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Now that Gura is part of Akukin is it time to sell off Usaken stock? Their share price is dropping through the floor since the news hit

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>selling AFTER the price tanks
yep, you'd fit right in at /biz/

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Just till the end of the quarter for unforeseen events

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Why? Gura is useless as shit in Minecraft

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Maybe but her reputation will bring big contracts in to Akukin, I expect their revenue to double maybe even triple by this time next year. On the other hand Usaken has been spending way too much money on R&D with no real payoff, rumours say they're essentially bankrupt with the CEO hinting she doesn't even own a single diamond anymore.

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nobody cares about Minecraft company larp, not even the girls themselves, except Moona

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Gura is useless in minecraft, but you forgot Ina is also part of Akukin. mark my words, Shiraken will merge back to Akukin eventually.

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Share price doesn't matter. You should at least wait for the Q4 earnings call. With Moona still in the company, I don't see them losing revenue.

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>Gura joins Akukin
>Kiara is part of Usaken
>Company turf war is coming to EN server
This is going to be kino. Who wins?

Team Usaken

Team Akukin

Team Shiraken

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The only way Akukin can beat Usaken is if they can find a way to separate Moona and Pekora

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how? Even if Flare is interested in Ina she wouldn't abandon the comfortable atmosphere she has with Polka, Suisei and Miko

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Pekora and Moona alone would destroy everyone else combined, their autism is just that strong

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Don't fucking sell yet. Pekora might know about Gura joining Akukin, but she also knows that Gura likes her enough to try and recreate her traps. There's no way in hell she's going to let Gura go that easily.

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>their ability to watch a video and follow a build is just too strong
Gura can do that too. It's Ame that can't do that teakek.

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Rank their power level

>Moona 180 000
>Flare 120 000
>Pekora 98 000
>Polka 90 000
>Botan 78 000
>Lamy 78 000
>Aqua 30 000
>Miko 23 000
>Mio 18 000
>Suisei 4000
>Towa 3500
>Marine 139

I don't watch EN

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>Shiraken will merge back to Akukin eventually.

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I could see Flare going and Polka maybe Suisei but Miko? Peko and Miko with Peko being Miko's boss?
unless this is why she's playing GTA5 to patch things up with the Elite GTA boss.......

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Oh right, Flare and Pekora has been doing the gift giving thing

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suisei getting close to moona because of Hoshistar, idk about pekomiko tho.
And flare said that she want to get close to moona when she open moona gift.

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I thought she got kicked?

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she got accepted after she build kfp with moona at Pekoland. pakora already said on the first collab that she can join usaken if she gets along with moona.

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Is this /nasfaqg/?

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Minecraft edition

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clipwatching retard

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yeah you are

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Miko needs to be way higher. She is about the same level as Pekora.

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>Pekora 200,000
>Moona 190,000
>Flare 190,000
>Miko 170,000
>Botan 120,000
>Aqua 120,000
>Polka 80,000
>Lamy 50,000
>Amelia 40,000
>Ina 30,000
>Suisei 20,000
>Gura 20,000
>Mio 10,000
>Kiara 9,000
>Towa 8,000
>Marine 500
>Mori 1

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>Now that Aqua is part of Gurakin

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you are retarded lol

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I swear I saw this exact thread weeks ago.

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kiara is over 9000

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>Gura only joined Akukin to get closer to Shion

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ina hasn't answered yet.

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Shion is not in Akukin...

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