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Ina said boobs

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Garbage, with every sense of the word.

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I was surprised how good Gura acted. Not a professional or anything but she sounded so good and natural

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Gura finally became a voice actor

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>It's only good when I don't understand what they're saying

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Gura cute. Ina is kinda nervous; you can tell she isn't experienced in this sort of thing.
Overall, pretty decent attempt, I hope to see more of these off shoot subgroups and projects. Holotori next maybe?

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Just watched it, honestly didn't like it. Feels forced and just off. Don't care for it. Will still watch because my oshi is in it.

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Better than the cube shit but that's about where my praised end.
Gura was cute though.

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budget hologra, but I liked it

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Cute, funny, I like that A-chan is also involved here and her little bit with Aqua about what to do in case of shark attack was great.
All 5 did a great job and I can't wait for the next one.

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Stop falseflagging as chumbuds to make them look bad, retards

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really uh... disappointing.
I expected a lot but this group just ain't it.
Would honestly have preferred kiara to gura this one time.

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It was allright, works as a stepping stone for more JP/EN vids

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Keep in mind this would be 3D if possible
Imo pretty decent
Even though this is just a business collaboration . I mean what did you expect though? they are a company so gotta make that $ .

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Gura is cute as fuck.

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>you can tell she isn't experienced in this sort of thing.
she has done more JP group collabs than Gura

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Like it, pretty cute & funny, upvoted & wholesome awarded

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It was alright, however A-chan's presence/voice was like 10x more dominant than it should have been. Ina was really quiet.

Besides A-chan it was mostly Gura and Marine doing the talking. Gura is nervous to decide to hang out with someone but can at least get to talking once she does and is sociable, and Marine is a chatterbox naturally and basically thank god she was there or else it would have been twice as quiet and awkward.

Aqua is shy and autistic like fucking literally-so and it is well known she pretty much almost cannot speak around strangers. So foreign coworkers almost entirely speaking a language she doesn't understand, yeah that's about how it goes. Aqua's English is very much like Gura's Japanese - non-existent functionally. However as the collab was on Gura's channel and she is personally interested in Aqua she was more talkative. If you looked/listened carefully, Gura specifically kept saying "hi!" right at Aqua several times trying to get her to talk a bit. You would have had a tough time realizing she was even present if her avatar wasn't on screen however. It's kind of unusual because Aqua can be normal and chatty sometimes, I think she just really really was not used to the situation so slipped into quiet autism mode the whole time.

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You're allowed to have a negative opinion on something that someone you like made. That doesn't make you a falseflagger.

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nigga this is a voice acting thing

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I think he means voice over work not streaming. Those are two very different things.

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You disgust me.

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Imagine believing that someone saying Gura is cute is a false flag.
That's pretty sad bud.

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The most obvious bait I've ever seen and you bite it. Are you new?

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i dont know if its just me but i feel like gura and ina dialogue was awkward. A-chan managed to carriedit so it's not that bad.

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That was the cringiest voice acting imaginable. And Gura and Ina are my favourites.

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Was fun but felt a bit forced.
Marines VA chops really shows here to the point where it kinda feels unfair. Gura is acting like Gura so felt natural. Ina sounded stiff and unnatural though, especially the Ye-Ah-Ouch line.

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Maybe because she has experience

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It was cute and cringy, I like it

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Pretty bad. Marine is really good at this stuff though.

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They better be selling merch

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Real suspicious how many complaints are effectively

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Nijisanji animation > Hololive animation

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Ina's not a very good VA but I liked it a lot! I'm looking forward to the rest and I'm glad to see Gura and Marine doing VA work together

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I thought Gura did ok. Ina was very wooden though.

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lmao I thought this was the mario party stream thread nvm

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They need a better script, these dialogs feel like they don't watch Gura or Ina but it's still cute lol

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cause she has some experience as a freelance VA, though she never did any notable projects

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>no fun allowed, get back to streaming

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The cringe was so strong that my brain kinda wiped out all the related details but I'm currently too scared to rewatch this.

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>HA... OK. I see how it is...
>I wasn't talking about boobs, though!
take me back to when I couldn't understand what they fuck they were saying bros

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There really isn't anything wrong with it but I just can't get into the group. Comes off as rather abrupt. But if the worst thing to come out of it is cute shorts and passable collabs then fine I guess. If it is here to stay I hope the girls get more control and find a more natural synergy.

Would have been nice to do Holotori, though I guess the 4th member is in collab ban land. Maybe give Irys a boost, she kinda got sidelined and maybe throw Azki in to help her out. There were options for both natural and forced groups do I wonder why this was chosen.

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This is going to be the downfall of hololive. This and the burger. Mark my words.

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Ina is comically bad at voice acting, and I guess none of her recent character stuff is well known to JP? what's with the Pokemon stuff

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I need more!

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Yes, with me

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Haven’t you heard about this new cool thing that is totally newer than the fucking Council? “Holotori” it’s literally anything plus shit, it can’t possible fail if I say it enough! It’s not desperate to just use TBA for the first half of the name is it?

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>what's with the Pokemon stuff
It's probably what they sound like without the translations

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>"Either way"
Holy based

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Management needs to know that Ina's tentacles are from space and the abyss, not from Tako at sea

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Now they need a connecting theme
Ame, roboco
Beyond death:
Calli, Kiara, Ollie, Rushia

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They need to make more of this type of stuff.

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Just watched it. It was ogey. Nothing really to write home about either way.
I'm assuming the whole point of their "unit" (corporate project) isn't just some cheap semi cartoon, but the end goal is probably to release a song and/or merch to buy and this whole stuff around it is basically just advertising in the lead up?

As for content specific thoughts:

First of all, throughout the whole thing I was thinking "I'd rather have an all-EN cartoon, wasted opportunity", but oh well.

Presentation felt pretty cheap, and not really in a charming way. Whoever was in charge of this doesn't find it worth enough to give it the HoloGra treatment, and yeah sure EN doesn't have 3D models yet, but even still, I've seen better fan animation clips even.

The "jokes" were pretty cringe (as expected of a corporate project, sasu guh Cover), again HoloGra isn't the pinnacle of comedy either, but I've already gotten used to it and fwiw its rapid fire lolsorandum pace at least assures that no single dumb joke overstays its welcome, whereas here it lacked the necessary element of chaos to make this dumb shit work.

As for the voice work, Gura's amateur VA experience was nice and shined through, similarly Ina's... lack of experience, her lines fell pretty "flat" (haha get it, because she has no boobs! Ayyyy gottem, Cover hire me, because that's apparently the level of humor you're aiming at here).

If this going to be a regular "thing", at least for a while, then best of luck to them. Should make for some good experience at least, but I'm not really going out of my way to follow this too closely because it just wasn't that interesting to me. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't so bad that I'll go out of my way to shit on it either (and hey, maybe it'll at least be good for some cute screenshots or memeable voice lines coming out of it), but yeah, so far this is just... ogey...

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I liked it, better than anything Hologra has ever done.

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the true final yab will be yagoo having a heart attack from consuming the burger

>> No.9821299

JWU, why are people talking about voice acting?

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My thoughts are that Gura and Ina's dialogue sounds like it was written by someone whose entire knowledge of EN comes solely from watching 10 minutes worth of clips 11 months ago.

>> No.9821308

I don't blame them as they clearly didn't write any of it. Gura doesn't even do A that much any more. Ina is also the straight man who randomly throws out a deadly left hook, so this dialogue was never gonna be easy for her. Marine and Aqua felt a bit more themselves so maybe this is just a case of JP management being out of touch, a shocking revelation. But I think they could be funny once they are more familiar with each other.

Personally I'd have built it up over a few months. Do a collab with each pair then bring them together. Only issue is Gura's moon, but it could be scuff fun in the right game.

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I had to skip past parts, I couldn't handle the cringe. Ina please take voice acting lessons. Writers please learn how to write english lines.

>> No.9821337

This is precisely how all JPs see them

>> No.9821342

>american character randomly scoops up a bomb and fucking nukes them
still rent free after all these years

>> No.9821346

Gura is pretty much herself, she's just actually voice acting. There will literally never be a promotional thing that doesn't have Gura go A though, it is her thing and will never not be

>> No.9821379

They really know their way with words

>> No.9821387

Physically throwing bombs is more of a Japanese thing though.

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Cute but Ina and Guras vocie acting was not that great.Felt unnatural and not like they would usuallly talk.Not bad but they need more practice.

>> No.9821424

Seriously, why didnt Ina make even a SINGLE shitty pun. Thats literally her thing

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Maybe next episode, for half the episodes the only thing Marine and Aqua could understand is them saying Shark or Ina without the communication scroll

>> No.9821475

Was ogey

>> No.9821495

>If it is here to stay I hope [redacted]
It’s a summer only thing, anonchama.

>> No.9821503

Haha they said the things when they debuted and haven't said since.

>> No.9821522

I wasn't sure until I saw Gura, then I knew.

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I liked it.

t. Marine

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You can't translate puns to Japanese so they would make sense. English knowledge is a must.

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>> No.9821622

So these are primarily made for the jp audience, right?

>> No.9821632

>watching Watame's hololive introductions thhing from the 2nd live
>my reaction to Ina saying "ina ina inaaa" is verbatim "she doesn't even say that anymore"
>this short comes out

>> No.9821638

Probably didn't help that they had to write english dialogue. I doubt it was many levels about machine translate that shit. If it was all Japanese then Ina would be all puns they love that shit. Plus Gura can fake Japanese well if you tell her how it is said

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Wish they can become more comfy next time. It was super awkward. I was expecting more.
yup, I agree with everything
Ina is still awkward in larger groups, she will get better though.
I don't understand why Kiara gets so much hate. Is it her voice and high pitched screeches? It's not that bad, she more than makes up for it with her personality.
Nijisanji fails because they chose a japanese name instead of an english / bilingual one. Hololive is easy to understand in both languages. EOP will not understand "Nijisanji." It's a management fail.
If it doesn't get better then ya it's not as good content as their normal stuff. But if they get comfy together over time, it could become something even bigger than it already is.
The burger is a net positive for hololive, she just needs to tone down the screeching a little bit. Her voice is constantly hoarse, and the constant yelling is the reason it changed compared to her cute, soft debut voice. She is really great at filling time though. And great in collabs because she lifts the energy and loosens people up. She is like the opposite of Kronii who sometimes makes people feel more awkward with each other. Kronii will get better though.
I tried to get into Ina but she's at her best in drawing streams. She has a comfy style but I wish she could stream more. Maybe she doesn't know what to do.

>> No.9821670

Orgy is possible

>> No.9821672

>works as a stepping stone for more JP/EN vids
I hope it encourages more fanart and fan animations

>> No.9821703

I like the way you think

>> No.9821720

I can't really deal with EN dub in anime-like artstyle, just like I can't really deal with JP dub in western artstyle. Just stay in your lane.
What's even more baffling is why they made it duolingual, Ina can speak Japanese and Gura can mimic it well, so why make it half and half?

>> No.9821743

>Nijisanji fails because they chose a japanese name instead of an english / bilingual one. Hololive is easy to understand in both languages. EOP will not understand "Nijisanji." It's a management fail.
Why does 'Nintendo' work? Or 'Nissan' or 'Subaru'?

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>> No.9821772

Maybe JOPs like the sound of english like how EOPs like the sound japanese?

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>> No.9821781

>why make it half and half?
I think hololive's mentally deficient management thought they were widening appeal by using 2 languages, despite the fact that the only English speakers who would watch this are already sub only weebs.

>> No.9821801

Nintendo was 1st to make it big in the US and MARIO is the biggest icon ever

Nissan and Subaru get mogged by Chevorlet, GMC and Ford lel wtf?

>> No.9821823

They just wanted an excuse to shove some BIG NUMBERS vtubers together and Ina fit the theme kinda so she made it in too.

>> No.9821856

I hope next episode JP speaks english and EN japanese

>> No.9821880

I'm not hating on Kiara but people should fuck off with saying

>> No.9821925

Got? No. Get? Yes.

>> No.9821956

The time of falseflagging as chumbuds is fading into falseflagging as KFP, as it does every day around this hour

>> No.9821963

hint: most of that is just eggos trying to stir shit, don't fall for the bait.

>> No.9821964

Literally the only ENs who use their character greetings are Gura (during collabs) and Kiara

>> No.9821992

Wtf would the holobirds even do at sea though

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Why does every thread on this board eventually comes around to Kiara? Do you guys love Kiara that much? I know i do

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Guys, imagine the blowjob that somehow got this project greenlit.
Must have been out-of-body experience

>> No.9822003

The channel and title language didn't tip you off?

>> No.9822020

man, kfps have it good, everyone likes kfpbros because any schizo kfp that may exist just instantly gets labeled an egg. it's for the best.

>> No.9822052

I liked it a lot. I'm glad that Cover is making EN and JP collab and putting some production behind it.

>> No.9822112

>western side of fandom infantilizes the girls
>official hololive is sexualizing them
kind of based

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I hope they at least make her a bit chuuni and dorky, in this first episode she was basically just a straight man to Gura's antics

>> No.9822184


>> No.9822194

just wait till the rest of the chumbuds wake up

>> No.9822203

You know there are other burds right? Great as it'd be, holotori isn't multiple Kiaras (yet).

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Is this the most soulless piece of shit Cover has ever shit out? It's so artificial and forced. These hoes have zero chemistry with each other but they're being shilled harder than Raid Shadow Legends. It's all about numbers. You don't see this shit with lower performing holos or indog holos.

>> No.9822271

its not hologra but i'll take it
they could've done a special episode with the smol models

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Saving Subaru from getting vored by Pelicans

>> No.9822330

yeah. i mean i guess it's just a silly skit but lore wise she is more closely related to a shinto take on cthulhu than the kraken. it surprises me that management themselves were the ones to make the "lul tentacle rape monster" joke.

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File: 216 KB, 512x512, 0878F1A5-621B-4A03-B1D8-8B1553240941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn’t like it, or at least I was kind of disappointed.
I can’t put words into it, but the acting felt lackluster, and A-chan seems to be unnecessary. Also, there’s something about the animation… I would’ve preferred a manga.
I had hopes for the project and I’ll continue following, but I wasn’t impressed by this video. I’ll look forward to the next collab though, since I enjoyed so much the one we had yesterday.

>> No.9822348

Question: Do you think they will improve?

>> No.9822354

They need to do something about the language barrier. Shit was awkward in a painful way. Watched 5 mins then switched to Sana playing Celeste

>> No.9822355

She has been living rent-free in /vt/ deads from the very start of the board.

>> No.9822367

Jesus Christ this is already the third fucking thread about UmiSea that got steered into Orange Woman and KFPbaits. Can't they just stick to the other 5 chicken bait threads that were made specifically for them to stay away from other topics split threads?

>> No.9822406

Soulless corporate trash

>> No.9822457

>called UMISEA
You are falling for bait retard, not only bait but kiara bait that gets posted in every single thread

>> No.9822484

>makes fun of cricket's english va "exerting" himself

>> No.9822555

>called UMISEA
Not sure if you're just a bit thick. But the point being made was there already is a cross company collab group with a theme. Which makes creating this one odd, when one can't even speak jap. Not that the sea themed group should be birds

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This image makes people seethe, I know its mostly zhangs because Aqua is involved and she is their current target to force and graduate along with Fubuki but the rest of you people dont have to act retarded on their behalf

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>> No.9822618

Well they all clearly want to be able to interact with each other without the issue of awkward communication, and the best way is to get through the first awkward parts. People just shouldn't expect that gap to be closed real quick. We've got a huge ensemble cast to work with here.

>> No.9822707


>> No.9822715

I mean what is there to rag on Fubuki and Aqua about?

>> No.9822748

I hope the 2nd episode is better

>> No.9822771

HoloEN just can't stop winning over NijiEN. I think AnyColor should give their foreign branches more support.

>> No.9822834

>he thinks chinks need a reason
Chinks are subhuman insects Anon. They don't need a reason, they just will.

>> No.9822836

There is a reason Nintendo called their console the Nintendo entertainment system and not the Famicom when bringing it to the west

>> No.9822895

They're probably new to it and will get better. Voice acting is really difficult.

>> No.9822933

They want an eye for an eye because they shut down the CN side. Coco is gone so they want 5 more to graduate. Fubuki and Aqua because they are openly anti-china. Fubuki because she shat on the chinese since forever and Aqua because she stopped using bilibili, recently she also got sponsored by Redbull who is in a turmoil with the CCP for months so they figured they can rack up some social score while they are at it.
I wish I was joking

>> No.9822956

Shut up Ayame, you just hate it because it has Ina.

>> No.9822961

You people are actually all retards. You complain and complain about how EN and JP don't interact enough and how Gura never goes out of her comfort zone. You complain that Cover does nothing to support the girls. As far as I know most of these people have wanted to collab for a while but whether it's due to shyness, scheduling issues or whatever they've never got around to doing it, now that Cover has got involved and helped make it happen you're all seething.

>> No.9823018

I prefer the 2D animation over hologra 3D desu.
Shitty jap humour even got a shallow chuckle or two out of me, it's not all that bad tbqhwyf especially for a first try.
I'd be willing to watch more

>> No.9823041

Korean dog hands types this.

>> No.9823060

some one please, PLEASE, get a native English speaker to write Gura's and Ina's dialog

it fells like some one wrote the whole thing in Japanese and G-translate the EN girls lines

>> No.9823108

Its their first time doing voice acting. Go watch the early hologras and how nervous everyone was with the voice acting. ESPECIALLY pekora

>> No.9823115

inb4 Omega Alpha wrote their dialog

>> No.9823154

Watch it at 1.75 speed and it feels like Hologra

>> No.9823187

What's wrong with the burger?

>> No.9823188

>You complain that Cover does nothing to support
Yes support, help boost projects the girls create. Help with Ame's VR or create Gura x Shion thing. If they are gonna create corporate groups then build it over time.

>> No.9823196

Senchou debu debu

>> No.9823273

They have to

>> No.9823329


>> No.9823333

Doesn't feel like that was the case, this feels more like some one upstairs crapped out this idea, thought it was genius and no one below him could disagree

>> No.9823339

not if they entire thing was recorded in a day or two

>> No.9823388

Considering 1 show + collabs + streams + 8 hour superchats takes up so much of her time. I doubt we need to worry about another show.

>> No.9823404

Haha what, you didn't absolutely crack up at the amazing flat jokes and totally surprising tentacle reach? You're just too plebeian to understand this sophisticated humor that someone thought really long and hard about, before chucking it through machine translation and sending it off with "yup, that's another masterpiece alright!".

>> No.9823427

t.seething KFP

>> No.9823463

I'm not talking about the acting, I'm talking about the writing
the English part of the script is ridden of things that only work in Japanese voice acting (repeating sounds or an onomatopoeia at the end of a line to sound cute, referring to people in the third person by name instead of using pronouns, etc)
the whole thing was machine translated from jap to english

>> No.9823468

Yeah I doubt they could arrange anything like this with Kiara.

>> No.9823492

If I go to a restaurant to order some food, and the chef serves me a shit sandwich, he doesn't get to turn around and say "hurr durr why u no like, it's food alright?!"

>> No.9823534

>food analogies
every fucking time

>> No.9823536

Omega can write in english at least, if he was on the writing team it could have been marginally better

>> No.9823603

Not enough water/10 What was cover even thinking?

>> No.9823667

Well at least it proved that Gura is willing to go out of her comfort zone.... for the right $$$

>> No.9823796


>> No.9823802

nice quads

that's the other option, but now it bothers me who on earth wanted this?
JP Management would have used JP artists, this is clearly western style
US Management would never do extra work
None of the group talents would release anything this low quality

who the hell ordered this?

>> No.9823829

Alright Omega, we know you think you could have done better, go dilate somewhere else

>> No.9823925

the funniest thing about this is that non JP speakers seem to think that Aqua and Marine are really great VA's lmao

>> No.9823932

Upper management, of course
Their biggest fish sub count wise is Gura, it makes sense to build a project around her since she has the most potential reach of all of the 4 casted
Gura is a shark, so what do you do? you find other talents who also have sea themes and chucked up something for the people below you to think of.
This was a shoe-in for a corporate person, a horrible decision for everyone who actually has to develop this, and a completely left-field idea for the viewers

>> No.9824045

Marine wrote the script and she only watches translated clips of Gura and Ina.

>> No.9824085

t. faggot

>> No.9824142

They couldn't come up with a better name?

>> No.9824374

It was cute but the script for Ina and her VA didnt fit at all, hope whoever wrote it learns her personality better.

>> No.9824442

You don't like OceanOcean?

>> No.9824980

Why do Gura and Ina sound so awkward?

>> No.9825071

do takodachis really?

>> No.9825131
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I liked the original better.

>> No.9825316

People complaining about this shit and Gura and Ina being ooc gotta remember that this was written by a Japanese person for a Japanese clip-watching audience. You have to keep in mind that what the JP audience knows about Ina and Gura as characters is substantially more limited than what we know about them.

>> No.9825481

Marine should never write English dialogue again.

>> No.9825765

*cums on you*

>> No.9825991

I really don't get Cover. There are dozens of fan animators making fantastic things, and yet they still choose to release this barely animated soulless crap. Hire Alice, 2manysnacks, KAI, anybody

>> No.9826077

What are you guys smoking. It wasn't that bad. Is this the in disguise nijinigger seethe thread

>> No.9826181
File: 8 KB, 248x254, 1627729983879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why hire someone when they're already producing content to promote you for free?

>> No.9826227

yes, as a nijinigger I only watch pomu. “I’M POMU LOL” is all I can say besides shitting up holochad threads

>> No.9826449

I don't WANT this shit, you faggot. JP needs to stay as far away from muritards as possible for their own good. They have no idea what kind of shit is going on.

>> No.9826461

they tried to let a fan artist in on the action with holoalt and it sank the whole project, after than and holobass there's never going to be a fanwork to real job pipeline again

>> No.9826513

Just let ina say "itai", she is weeb enough that she would say that IRL

>> No.9826563

Not good. More proof that EN has literally no chemistry, not just among themselves, but with everyone in the company.

>> No.9826636

Should have just let her speak japanese completely. Same with Gura but with horribly broken japanese.

>> No.9826705
File: 4 KB, 312x261, 1624286304540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like the idea.
But the execution is a bit unsatisfying. The punchline timing was so slow that there were some moments of awkwardness. They could learn from the more popular hologra videos.

>> No.9826707

I loved it!!!! Can't wait for more!

>> No.9826730

Kill yourself, cancer.

>> No.9826737


>> No.9826759

It was fun

>> No.9826769
File: 27 KB, 227x300, 1630500595601.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this place hate it
>i actually like it

huh, weird

>> No.9826851

Ame's 3D ENniversary was basically all "fan" creations (i.e. outside help) and no Cover involvement, and guess what, to no one's surprise it had SOUL out the ass, instead of whatever this corporate bullshit here is.

Sure, maybe Cover is wary of featuring fanwork on their official channel for their own projects, but at least the girls can pick up the slack (as they always have to do) and organize their own projects with them.

An all-EN short skit show (maybe even using the 3D smolvatars) that the girls script for themselves would be a thousand times better.

>> No.9826863

Fuck off, I don't want Marine anywhere near ENshit or any twittertard fans.

>> No.9826874
File: 129 KB, 1920x991, 1631085301292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stream was fun, if a bit autistic but amrine and A-chan really kept the conversation going.
The Manga/Anime was pretty cute but it's pretty clear that the writing staff is not good at writing spoken english. Quality wise I've seen worse on Youtube, but this is just the first episode so there's a good chance it'll get better

>> No.9826917
File: 412 KB, 698x558, 1631500543836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow! Gura is really really good at voice acting.

>> No.9826921

It was cute.

>> No.9826928

this to be honest, cover sucks and hololive would be better run by Ina and Ame.

>> No.9826940

Why do you care? You clearly don't watch Marine.

>> No.9826946

Possibly one of the single worst collabs I've seen. EN1's first gen collab is a close second. The fact that this is corporate mandated makes it even worse. Not to mention the AWFUL short videos they did.

>> No.9826953

That's when you know it's good

>> No.9826986

Look at the time, it's seething SEAniggers. I woke up and read some of the reactions and expected this to be horrendous.

Low and behold, it was fine and got a few laughs out of me.

>> No.9827030

SEA loves Gura though and praises everything she does.

>> No.9827085 [DELETED] 

Ah yes SEAnigger, you tottally are "chumbuddy" and "human".

>> No.9827166

I give Gura praise and you reply with this? Why are chumbuds so fucking toxic?

>> No.9827255

Actually exceeded all possible expectations. I was expecting some minute long lore thing. However, what we got instead was a fully animated/voice acted comedy bit that was over 4 minutes! I can't wait for the rest of them to come out.

>> No.9827284

Really funny going back and reading all the posts saying it was corporate mandated.

>> No.9827391
File: 136 KB, 463x453, 1620818374732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>SEA loves Gura though and praises everything she does.

>> No.9827414

They got an animation on day 2 that's the definition of corporate mandated.

In my own opinions, wow the old clip jokes like fucking "Shaaaaark" was painful.

>> No.9827491

It's not really SEA's that hate Gura. Most of her antis are yuropoors

>> No.9827525

>cover doesn't so anything
>cover does something
for the love god make up your fucking minds, I don't even want to defend cover but shit like this makes you look schizo

>> No.9827526

This was really good. Gura is a natural at voice acting. I'm not a fan of the over exaggerated Japanese style of voice acting.

>> No.9827575

So we know it wasn't? I'm with ya but where is the info saying it was the girls idea?

>> No.9827625

But Marine wants to be there. You'll never be Japanese.

>> No.9827646

Ina's voice acting and script were sub par, but turning her into a Pokemon repeating her name had meta humor value. The shark did better than expected as a VA.

Senchou and the onion did great as always, marine is good at everything they do.

I also dunno what part of English VAing appeals to the jap audience, if at all, so that might be why it's a bit stilted

>> No.9827678

I agree the Shaaark thing was painful but the rest was pretty good besides Ina's voice acting

>> No.9827680

Don't want to be. Doesn't change the cancer now kill yourself, retard.

>> No.9827684

I'm not those schizo's. I just want good entertainment and this did not deliver at all.

>> No.9827710

gay and wrong opinion

>> No.9827725

I meant wasn't.* It was obviously corporate mandated.

>> No.9827733

Marine loves the EN girls. Even has Gura as her favorite Holo singer followed by Okayu and Azki.

>> No.9827752

yes they started this project two days ago totally

>> No.9827803

Gura has some experience in VA. I knew she would be good

>> No.9827840

>Retard can't read the implication of my post

>> No.9827854

Your idea of good entertainment is probably getting (you)s.

>> No.9827885

>Gura, please read this script

Not even Korone was reduced to be a 2-lines meme. Gladly Senchou saved this trainwreck

>> No.9827897

She has no idea what ugliness and identity politics obsessed defects in this country are like.

>> No.9827932

why do you niggers discount the fact that they've been going back and forth with each other since the the very first day their collab ban got lifted.

I know, it's because you are actually retarded and don't watch streams.

>> No.9828008

Those streams you watch? Corporate mandated.

>> No.9828091

I don't find JP EN collars like Ame Roboco or this where most of the shit is just retarded noises entertaining. I want some baseline of chemistry to actually make it fun to watch please.

If it's been in production for so long maybe they could've done more work into their chemistry so that A chan wasn't the most entertaing person in their Collab.

>> No.9828129

You don't even know what chemistry is retard

>> No.9828144

The Japanese audience knows very little about Gura besides the memes, even less about Ina besides haachama wants to eat her.

Likewise, EN just knows Senchou is horny, and Aqua exists and is 44.5kg

>> No.9828197

Yes but when have the EN girls brought that into Hololive? They are not allowed to. The only political drama was brought in by the reddit dragon and pissed off Zhangs

>> No.9828208
File: 1.06 MB, 1494x1718, gurad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yes, I do follow an anime girl corporation blindly. How could you tell?

>> No.9828251

Gura said a lot more than those 2 lines. Try again.

>> No.9828319

Was pretty cute, I thought everyone did a pretty good job and I'm curious what they plan to do next. The only thing is I wish they would have given Ina's lines a bit more something. Why isn't she making puns? They gave her a super bland personality when she's usually charming or funny.

>> No.9828326

If you consider Ame Roboco chemistry good when it's still fucking awful after like 4 collabs you need to interact with real people.

>> No.9828360

Regardless, I don't fucking watch Japanese streams to hear English.

>> No.9828427

EN barely has chemistry amongst themselves, how the hell could they have anything with any of the JPs with a language barrier in the way?

>> No.9828464
File: 48 KB, 568x498, rdy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9829090

Nothing but a mistake.

>> No.9829224

Ina can't act to save her life, holy shit.
It honestly felt like they took the Gura x Marine short animation from last year and Snyder Cut expanded it into a 4 minute slog.
They're obviously willing to throw money at this project, so I hope it gets better.

>> No.9829330

I will be using this as a textbook to expand my japanese

>> No.9829567

I wish she kill herself on stream

>> No.9829960

Holy shit Ina's voice acting is so stilted.

>> No.9829995

Jap subbed Gura clips are surprisingly popular. Especially her JP server tour and interactions with Shion.

>> No.9830037

The drawings were top-tier cute, certainly the strongest point.
The pacing being slower than Hologra felt a bit weird though, I think this type of humor works better when everything is so quick that you have trouble following what's going on, they should've at least sped up A-chan's narration.
Overall decent, will keep watching.

>> No.9830160
File: 34 KB, 227x222, 1621766554724.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>half the people in this thread think OP is talking about the stream, don't know about the cartoon because they left before the stream ended
I don't blame them, I almost couldn't finish it either. It was that bad. frankly, I'm struggling to cope with the fact that my oshi was the worst person in the collab. I've never been in this position before
As for the actual video... I sort of liked it. The writing/pacing/directing could for sure have better (like Hologra for example) but fuck, I liked the concept and the tone. In terms of performance:
Aqua > Marine >> Gura >>> Ina
Overall, I'll watch them all I think, but please, just don't put me through that stream again Gura. Onegai...

>> No.9830244

The drawings were cute. The girls weren't in their element but I like it more than retarded Council cube lore.

I'm sure it will get better with time.

>people bitching about Kiara
Did she complain that this was a waste of money/time or something? Because I kinda agree.It's not the worse thing but I think Cover staff is kinda out of touch sometimes.

>> No.9830385

I love Ina but fucking hell, couldn't they have done something with her dialogue? I get her character is sleepy chill streamer, but that doesn't really fit in this performance

>> No.9830604

>Did she complain that this was a waste of money/time or something?

I mean, i don't see this costing THAT much money, certainly not as much as creating a 3D model or holding a 3D concert. That type of video could be done by one very good person or a group of 3 decent people (writing, drawing, editing). Just look up "Hololive Animated" and you'll see tons of examples of similar style done by people on their free time.

I'd say a video like this AT MOST would be 1k usd, and thats me being incredible generous and thinking Cover is paying more for tax breaks (or whatever they do in JP), also i don't know if the girls get paid too or if this falls under their salary. If they do get paid individually then yeah the price would skyrocket.

>> No.9830771

I liked it. Ina(and maybe Aqua) was a bit stiff, and whoever wrote the English parts didn't have a clear grasp on how conversational English worked, but it was cool to see something like this.

>> No.9830830

Hearing Japanese written humor in English is weird and Ina's VA work is stilted. Also I guess Ina just canonically sleeps underwater now?
That aside it's cute enough.

>> No.9830894

Marine 100% asked them to add it

>> No.9831008

You'd think they'd have a native English speaker do at least one pass of the dialogue for, y'know, a joint EN/JP project...

>> No.9831085

That would be too easy.

>> No.9831140

I'll just copypaste my opinion from the Gura thread.

These kinds of short omake videos have been a thing for a very long time, reaching back into the 80s (personal knowledge) and probably earlier. They're supposed to be just like this is - short animated videos reminiscent of a street performance... kamibashirai or something as it was called, which was one of the roots of anime. They aren't supposed to be or aim to be fully animated or anime per se. I see people complaining about this, but they don't seem to realize their expectations don't match the general idea at all. It's like buying a car and complaining it isn't a horse.

I liked it. It's omake. It's nice to see it existing and it showcases the extent of the popularity of Gura, Ina and Hololive as a whole. Think of these as cookies or a sip of coffee, they aren't supposed to be or aim to be a full meal. Just a little nudge and a wink.

>> No.9831299

I like how they made it slower than Hologra because of the english speaking audiences lol, lmao

>> No.9831523

I loved it, it was cute, made me laugh. Ina was a bit rough but she is cute so whatever. gura was quite good, mic and acting quality wise. not so sure about japanese but marine sounded good, aqua might be a bit bad? can't tell. it has a little something for everyone. (collab was trash though, 4/5 japanese speakers=default to japanese, maybe one day I will be able to appreciate it)

>> No.9831593

i want ina to do more nwn

>> No.9831639

It was ENs first time to actually dub something (not counting a bit of HER), so I am proud of them. It was obvious that INA got nervous but I am sure she will do better with time. It honestly felt more like 4koma than a video, still liked it.

>> No.9831671

what is Gura's moon? spoonfeed me pls anon

>> No.9831707

Speaking of the collab, I swear to God you people are impossible to please:

We all want to see EN/JP collabs. But there is an obvious problem, and that problem is the language barrier. It would be absurd, ridiculous, impossible, to expect the JP side to know English and the EN side to know Japanese to the extent they can talk effortlessly. Why do Americans have a problem with this simple fact? Cover is aware of the fact we want to see collabs and they go out of their way to make them happen, but you all go way too far into bitching about the "lack of chemistry" or whatever which comes from the simple fact that they don't know JP & EN all that well on their respective sides. The "hurr learn the language" bit doesn't hold water to anyone who is multilingual, because one doesn't simply fumble or halfass into knowing a foreign language, be it English or otherwise. Learning a foreign language is a time consuming, laborious task to anyone but little kids.

As a eurofag I know English and German, and being a Croat neither of the two are similar to my barbarous tongue. I just fail to understand how and why Americans can't grasp the simple fact that it's not a problem that the girls have trouble relaxing and bonding during collabs, because the alternative is no collabs. You bitch either way instead of being happy we get anything at all.

>> No.9831929

the language barrier was a bigger issue here because Gura's lack of japanese puts her INA rough spot. she can't talk to Aqua which I'm guessing was her goal, since Aqua just shuts off and language barrier. And since 3/4 can understand each other A-Chan felt more like bantering in Japanese than translating bc it would essentially be just translating for Gura. and no, I'm not a salty chumbud, honestly I feel bad for Ina the most, she could just collab with aqua, marine and even A-Chan but since gura is there she has to decide wether to go full japanese and leave gura behind or just use japanese seldomly as to not make gura feel left out. also ESL here.
what I'm saying is: a 1 to 1 JP/EN collab would be best, Ina and kiara being the easiest experience. but also watching Gura + Marine would be cute since they would try hard to use both languages in order to make themselves understood. heck Gura and Aqua might be cute since I'm pretty sure gura would do everything in her grasp to relate to Aqua.

>> No.9832267

I agree.

>> No.9832526

Shorts aren't an alien concept you dumb weeb. Plus one of the main complaints was the pacing is too slow, not that more was expected than a little crappy cookie.

>> No.9832602

>Ina and kiara being the easiest experience
If you just want to watch a them talk in Japanese just go watch a Jp collab. No point to bring EN into it.

>Gura and X would try to communicate
Thats what we got with this stream, 1 on 1 would literally be the Nacho collab 2.0

The fact is both sides should be putting in an effort and if someone was there to help translate they should have done that instead of whatever A chan tried to do.

>> No.9832605

Jajalol I didn't notice that
Its also a metaphor for how gura dominated hololive

>> No.9832716

>It would be absurd, ridiculous, impossible, to expect the JP side to know English and the EN side to know Japanese to the extent they can talk effortlessly. Why do Americans have a problem with this simple fact?
Your post just reads like shitty cope while pointing out this huge issue with no real solution. They didn't need to force this collab. Gura had already reached out to her JP senpais in a way that worked for her. Ina has done JP language collabs. Support those, build on those, fund ideas the holos have. Cover is aware we want collabs? Why not people who speak the same language? Why not established cross region groups? Cause really this is a rather awkward Gura does the numbers set something up.

>> No.9832779

>Did she complain that this was a waste of money/time or something?
No it's just that Kiara lives rent free in half the schizos here so the longer a thread goes on for the chances of someone bringing up Kiara unprompted approaches 100%

>> No.9832839

That actually makes sense.
I could see her pissing off euros

>> No.9832885

Most of the schizos are europoors, the board always goes to shit around euro prime time

>> No.9832923

large groups of people are impossible to please.
thats one of their fundamental characteristics.

>> No.9832933

Given the number of bait threads about Gura lately and now about UMISEA, antis are having a Grand Mal Seethe right now so I'm loving it for that fact alone. I'm excited to see what they have planned.

>> No.9832995

hello, euro here, what reason do I have to be pissed off at Gura?

>> No.9833002

they desperately need to let a native english speaker do the script for Gura's and Ina's parts

>> No.9833010

And that's before you realize that 90% of this board are the people who got kicked out of every other civilized place on the net and come here to rrat and schizopost because literally no where else would tolerate them

>> No.9833034


>> No.9833045

I really never thought I'd hear ina say "boobs" like that

>> No.9833086

Ow... that sounds cute, I hope it's not a derogatory term

>> No.9833095

>I wish she kill herself on stream
Remember these are the complainers you're arguing with in this thread

>> No.9833115

This is pretty much what I thought as well. The voice acting was probably the biggest issues, especially when its right next to Aqua and Marine. I don't speak Japanese, but their lines seemed to have a lot more acting in it, while Gura tried her best and was passable, Ina wasn't super great, and having them next to each other kinda made it more obvious.

>> No.9833123

Mostly fine but Ina's voice acting sucked. Gura surprisingly had some talent for it. Wouldn't mind kore clips like this in the future

>> No.9833126

You're on 4chan, you should assume that anything you read on this site is a degatory term unless otherwise proven

>> No.9833131

I don't know exactly.
I'm going to color outside of the lines and say
culture or some shit.
Like she doesn't follow the rules, but also not in a familiar monty python punk so edgy but also depressing way, its just pure soul shining.

>> No.9833157
File: 672 KB, 750x705, 1617522129049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9833172

gura is queen of vocal nuance. I think its part of why she got so big

or the other way around, if for no other reason than to annoy the trolls.

>> No.9833200

predictable response. See? This is what I'm talking about.
Its hard to define exactly, but there it is.

>> No.9833221

Very cringe but also cute

>> No.9833279

nips writing english dialog is always going to sound awkward.

>> No.9833303

They should make more units like this. They should keep mixing and matching Hololive to get these introverted idols to branch the fuck out of their comfort zone

>> No.9833311

None seems like a good reason really. Guess I'll keep liking her then, thanks.

>> No.9833332

english emphasizes thought flow patterns
japanese emphasizes perceptual accuracy
english sounds very primal and ejective when written by japanese for this reason.
I wonder how japango written by eigo sounds to a japanese person?

>> No.9833342

.. actually pretty based.

>> No.9833346

Great move by Cover.

Fuck the schizos. They're sissies that Literally want everything to shut down because they feel slightly uncomfortable. Get the fuck out of here

>> No.9833363


fuck off by one
this one stole my comments soul *gameshow noises* >>9833333

>> No.9833379

UMISEA hentai when?

>> No.9833398

For this reason, I hope they continue.

>> No.9833516

>Ina general were disappointed at best
>Gura general very positive
>Other threads mixed at best, probably leaning negative even factoring out overt shitposting
Interesting to see. Does seem like chumbuds were the most pleased by it.

>> No.9833533

Plenty of these girls like each other but haven't collabed for one reason or another, now the company is giving them a reason while a the same time using it as an excuse to sell merch and promoting music. Killing two birds with one stone.

>> No.9833642

since nobody is going to answer
the opposite of primal and ejective would be
complicated and labored I guess.
So maybe thats how it sounds.

>> No.9833862

your head's in the right place but your heart betrays you.
>branch the fuck out of their comfort zone
don't make it sound like a punishment, because it's not.
now, the reason these groupings should continue is because eventually they will put together a group that fits together and it will be a huge success. starting with gura and the sea theme was the right idea because of her sub count.

>> No.9833872

I mean I don't know what you expected from Ina.
She has no voice acting experience and they asked her to talk about her boobs.
They were lucky she was able to deliver the lines at all.

>> No.9833877

>off shoot subgroups and projects
You now remember A.L.I.C.E was a thing that died.

>> No.9833922

I only caught half the stream, and barely payed attention to it when I had it on in the background, but was there any translating going on for Gura? Like wasn't that the whole point of bringing A-chan?

>> No.9833979

no, lol. A-Chan gave a vague idea of the context SOMETIMES but mostly just did her own jokes, hoenstly I really liked A-Chan. but yeah, many jokes were lost in translation.

>> No.9834030

they won't do one that already exists. They'll make a new one up like "Moona, Sana, Suisei and Luna(because of the moon symbols) are THE SPACE FRIENDS!!!!!!" and do the exact same thing again

>> No.9834037
File: 24 KB, 899x747, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pikaaaa Pika
Char char
Squirle Squirle

>> No.9834056

Good first attempt at voice acting, hopefully they get over their nerves especially Ina.

>> No.9834129

it wasn't bad, pretty decent actually. I don't watch a lot of the hologra episodes but this seems to be a nice alternative while also including the EN members.
also after that episode there is no doubt that umisea is inspired by this fan animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2TamAjKizU

>> No.9834217

You have it mixed up. Chumbuds (i.e. Amerimutt EOPs) have been seething the most about it because they hate Ina and hate almost all of the main branch, including Aqua and Marine.

>> No.9834485

What did you expect when half the board is filled with eop newfags

>> No.9834575

>What's even more baffling is why they made it duolingual, Ina can speak Japanese and Gura can mimic it well, so why make it half and half?
If you thought their voice acting was bad in English, imagine how it would be in a language they aren't fluent in (Ina) or know at all (Gura).

>> No.9834598


>> No.9835144

Ina felt like so lifeless like was just reading.

>> No.9835415

I like it. They need to update the gag. Gura don't go shaaark much anymore. No hocha from gura at all when she attacked ina. No wah. The flat joke felt flat. I think gura could have say some other snarky thing.

>> No.9835470

I'm pretty sure the girls did not have creative input on the script.
Which they really should.

>> No.9835613
File: 7 KB, 125x166, soos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9835768
File: 2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1626645562441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just like my like my Japanese anime comedies/10
At this rate some of EN might get cameo spots in studio produced stuff.

>> No.9835943

I want to force Gura to listen to her own voice acting over and over.

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