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She always uses whitewashed of herself which ticks me off but she also kinda used a transphobic before
People are like "well she didn't know" but like, how do you don't understand that the "it's a gut dressing up as a girl, so weird" it's transphobic. She has no reason to say that
Her skin tone is a lot darker than it is in the fanart she uses for her thumbnails. She looks like a sheet of paper in her pfp compared to her actual model
Ina listen to me, please don't collab with her anymore. Well, maybe if I stop being an anti she'll stop collabing with her

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I love this hag

Someone post her almost calling that baby "nigga"

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That sounds pretty based.
I'm going to watch IRyS now

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C'mon OP, at least do your reps before you post some bait

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I dont think Im woke enough to understand how this is transphobic. Astolfo is a trap and she likes him? Yeah?

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Go back

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wtf I love Irys now

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Thanks, I was looking for a reason to watch her

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the existence of someone that dresses like a girl but still identifies as a boy goes against the modern transgender movement

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I will now watch this streamer.

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>Irys is a transphobic and racist white woman

Good, shes not mentally ill

We know OP... thats why we love her,,,

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>white woman
Uhh, who's gonna tell him?

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Shes probably half white half asian

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And doing just that is based as fuck.

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I'm confused about you amerimutts. Is that still considered white? Shouldn't it not be?

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The don’t understand your woke bs at all but you are telling me that anyone who like a trap character is transphobic by your standard?

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is this some kind of reverse psychology?thanks for her 4chan boost though lol

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I think shes not considered white, just saying shes part white, like most "latinos"

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No she should be shot

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trying another angle, haaton?

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Propably but then again, there really are people who think and write like that unironically. Scary world.

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This, except it’s (You) that’s facing the wall.

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wokies believe acting like a woman + looking like a woman = actually being a woman
liking traps means you dont believe their bullshit

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>Irys is a transphobic and racist white woman
I'm glad that not everyone in this dying country is mentally ill. I love her
Do your reps

You can be black as charcoal, straight from Africa and you'll be called white if your opinions don't align with "the message". Amerimutts are extremely retarded, please understand

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Didnt know trans people hated well drag I guess. Thats weird. Guess its like how minorities are racist towards other minorities. Based Irys though I assume it was unintentional

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I know your true intentions is to promote her, by acting like a rabid extremist on purpose, but still fuck you for using those annoying buzzwords

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Don’t know much about wokeness but I can already tell you are full of shit, they are call rainbow and alphabet for a reason, I doubt they would hate on trap since it fall into all the weird things they support.

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Trannies hate literally everything, including and especially themselves.

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I don't buy into it (and she's not transphobic) but the rational is because trap makes it seem like they're trying to trick you into fucking them, instead of that just being who they are

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women and low test males support anything they tell them to support as long as it is handed to them by their "trustworthy" media and retard friends

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Wasn't the point originally supposed to be that you could like girly stuff while being a man and manly stuff while being a woman and that wasn't supposed to define your sexuality? Like you could be a manly guy and still be gay or like girly things and still be straight? Basically you should just be yourself and that wasn't supposed to mean anything in the sexuality department. It was supposed to stop enforcing gender roles not double down on them.
Now any guy that likes even a bit of girly stuff gets called an egg and is suggested to start transitioning. It's absolutely baffling.

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>Irys is a transphobic and racist white woman
stop anon, you don't need to shill her this hard, I already love her

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> Using the word "trap"

Ahem! Please don't use that word!
Unsubbed, unfollowed, CANCELLED!

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Shes so adorable, its insane... Hololive did an excelent job when they hired this woman

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that was one of the actual good points of feminism but transgenderfags are unironically some of the most sexist people there are with their absolute gender roles

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Because what is white to them those kinds of people is different from what the what the average person considers white.

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Not really, it's because they claim the term "trap" spreads the notion that transgender people are devious and trying to trick/trap straight men into having sex with them, (even though it's not a term people use towards trannies, only crossdressers and rarely ever used in a negative way)
Of course, like with anything troons have a problem with they claim this kind of thought process is getting trans people murdered and a lot of websites have now banned the term and begun calling it the "T-slur"

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>hired as a vsinger
>turns out she's a top tier streamer too
They struck gold.

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It doesn't even refers to them in the first place? Are people stupid? Is this whole thing just a modern adaptation of The Emperor's new Clothes?

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americans are fucked

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She just keeps getting cuter with every passing day

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ffs, i just jerked off to her the 5th time today. no need to remind me about her being based.

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How to most effectively shill your oshi to 4chan:
1. Claim her to be transphobic.
2. Enjoy.

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She is the best EN holomem

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Rent free.

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Stop exporting your garbage woke ideology to the rest of the world you damn mutts.
You went from landing on the moon to this.

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don't reply to mutts
they're too far gone already

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You have to go back

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Traps is not related to transphobia. Take your sensitive transexual ass back to your own section. I hear /lgbt is for you. You fuckers chose to "claim" the term and concept of "trap" to have another reason to be upset and hate people.

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>Traps is not related to transphobia
tell that to america

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You could also stop consuming american products. At least 8 of HoloEN are American. And yes, Canada is an American state.

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Interesting post but read that she is 3/4 Japanese.

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Holy fuck I need to start watching her now

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I was away from the net for a few years, came back last year and use the word trap which is used to refer to anime characters and got banned.
My first response is lol what????? Shit is so fucking wild nowadays.

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thats a good thing trans trash don't deserve respect

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some people really dislike the word trap, that's what the bait is about

>> No.9583022

all you have to do is refuse to apologize

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nice shitpost, but, unlike the trans post from before this does not strike any of the nerves this place has, in fact it makes her more likable

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Thanks for the recommendation OP, I guess I'll give her a second try

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racially motivated?

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>Irys is transphobic and racist
So, she's based ?

Looks like someone hasn't done their homework.

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reps now niggers
every time i see this it reminds me what her non nip blood is and makes me want to breed her

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I legit would bet money she has white genes/ancestors at least her grandpa or something like that

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this is bait if not go rope yourself mainlander nigger hell do either way

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most either is that or asian and going by her its not white

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I just listened to a snail pull her nail out and what you wrote is the craziest thing I've heard all day. wtf America?

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>that moment of contemplation when she thinks twice about it

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I don't care about Kronii.

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word of advice: read the fucking post you're replying to anon

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I love femboys/traps, but not transsexuals. I just don't care for them, and frankly, they insist upon themselves. Now if you want to call me transphobic then so be it but I'm sorry, I won't apologise for that.

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it's just a minority in the minority; like some lasbian activists are anti trans, but most aren't

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That was copy paste of a (former?) takodachi's tweet. There are a number of tranny retards on Twitter who seems to have a real issue with IRyS using the term "trap" before

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Subscribed and became a member just as I finished reading this post

>> No.9584587

You will never make me like this goblin until she gets a new face. sorry

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Your loss, anon

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She should be the one teaching haachama slang and English curses, not mori

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Iyrs is the best HoloEN stuck in the worst model

>> No.9584874

Sana suffers from a similar fate

>> No.9584940

Unironically a good thing. Sana's chat is by far the least insufferable from any EN. It's good to have normalfag filters.

>> No.9584956

who the fuck reads chat?

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Word of advice: dilate and seethe fucking faggot.

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>Irys is a transphobic and racist white woman
Fucking based, I just subscribed.

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regardless kronii's voice is sex so nobody cares

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Holo. And it's better when she reads your comment than some Redditor's

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I fucking love her so much and she has the voice of an angel.

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I will now member your chuuba.

>> No.9587586

I'll fucking member her now

>> No.9587635

holy based

>> No.9587750

More like, cringism.

>> No.9587794

Oh look, a wild (You) collector.

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Yep she is based

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Cope, /pol/ societal reject.

>> No.9587893

>is real

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wtf I love Irys now

>> No.9588511

Your woke shit like the "trap" being transphobic or any other progreshit thing is spilling to the wactor mods too, and its not even an english community. I fucking hate you.

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>> No.9588788

>spilling to the wactor mods too
Wait, what?!

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>who cares about discordshit
problem is he wants to be a stream mod too

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wtf I love irys now

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I know this is bait but it will never cease to be funny how men who actually pass are considered to be a slur to the 41%

>> No.9589205

Holy shit, superchatting 500 bucks to her right now.

>> No.9589537

>muh traps are different from trannies b-because!!!

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>> No.9590390

50 shades of IRyS

>> No.9590579

>most obvious bait thread i've ever seen
>115 replies
This board is dead.

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File: 791 KB, 640x360, itsreal[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F2pvny0.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Sounds based to me

>> No.9591031

whut the fuck is she then'

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Wow really? I’m going to have to tune in then, I haven’t watched since her debut. If what you’re saying is true then she’s definitely earned my sub, maybe even some superchats.

>> No.9592309

Lesbians are transphobic by default, according to lefties. Liking bob and vegana only is transphobic.

>> No.9592404

Shut the fuck up man

>> No.9592443

>you can't call someone a rag anymore
This is what Videla and Pinochet were trying to warn us about

>> No.9592488

Thanks OP, now I know who to give 90% of my paycheck now.

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OP here
*ding ding ding*
You nailed it
This is a copypasta

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Dilate fucking tranny freak, you will never be a real women

>> No.9592757

Racism no, to me it's more like baseism my good sir

>> No.9592796

She's great, isn't she?

>> No.9594378

>almost calls a baby a nigger
I guess it's time to watch her

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I'm calling it now. Irys is going to get a new outfit with whiter skin, nobody will notice it, and will rarely use her original model. Nobody will question it, they'll think she just really likes the new outfit.

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I think it's more important to note that Fate Apocrypha was utter dogshit

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Irys I know this is you. You're the only one who talks like this.

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wtf first kiara now irys stop doing this to me anon I already have a chuuba.

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>> No.9599641

what the fuck

>> No.9603794

>mother simulator
why simulate it

>> No.9604031

>misora uses trapo constantly on stream
>this faggot has to retract because it literally has become part of one one the streamers
que le jodan

>> No.9607407

>Irys is a transphobic and racist white woman
Good. Fuck you.

>> No.9607538

>Irys is a transphobic and racist white woman
I guess hope really does live with her.

>> No.9608034

If Kronii is/was a pegasister like Gura used to be, that'd honestly raise my opinion of her.

>> No.9608322

Because they hate the word 'trap'
Not true, trannies and pro-trannies do acknowledge the existence of very very feminine boys, they just call them femboys

>> No.9608595

don't care
americans are fucked

>> No.9608846

found the newfags

>> No.9609038

I was looking for an oshi and I think you just convinced me she may be the one.

>> No.9609100

>t. butthurt wokiepop

>> No.9609482

>doesn't even now why he's being called a newfag
lurk moar

>> No.9609746

No, it wasn't good. There is no stopping the slippery slope.

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cope and sneethe

>> No.9611131

Ah, you're one of those. I hope you have a long and fruitful future pretending you've been here for more than a couple of months.

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>> No.9612107

I'll spoonfeed you here, he was alluding to the fact that she's neither chubby nor a hag

>> No.9623098

Based. Same with me.

>> No.9624010

So based.

>> No.9631569

First irys clip that make my side hurt. Fucking subbed.

>> No.9631896

Yes. and?

>> No.9631992

love IRyS

>> No.9632526

I don't know anything about Wactor but that seems like an argentinian to me.

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>> No.9632876

Ultra based.

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IRyS should have just said it. My girl Miko is proof that it can only help your career!

>> No.9638548

irys is super fucking cute

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this isn't b8. it's advertising.
you can tell because the person in question didn't say chud, /pol/ or any other buzzword to build the rrat against their targets. shills always do this and thats why they get paid, this op just so happens to be insulting the vtuber in a way gaurenteed to end up making her look good.

>> No.9638844

That's literally what transgender people are doing, unless they're "gay"

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File: 1.94 MB, 640x400, 1627092364985.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss her

>> No.9638967

traps =/= femboy =/= cute/attractive boy
woman (male) =/= HRT chugging american =/= anime male

>> No.9639007

>You could also stop consuming american products
How is that going to help when you push it on literally everyone?
I've had the female members of my university's choir stage a fucking walkout over a chibi logo on our handouts because it was supposedly objectifying to women.
You really are the great golem.

>> No.9639059


>> No.9639122

That's not very progressive of you, Artemis your oshi won't like that at all

>> No.9639127

>The sheer commitment
Haaton-Sama.... I kneel.

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>Entire thread has gone without mentioning her love for shotas once
>Ah shota, I like shota.
>Shota I do like a fair amount.
>And, actually, I like all kinds of characters, a fair amount.
>Cool characters and sexy characters, they're all welcome. All weelcooome.

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File: 70 KB, 563x543, 957EEA52-BBAE-4786-8B9C-46ECE9CA88EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

IRyS is:
>A pedophile
How do we stop her?

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IRyS is out there, she can't be bargained with, she can't be reasoned with, she doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and she absolutely will not stop... EVER, until you accept Nephilim supremacy!

>> No.9639740

>it's actually real

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