with me).
As the dots grow more distant, what is the center point on the balloon from which the dots are moving? There isn't one, they're all moving away from each other uniformly.
Not a dumb question. From what we know, that would mean moving at less than the speed of light, which in turn means you'd always stay inside the observable universe, so that would be no. However, there are pretty sensible multiverse theories out there, so finding other universes might not be completely aphysical. It would likely require something fancier than just traveling in a direction.

>> No.9413463

Just watching the astrology stream, she pauses often as if trying to think of what to say before talking along with a lot of fumbling. Obviously it comes with time, just funny that she focuses a lot on whatever she's thinking.
I have to watch some more streams, but I hope she plays off her chat a little more than what I've seen so far. Again, first 2 weeks so I get that it'll take a bit to get into the swing of things.

>> No.9413794
File: 203 KB, 273x391, 1631069682209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Owl drew your Oshi spessmen

>> No.9413824

I assume the laws of physics being relative will make damn sure you can never do the impossible and leave the boundary of the known universe. Plus if there were other universes they are so far apart that it would be impossible for them to collide. They would die from heat death and possibly collapse into another big bang. Implying another big bang is possible.

Nothing really matters.

>> No.9414229

Creating portals means breaking the laws of physics to connect two universes. That means hopping onto quantum vectors we as three-dimensional beings can never perceive. Humans are doomed to remain in their own universe, nay their own solar system, because our brains are physically incapeable of calculating beyond 3D space. Perhaps our successors can do better.

>> No.9414406

bros why is Sana just so lovable?

>> No.9414612

>because our brains are physically incapeable of calculating beyond 3D space.
The pedant within says that this is clearly incorrect, there is nothing that prevents us from investigating physics in as many dimensions as we want. It is abstracted as mathematics, since we cannot visualize it, but we can and do calculate them. I'd tend to agree we are unlikely to leave our solar system, unless unexpected breakthrough come up.

>> No.9414781

cute! did she finish catdog?

>> No.9415334

Perhaps if we have some way to create a lifeform that can perceive more than three dimensions naturally then their thoughts and perception can advance mathematics better than we can. Or at least process math in a way with extra dimensions they can understand. Perhaps evolution is too slow. It favors those who reproduce the most after all.

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