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Why do chubas have to graduate eventually? Why can't they stay with us forever?

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they can, anon.

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that was not a graduation that was a murder

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More like a suicide. Monoe should have known better than to eat Pikamee's last donut.

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A murder for a murder. Who knows what she did with those magnets on her head.

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Chubas all over the shop.
You'll forget about all of them... sooner or later

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The market is oversaturated and soon only the strong will survive.

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They almost could if Japs didn't fucking private everything like it never happened.

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What's the rrat?

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She slapped TMSK in front of GYARI

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Merely speculation, but I have this weird feeling she was underage. I've been suspecting this a lot with some of these recent Vtubers, like, something feels off.

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She ate Pikamee's last donut and then called Pikamee a fatass when confronted about it.

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what does rrat mean

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Best not to think about it and enjoy the moment.
Or archive everything they stream so you can keep them in your hearts forever.

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Gyari saw our wedding pics.

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Most of them are at least a decade older than their character ages though lmao

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Embezzling money for weed

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It's easy, just die before they do.

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Damn that's fucked.

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There have been 2 precendents where a company tried to replace their the talents behind the avatars and failed misreably

1. You clearly must have heard of the Four Ai-chan controversy wherein upd8 tried to make 4 distinct Kizuna Ais so there is a replacement whenever the OG Kizuna Ai is unavailable. People quickly caught on and they got shit on by people.

Although Kizuna Ai is still by large "the face of Vtubing" in Japan, this controversy slowed down her early momentum.

2. Unlimited Inc, (now known as Brave Group) replaced their talents in the Game-bu Project and Cocoa Damjonyi of Riot Music. Game-bu went defunct as of this year.

Cocoa is a more touchy subject. She made a very heartfelt Goodbye video and fans thought that was the end of Cocoa Ch. Weeks later, the company introduced a replacement and made her continue in the old Cocoa Channel, Goodbye Video be damned.

Fans got outraged and Riot Music conceded and made the new Cocoa have shorter hair to differentiate her from the Original, and gave the New Cocoa her own channel and kept the old one as a "Legacy Channel"

Basically every other company learned from this that you just can't replace the talents behind the avatars without the fans noticing. That's why "graduating" is the best option available

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nothing lasts forever.

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>Basically every other company learned from this that you just can't replace the talents behind the avatars without the fans noticing
How was anyone dumb enough to think otherwise?

That's like if a restaurant tried replacing all their food on their menu, but figured no-one would notice so long as the menu was printed in the same font. What did they even think people watched vtubers for?

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All things die and fade away given enough time.
It's the curse of time but also it's blessing.
Yes, even (You) will die and fade away one day.

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It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

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we're too early for AI revolution

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>Monoe gets graduated
>TMSK and Pika almost immediately start doing more English-learning streams
She didn't want to learn english to grow her base with filthy gaijin so she was given the boot.

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The main two I hear was that she either tried applying/was silently working for a different agency (in a non talent role)
or that she was actively doing things that could have put the girls in some sort of risk of being exposed (dating someone/ talking to fans outside of the stream)

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go back

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Their brain is made of money.
This is what kept me away from vtubers back then. Whenever I read the word corporate, company, etc my thought good straight to fabe, fake, and how money dictates the every action. It's less like that nowadays. Watching vtuber clips made me realize they're indeed themselves, at least mostly.

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>money dictates
It did and still does. What's needed is for a strong community that can control they're $$$

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>dating someone
Even the holos have bfs,I don't think it was that

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The Pokemon Company threatened to sue gyari for intellectual property infringement

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wonder how GYARI feels about having to abandon his best design

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What do you mean, Pikamee is right there!

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not even graduation stream... it still hurts

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Koro-san really is something special

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>food analogy
They're thinking like it's an anime production and the talent is just a VA they hired to voice their character. They haven't realized that the talent and character are far more inseparable than they thought.

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she stole Pikame's cheeze-its

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>food analogy
>replace food
>food difference can be noticed by taste, smell, and appearance easily
unless what you always eat is a shit food

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Name a chuuba who's actually graduated. Almost all have withdrawn or been fired.

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The thousands of indies or tens of small groups that just never stream again? Even if you haven't been around that long you can still check the EN wiki to see who retired without it being to health problems/fired/controversy.

This isn't even limited to vtubers, every content creator that isn't bound to a company, or doesn't do it as their main source of income stops eventually. Sometimes people don't want to define their entire life by one thing they did for fun back in their 20s.

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She'll resurface as an indie.

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I understand that things end. But why couldn't she say goodbye?
And why did they have to erase her existence off the face of the planet?
No stream? No tweet? No message? No consolation of any kind? Fucking brutal.
It's like she got fucking vaporized, even from our memories. Or at least, they've tried their hardest to.
It's cruel. As if she died as a criminal.

I just wanted a little closure.

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Bullshit. Both Gyari AND TMSK would have enjoyed that.

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>It's cruel. As if she died as a criminal.
I mean

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Luna's actress is around frigging 2 decades older at least.

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>I just wanted a little closure.
Me too but Voms is actually half way competent at no leaking information so we may never find out

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But teenagers can work in Japan.

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magnet did not graduate she was terminated

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it's impossible for them to be around forever anon, it's a sad but true fact. enjoy the time with them while you can, appreciate every day because you never know when it could be their last.
Wiffy, Achikita Chinami, Kagami Kira, Yomi Kurone, countless others. dramatic departures make the headlines but they hardly make up the majority

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For the love of all stop signs in the galaxy cease and fucking desist.

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>But why couldn't she say goodbye?
>It's cruel. As if she died as a criminal.
Well, she's not dead, or at least that's what Pika said, but maybe she got arrested.

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It do be tearing us from our escapism and reminding us of the shit world we live in.

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chubas are a step above (voice)actors in how close they are interwoven with their character.
Just look how ballistic some people get whenever a new actor is announced for a role. Especially capeshit. Sure in the end people usually get around to this - But this is actors. With how tightly interwoven chubas are with their character, it is literally impossible to replace them.

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I don't think anybody cares about the characters themselves, they're not playing a role on a story or anything, they care about the person playing them. It's just that they're wearing a mask in front of the camera.

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Everyone moves on eventually

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how will we know once she is reincarnated? Her voice is pretty unique amongst JP vtubers, right? Or do you think she would drop hints

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JP fans will find out before we do. Expect buzz on twitter, because online people can't keep secrets.

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She was fired, not graduated. Get your facts straight.

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hot, she deserves it

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I wonder if her prison cell is comfortable

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That might have been Tomoe's decision. GYARI specifically came out after the announcement to say he's not pretending she doesn't exist. It's not purely for money either since they won't be making new merch. Going by the girls' announcements, I think he tried his best to keep her.

>This is a supplement to the case of Magnetic Wealth Monoe. To all collaborators: It's okay to leave the distribution archive. To everyone who can create fan art and doujin works: There is no problem in creating it in the future. I will list it on the following page for proof.: https://voms.net/monsters/jitomi-monoe/

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It depends on which country incarcerated her.

>> No.965916

>why couldn't she say goodbye?
Internet's not allowed in prison.

>> No.965930

Looks cute, who is this? Where can I find their channel

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I'll kill you

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We all graduate eventually.

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she won't return
she won't reincarnate
no one will know where she is
not her fans, not her collaborators
soon not even voms will know
she's gone without a trace
essentially dead to all who cared about her
just like that, it's over

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Okay but what does it mean though

>> No.966971

Go check the rrat thread.

>> No.967374

Look at the other replies for a hint

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>tfw Kaoru graduated just a couple months after I started watching him
I miss him, I was unashamedly full homo for him

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because the vtubers you watch are soulless corporate slaves owned by a retarded japanese company that steals half of the money you give them and won't hesitate to suspend or even terminate them for saying a bad word
and yet you faggots eat that shit up and ask for seconds

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i scrolled by the monoe/kaoru collab thumbnail when going through the magnet archives and almost cried. both taken from us too soon.

>> No.968102

There's no fucking way Monoe was fired for shit like that.

>> No.968267

Your comment made my day anon thank you very much.

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I agree with you, I'm interested in finding out if Monoe's VA is okay more than why she was fired.

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none of them are, ever since the companies figured out that letting them yell FAQ at will attracts more people *and* makes the seiso ones more attractive since it's not the default.

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Rats are rodents that typically inhabit sewers and other unkempt areas. They had a negative reputation, with the name of the species when used against a person often being meant to indicate that the person in question has a highly untrustworthy nature. In addition, largely due to their negative reputation as a pest, the term is often used for any vermin of rodent origin that acts as a pest even if they technically are completely separate from actual rats.

During the time of Operation Snake Eater, in August 1964, rats inhabited the Soviet region of Tselinoyarsk. They were the descendents of Norwegian wild rats that were domesticated by humans as pets and lab animals. They also lived within the sewers leading away from Groznyj Grad.

During the time of the Militaires Sans Frontières' infiltrations into black sites on Cuba from December 1974 to March 1975, rats had inhabited the premises of the black sites.

During the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005, various ventilation shaft covers in the tank hangar were left open in order to spray for rats, allowing Solid Snake to crawl inside and infiltrate the cell block. Previously, a group of Alaskan field mice, while not technically rats, had inadvertently shown Snake the way into the hangar proper, with Snake referring to them as "old friends" after returning to the facility nine years later, much to Otacon's confusion.
Behind the scenes

In Metal Gear Solid (and its remake, The Twin Snakes), the player can shoot the rats near the Comm Towers and in the Blast Furnace. Doing this will prompt different responses from Snake's contacts. Also, if the player does not submit to Revolver Ocelot's torture in both games, Snake will have to kill a rat that ingests the PAL key, after he drops it into the drainage ditch of the Underground Maintenance Hangar.

In the non-canon Game Boy Color game Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, while traversing the sewer system of Galuade, there were rats crawling along the floor, with the implication that they were trying to get away from the then-upcoming squall's floodwaters.

In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and its various versions (including Snake Eater 3D), the player can capture and/or kill rats in various urban areas as food to consume to regain a moderate amount of stamina. They are also noted by Snake as being fairly tasty.

Dummied dialogue in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots indicated that, besides their presence in Shadow Moses during Twin Suns, rats would also have appeared in the cut sewer sequence for Third Sun, and would have acted as an aid regarding telling where Gekko were laying in wait to ambush Snake.

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Pika said she talked with her after the fact and that she's fine. Losing a job isn't a life or death situation or anything.

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what if they say taiwan?

>> No.970300

Why didn't she get a proper sendoff?
What will happen on the 1st anniversary?

>> No.970943

Cause she couldn't. Cause she was in jail.

>> No.971022

i don't want to believe the malaysian drug deportation rrat, b-but...

>> No.971035

because they're not waifus

>> No.971067

you have to agree it was suspiciously sudden

>> No.971139

but... just because it's tax season, it doesn't mean she got caught smoking weed or underage drinking, or that she failed to resign from her civil servant job...!

>> No.971430

You can go to jail for doing weed in Japan. It's a possibility.

>> No.971502

How many on this board actually cared about her and watched her streams, instead of only caring because Pikamee cried.

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I can't believe she shot TMSK in front of GYARI

>> No.971648

have you not learned context clues in middle school are you that dumb

>> No.971714

I didn't have fucking time! I saw her and TMSK on Pika's Mario 64 playthrough, then I went to check TMSK's videos, and then the next day the magnet girl was already gone!

>> No.972312

>on this board
not many since /vt/ is majority EOPs
>caring because of pikamee
disgusts me that people out there think like that. monoe was the best voms. not only did she leave, she got erased without so much as a proper sendoff. we can't even talk about her or think about her. they will never mention her again.
voms was the closest thing to a AA indie vtuber group that could still do their own thing as they pleased. that charade was summarily shattered, with voms now on the precipice of ending entirely.

>> No.972494

T*iwan is not a bad word, it's just the secret codeword that activates the changbots' attack mode.

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Drank my second bottle of the night. Feeling a bit dizzy, but not fucked up by any means. Any good songs to listen to for this feeling? Looking for something you wanna play when pointing a .22 up against your skull.
God, I miss this little magnet like you couldn't believe.

>> No.972776

I don't want you to die.

>> No.972829

If you're trying to kill yourself livestream it for the lulz

>> No.972905

Not with a .22, he won't

>> No.972917

I just wanted a sad song to listen to while drowning in alcohol and, soon enough, a couple sleeping pills. I am doing a bit of money on crypto so it's not all bad. Although if I had to give away every single cent I own for a chance to bring her back into my life, I would in a heartbeat.

>> No.973167

Maybe lay off the pills and the bottle for today? If you pass away you won't be able to see her once she comes back as an indie vtuber, bro.

>> No.973182

You grossly underestimate a supersonic .5mm piece of lead going into your brain.

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>> No.973335

Not him, but if you can survive a 9mm to the head then you can more easily survive a smaller round. Sure, it can still kill you, but you take the risk of ending up disabled rather than dead.

>> No.973489

You can survive .45ACP or .50BMG yo the head under the right conditions, doesn't make it safe to try.

>> No.973627

Well you're obviously gonna get hurt no matter what. I'd rather use a bigger caliber just to be sure. Or better yet, don't do that dumb shit and just go watch other chubas instead.

>> No.973734

Stop giving me false hope, please. I am already struggling enough with the loss.

>> No.973856

I've seen to many videos of people being shot 9 times and continuing to move around to totally trust any caliber to be totally reliable. explosives or nothing

>> No.974233

>anon blows up his house and dies because a youtuber got fired
Please don't.

>> No.974286

think of the advantages though. you don't have to worry about wiping your computer or throwing out the piss bottles and cum rag. it'll all be wiped clean

>> No.974332

But no more cooming ever, though.

>> No.974422

>Oh my god, he's still alive under the rubble! It's been five days! Sir, do you want us to call someone?
>jitomi...monoe...chuuba...my oshi...
>What? Must be the dehydration.

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>> No.975440

Two of these are serious.


>> No.975483

Why desire for something you can't intrinsically comprehend?

>> No.975495

rip in peace anon

>> No.976214

If she lasted more than 11 months I think people would be less upset.

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>> No.979181

insightful dog

>> No.979993

Operation "bust magnet out of the pen" commences.

>> No.980584

meanwhile from what I've seen of Okayu, she seems to be afraid of not lasting forever/being forgotten about

>> No.980664

or losing eveyone else.

>> No.981054

are you still there?

>> No.981758

i took a break for a while... is monoe actually gone or are you fags just memeing?

>> No.981876

She's gone. Could possibly come back under a new identity but it's over with VOMS.

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>> No.985075

holotard for "narrative"

>> No.985104

>regurgitating common knowledge

>> No.985135

How many of us anons graduated from life and stopped posting and no one has ever noticed?

>> No.985162

Go back to discord

>> No.985181

Based as fuck
It's your fault investing in a shitty drama company

>> No.988589

She'll come back, she has to

>> No.988768

Not really? She can just move on with her life and, hopefully, learn a lesson from whatever she did.

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>> No.992856

this unironically

>> No.992877

go back

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>> No.992935

Magnets how do they work?

>> No.992954

>people still remember chris ,sex, bayblade
Anon they never die in our hearts

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>> No.997268

there was a time where newfags would lurk instead of wanting everything spoonfed.

>> No.997326

"Graduation" is a polite term for quitting on amicable turns that isn't a stain on your resume.

>> No.997418
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if there's a stain on your resume can't you just print another?

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Friday night.
Stuck inside.
It still hurts.
What a life this is.

>> No.1002685


>> No.1002772

How long did it take other chuubas like Aloe to reincarnate? Will it be months? Should I give up hope after a year?

>> No.1002893

Sometimes I wonder if Monoe did JAV in the past (or still did on the side), and some porn-addicted schizo recognized her Ring Fit-moans and blackmailed either her or VOMS as a whole...

>> No.1003149

I don't understand why knowing someone's real face instantly disqualifies them from vtubing. Half the EN tubers I know started as regular streamers with face cams. Why does JP care so much?

>> No.1004230


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I'm unironically worried about >>972587 and I hope they come back soon to tell us they're okay.
I hope you're still with us, brother.

>> No.1009516

Suggesting by his following post >>972917 it might have gone either way. I also trade cryptocurrencies and the market has been pretty much in turmoil this whole week.

>> No.1010084

Pika and TMSK playin A Way Out please?

>> No.1010209

It should be a purple dove's wing instead of a hand.

>> No.1010809

Earned that degree

>> No.1015122


>> No.1016376

Unless she was an actual child I don't think it matters didn't haachama start before she even fished high school?

>> No.1016414

Deep doggo

>> No.1016481

Nice post. 5/5

>> No.1016509

But not a fan

>> No.1016519


>> No.1016771

You shoot yourself with a .22 and you'll end up in a home, not a grave

>> No.1016851

She never reincarnated, she just went back to her old personae

>> No.1016910

Most of Hololive has been doxxed since the yellownigger brigade got offended at Taiwanese supremacy and it's actually made the whole industry care way less.

>> No.1016952

Who dat?

>> No.1016961


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