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It's been 2 weeks since their debuts, and sub 100k VOD views are the new normal for HoloCouncil.
Explain to me how this gen isn't a flop, again?

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Okay but how much does HoloEN 1+2 earn in SC compared to when it was just EN1

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vtubing is dying and that's a good thing. Shit's been stagnant since 2018

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You cherry-picked those streams so you could paint a bad picture

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I wish Gura didn't exist so half this board wouldn't be numberfags comparing every stream to Gura's most popular streams ever.

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We've explained several times that their growth is the same as most Hololive VTuber channels, and that they didn't have the explosive start EN Den 1 did by being in the right place at the right time. They aren't a flop, they're just not an exception to the trend. You refuse to listen so you can make shitty bait threads like this and because you're autistic. Any more questions, faggot?

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All of them have ended like at maximum 4 hours ago and one was a watchalong.

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>People are no longer stuck inside due to Covid
>Lots of alternative English speaking VTubers have popped up
>Also like how Kronii isn't in the image, almost like HoloEN has one person that gets more views than her genmates
>The promotion of Council is just awful, yes that shit does matter

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>The promotion of Council is just awful
Literally how?

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>EN2 is a flop because they are not generating absurd numbers like EN1
Why are people doomposting like this? The only generation with better success is EN1 and that's only because they had a monopoly on the untapped potential of the EN market. They are doing well if you compare them to any other vtubers.

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EN2 will be why Cover will make EN the next CN

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I was pretty disappointed in EN2, so I started watching the EN Nijis, they're actually pretty good. Their chats are slower and more comfy. They are way more relaxed and seem to be genuine friends

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That first one is important. Hololive blew up in large part due to COVID. Unless there’s another hard lockdown like back in March (won’t happen even if I want it too) it’s not going up to those numbers

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EN is a mistake

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Sorry but hololive can never be flop they simply have no equal on the western Vtuber world the one that come close is vsj but they're on different platform compare them to any of western vtuber thats on YT they will come out on top everytime and soon with myth 1st anniversary HoloEN shall incline once more

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Mumei hasn’t even reached her Prime yet. She’s a generational talent. She’ll be Miko level in 3 months.

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We told you multiple times that EN1 was a miracle but you guys didn't believe it

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I thought that was pretty obvious? It's like the old belief with an artist's first album, Hololive had months maybe years to filter out numerous candidates to get the best which isn't usually the case for an artist's second album with regards to songs.

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Which begs the question; Will there ever be a Hololive ES?

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Behold your HoloEN Killers

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so much lore videos, no hype and then the debut happen LMAO

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LMAO nijiniggers being proud to their 500 views
>make more accounts to help your oshi get 200k anon

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En 3 will boost their numbers

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This is honestly the only gen where there is no one i don't like, if i had to complain about something it would be that Mumei and Fauna is a bit too similar in character, but that's only surface level observation, i know they have pretty different personalities.

Also i feel i've heard Fauna before, did she do ASMR before holo?

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I only care about Irys desu

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>no hype and then the debut happen
4 out of 5 of them got 90k+ viewers for their debuts in less than 12 hours of notice.
What are you even talking about?

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It's true but no one will listen.

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it's actually lower, numbers thread has the spreadsheet iirc.

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Wouldn't it be a flop if no one was watching? Even 1k viewers is amazing compared to the struggling 2views on twitch and youtube.
Wait, nevermind, hololive fans consider anything below 20k a failure for some reason.

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so they're just holoID with 3 ollie in it.
they're growth are pretty much in line with her.

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>hololive fans consider anything below 20k a failure for some reason.
Nice strawman.
Holofans are the ones defending HoloCouncil's numbers.

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I noticed that only the blue mori and the owl retard get some kind of traction so they will be the only ones bringing in views in the long run. Also, cool to see Holobronies fighting one another, can't wait for threads when the hype dies down in 2 weeks and views decline even further. Just embrace that myth was a happy accident and stop excpecting good numbers. Btw, what happened to Council obliterating Niji En? Last time I checked their average viewcount on Playboard and vod views, it hasn't changed at all with an exception for Petra who had quite a few collabs etc last 2 weeks. Does it mean they succeeded in staggering new Holos' growth? That's good, maybe this will make Cover and their talents realize that if the content is shit, people will move on.

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It gets even better when you realise the "adoptions" they're talking about are Miko and Suisei

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nijien numbers are down across the board except for Finana, go ask for the data in the numberfag thread.

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thanks for the stats, it's still decent imho, especially Rosemi and Selen, like -3 and -123 are nothing compared to exodus people expected. What happened to Council turning them all to 2views with sub 1k average?

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>Explain to me how this gen isn't a flop, again?
I can't. Doomchads... I kneel.

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