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Why is Holo Council losing steam so fast?

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Better question why is Lamy kicking the shit out of Fubuki on the same game?

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She's at end of N route of her first playthrough

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The time for Gen 5 incline is now.

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This is like what? Fubuki's 40th time playing undertale?

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no cunny

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didn't she start her stream first? not sure if that's a factor.

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The west doesn't have enough interest in v-tubers for cover to be introducing new EN generations.

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EN2 is a mistake, cover moneygrab strategy, simple

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Congratulations of making the least intelligent post of all times.

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It's Lamy's first clear. It's FBK's... I don't know, dozens? hundredth? time. Fubuki's friends in the RTAinJapan thing roped her back to doing Undertale RTA, so she did a bunch of RTA recently

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Collab ban. They’ll start to pick up numbers the more they collab with the OG 5

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They're uninteresting, not funny, lack any semblance of personality and so far don't seem to have any drive to be better.

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Don’t drag IRyS down with Council, she is de facto Gen 1. Council has that Omegle appendage as their 6th member.

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But you just described Amelia Watson

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It's not a mutually exclusive thing, dingus.

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Irys mogging council feels good

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>they will start to pick up numbers once they are able to leech since they are awful streamers and can't do it by themselves

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>going up against the Myth Anniversary stream

What were they thinking?

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Sana is the only good council but she massive accent, shitskin and terrible design debuffs

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The weakest Council member going head to head with IRyS karaoke was a bad idea. IRyS is up to 11k.

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IRyS has more talent and personality than all of Council combined

I don't even mean that as an insult, IRyS is just THAT great

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IRyS is one of the best hires that Cover has ever made and that includes JP. She is just so good.

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>lack any semblance of personality
I don’t like Ame but you’re wrong about that.

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Don't lump IRyS in with them. She's better than every single one of them.

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Qrd me in irys and what makes her so great. I rarely watch EN especially irys so maybe I'll giver her a chance

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listen man, it's late, I just watched the best stream of my life, and I'm about ready to call it a night. listening to Irys sing helps me sing, sana and bae are playing something loud so it wouldn't really help me out here. that's all

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IRyS and Council were a breath of fresh air for me desu i kinda got bored of Myth.( yeah yeah im like the only one on here that thinks this but i dont care)

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>4k on a collab with the so called "Gura killer"
Not like this, Councilbros... Not like this...

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I imagine that's why they stuck with the Vsinger concept despite the awkward debut timing rather than roll her into Gen2 in place of say Bae. She would have completely shown everyone else up and made it awkward.

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I think Aussie accents really repel people.

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Are they? That is pretty normal viewership for Sana. They just had 30k on a collab yesterday, they are doing just fine. I'd actually be watching that stream right now if it wasn't happening the same time as the IRyS karaoke.

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Council is so boring that they negated any Myth fatigue people had. Most people are just sticking with them until en3 comes out.

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When I saw how much of a flop Gen2 was I switched to NijiEN and I'm really enjoying my choice.
Pomura, Selen, Rosemi, Finana, Elira, Petra, they're all great.

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She is a naturally entertaining idiot without being an autist about it. She is constantly talking with chat even when playing the most demanding action games. Little to no dead air on any of her streams and has sassy bantz with chat without crossing the line into being a bitch. Obviously she is a fantastic singer as well with an enchanting voice........oh.........and secret endings.

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sana broke 8k yesterday with minecraft

>> No.9701484

I'll give her another try on her next stream. Sounds promising

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She is just a natural streamer and knows how to make anything entertaining. Kind of funny that she was hired as EN's AZKi when she is one of the most talented streaming talents in the entire branch. Honestly I'd only put Gura as an equal with her.

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She performs like she's been doing this shit for years. Everyone in EN2 look like clowns in comparison. Maybe it's because she doesn't really have to act out her lore as much, but she seems genuine. If only she didn't have her model nerf she'd be more powerful.

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Better question is why the fuck are they still playing Undertale?

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Yeah but Minecraft boosts everybodies numbers.

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gura's not even entertaining. unless you count laughing at an autist entertaining

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The vtuber bubble already exploded.
All downhill from here, in a few years (or months even) the only vtubers left are either the ones who literally can´t function in society (Matsuri, Aqua, Miko) or those who are talented enough to keep afloat and have genuine passion for this thing (Pekora, Marine, Korone)

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>Open full gen 2 collab
>Sana starts larping with her lore shit
Why hasn't she gotten the memo yet? All her genmates already dropped that shit except her.

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Gura is immensely entertaining. One of the best story tellers and improv talkers in all of Hololive. She can come up with the most intricate stories right on the fly like nothing. I'm amazed everytime I listen to her. There is a reason she holds 10k plus for superchat readings. People want to hear her tell her crazy stories.

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Gura is EN's comedian, I'd put her on Pekora-tier entertaining.

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>Why is Holo Council losing steam so fast?
>a big tit deadfish with VA skills that she beats like a dead horse, and literally nothing else.
>sana, who doesnt even draw on stream because Ina doesnt want to lose her niche
>mumei, who sings like a negress for some reason
>average as fuck ASMRtist (if you can even call that a talent)
>ollie clone
>quite literally 1 sense of humour, shared between all 5 of them, and 0 personality from all of them.

EN 1 has way more fuckin talent.
>gura- born entertainer and unmatched at improv, wonderful singer. voice is naturally asmr
>Ina, can draw, also natural asmr
>Ame, equally entertaing as gura and actually funny regularly, makes up for lack of talent, with immense creativity in making fun streams
>Kiara, can draw, can sing, unbelievably extroverted , stamina as fuck can stream for entire lengths of a day, and is the most productive
>Calli, equally talented as Kiara, but produces music that is not actually bad
>personalities are unbelievably colorful and mixed, its a miracle they get along so well. Truly a motley crew, their presence and group image is iconic.

>> No.9701770

>until en3 comes out
Please no, EN is big enough already.

>> No.9701839

Pekora relies on comedic timing. Gura's comedy comes from her prior life as a memelord YTuber.

>> No.9701865

the undertale craze hit Japan quite a bit later than everywhere else

>> No.9701874

I like videogames
She sucks at videogames.
I'm a simple man.

>> No.9701998

Hurr durr numberfagging, but these two were screaming so loud during kuso game that I seriously had to close the stream

>> No.9702062

Why don't you play them yourself instead of watching someone else who doesn't care about them play them badly then?

>> No.9702161

She isn't even that bad, just casual. She did beat DMC without resorting to easy mode after all. Sure if you are an autist at the game that doesn't sound impressive but you have to remember that most casual gamers can't even do that, yet she persevered and did it. Then of course she is a master at rhythm games.

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I play more videogames than you bb :^)

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This is the most accurate description so far.

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Gura really isn’t that funny desu. Also, gura was way less entertaining back in the day and she still averaged way more viewers than she did now. HoloEn is just declining

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gura has avatar buff (prepubescent looking girl, what a surprise), and a cute voice. these two things alone rocketed her to the top among her gen from the start. the rest is her fans' doing. she is literally the forsen of vtubers: boring commentary but the memes and lore (on account of the fans) are ceaseless and keep her on top

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>boring commentary
This is how I know you don't watch her

>> No.9702622

Watch like 10 minutes of her West of Loathing stream and come back.

>> No.9702806

>boring commentary
did you even watch her?

>> No.9702911

holy shit the amount of copium in this post

>> No.9702960

Why do you faggots care so much about ASMR?

>> No.9703775

her humor is iCarly tier. it's something i would've enjoyed maybe during childhood (wouldn't be surprised if a decent chunk of her audience are actually kids). meanwhile pekora manages to keep my attention and i barely understand japanese

>> No.9704142

Overhype lore and advertising. The result? High expectations and inevitable disappointment.

>> No.9704233

I normally watch Sana but I couldn't miss an Irys singing stream. I mean it's her thing after all. But I'll catch the archive.

>> No.9704246

Poor game choice, really. All going through the motions, nothing standing out. This is a problem going throughout Hololive at the moment, Incidentally, as Ame noted in her last AM Weather segment.
Still waiting for any Holo to play No More Heroes. Doesn't even have to be the new one.

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Sana and Ina roommates were friends far before Cover Sana might just be trying to be a good friend and feel like she isn't trying to be Ina 2.0 and carving her own niche without drawing. It's respectable the others are fucking boring and arent as fun as EN1 so far

>> No.9705736

If you actually watched her streams you would know that Sana not drawing much has nothing to do with Ina. It's her drawing job that made her believe she's not good at anything else, since she wasn't doing anything else, so now she tries to prove that there is more to her than just drawing.

>> No.9705808

This but unironically.
The vtuber fad is already dying off in the west. People will keep checking Myth out of curiosity because they're attached to them, but new generations from all major corpo vtubers are already dropping off faster than previous gens.

>> No.9705840

Pretty much, they set it up as some high evolved concept and pretended like they were doing something innovative.

In reality they are similar as any other chuubas and in fact the opsec yabs immediately nuked all willingness for suspension of disbelief (at least on my part) to see them as anything other than normal fallible people and judge them as such. Worse yet this gen permanently damaged my trust/faith in Cover and that it appears quite true that the bright lights in their talent are there pretty much of their own gumption and willpower to succeed more than Cover doing much for them in specific. Some people are troopers and others are quitters, just that simple.

>> No.9705946

The rather tepid interest in NijiEN in comparison made it clear to me that the big fad wave part of this thing was definitely over. I wasn't expecting them to do Holo numbers and they arguably could have done much worse, however most of them aren't doing particularly amazing either. Better than most any indie yeah but not by a huge longshot which is pretty underwhelming considering what stiff competition Niji presents in Japan (a pretty thorough domination of the male bracket and a number of pretty successful females too).

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>gura has avatar buff (prepubescent looking girl, what a surprise)
Nobody actually cares enough about cunny outside of here for it to be a significant draw

>> No.9706083

Yeah but even that was years ago

>> No.9706084

I don't like irys at first, but she's fuckin talented compare to council

>> No.9706112

Meant to reply to >>9701865

>> No.9706197

>Nobody actually cares enough about cunny outside of here
Anon… you can’t be serious.

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File: 2.91 MB, 1280x720, whoa[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Feiofiq.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sana refrains from drawing because she knows the endless cycle of people wanting you to draw the next character even though she has a compulsion to pour in more time to make a composition more interesting

>> No.9706262

You're right, the cunnysseurs are just a loud minority even here

>> No.9706529

Numberfags better get used to these numbers, they will all fight for the same viewer pool because new people aren't really coming. In fact it's the opposite, people are leaving for many reasons: Some grew out of it, some don't have as much time to watch streams now or are migrating to other vtubers, some are going back to other hobbies such as gaming and anime/manga...
These are still good numbers though, the only thing that might be an issue in the future is whether they will be able to maintain people's interest without a content drought.

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The council is just an overall failure.

>> No.9707627

Just... say no.

>> No.9708061

You forgot to mention her unbelievable ability to somehow word things in the worst-sounding ways imaginable.

>> No.9708254

>Why is she still playing her character
>Like 3 weeks in as a hololive member

Anon you do understand it takes several months for most new Hololive members to quit playing their character right? And some never do, such as Luna.

>> No.9708358

>EN collab when burgers are sleeping
>Also lol Sana debuff
>And it's a literal who game

>> No.9708382

>Sana is a super comfy nerd who unironically radiates pure love towards her fanbase
>Kronii is a talented VA with a super top tier voice that is good enough alone to guarantee she only gets more popular
>Fauna also has a surprisingly wonderful voice that's extremely comfy and pleasant to listen to as well has having several cute as fuck quirks such as her uooooooooh
>Mumei is super boring and somehow still hasn't gotten over her crippling fear of streaming so I'll give you that one
>Bae is fun, cute, pretty much guaranteed a great singer, is similar to Ollie, but isn't a whore

Holo council has a lot of potential. They just need time. For fucks sake, people were literally doomposting back when Holo Myth debuted. People still doompost about how bad they are or how little chemistry they have even now. Stop fucking expecting the new EN gen to just magically reach where Holo EN 1 was after a fucking year.

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Anon even in debut Myth show us something at least scuff, cringe, unique first stream while

Council play it safe and they just "stream" their debut, I cant even remember anything happened in that day

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>This level of revisionism
Anon nearly all of them had horrendous debuts. Ame's was so bad it broke the board. Ina was a shaking mess, Kiara was translating every other word and using an even worse chicken voice, and Mori was an absolute mess. Ina sounded like she was on the verge of tears.

>> No.9709807

Always stay for her secret endings

>> No.9710009

They're new and nervous and there are other options with bigger goings on right now. Wait until the collab ban is over.

>> No.9712181

It's been a year and there still hasnt been any EN vtubers that are as good as Holomyth in terms of talent, skill and passion. EN Vtubers peaked at the start of it and I doubt we'll ever see any other vtubers in the west that can match them in anything.

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