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Even /jp/ seems to like her. No yabs, no drama, just comfy and interesting streams. Ina antis aren't really a thing with the exception of maybe one or two schizos who constantly bring up c*co.
She seems like the only holo member in which everyone can agree she's based, maybe second to someone like sora.

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>with the exception of maybe one or two schizos
Don't forget all of kfp, they can't stand her composure and intelligence

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>all of kfp
>two schizos
same thing

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Blessed Ina knows science :3

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>no antis = well liked
By that logic my favorite 2view vtuber is the most well liked vtuber in the world lol

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Ina and Kiara are probably on a similar level of intelligence in my opinion.

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I think you're calling ina dumb which I'll agree with within reason

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why are takodachis like this?

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I would agree, but since we're talking about /here/ I'm gonna say, probably not.
No matter how yab-free you are, there will always be contrarians so the only person to consider being the most well liked, is someone who no one watches in the first place. Someone like Sora, Aki, Roboco or maybe Asskey. But then the matter of perspective comes into play.

Now if we're talking about everywhere outside of 4chinpo then probably yes.

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I don't know, I don't think stupid people are able to speak three languages fluently. Especially for Kiara, who supposedly reached fluency in a category 4 language in supposedly a year.

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Ina is like a plain bread or rice; bland. Hard to find anything offensive about her but at the same time not very interesting. So yeah, every holomem likes her, exactly like Sora.

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Well that feat is impressive, but I lean more towards calling it obsessive over intelligent

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>takodachi hugbox thread
>first post immediately brings up KFP
really makes you think

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More like least hated. I don't really have anything negative to say about her.

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The new Miso Soup.

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Sandy Petersen doesn't seem to think so, the old fart.

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Not the most liked, more like the least cared about. She's just kinda there

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Without a doubt.

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Kfp agent spotted, stick to your own threads, you have so many

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>no drama
She's a literal chink vassal

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rrat. Go back to your ewhore thread

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Dont speak for the holomems but i like her the most :3

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Egg's Law. Someone will inevitably bring up KFP and/or Kiara in a thread, no matter how unrelated.

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You forgot another one

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>retard doesn't know people follow her roomate's twitter where she posts her chink projects
classic delusional takek lol.
topic: no, korone or fubuki did way more for the company and are generally well liked/respected. Most people who don't dislike Ina simply don't remember she exists.

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It’s indifference. Not like or dislike.

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She could be interesting if she wanted to, but she chooses not to.

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get the fuck back to your attention whore and leave ina's thread alone, delusional kfp

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most indians are fluent in hindi and english, are most of them smart despite shitting in streets and making some of the most autistic tiktoks on the planet?

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That's still better than the rest of EN

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Go and check yourself

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What a chink whore, as expected of canadians

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the coco bday art denial didnt give you a signal of her chink funding?

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Hard to be hated when you play it extremely safe to the point of being boring. This has always been Ina's critcism.

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sir you can't call that accent fluent

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She doesn't have a personality to like or dislike (unless you're Sandy Peterson). She's like tech support, the vtuber. At best, you've got a neutral opinion of her that can go either way depending on the day but for the most part, she get's a middling response. It's the takodachi's in her fanbase that get the hate and is usually well deserved.

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It's all so tiresome, I wish they were eradicated, bugmen are below blacks

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Why do you have to be a self destructive menhera to be interesting? She has the frankly rare skill of not getting in trouble, she's not confident but she doesn't care what people think when she makes shitty jokes or isn't as present in collabs, it's refreshing and somewhat impressive

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>having 0 presence during your own streams is somehow a virtue, especially if you're a streamer who's meant to entertain thousands of people
she's a waste of holo slot, there are tons of streamers who have 0 drama around them AND who can actually engage their audience. Also love how you're calling her being a wet blanked "refreshing" lol, takeks really are something else.

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>It's the takodachi's in her fanbase that get the hate and is usually well deserved.
What are wrong with takodachis? They seem quiet, I dont see how they compare to the loud obnoxiousness of deadbraps or KFPfags

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Ina is the only good EN

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The thread says "Holomember" not EN

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/jp/ hasn’t been hostile to EN for a while now. Relatively speaking at least

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You're just mad your oshi didn't stream today because she was out kissing frenulums

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One off comment and Petersen buttblasts takos living in their head rent free from now on while filtering zoomers in his Doom II levels. Based boomer.

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>interesting streams
So interesting even her fans fall asleep

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Well she is a female

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KFPhaggots are obsessed with strawmen. They were making excuses on debut, blindly attacking everyone that was critical of the shitbird. Then they claimed that all the hate was because of one person in SEA. After that they directed all their ire at discord, until they found someone that still uses discord and blamed his fat ass. Now they just claim you are, a Takodachi or some Council shill trying to prove something. Truth is people don’t like her that much, and KFP are making it worse by being such defensive hypersensitive faggots.

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