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Vtubing is softcore pornography advertised to teens and manchildren. It’s destroying many people’s lives with crippling addictions and society would be better off without it. Thoughts?

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Why should I offer thoughts before you do, OP? Contribute.

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9552823 social credit +1

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My comment was my contribution. I think vtubing should be banned and I gave my reasoning.

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Not before twitch streaming

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>my comment was my contribution
Yeah but you didn't think at all.

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My thoughts are, op is gay liberal Chinese netizen.

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Hi, my name is Anon and my life was destroyed by chuubas.
At first it was just a hobby, something to watch to pass the time. But then I fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.
Soon I was learning japanese so I could understand streams. Then I was submitting pictures of my room to twitter.
Then I hit the hard stuff. Mostly acrylic stands and wall scrolls.
My wife left me and took the kids. Now it's just me and my Oshi

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I’m not Chinese, I hate China

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>It’s destroying many people’s lives with crippling addictions

Yeah but feels good man

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But you’d probably be better off without it. You’d feel better long term.

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Get out of 4chan and live your life

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>I can control myself and my addiction, therefore it should be banned
Rope is the only option for you, anon

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Counterpoint: Vtubers are preventing certain incels from snapping and resorting to violence. Vtubers are giving these people a purpose in life and curing their crippling loneliness and hatred of society.

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Many people's lives would be better without you making shitposts like this

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Not a shitpost

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Wrong. It just ensures that incels remain incels and delays their snapping. Once they turn 40 and realize they have no family, they’ll go berserk. Incels are a creation of modern culture.

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And what would that accomplish?

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You are assuming people have it in them to mass-murder with little basis, and you also assume they do anything besides keep them on a leash. How is watching a vtuber going to make them want to relive life? At best, it eases the pain and gives them a semblance of happiness in isolation.

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FPBP, but pic

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chigger faggot

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Thanks to vtubers I respect women more. So yeah this is a nasty hobby, heil CCP and the chinks

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Me too but I still don’t respect them, just think they aren’t completely useless

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I used to think women couldn't be funny but (JAPANESE) vtubers proved me wrong.

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Do it Xi, finish off that fucking country! Cultural Revolution 2.0 baby!

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I don't respect them. But it made me rethink wanting to enslave ALL of them.

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pornography should be mainstream and openly advertised

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and how much money did onlyfans make last year? whats better, donating to a chuba or donating to a 3d thot? Onlyfans made $2.2 billion and is expected to make $12 billion this year dude, go help all the other people 1st as there is x1000 more of them.

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It's hard to tell Chinks from Murricans when it comes to THINK OF THE CHILDREN and PORNBAD

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You guys are so easy to bait its retarded. Not OP but have some self respect. This thread should have faded away but your brand of schizo autism just had to reply. Even worse, you bumped it. Please, go back.

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