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>watching indie VOD
>first 15 minutes is just her smiling, sitting there on the main menu, patiently waiting for someone to show up

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I'm laughing but I'm sad... Why have you put this image in head anon?!

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>It's just them talking
>To an empty chat

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damn, drop a link so I can watch

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It's even worse when you find out they're actually part of a company

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I'm tried streaming for like 2 months, usually 3 viewers all of them bots here to get stats. Sometimes a random person would show up and send a few messages before leaving. I did constantly talk and act like their was an audience for hours even if there was 0 reply.
At the end of the stream I would always thanks everyone for coming just in case, even if no one was here.

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I wonder if it's a good idea having a following or churning out content beforehand because of this.

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This thread made me cry, are you happy with yourselves anons?

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Of course, since it's much much harder to sound "interesting" when you don't have a chat feeding you content constantly, an active chat is easy to bounce off for hours honestly, I had one stream with 30 people long ago and it was so so much easier to make it fun.
When there is no one, it's harder to be "interesting" thus people don't stay, and it's an infinite loop.

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Remember so long as the video exists on youtube, its no longer a stream, its a video. So you're thanking the future views you get as well, even if its like 10

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>find indie channel
>gameplay series for 1.5 years
>some with 30+ entries
>all VODs never broke 100 views
>open random stream
>"I really like this part of the game, it reminds me of when my mom would also get up early just to make sure we had breakfast in the morning. I miss her egg and rice"
>scroll through the vid
>there were 0 chatters

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Just be more interesting from the thumbnail.

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>this thread

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If I dont have a twitch account and adblock running I wont show up as a viewer right?
I'm too autistic to be the only person in chat.

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You won't show up in the list if you don't have an account. An extension also allows people to not show up despite using their account.
Just +1 number in the counter but that doesn't matter much. Streamers should look at their view count while streaming anyway, it's in bad taste and not good for them.

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>I have no audience but I must scream

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I don't get why people mock 2 views honestly, most of them have quite an insane mental to be able to speak to the void for hours every day basically. I know many are pretty bad or silent but many others actually try and still stay at 0 viewer for weeks before quitting. I can just respect that, or at least I don't see what's to mock. I would quit pretty fast in their place.

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I don't like watching 2views who are part of a company because if I were to ever fall in love with her and send her money who knows how much of a cut she'd actually get.

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You can save all of them! But there's 7 billion people on this planet. Someone else will. That's right...someone else will.

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>start streaming to feel less schizo about talking to myself
>someone shows up and tries to chat with me
wtf go away i am fighting with myself, leave alone fucking groomer

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Where ever I am I must also groom.

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That's just how it goes when there are hundreds trying the same thing. There are only so many of them you can actually watch without losing focus on a single one

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>silently waiting for someone to show up
If they can't fill dead air, they don't deserve views.

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I wait 10 minutes on a loading screen before starting since I have bots that post in my discord and most people won't be on twitch the moment I go live so this isn't that bad imo. What happened after that awkward start?

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>leave alone fucking groomer
I can't get people to like me for who I am, so my only option left is to manipulate low self esteem people, sorry.

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They kinda deserve it.

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You'll find the same no views on youtube, it's just easier to find them on Twitch because there are category for it and tags and sorting, getting such screenshot for youtube would be complicated.

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What did you except, that's site is only good if you get into circlejerking other people and half of population of this site won't even bother using the link if they see it's a twitch link
You WERE advertising yourself, RIGHT?

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Honestly twitch is still better for small indies, I understand prefering youtube as a viewer but every small indie know that and often people make the switch

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Going to shamelessly promote the 2view i've been grooming lately
She just went live

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Oh yes, raids truly a great feature, because you can't recommend others on youtube
Or maybe you will mention the amazing sudden jump of live viewers, a whole 30% that happens with strangely high amount of people that switch?
Unless you are aiming for nothing but being streamer Twitch is inferior

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>More butthurt about raids supposedly wrecking streams
Have you ever been on twitch or do you just parrot whatever you heard?

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thats a voicechanger anonchama

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t. anon just repeating what he raids on /vt/ and never actually watched indies getting raids
It's always celebretated and huge in growing, it's just how it is, it's so important some less scrupulous people would even pay for raids even if that's rare thanksfully

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Oh I was, shit fucking kills the mood and whatever the streamer is saying at the time
By the way, Twitch staff is literally shilling it's shit site there too, are you one of them?

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go chat her up; if you don't do this you are in no position to take pity and act all sad about it

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t. failed groomer
you're not a true one if you don't "hide your indie" unless she's about to quit

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It's really only "annoying" with big streamers, for 100 or less ones doesn't kill the mood at all and at worst the streamer is back to their flow 1min after

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Even if it's annoying to see holobronnies have no idea about Twitch, it's also pretty funny and reduce the competition since indies who read here may think they have to go to youtube and just stay isolated and irrelevant there

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Ah yes, because the sub-100 streamers are the most likely to ignore new viewers and the person that sent them while dudes with 10k live viewers will derail the rest of stream to grovel on ground in thanks for three viewers from some literal who
Also nice to know it's annoying for only a minute now, will only few minutes be next?

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>25 viewers
She's doing fine anon

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Annoying to the few people like you, but most viewers actually love raids and are always happy to welcome raiders

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25 ip in thread, all me

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Yes obviously, you got proof that people on receiving side's chat love them, right?

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I got so used to seeing 2 views now that whenever I see some indies with 30 views I think to myself:"Huh,they're doing pretty great"

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Imagine getting told "fuck off" when I came to a 0 viewer stream after saying "I come from /vt/ and I will save YOUUUUU."

Pretty rude

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ah fuck it

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>do my first stream playing Megaman 1
>1 viewer
> try to sound interesting but stumble on my words
>viewer leaves
> try to talk about the game to fill the void but it's fucking MM1
>play in silence for 45 minutes
>end stream
>delete VOD

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grooming sounds hella based, how do I get started on this?

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>all these aspiring vtubers ITT
if you're a male, the OP image doesn't apply to you

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I feel bad for people who really do commit to it and get nothing in return. The problem is, for every one person who is committed, engaging, and funny/entertaining, there are 20 others who just drown them out. Props to people who filter through all the 2-views to actually find those people and start shilling them.

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>Find a 0 viewer vtuber
>Greet her
>Stay throughout her playthrough
>If she calls you on stream when you're tabbed out, tab in and tell her that you'll still there
>She is ending soon
>Ask her to play a little longer
>She complies
>Both of you says goodbye to each other
>You follow her and promise her that you'll watch her stream again
>You get out
>You put her name on the list of vtubers you'll never watch again
>You will save another vtuber again

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>Decided to promote my 0 viewers drawing stream on my oshi's discord
>Stream to 0 to 2 silent people, talking to myself
>Midstream notice the Oishi in the people logged in the chat window
>Lose the ability to draw and speak
>Mindlelssly scribble while talking nonsense in a trembling voice with terrible accent
>She leaves without speaking

Kinda fucked me up desu
Streaming isn't for autists

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The end result is either
they make it big and forget about you
they quit streaming
not worth it, its a vicious cycle

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>all those vroids
im gonna puke

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This isnt all of them, this is only the people that bother with putting hashtags in the video. Most of them dont bother or put their name in there which makes it even harder to find 2views

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Better query

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already telling this story in this board before, but let me tell this again to warn you how saviorfagging could broke you. (you won't like it)
months ago I stumbled upon a chuuba who play minecraft with 0 viewer, she sounds very excited when I say hello in chat and she then proceed to introduce herself. she talk abt her mom who bought her a new cardigan, her friends at school, and how she hate homework.
In her next stream im tuning in with all devices I have (4 including my pc) with different accounts. I swear I could her smiling with joy. In that stream she shared her dream abt collabing with Suisei and sings together someday, but she know that won't happens and just a stupid dream. chat (just the 4 of me) telling her that ain't a stupid dream and totally possible, making her a bit emotional and said she will work hard for it. she got (a bit) more subs and views after that stream.
i don't really have much money (or decent work) but I want to send her a red SC when she got the monetization, so I started saving.
one day, she said she want to putting more effort in studying to enter collage so she would stream less.
I waited for a whole 4 months, and still no stream, no community post, no tweet, no graduation notice, just void.
I think she already found a better job, moving on from vtubing. I wish nothing but the best for her. I don't want use the money I saved for her, so I gave it to local orphanage since she said she like playing with children

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How do I find 0 view chubas? I crave social interaction that I dont get irl

>> No.9716647

channel name? i wish to uhh verify the veracity of this tale by checking the live chat history.

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Go on twitch, search for the vtuber tag and sort by lowest to high

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people don't always leave because of something you did or how you are anon, they often leave because they're just channel hopping to get a quick look or because they had stuff to do
should leave the vods, can't do any harm and a few people enjoy silent gameplay, longplays exist entirely like that

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write a game title you like + vtuber on YT search, scroll down

>> No.9716812

YT search bar "VTuber", filter by Live and Upload date

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>he even saves orphans
Perhaps you are saviorprime

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if i can do it then you should be able to do it too. most of the time i have absolutely no idea whats going on but even then the streamer seems to want me there

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It's impossible to get an accurate count and is likely closer to 9 billion at this point. Indies really do have hope

WTF that's basically catfishing. My friend would at least throw $100 at random 0 viewer streamers just to see them light up

Maybe she just wanted to make sure that you weren't a douche?

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I want to befriend a chuuba, but I don't want to fall in love and I'm too poor to throw money at them. Am I hopeless?

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I feel too shy to chat when watching a 2view, I just watch silently until the stream ends where I thank them for the stream.

>> No.9717691

If you don't want to fall in love or feel pity Stop watching them.

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Its hard when commenting in a 2view stream. It feels like this >>9715812 You feel obligated to react everytime.

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>scared to love
>too poor
>Am I hopeless?
Only if you chose to stay that way, anon.

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The more I read the this thread the more it makes me remember shit i've been worrying about... help anon!

How can i thank someone that donates so much to me that it really makes an impact on my life without making it come across like im pressuring them to keep donating? Cause everytime I think to say something I feel like it'd be interpreted as that way.

Whenever I say thank you it never feels enough and I've even told them if they need me for anything to ask me but they always are polite about it and turn me down. I'm not used to kindness without giving something in return and my menhera is driving me insane with guilt

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Girls want you to be a douche tho

>> No.9717930

Show it through your actions
Believe in the people that believe in you and become the superstar aidoru they see in (You)

>> No.9717940

What's your channel?
I'd like to give you an unreasonable amount of money and ask for nothing in return too.

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Nothing to do. Just soldier on and enjoy the dosh. Just remember that some people really do have that kind of money to throw around without thinking twice and that to them giving you that money is the same to you buying a starbucks every couple of days.

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link kudasai

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Put this on a frame and hang it to your wall.

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I had a bad summer financially and I'm climbing out of a hole. And I'm just a loner. being a bro to a small chuuba sounds more appealing than being a gosling or a groomer.

>> No.9718083

put top donators in your stream layout

>> No.9718095

This. As a single person with a fulltime job, I sometimes wonder what I would do with my savings and would just buy shit I would never use or play.

>> No.9718144

You keep on trucking and try to do your best, don’t ever feel obligated or try to put too much pressure on yourself though. Also be careful of people who try to buy themselves into your streams and life, set boundaries or it won’t end pretty.

>> No.9718154

Looking at the tags for half these no views, I hope they never get viewers.

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Goodluck to us.

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I'll try my best then. I use some of his money towards things to improve my streams hoping that improving my quality will be a good way to give back to him at least. I debate bringing it up when I show a new asset but i worry that saying that might make him feel awkward

Thank you anon, I'll do that

I lately had a bit of a problem with that actually so Im distancing myself a bit more from my viewers by leaving my stream discord and setting stricter rules. It's hard to balance distance and closeness still though

>> No.9718460

Sincere gratitude is worth quite a lot, actually. In this and in life.

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>start vtubing on a whim because i like streaming for my friends
>some of my friends come to most of my streams and shittalk in my chat while i play videogames badly
>new people come in sometimes and start becoming part of my community
>I make friends with fellow 5 view vtubers and we give each other shoutouts and raid each other
>have met many awesome people I otherwise would have never met if I hadnt started streaming for 2 viewers
>I love my friends

>> No.9718813

>1617458636088 (2).png
>saving horny Matsuri image three times

>> No.9718916

I want to start vtubing one day solely for this.

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Im a coombrain pls andastand

>> No.9719048

As a paypig myself, it does feel awkward to get thanked and mentioned constantly. It’s gotten to the point where I just donate anonymously, hide badges, and hide counts. I hate the attention, I just want to support my oshi.

As for the distancing issue, its all about what you want, “friends” or viewers? Money or peace? Good luck!

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>> No.9719445

No reason to direct anything at him unless he makes comments in chat. Talking about his money beyond a thanks alienates you and him from the rest of the chat and makes it more awkward. The only time you should do that is when they give you something expecting recognition, but even then it's a fine line to draw when it comes to how much is too much because they may just turn into a clinger and a desperate simp who only wants attention. Sounds like you're doing fine though.

>> No.9720738

holy fucking kek

>> No.9720848

kids these days...

>> No.9720892

but is it still saviorfagging if you actually like the streamer and they just happen to have few viewers or chatters?

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This is the thing. There are way more average streamers who stream and get 0 viewers than vtubers. People just care and attach emotion to vtubers because of the model. But there's still a person behind the model. Think of all the hundreds of millions of people in the world right now suffering and living shitty lives that no one will ever care about, since they don't have a cute anime avatar.
I don't have any greater point to make here, just a 35 year old boomer reflecting on the shared pain of existence.

>> No.9720980

Holy freaking gigabasederino. Don't be broken this was very nice.

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Most people are selfish and deserve way more misery than they experience.

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indies are a blessing to us goslings
the real pain comes when they give up

and sometimes you WISH they give up

>> No.9721580

Your 2view oshi would never be able to handle the pressure of streaming to hundreds/thousands of people
Its best for her to stay as a 2view

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>1view JP indie is also massive fan of your favourite /m/ series
>will probably graduate before you can learn moon properly

>> No.9721763

do japanese internet users really not understand english?

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>his apex match is over
>his team sucks ass
>say gg in chat
>a few moments later he sees
>oh hai gg, sou desu ne, arigatougozaimasu
Whoa, so this is how it feels like to talk to people.

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Saviorchad prime

>> No.9721885

You are joking right

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you are a good simp

>> No.9722054

You're a good person anon, stay that way.

>> No.9722146

Why do people call incels hateful when they are the purest souls out there?

>> No.9722149

I personally know someone who is a png vtuber that get 5 viewers

>> No.9722167

You're too good for this world, anon

>> No.9722270

why don't you saviours make a general where someone cam post their 2view and why people should boost her and others can check their stream out?

>> No.9722294

They can't, theyre busy grooming them and dont want competition

>> No.9722384

That's gonna be me in a week anon.

>> No.9722393

There used to be a saviorfag general but after temako gave people a sour taste in their mouth they didnt bother posting 2views anymore. Temako also gave birth to shit like https://archive.nyafuu.org/vt/thread/6138514/ where people with memberships would shill their channels on /vt/ or the more extreme ones where people were making up sob stories how they would get kicked out of their home if they dont pay rent and are begging for money. And this was coming from a 2view that debuted less than a month in

>> No.9722394

Aint that indie vtubers general?

>> No.9722521

If there are any vtubers here who stream to a small audiences I'd like to know how you handle groomers. I mean it's obviously creepy and I don't think it is a mystery when one shows up. Is it best to take them for a ride or does just having them as a number invite more growth? Most of the ones I've seen on here are creepy SEAs and frenchies.

>> No.9722613

what exactly is a groomer?

>> No.9722659

How do I find 2views on yt?

>> No.9722758

what happened with Temako? I never got into her but she seemed to have pretty sizable following here

>> No.9722837

This is why I always report /here/
It's self-advertisement, or if it is a chat mod or some discord wanker it's as good as shilling.

>> No.9722899

My 2view just ripped off her nail live on stream so I'd wager that viewership is the least of her problems

>> No.9722940

100 dollars to the orphanage anon, youre a hero. Even if it felt bad, youre awesome. Don't let it get you down.

>> No.9722957
File: 54 KB, 557x314, save.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you remember Kat Eastwood, saviors?
Do you remember /keg/ threads?
Have you forgot her already?

>> No.9722983

She barely has a following here anymore after she ditched reading 4chan posts on stream. Also a lot of people simply left after they realized that temako was her alt channel and she didnt need saving

>> No.9723063

>I've even told them if they need me for anything to ask me
Careful with that statement. You don't want your nudes posted on discord for the next 10 years. Or worse.
As the others said. If he has that much money to spend and also has enough goodwill to not ask for anything crazy in return then you've hit jackpot. Entertainment is an industry after all. So you're technically working. Think about it that way.

>> No.9723787

She's not wrong, you guys gotta stop, seriously. At this point anons who wanna date/fuck the 2 view chuubas are more honest than saviorfags.

>> No.9723923

>I've even told them if they need me for anything to ask me
And thats the story of how femanon ended up posting her tits for a stranger and now she has severe trust issue after he immediately ghosted her.

>> No.9724027

Is it realistic to find a 2view, check if her roomate is cute and then ask her out.

>> No.9724153

REMINDER that youtube is literally the worst platform to stream on

>> No.9724168

No, because even if she for some reason accepts a confession from a stranger on the internet, you would also need to worry about irl distance

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This reminds me of a fun game. Wanna play?
Go to twitch's vtuber tag and sort from low to high. We use twitch because YouTube only sorts viewers high to low. We'll go over there later. Time yourself and keep scrolling until you find a vtuber channel with more than 10 views, then share how long it took you!

Now for the second part! We can use YouTube for this too this time! Do it the other way around, sort from high to low and time yourself how long it took you to find a channel with fewer than 100 viewers, and share your results!

Ready? Go!!!

>> No.9724237

Just ask her her general area before you start putting in effort. She could live in another state and if you actually care you can still make it work, long distance relationships are a thing.

>> No.9724303

>they all have either a super ugly vroid model or are a guy

>> No.9724312

I kneel, saviorchad

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You're a real human bean anon.

>> No.9724323

Is like a sea of egirls with daddy issues just waiting to get talked to into doing anal. Femanons help me out here, how can i convince a cute chuuba to do anal and let me eat her out, what do you look for in a online prince charming?

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>> No.9724342 [DELETED] 

Well obviously if it was only interesting girls with cute avatar, a lot more people would browse that, it's not browsed because indeed about 10% of what you find is worth staying, it's the price to pay.

>> No.9724410
File: 171 KB, 1024x683, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9724452

A dumb way of saying 'someone who wants to manipulate the stream and stream for themselves'. You see it with the two-views because these people will assume that you will bend over backwards to entertain just them if they show up repeatedly and (sometimes) hand you money. They start getting pushy, emotionally manipulative and attempt to get you to do what they want.

>> No.9724516

The truth is you have to be REALLY lucky to find a good 2view

>> No.9724569


>> No.9724615


>> No.9724668
File: 567 KB, 1920x1080, Ev0FjUzVoAMg-wO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>find this one japanese singing girl on twitcasting
>follow her on twitter
>she follows me back and like my tweets
>never tweet again

>> No.9724723

all the 2views I've found were on the recommendation tab, like this poor girl
>streams for a year
>rarely if ever breaks 10 viewers
>never got 1k views

>> No.9724766


>> No.9724785

I wish someone would make a /2v/ general.

>> No.9724788

Why so many collabs...

>> No.9724801

she isn't even bad at it, but this isn't a field for indies unfortunately

>> No.9724816

What's the secret to making people watch your videos? Focus on niche games that have a smaller fanbase, but you don't have to compete with the 10k+views?
Poor 2views.

>> No.9724839

what if she thinks i'm cringe

>> No.9724870
File: 26 KB, 206x273, 1613439477412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>follow a small japanese indie on twitter
>she follows me back
>she then adds me to a twitter list of en vtubers for some reason

>> No.9724891


>> No.9724892

i see. i was wondering if i would be considered one because i participate so much in chats that would otherwise be dead but nice to see that its something else

>> No.9724910

Yikes anon. Get a grip.
She's waiting for you to come back.

>> No.9724945

>open 2view stream
>their only chatter is also a mod
>close stream

>> No.9724949

peak of samefagging

>> No.9724988

because that way lonely people get to talk to other people. they might not have anyone else to talk to

>> No.9725012

even if you're not getting live viewers you still have to leave content in the VoD for possible future viewers to check back

>> No.9725199

What every Vtuber, heck, what every online content creator doesn't like to admit...
Just pure luck.

>> No.9725226

>>she then adds me to a twitter list of en vtubers for some reason

>> No.9725288

be the change you want to see in the world anon

but anon you ARE cringe

>> No.9725299

Twitter has a lists feature, where anyonce can compile however many users that belong to a specific topic or whatever and then see all the tweets from the people in the list when viewing it specifically

>> No.9725370

yeah, maybe the cringe is the part of me that she likes the most

>> No.9725391

I disagree. While people clicking on your video is a bit of a luck, it takes talent to make them stay.

>> No.9725392

She is happy. /vt/ gave her some tiny yet stable fanbase.

>> No.9725523

Kat now has 1 saviorfag that keeps donating 100 dollars every 2 or 3 streams

>> No.9726228
File: 204 KB, 400x426, 345B45C9-E111-4EF7-A9C6-F5926A16172D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>6 viewers
>people only comment like once every ten minutes
>streamer starts humming to himself and playing royalty free music to fill the dead air
>have to start thinking up stupid questions to ask so he feels like we’re interested

>> No.9726372

what are some good things to talk about if you don't know anything about the thing that the streamer is doing?

>> No.9726682

/b/enis size

>> No.9726883

lol. but lets pretend that you would do this. how do you keep talking about it for hours without running out of things to say or getting repetitive? i expect it to get pretty difficult if you are an autistic anon

>> No.9726888

Honestly, anon, you owe it to yourself to at least have the slightest bit of interest (and therefore knowledge) about the game being streamed. If you find a 2view you want to saviorfag but don’t know anything about the game then you should probably just look for someone else. God knows there’s enough 2views to go around

>> No.9727010

the secret is to have ADHD so you literally can't stop talking

>> No.9727092

Threads like this always humble me. Whenever I start defending ame, kiara, or any company vtuber for being shitty, I remind myself that shitty behaviour by chuubas are not to be tolerated.

These threads in a way heal me from becoming a rabid simp ironically.

>> No.9727132

>3 viewers
>singing for hours
You have to admire her dedication

>> No.9727147


>> No.9727149

>Stop watching me
>While you keep streaming
Could be a niche inside joke with your 50 viewers tbqhwyf

>> No.9727218
File: 1.30 MB, 1898x1080, 1618745828380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow you were not wrong but theres something weird in these numbers

>> No.9727254

I want to groom a needy 2view femboy

>> No.9727293
File: 2.65 MB, 1920x1080, Hope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9727369
File: 32 KB, 300x316, think.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would they think if they knew you came to this website and think that the jews rule the world and that you hate niggers?

>> No.9727459

looks like a restream

>> No.9727632

this is why you shouldnt go right into vtubing unless you have a (big company) backing you. you need to build an audience on another platform first or start drawing. SOMETHING

>> No.9727962

Theyd still be my friends

>> No.9727974

>click on 2 view
>she's currently crying on stream without context
What do I do. Jp chuuba

>> No.9728097

can't do anything before they learn english

>> No.9728105


>> No.9728158

thats the most obvious voice changer I've heard in a while

>> No.9728185

Yes, English education in Japan is a joke.
It might actually be worse than American Japanese education, and we don't even teach it in America (to my knowledge)

>> No.9728246

man if i could be a 2view chuuba i wouldn't even mind, streaming is just fun to me. i stream to a few of my friends regularly over discord just to share games with them. problem is i don't live alone, and male debuff means you won't even get 2views nor get to enjoy being a character

>> No.9728315

its impressive that they manage to function without understanding the language that basically everyone uses for international shit

>> No.9728481

Same, anon. I stream games to a couple of friends and I found that I like dramatic reading and doing voices, even if I'm not that good.
I thought about drawing a shitty png and becoming a half-assed chuuba. Even if I get no views and suffer from the m*le debuff, it still seems like fun.

>> No.9728508

become babiniku

>> No.9728538

>How can i thank someone that donates so much to me that it really makes an impact on my life
The couple times someone has made a small difference in a shitty time, I eventually had a chance to tell them.
So, tell them. Get it off your chest, take the experience to feel gratitude openly.

>> No.9728731

Be careful. I streamed a long time ago to 15 viewers and it consumed my entire life. I'm menhera so maybe you'll be fine. Had to call it quits when one of my regulars said they were leaving to go watch another streamer and I panicked and had to talk to a hotline. All the work and daily 12 hour streams and you'll never feel like enough but then there's nothing in life besides having an audience that appreciates you

>> No.9728734

Would Ame have deserved it?

>> No.9728882
File: 34 KB, 580x548, 1626612934645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9728889

What makes it bad?

>> No.9729141
File: 21 KB, 780x670, 1620765216914.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread has made me realize that there are nice people on 4chan

>> No.9729156
File: 2.08 MB, 350x350, 1631471868789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

W-what is this? This brightness...!!!....

>> No.9729260

>all VODs never broke 100 views
This is like when I found MyraSlokov made Rimworld videos years ago

>> No.9729464

Number 1 reason is the material itself is awful, it's basically written in such unnatural English and teaches poor understanding of the language. It's why you constantly hear such broken sentences from non-fluent Japanese speakers.
Number 2. They fuck over the teachers who actually teach it because of how Japanese education works, primarily by either forcing them to teach it with no qualifications, or because Japan has this system where Teachers change schools to avoid seniority every 3-4 years as I hear.
Number 3 Is that the language itself is too wildly different from Japanese mentality. It's a very casual language while Japanese are used to speaking formally and reservedly.
In short, it's teaching from bad textbooks edited by old Japanese people, who give it to generally unqualified people who need to dip mid lesson, to teach a wildly different type of linguistic than what Japanese are used to.

>> No.9729587

>find a 2view playing generic streamer games
>have nothing to say that hasn't already been said to death already
>find a 2view playing a game i like a lot
>afraid to talk in chat because spoilers and backseating etc and i don't wanna taint their experience
>find a 2view playing a game i don't care about
>don't wanna be annoying asking questions about a game i'll never play
>find a 2view doing karaoke
>afraid to talk about song suggestions because streamers find it annoying
autism is hard

>> No.9729607

Do you 2viewers streamers try to speak in english or your antive language? ive been thinking of streaming sometimes with no regards to viewers, but i do wonder if i should try streaming with my english

>> No.9729741

me. theres also the option of talking about something completely random that has nothing to do with what is being streamed but its hard to know what the streamer likes to talk about so that too could be a section of your post

>> No.9729837

Not streamer/vtuber, but I would speak english if I'm outside of the Hispanic, Chinese or Japanese sphere, if I'm inside of one of those 3 spheres because native language I would try with my own potential public instead of trying the english one

>> No.9729846
File: 1.86 MB, 608x352, 1398892722609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because Japan has this system where Teachers change schools to avoid seniority every 3-4 years as I hear.
This has to be fake, you're making this up

>> No.9729980
File: 1007 KB, 1381x861, mental.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why do you guys do things like this..

>> No.9730058

i thought that im a bad chatter but this is making me believe in myself

>> No.9730098

Reminder to all savior anons that there are literealy thousands of Minecraft let's plays from 10 years ago with less than 10 views and that all of those ""youtubers"" ditched making videos and got normal jobs

>> No.9730125

Which one of you fucks is the USS Liberty Incident in that fairy JP with the soft voice? My fucking sides.

>> No.9730155


>> No.9730161

I'd rather see this than an empty chat

>> No.9730183
File: 495 KB, 1421x846, MUST.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9730478

its sad that people are getting this desperate. somewhere else the user would get banned if they posted like that

>> No.9730500

>most of the onscreen chatshrooms are bots

>> No.9730505

>sample vroid edited to look worse
you get out of it what you put into it

>> No.9730512

>followers only chat
all hope is lost...

>> No.9730523
File: 453 KB, 1422x641, is it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9730524
File: 471 KB, 497x515, 1625864560031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would you save males?

>> No.9730565

only if they play games I like and enjoy
while they don't livestream I'm subbed to a couple of RTS players on youtube

>> No.9730589


>> No.9730604

if i like them i would at least watch and chat

>> No.9730663

If they're bros yeah. If they became chuuba to try and e-date no.

>> No.9730678

>Old thread that had anons search for obscure game+vtuber
>Find someone that has 7 subs, vods barely break 2 or 3 views
>One month streaming
Couldn't bring myself to follow them, its to much pressure.
After top sis I can't do the savior shit anymore, /jp/ fags completely abandoned her and the now deleted 2k subs stream will remain a stain on my soul for the rest of my life.

>> No.9730802

>first world problems

>> No.9730876

>Saying this in a thread about savior fagging.

>> No.9730993

Link pls

>> No.9731025

Look at her. 2 years and she didn't got even 1k subs during that time but she still streams.

>> No.9731299 [DELETED] 

Rich and upper middle class asians have their kids get private tutors or go to private schools where the English teachers have hefty qualifications, a nice salary and relative freedom. Poor people get stuck with a garbage public school system that doesn't teach eigo well, pay eigo teachers well, and isn't even interested for the most part in hiring anything other than women. Fact is, women are awful teachers relative to men. Which means that because they hire classroom candy, you get poorly educated kids.

Coupled with the dearth of men even interested in college, the bloated tuition costs, and how niche teaching English overseas is given that a lot of those countries don't even compensate you enough to have a comparable standard of living to your home country (thereby making it nothing more than an avenue for trust fund kids to travel the world while phoning it in and not necessarily doing a good job), the end result is that good English education winds up being by the academic elite for the economic elite.

And then you get into what type of man would even want to be a teacher now that having relationships with students is seen as a grave sin. Probably the type that doesn't care about the law, or the type who's on an ideological mission to brainwash children into globohomo. So now, by trying to protect the chillunz, you get your choice between teachers who hate their jobs, have malicious motives, or are women and thus absolutely shit at imparting knowledge upon others. This is your education system on excepting cis het male teachers to act like eunich priests, and yet people wonder why education and teachers have become either the butt of every joke or outright villainized in some segments of society. It's almost like misandrist heterophobia drives away people of merit (because meritorious people tend to have higher expectations of personal enrichment, fulfillment and freedom) while leaving nothing but worthless drones who muddle through their jobs while counting the seconds until they can piss off and do something else.

tldr Any arena that tries to curtail male dominance will invariably go to shit, and as far as teaching is concerned the only place men can still be excellent is in the private schools most people can't afford. This is true all across the developed world, and why both nips and Americans at times come off as academically retarded. Society should want its children to learn from winners, not losers and women, but nothing will change for the foreseeable future. The best thing anyone can do is home school to maximize learning 16/7 (even if it makes hiroshimoot seethe), or seek private educational opportunities from institutions that have a noticeable amount of straight male teachers. That's how you get your kid to be a proper esl, and not some meme spouting westaboo clown like a number of nips are.

>> No.9731417

i wonder if this will become a smaller problem once people forget about the covid stuff and start going out to meet their friends again

>> No.9731530


>> No.9731748

Just to add to this, English education in regular schools in Japan is basically 99% reading and translating, I have never seen any conversation training ever. You often meet Japanese who were "good at English" in school (i.e., always got the best score) and who can read literature somewhat, but can't hold even a simple conversation to save their life. See some members in hololive who have taken English lessons for months or even longer now and they couldn't even talk about the weather without completely mangling basic sentences.

>> No.9731861

i cant differentiate between reality and delusion in your post, so i'll consider its all delusion

Also, in any country learning a second language is a privilege of the economic/academic elite, maybe with the exception of mexico (i'm not sure) since there is it has such a close relation with the burgerland.

>> No.9732124

I wonder if my 6 friends that watch my streams feel like this lol
I literally just started yesterday but I should do my best to get more viewers asap

>> No.9732374

what if she doesn't? you are not cringe you are a fucking idiot and that's not stopping half the population from getting laid

>> No.9732612

Unironically you are a really good person anon. Whoever dates you is gonna be a lucky gal.

>> No.9732634
File: 174 KB, 740x685, 1631480492891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God bless you, anon.

>> No.9732858

calm down anon i'm not expecting to actually fuck a young japanese singing girl just because we are mutuals on twitter

>> No.9732998

Yeah the getting laid was just an example, replace it with idk making friends or just meeting people.
Point being: Stop caring so much man

>> No.9733044

>t. failed burger education

>> No.9733075

This is a three scenes movie, because the rest is fucking hot garbage and no one remembers it.

>> No.9733108
File: 284 KB, 487x487, 1625811820934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm no burger get out of here

>> No.9733506

So what education did you completely fail?
Cause that is some seriously retarded shit you just said, even by burger "I thought Europe was a country with Paris as capital" standards.

>> No.9733717

hey man i'm no fucking burger or mexican so i dont fucking know about your country nor i have any obligation to know. thats exaclty why i tried to make sure that it was clear i had no fucking idea what i was talking about

i may be dumb but surprisingly i didnt failed education

>> No.9734330

Interesting how on twitch 7 out of 10 are trans or lgbt and on youtube are mostly jp girls

>> No.9734535
File: 320 KB, 420x420, 1627182190453.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>any country learning a second language is a privilege of the economic/academic elite
Holy shit from what shithole are you?

>> No.9734584
File: 404 KB, 405x480, 1617716686628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

might be from japan as far as you and i can tell

>> No.9734589

> it was clear i had no fucking idea what i was talking about
Oh, trust me. It was perfectly clear you had no fucking idea what you were talking about.
>in any country learning a second language is a privilege of the economic/academic elite
Only learning one language is practically only done in English-speaking countries. With the exception of third-world shitholes, every country teaches ESL, because it's the lingua franca.
Some countries - such as my own - even do three languages as standard.
I took ESL from 4th grade, had to choose from German, French, or Spanish in 6th, and picked up Japanese as a elective in 9th like the little weeaboo shit that I was. All in public school.

>> No.9734718

Thanks for making this post. I just signed up on twitch and found a vtuber with ~50 subs and 6 viewers with an amazing voice. Interacting with one feels a bit weird since I'm used to hololive, but it's sweet.

>> No.9735226

give me names and let me steal your oshi

>> No.9735659

I just spent 2 hours being the only viewer to a new streamer. It was an enjoyable experience. Apparently she wanted to stream for some time but because of her work on CPS she can't use a webcam so she only just started streaming after seeing someone use an avatar for streaming.

>> No.9736648
File: 40 KB, 320x376, 2342341414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you are the light in this dark world anon, hope fortune and goodwill comes to you.

>> No.9737398

This thread gives me hope to keep trying.
I haven’t done much streaming but my low viewership was make me self-conscious. I think it might just be terrible advertisement on my part.
Thank you

>> No.9737509
File: 91 KB, 300x300, 1627506723524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're too good for this board Anon...

>> No.9737590

How many chuubas you guys regurarly watch at any given time? Also at what point do you think they have enough subs and don't need saviorfags anymore?

>> No.9737952

these Indies forget the 2 real truths of vtubing:

1: what is your content? what is your appeal? zatsudan should always be a secondary treat to your primary content.

2: advertise: not on just 4chan and reddit: go to places where they like the same shit you do and advertise there.

rule zero: if you don't have pizzaz and appeal, who will show up and stay?

>> No.9737991

that`s Twitch though, old videos get automatically deleted from the vod after about 2 months

>> No.9738137

You can upload twitch vods to youtube.

>> No.9738637

At what point does a 2view stop being a 2view? Does 10k-20k subs and sub100 viewers still count?

>> No.9738953

Honestly if you can get 25-30 consistent viewers every stream you're doing ok.

>> No.9738978

I can SS next raid I'm in. Most of the time the chat is "Welcome raiders". Even when it's a weird raid like Mouse raiding TPain's channel.
Everyone knows it'll burn out fast and settle down. The only people who I've seen actually get pissed are the hardcore RP crowd who are afraid it'll break the streamers immersion or bring in backseaters.

>> No.9739928

Istream in english because i hate spics

>> No.9739976

100k subs won't matter if you always get sub100 viewers so I say consistent viewers are more important.

>> No.9740186

You can't start as a 0 view, you need to shill your stream to all your friends and family and their acquaintances as well as working social media as hard as you can. This will get you out of the <10 viewer death zone. Then pray for breakthrough moments.

>> No.9741523

holy shit

>> No.9741795

Only if shota

>> No.9742037

Cute, post her link

>> No.9742059
File: 382 KB, 640x641, 1604755338298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9742137

Over 4 that's how many you need to get partnered

>> No.9742275

Are you a male or female? If female, it's just a matter of time. Male you're fucked.

It's why I haven't tried, even though I think I'm pretty good at entertaining and can do decent commentary.

>> No.9742294

I always try to go into 0 view indies, but some of them are just unbearable or typical twitter interests that I try to stay away from.

>> No.9742328

Please be gentle

>> No.9742708

Holy shit bro. Get out of this Danish foot massage improvement board.

>> No.9742865

I’m female
Loli voice so I hope I get somewhere without people calling me retarded like they do in vrchat

>> No.9742961

Just post here somewhere and you'll get some gosling freaks in no time.

Good luck!

>> No.9743185

EN loli voice is terrible though

>> No.9743211

Get the fuck out of here Mumei

>> No.9743309
File: 770 KB, 970x545, 1628976006852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gosling bros , I'm losing my will to saviour fag

>> No.9743793

>scroll through twitch's infinite scroll stream page
>get stopped so it can make sure I am not a bot
>finally click on a cute looking vtuber
>sit through ad
>it's a dude

>> No.9743914

Damn its hard to find one. A lot of them are just male behind a cute avatar girl (but without that i wouldn't even have clicked to chek their fortnite/lol/whatever stream) It doesn't help than i tried searching for one who speak spanish, i guess i should just try to stick with EN ones

>> No.9743949

I know the feeling.
I've tried streaming and am 2views myself not counting bots.
It probably doesn't help I don't have a mic or anything else going for me.

>> No.9744075
File: 88 KB, 194x174, akdln12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your heart's in the right place. but you know deep down you cant save them all anon

>> No.9744182

based anon. you will go far in life

>> No.9744825
File: 204 KB, 1920x1080, risingsun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stream out of nowhere just for the heck of it
>still talk to myself like I always do
>30 minutes in someone joins
>he chats and we have a conversation going
>feel too much pressure now that someone is actually here
>5 minutes later
>"Well that's it, this was just a test to see if my OBS works on this game haha"
>never stream again

>> No.9745425

I think it's amazing how many certified autists lurk here

>> No.9748195
File: 1.10 MB, 1203x1133, 1627714309014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i love kat, i still watch her

>> No.9748948

/2v/ thread coming up, dont let it die in 30 minutes

>> No.9749250

Give name...I need to save...

>> No.9749412

that's hilarious

>> No.9750339

i feel like this would limit your stream a lot. at least i wouldn't want to have my family watching me do this stuff

>> No.9750815

>what is /wvt/
>what is the Small indie vtuber thread

>> No.9751495
File: 13 KB, 225x225, DWTF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried searching for 2view streams on YouTube just now by searching "VTuber" with the live & posted today filters, and it's all fucking Apex.

>> No.9751563

Look at time in Japan, hen look at day and think what sort of person would stream

>> No.9751756

Was expecting a really bad model but it's cute. I like it.

>> No.9751942

How do you even find indies? I tried looking for some currently live on YouTube and found nothing

>> No.9751956

Stop! You’re gonna die Anon! It’s impossible to save them all, there’s too many!

>> No.9752020
File: 602 KB, 500x500, 8540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be 2views indie
>try best to fill dead air by saying random stories and things you have seen and heard about
>rando drops in chat saying "hi"
>Say hello and how are you and stuff
>no reply
One day they will stick around

>> No.9752077

Meanwhile, holofags: "Only 3k viewers? It's over. What went wrong?"
Honestly, fuck them. The stories in this thread are heart-wrenching

>> No.9752576

You have to wonder how many viewers don't even play games regularly, they just want to live gaming vicariously through people with nice rigs

>> No.9753007

You mean he bought more devices and is replying to himself kek

>> No.9753423

I pretty much don't care about the games they are playing at all. I just like listening to their voices and reactions when they play games. Feels strange, but it is what it is.

>> No.9753587

>looking at the names of people lurking
You deserved it.

>> No.9753731

its impossible to save all these poor people

>> No.9755234

Only retarded baiters make posts like that. Anyone with 500+ concurrent viewers is doing pretty good for themselves from a streaming standpoint.

>> No.9755241

really cute avatar, but I'm an ESL with no japanese knowledge...

>> No.9755503

I just got in and I can only hear cries

>> No.9756123

I really like the background music.

>> No.9756178

I like your 2view.
Lets groom her together!

>> No.9756212

You were meant to find her. Say something to her!

>> No.9756326


She said She's a male, a trans Santa

>> No.9756417

She is a woman anon.
A christmas cake!

>> No.9756575
File: 60 KB, 516x516, E7iEbrTVoAQcEAC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I leave this 2view here she will remain unmolested right

>> No.9756624

How? I stay and speak when I wish.

>> No.9756840


Why would someone, name herself a Christmas Cake?

Their naming sense really need to improve

>> No.9757298

Why you had to say that you fuck
aaaaaaaaaah no its happening again

>> No.9757533
File: 106 KB, 1280x720, E_OCa9pVUAQc3iN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is singing to 4 people rn.
Please come

>> No.9757665
File: 81 KB, 800x800, 1600222996157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some months ago I started searching up indies and watching their streams
>ended up with 3 vtubers I started watching daily
>barely 10~20 viewers on their streams, so they took notice of me and would say my name everytime I showed up
>eventually I start watching Holos again, and slowly forget about the indies
>also stopped commenting on their tweets, even tho they followed me back and everything
>one of the indies show up in a Holo chat and make a comment related to what I was writing in the chat
>feel like I been found out cheating and havent interacted with the indie since

>> No.9757708

hey you found her too? Youtube keeps recommending me her channel

>> No.9758159

Spanish vtubing is a bit cringe honestly. It peaked at Asria... a mute vtuber.. who happened to be male...

>> No.9758771


>> No.9758874

>Cute model
>Cute voice
>In VC with a male

>> No.9760291

I doubt this, not the actual chuuba was >>9716538 talking about...

>> No.9760767
File: 41 KB, 418x418, tumblr_pqzsgktrKC1wyosdb_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're overreacting saviorfag, as >>9724910, >>9732374 said, just keep posting stuff at twitter, but proceed with caution with lgbt, politics, and etc

>> No.9761217

lol of course anon, there will be always nice people, just the right board and specific threads that is

>> No.9761252

im one of those non gamers but i like to watch vtubers for some reason. i also like to chat with the streamers but it can be pretty difficult sometimes for that reason.. i hope that it does not annoy people too much

>> No.9761633

i feel like im the only one that did not get into this through hololive. and even today im still not watching them

>> No.9761649

i wish that this didn't happen but if hes genuinely entertaining then i can cope with it. sadly such cases are pretty rare

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