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*hands you the keys to Hololive and makes you the new CEO*
What’s the first course of action you take? But he gives you 3 rules:
you cant fire, hire, or transfer anyone within the company.

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>force holos i dont like to produce shittier and more scripted content
>they eventually graduate on their own due to hating their job, not breaking the no firing rules

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Sex with Temma then host HoloUters 3

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Make their jobs so unlikeable that they all quit, then shut down the whole company, freeing the industry of the black stain that is Cover.

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Since I can’t fire her, ghost Rhombus Rigger and leave her without any work

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bruh they’ll chase your ass out of the company for that asap

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Dedicate all the company's resources to PekoMiko.

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So I can't even hire more employees to work on getting streaming permissions?

In that case I'll tell the girls to use common sense when it comes to political stuff but that they're allowed to do their history streams and their civ streams.

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Sir, you are not Sony CEO.

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force noel to have sex with me

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Give all the girls loli models

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Clean house on management, except in ID. Everyone in HoloEN management loses their jobs immediately. Corrupt shitheads in JP too. Cancel HoloAlt, and all shitty lore. Reinvest in rigging, and 3D.

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Anonymously post rrats on /vt/ that I know are true but no one will believe

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Hololive-Nijisanji merger.

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Make ping pong league 2, with the holos as playable characters

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I am the CEO, i do anything i wanna
Graduation Kiara, Anya and Ollie
Offer alot money to take Pomu
Ban e-celebs collab

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Invite everyone for offline meeting and have an orgy.

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Unironically would be good advice to Cover right now. Complacency will catch up to them…

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i hide in z locker in the changing room just before the live events and jack off

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Let the talents do whatever they want

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>get inhouse riggers for all the costumes and updates on existing live2D
>get inhouse team for making Covers and talents are allowed to queue up MV production for their own songs when there's a slot
>clean house on management and focus on getting games permissions so they get more freedom to join
>get Coco to come back under any requirement she wants

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Assuming I can modify preexisting contracts:

1. Immediately impose a minimum number of hours streamed per week/month. This would be reasonable and not affect the vast majority of streamers, but it would deal with situations like Ayame going AWOL and then coming to collect their supers once a month
2. Mandate the creation of schedules which must be posted at a certain time each week. If a stream's content has not been decided, the time/day should still be posted with content TBD.
3. Give EN (and ID if they don't have it) health insurance (Ame had to buy her own). Ensure that paid time off for vacations/rest is already being offered effectively.
4. Create and circulate a clear whitelist/blacklist of entities with whom collaboration/online interaction is allowed. Anitubers and ecelebs are banned in all capacities.

That's about all I can think of without hiring more competent management, firing staff/idols,

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Well, since I cant clean management, I will sabotage the company by ruthlessly punishing clippers and doing bad PR until I can fire people.

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File: 244 KB, 1350x1030, __sakura_miko_and_hoshimachi_suisei_hololive_and_2_more_drawn_by_kukie_nyan__d181c1f99b89bb6d9d9816f833c53924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This but miComet instead

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give them back to him cause yagoos based

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just make lazy ass Gura work more, and set an example for the rest of the talent, since she’s the top dog in the company

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i sell all of the company's assets and make the moguyacht a reality

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1. Get Mio pregnant
2. Get Fubuki pregnant
3. Get Botan pregnant
4. Get Watame pregnant
5. Get Flare pregnant
6. Get Aki pregnant

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Gura has been doing fine with streaming hours recently, but there have been times in the past when she needed it and probably will again in the future. The rules should be the same across the board.

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>A full re-rigging of any model that is unresponsive to eye/facial movement, lacks depth (has a mask), and lacks life in their hair/breasts (except the flatties lol).
>Send home 3D gear to anyone who can't make it to the office in Japan and can show they are busting their ass to learning dancing.
>Get more persimmons.

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Invite select Hololive talents for the Okayu cosplayers. Hell, make them cosplay their own characters.

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Send Mel's old manager to Ayame.

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hand them right back

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Based auntie.

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I would make all the artists redesign Roboco, Aki and Mel and then choose the better design.
I would stop Hologra and start the production of an epic 3D animated movie.
I would give all the girls the freedom to moderate their channel as they want.
I would make a deal with Twitch to stream on their platform.
I would do everything in my power to bring back Aloe.

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This but with Izuru. And make Holouters 3D come true.

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First i'd boil some water.
Then prepare a coffee.
And after that, enjoy the hell out of it, as i watch everything burn.

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But can i fuck?

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Mandatory collab shuffle every month. I don't give a fuck about "chemistry" or whatever, make sure the members at least hang out together cross-branches even if its an apex collab. Mori and Luna "Diddy (Keysha Cole) - Last Night" song cover? Risu Ame TypeRacer duel? Moona+Aqua Factorio collab? Mumei and Towa BF2042? I don't give a shit, make it happen.

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most based opinion in this thread

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Amazing, doing literally everything in your power to tank the company.

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Better scheduling so you can have the choice to literally never stop watching hololive.

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more variety type shows

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>Mori and Luna "Diddy (Keysha Cole) - Last Night" song cover?
I want to see this

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Hire some anon that cares more about chuubas to run the show as COO and slack off myself

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I actually would enjoy this mad king CEO

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You know what? I like it. You, friend, are an anon of vision.

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Make them collab with their favorite male streamer. Just want to make their dreams come true.

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Holostars Fight Club

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Have wild sex with Mel

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Recommend a proper online store for the west.

Offer to resale some items and sell XXL shirts more often as well as CD's

Help the Holos who are actually interested in making music succeed, especially if they alread invested their own goddamn money into it. Stupid fucking Nip jew

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This but unironically. If the fanbase has to burn and a few girls have to graduate to cull the fanbase of idolfags then it's a small price to pay.

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they kinda already do this with the NND fanclub collab.

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>Mandatory Language courses for all divisions
Not saying all the non-JPs need to be N1 level but they should at least be able to hold a conversation across divisions.

>Three Weekly Streams minimum of a certain duration
What it says on the tin.

>Get more stream permissions

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poor coco, cover is a black company

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So in other words, I can't do anything?
I guess I'll get Kronii to do phone sex with me or something. And troll Kiara somehow while making official porn of Marine.
Fuck it, nude Marine. You're horny? Good, there, now you've got a nude costume. No I don't care if jewtube cares.

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no no anon, I'm talking cross branch. Some JP members, and even some ID+EN still felt separated even after a whole year.
Picture this, a Towa, Okayu, Kronii and Mumei collab. They have to use ikemen voice all the time, and has a ounishment game if they let out their girly voice while playing Battlefield or better yet, Squad.
Or maybe, Ayame and Ina have to play Wargame Red Dragon and must only use Blue Dragon deck (Japan+Korea) units in a 2v2 map or Co-Op Hong Kong scenario.
Or Sora, Amelia, Gura, AZKi playing Castle Crashers. Which is a super simple game to play.

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collabs with vshojo whores are immediately banned.

>> No.9599659

> Moona + aqua , Mori and Luna
do you want a zoo?

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Fire some of the management.
Change it from a JP based company to a US one for tax purposes
Force Gura to collab with non EN Myth members.
Impregnate Kiara and Pekora
Help holos who already invested their own money into making music so they can make more/distribute it more easily
Impregnate A-chan.
Ban anituber collabs. E-celeb collabs that aren't sponsored as well.
Strong arm netflix, amazon and other movie sites into giving sponsorships for watch a longs so holos could directly link where people could watch stuff
impregnate rushia

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Make everyone stream 40 hours a week like a real job.

>> No.9600043

I'll ask Marin to autograph some merch, I never grab the limited set on time.

>> No.9600069

Immediately make official clip channels for each girl and Collabs. Strike any and all clippers. Hire a translation team to provide closed captions.

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this anon knows what he is talking about

>> No.9600415

Technically he isnt an employee. Cover comissions his art. You'd just need not to call him

>> No.9600468

I mean he is just a contractor. All you have to do is give him the cold shoulder and commission another rigger.

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What about the ones that are already lolis?

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1) Give the girls better 2D & 3D models/rigging
2) Force Managers to do a better job at getting permissions and punish them if they ever give some girls the Coco treatment
3) Help the Girls on their Original Songs
4) Try to bring Coco and Aloe back
5) Have Genmates collab atleast twice a month (i swear they are getting more and more distant than before especially Gen 1)

>> No.9601185

>Mori and Luna

>> No.9601459

Hey Holo ID management is shittiest among the ID big 3. I prefer to snatch Yume or Niji ID management to replace them.
t. Indog

>> No.9601714

slutty halloween costumes

>> No.9602031

Streamers are independent contractors so I would fire Kiara

>> No.9602203

Remind managers that they should be like good referees. There to enforce rules but not the reason you're watching
Better riggers
Far more aggressive with permission seeking
Encourage more content creation projects
Probably some basic health help or meal plan stuff for retards like Ame who keep eating bread and Aqua who is too dumb to do anything but order ubereats for every meal
Moguyacht with leftover profits

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make EN/ID 3d a reality
get better 3d tech and find ways for everyone to use all that shit at home like amelia does but way better along with a VR environment they can hang out in online
stars 3d anime but have someone different writing them from the current one
stars 3d live truth or dare streams, prepare lots of shit for them to roughhouse each other with
make miyabi do the most submissive and girly moan through absolutely whatever means necessary, cuter than anything he's ever done before
gura mascot costume

>> No.9602882

>make miyabi do the most submissive and girly moan through absolutely whatever means necessary

>> No.9603204

1) 1 million ad campaign for Holostars on every mobage & moba with ikemen video I can find. Male fans are more numerous but yumejo consistently push higher total numbers and are rabid and insane in ways that are useful
2) >>9597852 this
3) Push for more bespoke merch such as vinyls as a baseline assumption
4) J-EDM musician idol division/gen in order to worm our way into the Rhythm Game & dance machine market. Songs in that sphere usually live far past the expedition date of regular pop music, plus EDM lets us reach new and more importantly non-broke demographics.

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Why would anyone employ someone who havent finish high school like you to be Cover's janitor let alone their CEO?

>> No.9604546

Make Gen 3 collab with Holostars.

>> No.9604572

Dissolve EN and make talking about EN a taboo

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rename holostars to hoolrstas

>> No.9604629

She streamed the 2nd most in en this month. Ame on the other hand….

>> No.9604642

I came here to shitpost but you've made a genuinely good idea here.

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>> No.9604723

you don't need to >t. every time you post bro

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Fire all ENs, IDs and stars
and then rape marine and pekora

>> No.9605224

Say fuck permissions and let the chips fall as they may

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Wasn't Mori on vacation though?

>> No.9605574

I marry Haachama.

>> No.9605639

Mori vacations are just normal break days for everyone else. Her stream duration is just average if you crunched the numbers. Maybe not this week though because she was just flying over.

>> No.9605685

I bully Ollie, Kiara and Mori out of the company.

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Fire anyone even slightly involved with China and...
>you cant fire, hire, or transfer anyone within the company
Oh fuck you whats the point then? Ok I'll make sure that the girls own the rights to their characters after staying with the company a year so if they have to leave it doesn't fuck them over. After making that a mandatory thing I'll invite everyone involved with China and HoloCN over to my office and show them my gun collection.

>> No.9605850

axe the entirety of EN, ID and star-
>you cant fire
banishment room the entirety of EN, ID and stars

>> No.9605912

Dissolving isn't firing, its laying off.

>> No.9605969

Fire Omeg-


>> No.9605970

quick question: does transfer in this case mean you can't shift individual talents around generations? Wait, and by "within the company" that means we can't fire staff/board as well or did you just mean talents?

Bah, anyway, I'd start up a CoverNA branch to better oversee (or rather serve) the EN girls, I'd also try to bring Holostars to a bit more prominence and such, more interbranch collabs and all that, try to get new 3d rigs for talents who need it, get blanket permissions from game publishers, record companies, etc. If I were to push something on the talents, I'd want JP girls to work on English reps and EN girls to practice their JP reps and all that to help facilitate the collabs better. Jeez, the 'no hiring' really limits shit too, so no HoloES or HoloKR.

>> No.9606099

Commission a Hololive multiplayer RPG to my specifications, have an arc where the members of every branch play it.

>> No.9606111

>introduce a punishment system where any time a talent does/wants to do something inappropriate to idol activities, they have to add to a tally chart counting the monthly yabs
>at the end of each month, put all the talents names into a ballot, and put in extras of their names for each tally on the yab chart
>make a big show out of finding out who gets the monthly punishment by means of a lotto draw
>make the punishment pleasuring a bunch of filthy ojisans for 24 hours
>rig the draw so kiara loses every time

>> No.9606126

Shit, actually, you guys kind of hit the nail on the head of shit I'd like to see but didn't think to do. All hail anon, the new best girl of Hololive.

>> No.9606158

you wouldn't have to rig it

>> No.9606219

oh, one more thing thing I'd want to add to my running of the company: company trips to theme parks! First stop, Tokyo Disney Resort!

>> No.9606325

>Pomu takes offer
>People find out she switch sides
>Gets called a rat and double crosser
>No one wants to associate with her as she cannot be trusted
>Finally gets the treatment she deserves
Do anon, ruin her and her stupid fucking fans

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>begome CEO
>immediately call Irys to my office
>tell her that I am happy with the quality of her work and look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes in the years to come
>issue 25 dollar Amazon gift card for good measure
I love Irys

>> No.9606365

1. Tell some IT fags to put together at minimum a laptop you get when joining that is streaming cable and is pre-setup for streaming.
2. Also a list of shit like amps \ mics or whatever with settings already configured so that if talents want to upgrade their shit (or we just fucking provide that shit because it's a business).
3.Setup some fucking distribution for merch that doesn't take 12 years to send something overseas
4. Retire with my golden parachute because my work is done

>> No.9606369

By my decree, all holoEN girls will have their location put in the description of all of their streams. The only way for them to undo this is to graduate.

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Anon you actually posted something half decent...good job

>> No.9606440

>Be Irys
>Called all the way to Japan by the CEO
>He tells you stuff that he could have said over phone or email
>Gives you a $25 gift card for Amazon
>Feel a bit relieved but confused as hell.

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Sell it to China or whoever else. What the fuck do I know about running a vtuber company, or any company really.

>> No.9606927

Based on China's current economic situation, you probably know more than them.

>> No.9606955

Its Free real estate

>> No.9606987

Watch VR and A-soul crumble, more drama and rrat to enjoy with.

>> No.9607017

tanigo get the fuck out, i kneel only to this anon now

>> No.9607532

Shion is a woman. You are not

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>or we just fucking provide that shit because it's a business
>Get above average pay even after YouTube and Cover cut
>can't even afford a decent PC
>"Then where did our money go!"
Those new costumes means paying their illustrators and its not cheap, not including the riggers. 3D debuts. Those studios for 3D debuts and concert, unless you have a sponsor like a certain Bushiroad's daughter. Paying other Cover's employee's salary. Those animators dont animate Hologra for free. Hololive Alternative. And I'm sure getting those game permissions specially from the more uptight companies like Capcom and Square Enix doesnt come free. And don't ask about money when some of you fags pirated concerts and even voice packs

>> No.9608493

I'd lurk /here/ and do everything I think makes (you) autists seethe within the confines of the deal, just because I can.

>> No.9608600

Do absolutely nothing and just rake it in. Just like him.

>> No.9609087

Move Anya to Vsingers
Get permissions for stage musicals
Turn Luna into the narrator for hologra
Impregnate fubuki
Get a brand deal with Wetzels ptetzels
Give Ollie full creative freedom and the most advanced home3D setup possible
Get Astel the best 3D model money can buy
Moona gets an alt outfit that makes her black
Forbid Mori from hiring producers and mixers to help her with music, force her to stream making it herself
Rushia moves to Wales, trust the plan
Haachama's model now has a fully detailed pussy and asshole
A-chan streams weekly and gets a swimsuit model
Encourage Collabs with VOMS
Give Pikamee a 3D, don't care about the ramifications, she gets 3D and we put her in a room with Ayame until someone orgasms
Matsuri is ordered to start working out in 3D with aruran, in fact all of Hololive with 3D now does workout streams.

>> No.9609200

You're onto something...

>> No.9609311

Sex with all the holos
Sex with all the managers
Sex with all the fans

>> No.9609459

this is tremendously based

>> No.9609935

>Send Kiara to Germany for Hololive DE
>can't transfer her away from EN but keep her busy so she cannot stream or make music.
>Cannot hire any talent she finds according to rules

>Tell Mori that she can have the opportunity to be a Vsinger and have us pay for her music
>Tearful graduation as she applies to be the new Vsinger
>Sorry can't hire you according to rules lol

>Have Ollie shot

>> No.9610033

Why do Kiara and Mori get to live but Ollie doesn't?

>> No.9610184

zombies don't die from one gun shot unless it's the head anon

>> No.9610185

I can get away with it in Indonesia

>> No.9610236

>make Kiara and Mori live in Indonesia
>shoot them
This is why I'd be a better CEO

>> No.9610255

>Reduce the level of control managers have over idols, let idols have the last word
>Talk about Reine as to whether it may be necessary to get a full condo with private security (give Reine money to hire them independently as to not break the rule of hiring into the company) for the ID branch
>Hold a contest for fans to design a dedicated streaming website for Cover

>> No.9610293

Merge Holostars and Hololive together. They can all collab without asking permission now.

>> No.9610303

I bend the knee to you

>> No.9610420

Put a zero tolerance ban on Apex Legends, ARK and Minecraft.
also contract Lamy's yakuza friends to assassinate whoever was workplace harassing Coco

>> No.9610447

Promote whoever was workplace harassing Coco

>> No.9610490

>fire kiara
>force irys to fix her face
>promote haachama to Captain

>> No.9610676

make EVERY girl tits or gtfo. Naturally every girl, except for freaks like marine or some shit, will quit

>> No.9610812

Fuck off auntie

>> No.9611302

>Give the talent full ownership of their characters.(Except EN)
>Give them an actual competitive salary that will make streaming full-time more appealing.(Expect EN)
>If the want to help them move closer to the main studio.(JP Only)
>Set-up an on call IT to help them with any issues.
>Have consoles available for talents to borrow until they can purchase one.(JP&ID Only)
>Start a partnership with Microsoft to promote any first party games. Also promote exclusive third party games and any games they have marketing deals for.(JP&ID Only)
>Give a Neumann KU 100 to any talent that wants one.
>Purge all dead subs from EN girls channels.
>Make Gura publicly apologize to Iofi.
>Make Ame's twitter have open DM's every friday for feedback.
>Have Ollie say whether she did or didn't get finger banged on stream.

>> No.9611346

>Ban anyone from talking to e celebs lol
>Be more lenient with hololive EN management, they are not the main idol branch after all, let them be more creative
>Force hololive ID play more flavor of the months so they can rank in more money
>Ban Minecraft for hololive branch
>Force weekly Minecraft for holostar branch
>Force holostars to make a dream SMP Minecraft roleplay server (holostar generation 3 would be reveled by a ARG in this story)
>Have a threesome with ame and miyabi after ranking in millions

>> No.9611537
File: 1.41 MB, 1413x2000, __suzuhara_lulu_nijisanji_drawn_by_misumi_macaroni__61f2b77ca1a68d438482508e11566a6e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All models get a ponytail, use of this model is now mandatory.
>Iris gets a new artist
>HoloEN is relegated to twitch.

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I personally go to Aloe's house with a briefcase full of money, Momosuzu Nene, Yukihana Lamy, Shishiro Botan and Kiruno Ruki. Perform Naked Dogeza as we have an intervention and beg Aloe to renew her contract citing a technicality that she was no mentally fit to terminate her contract and thus she was never actually fired. Since Aloe technically never stopped working for Cover only having her contract suspended I am not violating the rules.

Next working with Mumei, Gura, Watame, Yukihana Lamy, and Pavolia Reine we orchestrate the public execution of a vocal anti.

Finally I initiate the final yab by bringing Hitomi Chris back.

>> No.9612415

Hire rariemonn and the mouse lady to fix all the shit rigging first and foremost, then have a chat one on one with each of the talents, figure out what they need and want to do, and then work hard to help them get where they go. Finally I would go on a crusade against youtube and retarded nip game publishers to make them stop treating the company like shit.

>> No.9612538

Oh, and I would also get rid of all of the shit management, even if I had to resort to physical force, force all the chink shareholders to divest, and take a stake in making Holofightz an official part of the company, having the girls offering color commentary if they so desired.

>> No.9612866

>holostar generation 3
But Oga and Shien are already an active part of Holostars.

>> No.9613757

Everyone must now collab with someone outside the company at least twice a month.
Every Hololive and Holostars must now collab with someone from the other group at least once a month.

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What about the ones that already are lolis and have slutty halloween costumes?

>> No.9620204
File: 297 KB, 1101x1471, 1630884001331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Allow and encourage Holomems to mix/ integrate/ reference roommate shit openly

>> No.9621446

>>rig the draw so kiara loses every time
Bro she is just more than happy to do it, no need to rig it lol

>> No.9621704

Update all the technology and rigging software. Work on highly responsive rigging software similar to what Snuffy has.

>> No.9623628

Open a second 3d studio in a diffrent location to the main one, rent studio usage and personell to indies who want to make 3d content. This works two-fold, make more money and act as a talent scouting program that also ensures that possible talents are already familar with cover 3d tech

>> No.9624624

I sell the company to Sony. This is not a transfer, as everyone still works for Cover.

>> No.9624668
File: 63 KB, 457x497, 1593259645608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People here would shit post about it for a few months then stop giving a fuck just like the last time.

>> No.9625573

Kanata nendoroid.
Mandate at least one flat girl for JP6 or EN3.
Fix Matsuri's idol outfit so that's it's accurately flat.

>> No.9625994

Everyone single Holo have to speak in English as of now, not nip allowed.

>> No.9626058

Make them move to Twitch, the superior streaming plateform which also doesn't destroy numbers.

>> No.9626121

Make Mori apologise for shitting herself that time.

>> No.9626169

>Get Botan pregnant
Might have some issues here

>> No.9626281

Yagoo hire this man

>> No.9626371

You can't modify preexisting contracts, that isn't how contracts work. You can change contract terms for anyone signing new contracts or re-signing.

>> No.9626433

Ban nepotism, Ban jewtube e-celebs collabs.

>> No.9626451

I think you mean forcefeed her beans so she shits herself on stream at least once a week

>> No.9626531

>you will never console Botan as she suffers from hot flashes, reassuring her that, yes she is still beautiful


>> No.9626930

1 hour streams are BAN
All holomems must stream more than a hour.

>> No.9626973

And this is why nobody who posts here should ever run a business

>> No.9627037 [DELETED] 

Feed Ame bread.

>> No.9627235

That would be great, but that's kinda risky (if we have every Hololive talents joining). How about this, company retreat to a resort or a beach.

>> No.9627821

Lamy suggested something like this to Yagoo her idea was company wide though not just talents. He said yes but he wouldn't go because if he went he'd be afraid of doxxing them.

>> No.9627964

I give myself a raise

>> No.9628043

Sell Aqua into chinese sex slavery but otherwise leave everything the same

>> No.9628102

nothing; they're already perfect

>> No.9629420
File: 117 KB, 290x290, 1602048450983.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fix irys, polka, anya and all the other shit models

>> No.9629453

My first step would be remembering and reminding my employees that any Hololive viewers worth caring about(AKA the majority of viewers that actually count AKA people that have both sat and watched a 5 hour+ stream start to finish AND sent at least one akasupa in a non-meme currency) are here because they want to watch an idol company

2nd step would be publicly displaying all the money the company has gotten from sponsorships and views so that people can finally accept the objective fact that SC makes way more money and is by far the predominant source of income

Third is banning my talents from ever pursuing any form of mental healthcare

Fourth step is to use my talents to collectively inform their fanbase to stop being spastic faggots online

Fifth step is to force the girls to call anybody who asks for a male collab a cuck on stream and get angry at them for their lack of self-respect

Sixth step is to ban male collabs, but not before I engineer a circumstance that makes Fubuki incredibly sad and in desperate need of positive affirmation and positive validation, before locking her in a room where she is forced to breathe aphrodisiacs and can do nothing but stream. Ideally I do this before her usual end of the month ASMR, and let a hint of her state leak out to Hololive viewers. I will figure out a way to tie any emotions of comfort and validation she feels to clitoral stimulation until FBK enters a feedback loop of loving/being loved by her viewers causing her to fall more deeply in love with them, and turning her into somebody that uses her viewers as validation, thus making sure that she won't ruin my plans

Seventh step is that I give Matsuri that fanbase gangbang she talked about. No more random Okinawan lovers, just menhera sex(but I make Mataurisu sign safety waivers)

Eight step, Ollie must wear chastity belt. Iofi and Risu too.

Ninth step, Suisei has to bring her mic in when she takes a piss

Tenth step, Azki must get a divorce

>> No.9629505

shut the fuck up bobby

>> No.9630252

>Ninth step
Expand this to every hololive member. Suisei's piss breaks are too rare, unless you have a separate plan for that.

>> No.9630460

I want Suisei specifically to come go terms with the degeneracy of herself and her fanbase, each Holo requires a different touch if they need one at all, this is Suisei's
>unless you have a separate plan for that.
Good idea, you know it's hard to find good help these days, how do you feel about managing an idol?

>> No.9630544

Audible queefs while taking a piss.

>> No.9630636

All concerns have been raised "upstairs". Expect changes sooner than anticipated.
Thanks for your patience

>> No.9630836

All JOP retards must start streaming in english immediately
Mandatory 6 streams per week or there'll be consequences
Mandatory Twitter presence that is not fanart retweet

>> No.9631230

More projects, make teams between holos amd do bi monthly events where they have battle eachother, not only games but also challenges and stuff. It's a shame that cover barely does anything interesting in form of events.

>> No.9632298

>black stain
and cover isn't sony.
>she clearly only streams when she feels like it!
>ignore all the valid explanations for shit, I'm salty she isn't meeting my needs and I refuse to just watch someone else, I have to insist she's a scam artist even though she'd have been fired by now if she was
they explicitly bought roboco's design from someone else. this is likely why she has nightmare feet at all times, limits associated with the sale. cope.
>aki and mel
are fine, neck yourself.
>feeding into the pugchimp etc spam
no really just die.
you wouldn't know a black company if you worked for one, retard.
>bring coco back
why would the camwhore want to resume being a vtuber after quitting so she could be a camwhore?
independant contractors generally don't recieve salary. hololive's talents get paid salary in addition to what's left of superchats. you need to just fuck off and die already, zhang.
>I'll make sure the company has no IP of it's own
are you really just that retarded?
>rig something easily verifiable as being rigged
the degree of retardation is astonishing.
become An Hero, HH.
>kill the company and put a hit on nonexistant entities
what did he mean by this.
>Give the talent full ownership of their characters.
so stop having IP and thus end up getting screwed out of business. nice roomtemp IQ.
>Start a partnership with Microsoft to promote any first party games
>MS >first party games
>Give a Neumann KU 100 to any talent that wants one.
just admit you're trying to bankrupt the company instead of accomplish anything worthwhile
>actively harass talents
>roomtemp IQ
>ban the most popular content generation tool
for what purpose. aside from killing the company.
>sending anyone to twitch
for. what. purpose. their fans will go with them. they'll get other fans. aside from giving amazon more money what do you expect to accomplish?
>ignore the fact that aloe was forced out by a family member
do your reps.
>discard opsec, accomplish ?????
>sell the company to satan
>making everyone now an employee of someone else isn't transferring them!!!
you don't really understand what you're talking about, do you.
>mandate flatshit
why? are you gay, or a pedo?
untill someone forgets to mute a game and their stream gets muted altogether because twitch is that afraid of DMCA shit
take your fucking meds.

>> No.9632863

>mandate flatshit
Holofive and EN2 were titty monster gens, and I like flat girls. I'm shutting that shit down immediately.

>> No.9633831

EN branch's headquarters should be shipped off to the US so they can take advantage of Fair Use.

>> No.9634012

Kiara, Ame and all holostars are suspended from streaming. Remaining ENs have their contracts renegotiated to require Japanese lessons. Holo ID is rebranded as Vshojo ID and left to their own devices. They get to keep their models but are barred from collabing with hololive talents.

>> No.9634278

How do you circumvent the issues with non-JP speaking EN members?

>> No.9636570

50% cringe
100% cringe
Both of you gtfo.

>> No.9638189

>ban Minecraft
tf are you doing anon

>> No.9638956

Buy Hachi off Live Union.

>> No.9639177

Make a big public announcement of splitting the talents in two groups: idols and not-idols; who will receive different kinds of support and have to follow different rules.
Internally, they are exactly the same.
Then we split the talents among a totally random line, like pineapple on pizza. One half gets support for songs, the other for gaming permissions.

>> No.9639307
File: 1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 1626914137925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use my salary, earnings, and the company's influence to kick start an alternative streaming platform and 4chan alternative. I wonder how quickly i'd be assassinated by jewgle or the military.

>> No.9639522

>make an official hololive anime with all the girls voicing themselves because it will print money
>promote fubuki and make her jp manager
>fuck a-chan senseless in the break room

>> No.9639643
File: 406 KB, 512x512, 1618670117070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Words of unity right here, a chad typed this.

>> No.9639840

>for. what. purpose. their fans will go with them. they'll get other fans. aside from giving amazon more money what do you expect to accomplish?
Every content creators that worked on both platforms said twitch was such a much bigger money maker it was indecent. YT account only to reupload vod or best of clips for double dipping.

I'd say all the holos should switch platform except i don't know if they don't have something going on with yt.

>> No.9640294

why are Tatsunokeks like this

>> No.9640301

2. so dumb
3. so dumb

>> No.9640365

0ETH contract on every rrat ever written, please.

>> No.9640382

Fuck off twitch shill

>> No.9640657

Feel free to mention any non-Google affiliated orgs as well. (Hi vshojo, you're just up next. Not forgotten)

>> No.9640871

I should also mention that it's international news that Google have been exploiting thousands of employees around the globe. No need to play coy if you can name names at this point. We can mop up the mess later.

>> No.9641102
File: 102 KB, 338x192, 1630816133176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fly out Ame and Gura to Japan for a "company vacation".
Lock them in the same room and refuse to open the door until Ame agrees to steamy lesbian sex.

>> No.9641340

Keep your rrats in discord if you like, I'll be looping back around again in a few. (cat plz).

>> No.9641377

Create a script that blocks and bans any English posters in chat.

>> No.9641405

So you're an Alphabet shill?

>> No.9641427
File: 84 KB, 310x289, KNEELING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hands you the keys

>> No.9641433

>Playing Wargame ever
Nigga you just went full retard.
Warchat's gonna be the BIG YABE doesn't help that Red Dragon was rushed out and full of dev lies.
STILL WAITING FOR US DECK UPDATE. It's just lazy fucking Copy and paste of ALB.

>> No.9641506

I should note I've publically named everyone involved who's ever held an Australian citizenship or lived in the country. That one went straight to the spooki bois a few days ago (also for free btw).

>> No.9641507

I'd just get a bat and beat the shit out of rhombus rigger

>> No.9641700
File: 22 KB, 400x400, dumpit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I work with Aum Shinrikyo and create a massive live 3D collab with as much APEX vtubers as possible that concludes with a massive sarin attack killing everyone

>> No.9641754
File: 155 KB, 362x408, happy chelle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strike up a deal with Cygames for a Hololive/Dragalia collab then secretly funnel like half the budget for ID into making Holostars EN. Also sex with Aruran and Oga

>> No.9641893
File: 36 KB, 766x400, images - 2021-09-04T094051.540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your intellect is above ours all.

>> No.9642095

>in charge of corrupting Suisei
Sounds like a job for me. I'll make sure she takes a large drink of (diuretic laced) juice before every stream, for her throat of course.

>> No.9642121
File: 162 KB, 358x372, so true king.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9642215

>you cant fire, hire, or transfer anyone within the company.
Ok i just close Hololive

>> No.9642371

Hang on to your butts, we are getting some kind of game project off the ground. Also basically besiege Konami and Atlus for game permissions until they either yield or legally bar us from ever doing so.

>> No.9642435

I will go to their changing room at mid night and sniff as much as I can.

>> No.9642678

First course of action is that all streamers must stream primarily in English, so that will shut down the JP branch.
Then I move Cover to the US so talents stop having to ask for streaming permissions.
Then I trash all of the idol branding since that's gay as fuck, nobody cares about idol or japshit.

>> No.9642685
File: 2.53 MB, 3840x2160, p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mumei and Towa BF2042


>> No.9643100


>> No.9643419

I know of at least two different groups who could implement the solution within a month.

>> No.9643542

Open a hololive-themed love hotel. Being featured (as a theme room, voice clips and so on) is opt-in for every talent except for Suisei and Mio, who are always featured.
Use my salary to operate a hololive-themed prostitution service full of cosplayers. Personally, anonymously invite Miko and Tsukino Mito to try it.
Rent love hotel rooms for off-collars regularly. Even if no talent asked for it. Regularly invite some pairings like Akushion to love hotels even without them streaming.
Every talent gets two sets of cosplay per outfit: one in their own size and one in the character’s size.
Sell official hololive cosplay merch.

>> No.9644121

>until Ame agrees to steamy lesbian sex.

are you implying that gura is willing already?

>> No.9644208

>HoloJP, HoloID and HoloEN merge and split into two branches
>west-oriented(including for example Marine)
>Japan-oriented(including for example Iofi)
>some "Monthly collab with randomly selected guest"
>not a mandatory shuffle like >>9597852 says because some would clearly not work when pushed outside their comfort zone like Pekora
>get going on the EN1 3D debuts already so when Japan opens up again they can be flown in and get them out fast
>get the fuck out of Applel's grasp right now
>currently Tim Apple farts the wrong way and suddenly the whole company can't stream because they use iPhones
>work on redundancy from Youtube
>accept both superchats and streamlabs
>make own video platform
>normally would only be used for streams that YT is likely to ban, like the riskier ASMRs
>but could become the main platform overnight if Susan tries to pull a quick one on the whole company

>> No.9645400

Ban male collabs except fot VTubers.
Encourage Holostar collabs.

>> No.9648183

Personally, I'd probably do only one to three gens at a time and rotate.

>> No.9648442

Install cameras in the changing rooms and start fucking A-chan

>> No.9648530
File: 28 KB, 236x200, 1612063997903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9650445

What would be the most shitstorm-inducing pairing?
I'm guessing Rushia + Astel

>> No.9650585

>fire all 5 EN2 shitters
>hire Pomu, Selen, Elira, Rosemi
>hire Pikamee

>> No.9650729

If Holostars is included Cover will be KyoAni'd
by me, but not before I rape as many holos and kill as many stars as I can

>> No.9650876

>Encourage Holostar collabs
>Encourage them to take away one of the few things that makes them stand out in the industry

>> No.9650972

Actual great idea

>> No.9651074


>> No.9651741

I give everyone in Hololive the best 3D models and rigging money can buy, as well as high-end mocap suits, and I recreate HolofightZ with the actual talents.
Since I can't hire anyone, I volunteer to be the ref.
I spend the rest of my budget on Stack live performances

>> No.9652724

Set up crypto wallets for all talents to bypass jewtubes superchat taxes and to secure liquidity for eachother. Mainly a bitcoin,ethereum/ERC-20 and select alts are accepted. Start printing NFTs are special art of idosl during limited events, christmas themed,golden week etc

>> No.9653558

I WILL reverse her menopause.

>> No.9654521

any girl/any guy because idolfucks think that the idea of their oshi being straight is bad unless it's for them and them alone

>> No.9655235

oh wow

>> No.9655338

shut up crypto nerd

>> No.9656400
File: 91 KB, 460x1073, aEpO5bM_460s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fly out to Japan on a love quest, power harass Super Nenechi into going to a love hotel with me, and then go to town on her (like many idol industry ojii-sans have presumably done before) while she glares at me and calls me trash who's horrible at sex because she can't even be bothered to keep up the cutesy act.

After getting ousted for sexing various talents, I'd recruit Mel's manager-san and start up a black company with competing vtubers who are all villainous heel type characters. The curtain would finally be raised as the real idol wars truly began.

>> No.9657859

Anon, Microsoft is the parent company for Xbox Game Studios and they have like 20 studios under them. Did you not know this?

>> No.9658051

>all these replies in a single post
meds NOW

>> No.9658407

100% this. That Mori and Korone bomb-defusing collab proved to be legendary.

>> No.9658806

She'd just call you her husband and accept it.

>> No.9658932

>t. just started his finance 1 course

>> No.9658947

I already run a business

>> No.9659029
File: 1.36 MB, 220x220, laughcry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cancel HoloAlt
>cancel all non-relevant original song projects
>reduce my own pay and increase the portion that Cover takes from talent profits
>inform the girls that due to "management reasons" we won't be able to get new equipment or permissions, they must work with what they have
>take all the funds and invest it all on medical research and treatments to heal Kanata's hearing
It'll kill the company in the long run but it'll be worth it

>> No.9659039

>she clearly only streams when she feels like it!
>ignore all the valid explanations for shit, I'm salty she isn't meeting my needs and I refuse to just watch someone else, I have to insist she's a scam artist even though she'd have been fired by now if she was
>valid explanations
She's been basically AWOL for a year and a fucking half, you drooling troglodyte.

>> No.9659192

Have the females interact with the males like in Nijisanji.

>> No.9659424

All Holostars must cut off their dick and balls as well as take meds that drop their sex drive to 0, effective immediately

>> No.9661188

Partnership with Illusion.

>> No.9661237

>fuck up everything that's profitable except the management of the most underwhelming branch

>> No.9661366

>Declare taiwan a recognized country in the company
>Open up Neo-National Taiwanese Branch
>Laugh at the seethe and hope it starts WW3

>> No.9661443

Ho there, Weinstein!

>> No.9661561

Give orders to ignore all future twitternigger meltdowns, like that BL artist and dice game dev. Let them seethe on their own, no more forced apologies.

>> No.9661722

give freedom for the holos to interact with fans as they please.
be it twitter, youtube, reddit or discords or whatever, they will be allowed to freely chat with anyone in both text and voice form.
Reminder that Towa joined a japanese fan discord in voice chat once and got scolded hard by managers for it

>> No.9661874
File: 1.10 MB, 508x640, kanatan dancin.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't take any cuts from their superchat revenue, everthing goes to the talent
>inhouse 2D rigging and 3D models, catch up with Nijisanji
>keep Holoalt because I think it's a good idea
>make more merchs accessible to the public especially in overseas
>to avoid Chris yab all new hires recieve a pre-built compute specifically tailored for streaming+gaming FOR FREE
>ban the talents from collabing with ecelebs and anitubers, fuck you Ollie
>other than that they can do whatever they want
>copy 2434 and have a yearly tournament, it can be apex/marika/fallguys/singing contest etc
>fire incompetent managers, especially if they commit sekuhara (even if it's a rumor)
>secretly fund a group who goes after people who dox/harass/slanders hololive members, Hololive Death Squad but in the internet
>marry A-chan

>> No.9661940
File: 1.13 MB, 256x256, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F372tax.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yearly talent show but for indies, winner joins hololive and gets to keep their model ala Suisei

>> No.9662646

No, Fubuki, Matsuri and the IDs already collab with Stars every now and then and it's not a problem. Some others might be problematic though.

>> No.9662692

anon, that's not how this works

>> No.9662852

>don't take any cuts from their superchat revenue, everthing goes to the talent
Anon you have no idea how business works do you? Cover needs to take that cut to pay for shit like managers and other staff

>> No.9663112
File: 120 KB, 300x300, Big_Boss_TPP_infobox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>build a new, official Holohouse in a third world country where property is cheap
>bring in members from all around the world
>declare the Holohouse independent from any government
>make an "outer haven" for Vtubers
>run mercenary missions around the world free of any nation or ideology

>> No.9663190

Delete the Hololive Subreddit

Also rent out Universal Studios Japan for a day, take the girls to Super Nintendo World.

>> No.9663443

I play minecraft with JP :) (and marry Polka)

>> No.9663885

>prebuilts for streaming and gaming, keep Holoalt, make more merch and make a death squad
>doesnt want to take cuts from sc revenue
anonchama... your basic economy reps...

>> No.9664021

I would do everything in my power to blacklist one of my friends from doing anything Hololive or Hololive-related just for the sole purpose of fucking with themm.

>> No.9665469

no, only that only Ame is required to agree; after that, they're free to go.

>> No.9666436


>> No.9666451

Ban all e-celeb collabs

>> No.9666503

What if the art for their avatar is shit but concept is good?

>> No.9666603

>Mandatory collab shuffle every month. I don't give a fuck about "chemistry" or whatever.
Some may hate you, but you're absolutely based and correct on this one.

Everyone in the company should have collabed with each other at least once within 1-2years.

>> No.9666621

The only true answer.

>> No.9667082

1. give blatant preferential treatment to my oshi by supporting her financially and writing it off as corporate expenses.
2. reduce the size of middle management, but increase the size of "lower" management, so every chuuba gets her own handler
3. build up a central music divison that uses the size and weihth of COVER to negotiate better Deals with producers and artists who want to collab with hololive
4. use this plattform to ease talents into music production supporting them all equally and leveling the playing field
5. minimal streaming hour a week, in the future, medical diagnosis by a doctor is necessary to cancel a stream due to medical complications
6.Invest in technology and 3d more
7.less chuubas but more experimental personalities and talents
8. HoloSEED is a new project in which new talents have 6 months to prove that they are entertaining Vtubers, If they pass a threshold or show a peculiar talent They get preferential hiring treatment
9. plant cocaine in Mori calliopes apartment and suitcase so she gets busted for possession and international trafficing of illicit substances to get her behind bars for at least 10 years

>> No.9667222

If they made me Cover CEO I'd first kick Mori and Ame out on their lazy ass. Then I'd pay Gyari a 8 figure buyout for Pikamee's contract. Then I would file for a permanent restraining order against redjuice.

>> No.9667541

Ame i can understand (desu she needs month break to get her shit together, but still she's not as bad as people say)
But calling Mori lazy? She made a lot of OG/Cover Songs y'know and making those is not as simple as you think then you want her to be Pekora level of Hours streaming?

>> No.9667734

If I was CEO everyone would do Kiara hours at a bare minimum. Can't handle that? There's always Tsunderia or Phase Connect

>> No.9667868

First thing I do is get a real, company wide sponsor.
At the point Hololive is at, Dell/Alienware would probably be the first company to reach out to.

>> No.9667948
File: 131 KB, 1200x675, E5xOT6TWYAAu9-N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Switch to Vtube studio ASAP

>> No.9668236

Make everyone do at least 1 apex stream a week

>> No.9668752

Well Mori isn't a VSinger so i guess she'll stop being productive in making music then
Gura (The Shion enthusiast) has been streaming a lot more lately while Ina is still there to cover the so called deadhours. I say they can handle it

>> No.9668909

Tbh I think IRyS and Mori should switch roles since i kinda observed that IRyS is more of a gamer and loves collabs while Mori clearly wants to produce music above all

>> No.9669129
File: 188 KB, 463x453, 1618862382188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ame and Rushia forced to collab despite neither of them knowing each other's language
>Spend the whole time sabotaging each other in game for fun
>gachikois are going insane because they misconstrue the joking as serious


>> No.9669482

Bring back bikinis
Bring back 360 VR videos
EN, ID and Holostars get their version of Hologra

>> No.9669495

what would it be called? what would change / who would remain if they merged?

>> No.9669645

Add the other branches into Hologra

>> No.9672419
File: 2.51 MB, 640x458, 1596424930206.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bring back bikinis

>> No.9674723

Not sure I've ever seen Fandead go schizo over a Rushia collab with a Holo, only occasional worries about male collabs that never even come close to happening

>> No.9682044

lmao at all the collab beggars in this thread

>> No.9683229

I would tone down any of the idol shit, they are not much of an idol company but i find most idol shit to be cringe but i love it when they are just streamers so get rid of it. also i would allow them if they want to to share their past lives and their irl identity, they are not forced to if they dont want to and would be encouraged to not do it but they can if they really want to.

>> No.9684187

Get Ame an unlimited tech budget.

>> No.9687009

Go to Bandai and Toei and make deals for collabs with Gundam, Macross, and Kamen Rider

For mobile games maybe FGO and GBF

>> No.9688994
File: 321 KB, 775x805, gura cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hololive TW.

>> No.9695910

Amelia and Gura are no longer allowed to fuck black men

>> No.9700609 [SPOILER] 

Good idea. Too many people are stuck in the "oh people should only collab with their friends" mentality. Hololive is in the entertainment industry and their vtubers are their employees. Telling them every now and then to step out of their bubble and collab with someone they aren't familiar with makes sense and is hardly a big ask. It can lead to new relationships and would help alleviate the feeling of staleness that HL is kinda experiencing atm.

>> No.9701453
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Retweet a bunch of stuff from my favorite indies with the hololive accounts so they get a couple thousand new fans immediately.
Then sit around and do nothing until the investors boot me because I hate working in management.

>> No.9703789

I like this but what about the language barrier in the case of members like Ame and the rest of JP not knowing English?

Then again I guess that'll be a hoot to watch...

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