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Blessings upon thee /vt/ confess your sins and Pope Gura V shall forgive you

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i wake up every day wishing i was dead

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I dont like the sound of Amelia's hics

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I'm a member tako but I like art of Ina with big breasts

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I'm sorry, but there are sins that can't be forgiven.

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distorted gura is so funny

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I was the one who fucked Koopa. I'm sorry bros she tempted me and I let my bible reps slip

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I fell in love with my oshi.

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christina debut when

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That isn't a sin, Anon. It just means you're well informed.

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I am a schizo gachikoi not only for my oshi, but for every holo. I recently dropped Haachama after she said she wanted to have a normal college experience because that means she's gonna be getting fucked. I will never stop anti'ing whores no matter how many times I'm called a schizo or an incel.

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The most disturbing things is that Sonic? statue on night stand. That thing is going to haunt me tonight.

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i tell my mom im applying for jobs but im actually watching vtubers.

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Let me introduce you to the Totem Sonic, anon.

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i already knew i was a schizo gachikoi who gets jealous of collabs but now it's starting to make me feel off whenever my oshi's friends collab with or are teetee with other chuubas because it feels like abandoning and might hurt my oshi's feelings.
not only is this immensely retarded it's also super contradictory. not sure what the fuck is wrong with me bros?

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I've never watched an entire stream. I only tune in for a few minutes before tuning out and watching clips later.

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I have posted this image one thousand eight hundred and forty four times and am almost always waiting for a justification to post it

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i think it's not HER but i still HERpost sometimes because getting (you)s from newfags is addictive

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I'm a tranny

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I have false flagged again /vt/ please absolve me of my sins.

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I'm starting to fall in love with my oshi after scorning everyone who falls in love with their oshi

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few know this but /vt/ is actually just 5 people constantly falseflagging on their 20 phones

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I was once committed to shitting on Mori and Ollie at every turn as well as propagating rrats. I then watched Ollie break down on stream and take a week break to mentally recoup and realized that I should probably be a little less aggressive with my dislike of them. I've since stopped shitposting about the chuuba's I'm not a fan of and instead spend my time posting about my Oshi and the couple of chuuba's I catch on occasion. It doesn't mean that I find everyone ok, but moreso that I don't actively negatively comment on rrats or posts about chuuba's I don't like.
I'll still read the rrats though.

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I live less than a mile away from Gawr Gura, and I've seen her several times irl. I haven't talked to her tho because I'm not that much of a retard.

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I found out my oshi used to be a lolcow and did some pretty horrible things. I still watch her with hope that she's changed

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I wish genuinely wish Gura had fewer subs.
I'm tired of the constant numberfagging using her name

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Debating whether to save these,
I have decided not to

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rape her, pussy

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Name of your oshi?

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Seems like you need meds, interactions aren't always on stream

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Words fail me...

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I want to date gura

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Wait for a stream to start. Then ding dong ditch her front door.

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You live in Atlantis????

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At least 80% of my superchat have been ignored including my one and only acasupa and it hasnt prevented me from sending more.

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I wanna do lewd things to my imouto thinking of my oshi

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I never send superchats, I just say I do when I shit on people who whine about theirs not getting enough attention

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>"h-hi g-g-gura"
>it's just a random 8-year-old

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I regularly masturbate to the idea of Kronii being a diaperfag

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that was my daughter you pedo. If you come near us I'll shoot you in the face.

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I fucking love Ina and I admire her as a person and artist, but her gamer streams bore me to death...

I still watch her sing and draw though, but I can't watch her gaming streams...

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I don't have an oshi. There are several vtubers that I enjoy watching, and I want to have an oshi, but I don't know how to narrow it down, but I also don't have the time to watch them all. So I forever float between a handful of them, catching their streams when I can, watching one over the other based on what game they are playing/content they are doing if they overlap, forever hoping to finally settle down.

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Falseflagging is more fun than watching souless corpo chuubas

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don't feel obligated to have a single chuuba you call your 'oshi', anon. we're just watching streamers after all, so as long as you have fun watching whoever you're watching at the moment it's all good.

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I have only watched VShojo vids on YouTube: not even streams, or any other VTuber.

Is this an unforgivable sin?

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I've been slowly paying less attention to Hololive and more to NijiEN. The Niji girls are just as entertaining, BUT the chat is so much slower and my messages actually got read. It feels like this nice compromise between corporate and 2view.

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It's ok to not have the one you're fixated one. I treat vtubers like tv, whoever is on that I like, I'll watch.

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Aaaaah the new outfit is sooooo hooooot

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If a chuba expresses any interest in a male, I get angry, jealous, and stop watching them forever. It has gotten to the point where I even feel jealous if I feel like they are over-indulging in a superchat, or laughing at a random comment in chat. For example, in a superchat to Ouro Kronii, someone mentioned they listened to her while working out at the gym. She went "oooh!" with excitement when she read about him at the gym, and I haven't watched her since. I've dropped Ollie since the cdawg yab, Troopa since the spacer (whatever his name was) yab, Veibae since the "admitting to know what cum taste like" yab, the list goes on and on.
I hate this side of myself because I know it is rooted in a deep insecurity that I cannot shake. Why can't I just let myself enjoy them as content creators without immediately having girlfriend fantasies about them? Why do I feel the raging need to compete with every male in the world for their sole affection and attention?

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You want to be cucked but are in denial about it.
Find a wife who will fuck someone in front of you and you'll be happy.

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I am not a day 1 membershrimp...

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>No other Vtubers

Literally the trinity of sins

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Good man. Really nothing to gain from spending time being negative about people you don’t like, and that applies to even more irl. In my opinion one of the best traits a person can develop is to always focus on the positive aspects of other people instead of honing in on the negatives.

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I'm gonna be honest with you boys, I fucked the entire hololive. I will fuck any new members too.

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Do you not think about other fantasy girls besides your fantasy girlfriend? You don't want them to interact with the opposite gender, but can you follow the same standard? Can you only think about your oshi? What about your oshi's female friends?

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Everytime I feel that I might be a schizo, I visit this board and thank the lord that I'm not as insane as some of the fuckers on this board

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Why are you even on this board?
Not calling your taste shit, I just don't see why would you want to be here

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Orange woman bad
Ame is life
Simple as

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Despite i got into Hololive through Azur Lane collab, i was never dedicated to it and am begin to slowly lose interests, i blame myself for not doing JP reps and being casual clipfag, even right now am barely to watch any of them, unless viral clips.

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I’m banned from my oshi’s chat because I wouldn’t stop anti posting her friend, to her face, despite her history of being harassed by antis to the point of it damaging her career

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I hate when my oshi collabs with Kiara and would drop a dislike and skip her stream despite being my oshi

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Based schizo. I'm the same way. I really should stop. Good thing my oshi speaks Japanese because I have no fucking clue what she's saying half the time

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I don't know if this is a sin but I recently started watching two indies who are both men. I don't know if they even count as indies or even vtubers to begin with because one of them has a horrid vtuber model with less expressiveness than a rantsona with static poses, and the other is more of a traditional East Asian FPS twitch streamer except he streams on youtube and most of the time doesn't even have his avatar vtuber model on. They're not particularly entertaining but they both play a niche game I like and one of them speaks English.
I still keep up with my oshi Miko Sakura but I can't stand the other vtubers beyond the occasional clip

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I'm doing less stream watching reps since moat chubas got stale recently

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It's a good image tbf

>> No.9522382

Even though my favorite two are both holoJP, i haven't been doing my reps so i know i'm missing out, especially since one of them zatsus a lot.

Pray for this sinner.

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Am a small chuuba. Schizo brain watches boring ass holoEN clips and tells me I could probably do better and end up hating hololive because of it. Wish I could enjoy them more because the girls work hard (most of the time), I just have a complex.

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>Doesn't spend money on vtubers.
>Doesn't sub or like any streams.
>Doesn't talk about vtubers to anyone.
>Barely watches streams.

Collecting Pekoedits is my only purpose and yet it gives me no pleasure. Death would be equally as unremarkable as life to me but as long as there exist rrats to ogey at, so will I.

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Your sins cannot be forgiven. Pray for a swift death, because the end looms over you.

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I cried out of relief watching Hima's return stream. This is the second time I have ever cried over a vtuber, the first being my oshi's 3D debut. And 2 years ago I thought people crying over celebrities was weird.

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I don't have any personal beef with Nyanners. Hating on her feels like I'm just doing my duty; keeping the gatekeeping platoon active at all times and giving them incentive.
I will hate on her a thousand times more, if it means that vtubers are safe from being randomly ganged up by the loli antis because my favourite vtubers are lolicons, especially my oshi. So far it has been successful as Hololive, Niji and various other companies are virtually untouchable, and there has been zero incentive to engage apart from contact aversion. I don't superchat or anything like that so this is the best I could do to support the vtubers I love.

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I collect dox for no other reason than to have it. I never share. I never discuss. I simply collect and I will continue to do so for as long as I'm interested in vtubers

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Where you at? I needed a new pearl necklace

>> No.9527638

I often dream about Rushias roomate peeing on me while we're having sex. But not around the mouth because I'm not a weirdo.

>> No.9527680

You're supposed to confess your sins, not ask the Anons in this thread to jerk you off because you're such a good boy who doesn't spread roommate pics.

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I've never been able to sit through a whole stream with my oshi
I always end up falling asleep on them

>> No.9528335

i rarely watch streams im just a clip watcher

>> No.9530361

I always inform people on chuubas previous lives and think the concept of forbidden knowledge is retarded.

>> No.9530659

I only watch korone (clips)

>> No.9530739

none of these are sins

>> No.9530830

A majority of posts I make here aren't even about vtubers and more just in response to those I perceive as being gigantic faggots or cuckolds and I tell them to kill themselves or just insult them

>> No.9530868

I shitpost about chuubas I like to get reactions

>> No.9531020

I'm that guy that goes "Hi im from Vietnam!", on every vtubers chat.

>> No.9531634

Based fuck everyone who isn't from Vietnam, is what I say.

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I pretend that vtubers are my girlfriend and I’ll put on their streams to fall asleep because I like hearing their voice and it makes me feel less alone

>> No.9534101

I spend every waking hour of my life trying to bring my oshi to life. Every breath I take. sex. Every step I take. Sex. All Day. All Night. SEX.

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I have never watched a vtuber. I just post on /vt/

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I enjoy watching chuubas playing Apex.

>> No.9534727

my sin is my perverse obsession with collecting. you interpreted my lack of sharing as fake humility but, I only said it to highlight my obsession with gathering information

>> No.9534927

honestly anon I think you're the most dangerous one of all. You don't make a scene, so your collection will last a long time, and in 5,10,20 years when everyone forgets about this your infinitely expanding dox collection will still be sitting there, on your harddrive

>> No.9537104

Amelia change to worst just because she have more money now, she become a bitch

>> No.9538677


I got into vtubers through Pikamee but started watching more indies on Twitch.
Also I treat steamers like television now. If someone’s on I’ll watch them. I don’t have a strict preference or an pagi.

>> No.9539198


>an pagi

What the hell autocorrect? I meant “an oshi”

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Do not follow this false pope. She will lead you astray. O come, ye lost sheep! Pope Pomu V leads you to the light. Confess to her and your sins shall be forgiven.

>> No.9539957

but I want to go to hell, I want to be with Towa and Choco

>> No.9540063

Moona and Ollie have made me fall HARD for Indonesian girls.

>> No.9540348

For some reason, /vt/ is the only board I've ever dropped hard-r n-bombs in

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I am in /vt/ just to collect new UOOOOH crying emoji memes from my favourites chuba threads..

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>> No.9540621

this is no sin, I call based

>> No.9541037

Gura represents everything I hate on a vtuber, being western and popular without deserving it, I constantly shit on her and bait post even though I secretely love her

>> No.9541952

When did Ollie have a mental breakdown? Did I miss something?

>> No.9542115

At least you can admit that acting like that is at the very least odd

>> No.9542234

I cried at mikos return too, its not that weird to just wish the best for your favourite person to watch

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I don't masturbate to Vtubers, it feels shameful and wouldn't be something they would want unless they promote a lewd tag. Kronii is making this harder for me and I'm waiting for the day I can jack it to /∞/'s fanfictions.

>> No.9542291

Do you feel ashamed of being part of her main fanbase

>> No.9542726

and while doing so, rape her pussy.

>> No.9542777

Durig the yubi spam she took a week off and ended up saying she was very depressed and she even had to talk to Astel about it

>> No.9542838

Rushia is the only 3rd gen I don't watch, but she's the one who made me came the most.

>> No.9542844

the yubi rrat actually got to her? I thought it was contained here

>> No.9543166

All 4 of these, but falseflagging everywhere.

>> No.9543475

No she got genuinely upset over it because the /vt/ faggots spammed her plus on Twitter were calling her a whore (still are) Moona had to defend her too

>> No.9543540

I browse single digit vtubers, usually on Twitch, and when I come across one that I actually like, I completely dominate their chat until they become dependent on me. They act like an excited puppy when its master comes home. And then I befriend them, and listen to them dump their life problems on me.
Sometimes I fantasise about ways to stall their growth so they can remain my personal pet vtubers. But I never actually go through with it because that just seems too cruel and selfish.

>> No.9546176

you aren't supposed to confess about what you should be doing

>> No.9546280

I stopped watching my "oshi" months ago but still watch her clips sometimes. She became boring and annoying for me after a while. I have not found anyone to replace her.

>> No.9546417

Same. I even pretended to go to an interview last week. I got all dressed up to go sit in the wal-mart parking lot for an hour or two and then come home. I should probably start applying for jobs for real soon though, I can only live the NEET life for so long.

>> No.9546506

>everyone says they want to fuck Koopa
>one of them actually does
>"oh my god how could this happen?"

>> No.9546518

i enjoy watching clips of chibidoko
nver watched her streams; never will

>> No.9546554

I just wish people would kneel to her when her numbers are brought up instead of coping and pretending numbers don't matter

>> No.9546635

one day you will fucking snap and you will go down a villain
mark my words

>> No.9547006

Yubigate was real and she deserved it. I can't believe she got away with it.

>> No.9547120

She won't. Mark my words, one day Ollie will commit a yab so large that all of her past yabs will be brought up again and she will graduate.

>> No.9547159

Inferiority complex of some sort? Go out and do great things brah.

>> No.9547684

I can't seem to get away from em. I'd really rather not know but they keep falling into my lap. It kinda ruins the vtuber character for me.

>> No.9547837

I want my oshi to cuck me

>> No.9548746

I miss the excitement I felt this time last year. I can't shake the overwhelming feeling of disillusionment and lost magic no matter how often I tune into streams. Unless a chuuba is playing a game I love I just can't get interested anymore.

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>> No.9550238

containment doesn't exist, it was probably even on reddit and twitter first

>> No.9550326

What you're feeling is not abnormal, it's deeply rooted within the human psyche for males to feel that way for females. What makes it abnormal is the recursive habit of going through it over and over again that you become too fixated. Break free.

>> No.9550402

I actually applied to be a vTuber (male) for a certain company. Getting rejected might be better off for me.

>> No.9550487

I've been watching English clips of vtubers for a LONG time. Back when hololive was very small, and there were so few clips that there was a playlist of every english translated clip ever, and each video had MAX 5k views. I stayed as well, and I have watched titans rise and fall.
My sin? I've never watched a single full stream of any vtuber, I've never joined any fan discords, I've only ever commented on anything vtuber 3 times, I've never talked to anybody IRL about vtubers, and I've never interacted with the community. I only come to vt to read rrats, and I've only commented on a thread 3 times now.
I am the ultimate clipfag. Kneel, retards.

>> No.9550653

good work chumbud

>> No.9550699

high threat anon

>> No.9550772

This single image send me on a trip that should have never been.

and Jesus tap-dancing Christ, 1500 $...

>> No.9550820

Popipopipo popipo!

>> No.9550826

I shitposted about my oshi

>> No.9550963

Chuubas are streamers, and all streams are incredibly boring 95+% of the time.

No shame admitting this

>> No.9551277

I only watch maybe, two or three vtubers. Do you guys really just watch streams all day? Do you guys really follow so many of them or do you just read about them on /vt/?

>> No.9551311

I'm not in on the lore of any of this shit, can someone give me a quick rundown?

>> No.9551608

based, I can never get it to work though

>> No.9551710


Supposedly during a Phasmophobia collab with her genmates, Ollie was being groped or fingered by her boyfriend. In all fairness the rrat has substantial evidence. If you look into the collab vod you can hear her moan A LOT near the end of her stream specifically around the 2 hours and 57 minute mark. Feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect.

>> No.9551712

Ollie apparently got fingered while streaming.
Started moaning weirdly and shortly after the girls she was collabing with left.

>> No.9551751

Stop dropping your niggers here.

>> No.9551992

Wow lol. ty anons

>> No.9552001

I've been following gura since debut but I still don't know why she's called SAME... and I'm afraid of asking at this point

>> No.9552417

Same is shark in japanese. Also regardless if troll or not, fuck you

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>>>Anonymous Fri May 21 23:54:09 2021 No.4024649


>>>Anonymous Sat May 22 01:12:41 2021 No.4027061

Transcription of what she said, only the English parts because I don't speak Indonesian.

>Sometimes people would take advantage of them spamming... and then they'd make their own little forum, and I'm just tired of looking at it.
>Like, I know a lot of you guys would be like, "oh then stop looking at it Ollie!"
>But the thing is, I'm an idol, and I always gotta...
>Like, sometimes if I talk to people, if I say hey, um, lately there's been a group of people that's been saying these stuffs about me...
>Sometimes I talk about my problems, right?
>I'd be like, hey lately I've been hearing from a lot of people that I'm actually "blah blah blah"...
>"Ignore them" (chat) It's hard! It's hard, it's really hard, really.
>Like, that's what everyone actually told me, but it's something that I can't escape from.
>Like, I'm sure a lot of you guys realize... I'm literally everywhere.
>And because I'm everywhere, it's hard for me to ignore these kinds of stuffs, you know?
>As an idol, I think it's essential for us to care what others think of us, you know?
>Like, I know that we shouldn't put everything into account, but still, seeing those things...
>Like, it's not that I completely mind... How do I explain this?
>Like, it's not that I'm always hurt, but it kind of saddens me and brings my mood down to see those things.
>To not think about it too much, that's the hard part.
>"It's just like a thousand of small papercuts" Exactly!
>To be honest, a papercut isn't such a big deal, but if there's like, thousands of them, that's when it gets a bit worrisome.
>Maybe we should talk about something else, we've been talking about too many problems, I'm so sorry.
>We talked about how hard it is to sleep, and about unwanted comments and stuff, I'm sorry.
>There's so many zombies...

After this she just talks about the game from what I can see. Draw your own conclusions about what she's referencing.

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Anon you are retarded

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>> No.9553859

Gura is my oshi, but I don't find her avatar attractive and have never masturbated to any of her fanart. I'd ask forgiveness but know I am not worthy.

>> No.9553951

still one of the only big rrats on /vt/ I actually believe

>> No.9556945

I don't enjoy watching my first ever oshi anymore. Her game choices are shit, she's constantly playing with males, and she rarely does anything special for members. It feels like she cares more about her collab partners than her fans. It's hard to believe that I spent so much time supporting her in the past, but now I don't even bother watching her VOD's. I've gotten tired of her neverending breaks and shitty made-up excuses. I've decided that I will never send her another superchat and am contemplating ending my membership. I've found a new oshi who actually seems to care about her fans. It just sucks leaving someone I was invested in for so long, but at the same time I'm glad that I no longer have to put up with her nonsense.

>> No.9557392

You can tell how uncomfortable Ollie made Anya and Reine during her incoherent talking and moans. She's one of the only vtubers I despise, I honestly think Hololive will regret ever letting her join.

>> No.9557720

the best one
>boy, the containment sure working

>> No.9557959

This will always be the most hilarious one there is. Never fails to make me laugh like a bitch.

>> No.9558237

Somethings justify themselves

>> No.9558284

tell us both the oshis

>> No.9558448

>chat tell to ignore /vt/
>can't ignore because muh ego and fames
Literally Kiara from third world country.

>> No.9559563

That's not really anything new. Her types always have a inflated sense of ego.

>> No.9559804

I read a Lamy transformation thread and was considering to get a Lamy outfit and post it just for the (You)s

>> No.9559988

That's the bad route, bro.

>> No.9560480
File: 306 KB, 600x600, sadina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>at a restaurant with my family
>see an older couple sitting at the other table
>they look to be in their late 50s, eating alongside their adult daughter
>classic "we had our kid way too late for them to turn out neurotypical"
>she has long unkept hair, pale skin, horrible posture, no makeup, pajama pants in public
>spent the whole meal with her hands sheepishly in her lap whenever she wasnt actively eating
>was rocking back and forth slightly the entire time, staring at the table, never engaging in conversation
>kept glancing over at her, wondering if she's a particular vtuber who i know for a fact lives in the same general area as me
>regret not saying anything to her or at least stealing her straw after her family left

even if she wasnt that vtuber it would've been nice to get an autistic gf, i imagine their standards arent very high so i would've had a chance

>> No.9561043

Doesn't sound that bad but it made me remember how much I fucking hate HoloID. Hana Macchia is the only ID I can stand, and I don't even watch her anymore

>> No.9561172

Not doing it or thinking about doing it?

>> No.9561249

Don't date autistic people like it's a fucking whim or because you think it's easy.

>> No.9561289
File: 147 KB, 360x344, bnvurv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am a lonely ugly EOP virgin and my oshi is the only thing that keeps me from killing myself.

>> No.9562127

Autistic people are incredibly difficult to keep up with after the honeymoon period, usually a functioning couple will always have a few individual quirks you find out about eachother but that you can end up living with because you love them.
But with autistic partners it's endless grating quirks that grind you down over time, and it's not fun shit, it's stuff like them being horrific slobs with no remorse or never having common sense, it seems cute at first but fuck me it wears down your patience especially when they're incapable of doing basic shit and refuse to improve as you struggle to hold everything together after constant soul-crushing accommodation.

>> No.9562155

Doing it.

>> No.9562478

One way or another, you're gonna make it.

>> No.9563123

Ive jerked off to that doujin of Shinobu getting raped a few times

>> No.9563701

I had a breakdown last night thinking that kronii might actually be a tranny but I'm good now I was just being autistic

>> No.9564016

We truly are living in dark times.

>> No.9564093

Wow, holy fuck, that's incredibly overt. The giant moan and then the kiss sound, and the other girls just sort of making uncomfortable small-talk all the while

>> No.9564343

it was her weird mic that acts up or something that gives her voice a weird autotuned voice on some parts of her stream that almost made me believe it but then I remember time mutt's bark and her mom's sneeze didn't sound like some t-pain shit so yeah

>> No.9564415

Do you want it to be investigated?

>> No.9565025

It's not called the "strongest rrat" for nothing.

>> No.9565561

I cannot watch Kronii for more than an hour without getting too aroused and having to masturbate. No, I am not joking. My sex drive isn't even very strong, what the fuck?

>> No.9565831

to be honest, I just want some audiophile schizo to explain why her voice sometimes sounds like that it's even more apparent in the voice clip of her saying the blade runner 2049 line and in some of her post game free chat too

>> No.9565972

Kinda like that one anon that isolated audio to find the Calli braps?

>> No.9566268

no not really LMFAO like is that an audio filter? voice modulator? autotune? or just her mic being retarded

>> No.9566866

I did my archive reps to see if the roommates of NijiEN were cuter.

>> No.9566868

Don’t. Just don’t. Autistic and non neurotypica women are some of the most difficult creatures in the planet. Autistic men can get by even if they usually die alone but autistic women are just hell on earth if you’re not careful with them. It’s not worth it
Also, stop assuming every autist you come across is a vtuber

>> No.9567221

You're not alone anon, same thing happens to me. Hell it seems like she's really brought out the coomer in a lot of anons in her threads on here.

>> No.9567685

I don't know how you can see this, and conclude anything but she was fingered/fucked on stream.

>> No.9567910

I don't actually care if Nyanners is a hypocrite and I hate ID for being Muslim

>> No.9567997

I once asked for recommendations only to not watch them later on.

>> No.9568097 [DELETED] 

I don't a shit about HoloEN anniversary, I just want more TTRPG streams.

>> No.9568252

Don't worry, I did the same thing some time ago when I asked about Miko clips on the Miko general. If some 35p reads this, I promise I'll watch them, I'm just a procrastinator.

>> No.9568500

Good luck. I asked about Anya She mostly spoke Indonesian or Japanese in those videos, I feel like she isn't my thing

>> No.9568812

Honestly, as a low-tier fa/tg/uy, I can't stand any of the vtuber TTRPG streams. I bounce off of them like a ping pong ball.

>> No.9569783
File: 253 KB, 3600x1466, 486486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm really poor, to the point that I have to save money for a while to buy a new book, but despite that I've considered sending a red superchat to Calli so she could read what I wrote. I haven't yet, but I've strongly considered it multiple times.

>> No.9569986

Are you fucking implying that anyone here watches vtubers

>> No.9573130

I'm the one who told a certain artist about certain person that he hates ( girl who became a vtuber a couple of months ago) fucked up his trip with friends because shes a retard at social interactions and wanted to fuck him but got yeeted that shes the one that has been shitalking every day on her discord.
Idiot got mad and started a Crusade against her in the first week of debut. He fucked her reputation in every place so far.
Lol its Easy to fuck up with vtubers.

>> No.9574589

Was Pope Pomu just a one off then..? I liked her better than Pope Gura

>> No.9575411
File: 241 KB, 392x392, wtf_peko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish tamaki was real and would fuck me. IRL traps will never look this good

>> No.9576306

>google search
>only 5 results
this is you isnt it

>> No.9576552

The Antipope has been deposed.

>> No.9576672

NTA but first one sounds like Amatsuka Uto

>> No.9577312
File: 621 KB, 1260x821, 1631158025916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you piqued my interest brother, i have found the light. i have made a gift for your preaching her good name!

>> No.9577450

im a clipfag and a clipper

>> No.9577454


>> No.9577495

captcha: 8TMT4

>> No.9577540

all I've got to say is...uhhh....wow

>> No.9577614
File: 290 KB, 343x357, 1631078464982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fap to June Lovejoy JAVs and pretend it's Kiara.

>> No.9578128

I really love the NijiEN girls, but the fanbase is insufferable cancer, so I never hesitate to shitpost in their thread whenever the mood comes to me.

>> No.9578340

anon they tried to tell you utofags how she was and you didn't fucking listen.

>> No.9581025


>> No.9581295

Does anybody remember nyanners singing the duck tales theme as a lullaby?

>> No.9582908

ignore the seething redditors, this is peak sigma grindset

>> No.9583202

I post actual female lamy cosplay to lamy transformation threads and tell them they were males. I then accuse the trannies in that thread for trolling when they point out it was a female and get them warned whenever they cry that they cant achieve that level of transformation. I just watch "females" in that general SEETHE at me just for the fun of it.
we all have our vices.

>> No.9583300

I think you know "her" real sex anon. you're at the denial stage now. your primal instincts are right but you are denying them hard. let the instincts take over and choose another oshi, fren

>> No.9583300,1 [INTERNAL] 

I don't know man. My first oshi too. Her collabs with these guys, I wonder if she's back in to her old pals, but not playing fortnite now just pandering to apex fever i think.

>> No.9589066


>> No.9589121

Ahh things that never actually happened. I see! Schizos are that bad that they can't remember what they did.

>> No.9590905

I'm sure that absolutely happened anon

>> No.9590918

I masturbated to Kronii's debut stream

>> No.9595508
File: 24 KB, 179x277, big ups to that dick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9595613

Go back to your discord lol

>> No.9596303

I always though totem sonic was like, the size of a pencil cup. I never realized it was so big. I don't know how comfortable I am knowing this.

>> No.9596512
File: 2.48 MB, 1925x2905, 1630650416373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a normal person. I'm perfectly fine. I do not harm others. I do not desire to harm others. Any crimes I may or may not be guilty of involve only myself. I transgress only against myself.

But if these creatures existed in real life. If ame or gura existed in real fucking life. Every second, every minute, ever hour of every day would be dedicated solely and purely to devising and perfecting a plot to abduct and house these creatures for the sole intent of raping and breeding them until I die of exhaustion. I would not stop. I would be more successful as a person, even. Any job, anything that may wound my pride, or tire me, or stress me out- these petty things would be cast aside. I would suffer any labor just so that I might acquire the wealth and status and goods that would deliver me closer to achieving that singular goal. I would go so far as to physically modify myself. A strict diet and exercise routine. Anything that would strengthen and reinforce my cock and its ability to rape these chuubas.

You don't understand. It would be all consuming. You don't get it. Imagine god existed and he gave you a list, a duty. Imagine he gave you just one directive. Difficult, but completely accomplishable. Imagine god told you that to get to heaven, to taste the sweetest fruits of salvation all you had to do was one thing. Would you not do everything in your power to accomplish it? Would it not give your life such a purpose? An arrow loosed from a bow? Bullet fired from a gun? A singular direction, the thrumming battery of the heart beating for this one goal.

My heaven- my salvation lies in the abduction and interminable rape of gawr gura. Thank goodness she does not exist, then, for the monster that I would become. For the truth that I would make manifest.

>> No.9597518

I'm bored of this board
Every post I see is cringy

>> No.9601307

cool story bro

>> No.9606116

I may have fapped to Rosemi's roommate more times than to Rosemi.

>> No.9606509

I want to become a content creator just to be noticed by Gura and become her loving husband and take care of her brittle bones. No lewds in mind, so my fellow chumbuds won't feel bad.

>> No.9607181

Am a redditor

>> No.9608453

I like Pope Pomu better. There I said it.

>> No.9608521

If the rrats & other publicly accessible info I have are true, I live about 15 miles from a popular vtuber who I like. I've considered driving over to her house, but I don't have any good reason to do so and know actually doing it would be extremely schizophrenic.

>> No.9608976

I'm not a unity tard or a rrat fucker, I just want to watch my oshi collab with a Niji

>> No.9608983

I don’t give a shit about vtubers, I just came here to watch the Nijisanji Koshien because it’s the only place on this godforsaken website to talk about Pawapuro. (Except one general on /sp/ but that only shows up twice a year.)

>> No.9609030

Why the fuck are you still here then

>> No.9609374

I have a faint hope that someone might bring Pawapuro up again so I can talk about it. Guess I’ll come back next year.

>> No.9609468

If you can understand JP, Rin from Nijisanji still streams it on Twitch, for hours. But no one is going to talk about it because she streams for like 11 hours
Hayato Kagami has also played it
But if you want actual game discussion here, come back next year, sorry.

>> No.9610542

Thanks anon. See you next year, /vt/.

>> No.9611175

I really wanna follow my oshi's alt.
I won't, because it makes me feel gross to see their followers jump by 500 in the past day. But fuck is it tempting.

>> No.9613896

me too.

>> No.9614041

I've been contemplating suicide a lot, the only thing stopping me from killing myself is the guilt at making my family sad, but I just hate myself and I hate being the race that l am that the thought of reincarnating as a better race is really appealing.

>> No.9614114

I tried to get back into Reddit but it's so boring compared to the active boards on 4chan

>> No.9615283

>subscribed to close to 30 vtubers
>barely watch full streams; clips only

Am I the gravest of sinners?

>> No.9615558

What episode of the documentary does this cover?

>> No.9615706

I watch chuubas during my online college classes.

>> No.9615871


>> No.9617237

Nobody's buying your shit, schizo, just cause she fucked around with that "non-binary" shit during her past identity, thqt doesn't make her a tranny.

>> No.9619793
File: 251 KB, 1200x738, 1631339150208.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im going crazy

>> No.9620065

I started this meme, but I want others to keep using it

>> No.9620339

I feel my stomach turn whenever I see gura outside of /vt/ or her channel (with art on twitter being the exception)

>> No.9620534

i’m jealous of lily’s fan base. I don’t want fame I want loyal fans who love me and genuinely obsess over me like my protectors. But i don’t know how so i’ll never stream so i just lurk here

>> No.9621548

Watching gura makes me want to do more with my life

>> No.9623338

That would just make you jer target aidience, I think. Nobody watches Ina for the hard and fast and fun gaming, if you don't like drawing Ina your don't like Ina

>> No.9626464

Do a flip

>> No.9629738

They do
It just takes 20kg of makeup and some plastic surgery

>> No.9632160

I don't watch streams nor read threads

>> No.9632264

Am falseflagging again, its feel so good to see /pol/chuds and trannies shitflinging and turn every threads into politic shithole.

>> No.9637178

I'm a chink

>> No.9637201

Sorry mate, I'm sending a thoughts and prayers beam direct to you.

>> No.9639664


>> No.9641618
File: 517 KB, 1097x1070, 1616411574675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura has finally converted me into becoming a Brony

Send help

>> No.9644341

As a holofan I must confess to Pope Gura the Fifth that I've been watching more nijien than holoen2.
Please forgive me Gura.
However, in my defense I still love holoJP much more than nijiJP.

>> No.9645155
File: 20 KB, 286x341, my arm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i did this and have zero fucking regrets. 100 quid well spent

>> No.9645403

I masturbate to roommates regularly

>> No.9645728

You can go unnoticed with Death-sensei, but why the did you decide to tatoo KFP?

>> No.9645874

Holy fuck dude, do some curls.

>> No.9647075

got chron's disease and a bunch of other shit. im a hungry skeleton with a bunch of air attached to me. im 9 stone but look 15. disabilties are pain.

>> No.9647162

I'm a borderline masturbation addict but I've never done it to any vtuber.

>> No.9647215

i think matsuri/fubuki being slightly more casual about interacting with males (and their general disposition) has made them more appealing to me lately, even though i didn't really like it at first. makes them seem more human

>> No.9647641

Well shame to hear that. Hope you stay healthy with what you can do, my dude.

>> No.9652555

You have a cuck fetish

>> No.9662446


>> No.9662749
File: 233 KB, 372x517, 1631023548227.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never had sex and have completely lost all hope that I ever will. Life is uniformly miserable and I've been considering buying a cosplay outfit of my oshi and fucking a prostitute while she wears it to see if sex is worth dealing with the rest of life for before I kill myself.

>> No.9663357

No prostitute is going to look good on a cosplay of your oshi, use this

>> No.9664400

I know it's 4chan and to wish it could happen is to ask for something as unobtainable as world peace, but like I just wish that the place could be chill and just like vtubers with out getitng into bullshit like idol purity culture, rrats, and numberfags

>> No.9664473

Everytime i get drunk i shitpost and baitpost then whe i get sober in the morning i regret it

>> No.9664702

When I get drunk I write paragraphs about how happy I am for my favorite vtubers

>> No.9665651


>> No.9666068


>> No.9666131
File: 3.46 MB, 1754x1754, 1623498420177.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that size
>big breasts

>> No.9666144

>For example, in a superchat to Ouro Kronii, someone mentioned they listened to her while working out at the gym. She went "oooh!" with excitement when she read about him at the gym
This is the new reason why I lift

>> No.9666491

Wait it wasn't a rrat and schizos?

>> No.9666793

The sound is just way to much, she was masturbating or somethin wth

>> No.9666891
File: 214 KB, 463x453, 45FAFE06-DA87-4EFE-94AF-6691AF6F5901.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I watched nijisanji once

>> No.9666948

I just thought it was just crazy people, because no one ever posts the audio

>> No.9667647

Is she just as cute in 3D? This actually ties into my confession that what really made me fall in love with Gura was finding out about her roommate. It's what really made her feel like a real person, because, well, she is.

>> No.9668097

I copy defunct ritualposters because I'm addicted to seeing the little eye turn red with (You) notifications.

>> No.9670598

>Doesn't know Chris-chan
>Even though he's been true and honest for over fifteen years by now
>Even though he broke into the mainstream last month with the climax of his Christory
ngmi newfag

>> No.9674535


>> No.9675911

I hate the HoloCouncil and have been sneak-watching NijiEN occasionally. I feel disgusted with myself, I should be satisfied with HoloMyth since they're good, but HoloCouncil has just been so bad. Makes me wonder if the direction of things is going well or not. I don't want to become a Nijifag since they're responsible for almost everything bad that happens to Hololive, but Rosemi and Selen are sort of nice to listen to.

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