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If you guys think she's your gf, and I mean thousands of you collectively having the same idea, doesn't it mean that your waifu is a whole?

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A whole what?

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>SEAnigger hours
>Horrid threads
Every tiem

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A whole woman? No shit retard what else could they be.

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Well, that is the whole girlfriend experience, indeed

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They better be whole. I don't want my women in pieces

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I want my women to have wholes yes.

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I just wake up. Do we have a new meme? Is this a code or something?

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I want to punch a whole in her stomache

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Fantastic thread ESL-kun, can't wait for the next one.

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once the KFP fandom is done fucking Kiara in a fan meetup she quite literally would become a whole

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A whole bundle of joy? Why of course. She's good at making me and other people happy.

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yea me

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No, I mean thousands of people are married to Nene and she's the most innocent creature ever....sometimes.

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I accidentally my whole oshi... is this bad?

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No. We use every part of the oshi.
This is how we show respect.

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It's spelled hole kusotori

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HoloEN is just sex toy for me

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