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Was it real or staged?

>> No.9897169

If you ask the schizos, it's staged.
If you ask normal people, it's real.

>> No.9897262

Ame staged it, retard. The emotion is real though.

>> No.9897290

they were on a stage, dummy

>> No.9897338

imagine Ina watching the VOD after everyone else has graduated

>> No.9897341

I felt that picture. Why must you hurt me so?

>> No.9897425

I'm a normal schizo and I say it was mostly real with a dash of fake.

>> No.9897469

I'm a hardcore schizo and this was most definitely real

>> No.9898524

now the real question is if it was live or it was recorded

>> No.9898824

have you seen Ina's acting?

>> No.9899168

Other way around

>> No.9899864

But who is telling the truth?, and how do we justify our claim is right?

>> No.9900552

It real, the way she cried is similar to mine. When she started crying, I can hear the voice breaks. Then after that, she was silent for a couple of second and followed by awkward giggles. This is her crying trying stop crying but cant. This reminds me of the time I want to stop crying but cant, I hate crying in front of people so I try my best to stop crying resulting silent my sobs and awkward laughs.

t.crybaby femanon

>> No.9902047

That's the thing, fakers don't fake the quick recovery into awkward laugh, they think you have to drag it out or "go through neutral", real emotions are all over the place

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