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>search Mizuryu Kei in archive
>0 results
Really? I actually never heard of this until now, but I'm kind of interested in what happened, Mizuryu seems like a cool dude but between his Billibilli channel and working with Cover and Holo at the same time it sounds like he stepped on a landmine, was he really to blame though?

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Some of the stuff I found, I cna't verify the tweets he made though I'm guessing they were deleted

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Some discussion on of his (oddly sfw) doujinshi which is how I first heard about it, he seems like a genuine fan which is why he was probably brought on in the first place

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He threw a fit about pay and said he was never going to work with them again.

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>Mizuryu Kei
Is that the hentai artist?

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slight hentai might be involved

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This was after a deal was made btw. He tried to attach his name to the entirety of alternative as well.

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Wonder where is he now, even chink on BLBL turn back on him.

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He seemed like a fan, but he was probably a pain to work with if he decided to throw a fit about payment without properly negotiating it in a contract.

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>Be Mizuryu Kei
>agree to draw a manga for cover because you want to fuck your oshi
>your oshi doesn't want to fuck you
>ask for more pay
>cover says you agreed to a contract
>throw a shitfit on twitter
>throw a shitfit on billibilli
>Chink antis rally around you to damage hololive
>Chinks find out you denied the nanking massacre in some ancient touhou doujin (not that it did happen)
>they turn on you
>you've burned all bridges and your oshi hates you

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he's oddly very business oriented, he spent a lot of time cultivating his name as a brand

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>0 results
Look harder this was discussed to death back when it happened

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oh, I was using nyafuu and it didn't bring up anything

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who even comes up with these names, I feel like even as a weeb I coudn't come up with such a embarasing name even if I tried

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Why would they want to associate Hololive's name to a rotten degenerate coomer hack with mediocre art?

There are literally a billion skilled literal who's who would do a much better work.
Don't get it.

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Why are the Japanese such short sighted schizos?

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Which is a smart thing to do. What isn't smart is to sign a contract and then throw a bitch-fit on social media to force your contractors to give you more money.

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I think between them finding out he was working with Cover and him wanting to negotiate pay they just cancelled the contract and he took that as him no longer being able to sell any of the Hololive works, which if it's unclear fucking doujinshi is like one of the most overlooked grey area's in all of IP law in the western world, is basically all illegal but there's an unspoken rule that the artists can make whatever, but once contracts get invovled I guess it's basically solidified as legal territory

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The Nanking Massacre did happen and the only crime is that more chinks weren't killed.

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Hentai artist who draws the samefaced boring mega slut for 1000 books in a row.

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probably not a great idea to announce your newfag status, it didn't happen that long ago and was discussed plenty on both /jp/ and /vt/. Mostly people laughed at the dumbass for overplaying his hand.

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He could not become Ito-Life.

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Literally who?

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I think his Marine doujin (the ero one) is his best work by far, having a character with an actual background to use as a skeleton for your story does a lot for his style, it's both cute and entertaining, and oddly fitting with the character just in an exagerated way that he takes full advantage of, he really shot himself in the foot with the opportunity

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It could've been something super autistic where Cover said he couldn't make hololive doujins anymore after signing the contract which led to him throwing a shitfit over it.

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The best part about Nanjing is that happened because the chinks blew one of their own dams to slow the Japs. Not only did it not work, but they killed an extra 500k civvies that whose deaths chinks blame on the Nanjing

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That's the thing. It's not a grey area at all, just like speeding isn't a grey area. It's not always enforced but in court there is absolutely no question who would win a lawsuit

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>imagine not knowing the top 50 best selling doujin artist by name and by circle

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Wasn't Marine a fan of his stuff? Maybe she pitched Cover to hire him.

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Alternative stepped over his dead body so long ago people forgot he existed until you timelooped slowpoke anon


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I actually have no idea which circles are big or not because sad panda doesn't have a view count for doujins

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im not a degenerate weeb

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Go back.

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Except speeding doesn't take place in the biggest building in all of Japan biannually and in hundreds of stores across the country for 30+ years, it's literally everywhere there is defense for it and ultimately IP can and should be argued as unconstitutional and anti-capitalist

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>>search Mizuryu Kei in archive
>>0 results
Learn how to browse the archive, retard

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Thats not what happened at all. He was probably being told to stop lewding the holos since he has now went official. he didnt, threw a shitfit and fucked off
He clearly didnt care about the money since he was constantly superchating marine and had plenty

It was also a whole year into alternative where he had the entire manga already finished, why would he suddenly backpedal and demand more money at the last possible second? Makes no sense

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Treasure and chest
Houshou Marine owes me booty and sex

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He's a stupid and is a bit of a menhera. This isnt the first time he threw a shitfit on twitter

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That's literally what happened. Marine was a fan of his, talked to him on social media. Suggested him for alternative.
And people highly suspect he was trying to fuck her and she didn't want to have anything to do with him irl.

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>A guy making a shitfit on twitter not making sense.
You clearly haven't seen our comic pros shitting on their audience and saying the comic industry is healthy, when all signs of comic shop closures, and their own sales charts dominated by manga saying otherwise. Being angry doesn't mean you make sense in your arguments. Just ask Holo Bass why he even ahd the inkling that striking down Ame's charity stream was a good idea to him.

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>He was probably being told to stop lewding the holos since he has now went official
Dude, Aqua's papa draws lewds of her left and right. He's responsible for her sudden bust growth because he kept drawing her with bigger and bigger boobs

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I'm talking about full on lewds here, as in her taking the dick. Thats not allowed if you are going official go ask Pochi mama

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IIRC, the entire payment thing came from his official Bilibili channel. He refuted that later, but a lot of people aren't quite convinced since it took him too long for that. It took, IIRC, around a week (if not weeks) even though those kind of claims (from his own official channel to begin with) should have been rejected within days, if not hours. It went up in Twitter and 5ch too, so it's hard to say that he simply didn't know what his representative said

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WTH, what kind of cuck would throw away his chance of going official / professional and burn bridges just to keep drawing his oshi getting dicked by other guys?

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>Pochi can't draw Reine getting fucked
I'd kill to live in a universe where she can and did...

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Remember anons, before negotiating, make sure you fully understand your specific importance to the company (or other party) and theirs to you. Its easy to over or under estimate.

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As a company, this is the exact sort of person you don't want working for you.
Sounds like cover didn't manage to dodge the bullet. But they're free now.

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Remember, if he hadn't shitposted on Twitter in the first place, it wouldn't have been a big problem.
He's stupid enough to do it.

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Minazuki Rei is a pro and 100% 4chan artists can't reach his level. Most of his contents are weird but for Marine it was pure soul, love, dedication in it. It has more love than Shiokonbu's one which is the current best Marine doujin.

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I honestly can't tell if there are people this new or if I'm being fucked with.

>> No.9915978

Any number multiplied by zero is still zero though.
It sounds like his art skill was high, but his professionalism was zero.

>> No.9916033

there's also a billion talented literal who who'd fit more in holo than all the rooster we currently had but that's just the sad reality

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>be japanese porn artist
>get obsessed with a 28 year old woman pretending to be an anime pirate on youtube
>spend several hundreds trying to get her attention
>one day Cover approaches you asking if you want to draw an official web manga of your her as part of a multimedia project
>sign up immediately
>the initial reception to the project teaser is overwhelmingly positive
>realize there is a lot of money to be made from this
>despite already singing a contract start demanding a higher pay rate and royalties for the entire project
>get told to fuck off
>throw a massive bitchfit on twitter
>immediately start backpedaling when people start calling you an unprofessional manchild
>your chinese translator suddenly makes a guerrilla stream on your bilibili channel saying how Cover wronged you
>all the chinese spammers rally behind you and you now become the public face of Cover hate
>meanwhile on the other side of the world people are digging through your old stuff and find out you are a Nanking Massacre denier and immediately post that shit everywhere
>end up having to make an apology stream on bili saying how it's all a misunderstanding
>you have now burned all the bridges, ended up in every company's blacklist and everyone hates you

>> No.9916370

Ah yes, that is the problem. No one can deny it.

>> No.9916457

>Nanking Massacre denier
holy shit time to read his works again

>> No.9917494

i mean hes japanese, literally every single one of them innately deny all ww2 japanese war crimes its nothing special

>> No.9917814

people are this new

>> No.9917858

>I honestly can't tell if there are people this new or if I'm being fucked with.
anyone who got into vtubers through Hololive is new but since we're on /vt/ it's a bit of both

>> No.9918160

Because Marine chose him and Marine has actual tastes, unlike you faggot.

>> No.9918369

>Why would they want to associate Hololive's name to a rotten degenerate coomer hack with mediocre art?
Most hentai artists draw art for games and shit all the time, no one cares about it

>> No.9918480

You love to see it

>> No.9918555

This, OP is a newfag

>> No.9919186

He's back on Twitter and pixiv. Judging from the likes on pixiv, the drama doesn't seem to have lasting damage either.

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>Thats not what happened at all
immediately followed by
>He was probably being told
you're all fucking retarded

>> No.9920672

Not to mention the fact that they make coomer shit, but it's not their whol shtick

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to summarize aftermath of his shitfit
>got instantly unfollowed by all holos on twitter
>cover gave him cease&desist, forcing him to take down all holo doujins from his marketplaces, never to speak of them again
>tried to debut as vtuber few days later, over 5k dislikes at 10k views

Serves him right

>> No.9921599

>i mean hes japanese, literally every single one of them innately deny all ww2 japanese war crimes its nothing special
All ww2 "war crimes" are bs though.

>> No.9921763

MKei is half chinese tho, that's the takeaway here

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the only thing japan did wrong during ww2 was lose

>> No.9921907

This is industry standard. You don't make porn of things you work on officially.
Miziryu was already known for have no professionalism and being a bit of a dick in the doujin circle, it's why people were surprised he was picked for HoloAlt.

>> No.9921984

we genuinely had a bunch of threads about this, I fucking remember them. You didn’t do your archive reps right.
I come to one simple conclusion from this that I think we can all agree on. OP is a fag.

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He schizo'd out.
HL dodged a bullet though because he's a Nanking and Holocaust denier, which would have absolutely lead to them parting ways with him anyways had he actually made official stuff for whatever the hell Alternative is.

>> No.9922125

I think the part in your pic of cp not being a real thing would have done it alone.

>> No.9922128

Marine's his fan, and he's popular in the west (as doujin artists go) as he's basically one of the normie/meme doujin artists every 19 year old who uses NHentai knows.

>> No.9922246

Probably yeah. JP companies don't give a shit about checking the backgrounds of artists, but Cover would have definitely had to sack him once more people in the west found out about it.

>> No.9922259

>Why would they want to associate Hololive's name to a rotten degenerate coomer hack with mediocre art?
>he wants to know the reason
it’s because
she’s a coomer

>> No.9922735

Hololive literally has models drawn by porn artists.

>> No.9922849

Apparently there were old tweets dug up confirming some of the things in that touhou douhin he believes but I don't have the caps and they were in Japanese.

>> No.9923095

Japan is truly walking on eggshells like we are.
Losing that goddamn war was the worst thing to happen to us.

>> No.9923130

Okay now you guys really confused me. I know he's a dick, a menhera of sorts and practically acted like a schizo when throwing that fit on twitter, but how's that Marine is/was a fan of him? Wasn't one of his objetives try to groom senchou aside from all the cash issues? Did she ever acknowledge him even??

I know for sure that this >>9911980 is exactly what happened, but hell now there are things that i didn't even heard about.

>> No.9923161

It's the idea behind fanfics, the one's focused on trying to be more entertaining rather than just an OC Donut vehicle, take a known character and their complexities and work a world around them. 'Stand on the shoulders of giants' and all that.

>> No.9923195

most of it is just made up garbage by holofans and he's still selling thinbooks like always. Nothing changed

>> No.9923278

Reine would probably love it, too.

>> No.9923309

More than a year ago before EN even debuted Marine used to talk about her favorite porn artists and she named him a few times. She also immediately recognized him when he donated to her.
He almost certainly got hired because Marine introduced him to management. She basically stopped acknowledging his existence since he threw the shitfit so that might be one of the reasons why he was so assblasted.

>> No.9923494

People are easy to forgive, but those that stick around are aware that he'll likely meltdown again, sooner or later. I'm willing to let shit go, the real lasting impact is between himself and his oshi/hololive, and that's for him to deal with personally.

>> No.9923607

Except for not being an official Hololive creator and not being publicly fanned or even spoken of by a sexy pirate streamer that he loves. Otherwise, yeah, he's back to where he was a year ago, two years ago, three years ago.

>> No.9924435

I can't believe this fucking timeloop thread got 87 replies. Holy fuck, lurk more.

>> No.9925369

the talk around here I recall was that, with the explosion of popularity and the hype around alternative he demanded an amendment to his contract granting him a cut of every future holoalt. project, regardless of whether or not he was even fucking involved
obviously cover told him to get fucked
hence, shitfit
he wanted to get closer to marine and cover cockblocked him from getting close to the talents
cue bridgeburning autistic shitfit

>> No.9925443

>whether or not he was even fucking involved
This is false. He wants a cut everytime his stuff sells. The current contract at the time was kind of a one of thing. They pay him and he would fuck off.

>> No.9925606

>samefaced boring mega slut for 1000 books in a row.
it's funny because you described about 90% of porn artists

>> No.9926161

I feel bad for him, he didn't deserve to lose his entire career over one minor fuckup. How's he holding up nowadays? What doujins is he pumping out now? Has he ever drawn a Vtuber since the incident? Maybe Marine even?

>> No.9926351

Mamaloni and Pochi holobirbs yuri when?

>> No.9926380

Wasn't he already a vtuber prior to that? He was more sporadic but he'd already had a model and done a few streams. He even did a fan video for Ahoy!.

>> No.9926418

Thank you for posting this anon. All I wanted to see from this thread is someone posting this.

>> No.9926712

That's a nice ass looking alternator, love when people draw guns in a really clean way

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Wait, I understand chink schizos missing the point of this page but is there really so little overlap between /vt/ and /jp/ now that nobody knows the context?
The entire Touhou setting is built on the premise that vampires and kappa and whatnot USED to be real, but are now hidden away in an alternate dimension that can only contain things people consider to be fantasy aka "Things that Do Not Exist". This is mainly an excuse for how all the different mythological creatures are showing up in the same little sanctuary, but it later turns out to apply just as much to real stuff.
The 9th and 15th main games revolve around the fact that enough people THINK the moon landings were faked that Neil Armstrong's flag appears in Gensokyo. That doesn't mean ZUN believes in the moon landing, just that he knows enough people disbelieve it for it to be able to coexist with the rest of Touhou's setting.
All Mizuryu's trying to say here is that there's enough people who think the Holocaust is fake that it's on par with pseudoscience in our collective consciousness. Sure, it looks terrible out of context, I don't understand what "Child Pornography" has to do with any of this, and the guy probably does think the Rape of Nanking didn't happen, but would that really have been enough to sink him if he hadn't pulled a HoloBass?

>> No.9926838

I need access to mamalonis forbidden folder

Also fuck you for giving me this artist collab idea which will never happen

>> No.9926905

i think anon meant it the touhou doujin mentioning it didnt happen

>> No.9926967

He absolutely deserved it, that was no minor fuck up. Also read the fucking thread.

>> No.9926990

/vt/ is and still remains tourist central, because for some reason people have the impression that this place is a beacon of unfiltered opinions and truth and not a forum frequented by anonymous fuckwits with no accountability or integrity.

>> No.9927261

Mostly his original works, and designing bikinis. No Holo art of course, but he's always been jumping to whatever popular right now.

>> No.9927499

The thing is that all those mythological things are formed from people’s beliefs. They don’t have an independent existence, they exist because people believe in them. So unless this effect is strong enough to retroactively manifest events in the past, this image >>9922071 implies the Nanking massacre and the Holocaust didn’t actually happen and are just thoughtforms. So I don’t think the context excuses him.

>> No.9928021

>for chinese mascot avatars with nothing better to do but beg people to pay them for not having real jobs

>> No.9928056

if that was true there would have been no reason to cancel him

>> No.9928062

I think pochi wouldn't do that, not because she can't, but because she knows Reine personally, and it would be weird/inappropriate to draw such a thing about a someone you know.

>> No.9928119

Calling you a flaming double nigger isn't critism anon, it's just bullshit

>> No.9928138

>child pornography can't be real if our eyes aren't real
this is kind of comical, I don't think he's saying that pictures of child rape don't exist so he's just arguing that it's always consensual? Maybe he just didn't think it through, I'm not a shizo so I don't get how their mind works

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File: 1.64 MB, 800x1119, 1610239480116.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno if that was the right thing, I like Marine but it feels like she buckled under the pressure, but I dunno maybe being a woman she doesn't want to get into that kind of controversy that would just make her come across as a far right nationalist which would probably just prematurely end her career, but at the same time if she genuinely enjoyed his work you'd think she'd be principled enough to at least admit she was disappointed in how it was handled not just deny him completely, at this point everything Cover does seems to just be to appease everyone but the Japanese people

>> No.9928292

it's not his entire career just his relation with hololive and the bad optics that came out of it, people who jack off to his shit aren't going to not buy his shit because of this

>> No.9929095

What you define as "far right nationalism" is milquetoast mainstream politics in Japan. Nobody there would give a flying fuck that she recommended a nanking denier to management.
Also nobody in the west outside of this shithole knows about this.
It is completely irrelevant to her acting like he doesn't exist anymore which had everything to do with him being unhinged.

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File: 188 KB, 1920x1080, mizuryuu kei b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9930163

I too blame Japan for starting the war.

>> No.9940851

and nothing of value is lost. plenty of artist out there to take over.

>> No.9941537

>your oshi will play deltarune chapter 2

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File: 621 KB, 1280x1855, kei fired hololive alternative manga artist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9941683

That's literally every porn artist you faggot

>> No.9941723

You're a retard who doesnr know shit about Japan

>> No.9941819

Was Reine interested in yabai stuff like that? I never saw that in her, thought she was the seiso type.

I mean there was that time she collabed with Coco but that's pretty much a given turnout

>> No.9942326

People who draw porn for a living aren't mentally stable

>> No.9942482

holoschizos trying so hard to cancel him but nothing happened and the intended work was never completed

>> No.9942572
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cartel tonto de ESL

>> No.9942865

>denying war crimes and supporting actual pedophilia in the same sentence
quintessentially Japanese

>> No.9943177

japan wanted to free western influence from asia if they won a united states of asia would have been a thing

>> No.9943192

>seiso type

>> No.9943206


>> No.9943226
File: 1.23 MB, 208x156, kek-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9943724
File: 11 KB, 150x150, 805744fc21825ee07534960b7ef85407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The thing is that all those mythological things are formed from people’s beliefs. They don’t have an independent existence
In reality, sure, that's true. But in Touhou lore, what you're describing applies only to deities like the ones in the 10th and 18th games, who get stronger the more worshippers they have and will literally stop existing without enough people believing in it. Everything else - dullahan, moon rabbits, ghosts, etc. - is canonically an objective fact that society forgot about or suppressed, in a fictional version of our own world where magic was real all along, like in Fate and Bleach and Harry Potter.
Something only appears in the lore if it has an independent existence, and only appears in the setting of Gensokyo if people feel like it's gone / fiction / obsolete. The American flag on the moon couldn't have appeared if there never was a moon landing, and it can't appear if that fact is universally accepted. It has to be both true and actively disbelieved/denied.
Better example - one of ZUN's side stories talks about how the Touhou cast has been finding more and more paper lying around their home in the past few decades, since the world is continuing to replace it with digital storage methods. Is that >implying that paper isn't real?
The image is not a list of things Mizuryu Kei personally thinks are bullshit, they're a list of things that have been, in some way, mythologized. Was it retarded of him to include a Bronze Age execution alongside
war crimes, alongside wacky shit like dowsing and negative ions? Yes, especially for what was basically just edgy window dressing, and this is exactly why the canon author never touches any of those yabs. But it says absolutely nothing about Mizuryu's own beliefs, unless you're the kind of rrat-peddling chink who thought the punctuation in Aqua's tweets was secretly proof she hates all her coworkers. They will take any excuse to turn her, Artia, and even this dumbfuck doujinshi dude into martyrs to attack Cover with - and then they will take an equally stupid excuse to stab them in the back.
Don't fall for that shit again. This guy's no different from HoloBass - you can BTFO him just as easily without the rrat

>> No.9944327

That's alot of effort you went through to settle a schizo argument anon, I guess I'll do my part by copy pasting this the next time this topic gets brought up.

>> No.9944543

That's actually not what was said on the bilibili stream at all. He told his viewers to continue attacking Coco and spread it to all holos(referring to wheelbarrowing which was rampant at the time)

>> No.9944924

It's true, but you should parse it down or the schizos will jerk themselves off with tldr.

>> No.9945390

holocaust and nanking didn't happen retard

>> No.9945424

pedophilia doesn't exist,
created by amerimutts as cope

>> No.9945950

him going full ape hurts her too in terms of how asians do business. you take a lot of responsibility for the people you recommend, and to have him ape out and ruin the PR and developement of one of the company's biggest multi media projects means the blame will go back to marine to some extent for recommending a tempramental schizo

>> No.9946372

>Marine losing credibility with choices because she's a coomer whore who reveres insane shitty artists that love nothing but treating woman like shit, and couldn't see that dude just wanted her pussy
>that braindead retard Kei getting assfucked from every side and probably will be on legit suicide watch for quite a while
Damn, this is a huge win, feeling great today.

>> No.9946754

But he's a good artist who drew a good sfw comic starring Marine. That is why he was hired not for his porn. I realize you fags love your rrats but try not to make such an easily destroyed one next time.

>> No.9946905

And there's a hundred more who've written dozen and dozen of comics of several holos who are also good artists, compared to his one? two maybe, that's nothing. As if this porn artist would've gotten the job if not for Marine.

>> No.9947183

Don't care, will repost the page in every Kei thread to farm guaranteed (you)s

>> No.9947252

go to the border of the earth then

>> No.9947375

Man the fact that there are so damn many "good" artists is why it's so hard to make a living drawing shit unless you live in a third world shithole where cost of living is dirt cheap. Hundreds of 17 year old SEA's grinding their reps to they can sell furry porn to make more than a Lawyer in their country. Any artist can be replaced unless you are at the very top of the field and have a large personal following. (Like say Ina, ironically).

>> No.9947441

Well, yeah, to be a succesful one now you either need to come up with a really good story and get lucky, or have the connections, there's plenty of really good artists that can't even get a proper twitter following.

>> No.9947718

Does a new game has a plot with oil starting to appear in Gensokyo as it is being replaced IRL?

>> No.9947997

>Comfort Women
How much of a shitfling would have the Koreans thrown?

>> No.9950191

you just gotta suck people off for connections and do fotm challenges or meme waifus. go full shill mode and spam hololive/genshin/fgo shit on reddit and plug your twitter and it shouldnt be that hard to get a following but they might abandon you when you ACTUALLY try to be creative and make somethig original

>> No.9950714

sounds about par for china.

>> No.9950767

>was also a whole year into alternative where he had the entire manga already finished,
[citation needed]
this faggotry went down not long after the first teaser for holoALT happened. what are you smoking.

>> No.9950967
File: 919 KB, 1442x1016, c9ff926ca9eb4d761af804f6f4e59b40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

to be fair, she wasn't supposed to be flat in the first place. gaou-papa's idea of "flat" just plain isn't, because he's a man of culture.

>> No.9951221

I know about this. Ironically enough the dam blowing was done by the ROCA (Nationalist army). It always give me a good chuckle whenever Taiwanese claim they were the ones who akchually fought off japanese, even though they were always doing these stupid shits

>> No.9951266

>says nothing about his beliefs
or does it? it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a mountain of extra context to see the problem with presenting those sorts of yabs in that context... unless you have something to say and figure you'll get plenty of ass-kissers coming out to claim "no no you just don't understand, here's what he's REALLY saying..."
>doing your part by copypasting a schizo's efforts to kiss an asshole's ass
your part in making /vt/ a bigger shithole, perhaps.
>cope with the fact I'm retarded and think if I insist real events aren't, they'll stop being real
>this thing that exists doesn't!
>muricans just tryin' to cope!
cope with what, exactly?

>> No.9951341

That "flat" detail has to be a joke

>> No.9952969

they obviously did though, it's ilkquetoast for me but Marine obviously didn't want to delve into it, despite her perpensity for being off-color, even she didn't want to get into it, part of it is probably politics is seen as uncute and not something idols should get into, though her degen personality isn't exactly a traditional idol image, it can still be seen as cute and interpreted as harmless

>> No.9953023

why, woudn't he agree with Coco and be against the anti-Japanese Chinese users?

>> No.9953129

that's just their default, if they cared they were already jumping on the train at nanking, not cause it has aything to do with them they're just always looking for an excuse to shit on them

>> No.9958278
File: 39 KB, 480x480, 1497719441716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And people highly suspect he was trying to fuck her and she didn't want to have anything to do with him irl.
yep, that's the rumor i was reading a while ago. apparently he got mad when marine wouldn't meet him IRL, and demanded more $$ from cover (and possibly a marine IRL meetup) in a fit. which caused this whole meltdown.

>> No.9959263

This whole shitfest went down after the fact the teaser for alternative blew up and Mizuryu kei didn't expect such a reaction from the public and went back to Cover to renegotiate for more money only to be told that he should respect the already signed contract

>> No.9959329

*Taiwanese mascot avatars

>> No.9959393

>trying to fuck a pretend slut virgin

I’m sure that will go well.

>> No.9960673

He's arguing that it's a victimless crime because it doesn't exist, he's a schizo

>> No.9962226

won't change much. here, I'll leak some stuff. Holo Alt will be 7 episodes of separate anthology episodes, not connected to each other. a single episode features a few holo members in a contained story. each episode is directed and written by pretty much a different team of people. there's some overlap in animation but that's it. shit's produced in part by bushiroad, as in they decide where or how these episodes will be streamed.

>> No.9962269
File: 12 KB, 254x254, 1604869678762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucked up if true

>> No.9963510

nope. matsuri and a-chan still follow him

>> No.9963692

NTA and I don't have a source at hand but I remember Cover or someone else saying that he finished working on the manga.

>> No.9964005
File: 494 KB, 801x843, 1620194141836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9964175


>> No.9964278

Wait isn't the bigger issue here that he denied the holocaust? Who cares about chink shits.

>> No.9964895

Fucking newfags. Heres what happened:
>dude was already working on the doujin
>then Cover released the first Hololive Alternative MV
>it blew up more than anyone expected
>faggot artist saw this and asked for more money
>Cover said no
>faggot artists threw a fit on twitter and stopped working
>got shit on by Hololive fans till he had to close his twitter or whatever
>probably still getting hate

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