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is Yagoo sus?

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Wtf Yagoo is BASED?!

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yagoo is pedochama?

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given that actual idols are often hired at age 15 or even 14 this isn't impossible

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Gigabased if true

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They even let a 16 year old do ASMR

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Yeah, and somehow a lot of them ended up doing gravure or JAV

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Not cool, Yagoo. Why are you hiring hags?

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>is Yagoo sus?

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Yagoo shall now be known as Pedophile Chalmers

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yagoo ?

more like yakuzagoo

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BASED i hope Haato will do JAV at some point, her ASMR is already lewd.

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haachama was at risk of being groomed before hololive. neglected by family and mentally ill and vulnerable, just another example of saviorfagging yagoo!!

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Fucking newfags.

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Wouldn't be the first time.

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>noel and mel assigned to haachama as mentors
>they groom her into the ultimate nnd thot
please yagoo make it happen

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and just when we think that's creepy enough, there's this.... https://youtube.com/watch?v=iP48fVsN8nM

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Shion was 15 when she got the job.

How do you fuckers not know this?

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On the one hand, idols are often hired at a younger age
On the other hand, hiring actual teens to act as horny anime girls to get groomed by otaku and idolfags is a little questionable
But on my mutant third hand, everything's okay when Japan does it.

Call my a moralfag but I'm not too big a fan of feeding teens to wolves but I'm also on 4chan so UOH 15yo VTUBERS

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i was also 15 when i got my first job. though it was just plucking off neighbours' grass.

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>On the one hand, idols are often hired at a younger age
>On the other hand, hiring actual teens to act as horny anime girls to get groomed by otaku and idolfags is a little questionable
>But on my mutant third hand, everything's okay when Japan does it.
>Call my a moralfag but I'm not too big a fan of feeding teens to wolves but I'm also on 4chan so UOH 15yo VTUBERS

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You'd be surprised at the number of people here that have 0 (zero) roommate knowledge

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>You'd be surprised at the number of people here that have 0 (zero) roommate knowledge

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I sincerely don't give a single fuck about roommates, because I'm watching chuubas, not roommates. Unless it's Kson-tier common knowledge or something like that, but I'm never actively digging up. I have zero reasons to do that.

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I at least when I first heard Shion's voice, had to go check to make sure I wasn't watching an actual child.

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stay in global

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>haachama talked about finishing highschool and starting college.
>everyone treats her as a child/imouto.
>anon says he's unaware because he doesnt dig.

Ask me how i know you are a clipfag?
I bet you think Marine is always horny

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So did this whore actually sucked this guys cock and got raped to be in hololive back when nobody gave a fuck about it? That's pretty pathetic honestly I wonder if she's doing "massages" now or something.

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T o T

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not everyone is obsessed like you, sorry.

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who the fuck is Marine? she part of EN 2?

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Nah she's an indie, she was part of vshojoID before getting fired.

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14 is legal in my country

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Twice, possibly three times. Don’t forget Shion and Ollie.

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Is your country also one of those with a secret cabal of peados in power

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>>haachama talked about finishing highschool and starting college
I know that. THAT's common knowledge, just like I said.
>>everyone treats her as a child/imouto.
That's called acting. Lore.
>>anon says he's unaware because he doesnt dig.
I never said I'm unaware. I just don't care to dig. If I come across something then I just take it.
>Ask me how i know you are a clipfag?
Ask me how I know you're a newfag trying way too hard to fit in.
>I bet you think Marine is always horny
And you'd lose that bet, because I watch Marine actively.

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And deeply regretted it. Haglive will be a reality to not deal with the menhera shit of the young members.

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All that words and yet it's all empty without any substance. Please don't speak out of your boundaries just to own someone on the internet next time, Iofifag.

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replying to "how do you fuckers not know that" by "idk about roommate" is just admitting you are clueless.
>trying to fit in.
Deflecting i see.

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This isn't something to brag about... My friend wants to know where btw.

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He was responding to someone who was talking about SHION’s age. But (You) probably already knew that and you’re just farming attention.

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I do feel a bit weird sometimes when I remember the Vtuber I'm watching is practically a child

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No, no you don't. If you've ever seen her irl pics you really don't. She's very in a nice way homely. Kinda fat too.

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>explaining why anon is a butthurt fuck because mu digging
>farming attention
Yeah right

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I should have never hovered over the spoiler, fuck...

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They were originally going for the typical young idol back then, Sora, Haato and Shion were all underage when hired and only worked part-time
It wasn't until after Gen 2 debuted that Hololive started changing its strategy and decided to go with adults that can work full time at Cover

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>implying that people don't work out/fix their diet and get slimmer

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fatto catto...

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I've seen her pics and she aint fat, there's no shortage of "girl next door" types doing porn in Japan btw.

Anonchama you know Sora is 16 second season irl only Haato and Shion were really underage when they started and even at the time it was minority.

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Sora is a hag.

>> No.9388263

anon.....sora is a ticking time bomb too.......

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why is sora not called a hag or in the hag thread?

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>2 seconds in
yea no, i'm just going to admit to jail for seeing this

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Because she isn't...

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Have to act like a hag too.
Otherwise Luna would be included.

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got me thinking for a sec ,but...naah

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In most countries legal age for working is 16, nothing wrong.

Also, did you guys know that children in movies are portrayed by literal children?

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Sure but most jobs don't involve getting intimate with lonely rapey nips.

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Knowing they didn’t start as idols at first, contracting high schoolers to work as vtubers doesn’t seem to be much of a issue desu. And it’s not like teenagers don’t get works where performance is required, we have underage actors
Even if Haato and Shion were still underage when they started pandering to horny otakus, they’re vtubers so I don’t find it really/that questionable unless you’re salivating over the roommate
Yeah no glowie, keep your 3DPD shit out of here

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Wasn't Nyanners also underage when she did pomf pomf =3

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Voice actress for pic related was only 12 years old when she did the role and sang the end credits.

She was also in an idol group with other girls 2 years younger than she was. This is normal in Japan.

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So is she quitting again or something?

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Sure but giving a teen idol a handshake with cum on your hand is also normal in Japan.

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Because the doxfags found a sound-alike (similar to the Aria-Haato situation) and refuse to accept they got the wrong one

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What are you talking about? She's cute.

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This place would be better off if all doxxfags fucked off back to their pathetic discords .

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Like the other guy said, it's because doxxfags found some 30yo nobody VA they claim sounds like sora (it doesn't) and they neglect the fact that unlike every other holo out there (sans duck) that has let slip *something* about their real situation at least once sora has remained consistent in stated age for years, and everyone around her has similarly remained consistent regarding her age and background. A-chan celebrated a few months ago the ability to legally drink (21), and sora and her are supposedly the same age.
Basically, they've got a voice that the tone deaf seanigs that subscribe to hololive historian think sounds the same, and that's it. On the other hand there's a consistency in cover story that has had no slip ups, not even once. Look at how often the others fuck up or how even real idols do.

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I can't beliebe she is graduating... in 4 years with a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology...

>> No.9394647

If you look at the numbers,
secret paedo cabals tend to raise the age of consent in their countries.
I guess they want the lolis to themselves.

>> No.9394679

It drives out competition.

>> No.9394856

All they need to do is play video games on a livestream and occasionally sing

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>A-chan celebrated a few months ago the ability to legally drink (21), and sora and her are supposedly the same age.
Character age bro...

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chinks without makeup are so fucking ugly

>> No.9407750

Only ugly people seek out attention whore roles like being an idol. Beautiful girls get the attention they want without having to whore themselves out for minimum wage.

>> No.9407972

How fucking new ?

>> No.9408177

voice work as fine as long as it one of those echi practically softcore hentai shows, but dressing little girls up in fetish shit and making them suck on popsicles and shit like >>9385020 is pure degenerate

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It's not only the voice, but the voice is extremely similar. You add with the other things and you have someone strikingly similar to Sora.
It's also her demeanor, there's no way someone who was 18 can act like she does for years, she's way too mature and calm.

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Being completely honest, I'm more fascinated by the food she's eating.
She's a doll too. Hope she isn't corrupted by life too soon.

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yeah no, sora said she was around 10 years old when she first played this game on the snes (released in 1995)


>> No.9410526

and we're assuming she played it on release or something?

>> No.9410649

It's nice that they kept the flat girl with big forehead design with Ina.

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yagoo hire your wife, i need more hags!!

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so the whole Marine/Shion bed thing is kayfabe, right? because otherwise Marine was stealing the crib.

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This bitch fucked up big time

>> No.9412124

>This bitch fucked

>> No.9412643

Yeah bro and I was 25 the first time I play FF7 four years ago.

>> No.9412704

Her whole problem was that she didn’t fuck.

>> No.9412848

>This bitch

>> No.9412909

Looks hotter than you Kiara

>> No.9413388

Look closely, gents, this is what schizophrenia looks like.

>> No.9413562

sHUT UP kiara

>> No.9413839

She was 18 at the time.

>> No.9414132

this, Cover did indeed higher a 16 yo idol, hiring teenage idols isn't rare in Japan, AKB48 has hired many teenage idols. You can have your own opinion on how sus it is.

>> No.9414334

If Gura and Shion trib, would Marine and Gura be Eskimo sisters?

>> No.9414438

How is it any different to child actors?

>> No.9415003

A lot of child actors get abused or have their lives fall apart, this isn't really a good line of argument for teenage idols being ok. That being said I'm not gonna denounce Cover for hiring a 16 yo idol vtuber, I don't think they did something particularly wrong in hiring Haachama.

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12 in mine, get fucked

t. flipfag

>> No.9415105

If a 16yo can work at McDonalds they can work as a VTuber idol

>> No.9415298

You also eat garbage. The majority of failipenises are also trannies.

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I was 4 when I first played mario, I guess I'm just about 39-40 now?

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>Schizos sperging about COVER hiring a 16 yrs old JK
>Sora said multiple times that she got the gig months before she turned 18
>Doxxfags still running with that hag rrat which is pretty much dead

>> No.9417584

She also said she got into the game back then because her dad used to play it. At the very least, the game was a hand-me-down.

>> No.9417717

Junior idols...

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since hachama probably started as a child, could there be any possibility of her being groomed by matsuri at some point?
we all know how horny she gets when a child is involved...doesn't sound too crazy if you think about it, would that be the reason of they barely interacting?

>> No.9418230

Isn't Matsuri on her early twenties at most?

>> No.9418308

Sounds nice, I'd fuck her.

>> No.9418368

They need to hire more women over 30

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Why can't you faggots see a girl without sexualizing her? It's just ASMR, and she just so happens to be young. It's not like she's rubbing herself on a mic or anything.

All of you bitching "how can this be allowed?" Is secretly watching this anyway stroking you tiny penis with your pinky

>> No.9420594

And she's not working in a sweat shop. When she started, all she did was sing, practice voice acting, and complain a little about her daily life. And when she joined Hololive, she lost her monetization for a whole year, so she was doing everything for free anyways. Not hard labor, and not sexual

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This thread is gay.

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Kiara is ridiculously ugly. And she tries to hide it by caking on the make-up. People who think she's cute have no beautiful people in their country

>> No.9420948

She's blonde as well, and you know how he feels about blondes!

>> No.9421328

Am I seeing the same link as other anons? How is this bad? A video of a girl eating some candy sped up by 2x for some reason. She isn't even sucking on them like other anon said. This is like some mukbang thing. Where's the bad part?

>> No.9422847

Sora is 31.

>> No.9422985

stop using iofi for your shitposts retard

>> No.9423028

do people genuinely thinks that kiara's roommate is pretty?

>> No.9423065

how long did she live in PH?

>> No.9423091

>see Kiara

>> No.9423168

Someone should make a kson edit where her tits are out.

>> No.9423219

BabyMetal were even younger.

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suck my cock.

>> No.9423842

Age of consent and when you can work is 16 in most countries op

>> No.9423967

This is why Coco should have kept her nose about oif the taiwan shit, Haachama was a zoomer, she didn't know any better about that stupid crap. Zhangs would have moved on and forgotten.

The taiwan yab didn't need to happen, it didn't need to be as big as it was, if Coco didn't get involved everything would be fine.

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the average idol is like 14 at the start of their career before 2016 then they started having a crack down some of that stuff.

however there are junior idols which are literally 12 year olds

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>> No.9424477


anon 90% of countries in the world have ages of consent under 18,

even the usa every state other than cuckfornia and jew york, has it at 16

you fell for the Hollywood meme,
its fake, the 18 thing is literally made up by Hollywood

>> No.9424615


just look at matsuri's twitter she literally went from fatfeminist look to actual idol look in 3 years.

also polka used to be skinny, but depression and anxiety hit her hard with her old company stress eating is really a thing

>> No.9424667

you guys fell for retarded rrats

that doxx was literally made up,
they based it on some random anime voice actor who sounds a tiny bit like sora, without any other proof

>> No.9424739

how are they ugly?

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go back

its a bunch of christfags jerking off over being able to pretend to have a superior sense of morality.
you know, the /r/edditfags who brigade every other community and tries to be some world police shit

>> No.9424883

So what? I had a job at 16.

>> No.9424933

The girl isn’t sexualized, but people start concernfagging when you market her as a junior idol

>> No.9424960

kill yourself, amerimutt subhuman

>> No.9424978

haato is a college student.
Ollie is the 16 year old tomboy

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