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I know you're reading this thread, Risu. I want you to know that I want to make you a mother. I will fill you with 1000 years worth of semen.

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I don't want to make her pregnant. I want to fuck her ass.

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Stream more you treerrat. and maybe sing with that ara ara voice.

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>Risu will never eat you

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Did you see the acapella this morning?

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Ogey. Spell Stun amongus backwards first.

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Silence, Risu is for tender loving with intent to procreate

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https://mega.nz/file/zBBDgAzY#_hqghCTQL_gxJdl_914pSI_5Yu9evdWw12DFnjnMDF0 (sound only)
Acapella archive

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Chess rat was pretty cute, real nice thing for her to do for her kouhai and herself to if you think about it.
Now we need to discuss this acapela instead of kareoke issue

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so doing a karaoke with bgm, even with your own voice, doesn't actually count as fair use?

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Depends on the country. Because cover is based in Japan but the talents are located around the world and youtube is located in the US it gets retarded.

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It's fine if it's unmonetized and unarchived.

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I like a lot her new songs. I hope in the future she will stick with unarchived singing.

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Agreed. Her singing is always a blessing, but yesterday's song selection was absolutely fantastic.

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Quick, someone get my squirrel a cough drop!

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risu is irrelevant haha

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And that's a good thing no joke.

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ogey, I hope you'll come out and support her on her next stream then!

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Risu calling her indie friend

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damn she got nearly all of HoloID

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What would you do to Loli Risu?

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AAAAAAAAAAAAA I wanna hug her and take her hand while walking her to the store to buy sweets

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plan her academic budget well to at least allow her to have a good degree for her future

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Lili isn't indie

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I would spoil her

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I want to pinch her puffy cheeks and hug her

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What will Risu do for NNN this year?
Can she beat her short videos?

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i wonder about that too
her nnn shorts are unexpected, so it's kind of a nice surprise
now that everyone has high expectation of her, i wonder if it's gonna flop

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I don't know if she can beat her videos, but I'm sure as hell will beat my dick to them.

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Every time I see this pose done wrong it annoys me.

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Risu has like 3 or 4 image in that pose.

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Holeee sheeet ToT

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She just looks shorter

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She's going to fake us out and do something extremely wholesome for the entire month.

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I fear it might flop unless she has something really kinky for the NNN this year. I mean she can prepare for it this year. Last year it was something not porepared made for fun.

That would be okay as well though I prefer something lewd.

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My ideal scenario would be just enough wholesome stuff to get our guard down before hard switching to lewd.
I have to admit I'm a little worried, though. NNN last year felt like lightning in a bottle, so I hope Risu doesn't get too stressed over trying to make this year as successful.

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Some questionable videos with lewd art reveiew at the end of November !

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I wish there were more art of Risu's puffy cheeks.

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Speaking of repeating things. It's September, time for another YLYL.

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Oh god no.... this was so painfull.

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Listening to her singing lined up with an instrumental of Fukurou made me wish I had any amount of experience with mixing so I could make a proper version to listen to.

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This is the special kind of pain. And I find it unforgivable that there are risuners who did not get the chance to experience it.

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I wish I had discovered Risu sooner, but even the VOD is something else.

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Whose gonna recommend Bustin to Pomu for Karaoke stream? Need her to get in Chichi wo moge too.

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Wrong thread by mistake but I hope Risu would sing bustin too.

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That seems like it would be a nice song for Risu. And to be honest, I would really like for there to be a Risu/Pomu collab some day.

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Me too! Since Lyrica is likely joining NijiEN, I think that is likely in the near future. Cant wait for ID1s reunion with her.

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As a Risuner, I approve. I hope HoloID and NijiEN collab in the future.

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Uh oh...

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Phasmo collab with ID2 today at 20:00 (GMT+7)

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Nice! I'm always excited for more scared squirrel.

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i'll be busy for a little longer but i'll find time to do some of it soon, my new place is kind of noisy

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risu sounds way better than her usual karaoke here, wow.

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Absolutely based. Thank you for your work!
And no pressure if you have other things to focus on right now.

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[x] Take responsibility.

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